Life As Normal


Tom Krets came home from work one night, tired as hell and ready to go to sleep, as usual. He quietly thanked God, whatever God looked like, that they'd let him off of work early that day. He opened the door, put down his briefcase, got naked, and took a shower.

He didn't feel refreshed after his shower, just cleaner. Even more tired from the heat of the shower water, he went into bed and plopped down. As he sat there, he wished his wife didn't have a night job. He missed sleeping with her. But ever since their son was old enough to walk, she'd worked her night job so they could make ends meet.

That had been 14 long years ago. Cullen Krets--Tom's son--was now 15 years old. Tom secretly felt excited for the day he'd leave, so Camille could quit her job and be able to sleep with him again.


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