Lorraine could barely breath as the man's cock thrust deep into her throat. She gagged as he ground his hairy groan against her bruised lips, groaning as he came in huge sticky gushes. It was all she could do to breathe; trying to swallow enough of his sperm to allow her to get some oxygen into her lungs between the thrusts of is big hairy cock.

Finally the man was done. Loraine pulled his softening shaft out from between her lips. Vaguely she could hear the nasty 'plopping' sound as his meat slithered out of her throat and then out from between her slime coated lips. Lorraine gasped for breath and felt the mattress wobble as her anonymous lover rose to his feet and began to move away into the darker region of the big room.

Lorraine had no idea who the man had been. Whether he was 20 or 60 years old; what race he'd been, or if he'd been handsome or ugly. He could have even been a dirty old street bum for all she knew. A familiar shiver went through her body at the thought of the sexually transmitted diseases that she could've just contracted. But that fear hadn't stopped her from being there again.

Lorraine lay in the dark with her last lover's smell still permeating the air around her. He'd been drinking beer and had sweat profusely while he'd been eagerly fucking her. Lorraine didn't mind the smell of him, especially that of an aroused man. Actually the smell of testosterone and sweat was an aphrodisiac to the 40 year-old high school teacher, and had been for the past six months. Lorraine knew what she was doing was utterly stupid and dangerous, but ever since she'd first heard of this place she'd thought of nothing else.


Besides being a high school teacher Lorraine was a student councilor, having a degree in psychology made her the perfect candidate to fill in for the 2 over worked counselors at her school. When Lorraine had first heard about the unsafe sexual practices of one of her students she was understandably concerned and had called the young man into her office. His name was Roger, a boy of 17; he was what the teenage girls called a 'hunk' with just the right body proportions and a winning smile.

When Lorraine finally got the young man to admit that he'd been frequenting an 'anonymous sex club' and that many of his school buddies were doing the same thing she read him the riot act and made him promise that he would never go there again.

At first she thought about telling the boy's parents. She knew that he wasn't going to stop this unsafe behavior. She knew it as surely as she knew anything. The handsome boy would go back again and again, once any teenage boy had sex, they'd easily become addicted to it and want to do it often.

Lorraine agonized over the problem of young Roger's safety. Finally after several days, having followed the boy to the place of sin and having watched as he disappeared inside the front door she decided to take action.

If Roger wouldn't stop taking these crazy risks with his health then she would just have to stop him. Lorraine marched up to the door of the big old house. It was an old Edwardian style house with a wrap around front porch. She noticed that all of the windows had tinfoil pasted over then.

The door opened a crack at her demanding knock and a dim face looked out. "Yes?" was all the person said.

"Let me in please," was all she could think to say in response. All of a sudden there was a strange lump in her throat. Was it fear-- excitement?

To her surprise the person opened the door to her, and she walked in with the intention of getting to the bottom of this obviously illegal operation.

But before Lorraine could walk more that 10 feet into the forayer the door closing behind her blotting out all light. She stumbled into what she thought was the arched doorway of a big high ceilinged living room. She couldn't see anything clearly, but had briefly noticed the room before the door closed.

Lorraine recovered herself just in time to feel a pair of hands at her waist. "Got cha," was all the man said, but Lorraine knew that voice. It was Roger's voice.

She didn't say a word, actually she didn't even breathe. Lorraine was finding it hard to breathe at that moment, what with her heart in her throat. Roger was holding her by the waist and she could feel his strong fingers digging into her pliant flesh through the material of her dress.

"C'mon baby lets go," was all the boy said, but Lorraine didn't try to explain, she didn't pull back. All she could do was imagine what handsome young Roger would feel like naked, what he'd do to her if she let him. It was a fantasy that Lorraine wanted to explore even though she knew it was terribly wrong.

The high school teacher followed silently behind her student, her hand firmly in his as he lead her through several rooms with sounds of sex all around them. Lorraine tried to see who was there but it was just too dark. There were only ghostly phantoms, gray-white shapes writhing about on mattresses and groans and moans of lustful pleasure floating up to her as they passed through. The smell of sex was everywhere.

Suddenly Roger turned toward her and began to remove her blouse. Lorraine just stood there in the pitch black and let him do it. She even helped by removing her skirt and underwear. To her surprise Roger was already naked. She found this out when he took her hand and placed it on his stiff erection.

It had been literally years since Lorraine had been in a sexual relationship. The last time she'd had sex with a man was during a blind date almost two years before and it hadn't been anything to write home about. The guy had been 55 and he'd had some kind of problem. He could barely get it up and the sex they'd had was uninspired and boring.

This on the other hand was anything but boring. Lorraine was about to break every law there was. Legally she was going to have sex with a boy who was underage. Roger was technically a minor even though you'd never know it in the dark. And what about the moral and safety issues? This was crazy.

Just as Lorraine was about to pull away from the boy and search for her clothes Roger pulled at her arm. Lorraine was momentarily caught off balance and went down onto her knees almost without thinking. Then there was no more time to think because Roger, beautiful young smooth hard-bodied Roger was on top of her, pushing her down, down, down..

That had been the beginning for Lorraine, she hadn't planned it but just the thought of having sex with handsome young Roger without him knowing that it was her - well, it had been exhilarating! And how fucking wonderful too. Young Roger had been 3 times the man her last lover had been. He'd played with her body until she was almost crazy, sucking on her tits and fingering her until she was ready to come.

Then at the last possible moment, just before she was ready to explode he'd mounted her and sunk into her like a knife cutting through hot butter. It was a moment that Lorraine had tried to regain over and over again with more men than she wanted to count.

Roger had been like a young god that day in the dark of the cool musty room. When he fucked her that first time he'd given her one continuous orgasm until she'd just plain passed out. And when Lorraine had come too there had been another man who had taken Roger's place.

At first when Lorraine realized what had happened she felt extreme panic and she tried to fight off the man but he was firmly in control as well as firmly embedded. After a brief silent struggle she just lay back and let him fuck her, hoping that he wouldn't hurt her.

He hadn't. In fact he'd been pretty good and had lasted a long time, long enough to bring her to another orgasm before he'd grunted and come deep inside her. He shot so hard that she could tell when he first spurt, she could actually feel the first jet of hot come hitting her cervix, it was weird, and wonderful too.

Afterward, spent and breathing hard, Lorraine lay spread- eagle on the damp mattress exhausted. She'd never even thought of doing anything this nasty and perverted before. Yet here she was, she'd just willingly screwed one of her students and now been laid by some strange man. But the feeling of revulsion that she should have felt just wouldn't come. Instead she just felt good. Satisfied.

Hearing her latest lover dressing and making to leave, Lorraine was about to get up when she heard the man say, "Yeah, back there. she's one hot fuck. You better hurry up though before someone else gets there first."

Lorraine knew that the strange man who'd just fucked her was talking about her to some other man in the dark and she quickly began to move - but not fast enough. The first sensation Lorraine had was that of naked flesh against her shoulder. Then a weight pressed down and a soft voice said into her ear, "Please honey, please let me fuck you, I need it bad today."

Lorraine strained to see who the man was but couldn't make out any details. She knew that she should get out of there. Having sex with 2 men was stupid but to continue on like this was just plain crazy. But Lorraine didn't have much choice, the man was pushing her back down onto the mattress, spreading her legs wide with his knees, covering her smaller body with his larger one.

Something in Lorraine's subconscious triggered. The man's cologne smelled familiar, it was unusual but familiar somehow. She tried to place it, but when he finally shoved his big hot dick into her slimy hole Lorraine forgot all about cologne and lay back to experience this powerful man as he used her body like a wild animal who was mating after a fresh kill.

Within moments Lorraine's body was on fire, the man's passion had brought her own to a burning fevered pitch and she began to fuck him back like an animal, wrapping her legs around his hips and thrashing around wildly trying to reach her sexual zenith for the third time that night. His need made her feel somehow in control, and when he finally came in sobbing gushes she just held him like a mother does a son -- as his body jerked in passion over hers.

When her latest lover was finally done with her, Lorraine quickly got up and found as much of her clothing as she could and stumbled out of the house. It was dark by then and although there were many people milling around and coming and going no one seemed to look very closely at anyone. Lorraine held her jacket up in front of her face as she hurried away, just in case.


The next day there was a small altercation in the cafeteria, which required some discipline. The rules required that any teacher on cafeteria duty had to call the principal in to handle the discipline when trouble arose. So Lorraine called Mr. Branson on the intercom phone and waited with the two cowed students sitting before her.

As the principal entered the room Lorraine causally looked up at the 6'6" black man striding toward them. But Lorraine had completely forgotten about the troublesome students and the cafeteria in that moment... Now she remembered were she'd smelled that unusual cologne before, Mr. Branson! She'd fucked Mr. Branson!


After that Lorraine was hooked on anonymous sex. She knew it was a dangerous and even crazy thing to do. But the thrill of taking it as it comes was absolutely insanely intense. Not knowing if you're fucking a schoolboy or a grandfather, a doctor or a street bum was the most intense sex a person could have. To let ones self submit to a complete stranger's needs, to be used for nothing more than sexual release, was overwhelming.

Lorraine now had a nasty and perverted little secret that was all her own. Oh. well, she did know about Mr. Branson's dirty little secret. Actually she'd even shared it a few more times with him without his knowledge.


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