When my daughter, Lisa, turned thirteen, I promised that I would take her to the beach for a few days. She loved to go down the coast and spend time laying in the sun and shopping at all the fancy gift shops.

Her mother had died when she was five and I had never remarried. I would date from time to time, but I had no serious girlfriends. Lisa was beginning to look a lot like her dear mother. Lisa, meanwhile, had to grow up without a mother and it was up to me to teach her all of the things she had to know to be a woman. It was quite awkward for me at times but she was a sweet and trusting child.

We got to our hotel and settled into our room. We had a single king sized bed because that was all that was available. Lisa went down to the lobby to get some snacks from the vending machine and I went to take a shower.

When I finished my shower I stepped out into the room to dry my hair. I thought that she was still gone so I didn't bother to cover up. After a few moments I realized that she was sitting on the bed drinking a soda. I caught her looking at my equipment and she gasped and looked away while I wrapped a towel around myself.

"Sorry, I didn't know you were back!"

"That's o.k. dad."

I was just glad I didn't have a hard-on!

"Dad, you're much bigger than those pictures of men's, you know..."

"Penises" I finished

"Yeah, yours is huge!"

"Well, I shouldn't be letting you see me 'penis'. Where have you seen pictures of men's penises anyway?" I inquired.

"I'm taking a health course and we are studying reproduction right now" We haven't gotten to female reproduction yet, we just finished up on the male."

"Oh, I said, your mom had told me that I was a little well endowed, but we shouldn't be talking about this, you're my daughter!"

"How else am I supposed to learn about this? Mom's not around to talk to!"

"Well, I suppose I can answer your questions if you ever have any." I reluctantly said.



"Dad, do you ever get an erection?"

"What!" I stammered. "Just a minute, this is unfamiliar territory." I hesitated for a few moments and very frankly stated, "Yes, I suppose I do get an erection from time to time." This truth was I was getting one right then.

I went back into the bathroom and put on some boxer shorts and a t-shirt. I reclined on the bed to watch a little TV hoping the inquisition was over for now, as I was trying to hide my hard-on from my thirteen-year-old daughter. She changed into a long t-shirt and hopped onto the bed. She leaned on my shoulder as I watched TV I wasn't sure, but I could swear she was staring at the bulge I was trying to hide in my boxers.


"Uh-oh," I thought. "Yes dear?"

"I've never seen a penis before."

"Well, that's good, you shouldn't be seeing boy's penises at your age."

"You have an erection, don't you Dad?" She giggled.

"Lisa! I can't believe you asked that!"

"Well you do! It's trying to sneak out of your shorts!"

I placed a pillow on my crotch to hide it. I wanted so badly to go to the bathroom and jack-off. My ever- inquisitive daughter was making me horny as hell!

She sat silently for a few moments and then said, "Can I see your penis again?"

I cleared my throat. My cock was throbbing at the mere thought of my little girl seeing me naked.

"I guess so, but just for a minute, you're going to get to see one of those 'erections' you've been asking about."

I slid my boxers down and over my feet and laid back down so Lisa could get an eyeful of my throbbing cock.

"Can I touch it?" she asked.

"I suppose so." I can't remember myself being so hard! Pre-cum was oozing out of the head of my cock. She reached over and touched my cock with one finger and giggled when it bounced around. She then grabbed it with one hand and slid it down the shaft to my balls.

"Your penis is so hot! I can feel your heart beating!" She wrapped her hand around one of my testicles and felt it for a moment.

"These must be your testicles. This is where you make sperm. These are huge! How do you ride a bicycle with these down here?"

"I guess I never thought of that, I manage somehow though."

She wrapped her hand around the shaft again and slowly pumped up and down a few times.

"Are you circumcised?" she asked.

"Yes," I said, "That's why the end of my dick looks like a mushroom."

"Dick? Is that what you call your penis?"

"Yes, dick or cock, men don't usually like the sound of the word penis."

"I like the way it feels," she said while softly stroking my shaft. Pre-cum was starting to ooze down and was getting on her fingers.

"Daddy, is this your sperm?"

"No," I said, "That's called pre-cum. It kinds looks like sperm but it's not as thick, it's to help the end of my dick go into a woman when we start having sex. Girls also get wet when they want to have sex and this also helps a man get his dick into her pussy, er... vagina, I mean.

"I've gotten wet before, I'm kinda wet right now," she looked down at her crotch and her cotton panties were damp. She reached down and stroked her crotch once.

"You're not 'kinda' wet, you're soaked!"

"Oh, you can call it a pussy, I like that word better than vagina any day."

"My 'pussy' is all 'wet'," she giggled.

My head was spinning! I couldn't believe I was having this conversation with my lovely little daughter while she was stroking my cock! I was aroused beyond imagination!

I grabbed her hand and said, "You might want to stop unless you want to clean up huge mess."

"What do you mean?" she innocently said.

"Well, did you read about how a man 'ejaculates' in your health class?"

"Yeah, but you're not having sex!"

"Well there are other ways of getting me to ejaculate or 'cum'. Most people say 'cum'.

"Will your sperm come out?" she asked.

"No it won't just come out, it will 'shoot' out and get all over the bed... and most people call sperm 'cum' too.

"I want to see your sperm dad! I mean your cum!" She giggled at these new words she was leaning.

"Well, just keep on doing that to my dick, maybe a little faster and I'll have some cum for you in just a minute."

She began pumping me in earnest with both hands. I rolled my head back into the pillow as she pumped harder and faster.

"Are you alright daddy?" she asked.

"I'm just... fine!" I gasped, "Don't stop!"

It wasn't too long before I sent several big ropes of cum all over my chest. Some of it hit the headboard and got on my hair and face. Reality hits you hard after you cum and I asked her to stop for a moment so I could take in what had just happened.

"Dad, are you mad at me?"

"No, of course not!, I just feel a little strange. I stammered." I didn't feel strange for long. I got a good look at her beautiful brown eyes, her shapely figure, her soaking wet panties. I soon began to get hard all over again. I laid back on the pillow and she massaged some of my semen into my chest and examined the foreign substance that was on her hand.

"This looks kinda like shampoo, except thicker," she said.

"Don't get it near you, at least not on your pussy! It can get you pregnant even if you didn't have sex!"

"Yeah, that's what our health teacher taught us," Lisa said.

I sat up for a moment to take my cum-drenched t-shirt off.

"Can a girl cum too, I mean, I get really excited sometimes, like now!"

"Well, I can show you how to cum too if you want. I could make your mom cum without having sex with her."

"Oh pleeeeease! Please, please, please!"

I began to think that she knew how to make herself cum, she just wanted someone else to do it for her. She had been rubbing herself from time to time while we were fooling around.

I reached down between Lisa's legs and she welcomed me by lying back and spreading her knees apart. I gently played with my daughter's pussy. She reached down and pulled her panties off and over her feet. She had a nice little bush. Her breasts and hips had developed a lot and she looked like quite a woman from the neck down.

She started to breath heavily as I stroked her clit and inserted one of my fingers into her pussy. She moaned and grabbed my hand, moving it faster back and forth into her sex. Her breathing continued to quicken and I could feel her heart racing. She raised her ass off of the bed and shuddered as she had her first orgasm.

"Holy cow!" she shouted "I never felt such a rush!, That was awesome! Your hands are so big and strong!"

We lied there silent and breathless for a few moments. I rolled back and exposed my newly hardened erection.



"Are all guys as big as you?"

"I don't thing so, mom said I had the biggest one she's ever laid eyes on. She was in a sorority in college so I think she knows what she's talking about! She's probably seen plenty of wieners."

"I just don't know if I could ever have sex with someone as big as you," she said.

"Sure you could, your mom felt the same way, but your pussy can stretch a lot. It might hurt a little at first, but you would get used to it. Mom said she loved having someone with such a large cock."

"Yeah, but yours must be a foot long!"

"Not a FOOT long, it's only 11 � inches." I joked. "I noticed that you couldn't even get your fingers around it though, it is pretty thick."

"Well, if mom could handle it, maybe I could too."

My cock throbbed up and down as she lied beside me and lightly stoked it. Suddenly she sat up and pulled off her t-shirt.


"Yes," I said.

"Can we have sex?"

"Lisa! Have sex? I'm really feeling a little guilty about fooling around with my own daughter, much less having sex with her!"

"It would be special, and just between you and me."

"Well, I didn't bring any condoms!"

"Just pull out before you cum, I trust you! My teacher said that it wasn't the best way to prevent pregnancy, but I want to do it!"

"Well, that's how mom ended up pregnant with you!"

"Oh, I don't care, please daddy!"

I was in another dimension, my mind was spinning as I nodded my head and proceeded to mount my daughter missionary style. I spread her legs and rubbed my cock up and down her beautiful little pussy. Her nipples were hard and she was wetter than ever.

"This is going to hurt if you're a virgin!"

"I am, but I'm tough, go ahead!"

She reached down and tugged on my cock and guided it into her pussy.

She grunted and cringed from time to time, but I slowly began working my dick into her. She arched her back and pressed against me. Suddenly her pussy gave way and I got about half of it in.

I was so aroused that I had to stop for a moment or I would come right there on the spot. She urged me on and wrapped her legs around my back.

"I think you just took my cherry," she grinned.

I grabbed her ass and began pulling myself further into her until I was at my daughter's cervix. She arched her back and I felt her pussy contract around me as she had an orgasm.

I began to fuck her fast and rough and she had two more orgasms under me. I told her I was cumming and I tried to pull out in time. I wasn't sure, but I think I sent the first rope of my jizz into her belly.

I proceeded to cum all over her stomach and breasts. Her body shook and heaved as I continued to pump rope after rope of hot cum all over her body. She rubbed it into her skin and her hair. She was a sight to behold. My little thirteen-year-old daughter, fucking like a pro. She reached down and continued to stroke my cock as my orgasm subsided. My semen was matted into her pubic hair.

She wanted more but I told her she had to wait, but not for long! Within five minutes I was sporting another huge erection for my anxiously awaiting daughter. I was even less careful the next several times we fucked. Once I didn't even pull out at all. I was possessed with the lust of incest.

We did it doggy style (which she loved) and I let her get on top once. We awoke in pile of sticky sheets the next morning with cum matted into our skin. We had been fucking like wild animals all night long.

It wasn't long after our vacation before she came to me telling me she was late for her period.



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