Chris felt something warm and wet slip over the head of his cock. He smiled even though he was still half asleep. He felt a familiar weight settle on his groin. The tight wetness began to slide around on his cock. His breathing quickened and his eyes opened into the early morning gloom of his bedroom.

"Mom," he said as he glanced at the clock on his nightstand, "what are you doing? It's like four in the morning."

His mother, Heather, braced her arms on either side of his broad shoulders. As she leaned over, the nipples of her generous breasts pressed onto his chest. She gave him a soft, sloppy kiss on the mouth. "Sorry, honey, I just couldn't sleep. I guess I can't get used to the idea of you going away to school."

Chris sighed; his mother would have had him shot if he had even hinted at not going to college. She had acted disappointed when he had chosen Western State University over more prestigious schools that would have been much farther from home. But for the last couple of days, she had been screwing his brains out as if she were trying to convince him to stay home.

"It's only a few hours drive to the school," he reminded her for the hundredth time.

Heather straightened up. She pushed her hair away from her face and rolled her hips back and forth on Chris' huge cock. "I know, but I'm going to miss you."

"What about Doctor Don?" asked Chris, "I thought you two were getting it on pretty well in the sex department?" Chris had to admit to himself that he was a bit jealous of the rich and handsome doctor that his mother had been dating lately.

Heather reached out and patted her son on his cheek. "Doctor Don and I are doing just fine thank you, but I like having you around. It's not all about the sex, you know. Not that the sex with you isn't mind- blowingly incredibly fantastic." Her eyes widened and a look of surprise filled her face as an orgasm shook her body. She could feel the involuntary contractions of her pussy ripple along the shaft of Chris' cock. After a minute she found her voice once more. "As to sex with Don," she continued. "He has this thick, eight inch cock that he thinks is God's gift to women. I believe he was disappointed that I didn't swoon the first time he pulled it out."

"Eight inches is way above average."

"I know, but it practically disappears beside yours." Heather's hips went into a rapid bouncing motion as she had another orgasm. When she slowed back to her regular fucking rhythm, she said, "I suppose it might put a dent in our relationship if I pointed out that my little boy's dick made his look like a nubbin."

Chris snorted; he was hardly a little boy. He stood over six feet tall with a sculpted body and more than his share of good looks. And right now he began to feel an unmistakable pressure in his groin. "Uh Mom," he said, "I really don't want to sleep on a wet spot."

"Hang on just a second," said Heather. She shuddered through another orgasm, and then slid off Chris' cock. It was growing even stiffer and larger as she grabbed his shaft with both hands and pried it upwards. She barely managed to slip her lips over the massive head before Chris was pouring load after load of creamy cum down her throat.

Chris managed a few more hours of sleep, and then he spent the balance of the next morning loading his Jeep Cherokee with his stuff for school. After lunch, he and Heather headed out to their cars for the trip to school. Heather was going to drive her Lexus and Chris was going to follow in his Jeep. They were about to climb into their vehicles when Chris said, "One more thing, I'll be right back." He ran back into the house and returned a minute later with an expensive fly rod that his Uncle Jack had given him for a high school graduation present. Chris carefully placed the rod where it wouldn't get crushed.

Heather crossed her arms under her breasts and said, "You're going to school to study you know. Not to be a fishing buddy to Uncle Jack."

Chris threw up his hands in surrender. His mom could go from sexy lover to demanding mother in the blink of an eye. "I know, I know," he said, "but I can't study all the time, besides there are too many good trout streams around the college to ignore."

Heather just shook her head and got into her car. Uncle Jack was actually her uncle and Chris' great uncle. She had given birth to Chris at the age of sixteen and with the help of her family, she had raised Chris. Her Uncle Jack had been determined that Chris wouldn't grow up to be 'some sort of sissy boy' as he had put it. Although Chris was a natural athlete, his uncle had taught him the basics of baseball, football and other sports. He and Chris had also spent a lot of time hunting and fishing together. Heather had always been secretly grateful that Chris had had such a strong male figure in his life.

Heather may have been reluctant to see her off to school, but she wasn't going to delay things by driving slowly. It wasn't long before they pulled into the parking lot next to Harmon Hall, Chris' dormitory. The dorm was six stories tall. The floors alternated between boys and girls although there were no restrictions about who could visit where. Chris' room was on the top floor, fortunately there were elevators available so he and Heather didn't have to lug his luggage up a bunch of stairs.

When he first opened the door to his room, Heather looked around and said, "Well, this is uh, sparse." The room held two single beds with a long, rectangular desk between them. There were built in closets with cabinets and drawers for the student's things. The outside wall had two large windows with blinds that could be lowered for privacy. It took nearly two hours for Chris and his mom to move in all his things and put them away. "You know," said Heather as she looked around the room, "we could get you a rug - a tan one - with a bit of forest green and then a couple of matching pictures, something with dogs or hunting scenes."

Chris looked at his mother as if she had grown another head on her shoulders. "Do you want my roommate to think I'm gay?" he asked in an exasperated voice. "The only things guys put on their dorm room walls are posters of nude women. And I don't mean tasteful line drawings either."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," said Heather. She started to comment on her son's lack of taste, but then she checked her watch instead. "Speaking of your roommate, I wonder where he is. I wanted to meet him, but I can't wait long. I have a late business appointment back home."

Chris shrugged, "I'll check my messages, maybe he's going to be late."

Chris pulled out his lap top computer and hooked it up. All students at Western were required to have a computer and they all had an account for e-mail and research. After a couple of minutes on his computer, Chris announced, "It looks like I'm not going to have a roommate. This e-mail from the housing director says that he's already dropped out."

Heather read the message over Chris' shoulder. "That's too bad, she said. "But that means you'll be able to spread out and use this other closet."

For a second, Chris thought his mother was going to rearrange his clothing to accommodate his sudden increase in storage space. But then she walked past the closets and locked the door to his room. She turned and gave him a sexy smile. "It also means that we'll have a few minutes alone before I have to go." She walked back and took a seat on the bed. Chris stood from the desk where he'd been sitting and when he faced his mother; she reached up and opened his pants. She pulled his pants and shorts down to his knees. Chris' half hard cock flopped over sideways and arced away from his groin.

"Poor baby isn't hard yet," said Heather. The tip of her tongue flicked out and licked the head of Chris' cock. She gave it little baby kisses and then softly ran her tongue and lips around and around the rapidly expanding flesh.

Chris clenched his fists. His face screwed up as if he were in great pain. It was maddening when his mother teased his cock like this. He could feel the blood pumping into his huge member in time with his pulse. In less than a minute, Heather had to lay her hand on top of his cock in order to keep it from growing away from the reach of her full lips.

Chris looked down. His upper body was in the shade of the window blinds, but his mother was bathed in the afternoon sun. The light glinted off the highlights in her hair and even in that harsh light Heather looked younger than her thirty-four years. "You're killing me, Mom," moaned Chris.

His mother just looked up and smiled at her son's sexual agony. She continued to lick and tease at his throbbing cock until a drop of clear pre-cum formed at the slit in Chris' cock-head. Heather licked it away and said, "I think you're charged up enough now."

Chris watched as she stretched her lips around the head of his cock. It was a tight fit, but once it was in there, Heather began to do wonderful things with her tongue. It was all Chris could do to keep his hips from bucking back and forth.

Heather could feel her son's cock begin to twitch. A minute later she could feel his cock-head growing even larger in her mouth. She grabbed his shaft with both hands to keep it still and pulled her head back a bit. She jammed the tip of her tongue into the slit at the end of his huge cock. She knew that would set him off. In a second, Chris was grunting and gasping out his orgasm. Heather could feel the pulses of cum travel the length of his cock and then erupt into her mouth. She sucked down the hot jets of creamy cum as she grazed the edges of her teeth across Chris' super sensitive cock-head. She was rewarded when he yelped and a shudder of pleasure shook his big frame.

"You were fantastic, Mom," said Chris as he packed away his fading penis.

"Yeah, I know," she said with a smile. She was in front of a mirror, putting a couple of stray hairs back into place and touching up her makeup. She picked up her purse and in a few minutes she and Chris were approaching her car in the dorm's parking lot.

In the distance Chris heard someone yell, "Yo, baby you can do me anytime."

Chris glanced up. He hadn't thought about it, but there was another dormitory about fifty yards away across the parking lot. It was the mirror image of his building, but it sat a bit higher because it sat on a slope. It took Chris only a second to realize that his mother had been sitting in full view of anyone on the top couple of floors of that dorm. More guys called out rude suggestions and Chris moved between his mother and the other dorm, hoping that she wouldn't make the same connection that he had.

But Heather was oblivious to the yells and taunts. Apparently, she expected college boys to act that way. She got into her car and lowered the window. When Chris leaned over and rested his arm on the door, she grabbed his arm and said, "You better e-mail or call me everyday or so or I'll be back up here and embarrass you in front of your classmates."

"Don't run off, baby," Chris heard from the other dorm. "I've got a big boner right here."

Chris coughed to drown out the words. He patted his mother's hand and said, "Don't worry, Mom. I certainly don't want you to do anything to draw attention."

Chris stayed busy for the following weeks. He made friends with the guys who lived on the same floor in his dorm. His schoolwork didn't seem much harder than what he had encountered in high school. He had been worried that his instructors might be arrogant and condescending, but they proved to be normal people who seemed to like their jobs.

However, there was one professor who was kind of an oddball. He taught Chris' history course. The guy looked like he had stepped out of the nineteen- seventies. He wore his long hair swept over his ears, and sported thick, dark rimmed glasses. He seemed to know his stuff though. He would come into class without a book or any sort of notes and immediately begin to lecture. He would walk about the front of room as he spoke. He rarely looked at his students, preferring to gaze out a window or up at the ceiling.

Chris usually sat at the back of the room for his history class. A freshman co-ed sat in the next aisle. Chris never knew her name. He just called her history- girl to himself. They always smiled and said hello to one another, but Chris didn't find her very attractive. When she spoke, she ended every sentence with a giggle. She had a pleasant face, but she was at least twenty pounds overweight. The weight wasn't in her butt though; she had really big boobs. She tended to wear tight tops that gathered her large breasts into one enormous bosom.

One day, a couple of weeks into the semester, Chris was sitting in that history class. The professor was droning on about some war or another. Chris had eaten a large lunch and now he was drowsy. He found it impossible to keep up with the lecture. Then he started to get an erection. He wasn't particularly horny; it was just one of those hormone induced things that happen to young men. He squirmed in his seat and surreptitiously adjusted the position of his huge cock so that it could expand easily before it could turn into a throbbing ache.

Chris glanced over to history-girl, and to his surprise she was staring hungrily at his crotch. She looked up and met Chris' eyes. "Let me take care of that for you," she whispered.

"Take care of what?" asked Chris, trying to ignore the bulge in the shorts he was wearing.

"That," said history-girl. She pointed at his crotch. Chris looked down and saw that the head of his dick was working its way out of the leg of his shorts.

"Don't worry, it'll go away," Chris said nervously. He looked around, hoping that no one else in the class had heard their exchange. But everyone had their attention on the professor and his attention was focused, as usual, on the ceiling. When Chris glanced back at history-girl she was actually pulling off her top. As Chris watched in amazement, she dropped her top on the floor, and then undid her industrial strength bra and casually laid it aside.

Chris had expected to see a couple of large, sagging tits that drooped to her stomach, but he was surprised. Her breasts had a long sort of torpedo shape, tipped with conical areola and nipples that must have been an inch long. "You shouldn't squash those fantastic breasts into such tight tops and bras," he whispered.

She giggled softly and said, "I've been saving them for you." She walked around her desk and knelt in front of Chris. In a second she had his cock out of his shorts. Chris looked around frantically, but no one was paying any attention. The professor droned on as he looked out the window, and the other students all had their eyes to the front of the room.

History-girl wrapped her fantastic tits around Chris' cock. Despite their size, her breasts felt remarkably light on his throbbing member. Her cool, dry skin merely tickled his cock, but it was enough to get the cum boiling in his balls. He glanced around the room once more and then decided the hell with it. He began to pump his aching cock between all that tit flesh at a frenzied pace. He shut his eyes and concentrated on getting his rocks off. "Tighter," he hissed at the girl, but she didn't respond. Chris' ass was practically bouncing off his chair when he came. A gush of cum flooded from the tip of his cock. It was followed by more and more of the creamy stuff. Chris could feel his hot cum coating her tits and flowing around his distended cock.

Chris opened his eyes. There was no history-girl in front of him though, just his darkened dorm room. He'd had a wet dream. "Oh shit," moaned Chris. The soft skin of his titty fuck was actually his bed sheets, and now they were soaked with cum. Chris sighed, the product of his wet dreams was nothing to ignore. He got out of bed and gathered up his messy sheets. A couple of shots from his cock had landed on his chest. He used his sheets to wipe the cum off before it could run down his leg and onto the floor. He cleaned even more of the creamy stuff off his cock. He'd cum like water shooting from a garden hose. As he stuffed the soiled linen into his laundry bag he muttered to himself, "I really need a date."

The following Friday, Chris finished his last class at three o'clock. He joined up with two of the guys from his dorm and they went to the gym for some basketball. They had to win games in order to stay on the court and thanks to Chris' abilities, their team played for nearly two solid hours. They beat every team they played. When they finally left the gym, Chris' shirt was sweat soaked and plastered to the chiseled muscles of his torso.

Chris entered the lobby of his dormitory. He was looking forward to a cool shower and then dinner. He thought that he might go to movie with some of his buddies later. Not exactly his ideal Friday night, but it would have to do. Chris waded through a sea of paper strewn in front of the dorm's mail boxes. There was a bank of post office like boxes for the dorm residents, and they were forever filled with junk mail. The students would just throw the unwanted paper on the floor. Chris shook his head in disgust. He was no neat- freak, but there was no point in making such a mess, especially when there was trash can nearby.

Chris decided to check his box. Despite the fact that his room was on the top floor of the dorm, his mailbox was next to the floor. He squatted and opened his box. He had received the same advertisements as everyone else. Chris wadded up the papers in his hand, and then he decided that at least he could clean up his little area. He began to gather up the strewn paper around his feet.

"It's a shame that people have to be so messy," Chris heard from his left. He turned his head and saw pair of feet in sandals. The feet had neatly trimmed nails that were painted a sort of pearl-pink color. As he began to stand, Chris saw a pair of slim but shapely legs, some navy hip-hugger shorts, a bare midriff, a light blue shirt with its tails tied under noticeable, but not really large breasts and finally a graceful neck topped by a pretty face with a warm and friendly smile.

"Yeah," said Chris, "I guess one person does it and then everyone figures it's OK."

"Let me help," said the girl. She bent at the waist and began to gather up a double handful of the papers. Chris got an unexpected view of a very shapely ass. Then she straightened up and swept her dark blonde hair back into place with a shake of her head. She had a double handful of paper.

"Trash can's over here," said Chris unnecessarily, since it was in plain sight. The two walked over and stuffed their trash in the container at the same time. Their hands were touching as they withdrew them and Chris seized the opportunity to turn the touch into a handshake. "Hi, I'm Chris," he said.

"Cameron," she said as she firmly shook his hand.

"Do you live in the dorm?" he asked. He hadn't seen her before and he was sure he would have remembered her.

"No, I was just visiting someone. But you must stay here."

"Yeah, I'm up on the top floor," he said.

There was a short, but awkward silence between them, and then Cameron said, "Listen, I'm going to be back here tonight. If you're not busy come by room three twelve around nine o'clock. I'll buy you a cup of coffee for being such a good citizen."

Chris doubted that many guys could resist her bright eyes and open smile and he certainly wasn't one of them. But he didn't want to seem too eager, so he shrugged and said, "OK, if I'm free, I might drop around."

"Cool, see you later then," she said as if she were ninety-nine percent sure that he would show up. They parted, and Chris went up to his room. He showered and then got together with a couple of guys for dinner. He turned down an invitation to go into town for a movie in anticipation of seeing Cameron again. She had seemed awfully sure of herself, but that was no reason for him not to see her.

An hour later, Chris stood in front of his closet, wondering what he should wear. He wanted to be casual, but not sloppy as if he didn't care about what he had on. And he really didn't have anything dressy, short of a suit. He hated first dates. He got just as nervous as the next guy. Maybe it wasn't a date though. Maybe it just a cup of coffee and then she'd be gone. She had to be an upperclassman, why would she be interested in him? If it had all been just some chance sexual encounter, then he wouldn't be nervous. He was confident that he could fuck any woman until she passed out from sheer pleasure. But this was a date, where he had to make small talk and his huge cock wouldn't be a topic of conversation, at least not early in the evening. Or maybe it wasn't a date, maybe just one very indifferent cup of coffee. Just stop it, he said to himself as unreasoning came full circle.

His attention returned to his closet. He sighed; of course it wasn't as if he had a huge selection of clothing to choose from. He settled on a clean pair of jeans and a loose fitting white knit shirt along with one of his newer pair of sneakers.

He made himself wait until it was nine o'clock, and then he made his way down the stairs to the third floor. The girl's floors certainly smelled better than guy's floors he told himself as he walked down the hallway. He could hear feminine voices as he neared room three twelve. The door was wide open so he tapped on the doorframe as the room came into view. The room was basically just like his own, except for some carpet on the floor and various decorative touches that women always seemed to need. He couldn't help but notice that the two single beds had been pushed together, side to side.

"Hi, come in," said Cameron. She was sitting on one of the wooden chairs that came with the room. There were two other girls with her and Cameron introduced them as he stepped into the room. "This is Kristen and Danni," she said, pointing to the girls in turn. Kristen had a hint of American Indian in her features. She had a slender face and body, high cheekbones, dark eyes and lustrous black hair that fell down her back. Danni, on the other hand was all curves with a full face and curly blonde hair.

"And this is Chris," finished Cameron. Everyone said hello to one another.

Cameron picked up a small notebook that she had been writing in and put it into her bag. "So those dates are OK?" she asked. The other girls agreed with her. Danni typed something into a computer, and Kristen checked off something in a day-planner. There was some more small talk as Cameron gathered up her things and stood.

"See you guys later," Cameron said as she took Chris' arm and headed for the door.

"Nice to meet you," said Chris.

"Come back anytime," said Danni as the couple went out the door. Chris looked back in time to see a sultry smile on her face.

They walked to the elevator and entered the car when it arrived. "Are Kristen and Danni roommates?" asked Chris as the elevator started down.

"No," Cameron answered," that's Danni's room; she lives alone. Kristen and I live out at WSUGU - she pronounced it 'wes-goo'.

"WSUGU?" asked Chris.

"It stands for Western State University Girls Union. It's sort of a sorority, but the University doesn't recognize it. We have a house a couple of miles out on highway sixteen. Danni wants to join WSUGU, so Kristen and I are sort of interviewing her, seeing what she's like - that kind of thing."

They walked out of the elevator and Cameron suddenly barked with laughter. She turned and slapped Chris on the arm as she continued to laugh loudly.

"What?" said Chris as he rubbed at the stinging patch of skin on his arm.

"The way she's got those beds pushed together, and you asked if they were roommates."

Chris blushed. "I didn't mean it that way," he protested.

Cameron just laughed again. "That's a hoot," she said. "I can't wait until I tell those two."

Chris and Cameron strolled to the student union. Cameron picked the quieter of the union's two coffee shops, and the couple settled into a booth with two oversized lattes. Chris took a sip from his cup and said, "At the risk of asking the obvious, what's your major?"

Cameron smiled and said, "I'm taking dramatic arts, theater and public communication."

"Going to be an actress?"

She shrugged, "Actress, producer, director - something in there, how about you?"

Now it was Chris' turn to shrug. "I'm not sure," he said, "maybe business or teaching. I haven't decided." Chris winced inwardly. He had just branded himself as a freshman, wandering around, lost in the desert of his indecision. But Cameron didn't seem to notice. They talked for over an hour. Chris was surprised at how much they had in common.

After a trip to the restroom to get rid of all that coffee, Chris and Cameron headed back to his dorm. "I'm parked over here," she said, pointing to a corner of the parking lot. They walked over and she stopped next to a large and new looking Mercedes.

"Nice car," said Chris, a bit of awe in his voice.

"Thanks, it's a bit much," said Cameron. "But I was kind of reckless when I started driving. I totaled a couple of cars so my dad bought this thing." Her voice deepened and got rougher. "Young lady, you are going to drive this tank or walk. I know damn good and well that your mother would somehow blame me if you got killed in a car wreck."

Chris chuckled. "My old Jeep's not far from here," he said, looking over his shoulder. "Try not to run over it as you leave."

"OK, I promise," she said as she touched his arm with her fingertips. "I really enjoyed our little date," she said in a quiet voice.

"Me too," said Chris. So it really was a date, he thought. And looking at her upturned face, he figured this would be the goodnight kiss. He tilted his head and gave her gentle but firm buss on the lips.

Cameron kissed him back. Her soft lips had a direct effect on Chris' cock. It began to uncoil in his pants. She's a terrific kisser, he thought. As if on cue, their mouths opened and their tongues got involved. Chris placed his hands on her waist and Cameron slid her hands up his chest and around his neck.

Their kiss became wetter and deeper. Chris pulled her closer and Cameron's breasts flattened on his chest. She ran her fingers through his hair and shoved her tongue even farther into his mouth. Chris could feel his cock swell inside his jeans. He couldn't help himself; he began to make little fucking motions with his hips against Cameron's waist.

She pulled her lips away from their frantic kisses and said, "My god, Chris, is that all you down there?" She moved her hand between their bodies and rubbed it the length of his erection.

Chris grinned at her. "Why don't you pull it out and see?"

Cameron couldn't resist that dare. She looked around. Judging from all of the light and noise coming from the two surrounding dormitories, there were plenty of people around, but it was unlikely that anyone could see them in this unlit portion of the parking lot. She struggled to get Chris' jeans and shorts down, but then his rigid cock sprang up between their bodies.

"Oh shit, it's just fucking huge," she said breathlessly. She had one hand over her gaping mouth, while her other hand reached out and tentatively stroked his dark red cock head.

Chris took her hand and slid it to the sensitive skin just behind the flaring head. Cameron massaged his cock as best she could. There was no way that she was going to be able to encircle all of that throbbing flesh with her fingers.

But whatever she was doing agreed with Chris. "Oh yeah, that's it," he moaned. Cameron pulled his lips to hers and resumed their erotic kiss. Her tongue moved around in Chris' mouth in time with the movements of her hand job.

Outside of having a hot, wet pussy wrapped around his cock, Chris had never felt anything so good as Cameron's fevered fingers milking the cum out of his cock. In fact, he was already feeling the first twinges of a massive orgasm build up. "I'm going to cum," he gasped. He grabbed the base of his cock and pushed it into Cameron's palm.

His cock twitched and a bubble of cum appeared out of its piss slit. It fell to the ground with a splat leaving a long string of the gooey stuff hanging from the tip of his dick. Another big glob of thick cum formed on the end his cock, and then fell to the ground. Even in the low light of the parking lot, Cameron could see the little puddle of sperm lying on the ground. "Nice, load of cum," she murmured in Chris' ear. Her hand slowed its movement on his still rock hard cock.

"Don't stop," Chris hissed through clenched teeth. His hips shot forward and a long rope of cum leapt from his cock and landed with a long splat on the pavement.

Cameron watched in amazement as load after load of cum flew out of Chris' huge cock. There must have been six or eight full jets of the creamy stuff, and then even more as his orgasm lost its intensity. Finally, she watched as a last glop fell off the end his dick onto the ground. She looked down. At her feet was more cum than three guys could have made, and a few steps away was an unbelievable amount. "That's just awesome," she whispered.

Chris packed away his cock. He gave Cameron a long, soft kiss and said, "Thanks, that was wonderful." He glanced at the invitingly large back seat of the Mercedes. "I would be glad to return the favor."

Now it was Cameron's turn to give a long soft kiss. She smiled at him and said, "Give into my feminine side, let's wait until we can find someplace more romantic."

"OK," he reluctantly agreed. A minute later they had exchanged phone numbers, and Cameron was waving 'bye to him as she drove away.

It was Monday before they got together on the phone. "Chris, I'm sorry," said Cameron when they began to discuss another date, "but I have a theater group that meets every night this week."

"Well, I have intramural basketball three nights this week," said Chris. "I promised the guys that I would play."

"I guess that rules out most of the week, but what are you doing Saturday?" she asked; her voice sounding perkier.

"I hadn't really planned anything."

'Let's have a picnic. You pick out someplace nice, and I'll bring the food," she said with enthusiasm.

"Sure, why not?" said Chris.

"Good," said Cameron, "I'll call you Saturday morning and we'll settle the details."

On Wednesday, Chris went to one of the school's cafeterias for lunch. The fare wasn't great, but it was cheap and it came in large portions, two things dear to the heart of any college student. He was walking through the cafeteria with his tray of food, when he heard someone calling his name. He looked around and saw Kristen and Danni motioning him over to their table.

They were sitting side by side at a round table that could have held at least eight diners.

As Chris approached, Kristen slid over. She patted the table between her and Danni, and said, "Come sit here."

"Hi," said Chris, as he shoehorned himself between the two girls.

"Cameron dragged you away before we could talk the other night," said Danni. "Now we want to hear all about you."

"Well," began Chris, and between bites of food he gave them a brief synopsis of his life. "Now where are you guys from?" he asked politely.

"What sports did you play in high school?" asked Kristen as if she hadn't heard him. And his lunch went pretty much like that. It was more like an interview than a conversation, although there were two points of interest about the girls that intrigued Chris. At one point Danni placed her hand on his thigh to emphasize some idea or another, and she just left it there. And Kristen had left him so little room to sit, that they were touching practically from shoulder to toes.

After almost an hour of chit-chat Chris managed to finish his meal. "Are you going back to the dorm?" asked Danni.

"Yeah," answered Chris, "I don't have another class until three today."

"Good, we'll walk with you," said Danni as she gathered up her bag.

Shortly, the three of them were in the dormitory's elevator. When it stopped on the third floor Danni said, "Why don't you come down to my room, Kristen and I have something to show you."

"OK," said Chris.

Danni unlocked the door to her room and Chris followed her inside. He heard Kristen lock the door behind her as she came in. The blinds over the windows were closed, that combined with a cloudy day, made the room fairly dim. But Chris could clearly see that Danni was pulling off her blouse.

"We thought that you might like to have a little afternoon fun," she said as she unbuttoned her skirt and let it drop to the floor.

"Uh, yeah," Chris said hesitantly, "I guess we could do that."

Kristen walked past Chris and began to strip off her clothing. Unlike Danni, she neatly placed each piece on a chair. Kristen reminded Chris of a fashion model, tall and slender. She retained her bra. It was black lace and pushed her breasts up and in so that there was a provocative bulge of breast above each cup.

There was nothing subtle about Danni, though. She was completely naked, her legs spread wide, one hand fondling a breast, the other hand rubbing at the skin above her clit.

The girls approached Chris. "Let us help you out of those clothes," said Danni with a giggle. She went to work on his pants while Kristen undid the buttons of his shirt. When they had him down to his briefs, Danni stared at the pulsing bulge in Chris' underwear. "Oh shit," breathed Danni as she watched the head of his cock emerged from the elastic band of his underwear and began to climb toward the rigid muscles of his abs.

"Damn, what a big fucker," said Danni. She grabbed Chris' cock with both hands and pulled him to the bed.

The trio fell onto the improvised double bed. Kristen snuggled against his side. Her fingers traced the hard muscles of his chest and tummy while her tongue dove into his mouth. Danni lavished her attention on his stiff cock. She laved her tongue up one side and down the other, and then she held his dick in both hands while she kissed and swirled her tongue around its bulging head.

While Danni swirled her tongue around his, Chris held her slender form in his arms. He ran his fingers through her fragrant hair, locking their feverish lips together. He moved one hand down her back and caressed her butt until her hips were softly bucking against his side. Chris slid a finger into her wet pussy and began to fuck her with it just like his tongue was fucking her mouth.

In a couple of minutes, Kristen broke off their kiss. She grabbed him with both arms and buried her face against his neck. She mewled softly as her body shuddered in orgasm.

As Kristen continued to cum on his pounding finger, Chris was able to watch Danni make out with his cock. She would lick and kiss it and then and then slip her lips half way over the head and French the slit with her tongue. When Chris caught her eye, she said, "I think this thing just keeps getting bigger and harder. I better get it in my pussy while I still can." Having said that, she awkwardly straddled both Chris' and Kristen's clinging bodies and forced his cock head past her pussy lips. She hunched her pussy up and down as she arched her back and held onto her bouncing tits, rubbing her nipples between her fingers.

Kristen's orgasms slowed to a stop, but she wasn't through with Chris yet. Her hand groped at the muscles of his broad chest as she ran her tongue around the shell of his ear and whispered, "Fuck me, don't cum inside her. I want your big dick in my pussy too."

Chris gave her a reassuring smile, and then he began to shag his hips double time into Danni's tight cunt. Her eyes opened wide and she began to moan in time to his deep thrusts. "Oh, oh,oh shit yeah, baby. Do it like that."

Chris felt her pussy contact on his cock. She came three times before Chris rose up and gave her a hard kiss on the mouth as he pulled her off his cock and sat her to one side.

Kristen wasted no time; she was already flat on her back, legs bent at the knee and open wide as Chris turned his attention her way. Precum drooled steadily from his cock as he positioned himself between her legs. He had to force his rock hard dick down into place at her engorged pussy lips. He pushed and to his surprise eight inches of wide cock slid easily into her slick hole. "I believe you were ready for me," said Chris with a grin.

Kristen could only moan as Chris began to pound her with pile-driving thrusts of his hips. Her pussy muscles milked at his cock, and Chris could tell that she was cumming constantly. He turned to look at Danni, and saw that her eyes were locked on the sight of his huge dick as it plunged into and withdrew from Kristen's pussy. Danni had two fingers sawing in and out of her own pussy. Her hand made a steady slapping noise as it hit her crotch.

Chris knew that he couldn't delay his own pleasure any longer. "Watch this," he said breathlessly to Danni. Then two more thrusts and he was cumming. The first blast of his cum managed to stay in Kristen's pussy, but she had a vise like grip on his cock, and the next batch of cock cream squirted out and coated Chris' balls.

Danni had moved to his side. She put one hand on his shoulder and moved her other hand to catch the overflowing cum as it shot from Kristen's pussy lips. "It's a sperm fountain," she giggled. She took a handful of the milky stuff and coated the base of Chris' cock, and then she gathered up some more and massaged it into the quivering muscles of Kristen's thighs.


It was almost ten before Chris awoke on Saturday morning. He had played basketball and worked out late into the previous night. This morning though, his thoughts went immediately to Cameron. He rolled onto his stomach, trapping his morning erection under his stomach, and moaned into his pillow. He could only hope that neither Danni, nor Kristen had talked to her about their little get together with Chris on Wednesday. Men might not confide in one another about their sex lives, unless they were braggarts, that is. But Chris was under no illusion about how women treated the subject. He knew that they were capable of going into great detail with one another, probably with multicolor charts and graphs.

Oh well, he thought, they had either talked or they hadn't. Cameron would either be pissed or she wouldn't. She would either call or she wouldn't.

He arose and showered, had a quick breakfast and reentered his room before noon. His eyes went immediately to his phone, but there were no messages. He almost jumped when the instrument began its electronic ringing.

Chris cleared his throat, waited through two more rings, and then picked it up. "Hello," he said.

"Chris?" said a female voice on the other end of the connection.

He frowned, it wasn't Cameron's voice; it sounded more like Kristen and she seemed upset. "Kristen, what's the matter?"

"Is Cameron with you?" she asked.

"No, I haven't seen or heard from her since the first of the week. Why?"

"Chris, something's happened. Can you come out to WSUGU?"

"What's wrong, has something happened to Cameron?" he asked, sounding as concerned as he felt. "Or to you?" he added hastily.

"I have to show you something, please come over."

"OK," said Chris. "Give me directions."

A mile outside the campus of Western State on highway sixteen a person would never think that there was a university near by. The two lane road ran by middle to lower class homes, house trailers and small farms. Chris made a turn onto an even narrower rural road and in less than a mile he came to WSUGU. It was in an L shaped building that looked more like a recently built motel than anything else. He pulled into the parking lot and walked up to the building's portico.

There was one of those electronic locks on the door and a doorbell button next to the lock. But before Chris could ring the bell, the door opened and Kristen was standing there. "Come on in," she said. The door opened into to a large common room. There were several sofas and chairs as well as a large screen TV in one corner. A half-dozen leotard clad young woman had their attention on the television screen as they followed the lead of an instructor and changed from one yoga pose to another.

Kristen led him down a hallway that had rooms on one side and windows on the other. Looking out the windows, Chris could see a swimming pool - that was covered for the fall and winter- as well as a couple of picnic tables and a volley ball net.

"This is mine," said Kristen as they turned and entered a room. Even Chris could appreciate how nice the space was decorated. It was all done in burgundy and muted shades of red. There was a desk along one wall that held a computer and neatly placed books and papers.

She picked up a CD that lay on the desk and said in a shaky voice. "Someone shoved this under my door in the middle of the night."

Chris took the disk and examined it. Somebody had used a marker to print, 'PLAY ME NOW!' on its surface. "What's on it?" he asked.

Kristen retrieved the disk form his hand and popped it into her computer. In a few seconds she had it playing. Danni's face appeared on the screen; she was grinning mischievously. "Hi Kristen and whoever else is watching. Perhaps you may have noticed that your buddy, Cameron, is missing. Well, don't worry, she's right here."

Danni stepped back and the view shifted so that Danni and Cameron were now in the frame. Only Cameron wasn't up and walking around like Danni. She was seated on a cheap plastic chair with duct tape over her mouth and more tape wrapped around her torso pinning her arms to her sides. The tough, silver tape had her ankles bound together also. Her eyes were wide with fright. She alternated between staring first at the camera and then Danni.

"Oh shit," murmured Chris.

"It gets a lot worse," said Kristen.

"We have kidnapped little miss rich-bitch," said Danni, "and of course we're holding her for ransom." She swept her hand from one side of her body to the other and two long strings of numbers appeared on the screen. "Here is the international code for an offshore bank and an account number in that bank. You have seventy-two hours from midnight Friday to get five million dollars into that account.

"Kristen, I know that sounds like a lot of money, but believe me, it's just pocket change for her parents." Danni folded her arms on her chest and continued. "So, how do we expect to get away with this?" She made a come here gesture with one hand. "Come on out John."

A man appeared, apparently from behind the camera. He took a hands-on-hips stance between Danni and Cameron. He was dressed in baggy, black clothing from head to toe, including a ski-mask, gloves and dark glasses. "This is John," said Danni, gesturing at the man. "He is a stone cold, highly efficient contract killer. He'll be in charge of Cameron. He's already been well paid and he knows that he'll be even better paid when the ransom comes in.

"Of course, if the ransom isn't paid then he kills Cameron. If he doesn't hear from me on a regular basis, then he kills Cameron. Even if the ransom is paid, and I get arrested a decade later, then he tracks down Cameron and kills her." She smiled sweetly into the camera. "And that's how we expect to get away with it."

At that point Cameron began to jerk back and forth in her chair. The thin plastic legs on the chair made a horrible screeching noise as they scratched on the floor, and she chimed in with her own muffled screams. John turned and drew back his arm. He obscured Cameron from the camera's view, but then John's hand came down and a there was a loud thud as his gloved hand slapped her face.

"Son of a bitch," growled Chris.

John calmly resumed his position, and as he moved away from Cameron, her head lolled to one side and trickle of blood came from her nose.

Danni had taken in the little episode with equanimity. She looked into the camera and said, "OK Kristen, get on the move or she's dead on midnight Monday." Danni walked toward the camera and in a second the screen was blank.

Chris and Kristen sat in silence for a few seconds, and then Chris said, "It's some kind of a joke, or a prank that you girls play on one another."

Kristen looked at him with a blank stare, and then slowly shook her head. "No, Danni wasn't buddies enough with Cameron, or anyone else at WSUGU, to do something like this. She was on her way out. It was pretty obvious that the girls weren't going to vote to admit her. Look, Cameron went to her theatre group last night and never came back. Danni or that John guy probably snatched her then."

"And you weren't worried when she didn't come home?" asked Chris.

Kristen stiffly stood up. "Hell, I'm not her mother. I didn't wait up for her, and maybe you're not going to take this seriously, but I have to."

"OK, OK," said Chris as he raised his hands in surrender, "agreed that this kidnapping is real and that we have to do something. Have you called her parents? Do they really have that kind of money?"

Kristen took a deep breath and seemed to calm down. "Yeah, Danni, or whoever she really is, is right. Five million dollars is pocket change to her parents, but her timing stinks. Cameron said the other day that her parents were on their annual wilderness trip. I called her home and talked to the housekeeper; even when I told her that it was an emergency, she said it might take several days to contact her parents."

Chris ran his fingers through his hair in frustration, "So where does that leave us? Is there an aunt or uncle or someone else that we can call?"

"I don't know, but I've already called the FBI," said Kristen.

Chris frowned. "Was that wise? It might panic the kidnappers."

"I didn't know what else to do," she snapped. "The agent I spoke to said that she would be inconspicuous." Kristen checked her watch. "She ought to be here by now."

"OK," said Chris with a sigh. "Let's look at the CD again, maybe there's something in there that might help."

Kristen made a move toward her computer, but before she could do anything, her phone rang. She had a terse conversation and then hung up. "That was the FBI agent calling from her car; she'll be here in a second. Let's go let her in."

Chris followed Kristen back down the hallway to the living room. The yoga girls had moved on, apparently they weren't interested in the info-commercial for breast enhancement cream that was playing on the TV.

As Chris watched out of the room's picture window, a red Corvette convertible, with its top down, pulled into the parking lot. When the car stopped, the door opened and a woman got out. She was tall, with dark hair that was tied in a ponytail. She was wearing a dark green tee shirt that stretched across her breasts and left most of her tummy bare. A pair of well fitted jeans and casual shoes finished off her ensemble. It was hard to tell her age; she was wearing a cap low on her brow and sunglasses too. She grabbed a bag off the passenger seat and headed to the door.

"Kristen?" the woman asked as Kristen opened the door for her.

"Yes," said Kristen.

A leather wallet appeared in the woman's hand. She flipped it open to reveal her credentials. "I'm Special Agent Patricia Weaver of the FBI." She moved her glasses to the sit on the bill of her cap, revealing dark eyes and high cheek bones that gave a faintly oriental cast to her features.

Kristen introduced Chris and the three of them made their way to her room. Agent Weaver watched the disc and then went through her version of the 'are you sure this isn't a joke' questions. When she was convinced that the situation wasn't a college prank, Weaver got on her phone and made an impressive number of calls to Western's security office as well as the local sheriff and her own office.

"Let's take a look at Cameron's room," said Weaver, when she finally pocketed her phone.

Kristen led the way down the hall and into Cameron's room. They passed a couple of girls along the way who spoke to Kristen, but they didn't seem very interested in the two strangers in their midst.

"Don't touch anything," said Weaver when they entered Cameron's room. Chris was strangely comforted to see that Cameron's room wasn't neat as a pin. Her book bag lay in the middle of the floor and bits of clothing lay strewn on her unmade bed and chairs. Her desk was a jumble of books and papers.

Weaver looked about for a minute before she announced, "I don't think we're going to find anything helpful here, but I'm going to have a forensics team come out anyway." She pulled out her phone and began to issue orders once more.

"She's done everything but call out the Marines," Chris whispered to Kristen.

"No Marines, but I have taken charge of a couple of National Guard units before," said Weaver as she put away her phone. She looked thoughtfully at Chris and Kristen for a second and said, "Kristen, I need you wait on the forensics team. They'll probably show up in a van or truck and look like contractors come out to fix something. Chris, why don't you and I go back to campus and look at Danni's room?"

"Sure," said Chris. "anything to help."

They walked outside into the parking lot. Agent Weaver pointed at Chris' Jeep and asked, "Is that yours?"

"Yeah," said Chris. "How did you know?"

She grinned at Chris and said, "For one thing it's parked in a visitor's slot, and for another, it hardly looks like a chick-car."

Chris looked at his muddy old Jeep and then at the rest of the cars in sight. They were mostly compact to mid- sized sedans with a sprinkling of sporty cars and small SUV's. "I guess your right," he said with a shrug as they entered the Corvette. Chris looked around at the car's leather interior and bright red paint and said, "Speaking of cars agent Weaver, I'm wondering about the FBI's concept of an inconspicuous car."

She laughed. "You can call me Pat. We confiscated this car from an organized crime felon. It doesn't get out of the garage very often. What's the matter? Don't I look like a co-ed showing off her pretty car and hot boyfriend on a Saturday drive?"

Chris smiled in reply. He had to admit that she could easily pass as a student.

After flashing her badge at the dormitory's supervisor, Pat obtained a pass key and then she and Chris made their way to Danni's third floor room. She had Chris stand back as they neared the door. He observed that her hand hovered above the open bag that hung from her shoulder. He assumed that she was ready to grab her gun if it was needed.

In the end though, she didn't need any weapons or even the pass key. The door was standing open, and after she disappeared for a second, Pat peeked from around the door frame and motioned him forward. When Chris entered the room he saw that it had been stripped bare except for the university's furniture. Pat was already on her phone as he came through the door.

"Well, we couldn't expect to find her here anyway," she said into the phone. "What have you got for me?" The call continued for a couple of minutes, mostly Pat just listened. When she put the phone away, she turned to Chris and said, "We've already identified Danni. Her name is Danielle Stevens. Apparently she's been in and out of minor trouble since her early teens. It looks like she's hooked into the big time now."

"Really?" said Chris. "I mean she didn't seem smart enough to me to do something like this."

Pat gave him a little smirk. "Ordinarily, I'd say something about men underestimating a woman with blonde hair and big boobs, but I think you're right. She's probably fronting for someone else, maybe this John character, maybe a whole gang."

Suddenly Pat took a step toward Chris. With the tips of her breasts about an inch from Chris' chest, she looked up into his eyes and said, "You know, the FBI is very good at catching kidnappers. If there is a gang, then the first one we arrest has a chance to make a deal, to practically walk away if the hostage is returned unharmed and the other bad guys get put away."

Chris didn't back away from her implied accusation, from the harsh look on her face or from the rest of her body for that matter. In fact it was kind of nice to stare into those dark eyes and to inhale her fragrance. "Look," he said, "I barely know any of those girls, especially Danni, but I was hoping to get to know Cameron much better."

Pat leaned forward until her breasts began to spread across Chris' chest. She rested a hand lightly on his shoulder. "Are you saying that you didn't know how rich her family is?"

"I knew that she had a car that's probably worth more than my mother's house, but not that she's worth billions or whatever."

Pat's hand moved to the back of Chris' neck. She pulled his head down and then they were kissing. Their lips were firmly planted together and in a few seconds their tongues were sliding around one another. Pat managed to rub her tits, hands and most of the rest of her body on Chris' muscular frame.

When they came up for air Chris said softly, "That's some interrogation technique you have there."

Pat gave him a sexy smile. "You'd be surprised at how many men can't get it up because they feel guilty." Her hand groped at Chris' groin. "Damn, from the feel of this, I'd have to say that you're about the most guilt free man I've ever met."

Chris could feel his dick growing rapidly. Pat's upturned face was inviting another kiss and so he obliged her. Her full lips were warm and he could feel her breath coming faster and faster. All the pent up sexual energy he had been saving for Cameron was about to find its release. But then her words about guilt and his thoughts of Cameron made him pull back. "Look, we shouldn't be making out while Cameron's still in trouble," he said with his lips brushing against hers.

Pat ran her hand along his cheek and said, "You're sweet, but I've put a couple of hundred law enforcement people on the move. Right now the best thing that we can do is let them do their work."

With both arms full of willing, beautiful female, Chris didn't need any further encouragement. He locked his mouth back onto hers and let his hands roam freely. They found their way under her shirt and then he was cupping and caressing her breasts through her bra. With one deft move, he unsnapped her bra and brushed the cups away from her soft flesh.

Pat moaned as he tweaked her nipples and in a second she had her arms in the air and Chris was stripping off her top and loose bra. He gazed at her full breasts. In fact, thought Chris, they might be a bit too full. He was almost sure that she had implants. Not that it really mattered. They were hardly the porn-sized balloon implants. In fact, her tits looked fantastic and his cock felt as if it had just grown another inch in agreement.

Pat was busily stripping off the rest of her clothes, and Chris followed her example. "Wow," was all that Pat said when she saw his cock swing into view. She jacked both hands up and down the length of his shaft as they resumed their wet, frantic kisses.

Chris swept Pat up in his muscular arms and laid her on the bare mattress of one of the room's beds. He lay down beside her and traced his fingers along the inside of her thigh. Her legs opened invitingly and Chris slid a finger into her wet pussy. He began to finger fuck her as his mouth made its way down her neck to her breasts. "Oh yes, baby," cooed Pat as he sucked and ran his tongue over her nipples.

Chris had her hips rolling and shifting about before he moved his lips and tongue to her clit. He teased her slowly with a finger massaging her g-spot until her legs were locked around his torso, urging him closer. "Please make me cum.please, Chris," she moaned.

Chris felt a fresh surge of sexual energy run through his cock. He had this beautiful, take charge woman, practically foaming at the mouth for him and it gave him a heady feeling of power. He reached down and gathered up a palm full of pre-cum from the stream of that was oozing from his cock. He slathered it on his bulging cock head and down the first eight or ten inches of rigid shaft. Then he returned his attention to Pat. He carefully brought her back to the edge of orgasm, and then he drew himself up and plunged his huge member into her sloppy wet pussy.

"OH FUCK!" screamed Pat as she went into a convulsive orgasm. She thrashed about on Chris' heaving cock. Her breath came in great sobs and then her back arched until Chris was practically fucking her pussy straight up in the air. Slowly, her body relaxed back onto the bed. Her eyes had rolled back in her head and there was a blush that ran from between her tits all the way up her face. Every few seconds a shiver ran through her body as if she had a chill, but Chris knew that she was all right. In fact, she was better than just all right; she was in a state of perpetual orgasm.

He grinned and felt a swell of pride. In the back of his mind he knew that a few women could achieve this state of continual sexual bliss and that it was mostly their own doing. But he couldn't help running a fantasy through his mind where he had ruined her for any another man. That she would search in vain for someone who could please her like he was now. He saw her alone in her bed, her pussy stretched by some massive, gyrating, vibrating dildo as she moaned out his name and sought some fraction of the pleasure that she was experiencing right this minute.

Yeah, sure pal, thought Chris sarcastically. I'm sure that's going to happen, he told himself as he came back to the present. He could feel the pressure building up in his cock, and he knew that his own orgasm wasn't going to be anything prolonged. It was going to be an explosion and it was happening now. His hips practically blurred in motion as he shot string after string of creamy, thick cum into Pat's grasping pussy.

It was several minutes before either of them could move from their lethargic post orgasmic state, but then Pat rallied quickly. She gave him a peck on the cheek and said, "That was fantastic, babe." And then she was off the bed, using tissues from her bag to clean away the messy aftermath of their sex. She had just put on her bra and panties when her never quiescent cell phone began to chirp.

"Oh really," she said into the phone, "well I'm finished here." She gave Chris a wink. "I can check that out right now. Why don't you have the deputy meet me, I don't think that my car could make it down that road as you describe it."

She listened for a few more seconds and then said goodbye.

Chris gazed at Pat. She looked sexy as hell with her full breasts bulging above her bra. She had her legs spread wide and one hand on her hip as she spoke. Despite their recent furious fuck, Chris felt his cock begin to stir. He hopped out of bed and began to put on his clothes. He really would be feeling guilty about Cameron if he tried for round two with agent Weaver.

"That was my office," said Pat as she donned the rest of her clothing. "We got a license number and description of Danni's car from the University's police, and gave it to the local sheriff's office. It seems that one of the sheriff's deputies had gone fishing last week at some place called Panther Creek. Anyway, there are some rental cabins on the road there and he was checking them out as he drove by, sometimes they have trouble with break-ins. This deputy thinks that he remembers a car that fits the description of Danni's car as sitting at one of the rental cabins."

"That seems pretty unlikely, doesn't it?" asked Chris. "I mean that they would still be so close."

"Probably, but I have to check it out," said Pat. "Come on, I'll drive you back to the girls' place so you can get your car, then I'm going to meet that deputy."

They were half way back to WSUGU when Pat's phone went off yet again. She answered and had a short conversation, at one point looking at Chris. "Maybe I can handle it another way," she said and hung up.

"Now what?" he asked.

"There's been a shooting somewhere in the county. Some red neck is holding his wife at gun point, and every available officer and deputy is headed there. I won't have anyone to take me to that cabin. They say the road is muddy and washed out along that creek. Now I wish that I hadn't driven the Corvette."

"We can take my Jeep," volunteered Chris.

"Yeah, I thought of that," said Pat. "And even though this cabin will probably turn out to be as empty as Danni's room, I can't ask you to do more."

"I don't mind," Chris said, "at least I'll feel like I've contributed something."

After driving in silence for a mile, Pat said, "OK, we'll take your Jeep. I doubt that we'll find anything, but these leads have to be checked."

In the parking lot back at WSUG, they transferred to Chris' Jeep and headed out. They rode back to highway sixteen and turned away from the university. After a few miles they came to an intersection with a convenience store situated in one corner. "Turn here," said Pat, "that's where I was supposed to meet the deputy."

Chris turned and in a couple of miles he turned again at a sign that read 'Panther Creek rd'. It was a gravel tract that wound steeply down hill until it flattened out next to a creek. The road did become a bit rutted, and Chris figured that a low slung car like the Corvette would have trouble driving in there. They rounded a curve and Pat pointed across a weedy field to a cabin that was set back from the road. "That's the place," she said.

As they approached, they could see a black Ford Expedition SUV half hidden behind the cabin. "Well there's someone there," said Pat. "Why don't you stop in front of the place and kill the engine. We'll get out and make it look like we've got car trouble."

"OK," agreed Chris. He stopped on the edge of the road near the cabin. It was situated about twenty yards away up rise. He got out of the Jeep and opened the hood and the pretended to jiggle wires and such as he tried to catch glimpses of the house.

Pat stood back, sunglasses on, bag over her shoulder, arms crossed under breasts, looking very much like an impatient and highly unamused girlfriend. After a minute she said, "Well, I can't tell anything from here. Let's go up to the cabin and ask if we can use the phone."

"Right," said Chris as he stepped back and brushed his hands together to knock off the engine grime. They walked up the gavel drive to the cabin. It was set into the side of a hill, and they had to mount a flight of steps to reach a porch that ran all along the front of the cabin. There were a half dozen rocking chairs on the porch, and Chris could just imagine relaxing in one of those rockers as night fell after a long day of fly fishing. That would be much nicer than the nervous anticipation and slightly numb feeling that he had at the moment.

As they reached the back of the porch, he took a deep breath, opened a screen door and rapped loudly on the wooden inner door. Belatedly, Chris realized that he should have let Pat take the lead. When he glanced back, he could see that she had her right hand was resting on her bag that was slung over her shoulder, and her left hand was lifting her sunglasses to the bill of her cap. She gave him a quick, encouraging smile, and then Chris heard heavy footsteps beyond the door.

The door opened a few inches to the length of a safety chain. Part of a face, including one icy blue eye appeared in the crack between the door and its frame. The lone eye looked Chris over and then a man's voice said, "Yeah?"

"Hi, could.uh.we use your phone? Our car broke down - right down there on the road," he said, jerking a thumb over his shoulder.

"No fucking phone, it's a fucking rustic cabin," the man said as if that should be obvious to anyone.

"Oh," was all that Chris could manage to say. At a loss, he was about to turn to Pat when there was a muffled cry, a crashing noise and a heavy thump from the rear of the cabin. The man at the door looked startled. He slammed the door shut and then Chris heard his footsteps as the man ran.

"Break it down, break it down," Pat said frantically.

Chris tried the knob and tried to shove the door open but it was stopped short by the safety chain. He took a half step back and then threw his weight at the door, slamming his palms against the edge opposite the chain. There was the sound of splintering wood and the door crashed open. Chris' momentum sent him stumbling into the room. The cabin may have looked rustic on the outside, but in the interior the floors were a gleaming, polished hardwood. Chris' foot hit a throw rug and as he fought for his balance the rug was scrunched into a lump behind him.

Most any one else would have fallen flat on their face, but after going half way to the floor Chris managed to regain his balance. He straightened up just in time to see the man enter the room. But he wasn't alone; he was dragging Cameron with him. She was still bound in tape and struggling futilely in the man's grasp. Chris realized that this must have been the man that Danni had called John on the compact disc.

John came up short when he saw Chris. He had one beefy arm crushing Cameron's breasts as he held her fast to his chest. In his other hand, he was holding a heavy kitchen knife to her throat. The triangular blade of the knife must have been razor sharp. There was a thin line of blood where the blade pressed into her flesh.

"Federal Agent, drop the knife or I'll fire," Pat said in a loud, firm voice.

Chris turned and saw Pat as she entered the room. She was holding a pistol in her outstretched hands. Her eyes were locked on John and when her foot hit the rug that Chris had bunched up, she tripped. The gun flew out of her hand as she went to her knees. The weapon sounded much heavier than it looked as it thudded to the floor and then skittered across the polished wood toward John.

Chris watched as the gun slid past his feet. He saw that it wasn't going to stop until it fetched up against John's foot. He also saw that they were all doomed if that cold killer got a hold of it.

Chris dove for the gun. In a movie he would have grabbed the gun by its grip as he neatly rolled across the floor, and then jumped to his feet with the bad guy in his sights. As it was, Chris belly flopped to the floor grabbing the gun with both hands. He fumbled with it as he regained his feet, but he managed to end up with the business end of the gun less than a foot from the patch of skin between John's eyes.

In the back of Chris' mind he could already see the ensuing stand off. John would demand that Chris drop the gun, which he wasn't about to do. Pat would go into mediator mode, pointing out that no one had died yet and that no one had to. But there was no menacing look on John's face, no sneer of stalemate, just a look of panic.

John jerked the arm that was around Cameron's breasts in one direction and the hand holding the knife in another. The result was a great spew of blood that shot from the blood vessels in her neck. As her body toppled over, Chris could see the gaping wound in her neck and even more blood pouring onto her chest.

For Chris, most of the world went away. All he could see was John backing away, his hands stuck in front of his body as if to ward off an attack. Chris centered the sights of the gun on John's face and pulled the trigger once, twice and a third time. He would have emptied the clip into the killer's face, but the gun jammed.

John went down and Chris went to his knees next to his body. To Chris' amazement, John was still alive. He was squirming about, still trying to get away from Chris. There wasn't a mark on his face, much less three gunshot wounds. Chris couldn't understand how he could have missed the man. Maybe in the heat of the moment he had been jerking the gun to one side as he pulled the trigger. But it didn't matter, Chris had two pounds of hard edged steel in his hands; he would just beat the son of bitch to death.

Chris raised the gun over his head, and he was about to smash it into John's face when he felt hands grab his wrist. Suddenly, he was aware that Pat had been screaming at him ever since his first shot, but between the noise of the gunshots and his state of mind, he hadn't been heard her.

"Stop, Chris, it's just a TV stunt, please don't hurt him," she was repeating over and over.

Thirty minutes later Chris was seated at the kitchen table in the cabin. He picked up a plastic bottle of water and took a long drink. His hand shook as he sat the bottle down. He still wasn't over the tremendous adrenaline rush of the past hour.

On the table next to the bottled water, was the knife that John - it turned out that his name really was John - had held to Cameron's throat. For the fifth time in the last few minutes, he picked it up and looked it over. It was a prop of course. The thing was mostly hollow plastic. What would have been the cutting edge was actually rounded and full of tiny holes. When an actor squeezed the knife's handle, fake blood came through the holes. A dull metal coating made the prop look real. John had panicked when he saw Chris holding the gun inches from his eyes. He knew that even blanks could hurt from that range. So that's when he'd panicked, causing fake, gory blood to go everywhere. The gaping wound in Cameron's throat had been a product of light and shadow and mostly Chris' imagination.

Chris put the knife back on the table when he saw Kristen and Danni approach. They took seats and Kristen said, "Pat and Cameron are taking John to the hospital. We think he may have a burst eardrum from the shots."

"We're all about half deaf," said Danni as she rubbed at her ear. "Those full power blanks are damn loud when you shoot them indoors."

Chris smiled weakly and said, "Yeah, I noticed."

"Let me tell you what's going on from the beginning," said Kristen.

It turned out that Kristen, Danni and Pat were television producers. They had a contract to turn out a so-called reality show based on the lives of college co-eds. The girls got room, board and tuition in return for having a large chunk of their private lives put on tape. Of course the girls had to take on challenges made up by the producers. The over weight girl of the house was forced to go out for cheerleader. The beautiful girls were forced to woo geeks and nerds and so forth. It had been Cameron's job to lure an all American stud into thinking that he was really faced with a life or death situation.

"The crew had a betting pool going as to whether you would scream, or cry, or wet your pants or just run away," said Kristen with a smile.

"Too bad they didn't add 'grab the gun and blaze away like John Wayne'," chipped in Danni.

"Yeah, too bad" said Chris with a good deal of sarcasm.

"Look, no harm - no foul," said Kristen, getting back to business. She took a file of papers that she had been holding and pushed it across the table to Chris. "These are papers that release us to show you in our program."

Chris took the file and thumbed through the dozen or so sheets of paper.

Danni held out a pen for him to use. "This is you ticket to fame," she said. "Who knows, you may end up on the talk show circuit. There're any number of possibilities."

Chris took the file and stood to leave. "I'll let you know," he said.

Several days later, Chris was studying in his room, late at night, when there was a knock at his door. "Come in," he called out. He figured it was one of the guys wanting to split a pizza. But when it opened, Cameron's head slowly peeked around the door's edge.

"Hi," she said softly, "can I come in?"

"Sure," he said.

She came into the room and took a seat opposite Chris at the desk. She was wearing white Capri pants and a light blue hooded sweatshirt that was zipped low enough to show a bit of cleavage above a lacy bra. After some small talk she said, "I just came from looking at the footage they shot of you. It's some good stuff. You looked very heroic."

"Well I feel used, more like an idiot than anything else."

"Hey don't feel that way," she said, reaching across the desk to lightly touch his hand. "You were sweet. You did all you could when you thought that I was in trouble."

"How did you come to pick me anyway?" he asked.

She shrugged. "They wanted a big, arrogant stud that they could scare the pants off of."

"And you thought that was me?"

Now it was her turn to shrug and smile. "You certainly filled out the stud part when I saw you all sweaty in front of the mailboxes that day. And a lot of guys who look like you think that the world revolves around their oversized egos. But after I got to know you a little, I tried to persuade Danni and them to let me get someone else. I didn't want to see you embarrassed. But, apparently they ambushed you at lunch or something, and after that their minds were set."

"Oh," said Chris as he loudly cleared his throat. "Maybe it's my own fault that I made such a huge impression."

"Well anyway," she said as she picked up the folder that held the release papers, "have you signed these?"

"No, I haven't decided. I might, they are offering a little money."

She opened the folder and looked at the papers. "Not very much money," she said. She gave him a sly grin. "How much money would you like to get out of this?"

"Gee," said Chris looking up in the air as if to read off some astronomical figure. "Let's say ten thousand dollars."

Cameron stood and walked around the desk. She plopped the file down in front of Chris and took a pen from his fingers. She wrote a two and a zero in front of the dollar offer from Danni and friends, and then she drew a heavy circle around the figures.

"That's twenty thousand more than their offer," said Chris, stating the obvious.

"Right," she said. "I'll take this back and tell them that you wanted more, but that I talked you down to the twenty. They'll pat me on the head and tell me that they know how to play hard ball. They'll offer you the ten thousand and probably add a note telling you to take it or leave it - they can always blur out your face and use the tape anyway."

Chris beamed up at Cameron. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her down to his lap. "Hey, I'm beginning to think that you're on my side."

Cameron slid her arms around his neck and gave him a soft, wet kiss that lasted for a full minute. She could fell the affect that it was having on Chris. His rapidly hardening cock was practically lifting her into the air.

"You know," said Chris, "the other night you said that you wanted to do this some place more romantic."

She looked around the drab dorm room thoughtfully for a second and said, "I guess I owe you one," then she locked her mouth on his.

Cameron's kiss was so frantic Chris thought his tongue was going to be tied in knots. She rocked her hips on his distended cock until it ached. He ran his hands underneath her sweatshirt and took his pleasure at the feel of her warm, soft skin. Cameron broke their kiss just long enough to pull off her top and bra. Chris eagerly moved his hands to her breasts. They weren't large, but they had a nice shape. Cameron moaned softly and arched her back when he took a nipple in his mouth and played it with his lips and tongue.

Chris stood with Cameron in his arms. She gently nipped at his neck as he turned to his bed and laid her down. Cameron kicked off her shoes and then Chris helped her skin off her tight Capri pants.

Cameron whipped off her thong and then used the elastic band to shoot the feathery panties at Chris' chest. "You're wearing way too many clothes," she said laughing. "Let me see what I can do about that."

Chris stepped closer and Cameron undid his belt. It took a bit of doing but in a few seconds Chris' cock was jutting stiffly from his groin. Cameron bent the rigid flesh to mouth level and began to kiss and tongue Chris' cock head as eagerly as she had his mouth.

"Oh that's too good," said Chris. She was using both hands to jack his cock.

He peeled off his shirt and then reluctantly pulled away from Cameron's lovely mouth long enough to shed the rest of his clothes.

There was nothing demure about Cameron. She lay on her back with her legs bent at the knees and spread wide. She was fondling her breast with one hand while she rubbed at her clit with the other. "Hey, that's my job," said Chris as he climbed on the bed and pushed Cameron's hand away from her shaved pussy. He split her silken lips with his tongue and moved it to the little button of her clit. He eased a finger into the clinging wetness of her pussy and probed until he found the bump of her g-spot.

"Oh fuck, Chris," she moaned, "what are you doing?"

Chris grinned to himself, apparently no other man had done this for Cameron. He slowed his ministrations and brought her along slowly. He excited to the edge of climax a dozen times. He had to practically fight her off with his free hand as she did her best to shove his face into her dripping pussy.

"Damn it, Chris," she hissed, "fuck me, please fuck me."

Chris relented and moved up her body. He worked his swollen cock head into Cameron's hot cunt and then in one solid thrust he shoved in the first nine inches of his huge cock.

"Uhhh," moaned Cameron. She started cumming immediately.

Chris fucked her until he lost count of her orgasms. When he felt as if his balls were going to burst, he pulled out of her steaming cunt. His cock plopped onto her stomach, and Chris continued to swing his hips. His cock slid up until the head was pounding on her breasts. He began to shoot a massive load of cum. The creamy stuff coated her tits, the hollow of her neck and a couple of hot streams even landed on her face.

Several minutes later, Chris and Cameron began to get dressed once again. "Sorry about the impromptu facial," he said.

"Yeah," said Cameron as she pulled her sweatshirt over her head, "someone might think that you had some issues with me."

Chris laughed and said, "None that I know of - besides, you can't say that I didn't think of your needs first."

Cameron walked over to where he was standing and put her arms around his neck. In between soft kisses she said, "I guess I can't complain about that." They kissed until Chris was pulsing his hips against Cameron. "You're hard again already," she said with a bit of awe in her voice.

Chris put his hands on her ass and pulled her against his renewed hard on. "It can be hard for you, a lot," said Chris with a grin.

"I'm all for working in some recreational sex," said Cameron, returning his grin. "just as you don't mind hiding it from my fiance."

"Fiance?" he said.


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