The neighbors next door had moved in several weeks ago and the Mom was a single parent. She had two adorable little girls, one 8 and one 10. They were so cute and I often talked to them and we got to where they would come over to our house, as I lived with my mom and we would bake cookies from time to time. Jessica, their mom, worked long hours and would leave them at the day care center till late.

On a couple of occasions she would ask my mom if we could keep them an hour or so when the day care would not be open, mostly on the weekends. My mom always said yes and we were happy to have them running about the house. I was an only child and they were a little company.

One Friday evening Jessica asked if I could baby-sit them over night at their house. I told her I would and she had things planned out very well for them. She had their clothes laid out and food prepared for the evening meal. She told me they were big enough to take a bath and get dressed for bed but I might want to check to make sure before I tucked them in for the night.

All was going according to plans that evening as we ate and watched a movie. Then it came time for their bath. The younger one, Pam went ahead and took her bath and got dressed without any problem. The 10 year old, Lily, went to take her bath and it seemed to me that she was staying a little too long in there.

I went to the bathroom door and slowly opened it, trying not to disturb her. Then I heard sounds from the tub. A moaning of sorts as I peeked into the tub. There she was, her hand rubbing her little pussy. She was masturbating as I watched! It shocked me a little to see her doing that and I backed out the door. I waited outside the door with a big hard on as I heard her call my name. "Jay, I need you. Can you come here for a second."

I waited and answered her, opening the door as I went in. She was sitting there with her hands covering her naked little bottom. I asked her what was the matter. She told me that her little pee-pee hurt and would I see what was wrong with it.

I eased towards her and asked to let me see. She eased her hands away from it as I saw it, her perfect little pussy with a light peach fuzz of hair over it. It seemed to have a reddish tint above the small puffy lips, like it was rubbed a little too hard as I got closer. I asked her if something had hit her or someone had touched her there, knowing the difference as to why it was sore.

She looked up at me with those big blue eyes, sheepishly and said, " I just played with it a little bit. I didn't hurt it, did I? I do it sometimes to make it feel good. Now, It feels sore"

I asked her to stand up so I could see it better as she did so, exposing that beautiful little pussy to me. I could see her swollen little lips and noticed her very small clit as I asked her to hold it open for me to inspect. Her smooth pussy had my cock so hard at that moment!

"Would you kiss it for me and make it feel better?" saying "Mom let's her boyfriend kiss hers when it hurts when she thinks we are asleep. It will make it feel better if you kissed it, I know it would. Please! Just a little kiss is all it needs."

"I will under one condition and that is, you must not ever tell anyone and I mean no one, if I do kiss it for you." I said as I reached down to take her out of the tub.

"OK. I promise not to tell anyone that you did it. But please make it feel better for me," she said.

I reached down and took her into my arms as I explained to her again that she must not tell her mom or anyone else that I did. I made her promise me again that she wouldn't tell as I laid her on the bed, her sweet little twat so pretty as she opened her thighs for me. It was so beautiful! Her smooth pussy and the puffy little lips were perfect. I could see her small clit as she reached down to open it up for me. The lips were so perfectly formed and thick for her age.

I eased my mouth to her pretty little pussy, sticking my tongue out to taste her sweet flavors as I let the tip touch her small slit. She had a delightful aroma to her, tasting so sweet as I slowly licked her small slit up and down. She was way to small for me to think about trying to fuck her but the thought did enter my mind as I slowly worked my tongue around her little cunt.

"Oh, Jay! That feels so good. You are making my pee-pee feel so much better. It's not hurting anymore, but it is tingling a lots," she said. "Do it some more Mom is always moaning like it is hurting her when her friend does that to her. I know it doesn't hurt her cause she likes it. Mine isn't hurting me now. It only feels so tingly. It likes you kissing it."

"I'm glad you like it but remember, we can't tell anyone about this, not even Pam," I replied as I kissed that little hairless pussy again, lingering a little longer. I knew she was young but I swear, she started to cum as I tongue fucked her little pussy.

She grabbed my head and hunched her sweet little pussy to my tongue, holding tense against me as I stuck my tongue deeper into her tight hole. She was loving it and so was I as I pulled her little ass to me. I lapped at her hairless slit, tasting her sweet cum as she rubbed it up and down my licking tongue. She was so wet for a little girl as I sucked on her small clit. She kept throwing her ass upwards faster now as her pussy pumped it's cum to my mouth.

She was cumming like an adult as she pulled my head harder against her, letting my tongue enter her tight little hole even deeper as she slowed down, her body stiffened as she humped me. I knew she was about spent as my cock shot it's wad all over the bed sheets.

I told her that this was enough for one night and we could do it again another time if she liked me doing it with her. She said Ok and moved up on the bed. We sat up and I helped her put on her bed clothes as she kissed me goodnight.

The next morning her mom came in and everything was fine. She tried to pay me but I told her it was a real joy to keep them. I sort of looked at her in a different light after what Lily had said about her boyfriend kissing her pussy to make it well.

The next day both girls came over to our house and we chatted and played as if nothing happened. That was till we started to watch a movie and Lily climbed into my lap. I instantly got a hard on as I felt her little ass rub against my cock. Pam was on the floor watching TV as Lily squirmed around on my lap, rubbing herself over the entire length of my hard cock. She was masturbating herself on my dick with her little pussy! I told her to be still and not to do that.

But she smiled up at me whispering, "Why? Mom does it to her boyfriend. Besides it makes my pee-pee feel good. Don't you want me to feel good?"

I guess she knew a little about what her mom did having watched her doing these things. I was wondering just how much she had seen her mom doing as Pam came over and also climbed into my lap. She was sitting on my knee as Lily slowed down on rubbing her ass against my cock.

I could feel both of their little asses as they moved around on my lap, as Pam squirmed around on my knee. I could only imagine what her little pussy looked like as I felt myself cumming from just them on my lap. I was blowing my load in my pants as I asked them to get up, telling them I had to go to the bathroom. Then I got up and went to clean myself up where I had shot off in my underwear.

The next Friday was a repeat of Jessica wanting me to spend the night and baby-sit the girls. I was all for it as I told her I would be happy to do so. Again, she left me instructions of what to do and how to do it as I went over there that evening. She smiled as I thought about what Lily had said about her and her boyfriend.

We started watching TV again that night as Lily came over and climbed into my lap. She was ready to rub herself on my cock again as she moved her ass around to feel my hardening cock with her sweet little pussy. I felt her as she worked her clit along the length of my dick, again wiggling her bottom as she felt my swelling cock. She leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, "Oh, this feels good. Does it feel good to you when I do this?"

"Oh, yes. It feels good to me too but we can not let Pam see us doing this," I said placing my hands on her thighs.

"Don't worry about her. She likes to play with her pee- pee more than I do." She whispered. "If she knew you would let her, she would be here doing the same thing. She likes playing with mine too. Sometimes she evens kisses me down there."

"We talk about sex all the time and we know what cum means too. I can cum but Pam can't. She is not old enough I guess."

That gave me a huge hard-on as I realized what she had just told me. Little Pam also liked to play with herself and her sister's pussy! I let my hand wonder under her dress to her little pussy as she opened her thighs for me while rubbing harder on my cock with her little ass. I found her small slit and started to run my middle finger up and down her slit as she turned her head and smiled up at me, reaching to give me a kiss on my cheek, putting her arm around my neck.

I then put my other hand around her and let it slide down to open her small thighs a little wider. She was getting wet as I felt her little nubbin with my finger. I slowly worked on it as I felt her start to move against me a little faster now. She was rubbing her slit along my cock as I played with her little clit.

I was helping her to feel me as I would pull her back to my cock. The only thing between her pussy and my hard cock now were her panties and my jeans. I slid her panties to one side as I put a finger inside them to touch her bare little pussy. This set her ablaze as she really started to move around on my cock. She was humping me as her little mound felt my cock in its slit.

Then out of nowhere, Lily told Pam to come sit with us as I was not expecting that. She did as her little ass plopped down onto my knee, me trying to hide my hands that was under Lily's dress from her. She seemed not to notice as I felt her small ass on my knee.

"See, I told you he would let us have sex with him," Lily whispered to her, " He likes it too. Did you see his hand under my dress? He was playing with my pee-pee while you were not looking."

"I saw his hands under your dress while I was on the floor," she answered, "I thought you were doing it with him."

"I thought I told you not to tell anyone about this," I said. "Now you have told Pam."

"I told Pam cause she said she wanted to have sex with you." Lily replied, " She would like it."

"Let him see your pee-pee," Lily said as she lifted up Pam's dress to expose her white panties.

"I will if you will let him see yours too," she replied as her hands went to her waist.

"It's a deal. We both can show you ours if you will show us yours," she said, asking me, "Would you show us yours first?"

"No. You have to go first. I might scare you with mine." I said "and only if you both promise not to ever tell anyone, especially your Mom, " I answered to her.

With that said, they both slid off my lap and pulled their panties down past their knees. My God! What a lovely sight! Two of the most perfect shaped little pussies I have ever seen, standing there right in front of me. Their smooth little pussies had puffy little lips and no hair at all around either of them.

They had the prettiest little asses too, the kind that is so soft and smooth like a baby's butt. Their little rounded cheeks so pretty. Looking at their soft, smooth skin as I undone my jeans and dropped my underwear, exposing my raging hard on to them.

"Is this what you girls wanted to see," I asked holding it in my hand for them to gaze upon.

'Oh, boy! Yes it is. He sure is big isn't he?" Lily said to Pam. " I bet he would like to rub it against our pee-pees like Mom does her boyfriends. She likes it."

"Your Mom lets them do that to her?" I asked, "Does she let you girls watch?'

"No, we play like we are sleeping. Then we play with our little pee-pees or play with each others as they do it," replied Lily, " We like to watch and listen to them."

"Do you want to play with our pee-pees too?" asked Pam, "We will let you, if you want to."

"OH, Yes!" I cried, "I would love to help you play with your little pee-pees. Would you like for me to show you how I can make them feel real good? You know I have to use my tongue too and not just my dick. I don't want to hurt either of your little pee-pees. I want to make then feel good"

"Show us how and we will show you something too. We will show you how we make ours feel good at night, when we play with ours." Lily said, "We do it all the time to each other."

I then told them that we needed to go to the bedroom so we could continue and for them to leave off their panties for me. They almost ran to the bedroom as I followed them. I asked them to be sure and not tell anyone, again, explaining that it would get us all into a lot of trouble.

I watched as the two of them climbed onto the bed, laying down as their little pussies glistened up at me as their dresses were still raised up around their waists. I had my cock in my hands as I asked them to play with each others pussy before I rubbed it over their little pussies..

The little foxes did it as if they had been doing it for years. They rubbed each others pussy as I watched and would stick their fingers in one another, squealing as they did. My cock was so hard now as I started to pull on it as I watched the young girls, their pussies shinning from their wetness. I watched as Lily used the handle of a hair brush on herself, letting it slightly enter her as she squealed with pleasure. She was using the brush to fuck herself with.

"See. I told you we would show you something. We use this to make our pee-pees feel good," she said, "Do you want to see what else we can do?"

"Yes. Show me some more things you do with each other." I replied.

She then brought out a big vibrator, one she had gotten from her mom I guessed, as she turned it on, bringing the end to Pam's little pussy.

"We borrow this from our mom when she doesn't know. It really makes us tingle.' She said.

That was all I could take as I lay down beside them, kissing one then the other as they reached to touch my cock, each taking their hands and feeling of it as I removed my hand. They were delighted to play with my cock. It was feeling so good to have their tiny hands playing with my hard cock.

I taught them how to jack it up and down as they performed like naturals. They took my hands and eased them to each of their small pussies, I started rubbing their tiny slits with my fingers as they played with me. Their little pussies so hot to the touch as I rubbed them.

I watched as they took turns playing with me, as I played with them. They seemed to be enjoying themselves as they jacked on my cock up and down. They each had to kiss it for me as I felt their hot little mouths on me as they licked it too.

They were trying to take it in and suck on it but did not know how. I told them to slow down and suck on it like they would a banana. They started doing it better and before I knew it, the head was in their tiny mouths. I had to make them stop before I blew my load.

I was on my back as I felt them roll over to climb on top of me. Pam was the first to sit on me, taking her hairless slit and putting it to the big head of my cock. She was rubbing it up and down her pussy as she began to get faster. I wanted so badly to let in slide into her tight pussy, but there was no way.

I saw Lily as she held her sister's pussy open while trying to guide my cock to her. Pam was much too small for such a large cock and I knew I would hurt her. I told her to sit on my face while Lily got on top of me.

She did as I asked and I saw her tiny little pussy as I brought it to my tongue, licking her as I let the tip play with her tiny hole. All the while, Lily was on top of me, rubbing her pussy along the entire length of it as she pushed down to feel it better. I felt her as she took the big head and placed it against her tiny opening. She was trying to get it in her as she moved on top of me. I knew she was also too small but maybe we could work the head into her, I thought.

I was tasting Pam as I took my cock into my hand, aiming it at Lily's little pussy. I was going to try to put just the head in her. I felt the head as it pressed its way to enter her, her small hole expanding as I slipped just the head of my cock into her tiny passage. She grimaced with pain so I didn't try to put any more in her. I had the head in her now as she rotated her hips, trying to take more of me into her. But it was not to be.

She was too tight! I was too big for her tiny pussy. I tried but the pain was a little too much for her so we stopped trying. She did make me cum though as I shot my load over her pretty little pussy while licking away at Pam's smooth pussy. My cum coated her silky white pussy as I sucked on Pam's little clit, as she pulled my head to her, letting me know she was loving it.

Then they surprised me once again and they started to play with my cock, sucking the cum from the big head as I took Lily's pussy and cleaned my cum off it with my tongue. She was loving licking my cock as she pushed her pussy to me, wanting me to go deeper with my probing tongue.

They started touching each other again as I watched both get in position as they rubbed their tiny pussies against each others. Their small clits were touching as they began to hump against one another's pussy. Lily was trying to fuck Pam with her pussy as Pam was laying there playing with Lily's little ass as she hunched upwards to meet her thrusting hips. I saw Lily as she started to cum, her little ass wiggling as she dry humped her pussy to Pam's. She was moaning as I watched in amazement.

"See. Lily can cum but I can't. Jay, Will you teach me how? I want it to feel good too" said Pam, "I want to cum too."

"I will try to but you have to lay down so I can lick your little pee-pee," I answered.

Doing as she was told, Lily rolled off as Pam spread her thighs, giving me total access to her hairless pussy. I again dipped my tongue to taste her nectar as she rubbed her tiny pussy against my probing tongue. I could put the tip in her as I licked her small cunt, she trying to fuck my tongue as I slowly licked her small clit, as Lily held her small lips apart.

I found her little button and started to suck on it as she thrust upwards to me. She was going wild as I continued to tongue her. Lily was holding the lips apart and upwards as she watched me. I finally felt her as she tensed up, holding her little pussy against my tongue as she started to cum.

This was her first time to cum. She was rocking her little hips to me, my tongue just inside her small opening as she trembled with pleasure, her entire body stiffened as she held her tiny pussy against my tongue. Her small pussy tasted so good as I licked her cum from it as she whimpered.

"Oh, That is feeling so good," she moaned, "You made my pee-pee feel so hot and tingly. Did I cum? Did I really cum? Is that what it feels like to cum? I love it!"

"Yes, baby. You sure did. Did you like the way it made you feel?' I asked as I rose up and looked at her laying there, her little pussy wet from both her cum and my tongue salvia .

"Yeah. I liked it a lots. I want to do it again." She replied, "Can we do it again? It felt so good. I want to cum again."

"Not now. It's time for your bath and then you need to go to sleep. There will be lots more time for us to do it again"

I asked them to let's quit and we could do it more another time. I told them they would have to practice to take my cock in them, and that we could make each other cum so much next time, telling them to use their fingers more often as well as maybe a candle. They assured me they would as I sent each one to get their bathes for the night.

While they were gone, I jacked off to just the thought of my huge cock in their tiny pussies. Maybe before too much longer I would have the chance to slid my cock into their tiny pussies.



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