My career as a biochemist had paid two dividends important to my plans. I had amassed $100 billion from my medical inventions and the company that manufactured them. And just as important I had discovered a drug for activating the gene that generates testosterone and causes the male genitalia to grow.

I had been taking this medicine for about six months and my erect cock had already grown from a 5-inch dick to an impressive twelve-inch tool. It once had been about an inch in diameter. As length had more than doubled so had girth. And when I wanted it hard, it was like steel. My cock was growing by about a millimeter a day-an inch a month-and I intended to continue the drug therapy for another 6 months at which time my cock would be a daunting 18 inches long and 3 inches in diameter.

My balls had swelled too. They were already larger than golf balls and growing every day. Before I started the medicine I could produce a quarter teaspoon of jizz on a daily basis but already I could generate two tablespoons and I could do it like a 16-yr old-time after time all day long. My latency period-the time between cumming-was down to 30 minutes and getting shorter.

I could keep my cock hard for hours at a time and this period too was getting longer. Last week I had started fucking at noon and by midnight had cum 20 times. Each orgasm was intense and sloppy. I went through six women that day. When I was through with them their tits, cunts, faces and assholes were slathered with my jizz.

Not only was I cumming more often and in greater quantity, but where once my jizz dribbled from my cock it now spurted under great pressure. It already flew three feet from the tip of my cock to an eager mouth or cunt and my range was getting longer. While my cock acted 16, my mind of 40 had good control and I could prolong my pleasure as long as I wished. I could have used this skill to please the women I fucked, but that was not my goal. As far as I was concerned women were just repositories for my jizz. They had tits for playing with, mouths for sucking cock and eating jizz, cunts for fucking and assholes for reaming.

My body too had been rejuvenated. The growth effects had changed my stature from 5'9" to 6'6" and I weighed 250 pounds and had a rock-hard body. I had designed the drug to eliminate wasted effort on hair growth so that my body was hairless. When I oiled it I gleamed menacingly. Oiled and with my rock-hard cock thrust before me I was an imposing and threatening sight.

I had no intention of sharing this medicine with the world at large.

My 12-inch cock was daunting to many women, but my wealth could arrange a sufficient quantity of luscious bodies. The problem I had anticipated was that once I reached 18 inches long and three inches in diameter, as I would be in six more months, women would run screaming at the sight of my cock. I wouldn't be able to find a woman who would take my huge rod even for pay. The only answer lay in rape and that, in turn, meant I must use my wealth.

In preparation for my needs I had suborned the government of a small island country in the Pacific. In return for a few tens of billions in aid and a similar amount in graft I had arranged to be made warden of a special prison I constructed to house those convicted of drug possession. I had also arranged for their drug laws to require lifetime confinement at this prison without possibility of parole and with no visitation rights. In other words, the inmates would be at my complete mercy and would provide the cunts and assholes to satisfy my huge, tearing, rock-hard cock.

I was, of course, unwilling to resort to finding adequately comely bitches by chance. The police department had been bribed so that they would plant evidence on persons I selected. The judges I corrupted would convict them and sentence them to my prison. I also helped this country increase its tourist advertising and I sponsored contests for free trips from America and other English speaking countries. (The winners thought they were selected by chance, but my agents ascertained that the recipients were rape-worthy before they won.)


The prison opened today. Three girls in their late teens had been framed by my police and convicted by my judges. They were awaiting me in the next room wearing leg shackles but with their arms free. They were wearing flimsy bathrobes. I had stripped and oiled my body. My cock was rock hard at its full 12-inch extension in anticipation of the pleasure I was about to receive.

I stepped into the room with the girls and stood facing them from about 6 feet away. They were obviously shocked to be confronted by a large naked man, especially one with such a huge hard cock. They knew instantly that they would soon have this cock rammed into their bodies and were justifiably intimidated.

"I am the warden. You are here for life and are at my mercy. You will address me as Master at all times and you will obey me instantly or you will be punished harshly."

I glared at them as I spoke. "You now exist for my pleasure and my pleasure alone. You will not leave here alive. If you please me you can die of old age- displease me and you will die young and horribly for you, pleasurably for me. Now strip!"

here was a slight hesitation by all three, but after just a beat one girl began to remove her robe. I stepped to the nearest disobedient girl and delivered a savage blow to her belly. She collapsed gasping for breath and writhing in pain. The third girl quickly shed her robe.

I grasped the writhing girl by her hair, ripped off her robe and stood her up. The three were now in a line. "Put your hands behind your heads and thrust your elbows back. I want those tits jutting forward. Spread your legs so I can see your cunts." My viciousness had intimidated them and they quickly complied.

I strutted around them. As I strutted, I fondled tits, lightly pinched nipples and caressed asses. I stuck my finger in cunts and tweaked clitorises. One was a brunette, one a blonde and one a redhead. The brunette was petite, about 5'2" with a round ass and firm b-cup tits. Her aureolae were large and she had long erect nipples. The blonde was about 5'9" with perky tits and a trimmed bush. The redhead, still gasping for air, was the prime one. She was 6' tall or more with long legs. She had a slender body, lightly freckled, and her c-cup tits barely drooped. Her aureolae were huge and jutted outward sporting obscenely long nipples. All were gorgeous but the redhead was the stuff of wet dreams.

"On your knees, cunts!" They flopped to their knees and I stood close before them with my cock in their faces. "You now exist only to serve my cock. You will suck it, and take it up your cunts and assholes. When I shoot my jizz you will eat it. If I pump it into your mouth, you will swallow. If I pump it up a cunt or asshole, one of you will suck it out and eat it. If I coat your tits with jizz one or two of you will lap it up. This afternoon you will have a taste of your future. I am going to spend the next ten hours fucking you continuously. When I get bored I am going to truss one of you up and beat you black and blue. So I suggest you don't bore me, but use your bodies eagerly and enthusiastically to drain the jizz from my balls."

While I was saying this I had been pumping obscenely on my cock. As I finished my speech I came for the first of two dozen times that day. I had not cum since yesterday and my balls were full. Rope after rope of jizz erupted from my engorged cock as I aimed at first one and then another. The flying jizz struck their faces and tits and dripped down onto their bellies. They recoiled and tried to dodge the flying jizz but to no avail. When I had finished there was a good cup of my jizz distributed over their bodies.

I turned on the redhead. "Lick her clean bitch", pointing at the blonde. The redhead hesitated and I delivered another stinging kick to her already sore belly and she went down in a heap. I turned on the brunette, "So you do it." Wide-eyed with terror she didn't hesitate but flung herself towards the blonde and began desperately lapping the cum from her face, tits and belly. When she was done I made the blonde clean up the brunette. By now the redhead was recovering and I had both of the other girls lap her clean.

When the redhead was clean, I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the fuck stand. I bent her over it tying her hands forward and her legs apart. She was bent at the waist, her tits hanging free, and her mouth, cunt and asshole accessible for fucking between her spread legs. I stood in front of her, my huge member inches from her eyes. I fondled a supple leather strap.

"I warned you that you would suffer if you hesitated in obedience. I'm going to ream your asshole with my cock, but first I'm going to beat it a bright red." Keeping my cock before her I began to whip her ass as hard as I could. She squirmed but I had trussed her tight and she couldn't escape my blows.

She began to scream and finally to beg. "Please, oh please, stop. Please stop. I'll do what you want. Oh please!!"

I whipped her even harder, "Of course you will do what I want, because if you don't you will suffer. This is nothing compared to what I can and will do to you if you displease me. I will soon have an inexhaustible supply of cunts for my use. One more or less will make little difference."

I stopped beating her and as obscenely as I could I applied a thick layer of KY jelly to my turgid rod. I began beating her again. "I'm going to shove this up your asshole. If you relax your asshole it will just hurt; but if you fight, my rock-hard cock will rip you up and you'll bleed to death." I stopped beating her and stepped behind.

I lined my cock up on her rosebud of an asshole and started pressing it in firmly and slowly. She made an effort to relax, but the resistance was great and her pain was greater. I managed to gain an inch and was past her sphincter without tearing or bleeding. She would suffer no permanent harm today. At that point I reached around and grabbed her tits in my hands and squeezing hard I rammed my 12-inch, rock-hard, two- inch-diameter cock to the hilt.

She screamed and bucked and the combination of her screams, her bucking ass and her tight asshole caressing my cock were electric. The feeling of power went straight to my balls. I plunged in and out. I pulled back, leaving only an inch inserted then rammed home again. Again she screamed. I kept it up, pounding my huge member in and out of her asshole while she screamed with pain.

Finally I decided to come. I crushed her tits as hard as I could twisting them to maximize her pain and my pleasure. My balls erupted and a torrent of hot jizz flooded through my cock into her asshole. I came in wave after wave of pleasure. She screamed and screamed until I was spent.

I pulled out and turned to the brunette. "Suck the jizz from her asshole". The brunette almost tripped in her eagerness to obey and instantly had her tongue working furiously on the redhead's asshole. I simply grabbed the blonde by the hair and pulled her mouth to my cock. She knew what was expected and was too fearful to hesitate. Her mouth opened and her lips engulfed my still hard member and began sucking and laving it with her tongue.

The brunette and the blonde were already intimidated. It remained to be seen how cowed the redhead was. But I had all the time in the world, and resistance was a pleasure to overcome.


My cock was now 18 inches long and three inches in diameter. My testicles were the size of tennis balls. I was now 6' 9" and a hard-bodied 275 pounds. I was a fearsome fucking machine. My testosterone level was so high that I could continue to fuck 24 hours a day if I wanted to. I generated enormous quantities of jizz; up to a quart a day and I loved covering tits and faces with it.

I had increased the bribes and travel subsidies so that the flow of new twat to my prison could keep up with my cock. My rod was so huge now that my slaves didn't recover from having it rammed up their assholes. The effect on their cunts was not as devastating, but several petite virgins had bled to death after only one use.

I still met the new jizz-slaves, now about 6 a day, as they arrived from sentencing. I met them oiled and rock-hard. I only had to enter the room with them when several would begin screaming at the sight of my huge, murderous cock. They knew that they were to be rammed and reamed and knew that the pain would be horrendous as my huge member thrust viciously into their cunts. Most did not realize that not only their cunts would be fucked but that their assholes would be reamed also and that this latter assault on their shitholes would be the most painful and most deadly.

I would force them naked onto their hands and knees and would welcome them with a torrent of jizz squirted onto their faces and tits. I would then threaten them with butt-fucking as the jizz dripped slowly down their bellies. I would offer them the opportunity to suck my cock instead of having it shoved into their lower holes and they would eagerly begin to suck. But when I rammed my rod down their throats, most would pass out from lack of air. Few learned the fine art of sucking, tonguing and breathing with a foot and a half of man- meat down their throats.

If a girl's body were less then perfect, I would strap her in the fucking frame and then whip her raw. Perfection meant firm tits with huge aureolae and large erect nipples, slim waists and a round ass framing a perfect asshole and twat. If she weren't the stuff of wet dreams, if an artist could draw a more erotic body, then she wasn't perfect. If she failed the test she was whipped, not with the belt, but with a cane that left huge bleeding welts. A few upward slashes on tits and cunt lips would really get her screaming.

I would then grease up my cock-not to make it easier on her but to heighten the slippery feeling for me. Then I would aim for her asshole and insert just enough to get lined up, but not enough to ease through her sphincter. Then grabbing her lacerated tits and twisting and crushing them furiously I would ram my 18 inches of rock hard cock to the hilt. The three-inch diameter would rip and tear on the way in. She would squeal and scream and buck but tied as she was she would be helpless.

As the blood poured along my cock and down her legs she would finally stop squealing and just whimper. I would give one last hard twist and squeeze of her tits as I exploded my jizz into her asshole to mix with the blood and shit pouring out of her. I would then pull out and have one of the better looking pieces of ass suck and lap me clean while the butt-fucked bitch slowly bled to death before the horrified eyes of my new jizz-eating slaves. After that the girls would be very docile and eager to do anything I demanded lest I select them for a butt-fuck.


Paul's gorgeous wife had left him last year and gone off with another guy but not before humiliating him. She railed at him for having a puny cock and brought her new boyfriend over to demonstrate what a good cock looked like. Paul told me that he himself was less than 6" and this other guy almost 7" long. His humiliation had turned to a burning need for revenge and I was just the man to help him.

I started him on a regimen of my cock-growth pills and worked him up to 10 inches and 1.5" in diameter. He was a new man, enjoying practicing on the inmates at my prison. He had become only fairly assertive, but I was working on that, as was the increased testosterone raging in his body from the pills.

I arranged for his ex and her boyfriend to "win" a trip to my Island and it was no trouble to have the cops plant drugs on them and have them arrested, convicted and sentenced to my jizz-soaked prison.



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