A month ago Friday I took off work early, so that I could spend a little time with my son before, he went to his Mom's for her week with him. When I arrived home I heard the unmistakable thudding sound of a beds headboard banging against the wall and the throaty moans of a woman getting her cunt stuffed with a hard cock. I realized in an instant that my maid was fucking some man in my home. I could feel my nuts swell in anger as I slipped off my shoes and snuck barefoot down the hall, in order to catch the bitch in the act.

I couldn't believe the woman I trusted to care for my house ad, care for my thirteen-year-old son would be so ungrateful. I wondered if my so was aware of these goings on or, what she did to hide it from him? The answer hit me in the face as I eased the door open just wide enough to see my boy slamming Betty with a cock every bit as big as mine. I have had occasional glimpses of Tim's cock over the past few years but hadn't really paid much attention but how could I not see this was beyond me.

I was fifteen before my cock grew to ten inches and just assumed it would be the same for Tim if he were so blessed. I had heard kids were maturing early these days and I guess I was seeing the proof. Judging from the way Betty's body shuddered as she climaxed, she was feeling the proof. The tightness in my nuts was no longer due to anger but to the swelling of my cock, as I watched Tim pull his dick from her steamy cunt and roughly shoved it up her ass-pipe. "Yeow!" She yelped as he plowed thru her anal canal, without benefit of lube. As I watched my son pound Betty's plump ass, I couldn't help but think how much easier, my teens would have been with an older to teach me about sex. I realized that instead of being angry with Betty, I should thank her but then I thought of a way to use what I was seeing to my own advantage, so I continued to watch and wait.

I couldn't help but regret not having made a move on Betty myself. Although a bit chunky, she was still quite attractive for a forty-five year old woman and those tits of hers could be declared a mountain range. May-be I will sample some of that I thought, as I continued to spy on my maid and son. Finally Tim pulled his cock from Betty's asshole and shot a rope of thick white cream onto her back. When he fished she spun quickly around and with a little difficulty swallowed his entire cock and sucked it clean. I knew it was time to put my game face on. "What the fuck is going on here?" I demanded, as I stormed through the door. The two lovers sat up with a stunned look on their faces and then made a mad scramble for their clothes. I allowed Tim to get his but snatched Betty's maids uniform from her hands. I then fished twenty dollars from my pocket and tossed it at Tim. "Take your ass over to the Burger Hut and stay there till I come get you!" I bellowed.

The boy flew from the room like had a bottle rocket up his ass, pulling his clothes on as he went. I then turned my attention to Betty, who was doing her best to cover herself. "Stop trying to cover-up and tell me why I shouldn't put your ass in jail, instead of just firing you!" I yelled, snatching the bedspread away from her. I then stood there and listened as she pled for mercy. I felt sorry for the woman but I enjoyed watching those big fleshy tits quivering in fear.

Over the next half hour I got the full story out of her. I had been shocked to find out she had started sucking my son's cock when he was only ten years old and they were fucking before he was twelve. I finally pretended to have enough and reached for the phone and that got the response I had been hoping for. Her body continued to tremble and tears ran down her cheeks onto her massive tits leaving streaks that ran all the way to her eraser like nipples and you could hear the fear in her voice as she spoke.

"My girls and I live day to day and if you fire me we'll be destitute. If you have me arrested I'm sure the courts will take the girls and God only knows if I would ever see them again. You've got to believe me when I say, that I never hurt Tim and never would. I believe if anything I have helped him make an easier transition into manhood. However since you feel I was wrong in doing these things, it would be useless to try and convince you otherwise. I will do any thing to keep my job and not go to jail. All you have to do is tell me what I can do and I will."

She then hung her head and waited for me to decide her fate. She looked so pitiful sitting there, that I almost let her off the hook but I stood to gain too much. I had this woman's tits in the wringer and she knew it. I had the perfect plan and all I had to do was pull the trigger. Thankfully good sense overcame conscience. I pretended to think over what she had said, while I admired the way her huge tits jiggled as she fidgeted nervously. I even managed to catch a glimpse of her cunt and was surprised to discover she was a natural blonde. Finally I figured she had sweated enough and pulled the trigger.

"I'll let you keep your job and I won't have you arrested, provided you agree to the following terms. First you will continue to fuck Tim. It wouldn't be right to get him hooked on pussy then take it away. Second you will alter your uniforms into something much sexier and I mean much sexier. Third you will come to work an hour earlier so, that you can wake me with a blowjob. Fourth you will fuck who I say, when I say and what I say. Last but not least you will bring Cindy to me so that I can as you put it, help her with her transition into womanhood."

When I was finished and waiting for her answer I was stunned that she didn't look shocked but only surprised there was even seemed to be a hint of excitement in her eyes. Now it was her turn to think things over as I tried hard not to fidget and maintain my game face. She seemed to be trying to search my eyes maybe trying to figure out if I was trying to trap her in someway.

Finally after several long minutes, she broke her silence. "I'll accept those terms but I would prefer that you chose Cathy since is thirteen and could probably handle this situation much better. Plus her body is much more developed and you would probably enjoy her much more. I also don't want to share Tim with her. If he gets some of that young pussy, he may not want mine anymore. Other than that we have a deal as far as I'm concerned." I gave her response only a moment's thought before answering. "Tim was only ten years old when you started using him and I don't think you were just trying to help him make his transition into manhood easier. I think you were training him to satisfy you sexually, I don't think it was about helping him at all. So it will be tit for tat or nothing at all and I'll call the cops and deny this conversation ever took place. You have two minutes to decide if you want to spend the next five years in prison or, if you want to spend them getting your brains fucked out. You can accept these terms by, taking my cock out of my pants so I can give you a good skull fucking."

This time there was no hesitation, her hand reached out and her fingers nimbly pulled the tab of my zipper down. As she fished my cock out of my pants, I noticed that while her eyes were still red ad swollen, they were also afire with excitement. She stared open mouth at the girth of my cock. My son's cock may have been as long as mine but mine is at least twice as big around. I took advantage of her open mouth gape by, grabbing her by the ears and, and running that snake down her throat. She gagged at first unable to breath but I held firm and she soon adjusted.

In no time at all she was throat fucking herself, while played with those massive tits. It didn't take long before I felt like I was going to cum so, I pulled free and motioned for her to turn around so I could stab her in that plump ass. My son had gotten in without to much trouble but she was struggling to with my cock. However Tim hadn't used any lube, so I wasn't about to. "I'm going to destroy your asshole bitch." I stated flatly with, no sound of emotion. "YEOW! You're ripping me apart!" She screamed as her sphincter gave way and my prick sailed into her anal cavity ripping the tender tissues of, her rectum as it went. She squirmed trying to get away from the impalement as, I began pounding her with long hard stokes Her pleas for mercy only spurred me on and finally she just seem to accept her fate, digging her fingers into the mattress and biting down on the pillow. By the time I sent my sperm into her bowels, she had chewed a hole into the pillow and there were feathers everywhere. Once I had emptied my load, I grabbed a handful of blonde hair and pulled her around so, she could suck me clean. Then with a loud "SMACK!" I slapped her ass. "Now get your ass to work while I go talk to my son." When I arrived at the Burger Hut Tim looked scared to death but once he saw I was no longer angry, he cheered right up. He got even happier when he heard what I had to say. I told him he would be allowed to continue fucking Betty but that I didn't want it to interfere with her house work. I told him that I would also be using her and that he might get wind of some other activity. I told him that as long as he didn't tell anyone else without asking me and that included his Mom, that we could have a good thing.

I finally put it in very simple terms. "What happens in our house, stays in our house." Once convinced that he understood, I loaded him in the car and took him to his Mom's to spend the week. E didn't want to go and I had to remind him that if he didn't, she would know something was up. I hoped he would get rid of the long face before she saw him or, she would suspect something. When I arrived back home I found Betty doing dishes, wearing black pumps, black thigh highs and a full white apron. The sight of that big bare ass and those watermelon like tits spilling out the sides and top of that apron was more than I could stand. I bent that bitch over the table, took my cock out and slipped it into her moist cunt.

I soon discovered that she could work that twat like a craftsman works a pair of pliers. Squeeze and release, squeeze and release and when she squeezed her muscles would tighten up so much that it cut off the circulation to my cock. When this woman fucked she controlled the action. There is no way a man can walk away from that cunt until she is ready for him to walk away.

She must have had ten orgasms before she let me shoot my load and, when we were done there was only one thing I could say. "That was fantastic!" Afterward she gave my cock a nice kiss, got dressed and went home.

** The next morning I awoke to the wonderful sensation of a warm mouth sucking my cock. When I opened my eyes all I could see was the top of Betty's head as it bobbed up and down. This surprised me since it was Saturday and she was suppose to be off but I wasn't about to stop her. Somehow realizing I was awake however and she lifted her head and spoke. "Good morning sleepyhead. I brought you a little something but saw this hard cock and just couldn't resist having a little taste." She then nodded toward the doorway and I saw a vision I don't think I will ever forget.

Her eleven-year-old daughter Cindy stood in the hall just outside the room looking very sheepish with her head bowed and her hands folded in front of her. She was dressed in a red tube top, white cotton panties and white knee socks. "Come on in Honey and give Mom a hand." Betty instructed, using a crooked finger to motion the girl in. Cindy took slow nervous steps toward the bed, her little legs seemed to be made of rubber as she stepped across the room.

Her mother took her hand and pulled her up onto the bed next to me. "Would you like to unwrap the package or would you like me to do it?" She asked, her eyes on fire with excitement. "I think I can handle that job." I answered, as I ran my hands over the youngsters trembling body.

Even though she was clearly scared, I could tell from her goose bumps, that she was also very excited. She lifted her slender arms so I could pull the tiny tube top over her head to reveal her little plum sized tittys. Her nipples were pink and about as big as a quarter.

I slowly lowered my lips and kissed each of those tiny tips. I can't began to tell you, how big a turn on it was to know that I was the first man to ever see and touch this young girls breast. Then I lifted my mouth to hers and kissed her on the lips and she instinctively opened her mouth to allow my tongue in. It wasn't long before all her fear seemed to be gone and she was kissing with a lot of passion. Her hands caressed my upper body the same that mine did hers.

Her body began to tremble again as, I began kissing my way downward but this time it was anticipation, not fear. She lifted her little ass off the mattress so I could pull the cotton panties off and when they were gone I saw the most perfect pussy I have ever seen. It looked like a little clam with, only a few stands of blonde hair that were so light, they were almost invisible.

I lowered my face to that adorable little clam and began to like the outside of it. Her little butt began to dance around on the bed and when I pressed my tongue into the tiny opening, I thought I was going to have to peel her off the ceiling. I have never tasted a cunt as sweet as that one and I doubt that I ever will. I brought her to several orgasms and each one was different. Sometimes she would shudder violently, sometimes her whole body would go rigid, other times she would just moan dreamily and once she did all the above. "I think it's time for your first lesson in the fine art of cock-sucking young lady." Betty interrupted, with more than just a little passion in her voice. She took her daughters hand and placed her tiny hands around my throbbing hard cock. Her little blue eyes were wide with doubt at, the realization she couldn't even get her hand all the way around it.

"You think it's big now wait till he starts shoving it into that teensy little cunny of yours," Betty said, almost tauntingly, as she began to help her daughter begin to stroke my large cock.

Betty then pushed the pretty preteens face forward until her mouth was right against my prick. The young girl stuck out her tongue and timidly touched it to the big purple head. She then made a face like she had just tasted a wine and was trying to decide if she liked it or not. She must have liked it since she slowly took it into her mouth and began to nurse on it like a pacifier.

While she sucked me her mom began to kiss her way down her young daughter's back, until she reached her adorable little ass at, which point she spread open those little globes and buried her face in the crack. The touch of her mom's tongue to her anus must have been like an electric charge to the young girl, because I began to get the hottest blowjob of my life. It may not have been the deepest but it was certainly the most energetic blowjob I have ever experienced. "I think it's time to make this little girl a woman." Betty announced somewhat gleefully, turning her youngest daughter over onto her back. I could see that while she had been rimming Cindy's little ass she had also been applying KY to her cute little slit.

My cock slid in with little trouble and in just a second her virginity was gone but then the going got a bit tougher. The tiny blonde tried hard to relax and take my entire cock but it was just too much for her. I fucked her with slow even strokes trying to get a little deeper with each push but couldn't get more than half my cock inside her and decided to be happy with what I could get. I didn't want to hurt her, I wanted her to enjoy and want more. It only took a couple of minutes and she began to fuck me back.

Betty massaged my balls as I continued my slow easy gait. It wasn't long before Cindy had a couple of small orgasms and began fucking me back hard trying to take more of my cock. The look on her little face was a mixture of rapture and frustration. Her tiny right hand grabbed my cock and tried to pull more of it in as, she pushed even harder against me but she was just too tight. I began to increase my tempo and she experienced a couple of fairly large climaxes.

By the time I hit full stride the sheets were soaked with her juices and still she struggled for more dick. When I began to shoot my load deep into her, she hooked her tiny ankles behind my back and pulled as hard as she could. She winced as couple more inches slid in but there was a little smile of triumph on her lips to, go along with the just fucked look in her eyes. Afterward we lay there cuddling with my cock still buried inside her and I was kissing her lips and neck, while I played with her cute budding breast. I would have been content to stay there like that all day, had Betty not whispered in my ear. "How would you like to move over and watch me eat your cum from her little cunny?" She asked.

Now that was something I just had to see so, I pried myself free of the clinging little girl and watched as Betty lowered her lips to that sweet little twat. Cindy's little butt danced all over that bed as, her mother licked and sucked every last drop of my cum from her daughter's cunt. She must have thought I got a lot of cum on Cindy's tiny clit, because she sucked on it, until the girl's toes curled and her legs cramped. It affected me pretty good as well, my cock had already came back to life and was throbbing to get back in the game.

I am certain this had been Betty's intention since, as soon as she saw my erection she rolled Cindy over on her hands and knees, then motioned for me to take her from the rear. The sweet little preteen moaned as I slid my cock into her sopping wet cunt and I was able to get about another inch in her this time but that still left about half fucking air.

Meanwhile Betty positioned herself on the bed so that her cunt was in front of the girls face. Cindy knew in an instance what was expected and did not hesitate to burry her face in her mom twat. The sight of this young girl sucking on her own mother's cunt, was too hot for description but I can tell you that my cock was harder than it's been since I was twenty years old. I knew I would be reaching my peak soon, as I fucked Cindy's face into Betty's gaping cunt and I am convinced Betty was waiting for just that moment. I say this because just as I was about to cum, she sent a spay of steamy piss into her daughters face.

When the young girl tried to withdraw, she pulled her back by the hair of her head. "Drink your mama's pee," she coaxed, as she held Cindy's head to her cunt.

I erupted like a volcano, sending my cum deep into the young girls womb. The climax was so strong that my ached and my legs felt like rubber. As I recovered I thought about how enthusiastic Betty was about all of this and I began to wonder who played who to get us in this situation Then again she had no way of knowing I would be home early yesterday. Did she? Then I decided I didn't really give a fuck. Afterward Betty went to make me some coffee and something to eat while Cindy went into the bathroom to clean up. Once she had washed up, I went to brush my teeth but not before receiving a big hug and kiss from my little nymph. When returned to the bedroom Cindy wasn't there, so I began getting dressed. Just about the time I pulled my pants on Cindy came running back in.

"Mama says I can stay all week-end, until she gets off work Monday night in fact. She said we could fuck till your peter falls off!" She said excitedly, running over and giving me a big hug and another kiss. When the kiss broke she began tugging my pants back down. "Mama's bringing you breakfast in bed. She says you're going to need your energy."

I couldn't fight with that logic so, I allowed myself to be lead back to bed. When Betty returned with my coffee and breakfast, Cindy was already sucking my cock again, not wanting to interfere she pulled up a chair and spoon-fed me as Cindy sucked. Now I've had some pretty pleasurable meals in my time but I have got to tell you nothing ever came close to this. When I had finished eating, Betty picked up the tray and told us she would see us Monday. She wasn't even out the door good and Cindy was easing herself down on my now hard cock. The miniature vixen just couldn't seem to get enough, plus she was on some sort of quest to, get my entire cock stuffed into that tiny pussy of hers.

All day long I tried to get her interested in doing other things but if I stood still for a minute, she had her hand down my pants. I suggested we take a swim, she wanted to skinny dip. I tried soaking in the hot tub, I got raped. I wasn't complaining mind you, but I am forty-five years old and no matter how young and sweet the pussy is - I have my limitations.

Finally I suggested we go t0 the mall and have a bite to eat, do a little shopping and take in a movie. One thing about females, mention mall and they forget everything else. After we were dressed and ready to go, I saw that Cindy was wearing the same red tube top as she had that morning. I realized that was because she didn't have anything else with her to wear and I decided to do a little shopping for her. It was a lot of fun shopping for Cindy, although a bit nerve racking. She would go into the changing room and put something on, then come out and model it for me. I caught several people staring as she would go thru a variety of poses, trying to be as sexy as an eleven year old knows how to be.

I couldn't help but wonder if any of these people suspected anything. She modeled one little yellow sundress and did a little spin turn and the dress billowed above her thigh revealing the fact she had removed her panties. I was very thankful that no one else seemed to notice. Cindy ended up with a new wardrobe that included several tops, six pair of shorts, four sun dresses and a white blouse with, a plaid skirt and matching tie.

She really hated the last outfit because it was the same as her school uniform. However when I explained the effect that I expected seeing her in it would have on me, it suddenly became her favorite. She also got me to buy her some new panties and socks.

After that, we stopped by the costume shop and I bought her a 'Slave Girls' costume, a 'Cheerleader's' costume and a 'Nurse's' uniform. The male clerk looked at me with a lot of envy, not buying my costume party story at all I don't think he wanted to believe it, I think he wanted something to think about that night while he jacked off.

During dinner she kept her foot in my crotch the entire meal and at the movies she slipped her hand inside my trousers and massaged my cock all through the flick. Needless to say by the time we returned to my house, I was more than ready to fuck again. By the time our little evening was over, I was pretty worked up and feeling aggressive. Cindy's face being buried in my crotch as I drove, had my mind reeling with all kinds of wild fantasies but the one that seemed to getting the biggest rise out of me was a rape scenario.

By the time I pulled into the driveway I had one all mapped out in my mind. I didn't bother sharing it with Cindy, feeling that would take some of the thrill out of it. I was fairly certain the little girl trusted me and knew I would never hurt her, so why ruin it for her. I escorted her to the doorway and ushered her in first, then as the door snapped shut I reached out and ripped the little tube top from the startled child's tender young body.

"You've been teasing me all night and now you're going to find out what happens to naughty little cock teasers." I announced, as I jerked both her panties and shorts down at one time, leaving her clad only in knee socks and penny loafers. I then took a seat on the couch and began to administer a firm but not to hard spanking to her bare ass.

Her little legs kicked wildly and she complained that the slaps stung but I only gave her five before stopping to massage the now rosy cheeks, allowing my fingers to dip down between her legs and rub her moist slit. She didn't complain about that but did do a bit of moaning and a good deal of squirming.

Once she was good and wet, I admonished her again. "Do you know what happens to prick teasers? They get raped and that's what's going to happen to you." With that I placed her across the arm of the sofa, kicked her legs open wide and sunk my cock into her tiny opening. Cindy moaned softly and her tiny body trembled as my cock sunk seven inches deep into her moist cavern. She pushed back hard trying to get every inch she could of my pulsing hard-on as I began to pound her over stuffed little twat.

"Oh yes I need to be raped hard for teasing you like I did. You should probably spank me some more too, I wouldn't blame you at all." She squealed in an elfish voice.

I was more than happy to oblige and smacked the sides of both ass cheeks at the same time as, I continued to hammer that tight little cunt. She squealed with each smack to her bare ass but she couldn't help but giggle at the farting sound our bodies made, as we fucked She began contracting her muscles around my cock so hard, that her already tight cunt cut off the circulation to my cock. It was like wearing a cock-ring and I couldn't cum if I wanted to, hell I could hardly move it. Soon I could feel her juices running down my thighs and the tight grip began to slip, allowing for more range of motion.

I felt her tiny body go rigid then limp but I kept banging away. I could feel the heat coming off her by then bright red ass. Soon my mind began to reel I shot my load deep into her womb and even though she was pretty much out of it, I felt those little muscles milking the cum from my balls.

When the last drop had been squeezed out, I fell on top of my tiny victim totally wasted. Cindy and I spent the rest of the night fucking until I couldn't get it up anymore. Then once I could nom longer arise to the occasion, she took my limp cock in her mouth and nursed on it like a baby with a bottle, until sleep overtook us both. Cindy woke me the next morning by serving me breakfast dressed in her Slave Girl costume. To be only eleven she had done a surprisingly good job with breakfast. She cooked the eggs over easy without breaking the yokes and the bacon was nice and crisp but not burnt. The coffee and toast were even perfect. If my ex-wife could have done well, I might have kept her cheating ass. While I ate Cindy rattled on about all kinds of things, like how much she liked my cock and how much fun she had the night before.

Then she told me about a phone conversation with her mom earlier and I nearly fell off the bed, when I heard what she had to say. "Mama said that Masters whip their slaves when they're bad and sometimes just for the fun of it. You could whip me if you had a whip and I wouldn't mind as, long as I got fucked good afterward."

She stopped talking long enough to kiss some egg yoke from, the corner of my mouth then continued. "I told Mama I hadn't been able to get all your cock inside my butt-hole if, I could talk you into it. I know it's asking a lot but would you please think about it?"

Now I've got to tell you there isn't anything that could get a hard dick harder than having a preteen girl ask you to ass fuck her. The breakfast try was on the floor and my tongue was up her ass, before she knew what had happened. I spent several minutes rimming that cute little bunghole and stretching it a bit with my finger. She had squirmed a great deal at, the insertion of my finger so, I could only imagine how she was going to react to, having an almost eleven inch cock plow thru he rectum. Once I was satisfied that I had prepared her as much as possible, I applied a liberal amount of KY jelly to the head of my cock and pressed it to the tiny opening.

Now I had to make a decision. Did I want to go slow and easy, giving her a chance to beg off when the pain got a bit intense or, did I want to impale her with one brutal thrust. Now I know that I'm a pretty softhearted guy and would no doubt let her off the hook if she begged me to so, I went with impaling her with one brutal thrust. I mirror on the dresser allowed me to see the tortured look on her angelic face as my giant cock ripped open her sphincter and sunk balls deep in her virgin rectum. Her whole body was rigid and she sobbed softly but made no move to expel my cock.

I allowed her a couple of moments to adjust then began to slowly fuck with very short strokes. Her sobs began to subside and I began to increase my tempo. Soon I was able to take longer harder strokes and she began to fuck me back. In no time at all I was plowing that ass hard and fast. A look of triumph replaced her tears with, the realization that she had my entire cock inside of her. I couldn't hold off as long as I would have liked but then again no man could in an ass that hot and tight. I shot my load deep into her bowels, then as an after thought I gave her a warm urine enema. A short time later Cindy sat and watched in anticipation as, I transformed the leather laces from my hunting boots and a piece of broomstick into a cat- of-nine-tales. It was hard for me to believe but this little girl was actually eager to feel the sting. I could actually see the goose bumps on her skin as, I braided and wrapped the leather.

I figured it had something to do with the phone conversation she had with her mother earlier but I didn't want to ask out of fear, that I might say something to dampen her enthusiasm and I certainly didn't want to do that. Once the whip was complete I bound her hands and suspended her arms from a hook in the ceiling that my wife used to hang ferns from. She looked so sexy standing there on her tiptoes, that I wanted to fuck her right then but my desire to feel the power of, putting this child to the whip was even stronger.

I set up the video camera so that I could relive this moment in the years to come, then I put an oval dressing mirror in front of her so that I could see her face as, I striped her tender skin. Once everything was in place I took a stance behind her and pulled my arm back.

"EEEEEEEEE!" She screamed, as the leather bit into her bare flesh I knew the scream was an exaggeration, since I hadn't used that much force. However it did leave several nice marks between her shoulder blades.

Her screams got louder with each lash so, I finally threatened to gag her and she toned her dramatics down. Once her shoulders, ass and legs were all well marked I moved to the front. I almost came as I whipped those sweet budding tits and they marked beautifully as did her tummy. When I lifted her right leg so, I could lash her nearly hairless slit, I discovered the insides of her thighs were wet. The little minx was enjoying it as much as I was.

By the time the cat landed on her cunt five times I could wait anymore and lifted both legs so she could wrap them around my hips, then fucked her while she hung from the hook. She was one whipped puppy by the time I let her down. A little while latter she slipped into her Nurses costume and we played doctor. We started with the prostrate exam and I decided I much preferred a young girls tongue, than some doctors finger, when it came to probing my anus. I had to give her two urine samples and the silly girl swallowed them both. Then it was my turn to be the doctor and I gave her a very through rectal exam, then I checked her tonsils.

I needed a little rest after that and decided to have her wear her little cheerleader outfit minus the panties of course, while I watched a tape of last years Super Bowl. I thought it would be a lot of fun to have my own private cheerleader while watched the Bucs victory and that it would allow me a chance to get a little rest I didn't even make it through the first quarter. It's just not possible to watch a pantiless preteen to do splits and high kicks without getting an erection. By the end of the day I collapsed onto the bed and she was still sucking my cock when I fell to sleep. The next morning I awoke with a start to find Betty, standing over the bed with her uniform dress hiked up so, that she could masturbate while she admired the stripes the whip had left on Cindy. I saw instantly she had modified the uniform like I had instructed. The bodice was cut so wide that her bountiful boobs practically spilled out, hardly concealing those huge brown nipples.

Cindy had fallen asleep nursing on my cock and when it began to swell at the obscene appearance of her Mom, she began to instinctively suck even though just waking up. Seeing this really set Betty to going and soon I could see her juices spraying from her cunt. Her whole body blushed red as, she convulsed in orgasm. Once she had regained her composure she tried to nudge Cindy away from my cock but, the little girl was not giving it up. The little wench grabbed it with both hands and held it in a vise like grip. Then she put as much of it in her tiny mouth as possible and held firm unwilling to budge.

Not wanting to risk getting my cock bit off, I motioned for Betty to take care of Cindy instead. The little preteen was quick to open her legs at the touch of her Mother's hand. Betty inserted first one finger then two into, the tiny orifice and spoke as she got it ready for my cock.

"You did a really good job of marking her but now you'll never get rid of her. I had to quit spanking her and her sister both when they got to be about ten, because they were enjoying it to much. Before their father died he used to spank their bare asses, then sooth them by rubbing, I don't think he got the effect he was going for." Cindy's cock sucking was becoming more and more frantic as her Mother spoke. This lead me to believe what Betty was saying was true and I figured if this little minx wanted a daddy figure to whip her ass, then kiss away the hurt, it might as well be me.

"She's really a naughty little girl and she needs to be spanked and spanked often. Otherwise the girl will have no discipline s, if you like I'll take over the task of, keeping her in line or, if you prefer we could make it a joint effort." I said. Then an instant latter I regretted saying the part about joint effort.

I didn't want Betty thinking of us as a team. I intended for her to be my slut, not my partner so, I set the record straight. "Of course that will have nothing to do with our relationship."

As I spoke I noticed for the first time the new hemline on Betty's uniform and saw that she had really altered it. She was bent at the waist sucking Cindy's cunt and the skirt had pulled tight over her ass, the was no sign of panty's. I had already been ready to give Cindy's tonsils a whitewash and the sight of that broad bare ass was enough to set me off.

Cindy began to gag and I stuffed as much cock as I could down her tiny throat, her eyes bugged out and she started getting blue by the time I deposited my entire load. "You're really going to have to work on breathing around the cock." I said, giving her budding breast a nice tweak. Having got my nut it was time for breakfast, then dress for work. However as I sat at the table watching Betty prepared my food in her in her newly altered uniform, was having the desired effect on me. Those huge boobs threatened to jump out with every step and every time she would reach up or, stoop down I was treated to the sight of that broad ass or, that beautiful blonde twat. The fact that Cindy was sitting in my lap grinding her tiny bare ass into my crotch didn't help any other, than help me make up my mind. Owning my own company I can take off anytime I want and often do but never on Monday as, I consider that the most important day. Opportunities like the one I was now being afforded don't, come along often for guys like me though so, I made the call. My personal assistant Madge, seemed thrilled at the chance to show me she could handle things on our most hectic day and I ended up feeling good about taking off. After I got off the phone Betty served me my breakfast and Cindy crawled under the table to suck my cock. I'm telling you life couldn't have been better if I were king. After breakfast Betty made a suggestion, "Why don't you hold this naughty little girl across the table so, that I can give her a good spanking." She said. I had Cindy stretched across that drop leaf table before she even finished her sentence. Betty started out by giving her daughter ten had slaps to her naked ass and I swear to God the little nymph was giggling at her efforts.

"I know something that'll get her attention," Betty announced grabbing a near-by spatula. "My mother used to tear our asses up with one of these and believe you me, we hated it." She continued.

In no time at all Cindy's tiny ass was crimson and she tap dancing like crazy to avoid the swats as, she sobbed uncontrollably but she never once cried stop. When Betty finally tossed the spatula aside, I was able to see that the insides of the girl's thighs were glistening and realized her little twat was sopping wet. In the meantime Betty had gone to the refrigerator and returned with two large cucumbers. She worked one of them into her daughter's cunt, then used her own saliva to lube the second one up, before working it into Cindy's tight asshole. "EEEEE! Mama your going to rip me open!" Cindy yelped, as her tiny frame wiggled frantically, in an apparent effort to avoid being stuffed by, the huge vegetables.

Thinking back on it though I think she was wiggling in an effort to accommodate the two cucumbers. In either case she was soon double penetrated by, that nights salad. Betty began to fuck the two over stuffed hole randomly and some time in unison as, her young daughter moaned. First in pain then in pleasure.

I was eventually able to release her hands and pull her head over far enough to the edge of the table, to get my cock in her mouth. It really wasn't her best effort, she seemed more into what her mom was doing to her cunt and ass, than she was in taking care of me. I decided I would probably have to punished her for that.

In all fairness though Betty was working her over pretty good. So good in fact the child was nearly unconscious by, the time the fucking stopped. I ended up having to ass fuck Betty, in order to get my nut. When I finished banging Betty's ass, we spent the rest of the day putting Cindy, through her paces. We stuffed all kinds of shit up her cunt and asshole, gave her a number of golden showers and made her drink at least a quart of piss. Betty even gave her a three-quart enema.

However what really tortured Cindy was the fact, that her mom was the one getting all the fucking. Finally by late afternoon she was pouting so bad I, almost tripped over her bottom lip so, I broke down and gave her a good stuffing. When it came time for Betty and Cindy to go home, Cindy was on the couch asleep and Betty was walking around with an absolute glow about her. There was no doubt she had thoroughly enjoyed her day of fucking and daughter torment. She looked less than thrilled however when I told her what was in store for the next day. In fact was able to see a look of nervous concern as I spoke.

"You know that every Tuesday, I treat my managers and department heads to dinner. Well tomorrow night I'm having them over here for our meeting. I'm going to grill some steaks and ribs so, you don't have to worry about cooking, except I want you to make potato salad and baked beans, before they arrive. I do expect you to work over so you can serve us and afterward I want you to keep everyone entertained, very entertained."

Even though her expression said she wasn't happy she nodded her okay. I then scooped up my little sleeping princess and carried her to the car, pinched Betty on the ass and waved goodnight. When I arrived home the next day I started my coals, then I went upstairs to shit, shower and shave. I only stopped in the kitchen long enough to run a ringer up Betty's asshole. Once I had freshened up, I ran Betty a bubble bath, turned on the whirlpool and lit some candles as, well as some incense. I also put an icer of wine coolers on the tub ledge. I then call Betty upstairs and instructed her to take a long leisurely bath so, she would be relaxed when my guest arrived. I told her that her wardrobe for the evening would be laid out on my bed, once her bath was over.

By the time I got back to my grill the coals were ashed over so, I threw in my corn ears and spuds. It was over a hour latter when Betty strutted down the stairs. She looked so hot it was all I could do, not to throw her down and fuck her. She wore a white lace bibbed apron, that was so sheer it was transparent, a black bow tie choker, black seemed stockings and six inch spiked heels. It was all I could do to keep my hands off but luckily the doorbell rang as, she stepped off the last step.

Betty did a beautiful full body blush, when I motioned for her to answer the door but she walked on rubbery legs and greeted my first guest. Ben Jacks and Paul Britt, two of my office managers stood bug eyed and slack jawed as, Betty tried to usher them in before being spotted by some passer-by. She finally managed to get them into the living room. The two stunned men were so tongue tied, that it took a couple of minutes to get their drink order.

While she was getting the drinks I took the men out onto the patio so, that we could talk while put the steaks on. When Betty brought the drinks, she was also escorting a couple more of my managers and three of my department heads. They didn't seem as shocked as the others had and in fact a couple of them copped a few feels. Betty did her part by standing there letting them get a cheap thrill, until the doorbell rang again. She gave them a wink and promised to return, then scurried off.

She soon returned with the final four department heads and that nervous look had returned to her eye. She knew now that she was in for a good old-fashioned gangbang and that were twelve hard cocks on hand for the event. By the second round of drinks all the guys had loosened up and were taking more liberties with, our practically nude server. Betty was doing an admirable job of stepping and fetching, even with, all the poking and prodding. There was one little mishap when she leaned forward to serve John a helping of baked beans and Chad took advantage of her position by, running two fingers up her asshole. Frank ended up with the beans in his face and the bowl ended up about twenty feet away.

Everyone got a big kick out of John wearing the beans but they were even more entertained by, Chad licking his fingers clean after removing them from her ass. By the end of the meal we could see the reflection of the patio lights in all the moisture on her thighs, caused by her dripping cunt.

Some of us were still eating, while Betty was straddling the wooden pool-lounger, sitting on Frank's cock with, Chad's cock buried in her asshole and Johns cock tickling her tonsils. A couple of the other guys were always in line and as we finished eating the line kept getting longer. For someone who showed reluctance Betty was sure getting into it and I began to worry that the neighbors would hear her moans. After my second time around I, went inside to fix myself another drink. While in there one of my largest customers called me. It wasn't business however, he and I have become pretty friendly and he just wanted to shoot the shit. I would have told anyone else to call me later but like I said he's a real good customer.

By the time I was able to get back to my guest, I got the surprise of my life. George and Cliff were holding my Pit bull Ripper up on his hind legs, while a couple of the other guys worked Betty's head back and forth as, she mouthed the dog's cock. Ripper was so excited he kept jerking free of Betty's mouth and would shoot a spray of clear fluid all over her face each time he did.

After what seemed like a hour the guys placed Betty on the lounger and helped Ripper get mounted. Hic cock is damn near as big as mine so, getting him in wasn't very hard He did a surprisingly good job of keeping it in and thanks to Betty's positioning on the lounger we had an excellent view. The hottest part was when he knotted her. She was too loose from her earlier fucking for the knot to hold very long but it was still a huge turn on.

Afterward we all hosed her down and she must have drank a gallon of piss but she must have liked it because she was kicking her lips when we were threw. We then walked her nude to her car and sent her home. The next day I was awoke by Betty giving me, my mandatory early morning blowjob. She put even more into her effort than usual and I blew my wad in record time. I had worried that she would be a little bitter about the events of the previous night, especially the naked drive home but she was in high spirits and couldn't stop talking about the great time she'd had.

"I really enjoyed fucking Ripper. I've always wanted to fuck a dog but never had the nerve. I can't wait to see him with my daughter." She said, rubbing her cunt as she spoke. I sat there dumbfounded (for lack of a better word.) as she rattled on about what a wonderful group of perverts I had working for me. She was really working herself up into a lather but couldn't seem to quite get there but I found a way to help her out. "Oh hell those guys that work for me are just, a bunch of Christians compared to my friends. Wait till you work my poker club latter this month. Those guys will hang by your tits in the back yard and whip the hide off of you before they fuck you Then sometime before Labor Day I'm taking my Frat Brothers from, my collage days out on my boat. Those sickos will probably tie you to the Bow, and ride you around the marina and offer you to anyone that wants you." I said, pinching and squeezing her massive tits as I spoke.

That did the trick, in no time at all she was having a motherfucker of a climax. The bitch squirted so hard that she soaked my bedding clean through the sheets. When she was done I bent her over and spanked that big ass just as hard as I could. Damn if she didn't have another orgasm. She was having way to much fun so, this time I waited until she was composed and told her to fix my breakfast By the time I got downstairs Betty already had breakfast ready and after serving me she took a seat at, the table with me. I'm not accustomed to sitting with the help when I dine but she had done such a good job the night before and my morning blowjob had been very satisfying so, I let it pass.

When I heard what she had to say, I was very glad I had.

"I need your help with something that I think you won't mind doing at all. My daughter Cathy is really jealous about her sister's weekend with and the fact that she is still stuck with her virginity, while her baby sister is getting her eyeballs fucked out. Besides she's getting to be a bit of a handful and it would be nice to have a man who can take a hand in her discipline. Plus like I told you earlier I want watch her get mounted by Ripper, I think it would be quite a show." She said, then paused long enough to retrieve the coffee pot and freshen my cup. I used the time to mull over what she had said. When she had mentioned earlier, that she wanted to see Ripper mount her daughter, I had thought she meant Cindy and wasn't thrilled with the idea but seeing him mount thirteen-year-old Cathy, would be hot. I watched as she poured my fresh cup then returned the pot to the kitchen then waited for her return.

"When would you like to bring her over? I don't want this to interfere with my time with Cindy and with Tim coming home Friday my time with her is already very limited. However if we can work it out I'll be happy to help." I stated, then watched as a sly smile came to her face. She knew she had set the perfect trap and that I was more than a willing prey. Then she told me her plan and I realized she had already planned the whole thing out. "I thought I could bring her over tomorrow morning and you could have a session with her before going to work, then she could stay tomorrow night. Then I'll bring Cathy with me Friday morning and both girls can stay with you through the weekend. I've already talked to Cindy and she would rather share that be left out all together so, that's not a problem. I'll pick Tim up at his Mom's and he can spend the weekend with me. I'm certain he won't object to that. From there on I think we can just play it by ear." She said, then sat back and waited for my reply. I pushed my plate away and stood up to leave as I spoke. "Sounds like a plan to me. I am sure Tim won't object to spending his weekend buried in your cunt but I'll have to figure a way to keep up with two young girls. Cindy damn near fucked me to death last time so, if Cathy is anything like her I better have a system or, I might well order myself a tombstone. Just don't bother with the blow-job in the morning, I'll be wanting to save my strength." I answered, then grabbed my briefcase and left for work.

I almost had two accidents on the way to work, thinking about having the two young girls for the next few days and at work I wasn't able to get much done. I just kept running different scenarios over in my head of, the things I could do with the two little vixens. When I left work I stopped off at the local adult book and novelty store to, make a few purchases. I made sure to stay out long enough to, insure Betty would be gone when I got home. I was sure that she had been having the same thoughts that I had and would be trying to get some dick and I wanted to be fresh for Cathy. The next morning I awoke with Betty, gently massaging my cock When she realized my eyes were opened she told me that Cathy was waiting downstairs, then she left the room. I got up and took my morning piss, brushed my teeth and threw on a robe. My heart was racing but I tried to look calm as I descended the stairs but when I saw Cathy I tripped like some schoolboy seeing his first tit.

She was standing almost completely nude next to, my oversized handcrafted coffee table. She had a very sheepish look about her with, her head bowed and her hands folded over her cunt but her luscious lemon size breast were uncovered. She wore only a pair of knee socks and a pair of penny loafers. On the coffee table in front of her there was a nice size homemade paddle with, a half dozen holes drilled in it and a pair of handcuffs.

I walked around her a couple of times touching her skin as I did. I roughly pulled her long hair out of the way so, that I could see her beautiful little heart shaped ass. I hadn't touched anything like that since high school. I moved round to the other side and took those firm quivering little mounds in my hand and rubbed the tips of those half dollar size nipples which, were already hard indicating her excitement.

I allowed my index finger to slide down her flat firm tummy to the guarded area. I then brushed her hands away to reveal her sparsely covered cunt. She had more pubic hair than Cindy but it was still pretty thin, it didn't even begin to hide her little slit. I put my finger to my mouth and moistened it then returned it to the tiny opening. She winced a bit when it penetrated but widened her stance to allow me in.

I could feel her little body tremble as my finger slid into the knuckle. I could tell she was already quite excited because her cunt was moist. I fingered her little cavern until she was really wet Finally withdrew my finger and bet her over slightly and placed my hand on her rump. I then wormed my finger between the cheeks and applied a little pressure to her tiny rosebud of an asshole.

She bit her lip and gave a low moan as my finger forced it's way past her sphincter. I could feel the goose bumps crawl across her flesh as, I worked my finger in and out. When I withdrew the shit-covered digit I held it to, her mother's lips to be sucked clean. During this time not a word had been spoke between us but now it was time to switch gears. "Well Cathy your Mother tells me you've been quite a handful lately and seems to think a little punishment is order. She also feels that it may take a forceful hand like mine to, get your attention. I'm going to tell you up front that I don't only punish the outside of an ass, I punish the inside as well. I think you can see the paddle I'm going to use on the outside but now want you to see what I'm going use to punish your inside." I said, as I pulled my cock free.

Her eyes were wide in astonishment as, she looked at my rather large tool and then to my total surprise she reached out and took it in her hand. "Do you think you can handle all that young lady?" I asked, then waited for her answer but she only nodded her head. "I can't hear your head rattle young lady, when you answer me you look me in the eye and move your lips. Is that understood?" "Yes sir Mister Carter I understand. I sorry to upset you but I'm a little scared and kind of nervous about being paddled but I know it's my own fault. Mama said she was going to get a gentleman to tan my hide if I didn't stop sassing her but I didn't believe her. It's just that you're so muscular and I know it's going to hurt a lot. Plus Mama said you would probably whip my tittys too and they are so sensitive that I know that'll really hurt. I'm kind of looking forward to the other stuff though. Cindy says that is really a lot of fun and I was wanting to try it before she told me that but I am afraid the butt hole thing is going to hurt but Mama says I got no choice in it anyway." Cathy said, almost in a whisper before dropping her eyes back to the floor. "Considering the fact that I am taking over the disciplinary of a parent not, to mention the fact that I'll be stuffing your little ass with my cock regularly I, think you can call me Uncle Joe from now on. Mr. Carte sounds so impersonal and we are going to be very personable." I said, then waited for her reply but she remained silent with her head still bowed so, I continued. "Well I guess our little conversation is over so, lets get started."

I took a seat on the coffee table as I took her tiny wrists in my hand and pulled her down across my lap. I felt her small body shiver as, I touched my hand to that incredible little ass. "I think we'll warm you up with a hand before, moving on to the paddle." I stated, raising my hand about a foot, then bringing it down hard.

A loud, "SMACK!" echoed through the room and she nearly jumped headlong out of my lap but to her favor she didn't cry out. I quickly pulled her back and rubbed the area where the large red handprint was left, then I snuck my hand between her legs and found her little cunt already moist. I repeated this procedure ten times and each time her twat was wetter that the last. That cute little ass already had a nice rosy glow, when I reached for the paddle. I could hear the "WOOSH!" of the paddle as, it cut through the air. "HOLY COOOOW! OOOUCHH! WAIT THAT HURTS!" She screamed and begged, as that paddle landed squarely across that firm little bottom, leaving a nasty red welt as well as, some really nice little round blisters. However there was no mercy in her future and her wails of pain increased and her shapely legs kicked wildly as, the paddle continued to meet its mark.

Betty silenced her cries by, using the girls discarded panties as gag and then placing a hand over her mouth to, hold them in place. By the twentieth stroke Cathy was exhausted and hung across my lap like a dishrag. I took a hold of her long blonde hair and used it like a handle to hold her head as I allowed her torso to drop to the floor. The young girls mouth hung open and I took advantage of that by pushing my cock down her throat until she gagged.

Betty took the teen by the ears and worked her head like a ratchet handle. Once there was enough saliva on my cock to do a little anal canalling and at that point we placed her on her knees facedown on the coffee table She was still pretty much out of it but came around quick when my cock broke through her anal ring.

However I was already balls-deep in her warm buttery rectum before she could react and all the squirming in the world wasn't going to set her free but it did feel awfully good. I pounded that tight little asshole like a jackhammer, using long brutal punishing strokes. Her cries were no longer muffled but they didn't help her plight, if anything they added to my excitement and I soon flooded her bowels with my cum. When I pulled out of the girl ass, I pulled motioned Betty down to suck my cock clean. That woman was getting to be a real shit eater. By the time it was clean, it was also hard again so, I flipped the child over and without much preparation sunk my entire cock into her virgin twat.

I felt kind of bad that she was to far out of it to enjoy her first fuck or, be able to appreciate that fact that she had taken it all, a feat her sister still hadn't managed. It took a good long time for me to get my second nut and that cunt was really stretched wide by the time I was done.

"Now there's a cunt that will never be satisfied with, a little pecker," I bragged, as I pushed her Mother's face into her twat to suck my cum out. It was at that moment I decided to take yet another day off and went to the kitchen to use the phone. Naomi my Personal Assistant, reminded me I was supposed to have dinner with, some buyer that evening but I had a pretty good idea how to handle that so, that I could stay home and play with Cathy.

When I returned to the living room I was astonished to find Betty with her fist buried in her daughter's cunt and after thinking about it a moment all I could say was, "Now there's a cunt tat will never be satisfied by any pecker." Cathy was nearly delirious by the time her Mother tired of banging her fist into cunt so, I suggested we allow her some time to, get herself together. While she rested I had a talk with Betty.

"I'm taking the day off but I do have some buyers that I was suppose to dine with tonight and I've decided to let you run a little interference me. I want you to go to the mall and buy the sluttish cocktail dress you can find as, well as some nice shoes and hose. You won't be wearing panties so don't worry about getting any and you make sure they know you're not wearing any. I'll give you my proposals to, give to them and you tell them if they have any questions to call me tomorrow. Make sure they have a really good time and I'll give you a commission on any sales I make." I informed her.

I think she liked the idea of getting a taste of the business world. Even if it was on her back. She got a bit nervous however when she realized I expected her to wear the obscene maids uniform. After all these wasn't a nude ride home down deserted streets. This was a trip to an always-crowded mall in an outfit that showed more than it covered. I promised to get her out of jail if need be, then slapped her on her ass and sent her on her way. While she was gone I introduced Cathy to, a much gentler form of lovemaking She turned out to be every bit as much of a nymphet as her younger sister. She was actually an incredible fuck with the tastiest pussy on the planet and a natural born cocksucker. She wasn't real keen on ass fucking though but I assured her that she would get used to it and that I wouldn't be a bit surprised if her mom didn't try a little anal fisting on her.

I would have given anything to have seen a picture of her face when I mentioned that but you never seem have a camera in your hand when you need one. After fucking the teen about three times I, treated her to the same bubble bath treatment that had given her mom. We talked as she soaked and I was floored by what she had to say. "I really enjoyed the sex with just you and me but I think I would like it even more if, you were just a little rougher not, like when mom was here, just not so gentle." I assured her I would try. After our third little fuck and suck I, decided to take a nap and held her in my arms as I dozed off. When I woke up Cathy was nowhere in the room so, I went to look for her. While I was searching for her I, noticed some packages on the couch and that told me that Betty was back from the mall but after a thorough search of the house I, didn't find either one. I then went to check to see if they were by the pool and what I found stopped me dead in my tracks.

I froze, hidden by the hot tub gazebo and watched as, Betty held Ripper up on his hind legs with, Cathy massaging the furry sheath that protected his cock. She watched in awe as, the large purple cock began to slide into the open, "Now go ahead and suck it." Betty instructed.

The young girls face had a look of disgust as she lowered her head and opened her mouth to engulf the six inches or so of exposed dog meat. The rest of Rippers soon emerged and Cathy's eyes grew wide in wonder at its size. It was about ten inches long and so purple, that it looked angry.

"Now lay on the lounger with, your legs spread wide." Betty ordered, holding the dog until her daughter was in place. Cathy did as she was told, then watched as her mom put the dog in position between her legs and pushed his cock into her cunt. Ripper didn't need any help from there but Betty kept her hand on his back to keep him from, pulling out to far. "SOOOOOO GOOOOD!" Cathy cried, as ripper gave her one of those hundred miles an hour fucks, that only dogs can give. I moved in closer so, that I could see the cock slide in and out of, that sweet young cunt. My own cock was swollen and in need of attention but that was just going to have to wait, there was no way I was stopping this show. I did however take it out and began stroking it as Cathy locked her legs around Rippers back and began trying to pull him in deeper.

Meanwhile Betty wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and began trying to push the knot through. Although Cathy didn't really know anything about the knot, it was her effort more than her mom's that pulled it through.

"OH MY GOODNESS! I'M CUMMMMMMMMIMNG!!" She screamed, as the dog hammered away. When her orgasm was over both she and Ripper realized there was a problem in that they were locked together. Over the next half hour Cathy had several more orgasms and didn't even seem to notice all scratch marks Ripper was leaving on her as, he tried to free himself.

Finally with a bit of a plop, the dog's cock popped free and he trotted off to the corner of the yard to, get away from the two crazy females. Looking at the expression on the teen's face I knew, that dog fucking would be a regular activity. There was still the little problem of, me needing to get a nut and the time for that had arrived. Since I won't fuck a cunt that's full of dog cum, I walked over and took a surprised Betty by the arm and bent her over a the near by bird bath. Her cries about her uniform getting wet fell on deaf ears since I didn't care if she had to walk around with wet tit's the rest of the day. There wasn't any kind of foreplay as, I just flipped that little shirt up and shoved it in balls deep. Not surprisingly her cunt was already dripping wet and it slid in really easy.

"OOOOOH GOD FUCK MEEE!" She yelled, as I hammered that twat for all I was worth. I was pounding that cunt so hard, that the birdbath threatened to turn over and the water was sloshing all over the place. I pulled back to far with one stroke and when I put it back in, it went straight up her shit pipe that stood the bitch up sure enough. But I just shoved her back down and continued to, bang her brains out. A little while latter Betty was getting ready to, go meet my buyers and the bitch looked so hot in, that extremely revealing black cocktail dress, that I almost fucked her again. I decided to save it for Cathy though since, I really needed Betty to take care of buyers and I can fuck her anytime.

After she left Cathy and I got dressed so, that I could give her a night out like I had given her sister. That date went almost exactly like the one with Cindy. This time however while we were at the costume shop I had Cathy, model the costumes for me. I though that clerk was going to whip it out right in the store. He was practically salivating as, the youngster paraded around the store in the various costumes.

When she came out in a 'French Maids' outfit he had to step behind the counter to hide his erection. The little shop had been empty when we came in but it was suddenly full of middle-aged men. Some of the men pretended to be shopping but several of them blatantly stood and watched Cathy model the sexy apparel. I guess that's when I realized just how lucky I really was. I had to go to the office the next day in order to do the payroll so, when we got home from the mall I, was only able to give Cathy one really good pounding before calling it a night. I did however insist that she sleep with my cock in her mouth and woke several times during the night to give her lovely little throat a fucking. One time I woke up needing to piss and not wanting to get up so, I used her tiny mouth as chamber pot. The little bitch damn near drown.

When I woke up Betty was stroking my cock but Cathy was no longer in bed with me. "The girls are downstairs waiting for you." She said, as she bent over to give my pecker a kiss, then using it like a handle pulled me from bed. Downstairs the two girls hung face to face from, the old plant hook. A store bought Cat O Nine lay on the near by coffee table. It looked much more menacing than the one I had made but I could tell by the weight that it wouldn't have nearly the bite and I was right.

The girls hardly screamed at all as, I whipped their little asses and backs. The marks it left were a light red instead of, the deep purple that mine left It was still fun watching them scrim around with, their tiny bodies pressed together however and my cock was soon raging hard. Once I tied of whipping the little sluts I, had their Mom take them down and place them in a classic sixty-nine position.

There was disappointment all over Cindy's face as, her Mom lay her on the floor and then had her sister straddle her head. She cheered up quickly however when I pressed my cock against her Cathy's asshole. "Oh let me help you!" She said cheerfully, as she applied some saliva to my cock. She giggled when her sister lifted her head to protest and I shoved her face back into Cindy's twat. She had a bird's eye view of her sister's asshole getting ripped and she loved it.

From time to time I would pull out and Cindy would happily give my cock a quick suck then place it back in Cathy's poop-chute. When I finally popped my nut Cindy sucked my cock clean and I thanked her by watering her tonsils with my piss. While we were catching our breath I, decided to take the girls to work with me, which worked really well for Betty, who had to go to the doctor before picking Tim up at his Mom's. Once we arrived at my office I, introduced the girls to my personal assistant Naomi Brown, as my nieces. The girls were dressed in white dresses with hemlines that fell only about three inches below their cute little asses. Any sudden movement and she would have been looking at their panties looking at their panties if, they had been wearing any.

Naomi shot me suspicious look but I ignored her. After all I pay her salary and don't need to answer to her. Once I had ushered them into the office I, took a seat at my desk and started making out the payroll. While I did that the girls fulfilled a fantasy of mine by, crawling under the desk and taking turns sucking my cock as I worked. Of course in my fantasy it had always been the sexy Naomi under the desk. Once the payroll was done I decided to have a little fun and after giving Cathy some special instructions I, sent her to the loading dock to hand out checks.

I turned on the closed circuit security screen to watch the fun while Cindy continued to work on my cock. By the time Cathy arrived at the loading dock I, already had Cindy bent over the desk working on cunt. I had her positioned so she could see the monitor and enjoy the show as well. Cathy followed my instructions to letter by, allowing all the dock workers to gather around before dropping the checks and then, bending at the waist to pick them up. I didn't really expect what happened next however. I had thought I would get a laugh out of watching the guys go bug-eyed trying to get a good look at her ass but what I saw was a youngster get gangbanged by sixteen dock workers.

They hoisted her up and bent her over the arm of a near by forklift and wet to town on the squealing young teen. My security system is so sophisticated, that I could zoom in on two gnats fucking so, getting a close- up of this action was no problem. Cathy offered little resistance and was soon getting plugged from both ends. I was amazed to see several of the black workers were hung better than I am and it wasn't long before the youngsters little cunt was a gapping hole.

Her squeals were a mixture of pain and delight as, one after another of the workers assaulted that sweet twat. Her little toes curled as orgasm after orgasm swept through her tiny body. Suddenly all the workers backed off and Cathy lay over the arm of the forklift limp as a rag doll and I thought the show was over but I was very wrong.

Old Jessie, my sixty-five year old foreman stepped up and pulled a cock from his pants the size of which I've only seen on horses. He pushed his cock into, the girls cum filled twat to lubricate it, then took it out and pressed it to her asshole. Then without mercy plowed his way through her tight little shitter. Cathy's scream was blood curdling and the look on her face was priceless.

Watching this got me so excited, that I pushed through Cindy's cervix and into her womb sinking my entire cock into, her cunt for the first time. I know this caused her a lot of pain but she was tickled shitless. "I'm going to have to lick her cunny good later to thank her!" She exclaimed, as she fucked me back harder. Meanwhile back at the loading dock Jesse, was really hammering Cathy's asshole with long hard strokes. She seemed to have gotten used to it and wasn't screaming bloody murder anymore but she wasn't moaning in delight either although I could have sworn, that I heard her giggle a couple of times.

Finally the old man's body tensed and he pulled Cathy tight against him so, he could flood he bowels with his sperm. Then he pulled out abruptly and simply walked away leaving the youngster hanging limply over the arm of the forklift. I couldn't help but laugh when she weakly lifted her head and shouted, "Oh no!" Just a five-foot stream of shit erupted from her well-fucked asshole.

When Cathy returned to the office she walked like a young girl who had just, been fucked by sixteen loading dockworkers. I couldn't help but wonder what Naomi thought when the youngster had walked through the outer office with, cum still running down her legs. Once in my office she gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, then went into my bathroom to clean up. When she came out she lay on my office couch and in seconds was sleeping in a fetal position sucking her thumb.

I went to work making calls to some clients that I had been neglecting lately and Cindy went to the snack bar to get us a couple of drinks. When I realized thirty minutes had passed and she hadn't returned I got concerned. I used the security system to check the building but there was no sign of her so, I got up and set out to find her. When I stepped into the outer office I asked Naomi if she had seen my niece lately and she assured me she hadn't but something about her demeanor seemed odd. Then I heard a noise from under her desk and I leant over to have a look. There on the floor with her face buried between, the black woman's legs knelt Cindy. I didn't speak at first but walked over and locked the door. By this time Naomi had gotten the girl out from under the desk and was trying to rearrange her short skirt.

"You don't have to worry about that skirt. I want you to get on top of that desk and do a little peel and squeal and when you're finished I, will tell you about your new job description." I said, with a sinister grin on my face. Naomi's face sprouted a grin as well and she didn't hesitate to climb up on top of her desk.

Naomi is about five two with a thick build, probably about one hundred forty pounds with, a more than ample bosom, that always shows a generous amount of cleavage no matter what top she wears. She wears her hair in corn rows which have turned me on ever since the movie "10" and she has a bubble butt that looked made for fucking there's just something about her that screams sex.

I took a seat in her chair, which gave me an excellent view up her skirt. Cindy tried to sit in my lap but I pushed her under the desk and pulled my cock out for her to suck, while I enjoyed the show. There wasn't any music so, she sort of sang the melody of "The Stripper" and gyrated as, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the desk. She then slowly snaked out of the tight skirt that she wore and when it fell around her ankles, she kicked it across the room. This left her in nothing but bra, panties and pantyhose.

The red pantyhose had been cut like a garter belt and hose with, the ass and crotch open. The bra was black and lacy and the panties black and sheer. She continued to bump and grind as, she loosened the bra and tossed it to me.

I had waited ten years to see those tits and I was not disappointed. They were magnificent! They were very firm for their size and her age with, large black nipples the size of Mason Jar lids and the tips looked to be nearly an inch long. She didn't waste time taking off the panty hose but instead simply tore the panties off from underneath them. Her bush looked like black sheep's wool and was very neatly trimmed into, the shape of a heart. Looking at her it was all I could do not to give Cindy's tonsils a good white washing but I wanted to sample that black cunt. After having her model for several minutes I, helped her down and wasted no time in, bending her over the desk. I had Cindy sit spread legged on the desk right in front of her face and she immediately buried her face in that beautiful preteen twat. Her cunt was already soaked from the licking Cindy had given it and my cock slid in effortlessly. It felt like a custom made silk glove. I could have kicked myself for not moving on her years ago but decided instead to just make-up for lost time. I fucked her with long slow strokes and spoke to her as I did.

"When we're finished you're going to fire the sales staff. You and the girls Mom will be, handling clients from now on. You will report to my office everyday and strip down for inspection and if I'm not pleased you will be punished. You will also be punished for any fuck-ups you make at the office. You will make yourself available to me twenty-four/seven. Your salary will be doubled and both you and Betty will receive commissions on your sales."

Naomi's answer was muffled since Cindy, now had her legs wrapped around her head but I took it to be a yes and stepped up the tempo. It wasn't long before her body began to spasm in a wave of orgasms but I held off so, that I could sample some of that fine looking ass.

"OH NO WAIT! I'VE NEVER BEEN FUCKED THERE!" She screamed, as I pressed my cock to her little star shaped anus but I didn't see that as my problem and plowed through her clinching anal ring. I fucked that warm buttery ass so hard, that I fucked her right out of the stiletto heels she was wearing It took a while but she finally managed to relax and get into the swing of things not, that she really had a choice.

When I finally shot my load into her bowels and pulled out she made a mad dash for the ladies room so, I had no choice but to have Cindy suck my cock clean. She didn't seem to relish the chore but did it just the same. We spent the rest of the day taking advantage of Naomi's charms. The girls really had a field day with her. Cathy may have been exhausted from her little gang-bang but she found the energy to sit on that beautiful black face and make good use of those big lips.

They gave as good as they got however, and Naomi enjoyed a number of orgasms from their tiny tongues. However it wasn't until the girls fisted both her ass and cunt, that Naomi discovered just how hard a climax could be. It wasn't hard to convince her to allow the girls to fist her. I simply held her down and the girls forced their way in but sadly there wasn't any lube handy, I'm sure it was a bit painful but I felt it was worth a little pain. Their little arms worked like pistons in a V8.

Naomi's fists were clinched and her knuckles were nearly white. Her toes curled with each climax and I had to stuff my underwear in her mouth to keep her from screaming out. When they finally pulled their fist out she just curled up on the desk exhausted and when I said we would be doing this three times a weak she was to worn out to protest, she simply groaned. After that I gave the girls each a little ass fuck and had my new black slut suck me clean.

I spent the remainder of the day watching Cathy and Cindy make love to one another. All good things must cum to an end however and much to soon for my liking we were getting ready to go home. We were just about to walk out of the office, when Betty called to say we needed to talk and that she would be waiting for me at my house. Tim and Betty were waiting when we arrived back at my house. We introduced the kids and Betty whisked me away to my den before telling me, what was on her mind.

"I saw the doctor today and he confirmed what I already knew. I'm pregnant with Tim's baby but don't worry this was my doing and I intend to accept full responsibility for my child. I just don't know what to tell Tim." She said, then stood nervously awaiting my answer but I just stood there stunned unable to speak so she continued. "If it makes you feel any better about this I will understand if you want to get the girls pregnant and I will take full responsibility for their children as well. I don't know how I would support three more mouths but I will find a way. I hope you don't take Tim away from me, I'll do anything you want if you don't. If you want me to suck cocks in Skid Row at a quarter a pop I'll do it just, don't taker him away from me." I stood silent a couple more minutes as, visions of the girls with their little bellies swollen like soccer balls ran through my head, giving me an incredible hard on. The idea of Cindy being ready to pop and pulling a train on the loading dock almost made me cum my slacks. I was brought back to planet earth by Betty's soft sobs and finally found the words to speak as, I put my arm around her to comfort her.

"Don't worry I'll take care of you and the baby but I think it best if we tell people that it belongs to me. If I get the girls pregnant we'll let Tim take the credit for that. I should also tell you that you will be doing sales with Naomi but I still expect you to keep my house and you will be paid for both." I said, then pushed her to her knees to deal with my erection.

She sucked me as I explained just what she and Naomi would be doing in sales. I could tell by the intensity of the blowjob that she was getting hot just thinking about what lay in store for her. It didn't take her long before I was whitewashing her tonsils with hot sperm. I knew she needed to get off as well but opted to let Tim handle that and led her back to the living room to get him. When we got back to the living room we were less than thrilled to, find Cindy on her hands and knees with Tim's cock buried in her asshole and her face buried in her sisters cunt. The thought of sharing Cindy with any man or boy, even my son was hard to take and I know Betty felt the same way about sharing Tim.

There was little we could do about it however, so we did the only thing we could - we joined in.

Since that day things have changed a lot. Betty and the girls have moved in and pretty much taken over the house but Tim and I can live with it since their biggest demand is lots of nasty sex. Naomi and Betty have started handling my sales and I can already see a increase in new business.

Meanwhile the two women have gotten really close if you know what I mean and there has been talk of Naomi and her eight-year-old daughter coming to live with us. I can't wait to see the lips of that little Ebony Princess wrapped around my cock. I'll keep you posted.



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