A Time To Remember


"Thank God, this is the last damn day for this shit," Ebony told her friend and fellow cheerleader, Erica. "Here it is, a big Friday and we have to go to all of these colleges just because it's College Week at school."

"Well, we would have had to do it sometime, Ebony. You do want to go to college when we graduate, don't you?"

Erica replied. "Yeah, but I just wish that they would let us do this during the summer. Anyhow, I have to go to the campus dormitory and meet some guy name Douglas. He sounds like a geek to me," Ebony said laughingly.

Erica began walking away and replied, "Well, have fun and I hope you find everything that you're looking for at this college." The two split up and Ebony began her trip across the campus of Brown University. After what seemed like a mile long hike across campus, Ebony arrives at the dormitory and looks at her appointment slip to remind herself of the room number.

"Okay, Room 325," she thinks to herself, "must be on the 3rd floor." As she walks to the elevator, she notices a lot of student lying around the lobby studying, mostly guys. She realizes that this is something that she will be doing a lot of when she gets to college in another two years.

Once on the third floor, she finds Room 325 and knocks on the door. There is loud music playing inside the room. Certainly not the type that she listens to. This sounds more like some type of Heavy Metal music. She then hears the music lowered and someone approaches the door. Once the door opens, she is totally surprised to see that it is someone that she knows.

"Alex? Do you live here with Douglas?", she asks.

"No, Ebony. Douglas is my last name. Long time, no see. I knew that I had a student assigned to me but I didn't know that it was you.", Alex replied. She entered his room and he grabbed Ebony's hand and pulled her to him. "Don't act as if you don't know me. After what we've been through, you can at least give me a hug."

Ebony is not sure what to do but figures that there is no harm in hugging him. But she notices that he is holding her quite snugly and affectionately.

"Damn, Ebony. I haven't seen you in so long. How's you and Mark doing?" He releases the hold and she continues to walk towards the only place that he has to sit, his bed.

"We're okay, I guess. He has helped me a lot with my studies," she replies.

"Excuse the appearance of my room. I have been studying a lot myself. That's why there are so many books on the desk and chair. So are you guys still dating?"

"Yeah, we still go out and all. So what are you supposed to be showing me around this campus?"

"Oh, damn Ebony. We got all day for that. Let's talk about the good times that we had. Well, more like the good time that the 3 of us had." It has been several months since that experience and Ebony still got a thrill looking at Alex's tongue piercing and she couldn't help but remember the joy it brought her that evening. She didn't tell Alex but just the thought of that evening began making her a little wet.

"You look a little different, Ebony. What have you done to yourself?" Alex asked as he began looking at her as she sat on his bed. She was wearing her school uniform of a white blouse and dark blue plaid skirt that she apparently hemmed a little higher than school regulation normally allow. He could notice that she began excising, probably for the cheerleading team, because her thighs appeared more muscular than the last time he'd seen her.

Then Ebony explained, "Do you remember that evening, Alex?"

"Hell yeah, how could I forget?"

"Well, I became pregnant from that evening. I had a miscarriage two months after it but gained a little weight from it. So I began exercising more and keeping me body toned for the team."

"That's my fault. I usually keep rubbers with me," Alex said.

"Well, it's mostly my fault because I was on the pill since Mark and I first had sex. I failed to take it for a few days then. But that won't happen again."

"You're taking them regularly now?

"Hell yeah, Alex. I'm too young to have a kid now"

Then Alex continued admiring her body and legs and could see what it was that drove Mark so crazy about Ebony. "So, how are you and Coach Sarah doing?", Ebony asked.

"Not bad. But I have to admit, she cannot top what we did.", Alex explained. Ebony listened as Alex spoke and kept watching his tongue ring moving in his mouth. She also noticed that, like Mark, Alex had some beautiful blue eyes and wavy brown hair. Her vision was distracted as she heard him discuss the evening. "Hell, Sarah & I never had it hot like us three. There were a lot of times, Ebony, when I would be making love to Sarah and thinking about you. I hope that it doesn't make you feel uncomfortable hearing me talk about it but damn, you just so hot that day. Shit, I get a boner just thinking of it."

"So, why are you hiding it then?", Ebony asked.

Alex took Ebony in his arms and they kissed passionately. The talk of that evening got Ebony too steamed up to go and look around the campus. She had other plans for their day. As they kissed, Ebony reached down to feel Alex's erection through his shorts. She was not disappointed to see that he was telling the truth. She could feel that his cock was quite hard and she got the urge to relive that evening again, only without Mark.

As they kissed, the two slipped down onto the bed and Ebony unzipped Alex's shorts to allow his cock to be free. She reached into his shorts and grabbed Alex's cock, the huge cock that she remembered from that evening. She figured that it had to be at least 9 or 10 inches in length. That was the biggest she has ever seen. Without his asking, Ebony broke the kiss and quickly brought her mouth to his cock. She began licking the pink head and engulfed as much of his cock that her throat would allow.

Alex was surprised to see that she was able to get almost all of his cock into her young mouth. This was a task that was unable to be done by a lot of his past girlfriends, even Sarah. Alex felt the pleasure that Ebony had given his friend, Mark, that evening he walked in on them. Ebony grasped the base of his cock and moved her head up and down as she stroked the base up and down. Alex ran his hand through Ebony's hair and moaned as she made love to his cock with her mouth. He could hear the slurping noises that she made as she coated it with her own saliva.

Then Ebony released his cock and lowered her little hand to his hardening balls. This excited Alex to no end. This foxy, young girl was giving him the blow job of all fantasies. As she sucked his cock, Ebony rubbed his balls and ran her hand below his sack. She could tell that Alex was about to cum soon. So she released his cock from her mouth and just looked at it as she continued rubbing his balls.

"OOOOOOOOO Ebony, baby that feels so goooooood," Alex said.

She turned to Alex and said, "Don't cum yet." She removed her hand from his balls and stood up. She raised her skirt and pulled her panties to the floor, where she then kicked them off. As she did this, Alex laid on the bed and stroked his cock to keep it erect. Ebony then unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra to reveal her beautiful, firm, black 36C breasts. Then grabbing his shorts on each side, Ebony quickly yanked Alex's shorts off and to the floor. "Now, we're gonna fuck the way that I wanted to do that day," Ebony said as she returned to the bed.

"And how was that?"

"You'll see," she said as she sat on Alex's waist. This was not the same girl that he had fucked a few months ago. Ebony appeared to have such a tight body from the workouts that she had done. Her stomach was tight, her legs, and Alex was about to feel the tightest part of her entire body. Ebony moved over his erect cock and guided it to her pussy. Slowly, Ebony slid down his cock and allowed Alex to enter her all of the way. He couldn't believe how tight she was. She felt even tighter than several months ago.

Alex was completely in Ebony's tight, young pussy and he watched as she placed her hands on his shoulder and pushed her body up and down his white pole. She, literally, impaled herself on his cock and appeared to love every inch of it. She was sliding up and down and looking into Alex's eyes. There were something about blue eyes that made Ebony hotter. She bounced faster and faster and Alex reached up to grab hold of her breasts that were bouncing along with her.

Then, Ebony grabbed Alex's hands that held her breast and threw her head back in ecstasy. "Oh Alex, I'm cumming.," she said. Alex squeezed her tits a bit and they were so firm and perfect. He felt that Ebony had a better body than Sarah. This was the girl whom he had talked his girlfriend into keeping on the team. And now, he is fucking the girl himself. For a minute, Alex wondered what would happen if Mark and Sarah found out about this day. But then, Ebony stopped bouncing her pussy up and down his cock and began rocking her hips. Alex moved his hands from her breasts and lowered them to her ass and assisted her with her movement.

"Alex....Alex....I'm cummmmmiiiiiinnnngggg. Oh shit, you're making me cum more than Maaaaaaark do," Ebony cried. Alex was approaching orgasm, as well.

He moved her hips faster and felt her ass rub his balls as she rocked.

"Fuck, Ebony.....I'm cummmiiiinggggggg tooooooooooo!!! Then it happened. His cock exploded and Alex shot his love juice into Ebony's open womb. She continued to use her vaginal muscles to milk Alex dry. Her rocking began slowing down and she was breathing hard.

"Oh, Alex..I lost count of how many times I came," she said. Alex was not done. He felt his cock shoot a few more times and he opened his eyes and watched Ebony simply sitting on his softening cock. When she opened her eyes, she looked at Alex and asked, still with deep breaths, "We're not going to tell Mark about this, are we?"

"Not in your life, Ebony. Just don't mention it to your coach either." Ebony laughed and said, "Don't worry about that. I've already heard her tell another teacher that she thinks that you're fucking another woman."

"How so?"

"She said that you often mumble some woman's name in your sleep. Not mine, I hope."

But Alex never answered her. Ebony felt Alex's flaccid cock slip out of her pussy. She began to move off of Alex's waist but Alex pulled her face to his and they kissed. She relished the feeling of his tongue ring rubbing her tongue. Then the two stood up, got dressed and proceeded to tour the campus.

As far as Ebony was concerned, she knew what college she was going to go attend.

About an hour later, Ebony met up with Erica and she told her about her tour. She told Erica that she knew the guy who gave her a tour around campus and that they had fun. She didn't want to tell Erica what really happened for fear that it would get back to Coach Sarah. Erica explained to Ebony, "I had fun too. I met this white guy who took me around campus and showed me all of the cool places to hang out at. Then he treated me to lunch and we went back to his dorm and had beer."

"Erica, you went drinking with this guy and you don't even know him?"

"I must have had too much because I remember laying down and falling asleep. Then when I woke up, he had my skirt up, my panties off, and he had his tongue in my pussy."

This began giving Ebony memories of the evening she spent with Mark and Alex.

"So," Ebony asked, "you didn't do anything?"

"Hell, yeah. I held his head there cause it was feeling damn good, girl."

"Well, that's it I hope"

"No, by the time he made me bust my third nut with all of that pussy eating, he put his white cock in me and we must have fucked for almost an hour. This white boy made me cum so much that I thought that I was going to go into a coma or something."

Ebony got extremely curious. "So, what was his name?" "Hell, you know. I knew it but I guess after all of that beer, I forgot. But it don't matter, he's supposed to be tutoring me next week. I guess I'll find out when I go and meet him at his sister's house for my first tutoring session. And more of what we started, I hope."

Throughout the rest of the day, Ebony seemed concerned about her friend, Erica and this new white guy who seduced her.

However, Ebony and Mark were still very much the lovers that they were, despite her second one-day stand with Alex. Ebony knew that she would not be able to find a man who could love her as much as Mark did.



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    This story is fucking amazing and it made me cum so hard you should write more stories about black girls and white men