I know what they say about it not being your fault; that you are the victim and are in no way responsible when someone forces you to have sex. Still, I cannot help but feel somewhat to blame. I, after all, did stupidly put myself in a bad place and even if circumstances did play a part in what happened, I would still be a virgin if only I had not taunted him so. My brother, Howie, and I had a typical roller coaster, sibling rivalry relationship. We had the usual childhood fights and were always bugging one another. On one day in particular the advantage fell my way and from then on I did everything I could to exploit it. You see, I walked in on my brother in the bathroom.

The door was shut and locked but he had somehow not pushed the door all the way into the jamb so that the latch had not engaged. I was in a hurry to use the facilities and he was taking the usual "forever" in the morning. I was yelling at him, through the door, to hurry up and he just told me to, "Go away, you stupid bitch."

I grabbed the door knob and raised my fist to bang on the door. The knob didn't turn but I felt the door move a teensy bit. Immediately I knew what had happened and pushing hard I burst into the room. The total look of surprise on his face was fantastic as was the immediate crimson blush of embarrassment that followed.

The little dweeb was standing in front of the mirror, a girlie magazine open on the counter and a pair of my used panties from the hamper held to his nose. His pants were about his ankles, his hard-on tightly gripped in his fist and his hand was jacking it at rabbit speed. He gasped, while turning slightly toward me in his surprise and at the same instant blasted off his gooey, white stuff all over the floor and counter.

He tried to back up and turn, but with his legs encumbered by his jeans, only succeeded in falling backwards. He reached back and was able to break his fall, but ended up on his butt with his stiff prick jutting up from his hairy patch, pumping his cum all over his legs, chest and balls. I, as his older sister, did the only thing that I could; I broke up howling in laughter while pointing at the him in his predicament. The funniest thing, to me, about the whole situation was the size of his unit. It was incredibly skinny and not particularly long, reaching four and a half inches at most.

"What's that?" I demanded, pointing at his deflating penis. "Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo," I laughed at him as I continued, taking advantage of his discomfort, "I caught you beating off!"

He squirmed, trying to cover up while at the same time attempting to pull up his pants. The job wasn't made any easier by the sticky goop all over his legs. "How did you ever get that puny little thing to work?" I went on. "It looks like a sissy's prick; a little sissy prick!"

The look on his face told me that I had really hit a nerve. I knew I could exploit it to great advantage. He eventually got his pants up and pushed past me to run and hide in his room. I, in the mean time, was doubled over nursing a side ache from laughing so hard at my brother and trying not to pee my pants. ~ ~ ~ ~ It was Saturday morning and Howie was taking a shower. Our parents were gone for the day and there were just the two of us in the house. Once again I was in the mood for some sadistic teasing. I waited in Howie's room for him to come out of the shower. I was just wearing a terry cloth bathrobe and planned on embarrassing Howie. He entered the room, as I expected, wearing only a towel. I was hiding behind the door and snatched it off of him as he went by, leaving him totally nude. "Hey." he yelled as he immediately tried to cover up. "What'cha trying to hide there, little brother?" I asked. "Whatever it is you sure aren't having much trouble covering it up It must be pretty puny." I continued. "Leave me alone!" he shouted. "Aww, come on; I just want to see what ya got," I said. "Tell you what. You let me see and I'll let you see," I dared. To show that I meant business I peeled aside the top of my robe and exposed my right breast. "What d'ya say?" I asked.

His eyes went round as he stared at my erect nipple. I've got a thirty five inch bust line, and very cone shaped breasts that stick up and out slightly to the side. My nipples are several shades darker than the creamy colored skin of my perky chest. I am five foot eight and really watch my weight with diet and a lot of exercise.

Our whole family is a bit neurotic in that way and we are all in top shape. I could tell that the little bit of flesh that I had exposed to Howie was definitely having an effect on him and that the promise of seeing more would make him putty in my hands. I figured a little flash on my part was worth the embarrassment I planned on dishing out in just a few moments. "Well, wha'd'ya say? Want to see more?" I asked again as I teased him by slightly pulling aside the top of my robe starting to expose my left tit to my brother's saucer like eyes.

His mouth fell open as his hands fell away exposing his childlike phallus to my eyes. It appeared to semi-erect although it was a bit hard to tell, it was so small. I kind of felt sorry for him but not enough to not continue with my plan.

"Fair is fair." I said as I peeled open the top of my robe exposing both of my pointy tits to his eyes. His eyes flicked back and forth between my two cones as he took a couple swallows. "Oh, but I'm still not being fair am I?" I continued. "You are showing all your stuff and I haven't shown you mine."

I smiled at the dumb look on his face as I slowly peeled open the rest of my robe and let it drop to the floor about my feet. I now stood not five feet from my brother totally exposed. His mouth opened even more as he started breathing heavily through it. His penis quickly rose to it's full miniscule length as Howie stared at my chestnut brown hairy triangle. "Here," I said, as I lowered my right hand and dipped the middle finger into my slit gathering some of my moisture onto the digit. "I know how you like my scent," I said as I walked over to where he was standing. "So let me add a little smell to what you're seeing." I continued as I wiped off my juices, in one quick movement, on to his upper lip.

His nostrils immediately started to flair as beads of sweat appeared on his brow. "Oh. I'm still not being fair." I said as he continued to soak up my nakedness with his eyes and sniff my musk into his nose. "I can see it all hanging out but you can't 'cause mine is all covered up. Tell you what..." I said as I turned and walked to his bed. Spreading my feet, I bent over at the waist and rested my hands on the bed covers. "That better?" I asked as I looked over my shoulder at Howie's dumbfounded expression.

I could see myself in the mirror that hung on the back of his bedroom door. My pussy was totally exposed to him now. My pink hole was slightly gaping open and to my surprise it glistened wetly and a bit of my slickness dripped out to the opening. My darker inner labia were pulled apart by my wide leg stance. Being quite long, they hung like velvety curtains on either side of my virgin hole. It was all framed by two hairy and very puffed up outer labial lips.

Looking at myself made me realize that my brother was not the only one excited by the situation. A weird squeaking sound came out of my brother's gaping mouth. His pecker now started to bob up and down, sort of like a little heart beating and a bead of moisture glistened at it's tip. I turned my head, facing forward and tried my best to contain myself but it was too much and I broke out in a loud guffaw. Glancing over my shoulder at my brother I saw the look of confusion on his face. Not being able to hold back any more I sprung my trap.

I now let loose with a howling laugh as I said, while looking over my shoulder, "Is that ALL you've got? What a puny little pecker ya got there bro. Why, I've seen bigger meat on the babies I sat for! How do you ever expect to satisfy a woman with a sissy little prick like that?!... Though, maybe it's just my fault. Here, let me try to give you a better show." I went on in laughter as I started to rotate my hips first in a little clockwise circle and then a swing to the left followed by a little counterclockwise circle and swing to the right.

I watched the repeated movement in the mirror and could see my lips opening and sliding in a very seductive way. I was now starting to drool moisture out of my hole and down toward my clit. The look on Howie's face was to die for. He looked confused, dumbfounded and embarrassed all at the same time. I knew that I had gotten him good this time and tears of laughter started to stream down my face as I now buried my head on his bed. My body was shaking with laughter at the look I had seen on Howie's face as I continued to repeat between laughter "What a little sissy prick!" I was having a grand old time at my brother's expense when I heard a growl-like sound come from behind me. Suddenly I felt myself being shoved forward by two hands on my ass cheeks. I landed face down on Howie's bed with my waist on the edge and my legs spread and over the side.

In what seemed like no time my legs were kicked out farther to the sides and Howie was on my back. He pushed at my elbows and before I knew it my hands were over my head and both wrists were in the powerful grip of Howie's left hand. My brother is on the wrestling team and I've seen him make a similar lightning quick move before, only joking with his friends. I felt him reach down between us with his right hand as he said into my ear, "Hey sissy, how about a little prick." With that I felt the head of his penis being drug through my labia and positioned at the entrance to my hole. "Howie, NO!" I screamed as I felt his hips lunge forward and my hole stretched. He had the head of his penis just barely pushing into my vagina. He hadn't yet really entered me, and still my virgin hole felt stretched to the point of tearing. I felt a burning pain in the delicate tissues at it's entrance.

For all the shit I was giving him about being so small he sure felt HUGE at the entrance to my most cherished place. 'How can this be hurting so much?' I thought to myself. 'I must be incredibly small down there myself to be feeling so much discomfort.' All this passed through my mind in but the moment that Howie held his breath following his initial assault at my center. I felt his hot breath on my right ear as he let out a ragged sigh.

"Howie..." I gasped as he held himself pressed into my divot. "Howie, please..." I begged as he panted into my ear. "don't..." I continued as I realized my labia had been pulled and stretched in somewhat with the initial slight intrusion of his penile head. "You mustn't..." I went on, "it's incest."

He continued to grip my wrists over my head and to keep his dick head just splitting my entrance. After listening to a few more ragged breaths in my ear I said "Howie it hurts... you're too big." "What... this?" he croaked into my ear as he emphasized his words by nudging his hips forward once again. "AAH..." I cried out as the movement caused the head of his prick to pop through the stretched ring of burning tissue. I felt the taught band snap tight around the bulbous head of his dick holding it firmly in place. He now had the head of his penis in my vagina. I gritted my teeth at the pain it's presence was causing. "Oh, it hurts." I cried through clenched jaw. "Please take it out, take it out!" I pleaded. His breathing became more panting-like and he made no move to withdraw. "You're ripping me apart." Taking a deep breath he growled "How can I be ripping you apart with 'this' sissy little prick?" With the word 'this' he shoved in another half inch or so and pushed up against my barrier. A pain shot through me as I felt the stretching intruder probe deeper up my tight passage. Through my clenched teeth a let out a gasping moan. 'Oh, God,' I thought 'my HYMEN!' His probing penis was now pressed into these delicate tissues. "HOWIE, STOP!" I cried out. "I'm a virgin!" He didn't shove it in any more, although I noticed I could now feel the invader twitch and pulse in place.

Each throb caused a corresponding throb of pain to be felt in my stretched and gripping hole. He continued to hold in place, neither advancing nor withdrawing. I started to plead once again "Howie, pleas..." but was cut off by the sound of the screen door banging shut. "No!" I whispered as I heard the thumps of heavy boots running up the stairs. "Hey, Howie; look what I just got..." as the door flung open he stopped in mid-sentence. "DAMN Howie!" exclaimed Bill Baxter; Howie's best friend. I closed my eyes as hard as I could and tried to will this horrible nightmarish turn of events way. It was bad enough that my brother would do such a thing to me, but to be caught by someone else with my own brother's dick sticking up my twat was too much. "Please Howie." I begged. "How long you been fucking your sister, Howie?" asked Bill. "Please." I begged my brother. "Shit Bill, we're not fucking; just wrestling." replied Howie. "Please." I begged. "Well you got your dick up her cunt. It sure looks like fucking to me." "Please." "It was just an accident, Bill. I hardly got it in her... 'sides, she's still a virgin." he said as I felt him start to pull out. 'Thank God.' I thought as I felt my labia turn out and the head start it's exit from my hole. "Pop her cherry, man; you heard her beggin' for it." Bill said as he approached the bed. "Let me give you a hand." With those words Howie's hips shot forward driving his dick violently up my hole. I saw stars as a searing pain exploded from my vagina. Just like that, my cherished hymen had been ripped apart and my brother was suddenly embedded all the way up my violated hole. "There ya go." said Bill. "Fuck!" cried Howie. "AiEEE!" I cried out. "Well you sure are fucking her now!" said Bill. The burning in my hole was so intense. It felt as if I my insides had been stuffed with a huge, hot pole. I had a hard time believing that my brother's small penis could cause so much stretching and pain. Then the realization that I was no longer a virgin came to the forefront of my mind. I thought I was going to be sick. I had my brother's stiff prick fully buried up my cunt and I had his best friend to thank for it. "Howie, please." I begged once again. Howie responded this time and slowly pulled out. "God, damn!" he said and then he paused. He stopped with his prick's head still in me. "Please." I continued to beg. "Fuck, you're tight... aww fuck it." he said as he suddenly slammed forward to once again bury himself in my slick hole. "Oomph, no, Howie, NO!" I cried to no avail. Howie now started to pound in and out of my abused hole. "Yeah, she was cherry." came Bill's voice from low behind us as Howie fucked my burning pussy. He walked around to the front of the bed and said "Let's see her face." Howie pulled back at my hair forcing me to lift my head and sway my back. Bill could now see my tits. I could feel them jiggle each time Howie pounded his hard prick into me. I opened my mouth but kept my eyes tightly shut so as to not have to look into Bill's eyes. I had to protect myself from that humiliation. "She looks like she likes to fuck." said Bill. "How's the ride?" "Umm," was Howie's strained response as he pounded away, "gonna blow." With that he pulled on my hair, back and to the side, forcing my head to the left. Suddenly his mouth covered mine and his tongue wormed it's way past my lips. As he French kissed me he slammed his pelvis hard up to mine and held himself there.

I felt a bloating and twitching from his penis and then a sudden warmth flood my vagina. Howie moaned into my mouth as he tried to shove his tongue down my throat. He hunched his pelvis at mine as his penis continued to dump it's load. Slowly, as the twitching of his penis subsided, he released my hair and let me lay back down on the bed. I felt his weigh crush me to the mattress as he started to relax. I felt his penis slowly go limp and slip from my folds. I was in a daze. My brother had just given me my first fuck. He had taken my virginity and ejaculated into my virgin cunt. Well, I was a virgin no more! And to make matter worse, he had raped me in front of his best friend. I didn't even have the luxury of knowing that the secret could be kept in the family, so to speak. As I felt his cum start to leak out of my hole I tried to slip my wrists from my brother's relaxing grip. At the same time I heard Bill approach and felt him shake Howie's shoulder. Instantly Howie's grip returned. "Get up man." said Bill. Slowly Howie roused himself and climbed off my back and to the side. As I started to rise up myself I felt another body climb on my back as Bill said "My turn." "NOO!" I shouted as Bill shoved at my recently vacated hole. "No, no, no!" I repeated as Bill stabbed at my gash with what seemed like his fist. I squirmed and bucked underneath him as I struggled to get free. I felt my pussy lips being spread with the fingers of Bill's left hand as he shoved at my hole with something way too large to comfortably fit.

With a mighty shove and grunt from Bill he succeeded in entering my vagina. I screamed at the top of my lungs and retched. The pain was like no other I had ever experienced. Fighting my stomach to not throw up, I tried to let my battered pussy adjust to the massive intruder. Though Howie's penis had caused a burning pain on his entry into my cunt, this thing that was now inside me had set my hole on fire. "Fuck, you're tight." said Bill. "You're about to pinch my dick off." That answered my question. It was just his penis that was causing all this pain. I thought for sure that he had shoved his hand up inside of me! I tried to calm myself and get my stretched and sore pussy to accept his massive girth.

Before the burning had much of a chance to abate Bill started shoving it in and out of me. Luckily the juices that my brother had left behind somewhat helped to quickly lube his shaft and ease it's passage. My long labia were mercilessly pulled in and out with each stroke he took.

Without the slickness of my brother's cum I am sure that they would have been pulled off. My brother finally let go of my wrists as I was not about to be going anywhere; being pinned to the bed with Bill's fully imbedded penis. Bill snaked his hands under my chest and grabbed hold of my tits. Lifting my chest up off the bed, Bill pulled at and played with my nipples, all the while pounding his hard dick up my burning cunt. Still with my eyes shut tight, I heard my brother say "That sure looks good. It would make a pretty picture." "Feels good too." replied Bill. I no longer cared as Bill continued to pound into me. I just wanted to survive this ordeal. Suddenly I realized that the sooner Bill got off, the sooner it would all be over. Settling on a plan of action, I started driving my pussy back at him with each stroke he took. "Fuck, yeah." Bill commented on my sudden animation.

The room was soon filled with the sounds of our combined heavy breathing and the squishy smacks of our pelvises joining. My plan paid off as it wasn't long before Bill grunted and practically twisting my nipples off, shoved his dick as far into me as he could and busted his nut.

Once again I felt a warmth bathe my vagina as Bill ejaculated into my fertile hole. Again and again his fuck pole lurched and squirted out warm gobs of his impregnating stuff. Soon my twice filled pussy was leaking out much of the cum that both these teenage boys had put in there. It dribbled down my mound and dripped onto the bed in front o! f me. "Damn, your sister is the best fuck ever." said Bill to Howie; and to me he added "I love your tight virgin pussy." 'You stupid shit.' I thought to myself, 'I'm no longer a virgin, thanks to you.' He rolled off of me and onto his back on the bed. As his penis slipped from me the burning eased and my battered pussy started to throb. It was definitely a relief to have the painful stretching replaced by just a tolerable soreness.

Looking to my right I saw Bill's blood covered and shrinking penis lying across his belly. I could not believe that something so huge had so recently stretched and poked my cunt. The monstrous thing looked to be nine inches long and as big around as my wrist! Seizing the opportunity given me, I jumped up from the bed and ran out the door. Dashing into the bathroom, I locked the door and propped a chair up under the door's handle. Now knowing I was finally safe, I attended to my abused genitals. Grabbing a hand mirror, I looked at my gash. I was a gooey, bloody mess. My labia were swollen and red; showing signs of the friction they had just lived through.

My pussy no longer was recognizable as my own. What was once a tight slit running between my legs now was replaced with a gaping maw. I could look right up my vagina and see my cervix. All over were slimy deposits of blood streaked, whitish blobs. More of the shit drooled down out of my gaping tube to run down my legs and drip onto the bathroom floor. Turning my attention to my poor, abused nipples, I saw the little cones puffed out like never before. They were extremely red where Bill had twisted and pulled them as he fucked me. I now realized they too were throbbing in unison with my fucked hole. I heard my brother and Bill, laughing, run down the stairs and out the front door. At that point I turned away to look in the above sink mirror. On seeing my own reflection in the looking glass the recent events of the morning washed over me and made my stomach flip-flop. I gagged into the sink, not able to bring anything up and then collapsed to the bathroom floor and broke down crying. As I hugged myself in a fetal position, I cried for my lost hymen. I cried for my sore, abused nipples and pussy and I cried for my lost innocence. I stayed there for I know not how long before venturing out to lock myself in my room to cry some more.

I could not believe how stupid I was to have brought this on myself. What if I had not teased my brother so? What if I had not exposed my tits and bush to him? What if I had not gotten totally naked with him and taunted him with my pussy? What if, all along, we had had a peaceable, loving sibling relationship? So many 'what ifs' ran through my mind that afternoon I lost count of them all.

Nothing would be the same now; not the relationship between my brother and me, not the way Bill looked at or treated me, not my cum filled, stretched out pussy, not my confidence in myself and not the way I saw myself. Off and on I cried to myself for a week and a half. ~ ~ ~ ~ It was a Wednesday morning, after third period, when I found the photo spread in my locker. They had been stuffed through the door slots and were sitting on top of my books. I gasped and quickly covered them up, glancing around to make sure no one else had caught a glimpse.

Running to the bathroom I secreted myself in a stall and stared in disbelief at the pictures of ME! There was a close-up from below and behind of my bloody pussy lips, a cock up my twat, being deflowered by my brother. There was a side shot of Howie mounting me from behind. There were close-ups of my face with my eyes shut and my mouth open, giving the impression that I loved what my brother was doing to me.

There is no doubt who the participants were in the pictures and what we were doing. God; the ones of me and Howie French kissing as he fucked me were disgusting! There were pics of my fresh fucked, gaping slit oozing big globs of bloody cum while my brother's red prick dangled beside it. There were shots of Bill's big dick splitting my gash and filling me up. Just looking at Bill pulling at my nipples as he fucked me silly made my pointy tips ache anew.

As the visual evidence of my first fuck sank in I noticed the note slipped among the proof sheets. It was short and simple; just telling me when and where to show up. As I stared at the sheets in my hands I tried to figure out how could this be? Then I remembered Bill being all excited when he first ran up the stairs and entered the room, saying he had something to show Howie. It must have been a digital camera and I, with my eyes shut, posed so nicely for them both! I walked around numb and in a daze for the rest of the day. At 2:30 I arrived at the deserted back of the stage off the auditorium in the boy's costume change room. As I entered, I notice that there was nobody in the room. It was lined with clothe racks filled with costumes. In the middle was a large table. A few scattered chairs finished off the room.

Just as I was beginning to hope that maybe he wouldn't show, Bill entered, closing the door behind him. As he turned the latch, locking us in, my heart sank to the pit of my stomach. Looking me over, Bill said, "I see you got the pictures. They came out kind of nice, if I do say so myself. If you want to keep them from being plastered all over the school you'll walk to that table and lean across it... after first taking off your panties. I need some more of that tight pussy of yours."

My mouth fell open and I stood and stared at him.

Raising his voice a bit he ordered, "NOW!" As a tear rolled down my cheek, I turned and walked to the table as told. I reached under my knee length skirt and pulled down my panties. Kicking them off, I leaned face down across the table. I heard a rustle of clothes behind me and Bill's chuckle. He stepped up behind me and kicked my feet out to the sides. I flinched as I felt him flip my skirt up across my back and run his hand over my naked ass. I flinched once again as he leaned in and touched his penis head to my pussy lips. With cock in hand he then started rubbing the head up and down; up and down my pussy's gash. He kept this up for two or three minutes, going slightly deeper as time went on until he was traversing the bottom of my cleft from asshole to clitoris and back again. From the moment he touched me with it, his penis was leaking out a slimy wetness with which he painted my gash. He also started to dip into my wet divot and accumulating my dew on his dick head, spread it about.

As if to betray me, my hole started to add more of it's own juices to the quickly moistening dance his dick was making with my pussy lips. Then on one pass through my divot he stopped and slowly applied pressure. As my eyes sprang wide open I felt his head push through my folds and begin to sink into my cunt hole. A groan escaped his lips as his dick sunk deeper into mine.

I was surprised that I did not feel the same pain as last time. The stretching of my vagina was still there but the burning and soreness were gone. He paused, pulled back slightly and then continued forward once again. This pattern was repeated several more times before he bottomed out in me. "God damn girl, you've got the tightest pussy." said Bill as he started a slow fuck of my hole. I felt him slide his massive dick almost all the way out of my pussy before reversing direction and fully burying himself in me. I once again noticed how my long, slick labia would follow the passage of his massive pole; pulling out and puckering in with it's movement in my cunt.

Bill was now moaning constantly and starting to pant. He picked up the pace with which he fucked me and soon was smacking my bottom with his thighs each time he bottomed out in me. "I'm gonna cum." said Bill as he really started to pound away. 'Oh, FUCK!' I thought as the danger suddenly dawned on me. In my shock I had only concentrated on what would happen if the photos got passed around the school. When my brother and Bill first fucked me I had just finished my period. Now I was entering the fertile phase in my cycle and I could get pregnant. "Bill, NO," I pleaded, "don't cum in me. I could get pregnant."

He continued to pound away in me.

"Please Bill, please; I don't want a baby."

If anything Bill sank harder and deeper into my pussy. "Bill please," I added with a sob, "don't fuck a baby into me. I'll do anything you ask!"

With a mighty groan from Bill I felt the full length of his dick lurch.

'Fuck!' I thought 'He's cumming.' My heart sunk as I waited for the walls of my vagina to be bathed with his hot, impregnating goo. Suddenly Bill yanked himself from my pussy and blasted my bottom with his spunk. 'Thank God' I thought. Grabbing his cock, he pressed it's head to my butt hole and went off again, coating my puckered hole and forcing some to shoot inside. Pressing a little harder, his third shot went through my asshole and into my bowels lubing it with his slippery deposit.

With a sudden lurch he chased the cum wad up my butt with his lurching dick head and crammed his penis in me. "NoooaAGH!" I uttered as my bowels were speared by his penis. The memory of the pain of my first fuck returned as I thought my ass had been ripped apart. Bill hunched at my butt as he fucked the last of his cum up my poop hole.

When his dick stopped pumping, Bill sighed and laid across my back. I softly sobbed my tears onto the table top as he slowly shrunk and eventually popped from my poop chute. I puckered my burning sphincter to try to keep the cum from dribbling out. Finally Bill climbed from my back. "Howie may have been the first in your pussy but I think your ass was cherry until I got there. You're one tight bitch in all your holes. Thanks for the fuck." said Bill as he dressed. Before walking out of the room he said, "Keep the photos. I can make plenty more." He left me crying. I dressed and quickly walked home. I did my best to avoid seeing anyone and once home, hid crying in my room wondering how much further into Hell my life could sink. Three days later I found out.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I came home after school and headed for my room. I heard Howie shout out my name from his room. He beckoned me and in disgust I went to his door. "You're very photogenic, Sis." he said from his bed as I looked in his open door. "Bill told me about your little get together the other day." My stomach started to turn. "I can't let him get one up on me, with my own sister!" Looking at him in disgust, I waited for the shoe to drop.

"So how about a blow job?" It was more of a demand than a request. I stood there, mouth agape. "Come on; I don't got all day" he said as he unzipped his jeans and pushed them and his underwear down his legs. Kicking them off he spread his legs and ran his fingers over his inflating penis. Propping his head up with a pillow, he wagged his member at me and asked, "Remember the photos?" Resigning myself to my fate, I dropped my schoolbag in the hall and entered the room. Howie smiled as I sat down on the bed and, taking him in hand, leaned over it. I could smell his funky scent as my mouth got close to his little head. He was not fully hard but I could feel it growing in my grip. With a sigh of the inevitable, I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue.

My first taste was not as revolting as I thought it would be. Seeing no way out of this I decided to get it over with as quickly as possible. Popping Howie into my mouth, I started sucking and bobbing up and down on his pole. He was soon fully erect. I added a licking motion with my tongue on the underside of the head. I had heard the girls at school talking about this move and I got an approving moan from my brother.

I started to discern a new taste as he soon leaked his slippery precum onto my tongue. Howie tangled his fingers in my hair as he guided my movements on his hard, skinny pole. It didn't take long for Howie to start grunting as I bobbed away. "Fuck, yeah. Here it comes!" gasped Howie as his dick began to jerk and spit into my mouth. Pushing my head down so that he was fully in my mouth, Howie blasted his load onto the back of my tongue and down my throat. I gagged and some of his goo shot out my nose. Gasping for breath, I tried to swallow as quickly as I could to clear my mouth and take in a breath of air.

As Howie stopped pumping he let go of my hair and collapsed on the bed. As I got up and wiped my lips with the back of my hand, Howie said, "You give one hell of a blow job! I'm gonna enjoy fucking all of your holes, Sis." I fled his room and locked myself in my bedroom to once again cry myself to sleep on my bed. ~ ~ ~ ~ The next two weeks I lived in terror of when Bill or Howie might approach me or what they would make me do. I dreaded coming to school for fear I would find my image plastered all over the place. I became withdrawn and depressed, not knowing when I might be raped once again or if my secret shame would become known to all. The only good thing that happened was that my period arrived on time. I had been worried that Bill might have gotten me pregnant the last time he fucked me. I felt somewhat safe from my tormenters for the few days that I had it. I was finally enjoying one of those rare times when I was alone for the day in my house. My parents were gone with my brother for the day and I had no plans. I had not been expecting anyone when the doorbell rang. When I came to the door I got a bit of a thrill seeing Frank Bailey standing there. He was a guy in my class that I had gone to school with for several years now. I thought he was cute and I believed he had a thing for me.

He was always looking at me kind of goofy-like whenever I saw him. He was someone I could see myself going with although nothing ever happened between us. Giving me this funny grin he said, "I got the pictures and I thought we could spend a little time together."

Once again my world came crashing down around me. Somehow he had gotten a copy of them. I understood that he was now using them to blackmail me! How could he do this to me? But then I remembered what he must have seen; of course he would want in on the action. He knew he had me over a barrel and could make me do whatever he wanted. I felt absolutely defeated! Now knowing that I was to also become HIS fuck toy I simply said, "Follow me." and turned to climb the stairs. Closing the front door, he followed me up the stairs and into my room. I just walked to my bed, turned toward Frank and started to unbutton my shirt. I heard a gasp as I shucked my blouse and quickly unclasped the front catch to my bra.

I heard a groan as I peeled the covering cups from my cones and dropped the lacy garment to the floor. Wasting no time, I unbuttoned my pants and pushed them, along with my underwear, to the floor, kicking them aside. Closing my eyes, I raised my face toward the ceiling and stood there waiting. "Well, aren't you gonna fuck me?" I finally asked as the seconds ticked by and nothing had happened. "Damn!" said Frank as he approached me. "I'm gonna love you." A few more seconds passed and then he added in a hoarse whisper, "You're beautiful." I continued to stand there with my hands at my side and listen to his ragged breathing. Suddenly I felt a hand laid tentatively on my left breast.

It barely touched me, hovering and cupping my roundness in his palm. His feather soft caress explored my whole tit now and his fingers lightly plucked at my nipple. "God, you're beautiful." he whispered again. His other hand now touched my right hip and slid up my stomach to also cup my other mammary. Gently he fondled both breasts with his warm hands. The light exploration of my nipples soon had them both erect. "God, you're beautiful." he repeated as he lowered his mouth to my breast and sucked in the right nipple. My eyes shot open and I looked down to watch what he was doing to me. He gently suckled at my teat, rubbing his tongue across the erect end of the puckered tip with each slow and long pull of his mouth. He continued to feel my other breast with his right hand as he mouthed me.

After a minute or more of this he switched to planting little nibbling kisses all around my breast. He then worked his way to the other side and started suckling there. While he was occupied with my mammaries I noticed the effect his attentions was having on my crotch. I started getting slick and SO wanted to touch myself. Having finished bringing my left nipple to maximum engorgement, Frank began kissing all over the rest of the teat. Looking up at my face, he stopped, in mid-kiss, when he saw me watching him. Never breaking contact between his lips and my skin, he smiled and started kissing down my belly. Briefly pausing his explorations to flick his tongue into my belly button, he continued down my quivering stomach to kiss across my hairy patch and plant a long, deliberate kiss on my clitoris.

A chill ran up my spine, and then, once again, he smiled up at me. Softly pushing on my hips, he backed me to the edge of the bed. His continued and gentle guidance caused me to sit down on, and then scoot up the bed. He was right between my legs. He let go of my hips and shifted his hands to inside and under my thighs.

I laid back as he brought my knees up and to the side. He bumped a bit closer to me and leaned down to kiss my inner left thigh. He started in the middle and moved toward my knee before reversing direction and working his way to my hairy center. Each kiss brought him closer and closer to my pussy. When the next kiss could have brought him onto my lips, he shifted to the middle of my other thigh to start the process all over again. I gripped the bed spread into tight balls in my fists. The slow, light kisses continued from side to side with him concentrating closer to my pussy lips each time he would change legs. Finally he was hovering all about my labia with the edge of his lips just touching my now puffy outer labia with each kiss he placed.

I wanted him to touch me there so bad that I was now pushing my bottom off the bed, trying to get my cooch in contact with his lips. I was at the point of crying, I was so frustrated, when he finally kissed nothing but labia. Each kiss now landed on nothing but this sensitive tissue. A sigh escaped my mouth as he also started adding little flicks of his tongue into the kisses. Working his way closer to my inner lips, each touch became more licks and less like a kiss until he finally ran his tongue right up the middle of my crack and across my engorged clitoris. The biggest sigh escaped my mouth as he now concentrated exclusively on my hairless, smooth tissues. It felt so good! No one had ever before so gently touched me there.

I let go of the bed clothes and grabbed his hair instead. Pulling his head toward me, I forced his mouth into my mound. He got the message and now licked with abandon. A mighty tension built up in me. His tongue next dipped into my dripping hole and he lapped up my juicy offerings. When he was thoroughly satisfied that I was cleaned out he flattened his tongue and, covering both inner labia, slowly licked up to my clitoris, which he then batted about with the tip of his tongue. That sent me over the edge.

Arching my back, throwing my head back and closing my eyes, I crushed his mouth to my cunt and let go with a throaty groan as my orgasm washed over me. My body was wracked by spasms as Frank continued to pommel my clit with his tongue. It was the biggest cum of my life! As my mind cleared and I began to slide down from on top the waves of orgasmic spasms, I realized that Frank had climbed up my body and lay down upon me. He was now naked and settled his hips between my spread legs. So this was it; Frank was now going to rape me. I was totally caught off guard by the wonderful things he had done to my pussy with his mouth.

I never got any enjoyment from the times my brother had raped me or forced me to suck his cock. I surely never would have chosen to have Bill shove that huge fuck- pole of his up my raw pussy and never in my wildest nightmare have it violently crammed up my tight ass. So to have Frank actually give me pleasure was, just so out of the blue. And the pleasure he gave me; it was incomparable to anything I could have dreamed of. I was almost starting to feel grateful for what he had done, but now it was time for the pain and I braced myself for it. Once again Frank started kissing me all over my tits. He made sure that my nipples, which had gotten all wrinkled and at attention from my recent cum, remained that way. When he was thoroughly satisfied that they were totally erect, he paused to stare into my eyes. He had that look again; the funny one that I often caught him giving me whenever we bumped into or shared classes throughout our school day. He then raised up on one stiff arm and, still looking into my eyes, brought his erection into contact with my engorged labia. He slowly probed my leaking gash until he lined up with my wettest place and, with a groan, slipped in. He stopped after getting just the head inside.

Climbing just a bit more up my body so that direct pressure was brought to bare on my clit with the top of his dick, and while holding himself off me on outstretch arms, he started fucking my pussy's entrance with just the bulbous head. Staring between my titties at my split gash, I watched as he fucked just the first half inch of it in and out of my pussy. The feelings he was causing in my cunt were just divine.

Returning my gaze to his eyes I saw that goofy look on his face, now plain as day. "You know..." he whispered as he continued the little fucking motion with his dick, "I became infatuated with you... oh, God... the first time I saw you." He looked to pause in the middle of a thought as his dick's tip teased my cunt and clit. "I joined the yearbook committee... to get closer... ahh... to you and learn more about you." 'Oh, fuck. He's a stalker!' I thought to myself. He continued, "The more time I... spent with you, umm... the more impressed I became with you." He kept pausing when he talked to savor and verbalize his enjoyment of fucking me and to my chagrin, the fucking he was giving me was really juicing me up; starting to send chills through my spine.

"Who would have thought... that joining that committee... would be such a... aaa... turning point in my... life... and I could not... oh, God,... in my wildest fantasies... have imagined that bringing the yearbook proofs... to you today would have turned this day... oh, yeah... into the best day of my life." "What?!" I gasped as my eyes sprung wide open. 'Did he just say what I think I heard?' I thought to myself. 'He doesn't have a copy of the rape pictures! He wasn't here to blackmail me! He was here on yearbook committee business and I invited him to my room, stripped naked in front of him and asked him to fuck me!' These thoughts shot through my mind in that instance of enlightenment. Momentarily stopping all movement of his dick he said, "What I'm trying to say, Misty, is that I fell in love with you, spending time with you working on the yearbook. Being here with you in my arms... in you... has made me realize how I'm so deeply in love with you..." He didn't finish the thought as his voice trailed off. He just resumed to gently fuck the entrance of my gushing pussy.

Looking into his eyes, I now realized for the first time what I was seeing. That goofy look was adoration for me. It was love. He truly WAS in love with me! He wasn't raping me; he was making love to me! I suddenly realized that everything he had done to me had been FOR me. He hadn't hurt me. He wasn't using me, my body, to just satisfy his needs; he was doing everything he could to meet MY needs. A light went on in my mind when I realized that this was what sex was supposed to be like. It was not about pain and humiliation. It was about giving and sharing. Frank was trying to show me how much he cared for me with everything he did. And what he was doing was amazing! With the realization that I was being made love to, I let myself go and melted into his arms, into his body and into his eyes. I reached up and pulled his lips to mine.

That first kiss was simply divine. I locked my legs around his and arching my ass off the bed, fully imbedded Frank's penis in me. With a moan from Frank I shoved my tongue into his mouth and started driving my hips at him, forcing him to fuck his stiffness deep into my sucking passage. Breaking our kiss he gasped, "Oh, God Misty... I can't hold back any more." "Do it." I said. "But I could make you pregnant." he groaned. "Do it." I repeated. "It's okay. I'm safe. Cum in me. Fill me with your cum. Cum with me." With those last words as he continued to poke at my puss I was swept away. I thought that I had had an intense orgasm before when Frank had licked my slit and clit. I now realized that what I had experienced had just been and orgasm of the body. What I was experiencing now was an orgasm of the mind and soul. It was an experience beyond accurate description. I was just swept away by it's intensity. My pussy started a tight contraction around Franks imbedded penis. That is when, with a mighty groan and a hoarse exclamation of, "Oh, Misty, I love you. I love you." that Frank's penis started jerking inside of me. I felt it spurt it's warmth deep into my vagina and push me to unimagined orgasmic heights. Together we came. Together we shared our bodies. Together we shared our pleasure. It was as if my heart opened up and we melted into one being.

My vagina grabbed and sucked at his lurching hardness and drank his spewing seed deep within me. I pulled at his head, my fingers intertwined in his hair, to get his tongue and mine as far as possible into one another's mouth. I felt my nipples trying to bore holes into his chest. My legs grappled with his to keep his groin firmly pressed into mine. We were truly one. I was in heaven. After the twitching and jerking and sucking and groping eased and my orgasm fell away, a mellowness and total satisfaction unlike anything I had know settled over me. I totally relaxed all my muscles as Frank settled onto me, draping his body over mine. "Misty, oh Misty. God, you're incredible!" Frank stroked my hair as he nibbled my lobe and continued to whisper his love for me into my ear. As I lay with him in my arms my mind drifted over the pleasure and pure joy I experienced over the past few minutes. I felt all over warm and totally content. But, like the annoyance of a persistent mosquito, a realization that something wasn't right crept into my mind. Slowly the veil of satisfaction started to lift and I began to remember from where this unexpected delight came.

Then, in a rush, the memories came crashing down to crush me under their weight. I remembered my brother's rape of my virgin pussy. I remembered Bill fucking my raw hole and me having to take his big cock up my asshole. I remembered having to suck my brother and drink his cum. I thought about the pictures and my willingness to strip naked and let myself get fucked because of them. Overwhelmed, I let go and started bawling my eyes out. Frank became distraught over me and was beside himself to find out what he had done wrong. He begged and pleaded with me to tell him what he had done. He thought he may have hurt me. When I finally wiped my tears and looked into my his eyes I saw the hurt there. What I saw was the concern for a loved one's pain; Frank's concern for me. Suddenly it all just spilled out of me; the whole story. I watched his eyes as I told my tale of horrors. They went from concern to shock to disbelief and back to concern again. Finishing my story I said, "... and then when you came to me and said you had the pictures..." "God, Misty, NO!" Frank exclaimed. Then his eyes went saucer round and putting his hand to his mouth he said, "Oh, fuck, I raped you! I'm a rapist too. I never... I would never... I never planned for this... I didn't want you this way. Oh, Misty..." His voice broke and he covered his face. "God, you must hate me." "No I don't, don't you see? Frank, you taught me what love really was. You weren't like them. With you it wasn't anything like what it was with them." I said. Grabbing his wrists and pulling his hands from his face I said as I stared into his hurt eyes, "You said you'd love me and you did..." and finishing in a whisper I said, "it was wonderful." A look of steel came onto his face and into his eyes. He nodded to me and with resolve he said, "Misty, I've got to go. There is something I must do." Drawing my hands to him where I gripped his wrists, he gently kissed the inside of each of my wrists and then placed a slow lingering kiss on my forehead. He then got up and got dressed. Heading toward the door of my room, he paused and turned. Looking toward me he said, "It will be all right." Pausing a moment more he added, " Misty, I love you." And then he was gone. I didn't really know what to make of it all. I lay on my bed for the longest time and relived the wondrous things that Frank did to me... for me... with me this morning. As if on it's own, my left hand reached up to cup my breast and pluck my nipple between my first two fingers. My right hand slid across my belly to dip my middle finger into my crease and feel the copious amounts of now runny cum dribbling out of my satisfied pussy.

I soon found myself smearing the slippery deposit up and over my hardening clit. It wasn't long before my full attention was on my throbbing bundle of nerves. Flicking my sex bud with my finger tip, over and over, I relived in my mind the tongue lashing Frank gave my juicy center. I felt all over again the kisses and caresses.

My breathing quickened and my butt pushed up from the bed as the tension built in me. My fingertip now flicked my clit with machine gun rapidness as a squeaking groan escaped my lips. Remembering the look in his eyes as Frank held his penis in me and proclaimed his love for me brought me to a climax once again.

Spasms ran though my cunt as it grabbed at Frank's absent penis. Oh, how I so wanted him there once again! I rode the waves of my orgasm as they washed over my body. As the high tide of my cum receded I drifted off to a satisfied sleep with my lover's name on my lips and his sticky jism oozing from my cunt. I didn't see my brother when he came home that afternoon nor the next day either. Late Sunday night I heard a ruckus coming from the living room downstairs. My parents were very upset about something with Howie. I didn't care and stayed in my room. I had no desire to see my brother.

I did, however, catch a glimpse of him as he headed out the door to school the next morning. I was a bit shocked at the way he looked. He had a fat lip and some significant bruising about his face. Asking my mother what had happened, she only said that Howie had gotten into some kind of altercation and he wasn't being too forthcoming about the circumstances, other than to say that they needn't worry; it was a one time thing. There was a bit of a stir in school and quite a few people asked what had happened to my brother. The really curious thing was what happened the next day. I literally almost ran into Bill on Tuesday while hurrying to a class. I was shocked at the pummeling that he had obviously taken on his face.

When he saw me his eyes got real big and he practically fell over scrambling to get out of my way. He ran down the hall and slipped into a classroom. I had a very strong suspicion of what had happened. I hurried off to the last class of the day as I pondered both my brother and his friend's similar appearance. Shortly after I got home from school my doorbell rang. My heart skipped a beat as I opened the door to find Frank standing there. Handing me a paper bag he said, "It should all be there; God help them if it isn't." "What?" I asked as I opened the bag. Inside I saw a silver looking metal box, a camera flash memory card and several CDs. Returning my gaze to Frank's eyes he said, "That's Bill's hard drive from his computer and the chip from his camera. He assures me that ALL the copies of the photos are on them or the CDs. Neither of them will ever bother you again. My sight was quickly blurred as tears welled up and spilled from my eyes. "You did this for me?" I choked out. "Of course... I would do ANYTHING for you... I love you." I dropped the bag and pulled him into my arms as I poured out my tears of relief. Soon I was covering his face and lips with kisses as he hugged me close. We stood in the doorway for several long minutes in a long hard embrace. Breaking the hug Frank took my hands in his and with that goofy look again in his eyes said, "Misty, I want to get to know you proper. Will you go out with me on a date?" I waited but a moment before I snatched up the bag and pulled him in the door, closing it quickly. His hand in mine, I led him up the stairs to my room. Pushing him inside, I closed and locked the door. Throwing the bag in the corner, I walked to the bed and turned to face Frank.

Keeping my eyes on him the whole time, I stripped out of all of my clothes. My heart pounding, breathing heavy and staring into his eyes, I asked in a lilt with a half smile, "Well, aren't you gonna fuck me?"


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