My husband and I were doing a terrible thing, but doing it very well to a sweet and innocent fifteen-year-old daughter who was being very mature about this considering we were doing this for money, and not a sum large enough to justify doing this to her for money. She allowed us to strip her naked, place her in a lewd and vulnerable position, there to endure the sexual assault of a rather large man who tore through her precious hymen then flooded her more precious womb with the seed of a detestable slime ball, and not for the ten thousand she was worth, nor half that, nor a third or quarter - one lousy thousand dollars.

We sold her virginity and tossed in her womb for a thousand measly dollars when selling it for ten thousand would have been a terrible thing to do. Twenty might have been acceptable, understandable, and justifiable. Fifty grand probably would have gotten her enthusiastic support. Fortunately, Karen is a practical child willing to help out. For fifty grand to fatten the family coffer, she might fuck a monkey on stage or star in a monkey-fuck video. She would be the first to admit that everything has its price. She would also be the first to admit that her sexy ass has a price and the womb was ten times whatever that amount was. In her mind, we sold her sexy ass for a lousy hundred bucks.

She was terribly disappointed, hardly enthusiastic, resigned to being bred like a bitch for a token sum of money, but we were dealing with a real tightwad, my employer, Tod Arnold, a man Karen calls Toad Armload, and with good reason. Tod Arnold was the child molester she had to tolerate. She dealt with him as she does toads and other creepy crawlies. As best she could, she avoided them and him. Sometimes, that wasn't possible. When avoidance wasn't possible, she experienced sexual molesting. Those who should have helped her acted helpless and watched. At least we never helped Tod, and without help, he could do just about everything except get his dick in a hole.

To get in any hole on Karen, he had to have a cooperative victim, and before that would happen, he needed cooperative parents, more cooperative than giving him opportunities and then staying out of it. A higher level of cooperation would cost him.

We were lucky to get a thousand out of Tod. He is used to getting what he wants from me in exchange for modest paychecks. That was a mitigating circumstance. That man could get it for free. The fact that we got anything was cause for celebration. We couldn't get Karen to jump up and down with us. She was too hung-up on what a bargain she was. In her world, anything cheap was. I'm sure she felt like a cheap whore.

In our family, which consists of five children, two sets of grand parents, uncles, aunts, and cousins galore on both sides, I am more a whore for Tod than a girl Friday. After ten years in his employ, and after bearing three bastards that look remarkably like toads, the secret and the reality were out and in general knowledge. No one knew that better than my two oldest, Jeff and Karen. She had to know she would eventually be in the position she was in if I remained in the position I was in. After ten years, I showed no sign of not loving my position. Mommy was on a career track. That was the resignation we saw.

Me, my husband, my employer, my kids, and quite a few of my extended family members have a unique relationship. My husband loves watching me fuck other men. My boss feels that sexual harassment is an employer's right, the number one perk, and an employee who accepts that has job security. I accept that, and I have five kids who are all voyeurs. One might call friends and extended family members' fans.

The chemistry was perfect or became perfect as soon as I could accept having sex in public. Sex had always been the most deeply personal and private of acts. Tod gradually turned my thinking around and did so by hook and crook. His thing was taking me to a private club to perform live sex acts on stage. I'm not talking about a booth with peep windows entertaining a handful of perverts, I mean on stage for a sex dinner theater entertaining fifty to sixty affluent couples while they drank, dined, and got sucked by the help. When I wasn't on stage, I was help on my knees. He video taped my performances and sent those tapes to my loved ones. In Jeff and Karen's case, he would arrive at my home to meet them coming home from school. When I arrived home an hour later, I often found Jeff and Karen watching me instead of cartoons.

Little by little, I had nothing to hide from anyone. Little by little, I developed a fan club. Many of the fans were awfully little. Little by little, my adult fans were in my adult audience seeing a live performance, taking their own videos to share with the little fans. The night I looked out and saw my parents in the audience, I almost died, but they turned out to be my biggest fans. For their hundred bucks per plate, they, like all the others I knew, wanted me on my knees.

For many months, I thought Tod was a Toad - a sick, degenerate, perverted toad. He put me through seven kinds of hell for a while. Today, I would much rather have an audience, and nothing is too private or too personal. My kids, my parents, my extended family, a few close friends, and my husband think sex in public is great, but we did have one who thought it was great for everyone except her.

Karen has always been the shy one, the blushing one, the embarrassed one, the one who usually watched from a distance but didn't want to miss anything. She was fine until she entered puberty. She then became very fine and kept getting finer. She never had an awkward stage. She became a woman the way a caterpillar turns into a butterfly - gradually, awe-inspiring, but never awkward. By the time she was fourteen, she had a fully developed young woman's body on a small scale. Little woman suited her quite well.

Puberty was when Tod took notice, and he noticed the first signs at age twelve. Her tit-buds caught his interest. They needed pinching and her cute fanny needed smacking. Each week he saw a girl getting sexier and fuller. We began seeing more of him. We also began seeing more of our shy and modest daughter - our budding woman/child. He used to pop in to mess with me; still does, but Karen got his attention first, like a warm-up act. She didn't warm to this unwelcome attention. For more than a year, the act warmed everyone except her, but he finally hit on something that seemed to warm her to a boil. Stripping her and spanking her was something he could manage on his own, so we saw an awful lot of that after her fourteenth birthday.

I wouldn't say Karen was easy to strip and spank, but she was easy to capture after getting a spanking that exposed everything she had and resulted in her getting thoroughly masturbated. That was some birthday spanking, one hell of a coming out party, and the thirty guests could not have been more impressed. They all agreed with Tod - a birthday spanking had to be delivered on a birthday suit. Tod had all the help he needed that day. Happy birthday sweet fourteen - with roughly fifty to grow on.

Karen received a thorough molesting that day. We saw orgasms that she couldn't hide very well or pretend on her own. She discovered that fingers other than her own feel totally different, and manly fingers feel so much better than little girl fingers. She discovered that having someone else masturbate you was a lot like having someone else tickle you, that trying to do it to yourself just isn't the same. When a girl first makes that surprising discovery, she becomes easy to touch, and she will get over her shyness if you keep her legs far apart long enough. I do believe that discovery made Karen easier to capture. That used to be the hard part, just getting hold of her, but she stopped trying to escape, would not get behind a locked door, and would not exit the house through a window. He simply had to go get her, drag her out to where we all waited, then strip her and do his nasty thing while we took videos for friends who couldn't be present. The videotaping bothered her, but a large live audience bothered her much more. Even with a large live audience on-hand, she was only difficult when he attempted penetration with his rather large cock. Part of the problem is, she has no rather large holes. The Largest one has teeth.

After fifteen months of watching these twice-weekly assaults, seeing countless failed attempts at penetration, we all wanted to see the attempts not fail. Jack was first to admit it. When he could; I could. Grandparents were quick to follow suit. Uncles, aunts, and cousins demanded penetration. Her brothers and sisters didn't need to admit it. We knew whom they were cheering on. Her brothers were thirteen and nine with two sisters who were eight and six. They all wanted to see Karen fucked.

They love fucking but were tired of seeing me fuck. They never tired of my sucking, but the fucking was getting old. Karen was choice meat, tight stuff. That had to be good, and a desire to watch her suck a man's cock to orgasm then swallow was the choicest and least likely to ever go down without a weapon being used.

Karen knew we were getting off on these assaults. She knew she had her own fan club and had to know where the act was headed, so she wasn't too surprised when Jack and I sat her down and told her the facts of life. The fact was, she could no longer put this off. Tod had to have it, have it all, and agreed to pay. We accepted his offer, and there must be no more resistance. I can't say she took that news well, but she did take it with resignation. She accepted that we had that right. We got her to agree to that at the onset. Only then did we tell her what we did. She had to accept that with resignation and offer Tod that which he had purchased.

When the time came, she took her fucking like a sold whore - took it with resignation, but took it nonetheless. I also detected a bit of relief. The waiting was finally over, and the experience wasn't as bad as she imagined, mostly because her first was limited to Tod and immediate family. Penetration was difficult, but she did adjust. Tod didn't give her his usual brutish fucking. He wanted her to like it. He tried not to hurt her. We were all thankful for that. The surprise was how well she could eventually take his full cock. Her little pussy made a snug home for that massive cudgel, which came as a big surprise to us, but a much bigger surprise to the owner of the pussy.

For this ritual fucking, we had Karen kneel at the edge of the sofa with her head down and pressed into the sofa back where the seat cushions meet the back, with Jack and I seated at each side stroking her to help keep her calm. Tod stood at her ass and worked his dick into her vulnerable pussy with the kids gathered all around him with good views of the fucking. Jack and I got good views by leaning forward, looking in from left and right. After Tod got all ten inches in and used them in a full stroke, that was quite a view. That was also one hell of a slobbery-wet pussy, giving one indication as to how well she was taking this new type of sexual molesting.

She gave very little outward sign, but the body language eventually told the tale of a body that liked getting deeply fucked by a big cock. She took a fucking from a serious cock that meant serious business in that it was fucking to make a baby. He had that right; we sold him that right; she offered up fertile pussy he could cum in because we had the right. This was a breeding, not just a fucking. She didn't take that news well at all, but, in time, that pussy appeared thirsty for sperm.

I must say I enjoyed this much more than I thought I would. Jack loved playing with her tits. I was more into her adorable little pussy. I had never touched her there, but couldn't resist and brought my hand in from underneath to work her clit. My hand had a dramatic effect and got her pussy moving so well that Tod had to stop moving or start cumming, and he wanted this first fuck to last. Karen wanted that wad deep in her hungry pussy. She got up on her elbows to give her daddy better access to her titties and to get a better stroke on the cock. We soon had her fucking like a horny whore.

We never dreamed we would get a result like that out of Karen. She always did her best not to be too entertaining, acting putout, acting molested, insulted, used and abused, forced into showbiz. This was not at all like the Karen we all knew. This was the Karen we all wanted - Karen the uninhibited slut. We weren't sure there was such a thing, but we now had one who seemed to love the fucking, the audience, and audience participation. She especially loved what Jack and I were doing to her, but we weren't the only ones taking liberties. All four siblings had hands on her body. In all, fourteen hands roamed that girl's body, each vying for choice space to roam.

I had no difficulty making her cum. With fourteen hands tickling her and a big cock deep in her pussy, she was as hot as a freshly fucked fox in a forest fire. The girl was a mass of hair triggers all being tripped. Tod couldn't hold off against all that motion, so he gave in, took her by the hips, and pumped her full of cum. That blew her mind. That pussy did suck a dick - chewed it, sucked it, then milked it. She had enough semen in her to impregnate her entire sophomore class, and she still wanted more.

I had mixed feelings about getting my daughter pregnant just for shits and giggles, but the guys had no mixed feelings. Karen's brother, Jeff, was also a cum squirter, eager to join this project. Surprisingly, Jack wanted in on it, too. We hadn't discussed this, but they had their dicks at the ready waiting on Tod's okay. When Tod eased out, he offered pussy to Jeff. You never saw a boy fuck a sister so quickly with a father urging him to hurry. Karen barely had time to adjust to the idea of a brother fucking her when she had to adjust to the idea of a father fucking her. She did adjust and ended up chewing, sucking, and milking his dick, too.

We had us a fucking whore with all the bashful fucked out of her. We also had a very messy whore. I never saw such a fucking mess. I picked her up and carried her into the bathroom, put her in the shower, then stripped down and got in with her. Poor thing, could hardly do anything for herself, but that's what mommies are for. I sure didn't feel like a mommy. I felt rather like a finicky lesbian with a filthy little slut to get squeaky clean, but once I got her squeaky clean, I ate the sexy little bitch the way a lesbian would in a shower.

Her Toad went down on her every chance he got, so her pussy was no stranger to a mouth, but Mommy knew how to do it better. I wasn't sure she'd be comfortable with me doing it, but she was quite comfortable, at least as comfortable having sex with her mother as she was having sex with her father. I took that as a good sign. Oh, the possibilities we never dreamed. I went ahead and shaved her pussy because her father likes them shaved and her mommy prefers hairless pussy.

After the shower, we kept her naked. She had no objection, though she was back to acting like a molestation victim, now with a shaved bald pussy. She must like playing that role. At least she played a resigned victim, and when her brother wanted more pussy, he simply had more. Tod knocked off another piece before leaving, and Jack got some ass right after he left. She was so accommodating and in such a good position, I took a seat at her head, took her by the ears, and brought her face between my legs. While Jack fucked ass, I fucked face. May as well. If she could play victim, we could certainly play our roles. I was as much a molester as any of the others.

That bothered me a bit, but only in the beginning. I can tell when a girl likes a good face fuck. I did not force her to bring her tongue into play. The girl liked pussy, or she liked my pussy, or liked being used by pussy. Whatever the case, I got licked and sucked to orgasm, then licked thoroughly. I liked girl cum, too, so I could relate. Gotta get all of that yummy girl cum.

We took Karen to bed with us that night and turned in early. She came along without a whimper. We played child molester and had ourselves a ball. She continued playing victim and had herself a merry old time. She played her part very well except as orgasm approached and washed over her. She'd lose it for a bit, but then get it back only to lose it again.

More and more we could see that Karen wanted to play that game more and more. The more we acted like real child molesters, the better she liked it, so one night when she couldn't seem to get enough, we bound her hands behind her back with a necktie then turned her over to the kids so that they could have some fun with her. That was like turning a crippled gazelle over to a pack of wild dogs. We thought we had been molesting her. We were amateurs. At least she could still walk after we finished with her.

I couldn't watch that. I had to trust that Karen was having a good time at the mercy of siblings and cousins who had none. She must have, because she never whined about being trussed and turned over to the brat pack. Those sessions were hardest on me. I never felt like a true child molester until I began subjecting Karen to the lust of her fellow children. A pack of ten or more was the norm when six was excessive, difficult to control, and impossible to satisfy. A full pack was eighteen. For those, I had to leave the house and take a long walk.

By the time Karen turned sixteen, she was still playing her victim role, but playing it nine months pregnant, due any day. She blew out sixteen candles in her birthday suit with every member of the family present and roughly twenty friends of family or buddies of Tod. She also invited a dozen of her close friends, the ones who knew what she was and wouldn't be shocked to see her have a birthday party in her birthday suit - again. We had close to one hundred on-hand. Only half were adults.

We were a true fan club by this time. We wanted to throw her a real party, not a molest-the-birthday girl orgy. Christ, the poor thing was about to pop. We wanted to love her, praise her, and shower her with gifts for being such a great sport about all this, the pregnancy especially. She not only stayed barefoot, she was mostly nude and in bondage throughout her pregnancy. The kid was one hell of a good sport. We all had fun at her expense, even her close friends who got a big kick out of bringing over their close friends to see their close friend in pregnant bondage. They all fucked her or fucked her with something. Of course they wrote shit on her body, mostly on the big belly like a cast on a broken leg. We all had fun at her expense, but enough was enough.

Karen and I finally had to talk about it. That was a talk that was long overdue. She didn't want no dumb birthday party, didn't want no praise, didn't want no presents. I didn't want no orgy in my back yard, not with those numbers. We arrived at a compromise - a regular birthday party in her birthday suit - which, by the way, was littered with filthy graffiti as most liked using the indelible marking pens.

With that group, that party went over very well. Naturally, she suffered some abuse. The kids were impossible, and Tod was an asshole. He just had to fuck her in the ass after giving her the birthday spanking. I thought that was uncalled for, but that as a big hit. I allowed one butt-fucking but made the line dissolve. It was a good thing I did, because the butt fucking broke her water and she went into labor. The little bastard was born on her birthday while still in her birthday suit. The staff found that amusing.

As much as she didn't want a baby, once she had one, she couldn't imagine life without one. They were inseparable. The big thing became stopping by to watch a nude mother nurse in bondage. The child nursed while the mother got fucked. Karen now got to play victim mother.

Karen never tired of the victim games, and neither did her fans. We have kept her barefoot and pregnant all through high school. By the time she graduated, she was the mother of four with another on the way, and in that time, I gave birth to three more. We were up to our tits in dirty diapers. The games weren't fun anymore. We resigned at the same time and became a team of mothers. For a while, it was fun, but all good things must come to an end. Guys think we can just keep pumping out babies. Guys are like that because they only pump them in. They are the baby makers; we are the baby raisers. If the shoe were on the other foot, I assure you, freeways wouldn't be so crowded.

The End

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