My name is Leane, I grew up in a small town in Australia, and I was a virgin when I turned sixteen, my experience was limited to a couple of quick feelups in the back of some of the local boy's cars, I had certainly never had an orgasm. When I was 15 years old my parents sent me away to boarding school in Sydney, where I shared a room with another girl called Muffy, who quickly became my best friend.

Muffy was several months older than me (she had already turned sixteen when I began to share her room in one of the senior girl's cottages), and from the discussions we had, was a lot more sexually aware than me. I found myself becoming turned both by our talks and by Muffy herself, though I would never let her know that! Muffy was gorgeous, with perfect breasts, curvy figure and a bob style cut natural blond hair that the boys couldn't stay away from.

Since I was about the same size, (but with long blond hair) I often borrowed Muffy's clothes,- being naive and from a country town, I didn't have sexy little halter tops and stuff like that, hoping the guys would notice me too. The boys always seemed to go for Muffy more than me though, but she never let them get to far, saying only that she already had a boyfriend back home.

I often asked her about him, but she always remained coy. Being in a boarding house there was not much opportunity anyway, - or so I thought, and as the months passed and my sixteenth birthday drew closer, I found myself thinking more and more about Muffy.

Whenever she came back from the shower, or changed clothes, I found I was unable to stop myself from staring at her beautiful body, (so much that I worried she might notice, but she never seemed to). She had lots of lacy G-strings and matching bras, and seeing her slip them on really turned me on. I was also a little jealous, as I had nothing like that, only plain white cotton stuff. A couple of times when she was out, I even tried some of them on, which made me feel a bit guilty, but very sexy, sending tingles through my virgin pussy as I imagined her boyfriend feeling me up through them like Muffy told me he did to her.

Things went on like that, nothing changing except that I was getting more and more frustrated, and too naive and shy to know what to do about it, my sixteenth birthday passed and I was still a virgin. Then one day, not long after my birthday, one of my classes was cancelled as the teacher was sick, and knowing that Muffy had a spare I decided to join her back at the cottage. When I got there I called out but there was no response, so I lay down on the couch in the common room and started reading an English novel.

I must have nodded off for a while, because when I awoke I could hear Muffy's voice. She seemed to be protesting about something and I was about to call out when I realised she was talking to a man. I could hear her saying, "No we can't do it here, please. I don't have time right now."

I knew she was fighting a losing battle, because I could hear the man telling her he was going to fuck her anyway, and that she knew how quick he could make her come. Her feeble protests started to turn into moans and it was all I could do to stop myself from moaning as well, as my juices started to flood my panties.

I knew he was going to fuck her and I desperately wanted to watch them. There was no way I could leave without being caught any way, as I would have to go right past our room, so I snuck into the shared bathroom, and I was in luck. The communicating door to our bedroom was wide open and I could clearly see them in the large wall mirror.

I got the shock of my life when I realised it was Chris our hunky sports master that was feeling up my friend, he was a real hunk and one of my favourite masturbation fantasies. He was holding Muffy from behind, running his hands over her breasts inside her school blouse and kissing her neck.

As I watched, he slowly slipped one hand down and undid the buttons on her skirt, letting it slip to the ground, exposing her tiny black lace G-string, while his other hand unbuttoned her blouse, which he quickly slipped off over her muted protests. She looked so sexy standing there in her thin lacy underwear with her eyes shut and his hands gently roaming over her body.

Her legs parted under gentle pressure from his knee, and as he slipped his hand between her legs he was telling her how wet she was, that her girl juice had soaked the whole crutch of her tiny panties, that she was a hot little slut and that he was going to fuck her over her desk and make her cum.

Muffy certainly wasn't resisting at all anymore, her nipples were poking through her silky bra and she was gently thrusting her soaking pussy against his probing fingers, unable to control herself any longer. He began to tongue-kiss her and at the same time sawed her wet g- string back and forth over her clit and cunt lips, sending her right over the edge.

Her breathing was short and ragged, little squeals were escaping her mouth and her bucking hips were out of control. I watched her sexy body shudder in orgasm as he started pushing her panties deep up her cunt with two fingers while working her clit with his thumb and all the while telling her what a horny little schoolgirl slut she was.

I let out a loud moan which was lost in Muffy's screams as I watched her cum, and realised that I had a hand in my own panties and was cumming almost as hard as she was. "You want me to fuck you don't you Muffy?" I could hear him saying as he undid his pants and let them fall round his ankles.

My god!! His cock was huge and he was going to stick it in her. "You want it don't you baby? Come on, beg for it you hot little bitch." He turned Muffy round and bent her over her desk and she began moaning uncontrollably. He slipped her sodden panties to one side and rubbed his huge tool over her swollen pussy and clit.

"You want my nine inches don't you baby?"

I could hear Muffy saying yes, yes, yes between her loud moans. "Beg me for it, tell me you want me to fuck you like a little slut."

Muffy started begging, "Yes. Pleeese fuck me. Aaaaah!! Put it in me please!!"

"You want it hard don't you baby?"

"YES! Please fuck me now! Fuck my wet cunt! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck your little schoolgirl slut!!" Muffy screamed as Chris slammed in all nine inches in one shove.

Muffy kept coming and coming as he pounded her sodden cunt, she couldn't stop and neither could I as I furiously worked my clit, both our bodies' spasming uncontrollably in a sexual frenzy. Chris kept pumping her for what seemed like forever while she had one long continuous orgasm until he finally pulled out, moved around the side of the desk and, held Muffy firmly by her hair as he deposited his load down her unresisting mouth and all over her face.

Muffy slipped limply to the floor as Chris finished with her. He told her to go and get showered and cleaned up, and to make sure she wore some sexy underwear, as he was going to have her again before the end of the day, then left. I quickly slipped back to the common room, pulling the door almost closed and hoped Muffy wouldn't find me.

I heard Muffy shower and get dressed and leave for her class, which she would just make on time if she hurried. I slipped back into our room and stripped (I needed a shower myself), not quite believing what I had just seen, but the room stank of sex still, and Muffy's sexy black bra and soaked G-string were lying on the floor by her bed where she left them.

I couldn't help myself, I picked them up and smelt her wet sex, I held them up in front of my own cunt and imagined it was me that he just fucked like that.

"Did you enjoy watching me fuck you're friend Leane?"

I nearly jumped out of my skin, Chris was standing in the doorway watching me fondle Muffy's sopping panties.

"You're going to look very sexy in them," he said walking towards me as I stood rooted to the spot. He walked quickly over to me as I tried to cover myself, and ran his hands over me, telling me how much he was going to enjoy fucking me like he did Muffy.

I was so embarrassed and humiliated to be caught like that, but turned on too, now that I realised I was about to get what I had been dreaming of all year. He pushed me back on her bed and took her G-string (which I was still holding) from me, and started slipping it over my ankles.

I started to struggle, telling him, "No please, I can't wear them, they're all wet from Muffy. They're Muffy's, Pleeese no!"

But he was far to strong, he just laughed and slipped them right up on me any way, telling me how sexy I looked in her panties and how they would soon be soaked with my cum too. I shuddered and felt a fresh gush leave my pussy as he pushed her wet panties against my own soaked cunt, and I knew then that I would do what ever he wanted me to, and so did he.

"Does she turn you on? I think you want her as well as me, don't you? Do her come soaked panties get you going Leane?" he kept asking me as he rubbed my cunt through the sopping G-string. "Her wet panties turn you on don't they Leane? You want to be fucked just like Muffy don't you Leane?"

I was bucking against his hand as hard as I could while he told me what a dirty little voyeur slut I was. "Cum on my fingers baby," he said as he slipped first one, then two and three fingers deep in me while he worked my clit with his thumb just like he did Muffy.

It was all I could take and my cunt started contracting uncontrollably round his fingers as I soaked him with my girl juice. "Yeah that's it baby," he said as I had my strongest orgasm yet, and my first from a man. Slowly my spasms subsided, and Chris removed his hand. "I'm going to take you like I did Muffy, but you're going to have to wait for it, that's you're punishment for being a little voyeur slut."

I couldn't believe it as I heard myself begging him to take me straight away, but he just laughed and said I wasn't ready yet. "You're my little fuck toy now, and you will do as I tell you," he said. "You'll get it when I'm ready to give it to you."

Then he lent over and kissed me long and hard, and told me I that I had to wear Muffy's sexy cum soaked lingerie for the rest of the day to remind me what was coming later, to remind me I was now his sex possession, just like Muffy He let me shower then watched me put Muffy's things back on.

When I was dressed he walked me back up to school for my next lesson, and I could feel Muffy's cum-soaked G- string rubbing against my cunt with every step. He looked at me knowingly and told me that we had only just begun, he told me to come to his office in the gym at lunchtime, and then left me to go to my class.

Concentration was impossible, all I could think about was what I had just seen and the wetness between my legs. Although I felt humiliated by the way he seemed to be able to control me so easily, I desperately wanted what Muffy had already had that morning, and lunchtime was two classes and two hours away. I don't know how I kept my hands out of my panties all that time, but eventually lunchtime arrived, and I almost ran to the gym.

I knocked on Chris's door, and he opened it and quickly pulled me inside. I almost fainted with embarrassment, he was naked, and Muffy was lying face up on his desk, legs spread and tied to the desk legs, and her hands tied tightly to the other end. She was naked also, except for her soaking muff, clad in a very wet, very flimsy sheer white lace G-string.

Chris told me to get my uniform of, I backed away saying, "N-no, no I can't." There was no way I could let Muffy see me in her panties and bra. I was starting to panic a bit I guess, and I struggled as Chris grabbed me and started stripping me.

"Don't worry, Muffy wants to see how sexy you look in her panties." He said, "She started cumming straight away when I told her you watched us fucking, and she nearly fainted when I told her that you sniffed her panties and really wanted to taste her cunt."

I never admitted that, but he was right and he knew it. He quickly had me stripped down to her underwear despite my struggling, and I could see her bucking her hips off the desk and hear her moaning as she stared at me wearing her lingerie.

Chris pushed me into his office chair, tied my legs and hands down tight like Muffy's, and positioned it near the desk so I was staring straight at Muffy's cunt. "Now you can see what you wanted to right up close Leane, watch me fuck your friends slutty little cunt and make her cum."

He pulled her ass down to the edge of the desk, slipped her panties to one side and plunged his rock hard cock straight into her, making her cum immediately. Muffy was thrusting her hips at his cock as hard as her bonds would let her and squealing and moaning as multiple orgasms shook her body.

I was squirming in my seat and moaning as well as my cunt juice once again flooded Muffy's black panties. I could see that Chris was about to cum too, and Muffy was saying, "Cum in me, cum in my cunt," over and over. But Chris had other ideas, and he pulled out as he was right on the verge, grabbed me by my long blond hair and shot his load all over my face, just as he had done to Muffy earlier. He then completed my humiliation by making me suck his dick clean!

As I sat slumped in the chair, he untied Muffy and told her to clean the cum off my face, "Lick it all up Muffy, go on you love the taste of my cum. Kiss her now Muffy so she can share it with you!"

I opened my mouth without being told, and Muffy slid her tongue between my lips, letting Chris's cum trickle in my mouth. I couldn't help myself responding to her kisses, as I was becoming more and more turned on again. When I felt fingers between my legs, I knew it was Muffy's fingers and I started cumming again and again and again as she expertly worked my clit and cunt lips.

I don't know how long she did me for, but eventually Chris pulled her off me. He untied me, and guided me over to the desk, laying me down as Muffy had been. He told Muffy to slip my bra and panties off, then tied me down with my legs spread wide and my ass on the edge off the desk. I thought he was finally going to fuck my aching pussy, but instead he pushed a willing Muffy's head between my legs and told to her to make me cum with her tongue.

I couldn't believe what was happening to me, or that Muffy was not only willing, but also actually eager to taste me and make me come. It only took seconds before she had me writhing and humping her mouth, soaking her face in my cunt juice as I almost passed out experienced what I now know was my first multiple orgasm. When Muffy finished, I just lay there, almost beyond caring what would happen next, and once again it was not what I expected.

I watched dazed, as Chris lay scissors, a razor, shaving cream and a bowl of warm water on the desk beside me! He told Muffy to trim my cunt hair into a neat triangle like hers and shave my bikini line clean, making sure there were no hairs left anywhere near my cunt lips. I was so turned on as she trimmed me neat I don't know how I stayed still enough for her not to cut me.

When she finished, Chris untied my legs and told Muffy to slip her panties off, "Now put them on Leane, she loves your panties Muffy."

I knew it was no use arguing, and I didn't really want to anyway, he was right, wearing Muffy's lacy little G- strings did turn me on, especially when they were drenched in her cum. Chris stood between my legs, looking at my wet cunt, "I think she needs something else Muffy, give me your Micro Dolphin."

Muffy reached into his desk draw and handed him a small rubbery dolphin with two short wires leading out. "Muffy loves this little toy," he said as he slipped it into the little pocket in the crutch of her G-string and snuggled it right up against my cunt, it's nose pressing right on my stiff little clit. "It keeps her nice and wet and ready to fuck for hours, in fact she can barely control when she's got this little fella on, and when I plug some batteries in... well you haven't seen a girl cum until you see this baby work her cunt!"

He untied me and told me to get dressed. He threw "my" black bra and G-string to Muffy and told her they were hers for the rest of the day, and she put them on without protesting and finished dressing. Every movement I made caused the little toy between my legs to rub and tease my cunt. Chris pulled me to him and kissed me. "You have two lessons to go, Muffy will bring you back when schools finished, I think you might be ready for fucking by then."

I could barely control myself with that toy teasing my wet slit, just like Chris had told me, and the next two hours were an agony of pleasure, but I knew each passing minute was bringing my first fuck closer.

I met Muffy after class, and somehow managed to walk back down to the gym without fainting. As soon as we entered Chris's office, he stood up and told Muffy to undress me. When I was naked except for my panties, he walked round behind me and slid his hand between my legs, teasing my dripping cunt even more. I felt his other hand slip down the front of my panties, and realised he was plugging the wires on my toy to a battery pack, and I started whimpering again, knowing what was about to happen.

He pushed me face down across his desk and told Muffy to hold my hands down. He spread my legs and turned on the toy. It was like an electric shock hitting me and I began bucking and twisting uncontrollably as orgasm after orgasm washed over me. It was all Muffy and Chris could do to hold me, and the whole time Chris was asking me if I was ready to be fucked like a little schoolgirl slut.

I was screaming, "YES! Fuck me now!! Fuck me now!!"

"You want it like Muffy don't you Leane?"

"Yes! Yes, yes, please!! I begged him, "Fuck your little school girl slut. Fuck me like you did Muffy!!" I screamed.

Finally he slipped my dripping panties to one side, leaving the toy buzzing right on my clit and slammed his cock deep into my virgin cunt. I screamed and moaned like the little slut I had become, begging him not to stop, to fuck me harder, until I finally felt him tense up and shoot his load deep inside me. He pulled out of me and turned the toy off.

I slid down to the floor moaning and exhausted, just as Muffy had in our bedroom this morning. I remember Muffy and Chris dressing me, and some how I managed to make it back to our cottage. For the rest of the year, Muffy and I shared panties, and Chris fucked us both repeatedly and almost daily, how nobody caught us I will never know.

It only came to an end at the finish of the school year, Chris was transferring to another school the following year, and we would no longer be able to see him-but Muffy and I kept at it for our final year of school, and we still get together for old times sake every now and then, even though we are both now married!



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