Gabrielle, or Gabby as her friends know her, was known by all of her family and friends as a "sweet girl". She spent her first 9 years in Southern France living on a farm that had been in the family for generations. She grew up a cute, perky little girl with a carefree attitude and impeccable manners towards her elders. Her father landed a wonderful opportunity in the States and they relocated into an upper middle class neighborhood next door to a well-to-do family with a 9 year old girl named Andrea.

Andrea had the potential to be sweet but that was quickly forgotten as she entered school and soon figured out that most of the children did not have the same "means" as her and therefore developed a nasty habit of looking down at most of her classmates. She did have a small circle of friends that she considered to be worthy and her and her group soon became known as the "rich bitches". The girls considered it a badge of honor and did their best to keep the reputation alive.

This was the influence that poor Gabrielle fell into by the luck of the draw. Her sweetness and purity shone brightly as she spent more and more time with Andrea. As time wore on and the girls grew Gabrielle's outlook on life began to influence Andrea. It wasn't obvious but slowly Andrea was becoming more and more accepting of "others". Most people chalked the attitude change up to maturity.

Both girls were considered "cute" by little girl standards but when puberty hit they both blossomed into voluptuous, beautiful young women. Their looks combined with their attitude made them very popular at Midfield High School. They both became cheerleaders and spent most of their time together.

We join our story as Gabrielle and Andrea are 18 year old high school seniors and in total control of everything around them.well, almost everything.

The weather was beautiful. The sun was out and bright and the breeze was soft and cool enough to make it a perfect day to be outside. Gabby stood in front of the mirror combing her long, beautiful blonde hair. She had a towel wrapped around her young, tight body. Drips of water from her wet hair fell and ran down into her bountiful cleavage. She was thinking about the day. Her and her friend Andrea were going to the mall. They needed prom dresses for next month and they would begin their search today.

That in mind she walked into her closet to pick out an outfit. She knew her selection of clothes was not as extensive as all of her friends. Her dad made good money but he was just a professor at the local college and she knew he didn't bring in the kind of money her friends' fathers did. She would again have to make up for her lack of resources with her creativity.

She pulled out her favorite pink skirt. It was light denim and fell about 4 or 5 inches above her knees, showing enough thigh to be sexy but not enough to be slutty, because if there was anything Gabby was not it was a slut. Quite the contrary, Andrea and her friends had taught her the skill of the tease without having to actually "do" anything. Therefore, Gabby's beautiful body was "pure" as we call it and she considered it a personal challenge to keep it that way as long as she could.

What to wear on top? She decided to layer today and pulled out an old t-shirt she borrowed from her dad. It was the kind that had no sleeves and plunged deep in the chest. She pulled off the towel and slipped the t- shirt down over her head. It was made for a man so it was way too long but her chest was a little larger than the average man so the shirt was nice and tight across her chest. She looked at herself in the mirror and chuckled.

The shirt went so low that it did technically cover her bottom half but her chest pushed against the top such that it was stretched. This, combined with the water left from her shower made the shirt a little sheer and her nipples were easily visible through the material. For just a brief moment she considered wearing this by itself and she felt a slight tingle slip through her body. Now that would cause a ruckus at the mall.

She grabbed a pair of her pink lace bikini panties and slipped them on. She then slipped on the skirt and tucked in the t-shirt. Now, she thought, I need something else to keep me out of jail. She grabbed another shirt she borrowed from her dad. It was a white work shirt and it had been shrunk by its many trips through the washer so it fit her very well. Well, except for right across the widest part of her chest where the buttons would look like they were barely hanging on. She had torn off the sleeves so it looked kinda cool as a sleeveless.

She slipped on the shirt and decided to button it starting at the second button and leaving the bottom two buttons open. This looked pretty good as the bottom of the shirt separated slightly, revealing a small piece of the t-shirt. She looked at the top and saw that the second button allowed the shirt to completely cover her breasts but showing a hint of cleavage. She spun around and decided that this would do just fine. She slipped on her sandals, grabbed her purse and headed out the door.

Andrea Winters was sitting on her porch waiting for her friend. She heard the door slam next door and looked to see Gabby walking across the lawn. Damn her, she could dress in rags and look hot. She looked at her friend closely. She was 5'6" and most of that was legs. So what does she do?

She wears a skirt that shows off most of them. She was also blessed with a 36C chest and again was wearing something that forced anyone looking at her to focus immediately on the way her breasts bounced just slightly behind her shirt as she walked. No bra again, she wondered if she even owned one. She couldn't remember if she ever saw Gabby or her mother ever wear a bra. Maybe it was the French thing.

Andrea loved her friend but she was slightly jealous of her. While Andrea had a nice body and pretty face, Gabby was stunning and was always the one that the boys looked at first.

She knew that Gabby's family didn't have the "means" to run with her crowd but she allowed Gabby to hang around anyway. One reason was that she attracted a lot of attention from the male persuasion and Andrea enjoyed that. But the main reason was the fact that Gabby looked up to her and would do most anything she told her and Andrea liked that a lot.

"Good morning, Andrea" Gabby shouted as she reached the porch steps.

"Ready to go?" she asked.

"Yea, Dad gave me the keys to the Mustang. We can take that." Andrea answered.

"Awesome!" Gabby said. She loved riding in the Mustang. It was a convertible and she loved feeling the wind flow through her long hair.

The girls jumped in the car and headed out to the mall to begin their quest.

Roger Lockport sat on a bench in the middle of the Mid Point Mall, looking out at the crowd. He was always fascinated by the way everyone looked a little different from everyone else. He also loved to look at beauty and this place was always full of that. This was quite ironic as Roger was considered one of the "beautiful people" at Midfield High. His family was quite popular and powerful and he was considered quite untouchable socially.

This was also ironic considering Roger was a member in potential in the secret club known as the Omegas. This club membership was about as far from Roger's traditional social circle as possible. This club, in fact, had only one main mission and today his job was to provide the ingredients. This mission was to habitually make use of as many virgins as possible. The requested ingredients for today's party was very simple; young, white, beautiful virgins.

This was Roger's first assignment for the club so he could not afford to spend too much time daydreaming. He had a mission and the Master would be expecting results. He was very nervous and the pressure was tremendous. He scanned the crowd quickly, looking for potential candidates.

He saw two young girls walk out of the clothing store in front of him but they looked too young. They took their mother's hand and continued walking, confirming Roger's observation. He continued to look. No one was jumping out at him. He was getting a little worried. Maybe he didn't have what it takes to pull this off. The Master always said to relax and it would come to you. Roger was struggling to relax.

He took a deep breath and rose to his feet. He decided to try a different part of the mall. He began walking slowly and looking closely at the passing traffic. His head was turned as he passed the entrance to the upscale dress store and he was startled out of his trance by bumping headlong into two girls. They must have been walking rather fast because the collision was a little hard.

He wasn't knocked off his feet but he turned his head to see that the two girls he ran into were. He noticed the blonde first, mainly because she landed on her butt with her legs spread slightly. This allowed Roger to catch a glimpse of two perfect legs ending in a quick flash of pink panties. Her quick reaction to pull her skirt down between her legs and the slight blush on her face caused Roger to smile slightly at the pure beauty of the scene. His attention was ripped away quickly by a shrill sound coming from his right.

Way to go, asshole! You could try and look where you're walking!" Andrea Winters said in a voice a little too loud for the situation.

As he turned to see where the high-pitched squeal came from he noticed a cute brunette on all fours with packages strewn all around her. Her position offered him a perfect view of her young ass wrapped in a tight pair of shorts. The shorts were those that had a word written across the back. The word was "cheer" but that was not what drew Roger's eyes. This girl's ass was perfect. It filled the shorts out nicely and stood out quite proudly on top of two powerful thighs.

Roger instinctively knelt to help her gather her packages. As he got close to her he noticed she had a wonderful smell. Fresh, with a touch of some kind of fruit. He found himself pausing to take in her wonderful scent and staring at her lovely butt. She turned to face him as she struggled to her knees. He saw the anger in her eyes at first but then it faded quickly to be replaced by surprise.

"Um, ugh, Roger?" Andrea stammered.

"Yes, do I know you?" Roger answered.

"Well, not really. You are in my history class at Midfield." replied Andrea as she found herself staring.

"Oh yes, you sit towards the back. Uh, Adrian?" Roger answered.

Andrea felt her excitement drop as he got her name wrong. Roger Lockport was so fine and here she was inches from him and he didn't even know her name. She felt so embarrassed and she struggled up to her feet. He continued to kneel and was holding out one of her packages. She glanced over to see Gabby still sitting on the floor, her legs spread and holding her skirt down between her legs, staring at Roger. Damn her, Andrea thought, she even looks cute when she is knocked on her ass.

Andrea looked back at Roger. "Well, it is Andrea." She said.

"Oh, of course. I am so sorry. I knew that. Andrea Winters" Roger said to her, trying to keep his composure as he realized that these two girls could be the answer to his prayers.

Roger instantly began to get nervous. His mind was racing -"Relax! Dummy! Don't blow it! Think of something quick! Don't lose the moment!"

Andrea looked at him directly, her eyes a mixture of anger, embarrassment, and disappointment.

"A beautiful girl like you should be worshipped and here I go, running you over." Roger said in a smooth, controlled voice.

He watched her reaction closely and he saw exactly what he was looking for. The fire in her eyes lowered slightly and he felt her anger fade away to be replaced by the look he was used to seeing, the look of longing and admiration. Take advantage! His mind screamed at him.

"Please let me help you." He said as he held out a package, staying below her eye level as she rose to her feet.

Roger looked up at her as she stood. He was staring directly at her exposed midriff as her shirt did not quite reach the top of her shorts. Her stomach was tight and tan and continued up her torso to end beneath her beautiful chest. He noticed that her breasts were not gigantic but were perfect for her body. They sat proudly on her chest and seemed to draw his eyes.

Andrea looked down and reached for her package. She realized that Roger Lockport was now kneeling in front of her in the middle of the mall. God, he is so hot, she thought to herself. She felt a small tingle run up her legs and tickle her thighs. He handed her the package and then bent down to gather the others.

Andrea looked over at Gabby, who was still sitting with her hands holding her skirt down between her spread legs. She was staring open-mouthed at Roger. Andrea got her attention and motioned for her to get up. Gabby mouthed to her, "Roger Lockport?" Andrea nodded furiously and motioned again for her to get up.

Gabby moved to get to her feet, pulling her feet behind her as only a limber 18 year old can do. She leaned forward to get her balance and pull herself up. Roger looked over at Gabby just as she was leaning forward to get up and he was greeted with a wonderful glance down her open shirt. He saw the tops of her breasts as she worked to regain her feet. He could not believe his luck, these breasts also fit this girl perfectly but they were huge. His eyes felt locked onto her cleavage as she regained her feet.

Gabby looked at Andrea as she stood up and both girls realized at the same time that they were standing in the middle of Midpoint Mall with Roger Lockport kneeling in front of them, picking up their packages. This was turning out to be a great day.

Roger stood with his arms full of packages and looked at the two beauties standing before him. His mind searched for words. Do not let these two get away!

"I feel really bad for knocking you down. What are you girls doing this afternoon? Can I make it up to you?" Roger said, trying to sound confident.

"Well, I guess nothing." Andrea stammered. Roger Lockport was asking them to spend the afternoon with him! How cool is that? She thought to herself.

"I don't have to be home until dinner, which is usually around 6." Andrea said.

"Gabby, what time did you tell your parents you would be home?" She asked Gabby.

"I told them around 6." Gabby answered.

"Well, that settles it." Roger said. "It is only 2 o'clock, you two are coming to the club with me and I will treat you to anything you would like to make up for me running you over."

"Well, ok, I guess." Andrea said.

Gabby looked at her inquisitively. Her strong, usually paranoid friend was agreeing to go to some club with a boy they just ran into. It was Roger Lockport but where was he taking them? She thought to herself.

"Andrea, are you sure it will be ok?" she asked her friend.

"Come on Gabby, I am sure Roger will not let anything bad happen to us." Andrea said and looked at Roger.

"I will be your knight in shining armor and protect you." Roger said and puffed out his chest.

Gabby and Andrea both chuckled at him.

"Ok, I guess so, but I have to be home by 6." Gabby said.

"No problem." Roger said and reached into his pocket. He pulled out his cell phone and began dialing.

"Darrell, bring the car around to the East entrance." Roger said into his phone.

"Ladies, come with me." Roger said as he held their packages with one hand and offered his other arm to Andrea. Roger sensed already that the brunette was the leader of these two and the blonde would follow her. He smiled as she took his arm and they began to walk towards the exit doors, Gabby following closely behind.

Gabby followed her friend and Roger. She felt a little strange. She was leaving the mall with a boy she didn't really know and he was taking them to a club she didn't even know the name of. Was she out of her mind? But this was Roger Lockport, one of the richest boys in town. His family also owned the most exclusive upscale clothing store in the city. I guess it will be alright, she convinced herself and followed him out of the mall.

As Roger and the girls exited the mall Darrell Thomas drove the limo up to the curb. He looked to see Roger accompanied by two gorgeous young girls. Holy shit! The little turd did it! He looked again at the two beautiful white girls and thought of how their face would look with his 12 inches of black meat buried in their little white cunts. He hoped they were virgins, that would just be perfect. He would have to start liking the little shit Roger if he pulled this one off.

Darrell got out of the car and walked around to open the door. He smiled at the two girls as he motioned for them to get in. They smiled back at him and moved towards the car. The brunette went in first and Darrell saw her perfect ass encased in tight white shorts as she climbed over the seat. Oh yes, I will enjoy opening up that cute white ass, he thought to himself. He felt his dick starting to harden in his pants.

The blonde moved to the door and Darrell got a good look at her. Huge tits and long legs. A deadly combination. She climbed in and he saw her little pink skirt ride up on her thighs, almost giving him a view of the promised land but not quite. That's ok, he thought, this is almost too good to be true. How did that little worm Roger get a hold of these two? Darrell thought.

He looked at Roger and smiled. Roger smiled back with his little cocky smile and Darrell couldn't resist slapping him on the back of the head. Roger looked back at the large black man holding the door and apologized with his eyes. Darrell was still smiling, two hot pieces of meat in the car and the little white snot Roger back in his place. He closed the door and walked back to the front of the car.

Andrea looked around the inside of the limo. It was beautiful and seemed to have everything. A TV over there, a sunroof above her head and the seats were so comfortable. She noticed that even though the windows were tinted very dark she could see out just fine. This kind of excited her, it felt like being in public but without anyone being able to see you.

Gabby felt a little nervous. She pulled her skirt down over her legs. What was she doing? She really wanted to get out of the car but she didn't want to risk looking like a nerd so she sat quietly and looked out of the window as they pulled away from the mall.

Roger could not believe his luck. He had convinced two hot young girls to get into the limo and they were headed for the club. Oh God, he hoped they were virgins. He looked at them closely again. The brunette looked starstruck and was looking all around the inside of the car.

The blonde looked a little nervous and was staring out of the window. He thought, or wished, that the brunette was a virgin. She did have the look of innocence about her. The blonde, though, worried him. Not because she didn't have the same look of innocence but he could not believe that with a body like that she could have fought off the boys for this long.

Darrell adjusted the rearview mirror, raised the privacy glass behind him, and then flicked on the monitor screen mounted in the dashboard. The monitor showed the view from the hidden camera mounted in the backseat of the car. He could see the two girls perfectly, the brunette looking around and the blonde staring out the window. God, these two were hot! He reached down and adjusted his now stiff manhood.

The car pulled up in front of a large white building. Darrell got out of the car and walked over to open the door. Andrea and Gabby looked out at the building and neither recognized it or knew where they were. Roger got out of the car and reached out his hand to help the girls. Andrea took it and got out and stood on the curb. Gabby then took Roger's hand and he and Darrell were both pleased to see an extraordinary amount of cleavage appear down the front of her shirt as she leaned to get out.

Darrell was trying to concentrate on not letting his rock hard dick explode out of the front of his pants as he followed them to the front door. As it is, if the girls had looked closely enough they would see most of his dick outlined in his pants as it laid on his right leg.

The girls walked into the building and were awestruck by the gorgeous room. It was huge with white pillars running down both sides. The floor and all of the furniture looked to be made of dark mahogany wood. The bar sat to their right and it was beautiful. There looked to be around 20 or 30 people milling around the room and they too looked beautiful. Andrea suddenly felt under-dressed in her shorts and tank top. Great, she thought, I look like a ham sandwich at a banquet.

Gabby, on the other hand did not feel under-dressed because she was in shock. She had never seen a room as beautiful as this. She slowly scanned the room to try and take it all in. She did not notice most of the men soaking her in and she also did not notice the older, white-haired gentleman start to cross the floor towards them until he was standing directly in front of them.

"Roger, you have brought us some friends. And beautiful ones, at that." The man said.

Andrea and Gabby broke out of their trances to look at him. He was older but he had a look of confidence and grace that both of them found attractive. They looked into his eyes.

"How are you ladies?" He said.

"Fine." They mumbled in unison.

"You certainly are." He said in return.

The girls chuckled in embarrassment.

"My name is Frank and I welcome you to our humble establishment. We are honored to have two such beauties grace us with their presence." Frank said and stared into their eyes.

The girls could both feel all of their anxiety or nervousness melt away upon hearing his voice. They simply stared at him and waited for him to speak again. Roger realized that he had accomplished his mission and he now backed away in reverence to Frank. Frank was good at what he did, he was not the Master but he was good and Roger realized that the two girls were now caught in the trap and it was only a matter of time. His relaxed state of mind caused him to realize that he was starting to become hard in his pants.

"And what are your names, my pets." Frank spoke to them.

Andrea snapped out of her trance and answered. "My name is Andrea and this is Gabrielle" she said, motioning towards Gabby.

"You can call me Gabby." Gabby stammered.

"I can do that sweetie, but Gabrielle is such a beautiful name. It fits you with perfection." Frank spoke softly and slowly to her.

Gabby could feel her heart racing. She had never had a man of any age talk to her like this. She felt like she was walking on air.

"Please come with me and let me show you around." Frank said and offered his arms to Gabby and Andrea.

The girls took his arms and walked with him. They walked towards the bar and Frank introduced them to the bartender. Andrea didn't even hear his name as she was staring at the bar. It was even more beautiful up close. Gabby heard his name, Larry, and also noticed he was the biggest black man she had ever seen. He must have been at least 6 feet tall and his shoulders were enormous. She didn't notice herself staring at him until he laughed. She shook her head slightly and continued walking with Frank.

He took them to a set of double doors. He motioned to a man standing next to them and the man opened the doors. They walked into a room that looked like a cross between a video arcade and a dance club. There was a large pool table in the middle of the room and beautiful lights hanging from the ceiling.

"Do you girls like to play pool?" Frank asked them.

Andrea loved to play pool. Her daddy had a pool table installed in their rec room and she and her brothers played every chance they got. Gabby, on the other hand, was not very good at pool. The only time she had ever played was at Andrea's house and she mainly spent most of the time running from Andrea's brothers as they teased her with their cue sticks.

Frank noticed the gleam in Andrea's eyes immediately.

"You look like you have played the game before." He said to her.

"Yes, I love it." Andrea responded.

"Wonderful. Let's you and I play a game." Frank said and moved his head slightly towards a young boy sitting against the wall.

The boy moved quickly to the table and racked the balls perfectly. Another boy was immediately in front of Andrea and Frank with a cue stick in each hand. Andrea reached for the stick.

"Lady breaks." Frank said and smiled at her.

Frank turned to Gabby and said, "And you little beautiful one, why don't you have a seat over there and you can play the winner." He pointed to a stool against the wall.

Gabby blushed, walked over to the stool and sat down. She looked around the room as Andrea prepared to break. Again, everything seemed to be made of a dark wood. The ceiling was also gorgeous and had very unique lights hanging from it. They were not exactly chandeliers and they looked like something that would be hanging in a castle. They were different but like everything else in this place looked like they were perfect for the room.

A loud crack echoed as Andrea broke the balls. One of the stripes nestled in the side pocket.

"Wonderful." Frank said and clapped. "You have played this game before."

Andrea felt herself fill up with pride and lined up her next shot. She then sank three more balls before she missed a difficult shot. Frank sank two balls and he also missed. Andrea was excited, all of her balls were out in the open and the 8 ball was near a pocket. She calmly sank them all and then sank the 8 ball for the win.

"You, little lady, are a hustler." Frank said as he laid his cue stick on the table.

He turned to Gabby. "Beautiful one, are you ready to play?"

Gabby knew he sounded corny but she loved the way he talked to her. He made her feel safe and warm. He also made her feel pretty and she could feel her uneasiness fading. She got off of her stool and walked over to the table.

Gabby and Andrea began to play. They were engrossed in their game and neither of them noticed that men continued to move into the room. They also did not notice that the double doors they entered were now closed. Frank smiled as he watched them. He especially like the way they bent over the table as they lined up their shots. He thought to himself, "I will never get tired of this."

Frank felt a presence and turned to see the Master standing next to him.

"Well done, Frank." The Master said, looking at the two girls.

"Thank you, Master." Frank responded. He felt his heart rate increase with the compliment.

The Master spoke again. "And who accomplished the initial encounter?"

"Young Lockport, sir." Frank replied.

"Roger? I will have to reward him. He has done well. Is he in line for initiation?" the Master asked.

"Yes, sir. He is in line with three others." Franks said.

"Excellent, excellent. It will be a great day, indeed." The master responded.

The Master walked forward towards the table. Andrea was lining up a shot on the 8 ball. She shot and sank the ball as he approached.

"Very well done, young lady." The Master said.

Andrea looked up to see a black man staring at her. He was not overly tall or very big but his eyes had a gleam about them. She looked at him and felt a calm fall over her. Gabby also looked at the man but did not look into his eyes and she did not get a feeling of calm. No, the feeling Gabby got was of fear. She turned to look for the doors they entered and saw them closed. She then also noticed there were numerous men standing around the perimeter of the room. She was now very scared.

"Andrea!" Gabby screamed. "We have to get out of here!"

Andrea broke the Master's stare to look at Gabby. She saw her friend with a look of terror in her eyes. She then noticed the men and could feel the calm feeling leaving her body. The Master turned to look at Gabby.

Gabby noticed him turning and instinctively looked into his eyes. Her fear and terror immediately left her body to be replaced by a feeling of utter calm and peace. She smiled and felt herself relax.

"Don't look at him!" Andrea screamed.

She was too late as Gabby stood transfixed, looking into the eyes of the Master. Andrea started to move towards her friend but her arms were grabbed quickly and she could not move. She turned to see two very large black men holding her arms. Her arms looked so small and white as the large black hands were wrapped around them.

Gabby was lost in the Master's eyes as Andrea screamed at her. He reached out and touched her shoulder. His hand was warm and soft.

"Relax, little one. Everything will be fine." The Master said.

He turned and touched Andrea softly on the cheek. She felt his warmth spread across her face.

"You also need to relax." He said softly.

Two men walked up behind Gabby and grasped her arms, moving her closer to Andrea until they were next to each other directly in front of the Master. He looked down at both of them and started to speak.

"You two have been chosen to participate in an initiation ceremony for the Omegas. We have 4 potentials ready to prove their worth to be full- fledged Omegas. You should be honored that you will be able to assist with their challenge." He said.

The girls continued to stare at him. Andrea heard him and was struggling to understand. Initiation? Omegas? What was he talking about?

The Master spoke again, slowly.

"Let me explain how this will work. You two lovelies will entertain all of the men in this room in ways that our 4 potentials will think up. They are required to be as creative as possible and if they please me they will be allowed lifetime access to the Omegas."

Andrea now understood. She looked directly at the Master. "What do you mean by entertain? She asked.

The Master smiled. "That will be determined by our potentials and the capacity of their imagination." He smiled down at Andrea.

Andrea's face dropped and she suddenly felt helpless. She looked over at Gabby and saw tears starting to form in her eyes. Gabby looked at Andrea and said:

"I have never.I can't do this." She said between sobs.

The Master smiled again at this revelation. He looked at the girls again and said:

"Let me explain how we are going to start. I am feeling generous so I am going to allow you two to compete to see which one of you gets a chance to escape. My men are going to let both of you go and you will proceed to wrestle each other. The first one of you to strip the other of all her clothes will be given a chance to get away without harm."

The girls looked at him with shocked looks on their faces.

"Do you understand?" he asked.

Andrea understood and she leaped at the chance to escape. She grabbed Gabby by the shoulders and whispered in her ear.

"Gabby, one of us has a chance to escape. Let me win and I will get help." Andrea whispered.

Gabby stared at her friend and tried to comprehend what she just heard. Everything was happening too fast. She couldn't concentrate. All of a sudden she felt her shirt being grabbed and heard a ripping noise. She looked down and saw her shirt open, buttons bouncing on the ground and her white t-shirt exposed to the room.

Gabby continued to struggle to clear her mind as Andrea moved behind her and pulled her sleeveless shirt down and off her limp arms. Andrea then reached around in front of Gabby and grabbed two handfuls of her t-shirt. She pulled with all of her strength and ripped a hole in the front of the shirt. Gabby looked down and saw her stomach starting to come into view as the hole in her shirt was expanding.

Gabby watched her shirt being ripped and it was as if everything was in slow motion. The hole continued to expand as Andrea's hands pulled it apart. Suddenly the shirt gave way and Andrea ripped it completely open, pulling it off Gabby's shoulders and down her arms.

Gabby then heard a deafening roar from the room and felt a cool breeze. She looked down and her young, firm breasts were now bouncing free in front of a room full of strange men. Her mind cleared immediately as the situation finally sunk into her head. She felt her arms being pulled behind her and realized the remnants of her t-shirt were being removed.

Andrea continued, blinding herself to the fact that she was disrobing her friend in front of strangers. Her mind racing with the reward of freedom, she reached for the side of Gabby's skirt. She felt the large button on the skirt and began to work it out of the hole. As soon as it came free her hands were slapped away by Gabby. She then felt a push in the chest as Gabby drove her backwards with her arms outstretched.

"Stop it! What do you think you are doing?" Gabby screamed.

Andrea, taken aback by Gabby's outburst, mumbled "Relax, it will be alright. My Dad will be able to get help."

"Why do I have to be the sacrificial lamb?" Gabby asked loudly, moving closer to her friend.

"Well, I thought my Dad would be able to react faster and bring help." Andrea stammered.

"Just because your Dad is rich I get to stay behind with these animals?" Gabby screamed.

Gabby reached out and grabbed two handfuls of the front of Andrea's tank top. She pulled her towards her and then swung her arms out, flinging Andrea to the side. With strength flowing through her because of the rush of adrenaline Gabby then flung Andrea head first out to the center of the floor. Andrea flew a short way and then landed hard on her back. She felt the wind leaving her body, replaced by a deep ache in her stomach.

Gabby took advantage of Andrea's trouble and jumped on her, tearing at her shorts. She grabbed the sides and yanked them quickly down Andrea's powerful legs. Gabby heard another round of cheering explode as she exposed Andrea's black lace thong. She continued to move quickly, grabbing the sides of the thong and pulling it down to meet the shorts, gathered at Andrea's ankles. Gabby moved down and started pulling on Andrea's right sneaker. She felt it give way and she fell backward, landing on her butt, the sneaker flying away behind her.

The Master smiled as Gabby sat stunned for a moment, her ripe, beautiful breasts bouncing lightly on her chest. He loved all beauty and this creature sitting on his floor in her state of partial nudity was one of the most beautiful sites he had seen in a long time. What made her even more beautiful was the intense look of anger on her face as she climbed up to resume the attack on her fallen friend.

Andrea's pussy was now exposed to the room, causing quite a stir as the men stared at the generous patch of black hair covering such a young girl. Gabby grabbed Andrea's left shoe and yanked it quickly off. She was then able to rip off the shorts and thong, leaving Andrea nude from the waist down except for her little white anklet socks.

Gabby then jumped up on Andrea's chest and grabbed the bottom of her tank top. Andrea, however, was regaining her senses and took hold of Gabby's arms at the elbow. She pulled them out away from her body and then pushed up hard with her hips, throwing Gabby up and off her to the right. Gabby landed hard on her chest and face, her breasts and knees hitting the cold floor hard, leaving her chest on the floor and her ass up in the air.

Andrea took advantage and jumped up behind Gabby. She reached the side of the skirt and pulled, the zipper releasing quickly. She pulled the skirt down to Gabby's bent knees. Andrea then tore the pretty pink panties also to Gabby's knees. Andrea took both the skirt and panties and pulled hard. This caused Gabby's legs to straighten out and Andrea was able to slide the clothes all the way down Gabby's long legs and off of her feet.

Andrea stood up, breathing hard, and holding Gabby's skirt and panties in her right hand. She looked at her now naked friend. Gabby was slowly getting up on her hands and knees. She looked up at Andrea and her eyes were brimming with tears. She shook her head slightly back and forth, slowly curled up in a fetal position and began sobbing hard.

Andrea, overcome with guilt at what she had just done to her friend, knelt down to comfort Gabby. She did not get all the way down when she felt a hand under each arm, lifting her to her feet. She saw two black men lifting Gabby up in the same method. The Master walked up to her and looked at her body slowly from her head to her socked feet.

"Very nice job, princess." He said in a calm cool voice.

Andrea felt herself relaxing again.

"Now you get your chance to escape." He said.

Andrea looked up at him and asked "What do you mean? You said you would let the winner go."

The Master smiled again, "No, what I said was the winner would get a chance to escape. Now, here is your chance."

He turned slightly to his right and motioned towards a brown door. Standing in front of the door was a very large black man. Andrea recognized him as the driver of the limo that brought her here. He was looking at her, smiling with large white teeth, and rubbing between his legs. Andrea looked down and noticed he was rubbing something very large running down his right leg. She gasped when she realized what it must be.

"You see, sweetie, it's very simple." The Master began again.

"All you have to do is get through that door without Darrell removing the remainder of your clothes. Except for those adorable socks, we will leave them alone." He said.

Andrea screamed, "You bastard! You made me think I would get to go free!"

"I'm sorry, princess, but you didn't listen. And to think you brutalized your sweet friend all because of a misunderstanding." The Master said with a sweet smile across his face.

Andrea reacted quickly, her anger pulsing through her strong, young body. She pulled her knee up quickly, aiming it directly between the Master's legs.

Frank saw the young girl's knee begin to rise towards his Master's crotch. He tried to react but his brain could not send the signals fast enough. He felt frozen to the spot. He continued to stare at the confrontation and then saw the Master's left hand shoot down and grab the girl's knee while his right moved swiftly and made violent contact with the girl's nose.

Andrea did not see anything until she heard a loud crack and felt her nose break. Her head was thrown backward. She had bright lights flash across her eyes and then intense pain sunk into the middle of her face. Her head moved back forward and blood began to flow out of her nose and soak her white shirt. Blood was also starting to drip off of her shirt and run down her stomach and her pretty legs.

The Master lifted her chin with one finger and looked her directly in the eyes. "It is too bad that you do not want to accept your chance at freedom. Darrell is very disappointed. You will have to make it up to him."

Andrea choked on the blood that was also moving into her throat. She tried to look at him but her eyes were blurry with the pain and the tears that were forming. She saw him moving away from her and heard his voice.

"Prepare them for the ceremony." The Master spoke to the group.

A cheer arose and then men began to bustle about. A man moved to the wall and opened a panel. He flipped some switches and adjusted some knobs and then two cables began to lower from the ceiling. One cable came down over each girl. The cable was attached in two places to an iron bar. The bar had a strap attached to each end. One of the men standing near Gabby reached up and took hold of the bar. He reached for one of the straps as the bar stopped at the level of Gabby's chest.

The man took the strap and then began wrapping it around Gabby's left wrist. He pulled it tight and then fastened a buckle, securing her left wrist to the bar. He repeated the process with Gabby's right wrist. Her arms were now straight out in front of her. Andrea did not realize it but her arms were fastened identically to the bar hanging in front of her.

The bars began slowly rising and stopped when each girl's arms were outstretched above their head.

The Master spoke again, "Very nice, gentlemen. Lockport, since you were so skilled in gathering these two lovelies for us today your team will be first with our pretty little blonde."

Roger stepped forward, his chest rising with pride. He was smiling from ear to ear and he went to stand in front of Gabby. The Master started pointing and 4 men joined Roger. Roger looked back and saw two white guys, a hispanic, and a black man standing behind him. They were all huge and he suddenly felt very small. They walked up to him and began patting him on the back in congratulations. He again felt the rush of pride flow through his body.

The Master motioned for him to move forward. Roger stepped forward until he was directly in front of Gabby. Her head was lowered and she was sobbing softly. Roger motioned to the two men standing beside her and they each placed a hand behind one of her knees and lifted her legs up and apart. This caused Gabby's weight to drop fully on her arms and her head popped up with the feeling.

This caused the crowd to gasp, Gabby's beautiful face looked out at the crowd. Her perfect breasts were sitting high and proud on her chest and her long, tan legs were spread apart wide. Her virgin pussy was open and the crowd could see the bright pink of her inner lips. Her pussy was also shaved smooth, much to the crowd's pleasure.

Roger felt his cock get even harder at the sight before him. He pulled his zipper down and wrestled his rigid dick out of his pants. He moved forward slowly until the head was touching the smooth inner lips of Gabby's pussy. She flinched as she felt a man touch her where no one had before. Roger rubbed his cock around the inside of her open pussy and tried not to cum immediately. He pushed the head up and into her moist, warm opening. Gabby realized she was about to lose her precious virginity and the sadness exploded again in racking sobs.

Roger was very excited and proceeded to push slowly up into the young girl. His cock disappeared steadily into Gabrielle. He continued pushing until he felt an obstruction and stopped.

The Master spoke, "Have you reached her maidenhead?"

Roger looked around and said, "Yes, Master, I think so."

The crowd cheered again at this revelation. A virgin always made this ceremony much sweeter.

"Hold steady and drive through it swiftly." The Master said.

Roger held onto Gabby's precious thighs and drove his cock deep into Gabby's virgin womb. Her eyes popped wide open as an incredible jolt of pain raced deep through her loins. She felt like something was torn wide open deep within her. She dropped her head back and uttered a deep, guttural scream. Roger held himself buried within her and rode out her reaction. The violent scream broke Andrea out of her pain-induced trance and she looked to her left to see her best friend spread wide open and Roger Lockport standing between her legs. This sight caused a piece of Andrea's heart to break. What had she done to her friend?

Roger could not hold out any longer and began moving in and out of Gabby's deflowered pussy. He felt a warmth spreading over his dick and this caused him to pick up speed. He was now pounding her, causing her breasts to bounce on her chest. This pushed Roger over the top and he unloaded a large load deep within her. He held himself tight to her until his orgasm subsided and then slowly pulled out. His soft dick left her with an audible pop and it was covered in blood and cum.

He stepped back away from her, looking at her crotch now leaking a combination of blood and his seed. One of the white guys stepped forward and inserted his rock hard dick swiftly into Gabby. He was much bigger than Roger and this caused her to feel split open again. He was not as gentle and immediately began to ram himself in and out of her young cunt. Gabby let out another scream as her insides were now taking another beating.

Andrea was still watching the breaking of her friend when she sensed someone standing in front of her. She turned her head and tried to focus. The Master was standing there, smiling at her. He motioned to the two men holding her and they grasped the back of her knees and opened her up identical to Gabby. She felt her pussy lips open up to this man standing before her.

The Master smiled and stepped forward. Andrea felt something touch the inside of her lips and she could only assume it was his cock. He looked her directly in the eye and said:

"You have the honor, my princess, of accepting me as the first visitor to your sweet flesh." The Master whispered in her ear.

Andrea looked at him and whispered through blood- crusted lips. "Fuck You" she said clearly.

The Master's smile faded and he grabbed her thighs and unceremoniously drove 12 inches of hard, black meat deep into Andrea, ripping through her virginity and slamming hard against her cervix. Her head was thrown back and a violent, high-pitched scream exploded out of her mouth. She continued to scream as he furiously punished her crotch. He was pulling almost completely out of her and then slamming his entire length back in. He was very good as he could do this rapidly so it looked like a blur attacking the girl's open crotch.

The Master continued his fury for a full minute and then drove himself the deepest yet and held onto Andrea's ass, pulling her closer to him. He deposited many loads of his juice directly into her fertile insides. He pulled out quickly and walked away, her tortured pussy staying open for a short while before closing slowly.

The Master moved his arms, pointing to other men and a young man stepped in front of Andrea, backed up by 4 other men. He slipped his young cock into her warm depths and began sawing in and out of her. He was much smaller than the Master so Andrea did not even seem to feel any discomfort. As he kept up his rhythm, he reached up and raised her tank top up over her head and up her arms. He looked back down to her black lace bra. The lace was sheer so her nipples were slightly visible through the pretty material. The young man felt his orgasm race through his body and out his cock, flooding the young girl with more liquid.

One of the 4 men behind the young man stepped forward and started to pound into Andrea. Her pussy almost felt numb from the abuse and she felt as if they were just punching her in the stomach repeatedly. She turned her head to see Gabby, her head leaning backward, her legs spread wide open, being forcefully fucked again by a large black man. Her huge breasts were now bouncing violently on her chest as she was being hammered by a large black cock.

The Master looked at the ceremony. It was going well, young Lockport did a fine job of deflowering the pretty blond and he thoroughly enjoyed punishing the brunette bitch. They were just finishing the first round as the blond was on her fifth and last participant. The brunette seemed to be finishing her fourth participant and the fifth would begin shortly. He looked at her again and thought she looked quite cute with her pretty black lace bra still on and her little feet still encased in the cute white socks. It especially was cute considering Manuel was stepping up to her splayed open crotch, holding his large meaty cock.

He looked over and picked out the next two young potentials. He then pointed to 8 other men and they lined up behind each young man. He looked back over to see the blond now hanging from her hands. The men had let go of her legs and she was standing very uneasily with her head hanging down and her toes barely touching the floor. She was quite a sight, her full, young breasts jutting proudly from her chest, her long legs were covered in cum, rivers of it running out of her messy, swollen pussy.

Andrea saw the Hispanic man moving forward through her tear-stained eyes. He looked big and muscular. She realized her shoulders were starting to ache from supporting her entire weight and her legs were still being held open by the men standing beside her. The man was now standing between her legs and she sensed his cock starting to enter her pussy. She felt raw and swollen but she felt him slide in easily. She started to cry again when she realized that a man this large could enter her precious body with so little effort.

Manuel slid into the brunette and started to move slowly in and out. She was miraculously still rather snug considering 5 men had used her cunt before his turn. His job was simple, he was the last of his group and he had to make sure she remembered the group. He nestled comfortably between her legs, his large cock fully embedded in her young, tight body.

He looked directly into her eyes and saw the fear. He grasped the outside of her thighs and started to brutally fuck her. He heard the moist slapping as his body met hers. Her breasts were bouncing wildly up and down even though they were still encased in the black lace. He looked into her eyes and saw pain, he was doing his job.

The Master watched Manuel finish up the brunette's first round. He was ravaging the poor girl and her body looked like a rag doll under Manuel's powerful thrusts. He saw Manuel tense up and hold himself inside her, he was leaving his mark deep in her womb. He withdrew, the men holding her legs dropped them and she was now hanging similar to the blonde, her feet barely touching the floor.

The Master motioned to the man standing near the back wall. Another bar slowly lowered in front of each girl. This bar was slightly longer than the one which secured their hands but it also had a leather strap at each end. It lowered to waist level and the men which had been holding the girl's legs began fastening their ankles to the bar with the straps. They finished and the Master motioned again and the bars began raising.

Gabby squirmed against her bonds as she felt her legs rising into the air. As they continued to rise Gabby felt the pressure increase on her shoulders and arms. She felt like her arms were going to be pulled out of their sockets. Her legs stopped rising. Her knees were slightly above her head and her poor, aching body was now bent obscenely.

Andrea was in the same position and her arms were also screaming in pain. Unfortunately for Andrea her nose and face were swelling up and also contributing pain. Andrea raised her head slowly to look forward and see a blurry figure approaching her. She continued to watch him as he came closer, his face becoming clearer. She heard a voice to her right whisper in her ear.

"It's time to pay Darrell back for his disappointment, princess." The Master whispered.

"I am giving him the pleasure of being the first to open up that beautiful ass. Darrell is one of our best members. You should enjoy this... eventually." The Master said.

Andrea struggled helplessly when she realized her legs were spread wide open and this huge black man was walking forward to fuck her in the ass. A fresh set of tears escaped across her cheeks as she felt his hands run down her legs and grasp her ass. She felt something touch her between her legs. Her pussy was so sore she couldn't tell where he was. Suddenly she felt him slam himself deep in her swollen pussy.

Darrell was embedded in the brunette's cunt. God, she was hot! He was hoping he could hold on as long as he could when he got in her ass, but it would be difficult. He pulled out of her sloppy pussy, his dick now having sufficient lubrication to enter a virgin asshole.

He placed his head against her tight hole and looked into her eyes. He saw fear and panic. He chuckled a little. She was so high and mighty earlier, now she has a huge black dick poised to tear open up her tight little ass. Funny how things work out. He began pressing into her body. He felt her ass push against him, trying to keep him out.

Darrell proceeded to push into Andrea's ass very slowly. His eyes were locked onto hers, enjoying the look on her face as her ass took its first cock. His head was now completely in and he continued. He looked down and saw her young ass spreading unnaturally to accept his manhood. He continued to push slowly.

Andrea felt her head getting light and dizzy. Her pussy was sore and raw and now her ass was opening up to this huge black man. It felt as if her butt was being torn open. The pain was intense and sharp. Her mind was struggling to process the experience. She could feel it starting to shut down.

A smile crossed the Master's face as he watched Darrell spear this young piece of meat. He could sense she was shutting down. He reached over and touched her right nipple through her lacy black bra. He massaged it and it responded immediately by becoming a hard little eraser. He loved the female nipple, it was always honest and responsive to his touch, no matter what the attitude of its owner. He caressed the hard little nub for a while and then violently squeezed it between his fingers.

Andrea screamed as she felt her nipple being crushed. The fresh jolt of pain caused her body's process to start again. She felt her nose throbbing, her sore pussy aching, her arms and shoulders were now screaming, but all of this was small compared to the pain of this man now moving in and out of her ass. Her bottom was being torn apart slowly and painfully. She screamed again from deep within her ravaged body.

Darrell was now moving in and out of the young girl forcefully. She was incredibly tight but that was to be expected of one so young and tender. He was enjoying this immensely and he felt her tighten up as the Master woke her up with his touch. He grabbed her ass hard and began to speed up his thrusts. Now he would show this little white cunt her place. He pounded into her ass mercilessly for another minute and then sprayed his seed deep into her bowels.

Andrea felt a warmth in her ass and she figured he was cumming inside of her. Thank God, he was done. She felt him pull out and her ass remained open for a second and then slowly closed. She took a deep breath as the pain slowly subsided. She felt relief as she realized she had survived. Maybe they would now let her go. She saw someone else approaching her quickly and then felt another cock enter her asshole without ceremony and begin sawing in and out of her ass. Andrea closed her eyes and laid her head back to accept her fate.

Another young man approached Gabby and slid immediately into her moist pussy. He stroked in and out and then withdrew his now wet dick. He placed it at the entrance to her tender asshole. He looked at the Master, received his approval, and pierced the young girl's virgin ass. Gabby raised their head immediately and tried to scream. She made a high-pitched sound and then became silent with her mouth wide open.

Both boys started a smooth rhythm, in and out of the girls, paving the way for the rest of their group through smooth, tender flesh. They continued for another two minutes and each dumped their load. They withdrew and stepped back and the next men in line moved forward and started pounding the tender holes without mercy.

Andrea was now sobbing with a fresh, new pain. The pain of her ass being ripped apart was now overwhelming the pain in her shoulders and the pain emanating from her ravaged pussy. She felt her tears landing on her chests and running down to meet her bra. Gabby was close to losing consciousness, she could feel the man in her ass but everything was growing numb and blurry. She did not know how much longer she could stand this.

The Master was smiling brightly. He loved this part. Yes, young girls would react strongly when their virginity was torn away, but there was something about the first time their ass was opened up that was special. Both men did a great job of opening them up and now the rest of the chosen were completing the job. He looked over at Frank and nodded, yes, this was turning out to be a great initiation.

The two groups of men continued their work. Andrea was now taking her fourth cock in the ass and Gabby was working on her third. Their tender flesh was now red and swollen with large pieces of meat continuing to move viciously in and out.

Finally, the last man finished with Gabby and moved away. Her ass was now open and gaping, cum dripping out into a small puddle on the floor. Andrea was in the same condition, creating her own similar puddle. The Master motioned for Roger and the other potential to step forward. They did and 4 new men took their places behind them.

Roger stepped in front of Andrea and the other potential in front of Gabby. Roger motioned to the wall and Andrea's legs began to lower. They lowered enough for Roger to reach them and stopped. He removed the strap from her right ankle and then moved to the bar holding her arms. He removed the strap from her right arm and it dropped limply.

Roger stepped back to watch the leg bar moving back and up, causing Andrea to be suspended by her left arm and leg in a spread eagle position with her other two limbs hanging limply inches above the ground.

Roger moved to Andrea's head and took hold of her hair. He lifted her head to his waist and held her nose closed. Andrea instinctively opened her mouth to breathe and Roger shoved his hard cock deep into her mouth. Andrea squirmed as the last of her openings was now full of cock.

A fresh set of tears began to form in her red eyes as she felt Roger enter her throat. Two other men stepped up and took their places at Andrea's waist. The man in front of her embedded himself in her pussy and the man behind her speared her swollen ass. She was now hanging from the ceiling with three cocks buried in her body.

Gabby's legs and arms remained attached to the bars but her potential had lowered her arm bar until her back was level to the ground. Her head was hanging down with her long beautiful blonde hair flowing to the ground. The young man stepped up to her head, raised it in both hands and pushed his dick between her full lips. Gabby had lost all fight and accepted the invader to her mouth.

He continued to push until he saw the bulge in her neck. Another man stepped between Gabby's legs and inserted himself into her pussy and began his stroke. The men both began their stroking in and out of the helpless young girl.

The Master now was sitting and watching. Young Lockport had surprised him again with his creativity. Positioning the brunette to accept triple penetration was very good. He enjoyed watching her body bounce with three cocks moving in and out of her. The other potential did an adequate job, the blonde was now accepting another cock in her ass in addition to one in her mouth. Her breasts were beautiful as they moved with the rhythm. He relaxed in his chair and breathed a heavy sigh of success.

The multiple attacks on the girls continued until the other 4 men had deposited their loads in one of the girl's openings. All of the men stepped back and left the girls suspended. Their lips were now swollen also and cum was dripping out, soaking their hair. The puddle beneath each of them was growing with the fresh cum now leaking from between their legs.

The Master called up the four potentials. They moved in front of him.

"Gentlemen, I would like to make an announcement." The Master spoke to the crowd.

"First of all I would like to say that all four of our young potentials will be rewarded with membership!" He said.

The crowd erupted with applause. The four potentials hugged each other and exchanged handslaps.

The Master cleared his throat and the applause swiftly subsided.

"However, I would also like to announce that because of his superior performance today both before and during the initiation that Roger Lockport will be awarded with the Gold membership standing!" The Master said, now looking directly at Roger.

Roger stood frozen, he was now a Gold member. This was usually reserved for the most senior members and usually not awarded until after many years of service. He could not believe it.

The Master looked at him and spoke softly, "Young man, you have made possible today what I have to say has been the best initiation ceremony I have ever had the honor to attend. Your ability to produce such perfect specimens has enabled all of us to enjoy today."

The crowd erupted and Roger began to receive slaps on the back and general congratulations.

The Master raised his voice again to the crowd. "Omegas, enjoy yourselves!" He motioned over to the suspended girls. Several men moved over to the girls and started to enjoy their bodies. Andrea's bra was finally ripped off and her young breasts poured out. A man was pounding her mouth and he reached down to get a handful of her young tit. He squeezed it hard and felt it flow out between his fingers.

Gabby had two men inside her again and her young, sore body was bouncing again with their thrusts.

The Omegas continued their assault on the two girls well into the night until everyone was satisfied. The room emptied slowly until only the Master remained with the two girls suspended before him. They were a mess. Their faces were covered in cum and it was still leaking from their open mouths. Their hair was wet with sweat and cum and dripping onto the floor. Their breasts were bruised from the abuse. Between their legs, however was the biggest disaster. Both of their pussies were red and swollen. He could look up into their body through the huge hole that was just hours earlier a tight virgin pussy. Their assholes were also gaping open and leaking cum. Yes, this was quite a day.

The Master left the room and returned shortly, dragging a heavy machine. He rolled the machine over to Andrea. He reached down and turned it on and a deep rumbling came out of it as the engine started. He lifted up a long iron rod with a symbol on the end. The symbol was a circle with the letter "M" connecting to the inside of the circle. He reached down and grabbed a handle connected to a long hose. He hit the switch on the handle and a blue flame shot out. He held the end of the iron rod in the flame and watched the circle symbol begin to get red with the heat.

Andrea was on the edge of consciousness. She knew there was no one in her body. Her left arm was aching horribly and she felt sore and abused throughout her body. She heard a rumbling noise but it was ok because no one was touching her. She was starting to relax and wondered if her torture was over. Would they let her go or just kill her? She felt a hand touch her left thigh and run it gently a few inches from her pussy. She whimpered, please, no more, she thought. Her worst fears were realized when she felt the sensation of white light on her inner left thigh followed by a burning smell.

Andrea tried to scream but the only sound that escaped her lips was a gurgling noise as she choked on the cum still leaking out of her swollen throat. Her thigh was pulsing with white hot pain. She tried to move away from the pain but her limbs were numb and useless.

Perfect, the Master thought to himself as he stepped back and admired the brunette's new mark. She had a glowing red symbol approximately three inches down her left thigh. The circle and "M" symbols were clearly visible and she was now marked as an official Omega girl.

He turned to look at the blonde and her equally sensitive left thigh.

Gabby felt the pain. It felt like a light hitting her in the eyes. She wanted to respond but her body would not move. She tried to scream but her throat muscles did not respond. She was able to cry as the tears resumed flowing down her cum-encrusted cheeks.

The Master touched their faces gently and then left the room.

Darrell returned in an hour and lowered the girls to the ground and removed their arms and legs from the straps. Their bodies were limp and lying in the puddle of cum that had formed under them. The blonde's long hair was now completely saturated.

Darrel took hold of Andrea's right ankle. He dragged her towards the back door. Her arms were dragging behind her and her body was leaving a trail of cum along the floor. He reached the back door and drug her through it into the alley. He drug her across the pavement towards the black limousine and its open trunk. He lifted her by the arm pits and threw her roughly into the trunk.

He returned to the room and began to drag out Gabby. Her long hair flowed behind her also leaving behind a wet trail. He reached the back of the car, lifted her and tossed her on top of Andrea. He chuckled as he looked at the two abused girls. He remembered how fresh and lively they looked when they arrived at the club. Now he looked down to see two unconscious girls, covered in cum, and their mouth, pussies and asses swollen and red. Wouldn't that have made a good before and after picture.

Darrell closed the trunk, got in the car and drove to an alley across town. He parked the car and dumped the girls behind a full dumpster. He chuckled to himself as he looked back. Andrea was lying on her back with her legs bent at the knees and opened wide. He could almost look up her wide open cunt. Gabby had landed face down on the pavement. Darrell walked over to her and lifted her waist up until her knees were under her. He stepped back and laughed, her ass was now pointing up in the air. He got back in the car and left the alley.

Andrea woke up slowly and opened her eyes. Her face was turned and she was able to make out Gabby a few feet to her left. She tried to focus and eventually saw a dirty, raggedy looking man behind Gabby, thrusting into her. Gabby's face and breasts were being scraped along the pavement as the bum brutalized her from behind. Andrea tried to move but her arms did not respond and she could not feel anything below her waist.

As she tried to move she raised her head slightly and saw movement down by her legs. She raised her head more and saw a fat, scraggly black man between her legs. She raised her head a little more and realized he was fucking her. The sweat was dripping from his tangled hair as he moved back and forth. Andrea lowered her head and closed her eyes. She could feel a sob rising up from her stomach.

Andrea kept her eyes closed as the man continued his assault. He continued for seemed like hours. When would he finish, she thought to herself. She was broken from her trance by a warm sensation hitting her right cheek. She opened her eyes and turned to look to her right. She saw at least three men, standing over her, holding their dirty dicks and urinating into her face. She saw this only briefly until a stream of warmth hit her square in the eyes, blinding her.

She felt a gurgle in her stomach as the men continued to empty their bladders on the young girl's face. She felt the contents of her stomach moving up her throat and it exploded out of her mouth just as she heard the sirens. She heard the men scream and then they were gone. Her mind then shut down as the policeman knelt over her and touched the raw skin on her left thigh.

Prologue: Andrea sat on her bed, her mother next to her. She was crying again. She had done that a lot in the last few weeks. It had been four weeks since her ordeal and this was the first time that she was able to talk to her mother about it. Her mother dried her eyes with a tissue.

"It'll be ok, honey." Her mom whispered and held her close.

"Mom, I was raped by animals! How will it be ok?" Andrea shouted.

"Honey, they were not animals, they were Omegas." Her mom responded.

"What? You are defending them?" Andrea could not believe her ears.

"No honey, I am not defending them. I just meant that it will be ok because you will be taken care of." Her mom responded and stood up slowly.

Andrea looked up at her mom, "I don't understand. Everything is weird. You are talking as if this is normal. You and Dad convinced me not to press charges. Gabby is actually dating Roger Lockport. I just don't understand." Andrea lowered her head into her hands.

"Honey, I have to tell you something." Her Mom said.

Andrea looked up, "What?"

"Your father is an Omega."

Andrea heard the words but her mind refused to process them. Her father? What did that mean? Her mind continued to race until she noticed her Mom's hand raising the hem of her jumper. Andrea watched her Mom's legs coming into view as the hem moved slowly up her thighs. Her mind reached overload as her Mom's panties came into view and Andrea saw the small circle with the "M" emblazoned on her Mom's left inner thigh.



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