It was the first of July 2006. The paper's headline sent a thrill through my cock. "FEMALE CHATTEL LAW EFFECTIVE TODAY". I had been looking forward to it eagerly. New rules governing females took effect today. In essence they were:

1) Women were chattel and had few rights.

2) A woman belonged to her father, or if married to her FIRST husband.

3) A woman was required to serve her owner in any way he demanded.

4) A father was required to sell his daughter at public auction within two weeks of her menarche or 14th birthday whichever came first.

It was the second rule that thrilled me. Any minute now the police would bring my ex-wife, Nina, to me. She would then be subject to my every whim. I was looking forward to this because I wanted revenge on the bitch. When she had been my wife she had been a very reluctant bedmate in spite of her sexy appearance. She never agreed to anything but the missionary position and had always refused my requests for oral sex or other activities she then called "perverted."

What had really pissed me off was that when we walked out of the divorce court she taunted me by telling me that she had a new boyfriend and she loved sucking his cock. The thought of her doing this to another when she wouldn't to me wounded me deeply. I lusted for revenge and would soon have it.

The doorbell rang and when I answered it two cops had Nina between them in handcuffs. She was struggling but they had no problems controlling her. "Are you Jim Jones," one asked. When I answered affirmatively he handed me a form, "Then this bitch must be yours. You'll have to sign for her."

"Come in, please," I said.

As they moved into the room with a struggling Nina I read the form.

I certify that I have received the chattel Nina (nee Walker) Jones in good condition. I recognize my responsibilities to provide housing, food and discipline. I acknowledge that she is currently rated as an obedient chattel and may be disciplined only as described in Female Disciplinary Agency publication #3. I will report with the above named chattel to the Female Subservience Judgment Panel #456 on 1 August 2006 at 10am. At that time I will require her to recite her oath of obedience to me and perform her act(s) of obeisance.

There was a place for me to sign and there were a sheaf of attachments that I knew discussed the details of the new laws and regulations.

"Before I can certify that she is in good condition, I must inspect her," I said to the cops. They grasped her firmly and I stepped up to her and ripped her blouse from her body. Her flimsy bra barely covered the full tits spilling out of the c-cups. Her nipples protruded through the fabric. I grasped the bra and gave a strong yank and it too was ripped from her body.

Her magnificent tits swung free with no sag. Her huge nipples pointed straight ahead. She had never allowed me to suck them before. She couldn't prevent me ever again. They weren't hers to control any longer. They were mine and subject to the urges of my cock and balls.

The cops grinned and leered as I fondled each tit. Nina sputtered and protested but we were all unheeding. "These are first class tits in good condition," I said. One of the cops said, "You've got that right. "Try them out," I said. "Gee thanks, mister." The cops started pawing her and Nina protested even louder as she turned red with humiliation.

"Let me check out her twat," I said. They held her while I ripped her pants and briefs from her body. Her long legs ended in a still perfectly round ass and her red cunt bush was neatly trimmed. I pawed her ass and rudely stuck my fingers up her twat. "Her cunt's in pretty good shape. What do you guys think? Check it out." Nina sputtered, "You can't let them do that." I reached for my belt, pulled it off and gave her ten vicious blows to her ass as the cops held her down grinning evilly. "I can and I will, slut. You belong to me and I can use you anyway I want for as long as I want. Right officers?" "You bet, mister."

When they'd finished pawing her I forced her to her knees and pulled out my rock-hard cock. It was at its full 9" extension and was 3 inches thick. It throbbed with anticipation of what she was about to have to do to it. The precum already oozed from the engorged and eager glans. One of the reasons Nina may not have liked sex with me is that I'm so thick, but now it didn't matter.

The cops seemed a little intimidated by my tool but enjoyed seeing me threaten her with it. "Suck my cock, bitch!" I demanded.

"No way!" she retorted.

I whipped her hard as the cops held her in position. If you don't suck, these officers will sign papers saying you were disobedient and then there's nothing to keep me from tearing you apart as I wish. Suck and swallow bitch or I'll strap you for the rest of the day," I said as I rained blows down upon her with the belt.

"Swallow every drop or I'll have you declared as disobedient and then you'll really suffer."

She sucked inexpertly, but I had so looked forward to this day that it didn't take much. Years of denial and frustration erupted from my balls and flooded her throat. She swallowed gamely but my cum was so copious that it spilled out of her mouth, dripped off her chin and coated her luscious tits.

"Boys', I said to the cops, "you've been most helpful. Let me thank you by having her suck you off. Would you like that?" "We sure would," said one of the cops as he unzipped and pulled out a reasonably impressive 6" rod that looked hard as steel.

"I won't suck a stranger's penis," said Nina. "You will suck him, bitch, and it's a cock not a penis. If you don't you'll be 'disobedient'. Believe me you don't want that." "No". I lashed her with the belt. "That's 'No, Master', twat. Now suck his cock and swallow his slimy jizz."

She sucked on him for a few minutes while I continued to beat her ass occasionally with the belt. It was becoming a nice shade of pink before the first cop came in a gasp of pleasure. The second cop already had his 7"-dick out and ready. It was black as the ace of spades. I knew Nina was a closet racist and that the thought of a "nigger" dick in her mouth would disgust her. But she was finally becoming fearful of the consequences of disobedience so she gamely pumped his jizz from his balls.

I had the cops assist me tin tying Nina into an X- position. A bar running behind her head was suspended from the ceiling. Her hands were tied to it so that they were behind her head and her elbows were forced back thrusting her huge, firm tits out and upwards. Her nipples were pointing just above horizontal and, as usual, were long. The effect was reinvigorating to my cock. Her feet were tied off to floor rings so that her legs were well spread making her cunt and asshole easily accessible.

After the cops left I began whipping Nina again with the belt. I beat her ass, I whipped her tits and I took great delight in whipping her cunt. As my skill improved I could even flick the end of the belt against her clit. This caused even louder screams than the other blows. As I beat her I explained her new position.

"Bitch, you are now my slave. You were a frigid wife but you're going to make up for it now. Not only will I fuck your cunt whenever I want to, but you're going to suck my cock and eat my jizz whenever I tell you to. When I get bored with your cunt and mouth I'm going to ream your asshole. You will call me 'master' at all times. You will speak only when spoken to and 'master' will be in every sentence. You will suck and fuck whenever, whoever and whatever I order you to. You exist to satisfy my cock and to drain my balls of jizz. At the moment I can only punish you with spankings, paddlings and whipping with a belt. But my goal is to get you declared 'disobedient' so that I can do anything at all I want to you. So be afraid cunt."

She was screaming and begging for mercy, but I kept whipping her. I was limited by law to 500 blows a day with the belt, but I was making each one pay. I struck just as hard as I could and aimed each blow to strike sensitive areas such as her cunt, clit and tits. I aimed for her asshole a few times, but would have to work on my technique before that would be effective. Later I could force her to hold her ass-cheeks apart. Maybe that would do it.

"In a month you will go before the obedience panel and recite the oath of obedience to me. I get to decide what it is. You'd better start memorizing it. It goes, "I, Nina, recognize that I am a worthless jizz-eating cock- slave and that only my mouth, lips, tongue, tits, cunt and asshole are useful to you my master. I am fit only to have your sacred jizz gush into my body. I live to worship your holy cock, to kneel before you and take your monstrous holy prick into my worthless jizz-sucking mouth and tongue it and suck on it until your sacred hot, slimy jizz gushes down my throat. I will swallow every drop or beg to be punished. I will use my mouth to suck your holy cock, your asshole or anybody or anything you order me to suck.

"My tits are yours for sucking and fondling and hurting, as it will please your magnificent holy cock. My cunt is for you to fuck or have others fuck. I will keep it juicy and wide open. If my cunt is not juicy with anticipation of your rock hard rod I will beg to be punished. My ass is for you and others to spank and paddle and whip as it helps to make your man-meat hard. My asshole is just another receptacle for your jizz. I will present my ass for reaming to whomever, whenever you demand it. You are my lord and master and your cock and balls are my god. Your jizz is holy fluid that I will treat as precious at all times. I beg you to abase me as it pleases your cock and balls."

She was clearly horrified and her expression indicated that I would have a great deal of pleasure beating her into reciting this debasing oath. "While we're at it, let me tell you about the act of obeisance that I think I'll have you perform.

"You will be stark naked. You will have put lipstick on your nipples, cuntlips and asshole. You will enter the room squatting in a duck-walk with your hands behind your head thrusting your tits forward. You will stay squatting so that your cunt is on full display to the panel and me. I will have you turn around so that the jeering audience of men can have a good look at your tits and twat. You will remain squatting before me and recite the oath of obedience while you finger your cunt and clit and caress your tits and nipples. Then you will climb on my hard cock and slip your cunt around it and pump up and down rubbing your tits against my chest and shouting. Pump your hot jizz into my sopping-wet cunt.

"When I am satisfied with your cock humping and tit rubbing, you will kneel before me and suck my cock until I tell you to stop. Then you will grease it with KY jelly, bend over and grab your ankles and beg Master, I beg you to stick your man-meat up my tight asshole and fill it full of your holy jizz. I will then ream your ass while I fondle and maul your tits. When I have filled your asshole with my spunk I will pull it out and you will kneel before my filthy, jizz and shit covered cock and suck it clean. Then I will invite the audience to have you. Some will only use one of your holes, but others will use them all. There might be 100 men there, especially after I advertise that you'll be available to take jizz."

"If you fail to do all of this, the panel will declare you 'disobedient' and then you'll really be mine. Instead of a belt I'll use a cane and a whip. This will raise huge welts and blisters all over your body. I'll whip your cunt especially hard. I'll put rings through your nipples, cunt lips and clit without benefit of anesthetic. I'll ram dildos up your ass and cunt that are so big you'll bleed for days. I'll invited friends over to assist me in beating you black and blue and drowning you in a bath of jizz. I will have thirty days to treat you as I wish and you will not live through it. I will piss on you, shit on you. I will rip your nipples off with pliers and when you're over that, I'll take pliers to your clit. My intention is to rip you to death, painfully, slowly and with maximum pleasure for my cock."

"But, you can avoid all this if you please me. All you have to do is be an eager, cock-sucking, jizz-eating slave who eagerly undertakes every task I set you and who dreams up new ways to excite my cock and make the jizz boil in my balls before draining them in a huge flood of cum."


I decided to attend the slave auction. The paper listed the girls to be on the market today and many were in the 14 to 15 year range. Undeveloped teenagers don't appeal to me, but precocious teenagers who have developed early are a real turn on to my cock and balls. There's something special about a well-developed young teen who has not yet lost her baby fat and who hasn't had any or at least little experience with cocks.

So I ambled over and presented my credit card to the auctioneer's assistant to validate my ability to buy. I entered the inspection room and wandered the aisles checking out the available twat. The girls of course had been well prepared for inspection. They were all in the X-position so that their tits stuck out and their cunts and assholes were available for probing. I was not as crude as many potential buyers who fondled every pair of tits and probed every cunt and asshole. But when a particularly cock-worthy specimen caught my eye I would enjoy fondling and fingering her body.

One girl in particular caught my eye. She was sobbing almost uncontrollably as the buyers leered, fondled and fingered her. Her body was perfect. For a very young girl she had large tits-at least C-cup-and she was so young that they stuck straight out from her body in perfect cones. She already had large and protuberant nipples. Her cunt was covered in only a light dusting of red twat hair. I lusted to rape her in all her orifices.

At her side stood a very distraught man who was trying to offer her comfort. From his age and comportment I decided that he must be her father. I strolled closer to overhear what he was saying.

"Dear, I'm sorry you have to go through this. There's nothing that can be done because it's the law. But it will be all right. Your uncle Dan has agreed to buy you and he will be kind to you. He's told me he won't make you his sex slave and that he will not require you to take the public oath of obedience and he will waive the requirement for obeisance."

This seemed to console her somewhat and if it weren't for another man arriving and inspecting her she might have stopped crying. I stepped up and spoke to the man. "It's terrible isn't it, what this new law does to sweet young girls. I think it's wonderful that you are trying to protect her. But if the authorities learn that you are conniving to protect her from her sexual responsibilities by selling her to an undeclared relative, you could be in a lot of trouble yourself and she would be permanently declared as "disobedient. Then any pervert who got her could beat her to death if he wanted to."

The girl started sobbing again and the man became upset. "But what can I do? I love my daughter and she's too young to have to be a sex slave. I'd do anything to protect her." "I certainly understand," I said, "if she were my daughter I'd feel the same way. I'll do what I can. I'll buy her so you and her uncle don't get in trouble. I'll treat her properly."

My cock was raging, although the robe I wore concealed the fact. I hadn't lied to the man nor to the girl, but I had certainly misled them into thinking that her life as my personal jizz-eating cock-slave would be a pleasant and easy one. I left them feeling cheered and sought out the auctioneer and informed him of my desire to bid for this particular slave and if successful that I would exercise my right of immediate public possession through the oath of obedience and the act of obeisance. I then took a seat to await the fun.

The girl I wanted was third on the list. The first two were auctioned off quickly at fairly low prices because they were only marginally desirable. None of the buyers exercised their rights of public possession. Finally the piece of ass that was to be my new slave was led out. The audience began to holler and make lascivious comments. One shouted, "Make her show us her cunt." The slave masters forced her into a squatting position facing the audience and the girl flamed with humiliation. Little did she know that this was a trivial embarrassment.

The bidding began and her price ran up rapidly. But I kept bidding just a little higher than the other bidders and finally the competition dropped away. The auctioneer finally banged his gavel and announced "The slave Martha Smith is hereby sold to Master James Jones." I now owned her. The girl gave an obvious sigh of relief and her father looked delighted. But then the axe dropped. The auctioneer intoned: "Master James Jones has invoked his right to take public possession of his new slave so that her state of obedience or disobedience can be determined immediately."

The girl was startled and the father appeared stunned. He moved closer to the stage as if to protect his daughter, but the Marshals quickly had him in hand. I had asked them to be sure to have him as close to the ensuing action as possible, and they were earning their tip. He stood controlled only six feet from her.

I stepped in front of the bitch still being held by the slave masters who had cuffed her hands behind her and turned her sideways to the audience so that they could enjoy the fun. "On your knees, bitch," I said. The slave masters forced her to her knees and as they did so I dropped my robe. The audience gasped, and the father cried out as my 12-inch long rock-hard tool was exposed.

The girl had apparently had no experience with cocks, but my size clearly intimidated her. The more sophisticated audience and her father knew that my cock's huge length and massive 3-inch girth would rip and tear this juicy piece of ass and cause excruciating pain. They knew that when I was finished with her she would be too stretched and damaged for normal use.

"I will administer your oath while you suck my cock. Failure to suck or failure to say 'I will' at the end will assure that you are declared disobedient. So start sucking."

She really didn't know what to do, but I could teach her later. She understood the basic idea though and put her mouth around my cock and started sucking. I would eventually teach her to deep throat and to tongue me at the same time, but for now her inept efforts would have to do.

"Will you, Martha Smith, agree to be my obedient cock slave? Will you worship my cock as your holy god? Will you suck my glorious cock and eat my sacred jizz? Will you spread your legs and cunt lips when I desire to fuck your cunt? Will you bend over and grasp your ankles when I wish to ram my sacred cock up your asshole? Will you suck anything I tell you to suck? Will you lap up my jizz and swallow it? Will you beg me to maul and suck your tits to give my cock pleasure? Will you obediently allow me to spank you, to paddle you and to whip you with a belt whenever I feel like stirring my cock to hardness? In short, will you perform all the duties expected of a miserable cock-sucking, jizz-eating cunt as yourself in pleasing my magnificent cock and balls?"

Just before I pulled out of her mouth so she could answer, I reminded her "If you fail to say "'I will" you can be declared disobedient. I pulled out of her mouth but left my intimidating cock inches from her eyes. She glanced towards her devastated father who nodded at her to suggest she'd better assent. She said, "I will".

"Then I now require you to perform the act of obeisance. Face the audience and lie on your back." She obeyed this and the subsequent commands. "Pull your ankles back behind your head so that your cunt is exposed to the audience. Use your fingers to spread your cunt lips." She was scarlet from humiliation now, with her twat exposed to a leering catcalling audience of slavering males. I kneeled on top of her sitting on her tits with my cock in front of her eyes. I took the KY jelly proffered by the nearest slave master and slowly and lasciviously greased my huge pole. Her eyes grew frightened as she realized where this huge cunt-ripper was about to go.

I moved into position over her and started shoving my cock into her cunt. She was exquisitely tight, and not wanting to ruin her right away I took it slowly, a fraction of an inch at a time. I moved slowly until I hit her cherry and then rammed home the last 6 inches as she screamed with pain. I started pumping away and leaned down and started sucking her luscious tits. "Hold your tits up for me to suck," I commanded.

She obeyed holding them toward my eager lips and laving tongue. I pulled all the way out and then slammed all the way in. Over and over. The power of my fucking moved her inch-by-inch back across the stage. My balls erupted and cock-juice flooded through my tool into her once virgin cunt. I came and came. When I was spent I pulled out and dragged her again to her knees.

"Now you will suck and lap my cock clean." She was too dazed to resist. She started lapping and sucking. I glanced at her father who was horrified and devastated. I exulted with the feeling of power and my cock, not much diminished, came back to steel-hard firmness.

I again greased my cock, grinning evilly at her. She was too na�ve to understand what was about to happen but a glance at her father indicated to me that he did. He was struggling and trying to escape the marshals so that he could rush to his daughter's aid. He wouldn't make it.

I forced her to stand and then commanded. "Stand sidewise to the audience, bend over and grab your ankles." She obeyed and I moved behind her grabbing her hips and maneuvering my reaming tool into line with her asshole. I reached around her waist with one arm to hold her asshole in place and grabbed one of her tits with the other. "Relax your asshole or you'll soon be bleeding to death." I started forcing my cock into her tight asshole.

Millimeter by millimeter I forced it inward as she struggled to relax. She screamed with the horrible pain of my three-inch diameter rod forcing its way up her shit tube. Finally I was past her sphincter and her screams had lessened. I could tell there was a minimum of blood. She would not die this time.

Crushing one of her tits cruelly and twisting it as much as I could I drove my cock to the hilt. Her screams were earsplitting and so high pitched with fear and pain that they were almost beyond hearing. They went on and on as I pumped her exquisitely tight asshole. The feeling on my cock was incredible as was the feeling of absolute power I had over this delicious piece of ass.

I again looked at her father and the look of complete and utter dejection and surrender on his face was the final spur my balls needed to deliver a second geyser of jizz through my cock and into her asshole. I mauled her tits and kept pumping the full length of my rod in and out of her tight little asshole as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through my body.

I pulled out and spinning her around forced her once again to her knees. "You have only one more task to perform in public today, my little cock-sucking jizz- eating slave. My cock is now covered with my slimy jizz and your disgusting shit. Suck it clean." The audience cheered as she obeyed my order.

When she finished I put a slave collar and chain around her neck and led her past her crushed father to my waiting car.



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