I was having the weirdest dream over a several week period. It was always the same dream and as time went on the dream became more and more vivid. It was getting so that I enjoyed going to bed in anticipation of my dream.

This reoccurring dream was always about my sexual domination by a beautify female who never quite seemed to materialize. All I could ever see was a small portion of her body at any one time. Sometimes it would be my hand caressing a smooth sliky thigh, or a swollen nipple between two of my fingers, or maybe my erect manhood slipping between russet folds of sweet flesh as I sank in to her to the hilt.

But always the same feeling of total domination and complete helplessness and extreme pleasure centered at my crotch.

Then the fatigue began to set in. At first it was just difficult to wake up in the mornings. I would feel bleary, tired and used up, like I'd been out partying all night.

The feeling of fatigue became more pronounced as the days progressed until I began sleeping in later and later. I was getting in trouble at work for being late. I felt like I was out of control and the feeling of helplessness was overpowering.

The dream became more and more vivid until I began to think about it in terms that brought it to life just like something that was really happening to me. I'd go to bed and begin to fantasize about being dominated by the strange female of my dreams. She would do all kinds of sexual things to me and I could do nothing but lie there and take it.

The feeling of moist hot lips encircling my throbbing manhood would make my body shiver in anticipation. The light touch of cool dry fingers wrapping around my manly shaft would make me moan in pleasure. The feeling as I sank my hot quivering tool deep into her moist darkness made my body jerk in ecstasy as I pumped my life's force into her blackness.

Those dreams were so vivid, so perverted and erotic that when I finally woke up in the morning I felt like I'd been at it all night and that I had been completely drained.

I began to look around my bed in the morning, looking for evidence of some sort of debauchery from the night before. But except for the sweat soaked sheets and the tousled bed clothes there was no evidence of sexual release on my part.

Several weeks into this dream state I began to become worried. Was I having some kind of nervous breakdown? What was going on with me? Why was I so tired all the time.

I know you won't believe this next part of my story, I'm not even sure that I do. But about half way through one night I woke up. I think there was some sort of loud noise outside like a car accident or some kind of explosion, I'll never know for sure.

But the noise woke me and my eyes popped opened. There, purched atop me was a strange looking creature. Her lips were closed over my semi-hard penis and her eyes where wide as she looked up into mine.

Adrenaline surged through my body with the unexpected effect that I became instantly and totally erect and my body tensed and quivered in a weird kind of anticipation. I watched as my manhood grow and snaked into the creature's mouth. Her eyes closed and her head began to bob, a rhythmic motion began to take place.

I knew I should jump up, I should have pushed her away. I knew that I should stop the she-beast from whatever it was doing to me, but the pleasure I was receiving from it's motions over my crotch were just too insanely wonderful.

I was virtually paralyzed with pleasure as the female beast moved her lips down and then pulled back in a quickening rhythm, all the time making little mewling sounds in the back of her throat.

I'm calling this creature a female because that was the impression I was given by her form and movements. The curve of a bicep, the skin tone of a calf, the shape of a hip, all indicated to me that this was a female.

But what kind of female?

Soon it didn't matter to me what kind of female, she could have been a filthy swine for all I cared. The pleasure she was giving me was mind numbing. My whole body was responding to her touch. My erection felt so hard and strong that I felt I could have done anything with it including plunging a hole through tempered steel.

My heart rate was pounding faster than humanly possible in my chest. My breath was coming in gasps and my body began to jerk like a rag doll in rhythm with my beast- lover's movements. Her head bobbing up and down, my body jerking up and down, my mind in a daze.

Then like a volcano my release was complete. It started in my toes and fingers, a warming like drinking a large whisky. The surge pulsed through me traveling up my arms and legs to my crotch and then back again, in ever increasing surges.

I dazedly looked down at my lover's bobbing head and watched her throat move as she swallowed again and again. I knew than that I was filling her mouth with my seed as if it were the contents of a garden hose.

Soon I saw sticky whiteness oozing from the corners of her mouth and knew that my white hot potion was over lowing her mouth's capacity. Yet I still came!

I groaned in pain and pleasure as I felt my contractions still building. I could actually feel deep down within myself the surging white mucus full of my little sperms flowing up the inner tubing of my guts and out of my body in violent jets that kept coming.

Finally I was unable to accept what was happening to me. My body was on overload and yet it still continued to produce excruciating pleasure, so much so that my mind was beginning to blacken, I could no loger keep my eyes open.


I didn't regaine consiousness until late in the afternoon. As my eyes fluttered open the realization of what I'd seen and felt came flooding back to me. What in god's name had I experienced?

My mind at fist wouldn't comprehend what I knew to be true. But finally I came to the conclusion that I'd been sexually molested my some sort of unearthly beast. A demon.

I never did get out of bed that day. I just lay there until evening and finally turned off the light and pulled the covers up to my chin and drifted off to sleep again.

Somehow I knew that my dream would come to me again. I also knew that if I let myself be dominated by my dreams that I'd die. But as I remembered the wonderfully fantastic feelings that my female beast had given me the night before, well, dying didn't sound like too high a price to pay. Did it?


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