Her finger wiggled deep in my ass. I squirmed like a child would and whimpered a little. This was as much from the deed as it was from knowing my Aunt and sister were looking on with undisguised glee.

Here I was, a 39-year-old man lying naked across his mother's knee having a deep rectal exam and with an appreciative audience of two other and related women no less. I felt had never felt more humiliated, but my cock was already very stiff though, pressed against her stocking clad thighs which had been exposed when she'd hitched up her skirt before taking me over her knees.

'Hmmm, nothing much in here to speak of,' Mother finally pronounced. She rapidly withdrew her finger from my anus and I winced. She looked up at Susan, 'He needs filling up. Did you bring the balls?

My Mother had arrived at 4pm that Saturday afternoon and was staying the night. It was positively surreal. We all knew we would not only be forming an erotic and incestuous coupling but also a very perverted one later that evening, yet Aunt Meg, my sister Susan, Mother and I all sat drinking tea in the living room talking about anything but what was about to come.

Obviously, the three women had shared and practiced their perverted desires before I came onto the scene, or at the very least, had discussed them at length. There were some knowing smiles exchanged as we all chatted about nothing and I certainly felt the novice.

I remembered the time when I had last been over my Mother's knee. As was my usual practice when living at home as a teenager, I'd rush home from school and taking advantage of the fact that nobody else was around, would go up to the dirty linen basket and wank while sniffing my mother's or sister's nylon panties. Then the day came when I got caught red handed by the hired help, a pretty young Mexican girl.

'Alex! What are you doing you naughty boy?!' she had screamed out loud, having walked quietly into my Mother's bedroom and finding me mid-jerk with a heavily soiled crotch from a pair of black lacy panties against my nose. Of course I had tried to make my excuses and fumbled with my trousers to hide my cock from view, but it was all too late and she knew exactly what I was up to.

She slapped me across the face. 'You naughty little boy! How dare you touch your mother's things like that. You filthy little pig!' she screamed before slapping my face yet again.

'Please Maria, please don't tell Mommy! She'll kill me...' I practically sobbed.

'Why you no have sex with girl? In my country boys your age fuck girls not their mommy's panties!'

I began to cry. My sexual experiences with girls had been limited to my sister's incestuous advances. I confessed to being too shy to date girls, let alone try and fuck them.

Her demeanour softened a little. 'So you no fuck a girl?'

'Noooo,' I sobbed, still on my knees, my little cock half protruding from my trousers.

'Oh you poor baby,' she said coming to me. She then held me, still sobbing to the front of her pretty cotton skirt. She held me tight, very tight. My nose was pressed hard against her crotch and after a moment, I felt her rubbing her pussy against my face with slow rhythmic motions. I felt my cock harden once more and then she let go of my head and began to slowly raise her skirt. 'You want to lick my pussy little virgin boy?'

I didn't need to be asked twice. Maria quickly hitched up her skirt and pulled off her skimpy panties before lying back on my Mother's bed. I went over to her and kneeling buried my face in her crotch that by now was soaking. At last I was savouring a woman's feminity in total. I couldn't believe my luck and the real thing sure beat sniffing panties. Maria writhed and groaned as I inexpertly put my tongue to work. It was heaven. I couldn't get enough of her smell and taste, but it wasn't to last.

'What the HELL do you think you two are up to?'

My Mother had caught us in the act. Maria looked terrified. I tried to explain a way out of the situation, spluttering excuses and crying for a second time that day. My Mother just looked at me with disdain. It was Maria who fully confessed to what had happened.

'So you were found by this poor girl sniffing MY panties were you?! You little pervert!' she screamed in my face. 'Maria, I don't hold you in any way responsible. But you my boy will pay for this.'

I began to cry.

'Oh stop snivelling. So you think you're a man now? Man enough to suck a woman's pussy? Well now it's time to take your punishment like a man. Maria, you stay where you are. Take your trousers and shorts off Alex.'

I reluctantly did as she asked. She rummaged in the dirty wash and produced the offending black lace panties and stuck them under my nose.

'Are these the ones?'

'Yes Mommy,' I sobbed.

'See those marks? Those stains?' she asked crisply.

'Yes Mommy.'

'That's cum, boy. A man's cum. My lover's sperm. Sperm that's dibbled out of my pussy after he fucked me. Now I want you to put them in you mouth and suck his cum while you take your punishment.'

I had wondered why the panties had been so badly soiled, now I knew. Peter, her beau of the moment, was a big and muscular man, several years younger than my Mother. He also had a big and powerful cock. I'd seen it when he'd come into the bathroom while I was having a bath and urinated in the toilet with me watching. Although it wasn't as exciting as watching a woman pee, I had felt my cock stir and had tried to cover the modest erection from him. Sensing my embarrassment he had shown me the full length of his cock.

'That's a real man's tool boy. Not many can match me. By the looks of it, you'll never going to have a mans' dick!'

He cupped his big hairy balls with one hand and coaxed an erection with the other. I watched fascinated as the blood pumped into his mighty organ and it grew majestically before my eyes. The veins stood proud, it was certainly magnificent. 'Your Mother likes this in her pussy. She can't get enough cock that woman.' He laughed and put it away before leaving the bathroom. I had been aroused by the sight of his prick and jerked myself off in the bath.

Now I was sucking on this mans cum after it had dribbled out of my Mother's pussy and onto the crotch of her panties. Mother positioned me over her knees, my buttocks exposed. SLAP! She brought her hand down on my exposed backside. And again. SLAP! Maria looked on with a distinct gleam in her eye. SLAP!

'I'll teach you to sniff my soiled panties you dirty little boy!'


She gave me 20 spanks in total. I cried and sobbed through the dirty panties that filled my mouth. But when she had finished, I had a huge erection which she could obviously feel pressing on her nylon sheathed legs. The spanking had in some strange way aroused me, that and the thought of Peter's cum on my Mom's panties as well as watching Maria openly play with her pussy while I was being punished. I stood up, my little hard- on for both women to clearly see.

I removed the panties from my mouth. From with a bedside drawer my Mother produced a wooden ruler and hit my erection.

'Ouch! That hurt me!' I jumped backwards and he tears welled in my eyes once more. She grabbed me and again she hit the shaft on my penis with the ruler calling me names like 'slut' and 'whore'. Again and again she hit me there and I yelled out, trying to get away from the blows, but she held me firm. But if the idea was to diminish my erection, it was in fact having the opposite effect. I was still as hard as rock and all the while Maria fingered her pussy.

'Now you've taken your punishment like a man, fuck like one. Get onto Maria and fuck her!'

I limped over to Maria who lay back. She helped me slide my erection into her pussy. With inexperienced thrusting movements, I fucked the little Mexican girl. As I did, so my Mother continued to whack my ass with the ruler. I couldn't hold back, I felt myself shudder and spurted hot cum into Maria's hot little pussy. I slumped to the floor, physically and emotionally exhausted. 'Oh you haven't finished yet boy!' my Mother said, grabbing my hair and making me kneel in front of Maria's pussy. 'Lick out your cum. Make her nice and clean!'

The idea of licking my own cum revolted me, but I knew better than to say anything or protest. I could see my white sperm beginning to dribble down between Maria's dark and swollen lips, a milky mixture now that it had blended with her cum. I slowly and reluctantly began to lick, with less fervour than before. Bit by bit, I consumed my own sperm. Maria groaned with glee and fingered her clitoris as I did so.

'Faster! Make her cum you cum sucking little slut!' my Mother shouted.

I redoubled my efforts and found myself getting hard again as Mother cracked the ruler down onto my ass once more with a passion.. The combination of my cum and that of Maria spread all over my face as I gobbled her pussy, and suddenly I was intently aroused. With a shudder, Maria finally let out a cry and pushed me away from her pussy, sated at last. Then I heard the familiar chuckle. Peter, Mother's handsome lover had been watching my performance.

Dressed in a black silk robe, he appeared from behind the doorway. He let the front slip open to reveal his enormous cock which was hard and stood pointing up in the direction of his belly. He strolled slowly over to me, stroking his cock as he walked.

'Seeing as you like sperm so much, I think you can suck Peter off!' my Mother announced triumphantly. 'He cums big time!'

Without any further warning, the big man forced his enormous cock into my mouth. I gagged as the purple tip hit my throat and he thrust the length of his hardness between my inexperienced lips with powerful, rhythmic thrusts. As he did so, my mother knelt down and played with my erection, rolling my foreskin back and forth. Any noise I made was being suppressed by the massive organ that fucked my tender teenage mouth.

With a grunt he slipped his cock out from between my lips and spurt his substantial load all over my face, before smearing it with all around with his hardness. At that point I could no longer resist the hand of Mother.

'Lick your lips,' she said. 'Lick his cum off your lips!'

I faithfully obeyed the instruction and spurted my own load onto the floor. And that was how I became a cum slut. Since then I've sucked off many guys in public toilets, the park, wherever tops gather to find little perverts like me who want to suck them dry. But none of it would be anything like what I was now about to experience in the home of my Aunt.

Back in the present, having lain prone on my mother's lap for the earlier anal inspection, she now instructed me to go on all fours. My sister produced a set of large anal balls - 8 in total and some baby oil. She took obvious pleasure from lubricating my asshole while my mother and Aunt Meg looked on. I winced as she inserted one, then two, then three fingers into my tight little hole, stretching it to the full.

'It's no good you wincing like that,' Mother said. 'Fill his ass with the balls!'

Susan picked then up and pushed the first smooth sphere against my anal orifice. I cried out as she finally slipped it inside of me. One... two... three... I counted them to myself as she slowly forced each one inside. My rectum was beginning to feel full and heavy. The other two women chuckled at my shame and discomfort as they played with their pussies, legs apart so I could clearly see their wetness.

My sister would pause after each insertion, feeling my cock with her beautifully manicured nails to ensure I was still nice and hard. Happy that I was, she concluded by digging her blood red nails into my tender flesh.

'The last one won't go right in,' Susan said. She lent backwards so the others could see better. 'Look, the last one is still peeking out.'

'I can help there dear,' Aunt Meg said. With that she stood and with the help of Susan balanced on one stiletto heel while she placed the other up against my anus. With a none too delicate shove with the spike heel, I felt the last ball sink inside of me. Her metal tipped heel caught my raw anal muscle as she withdrew it and I yelped out in pain.

'There, all done,' Aunt Meg said with a smile. 'Our little ass slave now has a very full ass himself! Don't you dare let them come out or else!'

My mother had laid back on the couch and was busily fingering her pussy, eyes half closed as the doorbell rang. Aunt Meg went to answer it. The sound of male voices and laughter came from the hallway. Then in they trooped, six hunky guys, some my age, some younger. They looked at me, naked on all fours in front of my Mother and began laughing again.

'Hi boys!' my sister said, 'Ready for a train?'

'You bet gorgeous,' one said unzipping his flies.

At first I thought they were going to fuck Susan.

'Hi Mom!' said another. 'You ready for us girl?'

'Mmmm... one at a time boys, one at a time.' My Mother replied dreamily.

She lay back and parted her legs, the cum glistening on her labia in the light. The biggest of the men hastily dropped his pants to reveal a sizable dick. Within a moment he'd slid the monster deep into my Mother's cunt and started to fuck her. He was in mood to hurry and he expertly slid his organ in and out of my Mother's willing pussy. She moaned and he grunted while I was silently spell bound. From where I knelt, I had a perfect view of his ass and heavy balls as they slapped to and fro with his thrusting motions. I was hard, so hard watching them.

Finally the big guy came. Shooting his load deep into Mom's pussy. He slid off of her and the next guy immediately came on top of her. Then the next. One after the other, the six guys deposited their sperm in her. As each withdrew I could see a little of their collective sperm dribble out from between her inflamed cunt lips. And after they had finished, their members were thrust into my mouth for a clean up.

I watched all of their asses and all of their balls and all of their thick members poking my Mother hard. And then sucked each one clean in turn. Susan was right behind me with a little crop and if she thought I was being less enthusiastic in my duties as official cock cleaner, she bring the wicked little instrument down hard onto my ass.

Three of the guys got hard again watching their friends fucking. Aunt Meg encouraged them to come and stand where I was kneeling and with the help of her hands, so she made them come onto my face.

Although all were of differing stature, they had obviously been selected on the basis of their equipment. Each one had a massive and thick looking cock which dwarfed my pathetic little excuse of a cock. The last one was no exception, but he didn't go through the front door. As he approached her, my mother turned onto her tummy and parted her buttocks.

The man scooped some of the cum in her pussy and used it to lubricate her ass. Then he slid into her anal hole with ease and fucked it for all he was worthwhile my mother shouted aloud in sheer, undiluted pleasure until he finally shot his load into her rectum.

'You're full of shit darling,' the man said. 'I can feel your turds in there every time I poke!'

He withdrew his organ and I could now see it was smeared with my Mother's shit. I knew what would happen next. He came over to me and pushed the brown shit covered flesh into my mouth to be cleaned. I nearly choked as he thrust right to the back of my mouth and the globules of shitty goo assailed my taste buds. I licked the filth as best I could until, finally satisfied, he stood up and joined the others. The men laughing and joking again, mostly at my expense, left as swiftly as they came.

'The four of us are alone once more,' Aunt Meg said. 'Mommy was telling me about how you enjoyed licking out your cum from that Mexican girl when you were just a boy. Well, Mommy is going to give you the cum cocktail of a lifetime. Come darling sister of mine, give your boy a special drink.'

My Mother slowly rose and as I lay on the floor so I saw white goo dribbling down her inner thighs. 'Mmm... have I got a nice milky drink for bedtime! Be a good little boy and drink Mommy clean. I want you to swallow every last drop of the cum all those hunky men deposited deep in me.'

She slowly lowered herself onto my face and the full effect of her sperm filled cunt hit me. I tried to consume the stream of sperm that began to ooze from deep within her, but it was impossible for me to keep up. I gulped the hot and sticky mess down as fast as I could but it still trickled out and all over my face. I could feel her squeezing her virginal muscles to produce more and more of the thick and rich goo for me to swallow. Then as she slid back and forth and my tongue finally caught the load oozing from her asshole, a magical cocktail of hot white sperm mingling with her shit.

Now I wanted to cum myself, but Aunt Meg had taken the crop from Susan and was delivering expert blows to my erection and occasionally catching my tight balls. 'You little shit slut!' she cooed with delight.

No sooner had my mother tired of depositing six lots of sperm all over my face, Susan came and sat over my mouth. She was soaking and as I licked her pussy and she writhed with obvious pleasure. Then I felt her strain and a dribble of piss turned rapidly into a torrent. She was sweet tasting, certainly in comparison to the sperm cocktail and I just gulped down and I consumed the pale yellow nectar with relish.

Mother had been nearby and as I drank Susan's piss, she had been fingering her ass. Her index finger was removed from the hole and she held it aloft. Brown with shit, she pronounced that she needed to poo. Giving it to me to lick clean, Aunt Meg immediately produced a large glass bowl and Mother proceeded to crouch over it, her back towards me.

I could see her anal sphincter distending and after an agonizing pause, a little soft piece of shit slowly emerged and finally plopped onto the plate. As we all watched Susan got up to her usual tricks, stabbing my cock and balls with her long nails. Two, rather more solid lumps fell from Mother's asshole. Then came a deliciously long turd. A mixture of soft and hard with a slippery surface coating, it must have been all of six inches and slid from her ass and down into the bowl quite rapidly. She farted and another soft squiggle of shit emerged before she got up.

No sooner had she done so, then Aunt Meg squatted over the bowl. She let out a stream of dark coloured piss that cascaded over the turds. Farting loudly, she also added a small, runny deposit to the turds in the bowl.

'Lie on your back shit slut!' Susan commanded.

I dutifully lay down on the floor. Putting her hand into the bowl she produced part of Mother's enormous turd and fed it to me from her fingers, smearing the excess on my face. As I chewed the filth, taking some of the shit form the bowl, Aunt Meg went down on me and sucked my cock, smearing the shit on my balls.

Susan pulled another piece of piss soaked turn from the bowl and gave it to me to eat. Mother joined her and the two women then stuffed my mouth with lumps of foul smelling shit until I could take no more.

'He's ready for you darling,' Aunt Meg declared.

Mother left Susan to cram the last pieces of shit into my mouth as she slowly lowered her self onto my aching hardness. She lent forward and with a loving touch, just pushed the last few stray morsels into my mouth before rocking my cock.

Here we were, mother and son fucking - son with a mouthful of his mother's shit and she still dripping with six other men's cum. She slithered on my erection producing a sensation out of this world. It was like using soap lather to bring yourself off, it gives an extra sensitivity. I groaned as Aunt Meg took a lump of remaining shit and rubbed it onto my balls and smearing it onto the base of my cock as it went in and out while Susan came and sat on my face.

It wasn't long before I heard Mother moaning she was having multiple orgasms riding my shit smeared cock and balls. Susan too was groaning on top of my face, her pussy rapidly becoming covered with shit. I couldn't hold back any longer. I shot a huge deposit of hot creamy cum into Mother's pussy with what felt like my most powerful orgasm ever.

Aunt Meg gave Susan a lingering kiss as Mother slowly climbed off of my still rigid cock. No matter how dirty or depraved, our perverted sex could never be as exciting as this ever again. Or could it? I was to learn later in the evening that during my week's vacation that was coming up, unbeknown to me, I was being sent to visit and stay with Aunt Ann.



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