Sixteen-year-old Melody Stewart sat at the kitchen table as her Aunt June braided her ponytail. She wore a too small black leotard that made her peach sized tits stand out and left most of her butt cheeks bare. The nails on her toes and fingers where painted a bright red and she wore a pair of open toed sandals with three-inch heels.

Her twelve-year-old twin sisters Mindy and Mandy also sat at the table dressed the same as her. The twins weren't as well developed as Melody their tits being about the size of plums and they were only showing signs of hips. All three girls did share the same blonde hair and blue eyes and all three had tears in those eyes.

Aunt June also a blonde continued to braid Melody's hair as she listened to the cars pulling in the yard. "Sounds like we're going to have a full house." She said. When all she got in response from the girls was groans she said "Now you girls know if it weren't for these shows we would have lost the farm and would be living on the streets."

"Living on the streets might be better than this." Melody retorted. June gave her hair a pull to shut her up. June had moved in with them a few months after their dad had ran off with a black woman leaving them only few thousand dollars.

The money had only lasted about a year and they had gotten close to losing the farm. Then one night girl's mom had taken a belt to the twins for sassing her and Aunt June had the idea for the shows. "Ouch! I think you enjoy these stupid shows." Melody continued which resulted in another jerk of her hair.

"I do not I hate them almost as bad as you girls do but we have to live." June lied. She actually loved these shows and the money was unbelievable. They had made three hundred thousand dollars in ten months doing only one show a month and starting tonight they were going to do three shows a month. Besides she thought these girls deserved what they got.

"Well, that does it time to go to work." She said as she finished Melody's hair. She then removed her robe to reveal her black latex corset with French cups that made her thirty-eight C's look even bigger. Then she slipped her stocking clad legs into a pair of six inch spiked heels and headed for the door. "Let's go ladies it's Show time." She said with a giggle.

"We can't go out there like this it's twenty degrees we'll freeze our asses off!" Melody whined as the twins nodded in agreement. Melody knew this was a waste of breath but she would do anything to delay the coming events.

"Nonsense! It's only a couple hundred feet and besides your asses will be plenty warm once we get there. Besides you don't want your mom coming to look for us." June replied with a smile. She knew the threat of mom would get the girls moving and as they scurried out she laughed out loud as she followed behind.

All of the girls were covered with goose bumps from the cold but the barn was toasty. Their mom had bought some huge blower heaters which really did the trick. The curtains were drawn so they couldn't see the crowd but they could hear the clanking of folding chairs and the creaking of the bleachers as well as the men's garbled voices.

The stage were they stood at the rear of the barn was well lit and furnished by the house of De Sade. There were ropes and chains hanging from the rafters a whipping wheel a notched saw horse a padded saw horse and a huge cross. There were a lot of items that their aunt and mom had made from stuff out of in the old tack room. Whips hung on the wall and there was an umbrella stand full of bamboo canes and freshly cut switches. Everything a mother needs to keep a daughter in line!

April Stewart came through the curtains She was dressed in an outfit identical to her sisters. She looked more like her thirty-two year old sister than a forty-five year old mother of three. Her tits were a little bigger but other than that their bodies were the same.

The girls took their seats on the Deacon's bench when they saw their mom enter. First she went over and whispered with June and then she came over to them. "I want you girls to give a good show tonight, don't be afraid to scream out and flash those pretty pink pussies." She said. Then she signaled for June to open the curtain as she walked center stage.

Once the curtains were opened the girls could see it was indeed a full house. All one hundred of the folding chairs were full and the four sets of bleachers along the walls were also packed. Naomi the family maid was working the bar dressed like their mom and aunt. Her four teenage daughters were all nude and working the crowd selling blowjobs, pussy and ass fucks. April got forty percent of their take and she split the bar profits with Naomi down the middle. Naomi would also work the crowd, but she preferred the female customers.

At center stage microphone in hand April addressed the crowd "We would like to welcome you back and remind you that we will be doing three shows a month now but more about that latter. We also have a special treat for you tonight after our performance." She said then waited for the applause to die down before she continued, "Tonight's first victim is the lovely Melody!" She then held her hand out for Melody to join her center stage.

As Melody stood up her legs felt like rubber they always did at this point. She knew she would be first because she had to work the crowd afterward. The twins wouldn't be allowed to until they tuned thirteen next week. Her mother and aunt would work them after the show.

As she walked center stage on shaking legs she wondered what the special treat would be nothing good she was sure. Once at center stage she had to stand on special mark because everything was being video taped for marketing. When she got to her mark Aunt June joined them.

April again picked up the microphone. "For back talking her mother Melody will receive twenty-five on the ass." She said then waited for the cheering to stop before going on. "For staying out past curfew she will receive twenty-five across the tits." She added and again had to wait for the crowd to settle. "And for having sex with the maid without permission she will get twenty-five across that hot pink pussy. For a little bonus she will be the first to test a cattle prod her Aunt June found." She announced. The crowd really went wild at this point taking several minutes to settle down.

When she heard about the prod Melody's knees buckled but she managed to remain standing. She knew better than to protest that would only mean more pain. Aunt June now walked up behind her took her leotards by the shoulders and in one quick motion jerked them to the floor.

Melody now stood facing the crowd wearing nothing except the open toed sandals. Her mother then led her to a rope hanging from the rafters and began to loop her ponytail through it several times. June then began to turn a crank on the wall pulling the rope tight and then pulling Melody to her tiptoes and finally off the ground to were only the very tips could touch the floor.

Next June and April placed the notched sawhorse between her legs they had to raise her a couple more inches so her pussy and asshole barely scraped the notches. The crowd thought this was done to worsen the pain. It was actually done to make her pussy and asshole tender and make her gasp like a virgin when penetrated.

While April made a big show of trying to select the appropriate cane or paddle June fondled Melody's firm young body. Melody felt like her hair was being ripped from her head she was sure this hair hanging was Aunt June's idea. The bitch had a real evil streak in her and was always coming up with new ways to hurt the girls.

Melody's thoughts were suddenly interrupted as she felt June's index finger slide up her ass then she felt her aunt's warm breath in her ear. "The next thing I put up this ass won't be my finger." She whispered. Melody grimaced as she was reminded of the cattle prod.

"This will do nicely!" April announced as she displayed paddle cut from a one by three with brads driven through to spell out MOM. She took a few practice swings and then walked over to the sawhorse.

The next sound Melody heard was the crack of the paddle as it met her ass. She wasn't a sure if the stars she saw were from the paddle or the rope trying to tear her head off when she swung forward in pain. She could feel the blood trickle down her ass but didn't have long to think about it. Crack!

The second blow struck home again making her lurch forward and more stars plus the notches were making themselves known. The blows kept coming and Melody was sobbing uncontrollably the audience was keeping count and June's laughter could be heard over all of it. Mercifully the crowd finally counted twenty-five and the paddle stopped. Through her tears Melody watched her mother walk to the edge of the stage and take a bow then walk over to select her next weapon.

While April was selecting just the right whip Melody felt something against her asshole. Her eyes grew wide as saucers as she realized it was the prod. Suddenly everything went black it was the most intense pain she had ever felt. It knocked the wind out of her and her vocal cords wouldn't work. She couldn't even try to resist as she felt the prod working into her ass.

She didn't have to wait long, this time she felt the zap. It felt like her insides exploded, she swung by her hair so hard that her feet came to eye level and when she dropped she dragged across the notches so hard it felt like her twat was being ripped open. Her body was in so much turmoil she didn't even know she had shit all over the place. The girl's body trembled and jerked beyond control and her mouth showed signs of frothing.

April had a look of concern on her face and did not seem amused when June said "Guess I'll have to reduce the voltage." Then she jerked the prod out of Melody's ass and it made a popping sound as she did. The girl hung limp with her eyes rolled back in her head as she gasped for breath.

April decided to stall so her daughter could recover. She walked center stage and picked up the mike, "For acting without my o.k. I will now give June fifteen across the ass." She said. Then she walked over and tested several canes from the umbrella stand. Once she had made her selection she walked over to the padded horse and pointed for June to take her position.

June clearly was not happy with this turn of events but didn't argue as she knew she had gone to far. She walked over and draped herself across the horse and spread her feet the required eighteen inches.

The crowd was delighted to see that the big-titted bitch was going to be caned and cheered April on. You could hear the wisp of the cane as it broke through the air and the crack as it met June's ample ass. June's eyes got wide and her body tensed but she resolved to cry out.

By the fifth lash her resolve broke and she screamed like a scolded hound. This sent the audience into a frenzy the young girls' working the crowd were getting fucked senseless and the people not being serviced masturbated openly.

By the fifteenth stroke June was howling uncontrollably her ass covered with nasty red welts some of which were bleeding. As she lay there sobbing April picked up the prod and touched it to her coooter. June let out an ear- piercing scream and jumped completely over the horse.

The crowd was almost out of control with lust June was rolling around on the floor holding her pussy and April calmly walked over to select a whip to use on her daughter's tits.

The young girl had recovered for the most part although she ached beyond belief. April tweaked her little nipples then stood back to deliver the lashes. Melody screamed as the cat left it's ugly red welts although she could tell her mother wasn't using as much force as usual. Once the final lash landed April threw down the whip and walked center stage, "I think she's had enough how about you?" she asked and the crowd clapped their approval.

June was not happy about it though but she kept her mouth shut not wanting to piss April off again. Little did she realize that next week she would be the one wanting mercy; a little birthday present to the twins. After tonight however it would be much worse than April had been planning.

Melody stood on shaky legs after being lowered to the floor she staggered off stage to a standing ovation. There would be a thirty-minute intermission before the twins met their fate. This would allow Melody a chance to clean up and regain her composure before going out to work the crowd. June tried to hug her in the wings but Melody just pushed past her.

While Melody rested April had Naomi come up on stage and suck and fuck the family Lab while she made announcements. "Remember next week we have a special show; first we will auction off all three of the twins holes second; Melody will get her first time with the dog and third; I have a special birthday gift for the twins." She said. As she continued to speak June was in the background squatting on Naomi's face while the chocolate Lab merrily humped the black woman's pussy.

The break lasted longer than thirty-minutes because the dog knotted in Naomi and it took awhile to free them. At last it was the twins turn they were the crowd favorite and the little minx's enjoyed the attention if not the pain. April motioned for June and Naomi to escort the girls' over.

Once They were there April addressed the crowd, "For not doing their chores and not doing a good job of eating my pussy the girls will receive twenty-five across the ass and fifteen across the tits. After their punishment the special treat I promised the girls will have a pee tasting." The girl's were led to the padded horse and their leotards ripped from their bodies.

As Melody stepped into the gallery she saw all of Naomi's daughters were bent over folding chairs each with a dick in her mouth and one in her ass. Too late she saw Mr. Smith a man with a huge dick that loved to fuck a freshly whipped ass. He grabbed her and bent her over a chair and rammed a lubed finger up her ass. She thought her head would explode her asshole hurt so bad from the earlier abuse.

He didn't waste a lot of time lubing her up a couple of quick pokes and his dick was against her anus. She loosened up the best she could for her ordeal. As the monster cock began to force its way in Melody tried to scream but one of the nice customers shoved a cock down her throat.

On stage June and Naomi each armed with a cane were taking aim at their targets. On April's signal they began their task. The twins screamed and went to their toes as the canes came down leaving ugly red welts. April noticed the glee in June's eye as tore Mandy's ass up.

April wondered if she would look that happy next week with Sam the donkey inside her. That's what the twins wanted for their birthday and that's what it would be that and more. Right now the twins had other wishes they wished the whipping would stop but the crowd was keeping count and the count was only fifteen.

Melody resented not being able to see the twins get theirs almost as much as she resented the huge cock jack-hammering her tender little asshole. She had kind of crush on the guy that was throat fucking her so she didn't mind that at all but she didn't like Smith or having his cock rip her in half. What's more she knew a line had formed to take their turn at her. The shrill screams from Mindy brought a brief break in the action.

"Oh please God stop!" Young Mindy screamed as Naomi put the finishing touches on her ass. Naomi always likes a big finish and can leave welts that last for weeks. It was only one of the things that June envied about the huge busted black woman.

Naomi stepped back and took careful aim to deliver her final blow she wanted to get the area right between the ass cheeks and legs. Then the sound of the cane cutting through the air and the crack as it met tender flesh. And the crowd goes wild! They stand and cheer as Mindy releases a blood curling scream and collapses to the floor.

Unfortunately for Melody this only serves to intensify the pounding her ass was receiving mercifully it also brought things to a head as Smith pumped her full of cum. At the same time she felt her throat being filled with cum. The man in her mouth grabbed her already aching head and held it all the way down on his dick and Smith was having one final spasm.

As both men finally pulled free Melody breathed a sigh of relief. Her euphoria was short lived as two more men were quick to take their place thankfully with normal sized dicks.

On stage the twins were now hanging from the rafters by their bound wrist awaiting the assault on their tiny titties. Riding crops would be the weapons of choice this round. April was icing her daughter's nipples down so they would be nice and hard not to mention sensitive. June and Naomi pranced around the stage taking practice swings and playfully swatting each other with the crops.

Melody was actually starting to enjoy the slow easy pace of the two men now using her. Then as the sound of the crops slapping the twins little orbs and the moans of the twins filled her ears.

As the whippings resumed the men's tempo picked up but by now Melody was into it she only wished someone would use her cunt. The guy in her ass was only good for a few more strokes and then she got her wish as a man with a nine-incher replaced him. Melody had an orgasm just feeling the dick slide in her already sopping cunt.

The twins hung limply their chest covered with welts it would be a week before they could wear their training bras. They were left hanging there while the adults went out to work the crowd. Several members of the audience climbed on stage to feel the girls' up and masturbate.

After about two hours April returned to the stage "Time for the pee tasting." She announced and then motioned for all the females to the stage. Melody picked up the huge stack of money off the chair she had been bent over so long and headed for the stage. Naomi's daughters did the same as did June and Naomi. While the other females worked their way to the stage April put a large kiddie- pool center stage and sat out several carafes and stem glasses. Then she let the twins down slipping several times on the cum covered floor.

Once everyone was on stage the girls were made to kneel in the pool while each adult did their beat to fill a carafe. Then April her container and poured the urine into seven glasses then presented each of the girls with a glass. Then each girl in turn would take the contents of the glass in turn would sniff the contents of her glass and describe it's bouquet.

Then they would take the contents into their mouth and swish it around like a wine taster then swallow and describe the flavor. Words like pungent intoxicating bitter and stench were most used. "Well it seems our experts can't seem to find a flavor they like maybe one of you have one." April invited.

There was almost a stampede of men and women rushing to the stage and for the next hour the girls were pissed in and on. When the young man Melody had a crush on finished pissing down her throat she couldn't resist sucking his dick into her mouth and wouldn't release it until she felt his hot load in her throat. By the time the urine quit flowing the girl's were kneeling in four inches of fluid. Afterward April treated all the guest to a drink on the house and told them good night.

After everyone had gone June Naomi and her kids stayed and cleaned up while April took her children to the house to doctor their wounds. As she took care of Melody she told her of her plans for the following week by the time they finished talking Melody couldn't wait for the next show. Her mother swore her to secrecy this seemed to make the week pass even slower. She spent her time getting to know Marty the Lab better by getting use to the taste of his cock.

By the end of the week most of their wounds had heeled although Mindy still walked with a limp from the caning she had received from Naomi. The twins were nervous yet excited about losing their cherries. Melody hoped Mr. Smith would be there to bid she would love to see him rip one of their assholes the way he had hers. Aunt June was pissed at her because whenever she was around Melody would snicker or giggle but refused to say why and April would only tell her to leave the girl alone.


Finally Saturday arrived and the crowd was even better than the week before it was standing room only. At two hundred dollars a head average the gate came to over thirty-five thousand. It was even bigger than the night that Melody's cherry's had been auctioned off. April peeked out the curtain and realized they would have to build a bigger barn.

At April's signal the lights were turned down and the sounds of a slow Blue's song came over the speakers. As the curtain opened the twins danced onto the stage. The girls were wearing matching black evening gowns their mother had redesigned for easy removal. The girls were moving with slow rhythmic steps as they ever so slowly loosened the Velcro that held the gowns together.

By the end of the first song the girls were down to bras and matching thongs these disappeared during the second song. The end of the third song found the two matching figures in a sexy sixty-nine.

Once the song was over April walked out on stage "It's time to auction of some virgin flesh" she announced. She had to wait several minutes for the hoots and hollers from the crowd to die down then she continued, "The bidding will start at twenty five hundred dollars may the best men win. Let the bidding begin."

The auction lasted less than thirty-minutes and when it was over Mindy was sold for seventy five hundred dollars and Mandy for seventy six hundred. Melody was less than thrilled that the young man she was sweet on had purchased Mindy. She was however delighted when Mr. Smith won the bidding on Mandy.

The men were brought up on stage and the girls were strapped to special made tables with leg supports. These tables left the girls totally vulnerable to the pending assault on their young bodies. The men started by placing their cocks in the girl's mouths or in Mandy's case on her mouth. She couldn't open wide enough to accommodate the huge penis so Smith had to make do with a tongue job.

Mindy however, got her first dose of throat fucking. Melody was pleased to see the young man wasn't going easy on Mindy. She had tuned blue before figuring out how to breathe around the man's cock. Then she had gagged and tried to throw-up, but the man stopped that, by shoving his cock further down her throat.

After several minutes of oral penis worship, it was time to spill some blood. As Smith prepared to invade Mandy, the younger man walked over and took Melody by the hand and led her over to the table. Then had her climb up and straddle her sister's pretty face. Melody got goose bumps as she felt her sister's tongue enter her chamber.

Meanwhile Smith was slowly working the head of his massive meat into Mandy's tiny opening. There was nothing gentle about his manner once he had the head in he sent that bugger home. You could have heard Mandy's scream a mile away! Then he grabbed the young girl's tits and began pulling her to him.

The younger man was much gentler first lubricating Mindy with his tongue and then ever so slowly entering her pussy stopping briefly at her hymen before gently pushing through. There was almost no pain and in no time the young girl was in ecstasy. Mindy had her first orgasm as a woman by the fifth stroke of the man's cock.

Melody was creaming all over her sisters face as she watched Smith hammer the still screaming Mandy. He seemed to be trying to rip her tits from her chest as he pounded her tight little hole. He was showing the little girl no mercy and Melody loved him for that. She was having one orgasm after another watching her sister's face contort in pain.

Suddenly Melody felt the hand of the man fucking Mindy gently on her head pulling her across her sister's body. He then pulled free of the girl's pussy and placed his cock against Melody's lips and she hungrily sucked it in enjoying the mixture of her sister's juices and blood. Melody resented it when he pulled free of her mouth and pushed her face into her sister's cunt but when he placed his dick against Mindy asshole she realized that she was going to have a close-up of Mindy's first ass fuck life was good again.

As the man began to slowly work his cock into Mindy's asshole there renewed screams coming from Mandy. Melody raised her head to see Smith beginning his assault on Mandy's virgin bung. The tortured look on Mandy's face brought a big shit-eating grin to Melody's face. She couldn't resist watching for a couple of minutes as the huge cock into the tiny orifice.

The pained look on Mandy's face was enough to sent Melody over the top to a massive orgasm. She spasmed she almost fell off the table. Once she recovered she calmly returned her face to Mindy's snatch and resumed munching. The man had increased his tempo and it was only a matter seconds before he pumped the young girl' ass full of cum. As soon as he finished he pulled his shit-covered cock from the girl's ass he then lifted Melody's head by the hair and pressed his dick to her lips and she again sucked him clean.

Meanwhile on the other table Mandy had actually started to enjoy the anal invasion. She only wished her hands were free so she could rub her clit. Smith couldn't believe it the little slut was trying to push her ass out to meet his thrust. This added fuel to his fire and he began to really slam it in it only took a few strokes before he started to shoot his jism into her all ready full ass and then collapsed across her tiny body.

There was no time for basking in the after glow before April June and Naomi whisked them off stage replace the tables with a huge mat. Then microphone in hand April walked center stage "How would you folks like to see some doggie style," she asked as June led Marty on stage and Melody took her place on the mat.

The crowd was clapping their approval as Melody reached and began to rub his sheath within seconds his purple dick was worming its way out. She had seen his cock hundreds of times but never realized how big it was until she reached under to wrap her lips around it. He was no Mr. Smith but respectable just the same.

Marty was used to human touch so he stood rather calmly as Melody's lips slid up and down his shaft. Once she had gotten past the smell and the initial taste it really hadn't been so bad in fact she kind of liked it she even liked the clear fluid that his dick kept spurting.

As she continued to suck Marty started to lap at her already sopping cunt and to her surprise he gave her one big orgasm and then another. Then she got to her hands and knees and Marty took over. It took a few practice shots before he hit the target but hit it he did and before she knew it he was humping ninety miles per hour.

Now she knew why Naomi spent so much time with him it was like nothing she had ever felt. The dog was driving her mad with lust and she didn't want it to stop. Then she felt discomfort as the dog's dick began to swell. Melody realized he was beginning to knot and tried to pull away it was too late they were stuck Melody decided to just lay back and enjoy. Every time Marty tried to pull free Melody had another climax and she must have had twenty before his dick went down and he pulled free.

"Ladies and Gentlemen we have a special treat for you tonight; my sister June is going for a donkey ride!" April announced. April then turned her head to see her sister's reaction. She wasn't disappointed; June had a stunned look of fear in her eyes and tried to flee the stage but April was ready! She had enlisted the aid of a couple of regulars that quickly grabbed June and brought her back.

"I'm not fucking no donkey!" June declared as she tried to break free from the hold the two men had on her but April had chosen well and she couldn't even get one arm free. She continued to struggle however but the men held fast.

Suddenly she realized why Melody had been giggling all week and turned her head in the girl's direction and if looks could kill Melody would be in the ground. Then she felt the men ripping the cocktail dress off her body. While she was being stripped Naomi walked on stage wearing the biggest strap on June had ever seen. "You're not putting that thing in my pussy!" She screamed.

"Your right bitch we're not putting it in your asshole." April hissed just loud enough for those on stage to hear. While the men strapped their captive across the padded horse April addressed the crowd. "It looks like she needs a little encouragement." She said to the cheering mob. Then she tossed a small jar to Naomi, "Lube that thing up!" she ordered.

An evil smile crossed Naomi's face as she opened the jar and applied a generous coating. June felt the men pull her ass cheeks apart then April stuck a finger in her asshole then two then three and four. Next April pulled her asshole open so there was no problem when Naomi put the head of the monster dildo in. "My God its as big as my arm," April giggled.

June's head suddenly snapped up, "Oh shit it burns what the fuck are you doing to me?" She screamed as Naomi kept pushing. She had about half of the phony cock up the other woman's ass and June's asshole was on fire. "Please God, what are you doing to me? I can't stand this! Please stop!" she begged.

"I don't know why you're so upset it's just a good old fashioned Vicks fuck," Naomi giggled as she began to work the fake cock in and out. Naomi was secretly in love with June but felt she deserved this.

What she had done to Melody was way over the edge and Naomi worried what she might do if she wasn't put in her place Had she known Aprils total plan she might have felt different. "You just let us know when you're ready for a donkey ride." She whispered in June's ear. June held her ground however even though the pain was intense and there were tears in her eyes so the fucking continued. Melody walked over and started pinching and twisting her nipples it hurt like hell but June held fast.

"I think she needs a little more coaxing how about you?" April asked the screaming crowd who only got louder to show their approval. So she nodded her head to Melody who produced a long needle and passed past June's eyes before stabbing through her aunt's right nipple.

"I'll do it I'll do it!" June screamed as she was suddenly aware that they were going do whatever it took and she knew her sister could be very creative when she wanted to be.

"I'm sorry did you say something dear?" April asked as Melody sent a needle through June's left nipple. "Did you say you would like to ride the donkey?" April teased enjoying this game a lot more than she had even thought she would. She was sorry she hadn't done this before but there was the future.

With a nod of approval from April the men loosened June's bonds and carried her over to the donkey. The twins were busy massaging the asses cock and balls. They had managed to get about half of his cock out of his sheath. "Look how big it is Mom!" They exclaimed in unison as the men sat June down on her knees and shoved her under his belly. April knew exactly how big it was eighteen and a half inches. Her Ex Husband used to joke that was why he bought the little fellow.

When June didn't make any move to take the dick in her mouth one of the men pinched her between the neck and shoulders. This caused her mouth to open in pain and they just shoved the cock in then the man grabbed her by hair and began to work her head back and fourth.

She almost threw up from the bitter taste and fowl odor but with-in a couple of minutes was bobbing her head on her own. While June sucked her loved ones said things like how does that donkey dick taste and I bet you can't wait to feel that dick in your belly.

Down in the audience Naomi's daughters were being fucked half to death and when one of them would open her mouth to call for help another member of the screaming crowd would stick a dick in it. Several of the female guests were also getting banged weather they liked it or not and the men who weren't fucking where pulling their puds. The floor was so slick from cum that almost everyone was sliding around and several had fallen. A good time was being had by all.

June was finally pulled free of the giant cock and carried to a platform that had been made from bails of hay. The donkey had his front hoofs put on the platform and with great pleasure Melody guided his cock to the target and began to work it in and the ass began to hump. At about fourteen inches it seemed to bottom out and June started to get into it.

Suddenly June saw something that caused her eyes to get as big as saucers "Oh my God please don't!" she begged. Melody smiled sweetly at her lifted the donkey's tail and hit him in the ass with the cattle prod. June received the full eighteen and a half inches. The little donkey didn't have much stamina however and shot his load within ten strokes. June passed out as the hot liquid poured into her belly.

While she was out Melody pierced her lips of her vagina and placed rings in the piercing then she placed rings through June's nipples. Next she ran a T shaped chain through the rings the chain had a loop for a leash at the top of the T between June's tits.

When June opened her eyes April snapped the leash on and pulled her to her feet. June screamed from the pain and didn't even notice the donkey spunk running down her legs. "You are now the family whore if one of us wants our pussies or asshole licked you better be on your knees or you will be hung by this leash and flogged. You will also do the donkey show at every performance. One more thing Melody is your Mistress." She said. With tears in her eyes she only nodded.



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