Teens and college students were everywhere. I had moved into one of the top suites in the hotel, and watched them all very closely. I specifically pegged groups of girls to be watched. Since I had made my arrangements, I picked up several GPS chips. I had my workers plant them into the swimwear of various girls' that I especially liked.

Of course, the goal was 100 or so girls to be brought in for the feast. Some would be stalked, but some would just be grabbed off the beach. We had cameras and film equipment, and were going to pose as "Girls gone Crazy" filmmakers, promising the young, drunken girls meetings with rappers and free booze if they just went into our van and a flash of their tits.

After that little operation at the sorority, I needed to take some time off. The repairmen had all gone their respective ways, and each had a DVD burned to remember the experience.

So I went down to Cancun, Mexico for a little R & R. Little did I know that I had attracted the interest of a "fan."

I checked into my hotel on the beach and noticed that I already had messages. The message was from a man who asked me to meet him that night at the hotel bar. After lying out on the beach and watching what would have been some great roasting (all broiling themselves to perfection in the sun), I checked back in and got dressed.

At the bar was just one person - a man in his 40's who was well dressed and sipping what appeared to be scotch.

"Mister Edenveld, pleased to meet you. My name is Brooks," he stuck out his hand and I shook it. "I am a big fan of yours - I myself had a chance to watch your work at the sorority."

Suddenly I became apprehensive. Only the repairmen had copies - was one of them stupid enough to go posting that on the net, I thought.

"I know what you're thinking - don't worry. All of the copies are safe. One of your repairmen is also a member of my little organization. We call ourselves the supper club - and we do exactly what you think we do. He's the one who put me in touch with you - and I'd like to present you an offer,"

"Go ahead," I said cautiously.

"Every year this place becomes a zoo - spring break. Thousands of college students come down here to party it up. They spend their days in a drunken haze - perfect opportunity don't you think?"


"And it is exactly that opportunity that I want to capitalize on. I would like you to be our caterer for that event. Of course you get as much meat as you can carry, and we will provide you will all the manpower, income and supplies necessary to pull off such an event. We'll need meat to host 100 or so members of the supper club."

"And how do I know you're not law enforcement?" I said.

"Mister Edenveld - If I were you'd be under cuff and key and looking at extradition papers by now. So if I'm not law enforcement, could I be the angry father of one of your past meals? Well - you'll have to trust me - but this should help bolster you're trust..."

At that point he pulled out a plastic lunch box with two cunt filets in it. He also pulled out $25K in cash. He put one of the filets on my plate, and started to cut into the other.

"Trust me, no one here will notice what's on your plate. The money is your advance. That way you can stay here for the next month, preparing for the job. I've already paid your hotel expenses here for a month and a half, and should you need more money, simply go to your account I've set up for you at the Banco de Mexico in town."

He handed me an ATM card and a bankbook.

"It's all in US Dollars, however one call and I can have it converted to Euro's if you wish?"

"No that's OK, haven't accepted yet, I said.

He took a bite out of what was left of his cunt filet. "I know you Mister Edenveld. You will."

I then took a bite out of mine. From the looks of it, the previous owner must have been an Asian girl, around 20 or so. It tasted great, even though it was cold. Chewy , but he had marinated it in wine so it was more tender than if not.

He started to get up, leaving me the money and the bankbook.

"I'll be in touch - oh and in the meantime you will receive two packages. One will list instructions on how to get to our jungle fiesta site. The other will give you the names and contacts of 10 people who will work under you. You'll of course refer to them only by the pseudonyms provided for you, and they will refer to you as only jefe.

Then he went out the door. I sat there and mulled it over for a little while - and decided at worst I would have another month in Cancun.

One month later...

Teens and college students were everywhere. I had moved into one of the top suites in the hotel, and watched them all very closely. I specifically pegged groups of girls to be watched. Since I had made my arrangements, I picked up several GPS chips. I had my workers plant them into the swimwear of various girls' that I was watching.

Of course, the goal was 100 or so girls to be brought in for the feast. Some would be stalked, but some would just be grabbed off the beach. We had cameras and film equipment, and were going to pose as "Girls gone Crazy" filmmakers, promising the young, drunk girls meetings with rappers and free booze if they just went into our van and a flash of their tits.

I had checked out the quarters and they had a whole array of cooking equipment and ways to process this meat. They also had cages to accommodate over a hundred women, and fire pits to roast as many as 40 at a time. Good god, this was going to be a bloodbath!

Today was the day we first started securing the meat. We planned to take down some 'low hanging fruit' first.

We walked out onto the beach, and saw a group of 4 girls lying in the sun, two of them topless. The topless two were blondes, perfectly hard bodies and firm size C tits. One had on the bottom of what appeared to be a US flag bikini, the other wore one that looked like a tie die one.

The other two weren't as attractive, but would roast up well nonetheless - one was a redhead who was bigger - I pegged her at 150 lbs or so. She did have perfect green eyes, and an innocent look on her face. The other wasn't that attractive, but she did come with the meal. She was a brunette, and wore a one piece. Both the red head and the brunette were almost blindingly white. The remnants of over a case of beer lay beside them, and you could tell from their voices that they were all drunk.

"Carrrrrie... couuld you g-get us some more beeeer?" said one of the topless blondes.

"Tina, haven't you had enough for a while?" said the brunette.

Then we walked up.

"Hey - we're shooting a video out here," I said, "and we're looking for college girls to have some fun. I've worked on several reality shows, including MTV's Real World and last year when we did this - Tricia? You know Tricia off Road Rules, well that's how we found her."

"Reeeeeealllly?" said the other blonde, looking up from her drunken haze.

"Wait - how do we know you're telling the truth?" said the redhead.

"Well come to our van where we keep our equipment and I'll show you,"

They all agreed so we headed over to where I had my van parked. One of the crew opened the door and at that moment a crewmember inside shot out four darts with knockout agents.

The first one hit the still topless blonde in the patriotic swimwear. She clutched her neck and pulled out the dart and then collapsed. The red head started to scream but she was already feeling woozy from the dart in her neck, and then collapsed in the sand. The other topless blonde started to laugh and then collapsed, while the brunette fought to stay awake, gurgling until she finally passed out.

We had 1 hour before the agent wore off, so we packed the girls in the van, cuffed them and put ball gags in their mouths. We packed up the bags they brought with them and threw them in the back. We then rolled off to the Fiesta Site.

The girls, Tina (blonde in the flag bikini), Amber (the blonde in the tie die bikini), Carrie (the brunette) and Michelle (the redhead) slept the entire way, and had to be carried to their cells. After locking them up, we left them with water and some meal replacement bars to eat. The site was miles from anything, and deep in the jungle. No one could hear them scream for miles.

We continued the same process that day until we had a total of 24 girls locked up. Each catch had it's own cell, with each cell hosting 4-6 girls. The last one was a group of 5 Asian girls from Sacramento State. These girls actually followed us around, flashing their tits at us. They wanted to be in our video production - of course after we bagged them I'm sure they changed their minds.

The next day we bagged another 20 or so. We picked up a group of 3 black girls from Howard University, a group of 5 Hispanic girls from University of Florida, a group of 4 milky white but cute blonde girls from University of Washington, 4 stoner girls, two in dreadlocks from Berkeley and 4 random girls we picked up each separately.

Then we went to work on the ones we were watching. We managed to bag all of them in a day, waiting for them to be unaware, often times going into their hotel rooms posing as maids and then cleaning out with the meats.

The day before the feast, we decided to test some of the equipment out. They had one machine, which I read on how to use, but still wanted to see it work. It was a deboning machine, and according to instruction, you just popped a live girl in and it removed her bones, leaving a brainless pile of meat to do whatever with.

I figured the best candidate to test this one out on would be Michelle, the redhead we first nabbed. I had two crewmembers take her out of her holding cell, sobbing and screaming. They brought the quivering redhead to the machine. There was a glass pod for her to stand in and a big metal piston that was above her. I closed the Plexiglas door and she stood there, eyes wide and sobbing, not knowing what was going to happen to her next. To be frank, I didn't know either. I pushed the start button, and the motors started revving. At that point she started to piss herself.

Then the piston started a blade whirring above her, she looked up and then at me and started to scream.

"Nooooooo!!!!! Puhhhh leazzzeeeee!" she wailed.

At that moment the piston came down on her head so fast I couldn't tell that it had sliced her skin clean open on her head and shoulders, forcing the skin and meat down under the platform she stood on, leaving a bloody standing skeleton with her lovely green eyes staring right ahead. Her mouth dropped open and her tongue rolled out, then the piston went up and left Michelle's perfectly deboned body, sans eyes and tongue.

Above the pistons was her now dead skeleton. I pulled the skin and meat out and set it aside, then hit button number two, which cleaned the unit from all the leftover gore and blood, and then dumped the pile of bones into a bin. As Michelle's bones clanked against the metal container, I carried her white carcass over to the chopping table. I planned to cut her in half, and then roast each half over a fire, Al Pastor style.

The other item I wanted to test out was the stripper, which was said to strip the woman of all meat.

So I grabbed Janice, an older girl we picked up in the group of flight attendants staying at the hotel. We had pegged them with the GPS chip, simply because there was a blonde we just had to have and she was part of a group of 3 so we took them all.

Janice was in her mid-30's and had already had plastic surgery in a number of places. She had reddish-brown hair, brown eyes and a perfect figure that obviously took a lot of gym work to keep up. Her ass, legs and arms were fairly muscular - what a perfect candidate to test the stripper with.

"OK...If you're gonna rape me get it fucking over with..." she snarled. Her medium-sized but clearly augmented tits didn't move an inch while she swaggered in front of me.

"Rape? No Janice hon, we're not going to rape you." I smiled. "Guys, get her!"

At that point, three of the crew grabbed her. She started to kick and punch as they hoisted her into the bucket of the stripper. She stood there and screamed obscenities at us while we slammed the mesh lid on top of the bucket. She grabbed the grate and shook it hard.


"Bye-bye Janice," I said and then threw the switch.

Watching her, the rotors under her started to spin and her feet automatically got caught in them. She let out a piercing scream as she was now up to her calves in the rotors. By now, her feet were pulp and it was starting on her legs.

"Uh---huh---AEEIIIIIEEE!" she screamed, flailing as hard as she could. It was now up to her knees and she was belting out inhuman, primal - almost animal yells. Her perfectly manicured hands were trying to grab the mesh to hang on, but she was now too short - the stripper had shortened her by over a foot.

At this point it was at her waist, and she was in shock. I looked at the back and it had two bins, one with her meat ground up, and the other with the small bones in her feet and her thigh and calf bones. Before long her pelvis shot into the bin.

Janice was almost dead now, with the rotors sucking her up to the middle of her ribcage. Her tits hit the rotors and exploded, shooting the saline from the sacs all over the walls. Once she was at her shoulders her arms got sucked in, chewing them up quickly. Her head bounced around for a while before getting caught up in the rotors, first dislodging her jaw and then leaving a bloody skull. Pretty soon, there were just two bins, which contained what was left of Janice. One with clean white bones, the other, with her ground meat. She would be burgers for me and the crew that night, and her bones would be incinerated according to plans.

The day of the feast, we were to slaughter the entire camp of girls. Guests started arriving early, many of them to watch the preparation. We set aside 10 or so girls to be killed on the stage as entertainment, and then chopped into steaks for the guests and myself to take home.

People from all walks of life came over - there were women, men. At one point a busload of Japanese couples pulled up, ready to take in the feast.

At about 10am or so, I started to get the meat ready. We had many girls to take down, so we started with intensity.

First we needed to get some Sweet Bread for the meal. For this I picked out Tonya, a black girl, Sheri, one of the stoners in dreadlocks, Amber and Kate, one of the lily- white girls from Washington.

I had them line up, squatting side by side. Then we lowered a metal brace, which prevented the girls from moving. They started to moan at this point, the stoner girl sobbing heavily. Her blue eyes teared-up while she sat in that humiliating position, and her lovely dark skin quivered in fear. We set a second brace on the girls, and then popped one brace, which held their heads in place, with 2 inches of the top of their heads sticking out. I went up to the stoner girl and lifted some of her dreads out of the top so they stuck out.

At that point I yelled "PULL!" and one of the repairmen threw a switch, which sent a blade chopping off the top skullcap of all the girls. As the blade shot through, you could see the eyes of each girl turn to a blank stare and their mouths drop open. The stoner girl's skullcap flew off, and the lovely sweet breads (aka their brains) was exposed.

The girls were still alive, but they faded out of consciousness as we scooped out their brains. As we scooped them, the girls would babble or say nonsensical things. Tonya convulsed for the longest, with every scoop into her head sending another shockwave into her nimble body. She was very athletic, and had an ass you could bounce quarters off of. It's a shame it'll be ground into burgers, I thought. But there was a high demand for lean meat on the burgers.

Sherri would let out a punctuated moan every so often, kind of an "Uh-HUUUUUUUUH!!" sound, her toes curling and fingers twitching. She wasn't fat, but wasn't in the greatest of shape. Clearly all of those nights getting high instead of working out got to her.

Amber just wrinkled her nose and raised her upper lip as her mind was scooped out of her head. She would let out a soft grunt every so often, but pretty much went out quietly. Kate on the other hand gurgled and moaned incessantly. Until her medulla was taken out, she was very "talkative."

After cleaning them out, we dumped their bodies into the strippers and got their meat ready for burgers. I hurled each body into the stripper, and on occasion, a foot or hand would fly out. The stoner girl's head, sans skullcap and jaw popped out at one time, as well as the well- manicured foot of the long gone Amber. I held her tanned foot for a second before throwing it back in, admiring the pink toenail polish that still looked good despite not being touched up for a day or two.

Then I needed to start the entertainment. Two of the crewmembers were assigned to do this, so I grabbed LaTisha (one of the Howard University girls), Eve (one of the flight attendants - this one was younger, around 28 or so), Jamie (one of the lily-white Washington girls) and several other girls for the stage show. They were kept chained ankle to ankle in a kind of chain gang. They sat in chairs on stage and sobbed as they watched the girls before them get slaughtered.

First up was Annie Kim, one of the Asian girls. She had no idea what was going to happen to her. They detached her and had her chained to a lone chair, naked. Her lean, tan body shivered in fear, but she tried to cop an attitude.

"What are you gonna do....rape me?" she sneered. The crewman said nothing, and took out a pair of alligator clips. He clipped one to each dark brown nipple, causing her to yelp in pain on each one. Then he took out two electrodes and stuck on in her ass, and one in her pussy. He took another alligator clip and clipped her clitoris, causing her to scream out in pain. He used one last one and clipped her tongue.

He stepped back and watched the poor Annie squirm in her chair in discomfort. At that point he turned on the electricity, low levels a first. Annie's hair started to raise and stick up and she started to whimper in both fear and discomfort.

Then he kicked it up a notch, and Annie started to scream and kick in her chair. This went on for a minute, then he gave her a big dose, causing her to convulse and spit up. He moved it up even further and you could smell burnt flesh. She started to go into low convulsions and you could tell she wasn't going to last much longer. The crewman gave her one big fatal dose, causing her stomach to explode.

The other crewmen cleaned up what was left of Annie, and started to get the next girl. At this point I had to tend back to the meat.

I needed to start roasting 40 girls - so a few crewmembers and I walked the line of cages, choosing which girl would be best for roasting. I would go down the line - a brunette around 18 with clearly marked tan lines, an Asian girl with no tan no more than a size 0, a Hispanic girl with highlighted hair, big tits and a full on body tan...

There were these two girls who looked like twins. Both blonde, they were both tall and hung out together. We watched them from the time they checked into the hotel and grabbed them using the GPS chips. I wanted both of them on skewers.

Then there was the middle-eastern girl. You usually didn't see Iranian-American girls on Spring Break, so this one was a must-have. Big D-sized tits, muscular legs and brownish-green eyes- she was also going on the grill.

And of course, the flight attendant, Terri. She was in her mid-20's, perfect shape, blonde and stupid as all hell. When we had bagged her other flight attendant friends, she walked in and started laughing, thinking we were playing some kind of joke. A shot from the stun gun and the group of them were ready to be brought to the party.

Just like in some of the stories I read, this place had a platform to do the spitting on. You would put the girl under a shaft, which would raise a spit into either her ass or pussy. It would continue it until it reached her mouth and then you could gut her.

The first girl to go up was a Jewish girl named Cynthia. She was from Brandeis University. Smart girl, best to take her out first.

She had long curly brown hair, and a perfectly athletic body. She had a bit of a nasal way of talking, which really came out when the spit started going into her ass.


"Shut up bitch, the spit isn't even in you yet!"

At that point the spit started going inside her. She started to squirm and scream, feeling the pole go into her ass. Her cheeks pinched it back and forth trying in vain to prevent it from going any farther.

Soon the spit was in her midsection, and she was howling at the top of her voice. She tried to double over, but the spit prevented her. I grabbed her by the back of her head, and pulled the hair to straighten her out. Her tits quivered in pain and agony as the spit made it's way through her esophagus.

Soon all she could do was gurgle, vomiting blood and gore. Her eyes were wide and her tongue protruding. The spit made its way on her tongue, past her teeth, clicking against them and then through her mouth. She was still alive when completely spitted and shuddered a bit on the stick before finally expiring.

After she died, they loaded Cynthia onto a pulley system that attached to each end of the spit. Cynthia headed down the line to the pits where the fires were already heated up. They rested her onto grill #1 and she started to cook. Her tits were illuminated by the light from the fire under her and dinner was on its way.

They had 40 more to go so they had to work fairly quick. I noticed the next girl up was a 17-year-old Senior in High School who was from Missouri. I had separated her from her friends to get some XTC and got her in the van instead. She was screaming at the top of her lungs and was kicking hard as they got the spit into her. The crew pulled her long, blonde hair back and got her going.

I needed to work on the oven roasts - and choose my roastees. I also needed to chop some up as parts, as well get some whole torsos to roast.

While walking back to the cages I noticed the stage. They had Eve and Jamie up there, and both of them had their arms sawed off. Jamie was missing her face, and was a bloody, messy skull. One of the crewmembers was holding a chainsaw and wearing Jamie's face - as he swung the chainsaw around, Jamie's long hair swooshed around the carnage attached to the crewmember. I'm not sure how he got the entire face off in one piece, but I was impressed.

Jamie and Eve were very much still alive, and whimpered in agony. At that moment the crewmember stuck the chainsaw into Jamie's alabaster midsection, and poor Jamie doubled up. As the saw shredded into the poor 20 year old, she started to convulse, her legs kicking out and toes curling. What fear must have gone through her mind to see a man kill her wearing her face.

The crewmembers carted off the still quivering mass of Jamie's gore and took it to the shredder. Jamie would enter this alive, but probably wouldn't last more than a few minutes.

At that point the crewmember took the chainsaw and jabbed it right into Eve's mouth, decapitating her through the mouth. After her head flew off, the body convulsed for a few seconds, shaking the stump on top of her neck. What was left of her tongue flicked up and down.

I wanted to cut some girls up for parts now. I went to the cages and grabbed Moon, the other girl with dreadlocks, Leoncita and Vanessa, two of the Hispanic girls, Tina and five other girls.

We had the girls strapped to wooden chopping blocks and I went to work. I started with Moon. She was struggling in her restraints, trying to kick out of them.

"YOU MUTHAAAAAHHHHH! FUCKERRRRRRRR!!!! LET ME GOOOOOOWWWW!!!!" she screamed. I paid her no attention and went to work.

I took a bone saw and started right into her thigh, cutting it from the socket. I cut in a circular manner, cutting around the bone and then popped it out with a loud "POP." When the leg came out her big blue eyes went wide, and her mouth formed a perfect 'O'. Her head trembled in place, making her dirty blonde dreadlocks bounce around. It was almost a minute before she let out a loud scream, but by then her long leg was hanging upside down, draining.

I did the same for the second leg and she went into shock. I took the saw and cut off her arms and then her head, popping her head on a stake nearby. Her eyes were half-lidded and she looked very stoned - a fitting end for a stoner girl. I cut her torso into 4 parts, sawing her front ribs in half, and then her back ribs. I took her small tits and threw them into a bucket, to be rendered as cooking fat to baste the spitted girls with.

I got ready for the next girl, Leoncita. She was bigger than Moon - it looked like she weighed between 130 and 150 lbs. She had huge tits and a nice big ass, as well as an all over body tan. As she struggled, her tits flopped back and forth.

"Mister you better fucking untie me now or I'm going to..." I cut her off right there and grabbed her tongue with a pair of pliers, "AUUGHHHLTLLLLTH!"

"You need to shut up Leoncita..." I said, and then took a knife and cut out her tongue at the root. Blood poured out of her mouth and all over her face. She cried in pain and shook her head back and forth, her beautiful brown and gold mane tossing to and fro.

Then I started in on gutting her. I sunk the knife into her belly and cut upwards. She gurgled in pain. I lifted all of her organs out, set them in a bucket and then cleaned her out completely.

I beheaded Leoncita and popped her head on a stake as well, and then broke down the rest of her body. We went through the gamut of the girls.

I looked back at the skewering - the Iranian girl was bucking on her spit back and forth, and was trying to say something. Her lips kept moving back and forth and her teeth were clacking on the metal spit. They put her on the pulley and sent her down to the pits.

The two blonde twins were up. I had given special instructions for these two to be roasted on a longer spit, so that they would be spitted end to end. The first girl was put on the platform, and the spit went up through her. She screamed to high heaven as the spit traveled through her ass, and then through her stomach and when it hit her esophagus, all she could do is bleat like a sheep.

"BAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHTTTTTTGHLLLLL!!" she yelled. Soon she was a pig on a stick. The crewman took a stake and rammed it through her thighs, locking into the spit. They then lowered the spit under platform, so that her feet were kicking with what was left of her spirit. She hung there for about a minute before they grabbed her unofficial twin to set on the platform.

They repeated the process until the first one's mouth was firmly up against the pussy of the second. They sent the two down on the pulley until they reached the pits. They had to modify one of the pits to accommodate both of them, but soon the two blondes were roasting and rolling.

I was taking a break from the slaughter, tired and needing a beer. I grabbed one from the cooler where I met up with the master of ceremonies.

"How's it going? Everything seems to be going well." He said.

"It is - but it's hard work!"

"Well I noticed you were doing the chopping down by hand - didn't want to use the quartering machine?"

"What's that?" I said, curious.

"Oh...they must not have showed you that. It's over here." He said as he walked me over to this pit, where there were a set of chains that held foot shackles dangling from them. At the end of the line there was a big metal plate with a cross outline in the middle. Two circular blades came out at each direction. He fired it up and you could see what it would do - place the girl in here and you'd have four easy pieces, ready for further breaking down.

At the bottom, there were four prongs that would grab the girls head and twist it with full force.

I had to try this thing out...

We hooked up Tina who was delirious and screaming, to be first in line. Vanessa was behind her, and behind them were several other girls including the two other stoner girls.

The thing fired up and Tina was bucking back and forth. The prongs grabbed her head, and twisted with brute force, so that it twisted off quickly and soon her hair was spinning around so fast it blurred. It threw her head to the side and her face was still locked in a screaming position. Her tongue flicked back and forth until her eyes rolled back into her head and she was gone.

The saws did their work, first cutting her from her pubic bone down to her neck, then the other saw cutting right through her waist. Soon she was four parts of tanned beach bunny dinner (5 counting her head.) I took the parts off and threw them aside.

Vanessa was up and was cursing at me in Spanish. The prongs sunk into her curly reddish-blonde hair and spun her head off, throwing it to the side. Her body convulsed on the machine, but the saws dug into her flesh and soon cut her into smaller chunks as well.

I went through most of the girls, but one of the stoner girls tried to break free. She had dirty blonde hair, and a full body tan. When the prongs came up to her head, she tried to pull away and her hand got caught instead. It did its work and her arm was soon twisted off, with her letting out a loud howl.

It threw her arm to the side and the blades started into her, causing her to scream as the blade went down her pubic mound, through her stomach and down her neck. She was dead by this time but the blade continued through her chin and down her nose until her head was sawed cleanly in half.

It then cut down her midsection and she was ready.

It's a little more fun to do it this way, I thought. So I turned off the prongs and felt the rest of the girls should go this way. Up next was one of the Howard University girls, who managed to live up until the blade traveled through her head. Her tongue danced when her head was spliced, and it ended up getting cut into smaller pieces, flying out when it did.

I looked back at the spitting platform and the last girl up was Terri, the doomed flight attendant. As the spit went in her pussy, she screamed as loud as she could. Her eyes bulged and her body started to shake. I noticed a stream of piss go down her left thigh and as the spit progressed, she actually pooped! The crewman laughed and stopped the spiting. Terri just shook there, partially in agony, partially in pain. The crewman took the poop and held it to her face.

"Want a last meal, bitch!" he laughed, and then shoved the shit down her mouth, forcing her to swallow. She gagged and then vomited all over, her augmented but beautiful tits quivering the whole time.

The spit resumed traveling and soon it was in her throat, with her giving the labored sounds as she choked on the spit. Her tongue stuck out and soon the spit traveled down on it, popping up. She shook one final time, and then expired.

Soon all the girls were cut up and were either roasting on the spit, being grilled as burgers or being roasted as parts. Each girl's head that remained was used as a table centerpiece, and was how the guests knew where to sit.

I requested to be seated at Tina's table. So there she was, staring directly ahead, jaw slackened and eyes rolled up. Sitting at that table meant we'd be sharing at least a couple parts of her. One of the crewman brought out Tina's ass, cooked to perfection. Her right and left halves sat side by side on the silver platter. We all dug in and started to dine. I

Did her parents know that her ass would be such a hot commodity? I don't think they though it would be this way, he, he, he, he.

I watched as other guests feasted on parts of the girls, a Japanese man chewed into Vanessa's succulent breast, another man dined on Annie Kim's leg, and a couple lovingly dined on parts of the blonde twins. In fact their table had both twin's head's on it, side by side - with their mouths wide open, tongue distended and eyes glazed over.

The party continued into the night and soon there was no meat left - just bones.

We had a final ceremony where we tossed the girls bones into the incinerator. And soon after that we left and you would have never known what happened there that day.

The master of ceremonies, before he left, told me I'd be welcome to serve next year. I'd be up for it - I told him.

I stayed one more week in Cancun, and then headed off. I had big plans.



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