The Future


Luckily, they'd had enough evidence to prove that Tom's death was self-defense. The pension from Tom's job, his life insurance, his social security money, and what Camille's job got them was enough to get him buried properly and ensure them a comfortable life.

They only attended the funeral because it would look bad to not go. When Camille went up to the casket, she snuck in one of the pairs of underwear with cum on it into his casket and then turned away. Cullen stole the quarters over his eyes and replaced them with two Canadian pennies he'd found once.

When they were home together the next day, they snuggled up to each other and talked about how they thought the future would go.

"Do you think it will get harder when Tom's money runs out?" asked Camille.

"We'll always have each other, Mom. Even if we turn out poor, I'd rather be a beggar and be free to love you in our special way than to spend another minute with that asshole."

She sighed. "Yes, it would be better. But you know, now that we're free of him, we could see other people if we wanted to."

Cullen looked at her. "Do you want to see other people?"

"No, actually, I don't. Do you."

"Why should I want to see other people when I know that I love you beyond words?"

"Good point. But you know, if you live with me for the rest of your life, it could look weird."

"Screw what other people think! Our neighbors knew full well what was going on in our house, the situation we were in, and they did nothing. So I could care less what they think."

"Well, that's a good attitude to have. But aren't you worried about our relationship being found out? This fucking stupid society says it's illegal for mother and child to have this kind of relationship."

"Society doesn't know shit. Why should it matter what our relation is to each other, as long as we're both consenting? And I know I'm not an adult yet. I don't think that should matter either."

"But we could get in trouble. I'm not disagreeing with you, I'm just concerned."

"We'll just have to keep it a secret, then. We should be good at that. It was because of only one stupid mistake that we got caught by Tom. Luckily, he didn't reveal his address."

He looked at his mother again, more closely this time. "Mom, think about it. Society is obviously wrong. You and Tom thought you loved each other at first, and come to find out he was a controlling, abusive asshole. Any society that lets him do that to us without so much as a word to him about it, but freaks out when two people in love happen to be mother and child, is totally fucking stupid. So what if we get caught and they throw us in jail? It won't stop us from loving each other, and it just proves that they're heartless morons. Right?"

"Right, Cullen." She smiled and beamed suddenly, and gave him a big hug. "Oh, I'm so proud to have such a wonderful, nice boy for a son and a lover. I'm looking forward to our future together."

"Me too, Mom. Me too."

And mother and son, the two lovers, fell asleep in the couch together, snuggled up close to each other. And the Gods of Love rejoiced.

***the end***


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