A New Lesson To Learn


She came home from school, took off her school uniform and quickly got into a pair of shorts and a tank top. Ebony walked up the block to Erica's parent's house to confront Erica for herself. Through her extreme anger, she hadn't noticed passing Alex's parked car next door to Erica's home.

After knocking forcefully, Erica opened the door. "Hey girl, what's up?" Erica said.

"Don't front, bitch. I've been hearing that your ass been with my man, Alex, and you know I don't play that shit," Ebony replied.

"Come in, Ebony, we gotta talk."

Ebony entered the house and asked, "By the way, where's your folks? We can take this somewhere's else if they're home."

"Don't worry, girl. My dad's doing an overnighter tonight and you know my mom. She's passed out in her bed with her 40 at her side. Let's go in my room for more privacy."

Surprisingly to Ebony, when the girls entered Erica's bedroom, Alex and Mark were there and sitting on Erica's bed wearing only their boxers shorts. This only pissed Ebony off more since she figured that the three of them had just finished a threesome with each other. "Looks like I interrupted you three, huh?" Ebony proclaimed.

"Not really. I was going to call you to come and help me with these two white studs, since you've pretty much already done them both by yourself," replied Erica.

This really took Ebony by surprise. Did Alex tell Mark about their time in his dorm room? She looked at Mark and then at Alex in confusion. "It's okay, baby," said Mark. "Alex just wanted another taste of that great pussy of yours and I set up the meeting between you two for your college day presentation. So I guess we're even, right?"

"Ebony," Erica began saying, "You missed it, girl. We were all horny and well, I took Mark in my room. When we were done, we couldn't find Alex in the house anywhere. I opened my mom's bedroom door and that white motherfucker was having a time with my drunken mom in her bed. I doubt if she even knew she was getting fucked. All I heard from her were some low moans. I can imagine if she knew that a white boy was fucking her. You know how she hates white people."

Ebony laughed out loud and asked her, "So Alex is a motherfucker, huh? You all know that it was wrong what you did to her mom. That's disrespectful." Then the four continued laughing loudly.

Then Alex approached and hugged Erica from behind said, "Now that we have all four players, let's get this party started."

"Ha, ya'll don't need me. You three already got started without me," replied Ebony. Ebony began walking towards the door to leave when Mark grabbed her hand and said, "No baby, you're the life of the party." Then he whispered in her ear, "Okay, I'll admit to fucking your friend for the past few months. But baby, your sweet young pussy is the one that gets me whipped by you."

Ebony playfully slapped his arm and said, "Boy, stop saying shit like that." Then Mark pulled Ebony towards him and began kissing her face, neck, and finally her thick soft lips. Ebony opened her mouth to accept his tongue and literally melted in his arms as she often does. She wrapped her arms around Mark's waist and could feel his cock pressing against her belly. Suddenly, Mark surprised Ebony when he broke the kiss and picked her up into his arms and carried her over to Erica's bed.

"Boy, what the fuck do you think you're doing?" Ebony asked laughingly.

"You and I are going to be a live porn show, baby. Let's show these 2 wannabe's how it's done."

Ebony was very reluctant to have sex in front of her friends so she protested to Mark. Instead of hearing a word that she said, Mark proceeded to lie upon Ebony and continue kissing her. As he kissed her neck and licked her earlobes, Ebony began giving in to him almost instantly. He knew that Ebony becomes very wet when she's kissed on the neck.

Within moments of the neck kissing, Ebony reached down and slid her hand into Mark's boxers to stroke his hard cock. Low moans escaped her mouth as he continued kissing her passionately on the neck and ears. Erica couldn't help but giggle when she saw her friend's eyes roll in back of her head as Mark licked the inside of her ear. Seeing this, Alex began kissing Erica's neck as well but she brushed him away.

"Wait a while, Alex. I want to see these two going at it first. That kind of shit gets me all hot and then you can shove that white snake of yours in me again."

"Awww fuck. I want you, Mark. I want your cock in my pussy, baby," Ebony moaned. Ebony became so hot that she could care less who was in the room with them.

With that said, she raised her waist as Mark began pulling her shorts and panties off of her. She then set up and quickly removed her tank top, revealing that she chose not to wear a bra that day. After Ebony returned to the bed complete nude, Mark quickly slid his boxer shorts to the floor and knelt between Ebony's stretched legs. He gripped his cock and positioned it on Ebony's slit, which was now glistening with her wetness.

Ebony moaned loudly as Mark began pushing his cock inside. They hadn't been together for a couple of months and finally, they were able to catch up on the sex that they missed of each other. Within minutes, all 8 inches of his white lead was rammed in Ebony's tight black pussy and he could fell her pussy grip him like a rubber glove.

Ebony whispered to Mark, "Remember baby, I'm on the shots now. So you can fuck me all night and cum gallons in me if you want."

"I intend to, baby girl. I'm going to wear that pussy out like it's never been done before. Plus I got a surprise for you."

Ebony moaned lightly and then realized that she was in someone else's home. She turned to Erica and asked, "Girl, sometimes I lose myself and scream when the sex is good. I don't want to wake your mom up."

"Girl, don't worry about that. These two had me screaming earlier and she didn't make a sound."

"These two? You fucked both of these guys? I thought you just did Mark."

"You'll see, girl. I bet you'll be screaming in a few minutes too."

Ebony had no idea what Erica was talking about. She concentrated more on Mark ramming his white cock in and out of her tight pussy and helping him milk all of the cum out of it soon. But Mark seemed to be going strong for a long time and Ebony had no problem with that.

Then Ebony noticed that Alex, who had been standing near Erica at the time, walked away and out of her sight. But she could hear that he was still in the room with them. She could hear that he was fooling with something in the room but had no idea what.

"Getting that dick ready, baby?" Erica asked Alex.

"You're getting ready, bro?" Mark asked Alex. This puzzled Ebony, who was enjoying having her pussy violated lovingly by Mark's cock.

Then Mark told Ebony, "I think it's time for your surprise, baby."

"What is it?" asked Ebony.

Suddenly, Mark held Ebony close to him and turned their bodies around so that Ebony was on top of him. Ebony proceeded to sit up and gyrate on his cock but he held her close to him and began kissing her very hard and passionately. Ebony then assumed that Mark was about to cum inside of her. Instead, Mark gripped each of Ebony's ass cheeks in his hands and pushed her harder upon him. At the same time, he separated her ass cheeks so that her cute virgin asshole was visible to their friends.

Meantime what Ebony could not see was Alex spreading K- Y Jelly on his hard cock and smearing it well with the lubricant. Then he carefully knelt on the bed with each of his leg on the side of the lovers and he positioned his cock into Ebony's tight asshole. This caught Ebony off guard and she yelled out, "Oh hell no. Get the fuck away from me with that shit."

Without warning, Alex began pushing his cock in and the force of his pushing forced Ebony more on Mark and allow Mark's cock to penetrate her pussy even deeper. Ebony was taken by the pain of such a large cock ramming itself into her tiny asshole. Before she can protest any more, Alex managed to push another inch into her asshole.

Again, the more he pushed the more impaled she became on Mark. "What a revelation", Ebony thought, "one cock giving her pain while it's helping the other give her more pleasure." Within a few minutes, Alex was nearly completely in and he kept moaning and telling Ebony how tight her ass was.

Ebony felt like the chocolate icing between two vanilla cookies. One cock was ramming deep into her tight pussy while the other rammed deeply into her tight ass. The pain eventually subsided and she felt pleasure from both sides of her body. Both guys was ramming her body thematically as she pushed against the two to get deeper penetration.

Then Ebony collapsed into a massive orgasm when Mark's cock managed to hit her G-spot. She couldn't stop cumming as Mark's cock continued hitting that spot constantly for her. Just as Erica predicted, Ebony's moans turned to orgasmic screams and yelling, "Oh fuck yeah. FUCK ME HARD YOU WHITE MOTHER FUCKERS! Oh Shit! I'm cumming so damn much, baby."

"Damn, this is fucking hot," Erica said, "I got a great fucking idea." Erica reached for her camera cell phone that her mom gave her for her birthday and took a pictures of Ebony as she was cumming and screaming. Erica thought about sending the pictures to other friends but realized that some of their friends would have problems with them fucking with white guys. So she decided to get Ebony's decision on it later.

The threesome with Ebony, Mark, and Alex went on for about a half hour as Erica took cell phone pictures of it and later began playing with her clit when she could no longer take the excitement of the three. Suddenly, Ebony could feel Alex's cock grow harder and thicker and she knew what was coming next. Alex then tensed up and yelled, "OH GOD, I'm cuuuuuuuuummmingggg!"

Then he exploded deep inside Ebony's ass, which brought another strong orgasm for Ebony as Mark continued plowing his cock in and out of her tight pussy. Alex continued plowing for a couple of strokes until every ounce of cum had drained from his cock and then he slowly pulled out.

Ebony felt complete emptiness when Alex pulled his cock from her ass. Once Alex stepped off of the bed, Mark turned their bodies over again and placed Ebony's healthy black legs on his shoulders as he continued fucking Ebony into complete exhaustion.

Ebony was now going crazy as she felt Mark's cock penetrating her even deeper than before. And the deeper his cock plowed, the tighter Ebony's pussy was gripping it. Needless to say, just minutes after Alex released his millions of babymaking sperm into Ebony's ass, Mark began to donate his as well. Feeling another orgasm coming, Ebony tensed up and held Mark tight. Then Mark's body tensed as well.

Just as Ebony began cumming, Mark's cum slammed deep inside Ebony's sweet pussy. Feeling them cumming at the exact same moment nearly made Ebony pass out from excitement. She knew that she and Mark were made for each other when they came together. Maybe even soul mates. After all, neither one could live without the other.

After that great lovemaking session, the two remaining lovers simply collapsed onto the bed, with Mark lying aside from Ebony. They were very sweaty and breathing heavy as they noticed Alex go to the bathroom to wash up. Ebony turned to Mark and said, "You know I love you, right?"

"Yeah baby girl, I know. But soon, you won't need me for your tutoring anymore."

"Bullshit. I will always need you, Mark. It don't have to be for tutoring. You taught me more than just Math, English, and Biology, baby. You taught me how to feel love. Hell, even sex for that matter. I never enjoyed sex before you showed me how great it could be."

Mark laughed and said, "Girl please, it's not like you were a virgin. You had sex before me."

"I know. But you know how to hit it right, white boy," Ebony said as she turned to passionately kiss him on the lips.

They kissed for a minute when Mark said, "C'mon. Let's get cleaned up and go where we can be alone." He stood up from the bed and extended his hand to help Ebony up off of the bed. They kissed again and then proceeded to the bathroom. Only they found the door closed and could hear some moaning coming from the other side of the door. Ebony and Mark looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"Oh my God," said Ebony. "That damn Erica is a horny ass girl."

"No shit", replied Mark, "And Alex will fuck anything with a hot wet pussy." Quietly, they cracked open the door and surprised Alex and Erica when they pushed it wide open. They found Erica sitting in a squatted position on the bathroom vanity as Alex stood in front of her, ramming his white 10 inch cock deeper and deeper into her young wet pussy.

"OOPS! Are we interrupting your party?" Ebony laughingly asked.

"Girl," Erica began saying. "I'm sorry, but watching you three, got me all hot and shit. And DAMN, this boy is GOOD."

Ebony reached for Erica's cell phone and told them, "Say cheese, bitch."

The flasher flashed the very second Alex shot another load of cum deep inside Erica's pussy.



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    This story is fucking amazing and it made me cum so hard you should write more stories about black girls and white men