Chapter 1


Michelle Webster came out of the shower wiping her hair. The end of the towel hung in her face. Still rubbing, she reached for the other towel, the one she'd laid out to dry her body with. Her hand touched it, and she jumped in astonishment. She wasn't near enough the towel rack, and she knew it.

"Oh, my _God_!!!" she shrieked, dropping the towel from her head. She tried to cover herself with her hands, but she knew she was far too late. "Get outta here!" she snapped angrily, her face scarlet.

"I was just handing you the towel," Kyle Porter said, leaning against the sink cabinet, the towel draped over his arm. "Not bad, Mitch! But when did you grow up?"

Kyle was her brother's best friend. What the hell was he even doing in the house, anyway? Jerry wasn't here, and there had been no one to let Kyle in. This was pretty damn close to breaking and entering, wasn't it? Her daddy was a lawyer and she was up on legal terminology.

Michelle grabbed the towel and wrapped it around herself. She glowered, her face flushed with rage and embarrassment. "If you don't get outta here this very minute ... "

"What will you do?" Kyle asked lazily, grinning. "C'mon, Mitch, don't shit a brick. So I just took a peek at you without your clothes on. Hey, if some of the guys at school could do that, you wouldn't be sitting around all the time with no dates! You look a lot better without the glasses. And you'd look even better without this."

He reached for the end of the towel and gave it a yank. It came away, and Michelle stood stark-naked, dripping wet.

She shrieked and again tried to cover herself with her hands. "You motherfucker!!!" she yelled.

Kyle laughed out loud. "Shit, I bet you don't even know what motherfucker means! What are you now, thirteen? Fourteen, huh? Looks good on you, but, you sure got a dirty mouth for such a young girl. Come here, I think I'm gonna wash it out with soap." He beckoned to her with his finger, grinning.

"I'll tell Jerry on you," Michelle threatened, backing away. But she could only go so far. Her bare ass thumped the shower door and she realized she was cornered. She pressed down the arm that covered her tits, tightened the hold of her other hand on her crotch. She felt even tinier than her five-feet nothing, and totally defenseless.

"You gonna tell him I did this?" Kyle asked, pulling Michelle's hand loose from over her tits. "Cute cupcakes, baby," he added, taking them in his hands.

The girl gasped and struggled, but all it did was push her titties into his fists. "Firm and round. Mmmm, that's what tits oughta be, Mitch! And the nipples are hard as little pink nailheads." His palms rotated as they caressed her bare breasts. She squirmed some more but Jesus, it felt so strange and -- good!

He leaned down and she knew he was going to kiss her. She closed her eyes, anticipating, and his mouth pressed firmly against her own. Her eyes snapped open, and she saw that he was staring into them. His hands got tighter on her tits, and she gasped into his mouth.

"I'm gonna tell," she repeated, straining. "I really am."

"Sure you are," Kyle replied, grinding his crotch against her tiny shivering body. "And I bet you're gonna have a lot to tell about, too, Mitch." There was something huge and hard inside his jeans, and she could feel it throbbing, even through the denim that separated his bare flesh from hers.

"I been watching you for a while," the boy added, still squeezing her tits. The nipples were so hard they hurt. Not even when she played with herself in very private moments of satisfaction had Michelle been quite so aggressive to her titties. "And I've been liking what I saw, the last few months especially."

His palms pressed down upon the stiffened nipples, as if they meant to shove them back down into the soft titpads from which they had erected. She sucked in her breath, and she managed to slurp his tongue into her mouth at the same time. He moved it in and out of her, as if he was testing her dental work lingually. She felt woozy and excited, the same way she got when she strummed her clit till her body erupted in a sexual frenzy.

She strained and struggled, but her resistance was growing weaker. No one had ever touched Michelle like this before, except herself, and she found it tremendously exciting. She felt even more naked than she really was, but it was a thrilling sensation, that made her entire body tremble and quiver with expectation.

She put her hands on his shoulders and she urged her mouth upward, onto his. He responded by grinding his crotch against her, and again she could feel the throbbing sensuality of his erect cock. Oh, she knew what a cock was! She had just never dreamed she'd ever be this close to one!

His hands were on her butt now, squeezing and manipulating the cheeks in an almost possessive manner. She squirmed, and she was breathing hard, into his mouth. He had her pinned against the shower door, and he made his crotch bump into her belly again and again, prodding her with the swollen meat inside his pants.

"Go on, Mitch," he told her, taking one of her hands and moving it down to his crotch. "Give it a feel. I bet you've never even touched one before ... "

Okay, it was true! She'd never touched a cock. Sure, she'd thought about it. What girl didn't? But this was the first time she'd ever been so near to a swollen, rigid dick. Kyle pressed her hand down, _making_ her feel him up, and she shivered, squirmed, but her fingers were glued to the bulge inside Kyle's pants.

"Take it out," he invited, making her unzip him, making her reach inside. She closed her eyes, blushing furiously, but her fingers were inside his shorts now and they were rippling up and down the barrel of his erect cock.

She folded her fingers around his shaft, feeling the energetic pulsation that moved through the length of Kyle's meat. He felt enormous, and he seemed to get a little bigger, and a little bigger still, each time her hand clenched spasmodically around him.

"This is dirty," she whispered, but she was already struggling to get his peter out of his pants and into the open, where she could see it.

Michelle couldn't restrain a gasp at her first sight of a stiff cock, sticking out the unzipped fly of Kyle's pants, its swollen red knob pointing at her like an accusing finger. Her small hand was wrapped tightly around his prick, but she knew she was by no means in control of this pulsating monster. She said, "Oh, Jesus ... " and she said it reverently.

Kyle leaned her back and started kissing her again. She'd never really been kissed before. Sure, a couple of sloppy wet fumbles at a birthday party here and there, but only with boys her own age who were testing their own wings while they tested hers.

No braces, now, to scratch her lips, no slobbery drool flowing like slime around her mouth. Kyle's hands caressed her body while he decorated her lips and tongue with his kisses. His cock got bigger and bigger inside her hands, and Michelle's wet body seemed to be giving off steam as the older boy continued to arouse her.

He moved down, nibbling her tit points, pulling the taut intense nipples even longer. His tongue washed them round and round, and she moaned, shoving her boobs into his mouth. Her hand was still full of his hard cock. She didn't think she wanted to let go. Not now, maybe not ever.

But she had to let go, as his body skinned downward and his cock tugged free of her hand. She didn't mind so much, not when Kyle knelt and started to lick her belly button.

It made her giggle, but his lips were on a downward spiral, and as they moved into the upper edge of her damp triangle of pussy hair, she stopped giggling. This was serious shit! Her brother's best friend was about to eat Michelle's cunt!

She opened her legs willingly, reaching down to spread her pussy lips for him. His tongue walked up and down the crack of her gash, licking in and out between the tingly labes. She squirmed wildly, saying, "Oh, yes, Kyle, eat my cunt, eat it eat it eat itttt ... "

He found her hard hot clit, and he whipped it with his frisky tongue. Jolts of throbbing arousal shot through Michelle. Kyle's mouth closed around the erected button, sucking it, moistening it with his spit, his tongue wiggling provocatively against the very tip of the clitoris while his hands cupped her slender little ass in an absolutely possessive manner.

Then he made her turn around, and he shoved his face up into her crack from the rear while she leaned forward, holding onto her knees. It was even more intense from this angle, and her cunt drooled its cream onto his exploring lips and tongue. She could not even pretend that she was outraged or unwilling now.

She got a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Her face was flushed, and she had to admit that she looked rather pretty, with sexual excitement bubbling from every pore of her skin. Her blonde hair was wet, hanging in damp strings, but it gave her the look of Venus, just risen from the sea. Or so it seemed to Michelle.

Oh, God, she thought, wait till the girls at school hear about this! She was being eaten by a college guy!

He'd learned his lessons well, she had to admit. His tongue tickled a bubbly little orgasm out of Michelle's pussy that was like nothing she'd ever given herself with her fingers. While she was still whimpering from the pleasure, he moved his lips upward and pressed them against the mouth of her asshole, planting a hot wet kiss upon Michelle's embarrassed little hiney.

"Oh, you're so dirty!!!" she giggled, but Jesus, did it ever feel good! The phrase "Kiss my ass" had suddenly taken on a delicious new meaning. His tongue wiggled in and out of her puckered shitter, and she gasped and moaned and gave a husky little whine of delight.

As he tongued her anus, his fingers were busy on her pussy crack. She gasped again, feeling his finger penetrate her virginal hole. He didn't go deep, respecting the maiden tightness he felt once he'd entered her tunnel, but just the tip of his finger inside her cunt was enough to send Michelle into still another orgasmic rush.

His tongue pushed deeper into her butt, while his finger screwed in and out of Michelle's pussy mouth. She could feel the wetness oozing from her crack, trickling down his finger, and she knew he could feel it too. He worked it in a little deeper, his tongue washing the already-scrubbed pucker of her asshole.

He stood then, while she was still trembling and shivering from the arousal to which he'd brought her. Kyle turned Michelle around and put his hands on her shoulders. She lifted her face to his kiss, and she tasted her pussy fluids all over his lips.

She'd licked them from her fingers before, out of curiosity, but they'd never made her tongue tingle the way they did now, tasting them on Kyle's mouth. Her lips ovaled, and so did his. Their tongues dueled back and forth. His hands moved down her back and squeezed the tingly buttocks, grinding her body against his.

His hands moved back to her shoulders, and she felt him pushing her downward. His cock was still jutting from his unzipped jeans, looking bigger than ever, and she knew what he wanted her to do. She just wasn't sure if she could do it. "Uh, Kyle," she murmured, "I really don't know ... "

But by then she was on her knees, and his dick was sticking in her face, the big red knob of it leaking a tearlike droplet of pre-cum. She didn't know what to do. She'd heard other girls talk about sucking cock, but she had no idea how one went about doing it.

Kyle didn't wait for excuses. He rubbed his tool all over her face, warming her with his prick heat. She turned her face with a growing eagerness, letting the hot velvety knob slide across her skin. It brushed lightly over her lips, and she tasted his pre-cum, his cockflesh.

Her mouth began to water, and she took his prick in her hands, leaning in to plant a soft moist kiss squarely upon the bulb-like knob. It seemed to throb, to tingle, to pulsate in response to her kiss, and she knew that she could do it -- oh, God, that she had to do it!

"That's the way, Michelle!" Kyle gasped, pushing the end of his dick into her open mouth. She lapped inquisitively with her tongue as the thing moved into her. She was gasping, too. He was so big that she could hardly breathe with his peter in her mouth, but once she'd started to suck on him, she found that she was unable, unwilling, to stop sucking, even for the chance to breathe.

Her mouth scouted lower down the shaft of his cock. She was gagging from the depth of his thrusts, and her throat ached, but she couldn't stop! All the girls at school said that guys just loved having their dicks sucked, but none of them had given Michelle the slightest hint that sucking was as much fun for the giver as for the receiver!

She drooled saliva down the shaft as her pleasure and passion increased. She kept looking up at him, with hopeful blue eyes, in search of a signal that she was doing it right. The rapture on his face told her all she needed to know. Michelle's little tits swelled with pride, the nipples pounding like thunder. She took one of his hands, put it on a tit, and he squeezed her rhythmically as she continued to feast on his dick.

I must have a natural talent for this, Michelle thought, still eating. The momentary discomfort she'd felt when he first fucked her shy virgin mouth had completely faded away. She was gobbling him now, her lips working instinctively in counterpoint with her tongue, taking him a little deeper with each swallow.

She gave a gasp, and her lips slid further down, straight to the serrated teeth of his zipper. The knob slipped into her upper throat and she made a "Gahhhh" noise along the entire length of Kyle's dick. It throbbed in response and she was positive he was about to squirt his cum down her throat. Well, okay! she thought. She was fucking ready!

She tightened her lips around his cock, sucking hard while he moved in and out, and there! Oh, shit! A globby burst of prick-snot splattered her tongue!

She gulped it, and kept on sucking, thirsty for more of the sweet-salty fluid that was roiling out of Kyle's nuts. Holding the knob in her mouth, she began to stroke his shaft up and down, milking him of his load. Her mouth filled, and she drank the sticky jizz down, and she kept on slurping, not yet satisfied.

But he pushed her face back, and his prick emerged from her mouth. It was coated in bubbly saliva, a dribble of cum oozing from the tip. Michelle took it in hand, stroking it provocatively. "Let me suck you some more," she said. "I was just getting the hang of it, Kyle! Oh, please let me suck some more!"

Kyle shook his head. "Unh-uh, baby," he told her, pulling the petite blonde to her feet. "I've got something for you that you're going to enjoy a whole lot more than sucking!"


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