I have a wonderfully faithful wife who, despite sharing my fantasies of seeing her submit her charms to another man, simply refused to agree to the idea in any fashion, except in our own private fantasies. Even then, she was hesitant, as if giving in to the idea would give a life of it's own to the fantasy.

Gina is absolutely beautiful, with big brown eyes and long dark curly hair that cascades like rivulets down over her milk white skin. At 130 pounds and blessed with an Italian heritage, she has more then ample breasts with large dark red nipples. Perfectly symmetrical curves in all the right places, and attracts more then enough male attention to keep both of us horny.

I think she actually appreciates the attention much more then she'll admit to, and may be a kind of closet exhibitionist. More then once throughout the summer, she'd open the blinds, and silhouetted by the corner lamp, we'd fuck like demons, always with her ending up on top. From the street late night a passersby would get an amazing view of her in the throws of passion. I certainly didn't mind, and would heartily endorse the view.

Much to my dismay and despite all sorts of prompting, she just wouldn't agree, and many nights I'd commute homeward, praying out loud to no one in particular, but maybe the moon, about my desires. Late at night I'd lay beside with her sound asleep imagining how hot it would be having her used by some horse-dick behemoths right there in front of me. Well, be careful about what you say and admit to dreaming out loud, as you never know who is listening.

It was sometime around three on one night just days before Halloween that we were in bed, Gina sound asleep. We'd smoked a joint before bed, and I was lying there imagining her in another of my erotic fantasies, and I guess nodding off too. I awoke with I guess was the sense someone else was in our room. I could make out a particularly dark sort of shape, and I thought perhaps I was dreaming after all.

When the dark form moved toward Gina's side of the bed, I thought perhaps a shadow, but then it began to take on a much larger and more substantive male form. It was when the covers began to slide down off the bed, I knew I had to put an end to this dream or whatever it was.

I tried, but found that I couldn't move at all, and despite shouting in my mind, I could make no sound. It was as if I was being held down and gagged. In the pale light from the street lamp, I watched Gina's nearly naked body slowly come into view.

More disturbing was that I began to get a raging hard-on myself. At this point the large form settled over her and she though apparently still asleep, began to moan softly, then more deeply. The straps of her teddy went tight then snapped as if ripped away, allowing her tits to fall free of the thin material.

I watched as the hem slid up and bunched around her waist like someone had just rolled it up. She moaned again, and slid her legs askew, as if giving unfettered access to whatever it was making her feel so good. I could see Gina's perfectly shaven pussy glistening, and could now see that the large man thing had now dropped between her legs as if it had begun eating her.

I would swear my imagination had run away, but I could almost feel the heat from the intruder, as well as the movements of both of them on the bed. She reached out grabbing my arm, and the dark intruder must have brought her to repeated orgasms, as evidenced by the nail marks she left on it. Slowly it stood back up, then grabbed her by the hips, pulling her down towards him.

I could see what appeared to be a huge distorted appendage, much the size and shape of a large dimpled cucumber that I assumed was his dick, dangling between her spread legs. There was no way she'd be able to take that thing. I was wrong. She inhaled sharply and gasped, as he began to work it into her. It wasn't long however before it was buried to the hilt in Gina's pussy, and he began pumping deep into her like a mad bull.

After just seconds however, it almost seemed natural for her cunt lips to spread that wide to accommodate the behemoth dick. The bed moved wildly with their movement, as with each thrust her legs flew back, spreading wider and allowing the deepest penetration possible. Each withdrawal found her stretched cunt lips trying to hold onto it.

My own boner was throbbing madly as I watched my wife's pussy pounded in a way it hadn't been before. She'd been a virgin when we married, and no one else had ever been where this thing was going now. It seemed almost surreal. After what seemed an eternity, it withdrew, Gina gasping wildly for air, then just as quickly, it turned her over onto her stomach, and pulled her back onto her knees.

Oh God! It was going to fuck her in the ass! Even I had never been there. I could see her eyes open wide, unsure if she was seeing me next to her at all. Suddenly she let out a loud bestial moan as it drove its dick deep into her ass.

Suddenly I was aware that she now had my dick in her hand and had begun to suck it. She was lost in raw unadulterated passion now and I'm sure would've fucked a football team at this point. I shot off quickly and she barely slowed down swallowing every drop as never before.

She collapsed onto the bed as the man released her from his grip, looking at me in a sinister way. Then, as quickly as it began, it was over and he was gone. We were back in bed.

As I could now move, I was sure I'd had some sort of hallucination, and swore not to smoke before bed again. She was sound asleep, and I was spent. What'd happened?

The next day over breakfast Gina was extremely cuddly, and asked what had brought out my inner animal. I made up some lame excuse about her being sexy.

To this day, Gina thinks it was me, and seems so much more agreeable with anything I say. Especially about fucking other guys. You know, I'd heard stories about shades appearing in the night to fuck women, but always believed it was just stories, until now.



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