Chapter 2


It has been two weeks since Ebony was allowed on the cheerleading squad after she improved her grades. This was all thanks to Alex, her tutor. But her coach, Coach Sarah, has threatened to kick Ebony off of the squad. Alex arrived at her house with his friend, Alex, to begin their tutoring session. "I got your call, Ebony. I know that you're upset about the cheerleading practice but why would you want to cancel your tutoring session? I thought that you had a Biology exam later this week to study for.", Mark asked Ebony as he and Alex entered her Mom's house.

"I do but I just don't feel like having any company right now. You can stay awhile but I feel like being alone for a while. So, who's this?"

"Ebony, this is my friend Alex. He knows your coach and I thought that I would bring him to help with the tutoring and maybe he can put in a good word to your coach about you.", explained Mark. Ebony extended her hand to Alex and as he spoke to her, Ebony noticed that he had a tongue piercing. "Glad to meet you, Ebony. I hope that I can be of some help to you," Alex said. Ebony thought that it was strange to see what appeared to be a pearl tongue ring about the size of a ball bearing.

As they shook hands, Mark took Ebony's hand and said, "Yeah, yeah. That's enough. Let's go & study now."

But I said no. I don't want to study today." Ignoring her plea of rejection, Mark pulled Ebony into her room and closed the door behind them. Ebony was stunned that Mark possessed a "take charge" kind of attitude as if they were dating. When in fact, he was just her tutor and lover.

"What the fuck you think you're doing, Mark? I said....." Just then, Mark cut her from finishing her sentence and planted his lips on her young full lips. Instantly, Ebony's protest ceased and she wrapped her arms around his waist and returned his kiss. They kissed for a minute and after breaking the kiss, Mark asked "So why are you still wearing your cheerleader uniform? You know what happens when I see your big, black legs, Ebony. I wanted you the minute you opened that door to let me & Alex in."

"I just got back from practice. I didn't want any company. By the way, I can feel what my legs are doing to your cock.", she said as she could feel the hardness of Mark's cock through her skirt.

"Well, are you just going to let it fight my pants like that or are you going to do something with it?"

Ebony asked in an innocent fashion, "Well, what do you want me to do with it?" Then she removed one of her hands from around his waist and placed it the crouch of his Jeans and rubbed his hard cock through his Jeans. "Take it out."

Ebony unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and let them drop to the floor. Then she wrapped her soft, young hand around it and stroked it gently. She kissed Mark's lips but Mark stopped her and said, "Lay down on the bed."

"Ummm, didn't you come here to tutor me?"

"Oh, I will. I will tutor you in art today" Ebony laughed and replied, "I don't have an Art class, Mark."

"Not that kind of art. Have you ever eaten a popsicle before?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Well, Ebony. I want you to lay down and I will give you my cock to use as you would a popsicle."

This was something new to Ebony but she was willing to do anything to please him. After all, he's the reason why her grades had improved. So Ebony laid on the bed with her butt on the end of the bed. Mark stood in front of her body and proceeded to remove her skirt and panties. Then he unbuttoned her shirt and removed her bra. "Ebony, you have such a beautiful body for a girl your age. Such lovely tits and big, healthy black legs.

"You are going to make some man very happy when you get married.", Mark told Ebony. She felt a slight discomfort by his statement about getting married but she ignored it. She was more nervous about putting something in her mouth that she has had in her pussy for the past two weeks. But it gave her lots of pleasure, so she figured that she might as well return the favor.

Mark knelt on the bed beside Ebony's face. He placed a pillow under her head for better leverage and brought his hard cock to her mouth. Ebony looked up at him as if for guidance and Mark placed his hand behind her head. She could feel Mark gently pushing her head to his cock. There, just inches in front of her eyes, Ebony could see the 8 inch white cock that has been giving her pleasure for the past 2 weeks. She admired its clean appearance, the long white shaft, and its shiny purple head.

His cock continued to jerk up and nearly hitting Mark's stomach. Ebony opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue to lick the head of his cock. She could taste the salty taste of his pre-cum. After applying a moderate amount of her saliva on his cockhead, Ebony placed her mouth on it and Mark pushed his cock all the way in. Ebony gagged momentarily at the length when she felt it hit the back of her throat. But eventually, she began getting accustomed to it. Mark moaned as he began pushing his cock in and out of Ebony's young mouth and at the same time, moved her head back and forth with his hand.

This was a confusing act for Ebony. She has never sucked a cock before and here she is sucking the cock of a white man who is supposed to be tutoring her. But she almost didn't mind. She closed her eyes to enjoy the feeling that she was having knowing that she was making her white lover feel good. Then Mark removed his hand from her head and placed it between her legs. He began playing with her pussy and clitoris as Ebony sucked his cock.

As soon as his finger touched her clit, Ebony moaned loudly and began bobbing her head faster. This only made Mark moan loudly and move his finger faster on her clit. Then he inserted one finger and then two into her tight pussy and the two could hear the slurping reaction that Ebony was having on Mark's cock. Mark's cock was coated completely by Ebony's saliva and he could feel most of it slide down to his balls every time Ebony bobbed her head towards him.

Ebony, then, thought about how she first got sexually involved with Mark the day she used her hand to masturbate him. So Ebony brought her hand to his cock and began stroking it as she sucked. Mark continued moaning loudly as she sucked and it was no wonder that Alex could hear it in the other room. Then Ebony realized that she could no longer feel Mark's hand on her pussy. It was replaced with something else. It felt real good and she moaned even louder through her sucking motions on Mark's cock.

She opened her eyes briefly to learn that Alex had entered the room and removed all of his clothes. The sound of their excitement had, apparently, drowned out the sound of Alex entrance. But now, as she sucked Mark's cock, Alex was licking her clit and letting his tongue ring rub all around it.

This began driving Ebony crazy and brought on a screaming orgasm. This was all something new to Ebony. Here she is pleasuring one white man while another white man is pleasuring her. Needless to say that as Alex pleasured Ebony, it made the sucking even better for Mark to enjoy. The room was now filled with moaning from the young threesomes as the two college students tutored the ebony high school student in the art of oral pleasure.

Ebony was sucking and stroking Mark's cock with extreme wetness as Alex continued to lick her clit. This went on for 10 minutes as Ebony laid on her bed sucking Mark into orgasm. Then Alex removed his tongue from Ebony's young pussy and gave her slit two more licks. Then he held his stiff, white cock in his hand and guided it where his tongue used to be. Ebony felt his hard cock pushing in her pussy and nearly bit down on Alex's cock with excitement.

"Hell," she thought, "it feels like a fucking monster cock." She knew that she was extremely wet from his licking and that helped a lot. She knew that, with the size of Alex's cock, it would have been painful for her otherwise. Yet, it seemed to slide in very smoothly. And it filled her pussy to the max. Both men could hear her deep moaning as Alex pumped his cock in and out of her tight, young black pussy.

"Damn Mark, you were right.", Alex told Mark. Ebony wondered what he meant by that but didn't think much about it. She was just enjoying getting her pussy and her mouth filled by two white cocks. As Mark pushed his cock in and out of Ebony's young mouth, he reached down and began squeezing Ebony's firm breasts as they bounced up and down from Alex's fucking. Through the sucking, Ebony moaning kept getting louder. Mark looked down and saw Ebony's eyes opened only partially and he could tell that she was having more orgasms for he could only see the whites of her eyes.

Then Ebony stopped stroking Mark's cock and brought her hand to his balls. She began rubbing and gently squeezing Mark's balls as he pushed his saliva coated cock in and out of her mouth. This was too much for Mark. It felt so good to be in Ebony's warm mouth as her young hands rubbed his balls. Then Ebony felt his balls harden and she knew that he was about to cum. She moved her hand faster and rubbed his balls harder as she sucked his cock with extreme suction. Mark saw her cheeks sucking into her face as she pulled her head back until just the head of his cock was left in her mouth, and then opened her mouth to take all of his cock back in.

And then it happened, Mark's cock exploded in Ebony's mouth and, like a pro, Ebony swallowed all that she could. Mark moaned loudly, "Damn Ebony, you're draining me". This made Ebony feel great. She knew that she had done a good job on him as she continued sucking his cock. Most of the rest of his cum slipped out of her mouth and down her face and chin.

Then Ebony felt Mark's cock go limp in her mouth. But she wasn't finish with him. She opened her mouth and let it drop. She then brought her tongue out and licked the head. The touch of her tongue made Mark's body jerk from exhaustion and excitement. Mark had to hold Ebony's head back to get her to stop.

He then laid down beside her and kissed her as she continued getting fucked by Alex. While Alex pushed his cock in and out of Ebony, Ebony began gyrating her hips in the attempt to milk him dry just as she had done Mark with her mouth. Alex could feel Ebony's pussy pulsating and, literally, sucking on his cock every time he pulled it out and then pushed it back in.

Ebony continued moaning inside Mark's mouth as Alex fucked her. Alex began to increase his speed and Ebony felt his cock expanding in her pussy. This brought on an even wilder orgasm than the others that she's had. She knew that she was about to get more cum that day. Only this time, it was going in her young pussy.

Alex screamed out, "My God, your pussy is sucking my cock Ebony. I'm cumming".

Ebony broke her lips from Mark's mouth and yelled, "Cum in me, Alex. Fill me up. I'm cumming too. Oh, shit. You guys are fucking me up with all of this fucking." Then she felt Alex's cock shoot off a gusher of cum into her pussy. And it didn't stop for 3 minutes. Alex continued fucking her pussy until his cock lost all stiffness and went soft. Then he pulled his cock out and laid it on Ebony's stomach where a last squirt of cum had landed. He laid his limp cock there for a while as the three sweaty lover gained their composure.

"Now, what kind of help are you supposed to give me about my cheering practice, Alex? Am I supposed to cheer for you to fuck me like you just did?", Ebony asked. The three laughed.

"No, what I did just did with you I often do with her," Alex replied.

"Coach Sarah? You fucked Coach Sarah?"

Then Mark explained to Ebony, "Alex is Sarah's boyfriend. She would do anything for him just so long as he continue fucking the shit out of her."

"Then fucking me was supposed to be a returned favor to you, Alex?", Ebony asked in an angry voice.

"No way, Ebony," Alex explained, "what happened between us 3 was spontaneous.

I saw you sucking Mark's cock so good that I figured that I should help tutor you with the receiving part of oral sex. But my cock got so damn hard and I had to soak it in something. And your pussy seemed wet enough at the time. Besides, you didn't seem to mind earlier."

Ebony blushed and said, "Yeah, whatever. But what about Coach Sarah?"

"Just leave it up to me, Ebony. Sarah will keep you in when I have a talk with her tonight. I'll tell her that I tutored you and I like you. She'll keep you in the squad."

Then the three got dressed and Ebony and Mark studied for two hours before he & Alex left Ebony's Mom house. Alex sat in the living room and watched television as Mark and Ebony studied. Occasionally, the two would stop to kiss. The kissing got overly passionate and they would end up fucking one more time. Ebony didn't bother putting on her panties and bra. So when the kissing got heavy, she simply unbuttoned her shirt and raised her skirt.

Mark unzipped his jeans and pulled his hard white cock out and easily slid it into Ebony's hot, wet pussy. Only this time, they were a little more quiet so as not to get Alex's attention and cooperation. They knew that if he came in the room, they would never be able to finish studying. So the two quietly fucked. As Mark fucked Ebony, they would often kiss. It only lasted about 10 minutes before Mark could feel his balls boiling and his cock exploded in Ebony's pussy. She let out a deep moan that only she and Mark could hear because she moaned as they kissed.

Then the two continued studying. When the studying was done, Alex and Mark prepared to leave. Mark allowed Alex to walk out the door first as he stood behind to give Ebony a passionate good-bye kiss. Then he looked her in the eyes and said, "I know that you will no longer need me as a tutor soon. Can I still see you? I would love to take you out sometime." Ebony looked into Mark's blue eyes and smiled with gleam in her eyes. She threw her arms around him and said, "Hell yeah, Mark. I would love to continue seeing you." Then she gave him another passionate good-bye kiss and they parted.

Just as he promised, Alex arranged for Ebony to remain on the cheerleading squad. In fact, she even became a favorite of Coach Sarah. And she & Mark continued seeing each other throughout her years in high school. Ever since Mark asked to see her on a regular basis, Ebony felt that the sex was a lot better with him. Maybe because they were more of a romantic couple then just student & tutor. Only this time, they tutored each other in many more ways.


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