She was young and voluptuous, 5 foot 6 inches tall with long lustrous dark auburn hair that fell in ringlets half way down her back. Her skin was fair and perfect and complemented by emerald green eyes, full luscious natural red lips and high cheekbones.

She had a slim waist and strong athletic thighs were testimony to her passion for ice skating and ballroom dancing, which contrasted luridly with her generous full firm breasts which always seemed to be spilling out of her C-cup bras (she should really wear D-cups) and oh so large nipples, always hard and erect and always visible through her bra and blouse (no matter how thick the material).

She was built for sin and every man and woman who saw her experienced sexual arousal. She had entered puberty very early 3 years ago. She was now masturbating furiously several times a day to relieve her powerful sexual hunger; first thing in the morning before getting out of bed, again in the morning shower, at morning and lunchtime recess at school (in the toilet cubicles), once again immediately upon getting home after school, (locking herself in her bedroom), before dinner and again in bed at night where her self- pleasuring would sometimes go on for an hour before she drifted off to sleep.

But, she was oh so young, so very, very young.

He was handsome, mature, fit and powerful. Not a tall man, at 5 foot 9 inches, but he carried himself confident and tall. He was very striking with his dark olive skin, thick black hair (with just a tinge of grey at the sides) self assured, successful, physically active yet modest, cheerful, kind and an ever-ready smile. Girls and women of all ages took to him easily and never failed to recognize the huge bulge at the crutch of his trousers, a promise of imagined wonderful joy if they could ever experience it.

They met as arranged at the shopping mall and went into the most expensive boutique there. She tried on several outfits, but one in particular looked outstandingly exquisite and alluring on her. She wanted it but he said he would think on it. Then to the jewelers where she picked out a necklace and bracelet that suited the clothing outfit as if made for it, but, very expensive. He said he would think on it.

She pouted and was disappointed, but she had a plan.

He drove her home and she asked him to come into her bedroom. Her mom was going to out all day and not home for another 5 hours. She sat on the bed and patted the bed beside her for him to sit next to her. He did not sit immediately as he was enjoying a tantalising view. Her short light blue wrap around skirt had slid up high on her thighs to reveal a tempting white triangle of her panties, bulging out in its effort to cover her large pronounced pudenda.

The outline of her pussy slit was clearly evident, as were a few tufts of dark pubic air showing how thickly haired she was. His cock began to pulse and pump itself to full erection. He could not control it. She noticed the throbbing member coming to life in his pants and smiled. Her plan was going to work she was sure. He sat beside her just before his trousers tented out too far. He looked down. She must have removed her bra in the boutique and hid it in her bag. She had undone the top 3 buttons of her soft white cotton blouse and her could see the areola and erect nipple of one her left breast. His cock throbbed even harder.

'Oh God, how I want to feast on that breast and nipple' he thought to himself.

She knew exactly what he was glancing at down her open blouse and decided to be bold and make her move, a move guaranteed to get her that outfit and perhaps the jewellery too.

"Daddy," she said (yes, it was her handsome 38 year old father that she was about to manipulate); "Can I have that outfit Daddy, please Daddy?"

She twisted and turned towards him on the bed, putting her soft little hand on his mid-thigh. In the process her left breast fell out of her blouse, but she pretended not to notice. He found it difficult to talk and as he gazed with lust at his daughters gorgeous fully exposed breast he noticed her skirt has raised up to her waist and all the front of her panties were exposed.

He could now clearly see her thick pubic thatch through her white lace panties. The middle satin panel had wedged into her slit and a dark wet patch was showing around that enticingly outlined slit. Just that thin satin of her panties, material less than a millimetre thick, separated him from a direct view of heaven. His cock was now tenting up his trousers and could not be ignored.

"Oh baby, it is a very expensive outfit, I don't know," he said with a soft shaky voice.

"Okay Daddy, what if I give you something also, something very, very special hmm?"

"What could you give me darling?"

"This Daddy, I could give you this" and with that placed one hand behind his head and before he could resist she pulled his head down towards her breasts. His open mouth was now just inches from his daughter's ripe breast and before he could pull away she lifted up her ripe D-Cup breast and shoved it into his open mouth. Automatically he closed his wet lips and mouth around her huge erect nipple and began to suck.

'Oh God, oh God' he thought, 'this is so good... but so wrong,' but his cock was now taking control and he continued to suckle on his young daughter's tit with lust. As he sucked she carefully unzipped his fly and eased his monstrous cock out its constraint. It emerged, hard, thick and standing proud, pre-cum oozing freely.

She reluctantly prised his hungry mouth off her receptive breast so that she could gain her first proper look at her Daddy's cock, her Daddy's throbbing erect cock.

"Oh Daddy, is this for me, is this for me Daddy?"

He vainly offered one last play of resistance. "Oh baby, we shouldn't be doing this."

"But Daddy, you do want to buy me that outfit don't you? Isn't my tittie enough for you Daddy?"

"Oh baby, it's not that... it's just that..."

But as he said that she reached over and wrapped her soft hand around the shaft that had brought her into this world "Do you want me do something special for this outfit Daddy, mmmm? Wouldn't you like me to make this happy Daddy?" and with that she grabbed his foreskin in a firm grip and gently began to slide it up and down his rock hard shaft. He groaned and accepted defeat, although it was hardly a sacrifice.

She manoeuvred him into the centre of the bed and had his shoes and pants off in a flash. With equal speed he tore off her panties, ripping them in half in his lustful haste. There were now in a 69er position and as she grabbed his huge throbbing cock she turned around and asked, "So Daddy, I get the outfit don't I?"

"Oh yes baby, yes, you get the outfit" he said in frustration as she resisted his attempts to pull her wet hairy pussy to his open mouth.

"Good," she said. "Then you can now have your reward Daddy," and with that she swallowed the first 4 inches of his cock and began to firmly masturbate him.

He groaned again and cried out, "Oh God, forgive me!" and then he pressed her open and engorged cunt lips to his thirsty mouth. Her juices tasted like syrup from heaven and he lapped, sucked and kissed her cunt like a man possessed (which is what he was of course). His head was hidden under her skirt and his mouth was fastened securely to her cunt, with only the only sounds of his sucking, lapping, swallowing and laboured breathing as he feasted on her forbidden flesh for the next 10 minutes.

Meanwhile she experienced orgasm after orgasm at the experienced tender ministry of her Daddy's mouth, gushing huge amounts of her sweet pussy juice into her thirsty Daddy with each cum. She has in a frenzy of sucking and licking also as she slid both hands and her mouth, lips and tongue up and down her Daddy's throbbing 8-inch cock.

Every now and then she would stop sucking and just look at her Daddy's cock in fascination and adoration, regretting that she had held off so long from taking it out of his pants (as she had seen him looking at her with lust and a hard-on regularly over the past 18 months). Then she would plunge it back into her mouth, slobbering and cooing in rapturous contentment as her Daddy lovingly sucked her clit and labia.

His huge cock was now covered in her saliva, which had welled up into cream-like foam, also running over his balls and into the crack of his arse. It looked as if he cum several times already, but he hadn't. Somehow he had held off.

He was now beyond control (and she knew it).

He stopped sucking and whipped around to be on top of her, his powerful thighs forcing themselves between her firm smooth thighs. His throbbing sperm monster was just inches from her gaping wide throbbing pussy lips.

"Oh baby, baby, I want you. I want to fuck you. Daddy wants to fuck his little girl," he groaned.

"Oh Daddy, that's very very naughty, but I will let Daddy if you give me something else."

He was now beside himself with lust and would agree to anything she knew.

"The necklace and bracelet Daddy. I want them too."

"Oh yes baby, yes, they are yours, they are yours, as is my cock."

He was about to plunge into her when she closed he powerful little thighs and said "and one more thing Daddy..."

He was now desperate, "What baby, anything, I'll do anything."

"Talk real dirty to me Daddy, talk real dirty... And I want you to say over and over how old I am as you fuck me."

"Oh fuck yes, I'll fuck you my little girl, I will fuck you hard and long."

And with that she spread her smooth young thighs and looked down to watch as her Daddy's throbbing 8 inches rested it's pre-cum oozing head on her wet slit, her wet slit that was itself pulsing and bordered by her 2 sets of labia, each in full swollen sexual arousal. Her cunt was almost sucking his fat hard cock into her.

Then he thrust, not hard and fast, just a slow powerful thrust. She watched in fascination as her father's cock slid inside, inch by inch, causing huge powerful explosions of pleasure as it entered into the depths of her forbidden but welcoming daughter-cunt. At last he was all the way in. his huge balls resting snugly against her arse. All she could see was one massive furry thatch of sex as both her hairy thatch and her daddy's hairy thatch became one wet hairy sex organ. Then he began to pound into her.

She implored: "Tell me Daddy, tell me. Tell me what you're doing Daddy!"

"I'm fucking you baby.Daddy is fucking you.. Daddy is fucking his little daughter with his big cock.Daddy is fucking his little 13 year old daughter.Daddy has his big hard cock sliding in and out of his 13 year old daughter's wet cunt"

"Tell me more Daddy, tell me about my cunt Daddy"?

"Oh, I love it, such a huge hairy cunt for a 13 year old girl... oh baby, it's the biggest hairiest pussy I have ever seen, much bigger than your mom's pussy.much hairier than your mom's pussy. But you haven't got a pussy baby, you've got something very special."

"What have I got Daddy? What have I got between my legs Daddy?"

"You've got a twat baby. Only one women in 10,000 has a twat and you've got one."

"What's a twat Daddy? What's so good about a twat Daddy?"

"Twats are twice as hairy as normal pussies darling... twats have huge clits that expand over 1 inch like a little cock darling... like yours... twats have huge cunt lips like yours baby and, twats can take over 8 inches and twats ejaculate female cum like yours baby."

"Oh Daddy, Daddy, my Daddy is fucking his little girls twat and she loves it.fuck it Daddy, fuck it, talk dirty Daddy, talk dirty."

"Here it comes baby, Daddy is going to make you a woman soon, I'm going to make you a woman soon... Daddy is fucking his big hard cock into his 13 year old little girl and is about to make her a woman... his Daddy-cock is sliding in and out of a 13 year old love tunnel and is about to make her cunt a woman's cunt, a woman's twat."

"Oh Daddy. You're inside me all the way now Daddy.aren't I a woman now?"

"No baby, your cunt needs sperm inside it to make you a woman!"

"Then make me a woman Daddy, make me a woman. I want your sperm now!"

"Are you on the pill darling?"

"No, mom wouldn't let me Daddy. But I don't care Daddy. I make a baby for you too Daddy and then we can move away and have lots and lots of babies Daddy."

He groaned and cried out as he plunged his massive sperm sword into the hot wet flesh of his 13 year old daughter. His cock swelled another inch and he felt his balls harden and pulse. A massive surge of thick hot cream shot along his shaft and spurted like a cream hose into its 13 year old fertile incestuous receptacle, his daughter's fertile cunt. Spurt after spurt his sperm laden spunk gushed into his daughter, incestuous cream carrying millions of incestuous sperm.

"Oh baby baby, we're having a big juicy incest-fuck, we're having a big wet juicy forbidden incestuous daddy-daughter fuck. Daddy's cock is making a baby in you little darling. Big bad Daddy has his cock in his 13 year old daughter's cunt and is spurting lots of incestuous sperm into her. Do you like that baby?"

"I love it Daddy, I love it. Will you fuck my 12 year old girlfriend to?"

"Yes baby, I'll fuck her too."

"Good Daddy, she is waiting outside. You can come in now Rachel" she called out.

Rachel came in and climbed onto the bed naked. Her cunt was also hairy and her tits were leaking milk as a result of a reaction to the pill. The sight of DD lactating tits on a 12 year old was so erotic. Daddy reached over and sucked Rachel's generous supply of milk while continuing to sperm his daughter.

The 3 of them became lovers and moved out of state. Daddy gave them lots of babies. While he was at work during the day his daughter and Rachel would satisfy each other's rapacious sexual hunger. They loved emptying each other's milk laden tits and loved doing a 69er as much as getting Daddy's big cock up them. They were gloriously happy.



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