Ms. Blake had been teaching for over 20 years and had never married. She had been married to her vocation of teaching which she had found totally satisfying. As for a relationship, she had never found a man who had attracted her or lived up to her expectations. She was no virgin and there had been a few casual affairs, but that is all.

However, she was now in her early 40 and realised that the clock was marching on. She really would like a child but there was no one on the horizon to father that child and she had been contemplating the IVF program. Fate was to intervene.

She was asked to fill-in for 6 months at a one-teacher country school in an isolated village. As a favour to the regional director she had agreed to take the 6-month placement in return for future accelerated promotion. She quickly settled into the job and relished the opportunity to run the school as she best thought fit.

There were about 35 students at the school from age 5 to 12 years. The 5 students in year 6, who were aged between 11 and 12 years, acted as 'class assistants'. As most of the students were the children of local farmers, they were more mature and independent than city kids.

One of the year 6 boys was young James. He was a brilliant student whose career was obviously going to be successful. He had a very easygoing likeable personality and was an excellent athlete. His father had a Latin background and his mother was from Sweden, so his looks were stunning. He was a young boy who had everything, yet he was modest and generous to a fault. A born leader she thought.

He proved to be her 'defacto' teacher's assistant so to speak. It was obvious also that he had developed a boyish crush on her. Ms. Blake had to admit to herself that although he was just a boy still a month off his 12th birthday, she had found herself indulging in pedophile thoughts of him when masturbating in her bed at night. It got so that she took every opportunity to touch this handsome young boy during the course of the day.

James had a nickname around the school from the older children of "horse" and she could not work out why, until one day she walked in on him accidentally in the bathroom. He was just finished urinating and was in the process of putting his cock back into his pants. Ms. Blake gasped aloud at the sight. His cock was massive thick and uncircumcised. It appeared to be about 8 inches long and was thicker than any cock she had ever seen. She thought it was the most beautiful male cock she would ever see. She wanted it in her pussy immediately.

This happened to be noon on a Friday afternoon. Ms. Blake found it very difficult to concentrate at all during class that afternoon and found her gaze automatically returning to that big bulge in James' pants between his legs, which somehow she had never noticed before. The phone rang. It was James' father who asked Ms. Blake if they could leave James with her for 2 or 3 hours after school finished today.

It looked like rain was on its way and they wanted to get the wheat harvest in before the rain set in. Ms. Blake saw that fate had intervened wonderfully and she agreed immediately. In fact she offered to keep him overnight and drive him out to the farm in the morning. His parents were happy at her 'generous' offer. She told James and he seemed pleased at the prospect of spending the night with his busty voluptuous '40 something' teacher.

As soon as all the kids had been picked up by their parents after school Ms. Blake took James into her small cottage that adjoined the school. She told him to take off all his clothes ready for a bath before dinner. She told him that he would be staying with her overnight because of the harvesting. She also told him he would have to sleep in her bed as the second bedroom was being repainted (which was a lie of course).

As he stripped so did she. Her huge DD tits with their massive nipples came into his view as he took off his underpants. She then removed her panties and her huge big pubic thatch was revealed. His 8-inch cock went into immediate erection. 'What an obscene wonderful sexual sight' she thought. Although of above average physique for his age, he was still an 11-year-old boy with an athletic but slim body. Yet... she watched in rapture as his huge fat cock went from swinging freely between his legs like a huge salami, his knob almost at his knees, then it pulsed and grew stiff, becoming a huge powerful thick 8" throbbing monster.

Pre-cum oozed out within seconds, his knob just touching the underside of his chest almost level with his nipples. "Oh James, we have to do something about that don't we" she gasped huskily. She fell to her knees and sucked on it greedily, cupping his massive balls at the same time. She was only able to get about 4 inches of that lovely monster cock in her mouth. He just groaned and grabbed the back of her head and started to fuck her mouth. But it was his sperm in her pussy she wanted, his sperm in her mouth could wait till later this night.

She stopped sucking him and carried him to the bed. She laid beside him and spread her thighs. She looked at his throbbing cock. God what a sight! Here was this 11-year- old virgin boy with his fine athletic physique and his flawless skin. Between his boys thighs though throbbed the largest piece of manhood she had ever seen. Below his cock pulsed the biggest pair of balls she had ever seen, they would indeed not shame a horse she thought. He was a pure fucking sperm stallion and she was about to be his first mare.

She knew that it was wrong, that it was dangerous and that she could go to jail, but she didn't care. She knew that any woman who was placed in this position with this tasty piece of virgin boy would not be able to resist. She wanted him and she hungered for that cock to be filling her wet cunt and unleashing its virile load of cream and making the baby she so desperately wanted. Fuck IVF, this was better.

"Get that cock in here now baby, put it into Ms. Blake's big hairy pussy. Give me a baby in my cunt little darling. Fill Ms. Blake's cunt with your man juice. Fill me up now." He leapt between her thighs like a wild animal and thrust his fertile sperm monster into her with one powerful thrust. She felt every glorious centimetre of his hard throbbing cock as it slid down her warm wet love tunnel. He then fucked her hard and furious.

She cried out, "Oh yes, yes, sperm me boy, sperm me, fill my cunt with your fertile seed." He was grunting and groaning and repeating over and over, "Oh, so nice, oh Ms. Blake it is so nice, oh Ms. Blake it's so nice, so nice."

"Yes baby, I've got a nice big hairy cunt and it's all for you. You can do anything you like with it; it is all yours to play with. Come baby, come and suck my big titties while you root my hairy wet cunt."

And he did. His soft full young mouth hungrily suckled on both her enormously erect and sensitive nipples. "C'mon baby fuck mommy harder, fuck and suck me hard and fill me up with your lovely pure sperm."

"Oh Ms. Blake, I'm gonna blow, I'm gonna blow!" he cried out. "Do it baby, do it. Pump all of that fresh pure young sperm out of your virgin cock and balls and fill up this hot old pussy with your seed. Make a baby in me, make a baby in me, please, please!"

He cried out "Arrgggghhh! I'm cumming! ...cummmmming...nnnggghhh...cuming now....ooohhhh."

A gallon of fertile cream gushed out and filled her with baby making sperm. For almost a minute his huge throbbing cock spurted rope after rope of thick white spunk, each gush containing millions of sperm...fertile sperm. She knew immediately that he had impregnated her with a wonderful child, the child she needed. Within 10 minutes he was hard again. She engineered him into a 69er position and commenced to clean his cock of his excess spunk.

Without even prompting he lowered his face into her huge wet hairy cunt and cleaned her up, tasting the combined sex juices of both of them just as Ms. Blake was tasting on his throbbing beauty. He immediately liked the taste and fed on her cunt with lustful frenzy. She couldn't stop. Her orgasm was fast approaching as was his. She could only hear his muffled warning as he was suckling on her hair pie with lusty urgency. She replied in similar muffled groans warning him of her imminent orgasm. They came together in each other's mouths.

The volume of his spunk surprised her, considering he had just spurted 10 minutes earlier. She swallowed fast as his thick almond tasting cream gushed into her thirsty mouth, but still thick trails of spunk oozed out the corners of her mouth and onto his large silken haired balls. Ms. Blake herself was a female ejaculator on occasion. James' suckling of her clit and cunt lips taken her to a peak orgasm and this time her pussy spurted a strong thick gush of cunt juice as each wave of pleasure exploded in her pussy. James did not know what it was, but it tasted like honey so he was sure it wasn't urine. He gratefully and lustfully drank of her hairy gushing cunt.

Ms. Blake had never known how virile these young boys are. He never seemed to go soft for more than 15 minutes. They could not keep their hands, mouths and sex organs off each other fro the rest of the night. He fucked her and dumped a huge load of cream into her eager pussy another five times that night. She could have pregnant 10 times over she thought.

They managed another 3 fucks in the morning before she took him home. On the way out to the farm James had his hand up her dress and was finger fucking her with 4 fingers all the way out to the farm, a good 20 minute drive. She managed to jack him off just as they approached the house, bending over his spurting cock and swallowing his 4th huge load of the morning just as she pulled the car up beside the farmhouse.

She was wiping some of his cream away with the back of her hand as James' mother emerged from the house to greet them. James' mother said "Oh, thank you so much Ms. Blake for taking him last night." Ms. Blake responded; "It was a pleasure, he can cum with me anytime" and she winked at little James who blushed bright red (but his cock gave a little twitch which she noticed).


After that she fucked him three times a day, Monday to Friday and sometimes on the weekend. Ms. Blake went out of her way to befriend his mother in order to get her daily fix of little James' big sperm spurting cock. This went on for the next 2 months until term ended just before Christmas.

Ms. Blake went back to the city and no one in that little village ever saw her pregnant, except for James. Because his mother trusted Ms. Blake so implicitly she let him visit Ms. Blake every second weekend in her city apartment, to give him special tutoring to prepare him for high school. James' parents eventually found out about Ms. Blake's pregnancy, but they were led to believe she had gone on the IVF program with an anonymous sperm donor.

Little did they know that their little boy was donating the sperm freshly with big hot spurts out of the eye of his sperm hose. The only tutoring he got was in improving his lovemaking. He marvelled at Ms. Blake's growing belly, the product of his sperm spray. She was carrying twins.

Six months into her pregnancy she began to lactate immensely. James spent many an hour suckling on those big DD tits which had now enlarged to glorious firm EE tits. He got into the habit of drinking the milk that would soon be fed to his child, whilst rooting with powerful thrusts into that wet warm hairy cunt that was forever tempting his hard young cock.

He went on to sire another set of twins with Ms. Blake within 12 months, but none of her friends or family could ever work out who the father was. No one ever suspected little innocent 12-year-old James.



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