I was in my taxi with the seat laid back trying to grab a nap before my next order, when I heard a female voice ask how much to 813 Oak Street. I lifted my cap off my eyes and turned my head and saw a girl of about eleven. She was a cute little shit; blonde hair in a ponytail, blues eyes and two little numbs just starting to develop on her chest.

I told her it would be about fifteen dollars. She pouched out her bottom lip and seemed to think about it for a minute. Then she took some money out of her pocket and counted it, only seven dollars. She explained that she had been visiting a friend and they had gone to a school fair and she had lost the twenty- dollar bill she was supposed to save for a cab ride home.

I was about to offer to take her for what she had, when she asked if maybe I would take something else. I waited to hear what the something else was, because I have taken a variety items in barter. Sometimes it's old coins or stamps sometimes boom boxes or televisions I've even taken guns. I almost fell out of the cab however, when she looked shyly at the ground and said she could suck my dick. I asked her what she knew about sucking dick, and she answered, "Almost defiantly enough not to gag when I swallow."

I took a good look at this little minx, in her cut too short denim cutoffs and her red halter-top. She really was a cutie. I lied and told her I didn't let any woman suck my dick unless I got to eat her pussy too. Her eyes lit up and she told me she had never had a guy do that for her and asked if I had a place we could go. I told her I did, and it was on the way. She ran around the cab and jumped in the front seat and I pulled out of the parking lot destination heaven.

As I pulled into traffic, she asked if I really thought of her as a woman and got all excited when I said I did. Then she told me no guy had ever licked her there before, but her sister had and she really liked it. Then she wanted to know if I would like to meet her sister, and she told me about her boyfriend and about her entire life. The girl was a regular fucking chatterbox, but I didn't care I didn't even hear most of it; I was too busy thinking about her and her sister doing a 69 for me.

I had her crouch down in the seat as I pulled into my subdivision, telling her I couldn't let my landlord see her. It was really so she couldn't she where I lived, just to make sure I didn't get any midnight knocks on the door from the police. I hit the remote for the garage as I pulled into the drive and closed the door behind us before allowing her to sit up.

I was so nervous I could hardly open the door and I was beginning to doubt I could go through with this. In an effort to stall, I opened the fridge and offered her a coke, which she accepted, but after a couple of sips she suggested we get started because she had to be home when her mother arrived at four o'clock.

That gave us about four hours, I wondered just how much stamina she thought I had. When I still didn't make a move to get things started she asked if I would like to see her naked, and before I could answer she began to dance around the kitchen removing her clothes as she danced. I began to wonder who was the adult and who was taking advantage of whom.

She removed the little halter as slowly as possible, but there just wasn't enough of it there to take to long and in no time I was staring at her little bulbs, they were all nipple but oh so pretty.

My dick almost ripped through my jeans. There would be no turning back, I had to have her. Her cut-offs had snaps instead of a zipper, so she was able to play the tease a little better with them and she did! Slowly undoing one snap and then running her hands over her little frame, then another snap and blowing a kiss. After the third snap she danced over and rubbed her body against me.

I couldn't help wonder where she studied seduction or are girls born knowing this shit. When loosened the fourth snap she laid the folds over and I could see a vee of her red panties. She tugged the panties down just above the slit and I could see just a whisper of peach fuzz then started pulling the panties up and down slowly grinning impishly as she did so.

Finally she reached for the sides of the cut-offs and started to work them down it seemed like an hour from hips to ankle. My cock throbbing as hard as my heart the girl was a knockout with a slender body and hips just starting to form. Once the shorts were gone I realized she wasn't wearing panties but a swimsuit bottom that tied at the sides.

She undid the right side first, then worked the fold back and forth several times showing a hint of her crack but just the hint was enough to stop my heart. At long last she untied the left side, but turned around to let it drop and the sight of that little dimpled ass sent me over the edge. I walked over swooped her up put my mouth over hers and ran my tongue down her throat as I carried her to the bedroom.

I didn't break the kiss until I lay her on the bed and then I began to work my way down her tiny body with my lips and tongue. I spent several minutes licking and kissing her nubbin-sized breast as I rubbed her body with my hand slowly working it toward my goal.

I was amazed at how hard her nipples got, they were like little rocks and seemed sort of stick out of place on the soft sweet body. My hand found the smooth little mound and worked its way to her slit. My mouth continued working down her body as I began to work a finger into her tight but already moist little pussy.

She moaned softly as my finger entered up to the first knuckle a little further and I felt the soft tissue of her hymen. I almost jumped out of the bed; from her actions earlier I was not expecting a virgin. By this time my mouth was also at the tiny opening and anxious for a taste. She moaned again, but louder this time as I removed my finger. She reached down to try to hold it in place, I could almost feel her disappointment, but that was replaced by goose bumps as I wormed my tongue into her opening.

She had wiggled while my finger was in her but now it was almost like a rhythmic dance as she squirmed. My taste buds enjoying the faint flavor of urine mixed with her little girl juices.

I simply licked and probed for several minutes then I bean to work on her clit. It was very tiny at least compared to what I was used to and it took a little doing to coax it out. Once I got my lips on it I could almost feel her heartbeat or was it just her body pulsating. The girl was trashing around so much it was hard to keep a hold of her and her moans were now constant but music to my ears. I was sorry I only had a couple of hours I could have spent a week with my face buried in that tender young pussy.

I began to remove my clothes as I continued to lick that juicy little pussy. She tried to sit up and help but I gently pushed her back down. I simply did not want the face hold I had on this little girl.

After I was free of my clothes I turned my body so my dick was right in her face. She didn't hesitate to slip it between her lips. She may have been a virgin but it was clear she had sucked a dick before and often. Her head bobbed up and down the shaft, stopping only to lick the head for a few seconds. It was my turn to moan and feel goose bumps pop up on my own skin.

The sheets were wet with her juices as she had had several orgasms and I was very close to spending my load when suddenly she stopped the fine work she had been doing. I was just a bit distraught until I heard her ask if I would be her first.

I was to filled with lust, to refuse or even offer a chance to reconsider. I quickly turned my body and prepared to enter the tiny orifice. I got on my knees between her legs and had her bend her legs this allowed a good angle and an excellent view.

I watched as the head of my dick entered the tiny cavern and began to slowly disappear inside. When it reached the hymen, I told her it was going to hurt a little and asked if she was ready. I could see the fear in her eyes, but she nodded her accent and I pressed forward. She let out a tiny groan as I broke through the tissue and then oddly a look of relief came over her face.

I began to work my dick in and out slow at first but after a few strokes I increased the tempo. I would fuck for a while then stop and eat her pussy some more then return to my fucking. We were both soaked with her juices and the room reeked of sex and still I pounded that sweet young pussy.

This went on for more than a couple of hours and I regretted it when I realized I would have to shoot my load in order to get her home. So the next time I felt myself starting to cum I didn't stop I just buried myself as far into her as I could and filled her with my cream. We lay there for several minutes kissing and embracing one another but finally had to get up and got dressed.

I was afraid to let her go home, she had one of those "fucked my brains out" look on her small face that any adult would recognize. But let her go I did, after I told her I hoped to see her again someday. She told me that she was sure that I would.

After I pulled away I looked down on the seat and saw the seven dollars. I stopped the cab and looked back, but she was already gone.

A few days later I was again napping in the same spot when the door to the cab opened. I raised my cap off my eyes and there she was, and she had her girlfriend with her.

I'll tell you about that next time.


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