I assembled the girls in the dugout and laid out my rules on practices and my expectations for the coming season. I had only 3 Freshman, so that made it easier to know where to position the players from the previous year. Luckily I only had Right and Left fields to fill before our first game.

The first practices were mainly running the bases and laps. This is where you lose the players who really don't want to be there! Surprisingly. all 14 girls stuck it out, even when I pushed them a little harder than usual last practice. I had little talent to speak of, but they gave me their best effort, and that's all a coach really wants.

My favorite player was my Catcher, Annie. Barely 5 feet tall and maybe 95 lbs (maybe less), she was a feisty bundle of energy and guts. At 16, this was her Junior year, and I was impressed with her devotion to the game. What surprised me most was Annie was a beautiful girl who turned heads wherever she went; yet she chose to play the position that is the dirtiest one in the game.

Anyone who has ever coached girls knows that there are always going to be a few Prima Donnas who would rather dodge a line drive than risk breaking a nail! Annie thrived on the game however, and sometimes I had to calm her down if she struck out or hit the ball weakly.

One week before our first game, Annie chased a foul ball and pulled up in pain. I told her to hit the bench and I wrapped practice up soon after. I was loading the bats and helmets up when I noticed all the girls had left except for Annie. She was still in the dugout, staring at the ground in silence. I walked over and sat beside her and asked what was wrong. "It's my back coach. It hurts pretty bad!" she said in a low voice.

"What is wrong with it? Did you injure it before?" I asked.

Annie raised her head and looked at me, her blue eyes seeming to search mine before she spoke. "I hurt it having sex, but I've only had sex with one boy so please don't think I'm a slut." she blurted out. Her cheeks blushed bright red and her eyes quickly turned away from mine. "I can't believe I just told you that!" she said.

I managed to maintain my composure and said "Well, other than telling you that you're to young to be having sex, the next thing I need to do is find out how to make you feel better."

I told Annie to go home, get cleaned up, and come over to my house after dinner. "Wear some loose fitting clothing, because you will be doing a lot of stretching," I told her as I returned to gathering up the equipment.

I had some knowledge of back injuries, and knew the best way to treat them was a series of exercises combined with hot and cold treatments.

At 7:00 that night, Annie arrived and I invited her in and told her to have a seat while I finished the dishes from my dinner. I couldn't help but notice what a striking young woman she was. Her long brown hair was usually pulled back in practice, but now it flowed down over her shoulders. As instructed, she had worn a loose sweatshirt with the sleeves cut out, and shorts that were baggy. I moved the coffee table to the side of the living room and had her lie down on her stomach.

I lifted and moved her legs in a series of exercises, then massaged her back. I then placed a heating pad on her lower back and told her to relax for about 15 minutes. "That feels sooooo good coach!" Annie said in a purring little voice. "That's great kiddo," I replied. I prepared an ice bag and when it was time I changed the heat to the cold.

Then after that had been applied long enough, I had her roll over onto her stomach and began the leg lifts, which were basically my lifting her leg straight up into the air with my shoulder and pushing it up to her chest. As I slowly raised her leg up, I would go a little higher each time until her muscles loosened up. When I got her leg as high as her chest, I noticed that her loose shorts had fallen open as they were bunched up by the leg lifts.

I saw the sides of her pink panties and I felt a gasp escape from somewhere inside me as my eyes glued themselves to her underwear. After 10 good reps, I switched to her other leg, and fortunately her panties stayed hidden this time! The last stretch was to place both of her legs over my shoulders and then lean into her until both of her legs eventually stretch back to nearly over her shoulders. This looks sexual, but I had no intentions of it being that way.

Once again, I lifted only a little at a time, making sure to tell her that if it hurt to let me know. I lifted higher until her feet were nearly touching the floor behind her head. At this point, our groins were pressed together for a few moments, and on the last stretch I swore she ground her hips into mine briefly.

The exercises over, I offered her a Gatorade and told her she needed to continue the heat and ice treatments at home, not come to practice the next day, and return for more stretching tomorrow night.

Promptly at 7:00 the next night Annie showed up and we began the workout. I was relieved to see that she wore sweat pants this time, as I was not wanting to feel the shame of peeking at her panties again.

Everything went well until the last leg lifts. This time she pressed against me and there was no mistaking the circular motions she was making with her hips. I felt my dick hardening and skipped the last rep. We sat and talked for a little while before she left. I was amazed at her maturity, and when she spoke to me she always locked eyes and leaned in close. Her lips were full and sexy, and I began to wonder how they might taste.

On her third therapy, Annie wore a pair of skimpy shorts and on the single leg lift exercise, I had a clear view of her pussy. She was not wearing panties this time, and I noticed right away that she was partially shaved, with only a tuft of silky brown hair at the top. I made no attempt to look away, and my dick grew to full length as I continued to lift and look.

On the double leg lift, I was the one pressing my hips into hers. She responded by grinding back, and a few low moans escaped her mouth as my dick pushed against her pussy. After the reps were done, I felt ashamed and was rather short with Annie when she asked about returning to practice the next day. But she simply smiled and seemed to not notice my mood.

The following day Annie arrived and seemed flushed, as if she had been running. Her forehead had small beads of sweat on it, and her cheeks were slightly red. "Are you okay?" I asked her.

"Uhmm, yea coach, I'm fine," she mumbled. She had on the baggy shorts she had worn the first day and when we began our first exercise, the un-mistakable odor of female musk rose to greet my nose. She had been playing with herself! That's why she was flushed and sweating! Sure enough, when her shorts bunched up and I got a view of her little pussy, there were glistening drops of her juices running down her swollen lips!

My instincts told me to lick that sweet little hole and savor those juices. I was so horny that I could barely keep her leg up, because all of the blood in my body was at this moment rushing to my dick! I lowered her leg and got off the floor and sat on my couch. My head was spinning with lust and confusion, and my dick was screaming for release.

I'm a 35-year-old man! I can't be feeling this way!

"Coach?" I heard Annie's voice, but it seemed far away. "Coach? Are you okay?" I heard her voice again, this time closer. I opened my eyes and Annie's face was inches from mine, her eyes piercing mine with a look of concern... and something else. Lust?

Her lips brushed mine, and I opened my mouth to accept her. I felt her tiny hands tugging my shorts down as she kissed me gently. Taking an ice cube from a glass on the end table, she sank to her knees between my legs and said "You just need some hot and cold treatments coach. It will make that swelling go right down."

She then placed the ice in her mouth and lowered her head towards my throbbing dick.

The next day after practice, I noticed Annie sitting alone on the bench. All the other girls were gone, so I went over and asked her if she was okay. She raised her head up and locked her eyes onto mine, and said, "I hurt my back coach. I hurt it having sex, but I've only been with two guys so please don't think I'm a slut!"

Placing my hand on her shoulder, I said "Annie, I don't think a 16 year old should be having sex, but that being said I guess the best thing to do is to get you better!" Annie smiled, and showed up at my house that night promptly at 7:00!



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