Annie watched the spread-tied girl's narrow hips thrash as the young victim tried futilely to kick her legs free. Her open-legged struggle caused her pussy to "dance" above the bed delightfully. Annie reached out and grabbed a thatch of the girl's pubic hair, pulling her upward by it until the girl tore her hips away.

Meanwhile Julie pinned the girl's shoulders down and buried her face in the girl's left breast, sucking voraciously as if she could force milk from it. Her free hand plucked the girl's right nipple upward, and then slapped beneath the breast several times to make it jiggle.

Annie, her eyes shinning as she watched the girl's jerking pussy, undressed herself in delicious anticipation. She rubbed the fingers of her right hand in the juiciness between her own legs, as her left hand forced the helpless girl's hips down to the mattress. Her right hand then spread the girl's pussy open and began rubbing rapidly up and down within the helpless vagina. Annie was forceful, determined to make the girl cum instead of allowing her to withhold herself.

Her mouth muffled by a gag and covered with tape, the helpless girl could only moan "Mmm! Mmm! Mmm," in panicked frustration while Julie's mouth made deliberately loud sucking sounds on the girl's nipples.

"Be good, be good, be good," Annie said, stroking coaxingly between the girl's legs, speaking mostly to hear all three of them making sex sounds together. She pressed her fingertips on the girl's clit, knowing that her insistent rubbing was causing the girl both discomfort and compulsion. "I'm going to make you cum," she said, speaking at the girl's pussy.

Five minutes of vigorous but experienced effort brought the girl to orgasm, her resistance suddenly ending and her body yielding to climactic spasm, her moans becoming louder, and then silenced. Annie yelped and shrieked with delight, and continued her persuasion until she'd forced several more orgasms from the girl.

As cum juice flowed freely from between the girl's now- quiet legs, Annie and Julie looked at one another across their victim's body and grinned with delighted victory. Annie held her hand before Julie to show its wetness; Julie took Annie's hand and licked her fingers lovingly. The two women embraced and made love while lying naked on top of their captive girl. Julie moaned, "I love you, I love you," and Annie yelped and screamed in ecstatic orgasm while the girl cried quietly beneath them.

Julie had been so timid when they'd first met. She was married then--still was, technically--but her sex life with her husband had become non-existent. She'd played around with a few men, but found that she lost interest in each of them quickly. Then, without any prior experience with other women, she'd been adventurous and answered Annie's Internet Personals ad:

Fem master for sub Fem. 28-yo fem, fit, brown hair and eyes, seeks soft little obedient sex slave who simply can't give herself enough pleasure alone.

Upon their first meeting Annie made Julie prove herself, having her masturbate to climax repeatedly and then beg Annie for sex between times.

Julie fell deeply in love with Annie, and soon learned that Annie's passion lay in Julie's unquenchable compliance. Keeping Annie's love depended upon Julie cumming whenever asked, as often and for as long as Annie desired. The demand for her sexual availability helped Julie feel completed as a woman. From then on few hours went by during any day without Annie calling Julie's cell phone to listen to her be good.

Within a month Julie had left her husband and moved in with Annie, to willingly spend her life with her fingers almost constantly between her legs.

Annie was an artist who worked at home, drawing illustrations for lesbian publications. She made Julie quit her job in order to be available all day long and to be a muse for Annie's artwork. Together their life was very happy.

Julie had constant sex, often given with her own fingers, but always for Annie's loving appreciation. She was forbidden to masturbate without Annie there to see her, and soon any prolonged absence by Annie became tortured frustration for Julie.

When Annie repaid Julie by giving her pleasure it was heavenly. Annie encouraged Julie to talk continually during sex, describing her feelings of arousal and sharing her fantasies and her most intimate secrets, which Annie learned to apply with expert skill.

Annie touch Julie's body often, almost constantly, and she loved being touched. They slept in one another's arms each night, faces close enough to kiss, with a hand upon each other's breasts. During sleep Julie's other hand lay cupped between her own legs, put there by Annie, who at any moment might awaken her with a touch that said it was time for Julie to be good again.

"Do you like this one?" Annie asked Julie one day after they'd been together for about a year. Annie put a hand on Julie's shoulder, caressing her neck, and felt Julie's left breast as she showed her a drawing of two women whipping a third, who appeared to be unwillingly dildoing herself.

"Ooh, that's exciting!" Julie answered.

"Show me that it excites you," Annie demanded.

Annie led Julie into their bedroom, where their much- used daytime "sex sheets" were already spread to protect the bed. Julie removed her nightie, which was her daywear at home when Annie was around. Lying down upon the bed, she took a medium-sized vibrator, spread her legs open toward Annie, and began coaxing herself.

Annie removed her artist smock and other clothes and caressed Julie's pretty nipples, saying nothing as she listened to the slender blonde's breathing quicken into moans, accompanied by her usual quiet narrative, "Oh I love it just like this; just kissing my clit, just the tip entering my pussy and pressing upward..."

Annie made Julie play for a long while, kissing and caressing her, watching her while she moaned in desperation and plaintively cooed "Please, please, please." Annie touched and held Julie, smiling lovingly as she looked at her, but this time she did nothing to aid Julie's acts. She was in one of her like-to-watch moods. Julie was deep in passion and desperation when Annie finally let her cum.

"I love you, I love you, I love you!" Annie taught Julie to say that when she came, instead of simply moaning or saying oh god.

"Where you thinking about the drawing?" Annie asked afterward, one finger slowly teasing within Julie's pussy.

"Uh, huh," Julie said, indicating yes as she touched Annie's nipples, reassured to find them as aroused as they appeared to be. Julie wanted desperately to please Annie and be loved by her. She lay back and closed her eyes as Annie brought her to a second, most excellent climax.

Annie kissed Julie's sweet lips, and then kissed her way down Julie's body, swinging her legs over Julie's face. Annie was much harder to bring off than Julie was. She moaned appreciatively for long minutes, and then began yelping, biting fiercely within Julie's left thigh and leaving red marks. The harder she bit the more delightedly she yelped, but eventually she quieted, and then snuggled her head against Julie's loins peacefully.

"You didn't cum this time, did you?" Julie asked afterwards.

"You know it's not easy for me," Annie apologized, "unless I'm really aroused. I'm so envious of what you can do."

She kissed Julie right on her clit, which was Julie's favorite thing and a rarely-bestowed treat.

"You can use me as much as you like," Julie offered. "I love you Annie, and you can use my body however you need to."

She knew that Annie sometimes had to hurt her in order to orgasm. Julie's body showed a few lash and rope burns, small love marks that would eventually heal. Lately Annie needed to be rougher in order to cum.

Annie kissed Julie lips, excusing herself, saying, "I love you very much Julie. I've go to go finish some artwork."

Over the next week Annie showed Julie more artwork depicting two women torturing a third. One picture showed a woman hanging from the ceiling by her long hair, her fingers frantically masturbating between her forced-apart legs as she dangled inches above the cruel point of a spear.

"I love cumming for you," Julie said, after looking at the drawing for a while. "I want to always be the one to do it for you."

"Nobody could do it better than you," Annie said, kissing her. They had sex again, leaving Julie with fresh bruises, but Annie held herself back and again she didn't orgasm.

Annie's next sketch showed a woman fastened spread- eagle upon a wall, with pins through her nipples and chords on the pins that held her heavy breasts up against their own weight. A candle was inserted into her vagina, the flame burning inexorably upward toward her, while two girls, ignoring her plight, had passionate sex on the floor before her.

"Does she ever get off the wall?" Julie asked?

"If she agrees to join them," Annie replied.

"Is this for your job, to illustrate a story?"

"No, it's just some ideas I've been having," Annie said.

"I wouldn't want the girl to have a bigger chest than me," Julie said. She started to feel her own chest.

"I love your beautiful chest," Annie told her, and they retired to the bedroom again.

The next sketch was of a younger, twenty-ish girl, her breasts smallish and firm with youth. She was tied to a bed, crying and fatigued. Her thighs and the sheets beneath her were soaked, and still a slender blonde woman dildoed the girl insistently. A darker-haired woman knelt on the bed and masturbated as she watched.

"I like this picture very much," Julie said, after studying it carefully. "Do you think the brown haired woman would cum if she saw the girl being raped by the blonde?"

"Oh, yes!" Annie said, "she'd have wonderful cums. She wants to see her lover being cruel to a sub-slave."

"This is very arousing," Julie said, looking at the drawing again, "Yes, I like it. How do you think the girl got lured into it?"

"Let's see what ideas you can come up with," Annie suggested.

They went into the bedroom together, and shortly afterward Julie's sex-breathy voice could be heard speaking in gasps while Annie coaxed, "Good, good; keep coming with the ideas. What would we do after that?"



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