When I was 12 years old, my big sister taught me how to fuck. No, she didn't do it herself, Judy had me come into the room she shared with Chrissie, and do it to our little sister.

Judy knew I had been sneaking peeks at both of them for the previous year and figured that it was time I learned how to do more than just peek.

Judy had Chrissie lie on the bed, with her legs spread. Then she showed me how to get between them, and put my cock in my little sister's tight little slit. God, did that feel good. Chrissie didn't seem to like it near as much as I did, but she followed Judy's instructions about how to put her legs around me, and hold me tight, until I came inside her.

As I said, Chrissie didn't really like it all that much, she mainly just did it to please Judy, so her big sister wouldn't treat her like a kid.

Judy said that if Chrissie wanted to be treated like a woman, she would have to ACT like a woman, and the main difference between little girls and women, was that women fucked, and little girls didn't.. To keep Chrissie from getting a bad reputation, she had ME fuck our little sister, because she knew I wouldn't tell anybody. At least, that's the story she told us. Personally, I think my beg sister just got her jollies by us fuck.

That first time, Judy made Chrissie keep on fucking me, even though it hurt, until I had squirted every drop of cum I had inside the little girl. (Yes, Chrissie was really just a little girl at the time.

At only 10 years old, she didn't have any tits to speak of, and there wasn't even a trace of hair in the area surrounding the tight little hole that I first slid my prick into. She may have been fucking like a woman, but it's a good thing I was only 12, as the prick I developed later, would have torn the kid wide open.)

As I said, Judy made sure that our little sister got every drop of my incestuous sperm, that first day, before she let the little girl stop. Afterwards though, she wouldn't let me even touch Chrissie for week, until my sister was over being sore.

When I first got off in Chrissie that night, Judy got a washcloth, and cleaned both me and Chrissie up, so we wouldn't make a mess of the bed. Then, she got a stack of three towels, and placed them under Chrissie's rear end, and told her to lie like that until morning, so she wouldn't make a mess of the bed. She said that if we messed the bed that our parents would find out and we'd all get into trouble. Me, she sent back to my room, telling me I had done enough damage for the night.

I didn't care. All night long, I relived how tight my little sister's hole had felt around my stiff little peter, and I dreamed about when I could put it in Judy too. Well, I never did, but a guy can dream.

If fucking my little sister was supposed to keep me from trying to sneak looks at my sisters' panties, then it was a miserable failure. For the rest of the week, I kept sneaking down to my sisters' bedroom, in hopes of finding one or the other in a state of undress. I also kept trying to feel my big sister's body, so I could get her all excited, and maybe get in her pants, since she wouldn't let me fuck Chrissie again, until the little girl had recovered from losing her virginity.

The third time I tried feeling her ass, or slipping my hand between her legs, Judy hauled me off, and put me straight. "There's no WAY, I'm going to be fucking my little brother," she told me, "So get that through your pointy little head."

Well, to say the least, I was disappointed, so I asked her why not? Since she didn't seem to think it was wrong for me to fuck Chrissie, why not her as well? I mean, she was my sister too.

Judy told me, that is was OK for me to fuck Chrissie, as she was only 10, but there was no way she was going to let herself get knocked-up by her own little brother, so I had to keep my grubby hands off her, or I wouldn't get to fuck EITHER of them.

I didn't understand all of what she said, but I sure wasn't about to mess up the good thing I had going for me. If Judy didn't want to fuck me, I could live with it, as long as Chrissie did.

Well, it was a long week, but once Judy felt that our little sister was healed, she had me come down to their room, and do it again. Only this time, she had me do it twice, while she sat in her chair watching us, fingering her furry crack while we did it. She showed Chrissie how to get me up for the second round, by sucking my prick until it was hard again.

Judy didn't even seem to mind that my cock was covered with white greasy sperm, and her little sister's juices as well. I learned later, that while Judy may not have been willing to FUCK me, she didn't mind using her mouth on either me, OR my little sister, any time we asked her. She taught me how to lick pussy too, though she seemed to prefer Chrissie's tongue to mine.

I guess that's fair enough. I liked to lick Chrissie's bare little cunny, even better than Judy's. Judy always smelled so musky, when I licked her, while Chrissie was just sweet-tasting little girl.

Once we got started, Judy had me fuck my little sister about once a day, when we could arrange it. Sometimes I would miss a day or two, but on others, I would manage to leave two or three good healthy loads of incestuous cum in my little sister's tight little hole.

Usually, Judy would be there, watching us fuck, while she fingered herself. Usually, she would get off when we did, as seeing me all excited and obviously squirting my sperm right up inside our little sister, seemed to be all the extra stimulation she needed. Once in a while though, she couldn't quite make it, so either Chrissie or I would feel her up, and usually lick her furry crack until she did get off.

Even when she was gasping and grunting, on her way to orgasm, she never got so excited she forgot herself enough to let me stick my peter in HER, like she liked to see me do to Chrissie.


It was about a month after the first time we did it, that Chrissie first had a climax. Up to then, she told me that it felt good, but she really only did it to prove to Judy that she was grown up.

When my little sister started bucking and moaning underneath me that day, at first I was worried that I was hurting her. I was about to pull out, when she screamed like a little wildcat, yanking me back inside her, yelling, "Don't stop. Oh GOD, don't stop," until her wracking spasms had eased, and I had pumped her squeezing little slit so full of incestuous cum that it's a wonder she didn't have triplets.

Our big sister had been watching this all with a big grin on her face. She knew what my little sister had been going through, and now figured that Chrissie would be just as eager to fuck as I was.

Judy was right. Once she knew how good it felt, to cum with a cock inside her, filling her tight little tummy full of thick sticky sperm, Chrissie couldn't seem to get enough. If anything, my little sister was even hornier than I was.

After that, besides the almost daily "lessons" in her room, Chrissie would quite often sneak down to my room in the middle of the night, where we'd fuck. Sometimes almost all night long. I got so used to feeling my little sister's body next to mine at night that I almost couldn't sleep, until she was there. I'd usually leave two, three, or sometimes even four big helpings of boy-cum in the little kid's tight little belly, before Chrissie would get up and sneak back to the room she shared with Judy.

It was about this time, that we moved. Not very far, just down the street, to a bigger house. Daddy was making a lot more money by then, and he wanted a room for the computer, and a bigger and fancier bedroom for him and Momma. As an extra bonus, there were enough rooms, that all four of us kids, including the baby, got our own rooms. It wasn't such a big thing to me, though my new bedroom was bigger than the old one, but to Chrissie and Judy, it was almost like liberation day.

Finally, Judy could have her girlfriends over, (and later, sometimes even her boyfriends,) without having to worry about her little sister popping in unexpectedly.

There were other bonuses as well. With 7 bedrooms, kitchen, dining-room, living-room, den, family-room, and FIVE bathrooms, there was no longer the constant fight to get my sisters out in the morning, so I could get washed up in time to go to school.

Momma and Daddy's end of the house, was the master-bedroom suite, with it's own bathroom, and the whirlpool tub. Daddy's computer room was there, and the extra room that Momma made into the sewing room, when Georgie grew old enough that she didn't need it for a nursery, and he moved down to the other end of the house with us.

Our end of the house had four bedrooms, arranged two-and- two, each with a bathroom connecting, that also opened into the hall. Momma and Daddy expected Judy and Chrissie to take one-side while I took the other, and would later share it with Georgie. No way. My little sister had plans of her own, and so did Judy.

They both bitched so hard; Judy about how she wanted her "privacy"; and Chrissie about how Judy always hogged the bathroom, while I didn't; and besides, she wanted the corner-bedroom too, that our parents decided to let us choose our own bedrooms. We did, and there was no disagreement.

Chrissie and Judy got the two end/corner bedrooms, while I got the one I wanted that was closer to the family-room, where the big TV was. Chrissie and I shared one bathroom, while Judy had the other one all to herself, until Georgie got old enough to move into the extra one. Even then, he was too young to give our big sister any trouble.

I still giggle about the musical-bathrooms scene she pulled one night, when her boyfriend stayed over one night (ostensibly to sleep with me, but I know for sure that I slept alone that night, while Judy didn't.) Judy had lots of privacy in her room, and I later heard all kinds of cute stories about what she did sometimes in the bathroom there, with her boyfriends.

Chrissie and I didn't care. We both did our best to help our big sister get away with her escapades with various boyfriends, because we didn't want HER spoiling our fun either. It all worked out just great.

Once we had moved, Judy had more time for boyfriends, and less time for either Chrissie or me. At first, she still had us both come down to her room to fuck, but gradually she lost interest, when Momma fixed it so she could have her boyfriends over, and not have to worry.

Chrissie and I didn't know all this, but we didn't care much either. It had been over a year since we first started, and putting on a show for our big sister, was getting to be more bother than it was worth. Gradually, we stopped entirely.

That's not to say we stopped fucking. Anything but. It's just that Chrissie now was spending the whole night in my bed with me, and we'd usually fuck three or four times during the day, as well, so what's the big deal, about doing it in front of your sister?

Once we went to bed at night, either Chrissie or I would lock the hall door to the bathroom, and she would join me in bed, where I would usually fuck her a couple of times before we went to sleep, and generally once in the morning as well. Sometimes we would spend all night long, with my prick stuck up in her tight little snatch, leaking my incestuous sperm into my little sister's receptive young womb.

Momma and Daddy always kept asking me, why I couldn't keep my room looking like my little sister's, as her bed was always made, while mine always looked like a cyclone had torn through the room. It's a wonder they didn't catch on from the constant smell of sex in the room, or the cum- stains on the sheets. I guess they just figured that was normal for a teenaged boy.

For sure, it's a good thing we didn't use Chrissie's room, or they WOULD have suspected something.

I remember about a year later, Judy looking at the two of us suspiciously, as neither of us had any opposite-sex friends, and asking us, "You two aren't still doing that, are you?"

Chrissie looked at our big sister innocently, and asked, "Doing what?"

Our big sister looked at both of us, seeing right through us, I guess. "You know what," she finally said. "Just don't get into trouble, OK?"

We both agreed to, "Stay out of trouble," and that was the last word we ever heard about the matter from Judy. She didn't worry, and neither did we.

For the next two years, Chrissie and I must have fucked like bunnies. until my sister was 14. Then one day, I found my little sister in the bathroom throwing up. Chrissie looked like shit, and I was so worried about her possibly having food-poisoning or something, that I almost called 911, and really mucked things up. Thankfully, Judy got home in time to stop me, but not in time to keep me from leaving a message for Momma at work, about Chrissie being sick. You can imagine the rest.

When our parents found out I'd been fucking my little sister for almost four years, and never once even thought of using birth-control, well calamity doesn't even begin to describe it. The only thing that saved us, was our very ignorance, at what we had done. Judy knew of course, but we never let on that she had been the one who started us out. For which, my big sister owes me one.

Once the dust settled, Momma and Daddy resigned themselves to having another baby in the house. At first they tried to keep my sister and me apart. It didn't work.

After the third time Momma caught the two of us sleeping together, they both decided that maybe it was just as well, that Chrissie was that stuck on the father of her child. They didn't dare punish us TOO hard, because it wouldn't have been fair. I mean that they couldn't punish ME, without punishing my little sister for doing the same thing. And they couldn't be TOO harsh on Chrissie, because of the baby.

If there was one thing about my parents, they were always fair. That's why they didn't disown us, for having the baby in the first-place. They figured that it was as much their fault, as ours, for not teaching us about the "birds and the bees" in the beginning.

Momma finally decided that if we were NOT going to be using Chrissie's room for it's intended purpose anyway, then she would make it into a nursery for the baby. She still left a token bed in there, where Chrissie "officially" slept, but from then on, the whole family knew that Chrissie would be sleeping with me. No more sneaking around.

Gosh, Chrissie looked cute and sexy, when her tummy got big. To see a 14, then 15 year old little girl with her belly sticking out to here, is one of the most erotic sights I know. Our son must have gotten to know the feel of his daddy's penis quite well, by the time Chrissie was taken to the hospital.

All the time I was fucking her, during her 8 months of pregnancy, Chrissie and I kept joking about how we were going to teach our son to fuck his little sister, just like Judy had taught us, when they both got old enough.

Momma and Daddy tried to put Chrissie on the pill after that, saying one kid by her own brother was enough. Chrissie didn't buy it though. She wouldn't take them; insisting that she was going to have at LEAST two kids, and maybe as many as four, if I was willing to give them to her.

I stuck by my little sister, telling Momma and Daddy that if they insisted Chrissie and I would move out, and move to somewhere where we would just be another young couple trying to make it. I was almost 18, and Chrissie was almost old enough to get married without parental permission in our state, so we would hardly be noticed among all the other young couples. With the same last names, people would just assume we were husband and wife.

Thankfully, it never came to that. Little Joey had by this time stolen his grandfather's heart, and the thought of him, and his coming little sister being forced to go on the long road with us was too much for Daddy.

There's nothing I love as much as fucking my own little sister; squirting my baby-making sperm right up inside her receptive young womb; knowing I just MIGHT be making a baby in that still sexy little tummy of hers. Of course, it's been several years now since our last kid; but there's always a chance.

Right now, Chrissie and I are living in the same house, although WE now occupy the big bedroom down at one end. Momma lives in her own special room downstairs. Momma hasn't been able to bear sleeping in the big bedroom alone since Daddy died, and so she had us move in there. After all, I'm doing most of the work around here anyway, since I took over the company.

Our 4 kids occupy the other end of the house now, and Judy lives in New York, with her current husband. We just heard from George last week in the mail, and he told us that he's just been promoted to corporal, in the Marines.

Last night, was the second birthday party in two weeks, as Mary just turned 10 years old, a week and a half after her big brother turned 12. Tonight, Chrissie wants me to teach our kids how to fuck, just like our big sister did for us when we were that age. This has been a favorite fantasy of ours, ever since even before Joey was born. Only tonight it's finally going to stop being just a fantasy.

I asked my wife what we were going to do about our other two daughters, since Darlene is nine, and Carol is only seven. It wouldn't be fair to them, to know their older sister was learning to fuck, while they were left out.

Chrissie just grinned and told me, that we'd just have to show Joey how to fuck Carol and Darlene too.

Oh God! My prick aches at the very thought. My sister is a kinky little bitch, and I love every kinky bone in her body.

Of course, I'm just as kinky. I'm going to get a kick out of showing the kid how to make a baby in his little sister, just as much as Chrissie is going to enjoy watching me do it. At least OUR kids won't have to sneak around to fuck, like we did.

I can't wait until one of our daughters shows up with a big tummy by her older brother. It's always fun having babies around the house. With three little sisters to fuck, I figure that Joey will give us quite a few, grandchildren to love, before he goes away to college. I can hardly wait.



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    1 year ago
    My younger sister turn me on to these stories, it wasn't long before we had sex and soon she became pregnant. It was such a turn on cuming in her knowing she get pregnant.
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    Loved it. I like the extremes
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    I did this exact thing to my sisters
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    3 years ago
    You do realize the kids could possibly be mentally handicapped due to inbreeding?
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    Not nearly as good as others on the Internet. Should have stopped at "no more sneaking around" everything after that was rubbish
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    really hot