The whole experience was devastating. My wife and father were dead and my son was in a coma after the car accident. My wife and son had picked up my father at the airport. You might think poorly of me but my father and wife being dead was not at all what concerned me. It was my sixteen-year-old son, Jack, who mattered.

My wife and I stayed together for appearances and I have always hated my father. But my son would have carried on the family name. OK I admit it. I did not know my son very well. I did not know who his friends were or what things interested him. I had always worked too much and had my little flings with various ladies, which pretty much kept me occupied.

Now with my son in a coma and the doctors unsure if he would recover, I knew I had made a mistake with life in regards to my son. He was only 5'8" but he was in very good physical condition. The doctors said that is why he had survived. He had straight brown hair and green eyes. He looked like he was sleeping, to look at his face you would think nothing was wrong with him. I had come to the hospital everyday for two weeks straight, hoping he would recover.

The last day I had planned on seeing him before returning to work was a Sunday evening. As bad as this may seem I had given up hope with the advice of my doctors. That night, I was going to pull the plug on my last surviving family member. I remember holding his hand and saying please forgive me.

When I felt his hand squeeze mine. I was so excited that I was about to run and grab a nurse when I felt a sharp pain in my chest. I was unable to stand and I could hardly breathe. Then strangely I was looking up at myself holding my own hand. Then everything went black.

I was in confusion when I woke up. I actually felt better than I had my whole life. I had not noticed before but my breathing had been labored before. But now it was almost a pleasure to breathe and my vision was so clear and sharp. I did not know what had happened but damn I felt like a new man. I could see I was in a hospital and I was in a hospital gown. I must have had a heart attack I thought to myself as I got up to use the toilet. Once I had relieved myself, I got the biggest shock of my fifty-seven years.

It was not my face I was looking at; it was my sixteen- year-old son's. I sunk down on to the bathroom floor and was in shock. I ran my hand over my son's face and tried to understand what was happening. I thought this was either a nightmare or a dream come true. For a moment I thought I was crazy. A nurse came in to the room and said Jack or you OK. She was kneeling over me as she turned my face towards hers. Jack she said everything will be all right, let us get you back to bed. Once the nurse helped me back to bed, I immediately went back to sleep.

The next week in the hospital was a whirlwind of craziness. It became clear that some how I had switched minds with my son. I battled with telling someone that whole week but ultimately decided that they would think I was crazy. The doctor told me about my mother (wife), my father (me) and my grand father (father).

I was so confused about what had happened that I do not know how I reacted. I did not know what happened to my son. Did he die when my body did? Was he already gone when I took his place? The latter is what I had hoped. I mean if he were not already gone then if I had pulled the plug, like I had planned, I would have killed him.

I guess, I was just trying to justify my new lease on life. I ignored the fact my son had squeezed my hand before I took his place. Once I had decided that he was already gone when we switched things became easier. Well pretty easy, I had set up a trust fund for Jack, which was not much but with the money my father had left to Jack was staggering. The major problem was that Jack would only have access to 20% of his trust until he was eighteen. Jack would get another 20% when he turned eighteen and at twenty-one he would have gotten the rest.

The money I had left him would have gotten Jack a good head start but with my father's money he would be set for life. OK, I would be set for life. Jack was also to be taken in by my long time friend Mark and his family. That would be strange, seeing my friend through my son's eyes.

Mark lived in California so my son's friends would not be a problem, I would just avoid them until I was sent to Mark's care. It was surprisingly easy to assume my son's identity. It was strange watching my body lowered into the ground to it final resting-place. The fresh graves of my wife and father were also a surreal experience.

If there was a perfect way to start over this was it. I was the last surviving member of the family. I easily avoid my son's friends for the week it took me to get sent to California. The only thing I took from my house that was not my son's was my address book. I could leave the rest behind; it was better to make a clean break, I thought. I have often wondered if it was cruel to avoid my son's friends but it was much easier for me. Well that was important, making it easy on me.


When I arrived at the airport, I was not met by Mark but by his twenty-six year old daughter, Molly. It was clear she was not happy to pick me up. Still, I was glad she did. Molly was a good-looking woman. When I was in my old body, Molly was the type of younger woman I went after.

The problem for me was, now I was a young man. I did not know how to talk to girls without clout as the boss or being well to do. Anyway, Molly was a petite woman with hair that was brown streaked with blond. She had a nice figure, nothing overt but a nice bust and a round ass wrapped in tight jeans and a blue t-shirt.

Molly was not talkative on the ride to Mark's house. I was a little nervous. When I was an older man, I never had a problem controlling my erections. Jack's body was pumping with hormones, which caused me to have a constant erection around Molly. What was kind of amusing was it was Molly's smell that was the source of the arousal.

As soon as we had gotten into the car I was overcome with a light but an intense fragrance. Before, I never got excited by a woman who so obviously uninterested in me. I guess I had forgotten about the true trials of being a teenager.

Molly gave me a tour of my new home when I arrived. I think I understood what had caused her to be unhappy with my arrival. The place I was to live was the pool house; I am pretty sure Molly had to move back to the main house. The nice thing about the pool house was it was like an apartment. It had a kitchen and a living room and the bedroom was on the second floor.

The pool house was pretty Spartan; the living room had a large couch and a huge big screen TV along with an accompanying entertainment system. The bedroom had a king-sized bed and that was it. The kitchen had no table in fact there were no tables in the pool house. I was happy that there were some linen for the bed and towels

I learned that Molly still lived at home, in the main house, even though she had a good job at advertising company. Molly stayed at her father's (Mark) house to help take care of her little sister. I am imagine if someone had taken things from the pool houses it was Molly. I also found out that Mark was divorced, which I had not known before. Mark also was rarely home and he would not be home to greet me until at least July, a month from now.

Something did become clear to me then. Mark had figured away to get ten thousand dollars a month from my (Jack's) trust. At the time, it seemed that Mark would use the money to care of his monthly expenses. Upon reflection it was clear that Mark never had any intention of taking care of my kid (Jack).

Maybe I am being a little harsh. Mark did make sure that Jack could not take all the money out of the accounts at once. Mark set up a stipend, weekly, for me ($2,500). If I wanted more money I would have to make a proposal to my trust advisors. If I cannot convince them then I cannot have the extra money. The danger in my mind is that this agreement extended to my final release date at twenty-one. The only thing that made me at ease at this point was that it was my lawyers, trust advisors, and not his.

Once molly had shown me the garage for the pool house with the BMW, which was to be my transportation. Molly had all she could take. I at first tried to hide the fact that I was aroused by Molly but by the end of the tour I did even care. One thing, I learned in my business adventures was that hiding things made people nervous or dangerous. Molly gave a smirk and only gave my condition a smug little laugh.

I had planned on avoid using my contacts until I understood what was going to happen at my new residence. Well this desire to fuck Molly let me know right away that I had to have a release. That was one of the reasons I took my address book. I made a call to a company that I knew in California. They imported some girls from other countries to take care of special needs.

I was in special need. I really wanted a girl that looked like Molly. This would be a short notice call, so I probably would be limited by who they had available. I called the company, and asked for a young looking woman that was at least twenty-one years old. I used the codes that identified me as a good customer.

After ordering my release for the night, I called a beverage service. I had been use to having a drink anytime I wanted but now being a teenager; it was a little harder to get alcohol. My idea was to get the girl I ordered for the night to sign for the alcohol when it came. I was feeling pretty happy with myself when the first knock came at my door about an hour later.

The young lady at my door was from the Philippines. Anna, the escort's name, was wearing tight red jeans and a white tank top. Her skin was incredibly dark and she had long shiny black hair. Her body was slim, she had almost no breasts, but her ass was to die for. Anna looked so young, I could swear she was fifteen at the most. I guess when you say young these days it means teenage. Ironically, the first thing Anne said was you are a young one aren't you. Probably not as young as you think, I responded.

When I told her she had to sign for a delivery she got a little suspicious. I quelled that by telling her that she had to remove all the make up she was wearing after she had signed for the delivery. That was only thing that really disappointed me about Anne. She had glittery blue eyeliner and way too much other colored crap on her face. One thing about escorts that I had learned from past experience was they would take you where they wanted to go, if you let them. You had to take control immediately, or you might be suckered into something less than satisfying.

I do not suggest that you should be abusive, only let them know you have done this before. I guess Anna interpreted my demeanor as someone who knew the game. I was actually having a hard time. This girl was a fuck toy and she was mine for the night. I was having a hard time not ripping her clothes off and fucking the shit out her. Again, these teenage hormones were going to be something that needed to be put under control. Otherwise, I would be hard pressed to take advantage of my new opportunity. Anna did sign for the delivery and even had to show her ID.

After we had loaded the ten cases of beer into the garage and the bottles of JD, JB and the WT into the kitchen cabinets I was ready to go. I loaded one the cases of Samuel Adams into the refrig and poured myself a Jack and coke. Like I said I was feeling pretty confident at this time. I told Anna that she needed to wash that make up off her face. I was nice and comfortable on the couch when she came out with a freshly scrubbed face. Without makeup, Anna looked even younger. She was not stunning but she had that cute look that young Asians have.

I directed her to my crotch with a wave of my wrist. Anna immediately moved between my legs and let loose my pants. Her tiny brown hands were cool on my already throbbing penis. She wasted no time and engulfed the head of my member. What surprised me was that I almost instantly shot off in her mouth. The pleasure was a shock, I was use to last a lot longer than this. As I convulsed in orgasm, I held her head tight against my spurting penis.

When I had finished shooting off in Anna's mouth she must have felt like she was in control. Anna had swallowed ever drop but I was not finished. It was an intense feeling to force her head further down my penis. My still hard penis, thankfully, push even deeper into her mouth. It was not until this moment that I realized Jack's penis was if not much longer that it was much thicker.

Anna's brown face looked so very small with her lips wrapped around my shaft. To maintain my illusion of control, I moved Anna's head up and down my cock. Anna was no amateur; she quickly adapted to my rhythm and was using her tongue effectively on the underside of my shaft.

As much as I was trying to maintain control and even with just only ejaculating minutes before, I was again shooting off into Anna throat. I lost count of how many times I bucked my hips into her face, spurting my sperm into Anna stomach. This time my penis began to shrink with in her mouth and her continued sucking was overloading my senses.

I released Anna's head and she slowly let my penis pop from her lips. She looked up with her lovely brown eyes and smiled. I almost laughed but smiled back and said go brush your teeth. I smacked her ass as she got off her knees. She shook her delicious ass as she went to the bathroom looking over her shoulder to make sure I was looking. When she was finished I told her to fix herself a drink.

Anna and I relaxed on the couch watched some TV. I like to cuddle and was nice to have this little hottie next to me. It was less than ten minutes with me fondling her tight little ass and I was hard again. I was not going to look a gift horse in the mouth and started working Anna up for another round. I felt truly like a sixteen-year-old boy. In the past if I wanted to perform this much this fast I would have needed to use some kind of stimulate.

It was crazy; my hands were running all over her body and I jamming my tongue down her throat. Believe me when I tell you this was not like me. I had always tried to have a calmer approach, more of a slow seduction even with an escort. Anna was not put off with my new style of foreplay. Anna returned my kisses and was squeeze my thick cock through my pants.

I was clearly over excited. I spun Anna off the couch pushing her on to her hands and knees. I struggled to undo her jeans and rewarded with Anna wiggling her ass to help me pull down her red jeans. I did not even wait to remove Anna's jeans. Once I exposed her brown round ass I put my face into it. I admit, it was a bit awkward to lick her little pussy but I was not thinking very clearly. I used my thumb to probe Anna's already wet pussy. Man, I said you are one hot piece of ass. Anna's only response was to moan under my manipulations.

Again, my new teenage needs overcame me. I pulled my cock from the confines of my pants and lined up the head with Anna's wet snatch. I do not remember when the last time I was so excited. I pushed my way into the steaming hot lips of Anna's pussy. With just the head entering caused us both to gasp. I pulled Anna's hips towards me, positioning her so her ass was on her knees and her belly was on her thighs.

I pushed all the way into the panting Anna; it was gloriously hot, wet and tight. With my hands on her hips, I was thrusting like a maniac in no time. I was pleased that Anna was grunting and groaning along with me because I know I was not using any of my past sex experience. It was purely animal energy that was driving me into Anna. I told Anna to look at me so I could see the expression on her face while I pumped in and out.

I focused on the way her face changed each time I rammed on. It was then that I heard a gasp behind me. I looked over my shoulder as I continued to fuck Anna. I was a little surprised to Molly, a cute teenage girl with short black hair and a hot Latino woman in her early twenties with open mouths. I could not stop fucking Anna, my body was on automatic pilot until it was satisfied. I am pretty sure that stopping would not of helped defuse the situation anyway.

Molly yelled something about locking the door and that I was a pig. The Latino woman just smiled and the teenage girl watched Anna and I rutting like beasts with obvious interest. Molly turned around and headed towards the door, dragging the teenager along with. The teenager and the Latino woman both watched Anna and I until they haphazardly left the pool house.

This new excitement pushed me over the edge and with a few more strokes was pumping semen deep into Anna's tight channel. I not sure if Anna came during our little tryst but she definitely thrashed around enough that I was sure she had a good time. I continued thrusting into Anna until I finally slipped out of her. I collapsed beside her and Anna said boy was that intense.

We both laughed as I pulled Anna on to top of me.

Continued... (?)


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