The phone rang incessantly. I wondered why Lana didn't answer it as I rolled over and searched blindly for the receiver.

"Hello," I mumbled.

"Wake up, Ryan. Wake up!" Her voice was strident.

"Who is it?"

"Mary Jane. Do you know where Lana is?"

I looked around. Where the hell was Lana?

"Ryan!" Mary Jane shouted. "It's two thirty in the morning. Where is your wife?"

"I don't know."

"I do. She's at Bart's house pulling a train. Do you know what that means? She's gangbanging all your so- called friends. You're a laughingstock-a cuckold too stupid to know his wife is fucking around on him. Wake up, Ryan!"

"I'm awake," I said.

Her voice was low and cold now. "No, you're not. Everyone knows about her but you, and everyone who knows her does her. Do you like being married to the biggest slut in town?"

"No," I said.

"That's what she is. She did Bart the night before your wedding. She did some guy she met on the beach while you were on your honeymoon and bragged about it when she got back. Now she's doing anyone she can pull together in a group. How does that make you feel?"

"Shitty," I said. "Really low and shitty."

"Maybe there's hope for you yet," she replied. "Good night, Ryan. I'll pray for you," she said before she hung up.

In less than a minute, I was dressed and running for the car. In less than ten, I tried Bart's front door. It was unlocked. I quietly let myself in and tiptoed to the living room. A bunch of them were sitting around naked, drinking beer and shooting the shit.

There was Bart in his easy chair. Bart - one of my two best friends. A groomsman at our wedding. I knew Bart would fuck anything, but I thought he'd leave my wife alone out of friendship if nothing else. His wife, Betty, was a sweet and giving woman. I liked her. But she was a certifiable slut. Hell, I slept with her before she dated Bart and she had offered herself to me regularly since then. I knew they were wife swappers because both of them had approached me about Lana and me joining their club.

There were my other friends there - Bill and Jack and Little Jeff and Pete and Andy.

Betty, wearing a sweatshirt that covered her alomost to her crotch, came in from the kitchen with two beers in each hand. She saw me and froze. "Hello, Ryan," she said. The room got deathly quiet. I looked at each of them, but they wouldn't look at me.

"Where's Lana?" I asked.

"In the bedroom with Jeff and Mikie," Betty replied.

Just then Mike came through the door from the hall. "Next," he announced with a big shit-eating grin. He saw me and sagged back against the wall with his mouth hanging open. Mike - my other best friend and brother- in-law. I knew Amy, my sister, didn't know about her husband fucking the town slut. Amy would cut off Mike's nuts if she knew.

"Don't blame us. We're not the only ones she's fucking," Bill said.

"Yeah, Ryan. If she's giving it away, why shouldn't your friends get some? She's the best I've ever had," Bart added. Betty looked pissed off at that, but the other guys mumbled agreement.

Bart was right. Lana was built like a brick shithouse and had a wild, demanding sensuality when she wanted sex, which was most of the time. She'd get a look in her eyes - a supernatural look, like in a cartoon. No man could resist that look. She loved to fuck more than any woman - hell, more than any man I ever met. And good? Bart was right again. Lana was the best fuck ever.

"What's been happening?" I asked.

"She's been here since one, taking all of us any way we want it," Mike answered.

"Who came in her mouth?" I asked.

Four hands went up, two of them from Andy. "The other two hand's for Big Jeff," he said sheepishly.

"In the ass?"

"She told us she'd tell our wives if we did her like that," Bill replied.

"Shit. She told us she'd cut us off and that's even worse," Pete snickered.

No anal sex. Period. That was Lana's rule. She'd do anything but that, and if I ever had her ass, she'd never speak to me again.

I saw Bart give Betty a signal. She handed out the beers except for one and brought it to me. I took a swig as Betty's hand slipped under my tee shirt and slid across the top of my jeans. "Let's go somewhere and talk, Ryan," she said seductively.

"No, thanks, Betty. I want to join in my wife's gangbang."

"Oh, that's great," someone said and they all begin to talk, like someone had turned on the electricity and a display started. The pressure was off them. I wasn't an angry husband. I was one of the guys participating in fucking the slut.

"I'm going to fuck her ass and you guys are going to help me," I said.

The electricity was disconnected. All was quiet again.

"This is what's going to happen. I want her on the bed doggy-style. Mike, you'll hold her head. Pete and Little Jeff will hold her arms. Andy and Bart will hold her legs. I'll plow her from behind. You will hold her like I want her. Understand?"

"Not me," Bart said. "She's too good to give up." Bart didn't know it but he just bought more trouble than he could handle.

"I'll take the other leg, Ryan. It's the least I can do for you," Jack said.

"That's right, guys. We owe it to Ryan. He's our buddy and he's always been there for us," Mike said. "Let's do it."

Lana was facing the far wall when we entered the bedroom. She was on her hands and knees on the bed with Jeff fucking her doggy-style, driving into her sloppy cunt with all he had. I heard her laugh-a demonic, guttural laugh-like she does when she orgasms. I wondered how many she'd had.

Jeff drove hard into her. She pushed back against him and wiggled her hips. "That's it, Baby. Fill me up," she said. That's what she always said when I came in her.

Mike crawled in front of her with his back against the headboard. Lana thought he wanted his cock sucked and her head dropped into his lap. The others took their places before she realized what was happening.

I pushed Jeff aside and took his place between her legs. His cum drooled out of her, or maybe it was Mike's cum, or whoevers. There was a pile of the wet sticky stuff on the sheet under her red and well-used pussy.

"I need a cock in me," she said, raising her head up to look Mike in the face. "Who's next?"

Mike tangled his hands in her hair above the ears on both sides of her face to get a good grip and pulled her head back until his face was near hers. "Ryan," he said.

The world stood still. No one made a sound.

"Ryan? My husband?"

I drove my cock into her loose and well lubed pussy. When I pulled out, there was as much cum on my cock as there was when we fucked at home.

"Yes, Lana. It's me," I said. "Hold still, baby. You're going to love this."

I drove all the way into her ass with one long, hard stroke, burying my cock in her bowels to the hilt. She screamed and started struggling. Lana's strong for her size and her adrenalin pumped, but she was tired from a hard night's fucking and six big guys held her in place. All that twisting and fighting gave my crotch a good massage from her hips and her sphincter spasmed on my cock.

Any other time, all that stimulation would've made me go off like a roman candle. This time, I wasn't even close. I wanted to do this my way.

She fought until she couldn't move. Now the guys were holding her up, not holding her still as she sucked in air by the bushels. I took a hip in each hand and slowly began to fuck her ass.

Something happened to her. It must've been the heat and exertion and continual sexual stimulation for a couple of hours. And the hard dick in her asshole, of course. I heard her demonic laugh, but it was different this time, like I'd heard only once before. It was staccato, like she was laughing with the hiccups. Lana was building to a mind-blowing climax.

"Listen," I barked. "Grab her tits, guys. Jack, do her clit. Andy, finger her. Mike, pull her hair. On the beat. Ready. Squeeze. Tug. Tug. Release. Rest. Squeeze. Tug. Tug. Release. Rest."

Betty started clapping the rhythm and chanting the words. The others not doing it chimed in. "Squeeze. Tug. Tug. Release. Rest."

Only Lana and I were off beat. She was twitching and rotating and growling. Every muscle in her body and her skin were on fire. She cursed and babbled incoherently. The guys holding her were working to keep her in place. The chanting got louder. "Squeeze. Tug. Tug. Release. Rest."

Me? I was driving up her dark hole and struggling to stay in her without cumming. The motions and heat and pressures were excruciating.

"Faster," I said. They picked up the tempo and so did Lana.

I heard her pre-climax laugh. She screeched and yanked herself free. She sat back hard, burying me in her. Her nails dug into my thighs. Her ass tightened on my cock.

It definitely was not fun. The pain was intense, like when you catch your dick in your zipper. I screamed.

Lana screamed, vomited on Mike, and passed out.

Lana stayed there. Betty said she'd take care of her. Pete and Little Jeff took me to the hospital. Dr. Helen Booker was on duty. We all knew Helen, who was three years ahead of us in high school. I showed Helen the puncture wounds made by Lana's claws in my thighs and I showed her my dick.

"Ryan, your penis is horribly bruised. Doesn't it hurt?"

"It's killing me," I replied.

"I'll get some painkiller and an icebag. You can't have sex for a few weeks. Don't even masturbate. If it's not painfree in five days, you need to see me again. I'm going to cleanse and stitch your wounds." She glared at me. "Were these made by a woman?" she asked.

"Lana," I replied.

"I've seen wounds made when a woman clawed a man, but none like these. These are wider and deeper." She shook her head in disbelief and started the procedures. The painkiller wiped me out. I barely remember the guys getting me home and in bed.

Someone was shaking me. I heard my name being called as I fought to clear the cobwebs from my mind.

"Wake up, Ryan," she said, shaking me again.

"Mom?" I mumbled. "What are you doing here?"

"You're not at home. You're in the hospital and you have been for two days."

Mom look terrified. So did Dad, Mike, and Amy who were standing behind her. I turned my head to see Father Morris who looked more terrified and a crucifix in his hand.

Father said, "In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Amen," as he made the sign of the cross on my forehead.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Lana's in the hospital, too. She almost died," Mom answered.

"Mike told us what happened at Betty's house. He told us everything," Amy said.

"Lana was possessed by the Devil," Father said. He sounded as scared as he looked. "The anal sex drove him from her body. At least that's what the exorcist thinks. We really don't know."

"They want you to be exorcised," Mom said.

"They want to exorcise all of us there that night," Mike interjected.

"Exorcise the Devil? You're kidding me?"

"The Devil isn't funny, Ryan," Father said piously.

Maybe not, but I snickered anyway. I went to Mass most Sundays and Confession three or four times a year, but I thought demonic possession was bullshit. I didn't say that to Father Morris. He looked like he had enough problems. They stayed with me and talked for ten minutes or so before Dr. Helen Booker came in.

"Time to leave. He needs his rest," she said. Mom kissed me and they all tottered off. Dr. Booker threw the covers back and checked my thighs. "You're healing more quickly than I expected," she said.

"Good genes," I joked.

"I had the nurse remove the catheter. How's your dick feeling?" she asked. She bent over me and took my cock in her hand. "Healing nicely, I see. I think this medicine is what it needs."

She sucked it in her mouth. That surprised me. I always thought of Helen as asexual, even when I was in high school and anything in skirts looked good. I didn't think of her that way as she bobbed on my cock giving me one hell of a good blowjob.

As her hand slowly worked my hard and needy shaft, she raised up to look me in the eye. I knew that look. It was Lana's look-the one she had when she desperately needed sex.

Or was it the Devil's look?

"The priests are looking for me," Helen said, but it didn't sound like Helen. Her voice was low and guttural. "Don't tell them where I am and you'll have the best sex you ever had."

"I won't tell them," I said.

"That's my good boy," Helen said in that unworldly voice. She lowered her mouth to my cock. In seconds, I spurted my load and she swallowed it. "I'll be back," she said as she left me alone.

Why should I tell the priests? I knew what was happening now. If I managed it, the demon would jump from Helen to another woman when I was ready, so the best sex would be there for me. And I knew how to manage it. I could fuck the Devil away.

The nurse came in. She was a little plump, but that didn't matter. I stared at her. She looked terrified and helpless. A tear rolled down her cheek as she looked at her wedding rings. She shivered, locked the door, and removed her hose and panties.

"Take off everything," I said.

She nodded and undressed before climbing on the bed and impaling herself on my cock. I lay back with my arms behind my head and let her do the work. I was in no hurry. I liked watching her face and her bouncing tits. She humped until she was red-faced and near exhaustion. The room stunk of sex. Her pussy was getting dry and my crotch was soaked in her juices.

She didn't orgasm, but that wasn't important to either of us. Only one thing was important. My orgasm. Clearly, she would fuck herself to death rather than stop before I climaxed.

When I let myself cum, I laughed. It surprised me, and I thought, "Jesus, was that my laugh?"

The End


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