I remember when I first met Erin, she was a cute little kid, about 17, and she had just won our small town beauty pageant. She looked like she was only 12; she wasn't much in the breast department. But she was really cute. I figured she would blossom as time went by.

A year later Erin graduated from high school, and was off to college. My wife and I were good friends with Erin's parents, (I'll call them Chuck and Donna) and we hung out quite a bit. Erin had apparently acquired a bit of a wild streak, smoking and drinking and messing around. I couldn't imagine a sweet little kid like Erin doing such things, but I hadn't seen her in quite awhile.

Erin had come back to town to visit 4 years later, and I was in for a shock! Erin had blossomed! Her blond hair was straight and longer, to the middle of her back, and she had some terrific boobs! They had grown to what looked like a 44D, they were awesome! Her body also had grown some fantastic curves; she had an ass on her that wouldn't quit. She was wearing a tight blouse, short denim skirt with sandals. I started to get a hard-on, she really looked sexy. I had to remember that I was married; Erin was off limits, or so I thought.

Erin came up to me and gave me a big hug and said, "Hi, Jack, it's good to see you, how have you been?" She was looking deep into my eyes, trying to read into them. "Uh," I stuttered, "Ummm... fine, things are good, real good!" "How about you?" She started to talk, but all I could think about were her big boobs, and that this wasn't the same little girl I knew before. I started to think about fucking her, shoving my 7-inch cock deep into her little snatch.

Apparently I thought too much about it, I was pretty much ignoring her, when I popped a huge boner. It was pretty noticeable, putting a significant bulge in my jeans. Then she finished with, ".and that's about it for college, just want to stay home a goof off a bit." I looked at her, a little embarrassed, and said, "Hey, I have to go, I'll see you around, okay."

She replied, "Sure, Jack, see you around." She gave me another hug, to my surprise, and surely felt my hard cock against her. She looked a little surprised... looking down to my crotch.and not hiding the fact that she did, then looked me in the eye and smiled, saying, "Jack, you'll definitely see me around."

I really was a bit shocked, wishing I hadn't thought the things I did. But I just put it in the back of my mind and went back home.

Sure enough, Chuck and Donna invited us over for a Saturday night dinner. Erin was there, so I was looking forward to seeing her hot body, even though I would have my wife in tow. Erin was a knock out. She was wearing denim shorts and had a halter-top on, which seemed to make her 44d's look bigger. (God I wanted to get my dick and balls between those tits)

It was difficult enough being in front of her folks, let alone my wife, as Erin seemed to be flirting with me. Before we ate, we sat in the living room and talked. Erin would sit across from me, with her sexy legs crossed. A couple of times, when no one was looking, she would flash one of her boobs at me, making me crazy. I began to wonder a bit concerning what she last said to me about "seeing her around."

Soon we were eating dinner. Erin's mom was an excellent cook. After we ate, we just sat at the table joking around, enjoying each other's company. Then afterward I excused myself to go to the bathroom.

I was washing my hands when I heard a knock at the door. "Just a second," I said. When I opened the door, Erin pushed me back in and shut the door behind us. I was glad that the bathroom was as far away from the dining room as possible. Erin said, "Jack, are you some kind of fucking pervert?" "When I hugged you last week, I could feel your hard cock press against me, what's your problem?" I struggled for words, but all that came out was, "Uh... Erin... listen... look... Christine and I haven't been intimate in a long time."

As I made a feeble attempt at explaining myself, Erin looked pissed off, those sweet baby-blues just burning a hole through me as I talked. She had her arms folded, and looked as though she was ready to kill me. I continued, "Erin, I know that your dad and I are friends." "And yes, you are 21 and I am 38, you could be my daughter for Christ sakes, but you are a sexy young woman... forgive me for getting aroused at your expense... I promise it will never happen again."

She continued to stare a hole through me as I waited for a response. She started to form a little smile, and then she started to giggle her sexy ass off. I smiled and said, "Erin, I am sorry, now, let's get back to dinner okay?" I wasn't ready for what she was about to do.

She moved towards me, put her arms around my neck and gave me the biggest French kiss I ever had. She was breathing heavy, and her hot tongue was probing my mouth. I instantly got hard, my 7-inch pecker standing at attention under my jeans. Then she got on her knees and undid my pants. My cock sprung out and damn near poked her in the eye.

She said, "Sorry I played you that way, baby... just wanted to have a little fun with you, that's all."

I said, "Erin, as much as this would be great, we can't, I mean, they're going to be wondering where we are at."

She replied, "Don't worry, Mom is talking Christine's ear off about some stupid shit, and Dad had to run into town, we've got time. Besides, I have been thinking about your hard cock for the past week."

Erin started to go to work on my neglected member. This little girl I'd seen grow up was a master at giving head as an adult. She was sucking and licking my hard dick like a porn actress. She would lick the head, and completely engulf my cock. "Jack, talk dirty to me, I want to feel like a slut, say anything you want to me, I love it!"

Since my wife didn't like me to talk dirty, I was all for it. I said, "Erin, you are one hot bitch... I bet you have the tightest little cunt, don't you? I'm going to fuck the hell out of you, just you wait.you little slut."

Erin started to pull her panties down and began to finger herself. She said, "Keep going, stud, keep telling me I'm a cum sucking little bitch, it gets me off.being talked dirty to. I want you to cum in my mouth, you big-dicked fucker, cum in my mouth now. I want to taste your fucking spunk.cum dammit!"

I let loose on Erin, "You slut, suck my fucking cock and you had better swallow all my cum or I am going to cum in your little pussy until I completely flood you. I'm gonna cum and you're gonna lick it up, bitch!"

Erin was moaning as she pumped my dick with one hand, and fingered herself with the other. I was ready to cum, so I grabbed her head and slid her further on my cock. "Finish the job, you little slut, I want you to swallow all of it, NOW!"

She just had a muffled moan as she sucked my cock and used both her hands to bring herself off. She muffled a scream as she kept doing what she was told, sucking my cock. She shook as she came, and after she was done, started to pump my dick with both her hands. She said, "That was the best orgasm I've ever had, now, be a good little boy, and cum in my hot fucking mouth, you bastard."

I put my cock back into her mouth. She kept sucking and deep-throating my hard prick until I felt my balls begin to tingle. Then I groaned and shot my seed down her throat. Erin tried to swallow it all, but some of it spilled, dripping onto her cleavage.

She licked her lips and said, "That was good, baby, now, how about next week, you and I go out to a club, have a couple of drinks, and fuck each other silly?" I didn't know what to say except, "sure, I can fool the wife into a boy's night out, so you and I can go have a little fun." (God, I couldn't wait until next week.)

I went back to the dining room, while Erin went to her room. I told the wife I wasn't feeling well, so we said our good-byes and went home. When we got home, I went straight to bed, I was exhausted from my little encounter with Erin.

I was able to fool my wife about going out Saturday night. I dressed up a little, wanting to look especially good for Erin. Erin had called me at work that Friday to let me know where to pick her up. I arrived at the spot, and Erin walked to the car.

She looked stunning; she had on a short red dress, showing plenty of cleavage. Her legs looked incredible, with tan colored hose and 5" high-heeled pumps. The dress was incredibly tight, showing off her sexy curves. I was instantly hard; I wanted to pull over and fuck her in the back seat, but I did restrain myself, I wanted tonight to be special.

We drove for about an hour, wanting to have dinner and go dancing at a club where no one would know us. As we made conversation I said to her, "You really scared the hell out of me last week, was that planned out?"

She replied, "No, not really. I thought about just letting it go, but as my parents and I were talking to you guys, I could tell that something wasn't right between you and your wife, almost like... you really were getting along too well. One thing I do know, is that if your not getting along too well, 9 times out of 10 it has to do with a lack of sex."

I replied, "That's very good, I was wondering when someone was going to figure that out."

She continued, "When I saw you and hugged you awhile back, I knew something was on your mind, you kept staring at my tits while I talked to you...you weren't even listening, were you?"

"Well, you got me there," I replied, "I wasn't listening at all.to be totally honest, I was thinking about fucking you. Hope that doesn't bother you."

She replied, "Well... no, not really, even since I was younger, I had a little thing for you. I always liked your long hair and your chest and you have a great ass too. I've been wanting to have sex with you since my first year in college when I lost my virginity at a party."

I glanced at her and said, "You lost it at a party?"

"Yeah," she said, "I was really drunk, then next thing I know, I woke up being fucked from behind by some guy I didn't know, while I was sucking another guy's cock. I was a little pissed at first, then I got so turned on, I just went with it. It pretty much turned me into a nymphomaniac... I mean, I can't stop thinking about sex... I want to fuck all the time."

I was really horny by now. "Why me, Erin. There are a lot of younger guys that could take care of you, couldn't they?"

"Not really," she said, "All the younger guys could never get me off, they just want to fuck me. Most of them cum within a few minutes and I end up having to make myself cum. I want a man with some age and experience to satisfy me." Then she looked at me and said, "That's where you come in, Jack. You're about a good 16-18 years older than most of the guys I date, so... I figured your experience would help me the most in getting off."

"I hope I am up to the challenge!" I replied. Then I thought a minute, "Hey, you're on birth control, right?"

She said, "No, I'm not. I can't take the pill, it doesn't agree with my body, besides, I usually make guys wear rubbers. When I lost my virginity at that party, the guys weren't wearing any protection, it seems about 10 guys fucked me, and all of them came in my pussy. I was a little scared, but I got my period the next month, that was 3 years ago."

This really got me horny, but I was a little amiss about wearing a rubber, I didn't like them. But, to fuck Erin, I would have no problem wearing one, as long as I get to enter that hot pussy.

We got to the restaurant, and got a great table. We continued the small talk, with Erin giggling and us carrying on like we had been a couple for years. I really enjoyed her company, and being with a younger woman was a great boost for my ego. Erin took off her shoes, and started to massage my balls with her sexy foot.

I got hard immediately, then said, "Why don't we go to the club, then we can dance a little." "It will be a good warm-up before we get to the hotel." So I paid the check and we left for the club.

This was a blues club, since the only music that her and I could agree on was blues. We danced quite a few slow dances, with this sexy little slut grinding her pelvis into my crotch. We had a few drinks, and Erin was getting a little tipsy. I couldn't wait; we had to get to a room.fast!

We took off in the car, and Erin started to unzip my pants. She took out my cock and started to suck it. "You little, fucking whore.can't wait for my cock, can you?" She moaned and replied, "No baby, I can't!" "I have been craving your magnificent cock for the past week, I want you inside me." She continued the blow-job while I drove to the hotel.

We got there, so I had to tuck my cock back into my pants, while Erin waited in the car. I went in, paid and got the key, then drove around. The hotel wasn't much; we just wanted a private place to fuck each other silly.

Erin continued where she left off, after I took off my clothes. She caressed my whole body while she continued to suck my dick.

Then she stopped, got off the bed and stood up. She pulled off her dress and took off her bra. I got an incredible look at those massive tits. I pushed her back down on the bed, and then I got on top of her and started to fuck her massive boobs. She pushed them together like a good little slut.

God I could have fucked her tits for hours. I figured I would save my cum for later, so I decided to go down on her, and try to give her an orgasm with my tongue; something her previous partners didn't have the talent to do. I kept my attention on her pussy lips, waiting for the right time to concentrate on her clit. Erin had the perfect pussy; smelled great, trimmed perfect and shaved in all the right places.

She moaned, "Oh God you fucking bastard.you're driving me crazy.start licking my clit.please!"

I began tongue fucking her, sticking it in and burying my face in her snatch as much as possible. She was really getting into it, pushing the back of my head into her as I slid my tongue in and out of her perfect pussy. Her clit was swollen enough, so I started to lick it slightly.

Erin started to breathe faster, begging me to suck harder, "Lick me harder, fucker, lick me and suck me harder, dammit, I'm so fucking turned on.eat my pussy you hot fucker. Ohhhhhhhhh!" Erin came as I continued to suck on her swollen clit. She said, out of breath, "Now! I want you to fuck the hell out of me... do it now!"

My cock was at full attention, so I was more than ready. I was so excited, I had seeped a little pre-cum. I took the rubber and put it on my dick. Erin was extremely wet from her orgasm so my cock slid right in. Her pussy felt wonderful. I wished I could fuck her bareback, but surely I would knock her up, as much as I would try to pull out, I probably wouldn't.

Erin kept saying to me, "Oh fuck me, Jack, fuck me. Keep fucking me. I want to cum again. Fuck the hell out of me. I'm such a bad girl, I just love you fucking me, you hot bastard!"

I loved it, being talked dirty to; it really turned me on. I really loved fucking her, I stayed so hard, it was like I was in my 20's again.

Soon, she started to get loud, "Oh shit, oh God.I'm gonna cum.I'm gonna cum.fuck me harder! Harder! Harder!"

I started to pump furiously into her hot cunt. I noticed that the rubber wasn't feeling like it should. Then I felt it pop; Oh fuck, it's broken! I said, "The rubber is broken, I have to stop Erin. I don't want to knock you up. I have to stop!"

But she wrapped her legs around me and gripped me, keeping me from pulling out. I kept pleading with her, even though I continued my pace, fucking her hard and fast.

I kept it up, even though deep down I didn't want to make a baby with her. I didn't have any kids of my own, I sort of wanted one, but I had to watch it, or I would end up in divorce court over a fuck. By now, the rubber had completely disintegrated, with only the ring around the base of my dick.

Erin was getting ready to cum, "Oh fuck, keep fucking me you fuck.keep fucking me. God I'm so fucking horny, fuck me, you bastard.keep that big cock in me!"

I'd had enough, my balls were beginning to tingle, and I was on the verge of splashing my load into Erin's fertile cunt. I decided that enough was enough. I didn't care anymore, I wanted to cum so bad, and I didn't care if she got pregnant or not.

I started to talk dirty to her, "Hey you little bitch, you sure you want me to cum in your fertile snatch?" "I'm ready to shoot all my seed in your hot, tight cunt, you want to have my baby, bitch?" She just breathed heavier; it seemed to turn her on more. She screamed, "Oh.God.Yes.put a baby in me, you hot fucker, knock up my fucking cunt now.I want to have all your babies.since that slut of a wife of yours can't have any.knock up my sweet fertile pussy you bastard!"

I put her legs up against my chest, and bent her back, almost to where she could lick her own ankles. She said, "Oh God baby, I'm ready to cum, hurry.cum in me.cum in me... let's cum at the same time... ohhhhhhhhhhhh!"

At that moment I shoved my dick in her little pussy as hard as I could and came. I spasmed several times in her fertile snatch. She just shook and trembled as she came. I pumped several steams into her waiting pussy. I probably knocked her up, but I didn't care anymore, I loved fucking this little bitch, even though she was my friends daughter. I guess I would worry about that problem later.

I pulled out of her pussy and just lay next to her, exhausted. She got on top of me and said, "That was the best fucking I had ever taken. I want to go at it again before we leave."

I replied, "Give me a few minutes sweetie, I'm not as young as I used to be."

She said, "We'll see about that." She put her hands on my spent cock, wiping off the juices. She licked her lips, then proceeded to suck me back to life. She had the whole thing down her throat, and for a minute I thought she was going to swallow my whole cock.

God she was gifted, because my dick was standing at attention, roughly about 10 minutes after I came in her. She then slid her wet, spunk filled pussy onto my hard cock. She did all the work this time; and let me relax. We fucked like this for about another 20 minutes. Erin started to scream again, "God! You're making me cum again! You hard-dicked fucker! Cum in me! I'm cumming again! Ohhhhh god!"

I couldn't believe how hot this little bitch was. This young woman who I knew as a little girl, was giving me the best fuck I ever had. As she was cumming, I shot my salty load into her pussy for the second time that night. She kept humping my cock, as my cum flowed out of her hot pussy onto me. We lay there for about another hour before we cleaned up and left for home.

Well, that was about a year ago. Yes, Erin did get pregnant and make me a daddy, though; her and I are the only ones who know it. No, my wife doesn't know, not even Erin's folks. Luckily, the baby girl we had together looks more like Erin, thank God. Even though I am still married, Erin and I continue our affair.

We see each other, just for sex, about 2 times a week, one of them is usually a quickie at lunch. We are a little more careful nowadays, but I am sure I will get the itch to knock up my sweet little Erin again.



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