He was ready for his next conquest.

Preying on young girls who had recently discovered their sensuality, he sought to steal their youthful zeal and replace their childish dreams with mature memories. With his trendy attire, sexy mannerisms, and gold plated promises, he would sweep them from popular nightclubs into his over priced sports car and with the help of a few drinks of fine liquor, would overwhelm their flailing inhibitions.

They would all too soon awaken to find themselves longing for yesterday as his life force oozed from their throbbing and battered loins. The city was large and impersonal housing a multitude of lounges where he could become lost within assuring his reputation remained known but to a select few.

As he left his deluxe condominium on this warm summer night, the storm clouds had already begun to gather, bring a humid air of expectation to the city. He sped through the back streets, humming to the smooth harmonies of one of his favorite CDs. On the eastern outskirts of town, a new disco had opened on the refurbished remains of an old brewery.

Close to a private enclave that offered a view of the entire city that he had recently learned of, he roared up the narrow two lane road that lead to his quarry. His anticipation grew proportionately to the altitude, until he finally swung somewhat recklessly into the unpaved parking lot that surrounded the disco.

The sounds and smells of youthful enthusiasm filled the still air as he strolled past the "bouncer" with a fifty in his hand and into the flashing lights of the playing field. A wonderland of virginity engulfed his keen senses, and within a few brief moments, he spotted his quarry amongst a group of her companions in one of the obscure corners of the establishment.

After a strong shot of courage, he strolled up to her effortless, unaffected by the noisy mayhem that enveloped them. With no more than a few words, they were bumping on the dance floor, and within a few drinks he was breezing past the smiling bouncer with his quarry hanging on his arm.

Her misplaced giggles were music to his ears as he feasted his senses on her budding sexuality en route to the enclave. Her long brown hair, large black eyes and smooth alabaster skin sang of a rich heritage; "gravy for his goose," as these girls were usually overly repressed by their too well to do parents. One drink later, her gown was sliding from her smooth shoulders and her legs were opened in a most unfeminine manner.

Her replies were becoming increasingly incoherent, and by the time he eased into the dense brush of the overlook, her eyes were seeing things her brain couldn't decipher. Within moments, he feared, she would be too far gone to respond to his sexual onslaught.

Literally pulling her from the depths of the passenger seat, he guided her forcefully to a clearing as the first slivers of rain begin to slice through the thick humid air. Almost too eagerly, she shed her sanguine gown, revealing firm, pert breasts and a pale g-string that barely guarded her well groomed femininity.

As she watched him disrobe, swaying in the gust of wind that had begun to grow in strength, her tongue became active, moistening her lips constantly in anticipation. As the last vestiges of his clothing gathered around his ankles, he lost his delicate balance and toppled over backwards sending a spray of water in all directions as his butt slammed into a newly formed puddle. Undaunted, she lunged towards the erect object of her desire hungrily, overwhelmed by curiosity and lust.

Just beneath his sweaty rain drenched torso, a charge of static electricity had built so suddenly that his hair stood on end a microsecond before the clouds sent their opposing charge searing earthward. His puckered asshole provided the perfect conductor for the earth bound charge, while his rain drenched and engorged cock rose magnificently towards the heavens in an open invitation for the storms fury.

There was an eerie stillness an instant before the lightning expended its energy on his unsuspecting genitals followed by a blinding flash of light and the deafening report it generated. He screamed as his body shot high into the air and returned with a sickening thud. She was violently thrown across his car and tumbled into the rain soaked brush. She screamed into the echoing thunder.

Within moments, she rose and staggered to his smoldering form laying face down in the muck. His butt was black and singed with faint wisps of smoke ascending from several different places. Trembling, she eased his body over with her bare foot and was amazed to see him still breathing with agonizing rasps.

Her eyes turned towards the gleaming cock that held her in awe moments earlier. Stepping backwards in horror she beheld his glowing genitals, fully intact and quivering from the electrical overload they had just sustained. His prostrate and balls were glowing a menacing yellow orange color while his cock was a brilliant yellow and was growing right before her eyes.

Retreating carefully towards the car, she panicked at the thought of her parents, the cops, the questions and the consequences overwhelming her. Curiosity compelled her to pause and suppress her fears. She turned just in time to see first one then the other ball explode amidst a spray of blood and sperm.

Moments later, his glowing cock, now bulging in grotesque proportions, ruptured violently lengthwise and explode as his torso arched high into the air and twitched violently.

The subsequent eruption of sperm and tissue bathed his torso a second time, surpassing the most spectacular fireworks display she had ever witnessed. His torso crashed to the ground with a thud as she bolted for the car. After nervously fumbling with the keys she sped off towards the city amidst a spray of mud, her rain drenched nakedness apparent to anyone she passed on her way home.

Ted McClusky, CSI lifted the blanket above the torso of the twitching torso just before it slid into the back of the waiting ambulance. The scorched hole in his torso still oozed blood as the senseless victim mumbled incoherently.

As the ambulance roared between several police cruisers and onto the back road, now littered with storm debris, he turned to the scorched earth a few feet away to study the blackened circle with the perfect outline of a mans butt outlined in the center. The medical investigator suddenly appeared from the one of cruisers and cleared her throat tersely.

"Just got a call from the station Ted. They found the girl that fits the witness's description. She's got some story about a lightning bolt hitting him before they could get down to business."

"Bullshit," he replied as he chewed on his cigar solemnly, "She just don't want her Daddy to know that she's a hell of a fuck."



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