Marta Fernandez was a 22 year old, Colombian student who was able, with the help of her father, to get a student visa to study in the U.S. All her life she had dreamed of coming to the U.S. to study English and hopefully meet a nice American gentleman she could fall in love with and marry. The men in Colombia were all the same, a bunch of womanizers who did not know the meaning of commitment. At every opportunity they poked themselves into the nearest hole that would grant them entry.

Marta wanted to meet a nice man. Age wasn't important, just someone that would respect her and love her not for her looks but for her personality. She hoped she could find someone that would appreciate her sensitivity, caring and nurturing nature and that wasn't focused on what she perceived to be shallow, her physical self. She was built like a model; all legs, a thin waist, but with large breasts. She had curly dark brown hair that cascaded a little past her shoulders and green eyes.

Her father told her when she was younger that his great grandfather and mother were originally from France, and her lighter olive skin color, brown hair and green eyes were probably a reflection of her French linage. Looking at her it was hard to believe that she was Latina until she started speaking Spanish.

Marta was an only child. Her father took up dual duties as her mother and father after her mother contracted bone cancer and died when Marta was 13. He worked hard to make sure that she was able to go to the University where she studied international languages. Marta's biggest problem was her inability to speak English at a level needed to work for a multinational company. She took courses at the University and her father had spent a great deal of money on an English study guide. It not only had an excellent workbook, but also a video and audio component as well.

Although Marta was able to converse using very basic sentence structure, her father knew that she would not progress past that point unless she had the opportunity to study abroad and totally immerse herself in a culture where English was the dominant and official language. Although he toyed with the idea with getting Marta a visa to study in England, he didn't want her to pick up an English accent and after living in Bogota all their lives, he didn't want to have to live in a country where it was so cold and dreary all the time. The logical choice then was the U.S. It was basically impossible to get a visa there unless one had a connection.

Through a friend he was able to get a visa for both Marta and for himself. Although she was 22, he still felt it was his responsibility to chaperone her. She was naive and although was an adult he had made it a point that she immerse herself in her studies and not social pursuits. Subsequently, she had very little contact with men and had only been on three or four dates. She had enjoyed herself, but never had felt comfortable. She always felt obligated to have fun, even though she wasn't feeling that way.

Her father had always taught her to rein in her emotions and to go along with things. To not be like American women who he said were very confrontational and aggressive and didn't know how to be women. Who wanted everything and nothing at the same time. He taught her to be sweet, kind and unthreatening; to go along with others because that way she wouldn't get into any confrontations. Because Marta genetically was already disposed to being this way, her father's style of raising her just reinforced those areas more. By the time she was 22, she was apt at playing the role of subservient. Although she questioned her father at times mentally, she went along with him because being her father, he knew best.

Six months earlier they had arrived in San Diego; a beautiful city with an incredible climate. Her father found a two-room apartment for them close to Balboa Park, one of the largest parks in the U.S. It was nice and not to far from the University she had transferred to. Since they couldn't afford a car, they took the bus or walked. Luckily, their apartment was within walking distance of a Ralph's, laundry mat, and a small strip mall. The university was within walking distance, about three blocks away. Marta walked there each day back and forth mainly for exercise.

Although she wasn't impressed with her looks, she, like most attractive women, still made it a point to watch what she ate and to get some kind of daily exercise in. She was proud of her flat stomach, firm legs and especially her will power. She still ate the same way she did when she lived in Colombia; mainly fruits and vegetables. She wasn't going to pollute her system with none of that fast food junk. No way.

Martha studied hard and picked up the language quickly. She was proud that she was able to hold a conversation with little trouble. After they had settled in she met a young man at school; an American man who was studying Spanish. Although Marta had been in the U.S. for almost six months, she was still impressed with American men. The way they carried themselves, their ambition, and how they embraced life. Marta knew what poverty was, coming from a third world country and she could not get over the richness of the United States. It was amazing the things that one could buy here. The freedoms people enjoyed. Marta didn't think that Americans realized how well they had it compared to the rest of the world.

Ken had been attending the university for about two years and his Spanish was fairly fluent. He knew how to converse about most subjects on a fairly deep level, but still found himself grasping for words. It would probably take a while for him to automatically answer someone in Spanish instead of translating things first in his head.

Ken had seen Marta around school for a few weeks. She was impressive; tall, curvy, perfectly proportioned. A knock out. Although she was obviously attractive, she didn't seem to know it. In fact, she seemed oblivious to the lustful stares of the other students on campus. He noticed that when she walked she kept her head down as if avoiding eye contact. Interesting. Although Ken wasn't the greatest looking guy in the world, he could be pretty charming. His previous major was communications and there was no doubt that he was good at conversing. Maybe this was an opportunity to test out his abilities.

Ken walked up purposefully towards Martha and held out his hand. He said to her in Spanish, "Hola, mi llamo Ken, de lejos pense que fuistes Salma Hayek, pero tu eres mas bonita." Marta blushed furiously, turning her face a shade of crimson. She stuttered back in English, "Oh..h...h...hi..." She groaned inwardly, ashamed at her poor social skills. My gosh, she thought to herself, I can't even evoke a simple sentence in English. She cast her eyes down, feeling foolish.

Ken was surprised at how embarrassed Marta got over his introduction. He put his arm down, waiting for her to respond. He had the chance to let his eyes dance over the full mounds of her breasts, her tight stomach, and legs, before she finally looked up. Fuck was she built. He looked quickly into her eyes with sympathy. She looked back at him, not knowing what to say. Ken smiled at her gaining her trust. "Well," he finally said, "do you have a name?" Marta laughed nervously, "Of course.....my name is Marta." After a few minutes of small talk, he asked her if she wanted to have lunch.

Even though Marta did not find Ken the least bit attractive, there was something very becoming about him. He conducted himself like a gentleman, never looking away from her eyes when addressing her. He thought he would at least let his eyes dart down to scan her bosom, but he remained a gentleman throughout their conversation.

"Sure, lunch sounds fun," Marta replied, "what are you in the mood for?" Ken stealthy slid his arm around her slip waist. Marta initially balked and pulled away, but Ken maintained the steady pressure around her waist, drawing her towards him as they walked. He stated easily, "I'm having a Big Mac attack. Why don't we just get something at McDonalds and then....I don't know....go for a walk or something." Marta made a face. "Yuck! You don't actually eat that stuff do you?"

"Sure," he said, feigning offense, "it's good food."

"Of course not all the time," he added quickly, quickly analyzing that Marta wasn't a junk food eater. He subtly tightened his arm around Marta's waist. She found herself troubled not just at the thought of Ken's arm around her in an overprotective way, but at the thought of eating a hamburger. It was gross. Yet, what really was the big deal?

So this guy she barely knew had his arm around her in a possessive manner. Actually it was nice to have somebody interested in her. It's not like he was groping her butt or something. And she didn't have to eat a hamburger. She had seen the commercial announcing that McDonalds was now serving salads. She could eat one of those. She knew how to be flexible and accommodating.

"All right," Marta capitulated, "let's get to McDonalds."

Ken, opened the door of the McDonalds and motioned Marta to go first. She had on a short denim skirt and a tight white top with a parade of red stars running across the front. He looked her over as she walked by him. He could feel his breath catch as he got a good look at her ass as they walked to the counter. By the looks he picked up from some of the other restaurant patrons, he knew they were thinking the same thing. What a fucking dreamboat. She was better looking and smarter than those so called super models that he saw on MTV trying to be something other than a mannequin

Marta skirt was slit up the side almost to the middle of her thighs. As she walked, the scissor like action of her legs, caused the material to move back and forth, giving Ken and everyone else following Martha's movements intermittent glances at the hard, but yielding thighs. The sleek muscles below, undulating sensually with each step. As Marta stepped up to the counter, she unconsciously stepped up on the balls of her feet, to look at the menu above, making her perfectly round, sculpted ass press against the thin denim. Ken almost croaked as Marta's panties showed through in clear outline.

The pimply-faced Asian kid at the counter reacted in a similar way. Before he could say the usual, 'what would you like to order' he was made mute, like Saul on the way to Damascus, by the young woman before him who stretched forward to read the menu. Ignorant to the effect she was having on the people around her. His eyelids popped open like a pair of headlight on high beam. Marta breasts pressed forward forcefully, filling out her top. Accentuating the hard roundness of her breasts. Marta scanned the menu, oblivious to the dirty thoughts being projected in back and in front of her.

"Hummm...well.... I guess I'll have the Cobb salad," Marta said to the awestruck boy across the counter whose mind was going a mile a minute thinking of all the delectable, sexual, things he would like to do to the naive beauty in front of him. Ken cut in, "Come on Marta, you told me we were going to share a hamburger." His manner was easy enough, but Marta could sense he was irritated. His eyes were flat, like flint, Caught off guard, Mara stammered, "Uh.... yes.... right.... I'll have a hamburger too."

She looked down at the counter submissively. The Asian boy and Ken exchanged a glance. Ken winked at him. The Asian boy looked at Marta who was staring down at the counter, humiliated and embarrassed at being reprimanded in front of the pimply faced boy across the counter, his eyes dancing from one prominent breast to the other. His young cock, thickening and lengthening as he enveloped the beautiful woman in front of him, the pressure causing a slight ache of need in the pit of his stomach. He ground his cock into the counter.

A lustful hollowness filled his belly. Ken casually took an old receipt out of his wallet, and wrote something on the back casually handing it to the boy. He looked at what Ken wrote and hurriedly stuffed it into the front pocket of his polyester uniform. Before leaving to their table, Ken looked at the boy's nametag. "Thanks Choi for the service," he said cheerfully as he gripped Marta by her arm and purposefully strode to the back of the restaurant. "See you later."

"What do you mean, 'See you later,'" Marta asked perplexed at the comment.

Mark said easily, "Nothing important. Just eat your hamburger, O.K.?"

Marta could feel herself blazing with embarrassment as Ken strode with her into a booth and softly by insistently pushed her to the inside of it. She felt shamed and humiliated, yet lacked the conviction to say or do something. She felt like a little girl. A little girl who was at the mercy of her daddy and by virtue of his position of authority to completely obey. She hated what she felt. Yet, part of her needed the discipline. To be told what to do, how to act. That's the way she was raised. To obey authority. To obey the strong. To submit to dominion.

A weird thought fleetingly crossed her mind. 'I'm nothing. Just a stupid......cunt' She shook her head aggressively. That was one of the baddest words in the English vocabulary. Why did she say it? Her thought leaving a shiver in it's wake; a foreboding 'Where did that come from?' she asked herself. Subconsciously she squeezed her firm thighs together.

Vaguely aware of a warmness that coursed through her body like a mist you would see in the early morning in the midst of a tropical jungle. She grew aware that a light sheen of perspiration blanketed her soft skin and that she was aroused. She softly bit her bottom lip as her body let loose a flow of adrenaline. What was wrong with her? What she was feeling was crazy! Martha tried to block out her body's response, but could not control the pathology of her body.

She could sense the outer lips of her vagina swelling, beginning to secrete fluids that flowed outwards, and moistening her thin cotton panties. She looked up to see Ken watching her intently. A sardonic smile splayed on his face. She crushed a napkin in her hand as if by crushing it, she could disperse the demon of lust that she could feel within her pulsing in her veins.

What she was feeling was crazy, absolutely crazy. She looked down at the hamburger that Ken had put in front of her. She looked away in revulsion. She hated meat. Always had and always will. She was not going to eat a dead animal; even a cooked one. 'No way,' she said to herself, "no way in the world."

Ken turned toward Marta staring at her. He looked at her intently as different emotions crossed her face; fear, humiliation, shame, anger. He saw her crush the napkin in her small hand. The defiant gesture an exclamation of her inability to stop what was happening to her.

"Look at me Marta." Marta lowered her head. "Look at me. Look at me you stupid cunt." Ken hissed when she disobeyed his order. Marta looked up again; her eyes moist from the tears that were gathering at the corners of her eyes. Why was she letting herself be treated like this? Why? At the same time she grew more aware of her body.

The simmering heat that seemed to pulse within her with every intake of breath. She felt disconnected; as if she was floating above herself, and watching the whole episode in slow motion. She felt a ball of anxiety loll through her gut leaving her faint. Her breasts felt so heavy, so confined, as if they were trapped behind the material of her bra. She squeezed her thighs tightly together. She could feel the nectar of her vagina that was flowing out of her, coating her soft thighs, soaking her panties; the soft petal folds at the hole of her cunt expanding and contracting bringing forth more of her fluid.

Ken lowered his head, his eyes radiating an intensity that would not be denied. "Eat your fucking hamburger! Now!" he hissed when Marta stared back stupidly at him. Robotically she picked up the hamburger; the scent of the meat making her sick. She looked at it with displeasure. She desperately wanted to throw it, anywhere, just so she wouldn't have to smell it any more.

"Good," Ken said a little more gently, "Now put the hamburger in your stupid cunt mouth." His voice rose slightly towards the end of his sentence. As Marta bit down on the burger, she could feel her nipples pop out in arousal. The hard, rubber nubs, poking out of her areoles like overheated pencil erasers.

As Marta started to chew the burger she could feel bile rise up from her stomach. The gastric juices heaving with protest. She felt physically sick. Yet, there was an almost maddening itch emanating from her vagina. The soft curls of her pubic hair prickling with an almost electrical charge as the lips of her vagina parted wetly.

She continued to chew and swallow the hamburger robotically as she looked down at the table; a flood of disgust that washed through her at every piece of the vile meat that she forced down her throat. That not even the Coke she sipped intermittently could entirely cast it away. As she swallowed the sense of being stripped of her mind and will made her shudder as she forcibly ground her thighs together causing her stiff clit to tingle with pleasure.

Ken watched Marta eat the hamburger with distain and disgust. She would occasionally glance at him, but quickly looked back at the table. She couldn't stand what she saw reflected in his eyes. That.... knowing feeling. Knowing he was in complete control of her. It made her want to cry, scream, squeeze her breasts and pull hard at her stiff nipples at the same time.

Ken looked over to the cash register and saw Choi silently smiling. Even at his young inexperienced age he could understand what was going on. His eyes glazed like a pair of fresh baked donuts. As Martha took the last bite of her hamburger, she hurriedly wiped her mouth with a napkin as if the gesture would somehow disinfect the sense of dirtiness that she felt clogging her pores.

She barely finished when Ken bit off, "Get your shit. Come on let's go." Ken spoke to her loudly and a many of the patrons in the restaurant turned around to look at them. Martha felt her face flame red with humiliation. Choi watched silently, his gaze glued to the undulating round ass of Martha as she was hurried out of the restaurant; Ken's talon like grip on her wrist making her wince.

Marta found herself standing silently in Ken's apartment. He told her to just stand there; to shut her mouth and not say a single word. She trembled and shuddered. Her legs were starting to ache. Yet, barely below the surface of her misery she could feel something else. A buzz, a current of soft prickly light that bathed her in its insidious glow. That seemed to be pulsing softly and rhythmically in her vagina and the tips of her breasts. Swelling her areoles peaked with the stiff nubs of her nipples. The feeling combined with her discomfort was maddening.

Ken had insisted, no commanded, would be a better term, for her to come to his apartment. In a soft, apologetic voice of a spanked child she pathetically told him that she couldn't. That she had to get home. That she had to get home so her father wouldn't worry about her. She was a grown woman, an adult, but he refused to listen. He just ignored her as if he was wearing big, invisible earplugs that could shut out anything; even the blast of an atomic bomb.

Ken sat on his sofa, taking in Marta; his eyes slowly caressing every fantastic feature of her. The slim delicate ankles, the firm, shapely calves, her thighs, the treasure that was hidden behind the short denim skirt she was wearing, the impossibly thin waist that flowed upward. He could imagine her naked: her tummy and torso soft to the touch. The delicate ribs. The large full bust that filled out her top. Perfect globes; big and round. His cock twitched as he imagined what they looked like behind the hidden confines of a bra.

Softly he said, "Marta, how do you feel right now? Martha felt like her mouth was stuffed with a rag. She couldn't even respond to his question. "I.... I.... I... ugh, I'm.... I'm.... really uncomfortable and I want to come home."

"You're using the wrong word cunt," Ken said looking at her with disgust. "The correct phrasing is I want to go home." Ken continued, "Now say it again."

Marta began to sob, humiliated for being called stupid." Ken sat forward on the sofa; bending slightly downward he placed his elbows on his knees and put his hands flat together as if he was going to pray. He pursed his lips together, watching her thoughtfully.

Suddenly he said, "Marta, I'd like to see what you look like with all your clothes off. Please take off her skirt, then your top, and then take off your panties and then your bra. Put them in a pile next to you and just stand there."

Marta looked at him in shock and amazement. She heard what he said, but it couldn't have been real. It had to be some kind of weird auditory, hallucination brought about by the stress she was feeling. What she was being made to endure. Marta stood still, stiff and still as a totem pole. Her arms at her sides rigidly. She tried to hold her head up, but felt like her spinal column had the strength of a wet noodle.

She could not muster the strength to force her will against Kens. Marta could feel her eyes filling with tears causing Kens face to appear misty and opaque. She looked away from his eyes that had lost their spark. That were now flat and hard; deal pools of light. Her tear ducts could not handle any more of her tears and they began to cascade down her cheeks in thin rivulets. Ken said a little louder as if talking to someone retarded or hard of hearing, "Take off your clothes in the sequence of steps I told you" to which he added "You stupid, fucking, cunt." Ken's words sent a chill throughout Marta's, echoing through every bone in her body.

Marta tried to muster the energy, the will to just walk out of Ken's apartment. He wasn't holding her captive. Yet, she couldn't move. She felt like a wooden dummy. An empty ventriloquist doll that could only attain animation with the help of someone with a brain. She had been gazing at the ground in submission, but was drawn to look up to look into Ken's eyes that stared back at her. What she saw reflected in them circumvented any of her own needs, even her will.

While she was thinking of the importance of getting out of this situation, she robotically began to take off her clothes, Her little fingers clumsily opening up the buttons of her blouse and then clumsily trying to take it off, the large, fleshy mounds of her breasts, pressing into the bra tightly, as she arched her back to pull off her top.

Marta's face was the color of scarlet. She unhooked her skirt and let it fall to the floor, afraid of doing something wrong, displeasing Ken, and leaving herself open to his anger. She stood their trembling in her bra, panties and sandals. Her eyes wet with tears.

Ken checked her over slowly. Starting at her slim, sexy ankles, to the firm calves, his eyes roving upwards to her soft thighs the thin cotton panties which Ken could see barely contained her neatly trimmed muff. He wasn't sure, but they seemed to be spotted with moisture. The soft stray public hairs poking out of her panties like curly black threads of silk. His eyes continued to roam up her firm torso, to her bra, which barely contained the firm roundness of flesh that seemed to want to escape the tight confines of the cups, holding them captive.

The entire time Marta stood motionless, like a slab of steak on a warm grill. Her feet felt like they were encased in cement. Ken told her, "I want this moment to last as long as possible. Before you go on, why don't you rub yourself? Rub your pussy through your panties. I want to watch you. I want to watch you masturbate." Marta looked back at him in confusion. Ken leaned back against the sofa. He whispered, "Go on. I know you want to touch yourself. Marta looked away from Ken's probing eyes. She stuttered, "I don't wa.... wa.... wa.... want to do this." Ken repeated himself, his voice though soft, reflected complete and total obedience.

Marta stood in the same spot petrified. Fresh tears began to gather in her eyes, as she moved on of her hands over her panties. She paused in tormented conflict and then began to run her middle finger slowly up and down her panties. She discovered that the material of her panties was already moist with her secretions of arousal. As she began to move her finger, insistently back and forth, from her cunt hold to her hardening clitoris, her panties began to feel wetter and her finger was able to sink deeper into the wetness, the tip of her finger disappearing into her cunt crack.

Marta began to slowly moan, from the humiliation of opening herself up like this. Like a whore. As the sensations increased Marta slightly opened her thighs giving herself greater access. She couldn't help herself. Ken watched her from the couch observing closely. His cock hardening in his pants like setting cement. Marta vagina continued to get wetter thoroughly soaking the front of her panties as she continued to rub herself, losing herself in the sensations radiating through her.

Marta fell down slowly to the floor on her knees. No longer aware of her tormentor. Lost in the bliss of lust. Without any direction or prompting from Ken, Marta pulled her panties away from her pussy with her left hand and with her right hand began to rub her clit in large circles with her fingers held close together. Ken could her the wet, sloshing sounds of Marta cunt as she dropped her fingers to the red distended cunt lips and rubbed them feverishly.

She was moaning and whimpering at the blades of pleasure cut through any thought of guilt, shame, or remorse she might feel later. Ken had pulled down his pants and took off his shirt as Marta masturbated in front of him. Her body jerking reflexively to her hand, which was rubbing her clitoris with vigor and every couple of seconds, dipping lower, rubbing and pulling the swollen, nerve filled lips of her cunt lips.

"Marta, come over here." he commanded. Marta tried to climb back to her feet, swaying clumsily. "No, you stupid cunt." Ken said impatiently, "I want you to crawl over her. Crawl over here like the dog you are. You dog slut."

"I'm not a slut. Don't call me names," she replied, whining like a little girl reprimanded by her daddy. Obediently she crawled over to the couch.

"That's good. That's a good little dog slut," said Ken. "Now, take off your panties and your bra, lay your head and arms on the sofa cushion. Then lift that awesome ass of yours in the air. Marta hesitated. The lust induced fog in her mind lifting, her lucidity returning. "What?"

Ken cut her off. "I said, and am saying for the last time, take off your panties, and your bra, lay your head and arms on the sofa."

Marta realized where Ken was taking the situation. He read her for what she was, a spineless, submissive. Marta could feel her cunt lips gently rubbing against each other as she shifted her weight from one knee to the other, the cunt juice oozing out of her soaked hole like warm sap. Meekly she lay her head down on the sofa cushion and put her arms on either side. Her large breasts hanging down and slightly quivering as Marta assumed position. The nipples of her breasts pressed deeply into the material of the sofa.

At that moment, there was a tentative knock on the door. "Come in," Ken yelled. Marta raised her head slightly, dizzy. She looked up through lidded eyes at the Asian boy from McDonalds walked hesitantly in clutching his hands together nervously. Ken motioned him over.

Choi walked over to the sofa and looked down at Marta's lithe form. Her perfectly sculpted round ass elevated higher than the rest of her body. His eyes scanned her smooth back which arched gracefully downward causing her ass to part giving him a birds eye view of the swollen lips of her aroused pussy which gleamed with the cunt juice she was steadily producing. The sweet, tangy nectar lubricating her, making the swollen lips of her pussy pout outwards, petulantly.

The boy's cock stiffened and lengthened as he moved in closer to Marta. The vision in front of him rendering him speechless. This was better than X box and Play Station 2 combined. Only his eyes and shallow breathing betraying the ratcheting up of sexual feeling that coursed thru his veins at the sight of Marta on her knees, obediently waiting for her commands.

Marta internally jumped as she saw Choi walk into the room. She was too terrified to say something out loud. Unsure what Ken what do. What punishment he would subject her to. The boy's eyes reflected what she did not want to see. A wonderment. A knowing that the woman on her knees in front of him was going to do whatever was asked of her.

He shivered at the knowledge; vaguely aware of the kind of power he could weld over this beautiful creature before him.

He choked back a lustful sob.

Choi stood looking at the naked people in the living room. The man who stood in the middle of the room, the cock in his pants protruding forward like a coiled serpent ready to pounce. Choi's eyes looks further downward at the beautiful woman who was on her knees, the room light on her soft skin reflecting the nervous perspiration that lightly coated her skin. The soft breasts that were softly crushed into the rough fabric of the sofa. Choi shivered imagining the woman's sensitive nipples pushing against the material.

He wanted to see them so bad.

Choi walked closer to Marta and tentatively held his hand out. He slowly ran his finger up the curve of her back. The sweat of her fear and humiliation making his finger skim over the surface like a flat piece of stone skipped over a tranquil lake. He could feel his penis lengthening further. His turgid organ uncomfortably pushed into his underpants.

Ken glanced down to Choi's crotch, noticing the obvious bulge straining for release. "Take off your clothes," Ken said. "Make yourself comfortable." Marta began to tremble. She said in a forced whisper, "I'm not comfortable...I really need to..."

Ken walked up to her suddenly pressing his left hand down on the small of her back and with the open palm of his other hand began to strike at Marta buttocks. Hard, repetitive blows, which echoed on her tight ass. "WHACK! "WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

Marta tried to get up, but was held down firmly by Ken's hand that pressed her down firmly in the sofa grinding Marta's soft breasts and nipples into the sofa, causing an unwanted tingling to shoot thru her body.

Ken looked at the Asian boy who stared dumbfounded at the hand that was slapping the firm ass in front of him. Each subsequent "WHACK!" making his cock ache with desire and need.

Marta was crying, begging Ken to stop hitting her, "Oh, god, god, stop it...I'm so...so...so..rry for saying anything...." Ken's hand continued to rain its pain upon Martha's beautifully round ass that was covered with crimson hand prints."

Without being aware of his action, Choi began to take off his clothes. He peeled off his socks and stood there naked. His adolescent body trembling, not sure what he should do. Only knowing that there was a dark force, fueled by the hormones of youth, driving him forward. A force that was much stronger and much more pleasurable than anything he had seen in Star Wars. A force he would not trade anything in the world for.

Ken suddenly stopped spanking Martha. Her face was tear stained and contorted with pain.

Turning his face to the young Asian boy he said in a voice winded from exertion, "Grab her hands and hold them tight." Marta tried to move her arms to her sides, but was too slow. Choi grabbed her arms tightly his fingers encircling Marta's dainty, feminine wrists, his fingers painfully pushing into them, holding them solidly, immobile and moved them over her head Marta winced at the pain.

She became panicky and attempted to twist away from Ken who was still pressing down firmly on Marta's back. She twisted back and forth savagely, but could not twist herself away from her tormentors. The lithe muscles on her back, arms and legs, straining for freedom, but unable to break the bond that held them down. The only thing she did was rub her nipples against the sofa. The sensitive areoles throbbing with sexual, making her moan deep in her throat.

In the split second that Choi grabbed her, Ken stopped spanking Marta and pushed his index and middle finger deep into Marta's vagina, keeping one hand pressed hard on the middle of her back in case she got any ideas of getting up. The two digits entering easily through the wetness that permeated Marta's aroused cunt.

Marta gasped at the intrusion. Shocked and stimulated simultaneously. The fingers entered her deeply, like a diver entering the water on a perfect dive. Ken sank his fingers up to the knuckles and began to methodically move them in and out of Marta's soaked hole. Lubricating his thumb he slowly inserted his thumb into Marta's ass. She began to moan helplessly, the piston like action of her fingers causing her swollen cunt lips to pucker outward. The sensitive petals vibrating with sexual wanting.

Marta closed her eyes in submission, and arched her back further. Her round ass high enough so that Ken's fingers that were entering her wetness; in and out of her at an ever-increasing rate and speed, were just about parallel to the floor. She still felt tense, but no longer because she was being forced into being the sex toy for these animals, but the tension of unfulfilled sexual desire.

She no longer able to fight. No longer able to resist. She let her body carry itself to where it wanted, although her mind ached with the realization that she was not able to control her body. That somehow, it was following it's own needs, it's own accord. Ken continued his ministrations. Marta writhed on the sofa, the two fingers in her tight cunt, the thumb jammed in her ass, and her sensitive nipples being rubbed by the sofa's rough material making her squirm uncontrollably. She mewed and groaned continuously as the build up of tension began it's final decent.

Kin signaled Choi to come over to his side. As the Asian boy moved over, Ken quickly shifted to take his place and quickly grabbed Marta's wrists. He knew that although she was highly aroused, there was still a part of her that would hold out to the end. That would not let itself be reigned in by the sin of lust and desire.

Marta opened her eyes, the mood broken, suddenly aware of the shift. She looked up at alarm at Ken who was holding her wrists tightly, staring at her with grim satisfaction. "Wha, wha, what are you doing?" she asked anxiously. Where was the boy?

Marta suddenly felt something slide over her ass impatiently, a poking sensation. It was the Asian boy! He was trying to put his fingers inside her.

Marta tried to turn her head to look at the boy and what he was doing, but Ken kept her arms pulled tight, making it impossible for her to look behind her. Although she was no longer being stimulated, Marta could feel a restlessness, fluttering under her skin. As if she was at the moment incomplete in some way.

Marta suddenly felt something brush her pussy lips making her heart briefly palpitate. She wished the fingers would stop their clumsy maneuvering and dip themselves into her. Anything to quench the heat that was growing in her wet vagina. This was still wrong. What they were doing to her was wrong, but better than being raped, better than being coerced into sexual intercourse. She had no papers, no medical insurance and other than her father no support. She couldn't take the chance of unprotected sex. Getting pregnant would destroy her and all her dreams.

Marta jumped, and groaned lustfully as she suddenly felt something slip into her vagina, opening her fully, plunging deeply into her depth. In the periphery of her pleasure a thought entered, 'this boy sure has big fingers.". A second later she heard the unmistakable sound of a male voice groaning. It seemed to be coming behind her, where the boy was. Why would he be moaning? She looked up at Ken who was looking at the boy. Ken mouthed at him, "Good boy, enjoy yourself."

Understanding donned on her with the immediacy of a thunderclap. Nervous, but trying to assert herself Marta turned her head and said with as much indignation as she could muster, knowing that the next few seconds could change the course of her life, "Listen," Marta bumbled nervously, "I know you're young, and have been wondering what it would be like to...have sex with a woman....

His eyes glazed, Choi put a hand on each of Marta's butt cheeks and drew himself out, his cock head almost plopping out of the wet folds, the nerve endings on his young cock twitching, sending pleasure signals all through his body.

"But there are re- re- responsibilities that come with a sexual relationship"

Choi pushed himself forward, his cock fully entering Marta's tight slit, ringed with soft, juice matted, pubic hair.

He wasn't listening to her! "You- you- you're not wearing a condom. You know what a condom is ri- ri- right?"

Choi began to enter and exit Marta's vagina at a quicker place.

Marta began to pant from fear. She didn't have much time. She tried to stay rational, but became progressively more panicked as Choi fucking rhythm began to increase. He was probably a virgin and didn't have much staying power. She didn't have much time!

"Ken, you have a condom, Right, please tell him to put one on, please? Please?" She began to cry, "I'm begging you Ken, stop him..... god..I can't move."

Choi held Marta feverishly as his pace became more frantic. The thrusting erratic like a soldier wielding a sword, stabbing his enemy blindly. The ultimate goal to kill, to put to rest the foe.

Ken looked at the tear filled eyes of Marta impassively, beyond caring. The only pleasure in seeing Marta reduced to a blubbering ball of tears.

Choi began to feel an ever increasing pressure in his testicles as he continued fucking Marta earnestly, his hands gripping and clutching at Marta's tight ass digging his fingers into her.

Marta was reduced to incoherence. "I'll give you money. I'll.... I'll let you... do me.... in the ass.... Anything!" Angrily now, "Any fucking thing you want... just don't, do it inside me!

As Marta continued to cajole the Asian boy to do the right thing, the responsible thing, she felt a slight pause in his thrusting. She knew what that meant, the boy was reaching his orgasm! She had to do something!

Marta was crying uncontrollably, her voice almost too difficult to understand as she tried to reason with the boy through her hot tears, "It's not too late to pull out.... cum on my back.... it.... it will still feel good.... I swear...."

Choi slammed himself hard into Martha's drenched cunt hole as the first hot thread of spunk eagerly ejected themselves out of the boys cum filled balls.

Martha began crying uncontrollably and arched her back the other way trying desperately to take back some level of control, but Ken still had his hand on her back preventing the movement needed to disengage the boys cock that was unleashing a torrent of sperm into her pussy. She gagged in fear as she felt the first initial spurt of warm sperm; the warm goo coating her insides.

She could feel the bile rising up into her esophagus, the burning sensation stimulating her gag reflex, almost causing her to vomit. Choi held on tightly as the apex of his cum began to descend. Ken watched Marta crying and tightened his grip further on her fragile wrists and pushed harder on her back, as the tears poured down her pretty, tormented face. A cruel smile cut across his set countenance.

Choi saw stars in front of his eyes as the pent up spunk of youth, shot out of his stiff member, threads and threads of potent, baby making sperm, spewing forth from his twitching cock, which emptied itself repeatedly into the unwelcoming home of Marta's vagina. His hands clenching and unclenching, gripping Marta's ass cheeks in a death grip.

Choi collapsed on Martha's still form, in shock over what had just transpired. Ken let go of Marta's wrists knowing that Marta was too exhausted physically and emotionally to do anything other than lay on the sofa, dazed.

Choi slowly pushed himself up from Marta still form, his flaccid cock hanging limply between his legs. He looked down at Marta, his eyes roving over her still form. He suddenly realized where he was.

Suddenly aware of his nakedness, the boy began to hurriedly dress.

Marta slowly turned herself over and sat on the sofa, too stunned to realize her nakedness. In shock of what had just happened, what she was not able to prevent.

His father's Penthouse magazines were interesting, but nothing like actually seeing and touching a beautiful woman in the flesh. Choi looked down again at Marta, suddenly feeling a tinge of arousal at seeing this beautiful woman naked before him. Her tear streaked face reflecting her utter debasement, which for some reason increased his growing excitement further.

Ken noticed that the boy had paused in mid dress after putting on his shirt. His cock, which moments before was soft, was now engorging. As blood entered the boy's gland, his penis began to harden and take shape.

Marta could see what was happening out of the corner of her eye. She looked down afraid of looking up. Afraid at what would happen. She couldn't go through this humiliation again.

Choi no longer looked so much like a boy who worked at a fast food restaurant. He seemed more.... confident.... sure of himself, like a young adult. He looked down at Marta who was shivering, naked, on the sofa. Her eyes were turned downward.

Choi walked over to her, confident in his ability to control the naked girl in front of him. He wavered for a second before stating, "Get on your knees and suck me.... I'm feeling horny again."

Ken sat down in a chair on the far side of the room to watch the proceedings unfolding against him.

"No, no, no, you can't make me," Marta said, hugging her arms around herself protectively, hiding the ample bosom and the nipples, which were beginning to slowly, swell and throb. She was aroused at what she was being made to endure, but refused to let these Neanderthals take their pleasure at her expense. She interrupted her own thought, and began to tremble knowing she was fooling herself. She did want to be treated like dirt. She was a cunt, wasn't she? That's what Ken called her.

A chill ran through her body.

Marta kept her eyes focused on the ground, afraid of looking into the dark eyes of her tormentor. Afraid of the unspoken command that she would find radiating from there. A command she was powerless to disobey.

"Look at me!" the boy commanded, taking a step closer to her.

With no will of her own Marta slowly tilted her head up. The gaze that held hers could no longer be denied.

Robotically, Marta got off the sofa and knelt in front of the boy. As if in a trance she reached up and grasped the ridged member in front of her.

Ken could see Marta's tits, the eraser sized nipples defiantly poking out of the light brown aerola. He could see as his eyes roved over her, the boys sperm which was leaking slowly down the sides of her firm, warm thighs.

Marta took the boys tool into his mouth and began to suck the slick head. Choi grabbed the sides of her cranium, his hands firmly gripping the thick hair, which cascaded over her soft, shoulders. As he became more aroused he pressed more of his cock flesh deeper into her mouth. Martha accommodated her mouth accordingly, twirling her tongue quickly around the head of the boy's cock that twitched with excitement. As Marta was running her warm tongue around the blood filled helmet, she began to masturbate him with her hands, alternating one, then the other. Slightly twisting her hands to bring the boy more pleasure.

Choi began to breath heavier and it was getting more and more difficult to stand up straight. He sat himself heavily on the couch and through his head back as Marta adjusted herself accordingly, her mouth sucking and licking his hard cock and then darting quickly to his balls, which she sucked slowly into her mouth before repeating the process.

As Marta sensed he was beginning his cum she sped up her mouth and finger action, causing the young boy to thrash uncontrollably on the sofa as his orgasm hit.

Marta cupped the boy's balls gently while fingering his scrotum as he began to ejaculate into her mouth. She sucked gently and methodically. The boy's sperm entering her mouth with an almost inaudible spurting sound, as it convulsed inside Marta's hot mouth. Her cheeks flexing inward as it brought forth more of the warm, salty fluid. Marta relaxed her throat and drew more of the boys cock into her mouth letting it enter her throat. The feeling of being testicle deep in a woman's mouth brought forth another spasm from the boy, leaving a warm trail of spunk dripping down the girls gullet.

After cumming the boy pushed off Marta as if she was a needy, mangy dog, and put on his clothes. He no longer was a boy, the education he experienced this day changing him forever.

Choi checked his Ninja wristwatch to see that he had to get home. Moving quickly he got dressed and left the house, ignoring Marta and giving a cursory nod to Ken on his way out.

After Choi left, Ken, now naked, walked over to Marta and flicked the tears welling in her eyes. "It's O.K., my little cunt, everything is going to be just fine." He turned her over completely on her back as if she was a small puppy, Her long legs folded out wide opening her cunt to him. She looked down to see his hard on as he guided to the opening of her soaked hole.

She said earnestly, "Ken... god! listen...."

He began to work his cock into her sopping wet cunt. Shivering as his maleness slid inside.

Marta knew better than to provoke him to anger. She just had to reason with him that's all.

"I'll be.... y-your.... cunt, but don't ruin my life by getting me pregnant... please. I'm already full of the boy's cum. That's bad enough.... please Ken.... I'll do anything you say."

Ken became to pump himself deeply into Marta; in and out, in and out, in and out. He brought Martha forward so that his angle was pointed towards her cervix. He reached down with both hands and began to lightly pinch and pull her nipples. Marta felt a chill run down her body. Her stomach was churning with anxiety at her arousal and fear, dueling emotions that were boring into each other.

'Damn him' she thought desperately 'Damn him' "Don't take the chance Ken, please... I'm begging you!"

He continued to pump into Marta, his heavy balls swinging in a slight arc at each thrust, making a steady thud, thud, thud, as they softly hit the soft skin of Marta's lower thighs. He began to speed up. Looking down he could see the panic etched on Marta face.

An idea skirted his mind. He sat up removing his hands from her stimulated breasts. "O.K. Marta, I won't cum in you, but on one condition. You have to keep yourself from cumming."

The moments respite took an edge off the anxiety, there was hope. She could reason with him. She could deal with any condition. Just as long as his sperm was kept from going inside of her vagina, she couldn't chance getting pregnant. It would just kill her farther.

"What do you mean, "keep myself from cumming." She asked, some relief showing in her strained voice. She tried to shift her body, Ken's unprotected cock in her making her nervous, but only succeeded in helping him push himself in to his ball sack. She arched her back in fear and frustration knowing that after watching her getting screwed by the Asian boy, he was probably worked up, and not particularly concerned about her needs at the moment. She had to make him happy. She had too!

"Listen carefully. This is a fun little game that I think you might enjoy" he said factiously, he continued as if giving directions to one of Jerry's Kids, "I'm going to just stay in this position. Your job is to rotate that cute ass of yours in a tight circle so that you are actually the one in control of things for a change. You like that idea, don't you?"

Marta could only nod her head dumbly, not knowing how to answer. She could feel her vagina as it enveloped the stiff rod inside of her. The nerve endings buzzing like an electric current making her ache with physical need.

"All you have to do is rotate your ass fifty times. You have to keep yourself from cumming. If you can do that, then I'll pull out and cum on your tummy." He paused for effect, "However, there is one little detail, if while rotating your ass, you cum, the deal is off, understand? And you know what that means."

Marta shuddered. She knew what that meant. She could feel his ball sack, softly pressed into the crack of her ass, below her vagina. She had to trust him. She had to trust that he was going to keep his part of the bargain.

"O.K." Ken said as he pressed himself as fully into Marta as he could, "You can start now. Remember, no cumming"

Fearfully, Marta slowly began to rotate her ass. She could feel Ken's cock as it pressed against every part of her. She didn't realize how much more friction there was doing it this way than just having a penis pumping in and out. This was different, but a.... good different. It felt good. Really good... deliciously good....

She shook her head; this was no time to be thinking how good it felt. This was wrong. What was being done to her was wrong. What was wrong with her? She tried to think of something that would keep her mind occupied away from the stiffness in her that was signaling her to press down harder, to bear down and take away that infernal itch that was growing more and more uncomfortable; the smoldering embers deep within the recesses of her vagina.

"Good job sweetie," she heard Ken say, "Your almost half way there. This might be too easy. I think we're going to have to make things just a little more difficult."

Marta grunted in surprise and arched her back, pushing her firm tits further into Ken's palms that had suddenly grabbed her firm, fleshy mounds; his fingers fastening on the sensitive nubs. He began to pull the already hard nipples up, causing Marta firm tits to pull upward behind them. Marta moaned in desperation. The heat in her vagina and now in her aching nipples was distressing. She couldn't concentrate. Her body rocking back in forth on the sofa in sexual torment as she continued to spin her ass around Ken's hard cock.

Twenty-two, she was almost there. She had to do it, she had too. She bit her lip determined to maintain control.

Marta began to panic. She could feel a buildup inside of her. A build up of sexual tension that was gathering force like the pressure on a damn in a raging storm. The pleasure cascading through her was unbearable. It was growing by the second. Threatening to spill over. She tried not to think of herself, lying on her back, legs spread, ass rotating in ever-quicker circles with her breasts being pulled upwards toward the ceiling. God!

"Your ready to cum, aren't you my little cunt," Ken said softly. Leaning down he ran his tongue on Marta neck leaving a trail of saliva.

'He said I'm a cunt, if I'm a cunt, I can just let myself cum, right.'


"Thirty," Ken said as he snaked his tongue in Marta's ear making her tingle with desire even more. "Doing good, cunt."

The dam was cracking.

Marta desperately tried to slow down the movement of her ass, but it was no use. She didn't have any more energy left. Her needs eclipsed the potential outcome from her lack of will.

The dam was starting to break up.

'I'm a cunt, that's why I'm here. That's why I'm spread out on my back like a little slut."


"Forty" Ken began to pump himself into her deeply.

Marta was barely holding onto her sanity. "You promised you bastard, you promised. We had a deal."

The dam imploded.

Marta thru her head back as her body began to explode in orgasm. "Ugh, Ugh, Ugh," she cried out as she came. The intensity was overwhelming. A super nova of sexual relief that washed over her like a tidal wave.

It was short lived. A split second later, her senses braked hard, pushing back the blessed rush of orgasm back into her still convulsing vagina. She jerked her body on the sofa in frustration while simultaneously moaning in panic as she felt Ken's cock expand and begin to unleash it's stored up cum, that shot forth from his pulsating cylinder like super heated lava into her unprotected vagina.

"Dear god, no!"

Ken laid fully on Marta rutting into her like a crazed animal, as he finished spraying her with his juice, his hands pressing down hard on Marta's firm breasts; his torso keeping her legs open and extended as the last drops of sperm saturated her insides.

When it was over, Ken got up and dressed methodically as if he was just getting up to go to work. Marta lay lifelessly on the sofa, her legs still splayed wide, her bruised tits pointing at the ceiling. Warm sperm dripping slowly from her vagina.

He tossed Martha's clothes to her. "Thanks, now get the fuck out of here."


As Marta laid in bed that night, she began to shake and convulse in guilt and shame. Warm, salty tears, piled up in the corners of her eyes, cascading down to the soft pillow propping her head. She turned to the side, trying to find a comfortable position to fall asleep in. Thoughts kept on entering her head, tormenting her; being on her knees unable to move as the boy filled her hole with himself, her arms held immobile by Ken. Being called a cunt. The feeling of helpless and hopelessness peppered with the buckshots of pleasure.

Little orbs of freedom, sexual joy, unbridled lust, that permeated every inch of her body. Yet, she was unable to truly understand what had transpired earlier. She thought to herself, 'How did all this start? What did it mean? Why couldn't I stop myself from doing what I did?' "Did I really want that to happen?" and the most pressing thing, which caused a column of goose pimples to march up her legs, 'What if I'm pregnant?

She tossed fitfully in her sleep. She dreamed she was sitting in a rocking chair, rocking slowly back and forth, cradling a white blanket. She reached down lovingly and moved the blanket away to see what lay beneath it.

She saw a baby. A little baby with slanted eyes. She reached down and stroked his soft cheek lovingly. He looked up at her and said in a Chinese accent, "Momma you are a cunt."

Startled from the dream she awoke suddenly. She glanced at her alarm clock. Damn! It was almost 8:00 a.m. and she had a study group to go to. Luckily, the university was close by. She should get there by 8:30 if she hurried. Mid terms were coming up and the class that was giving her the most trouble was Psychology 414. There was no way she was going to miss. She had to maintain her grade average.

She got ready and ran down the stairs quickly, bending down to quickly give her dad a peck on the cheek. The oversized sweatshirt she had thrown on, bellowed outward, giving her father a quick view of her big tits, which sat solidly, confined in a lacy white bra. Her father looked away guilty. Trying to cover up his embarrassment at seeing his daughter's breasts and worse his reaction to seeing the firm orbs. He gruffly said, "When are you coming home?" Marta replied back as she let herself out, probably in an hour or so."

The university was in walking distance, but Marta decided to ride her bike. She was supposed to meet her classmates at a park area so they could review the material. Marta, too concerned with getting to the study group on time, did not notice the car that pulled out behind her and was following her closely, but not too closely behind.

Tom, Mark and Sophia were already studying. Martha plopped down beside them on the grass. Mark, a communications major, who Marta had early on in the semester playfully, asked, "Jeez Marta, did you come here from a club?." The rest of the group looked at her curiously.

Martha stammered, "No... nope, I just... had a lot on my mind that's all. It took me a while to get to sleep."

The mid term was on conditioned response, most notably the work of Piaget and Skinner, two social scientists who they had been studying for the last month. Luckily their professor was not covering any material from the first part of the semester. The test was only going to be on the previous weeks' lecture.

The group took turns asking and giving questions and by mid morning they had covered a good portion of the material. Tired, they took a break to have some lunch. Sophia had brought some cold chicken and pizza, which she shared with everyone, so nobody had to leave to buy food. They chatted about classes and some of the goofy homework assignment they had been made to do, when they heard someone approach.

Marta had just taken a bite of pizza when she heard a man's voice. As her back was to the visitor, and she was engrossed in a conversation, she didn't realize who it was until he walked around to face her. Surprised, Marta spit out her pizza. It was Ken!

"Hey honey," he said lovingly, "Give me a hug!" Marta awkwardly got up, her face red. The rest of the group looked at her funny. They were all wondering who this guy was. They weren't a super close group, but everyone knew whom everybody else was involved with and this Ken guy was never mentioned.

Mechanically she put her arms around him as he drew her close. Rather than giving her a quick hug, Ken took his time, fully circling her waist with his hands and drawing her close, pressing her breasts into his chest. At the same time he whispered, "I thought you might enjoy a little more of yesterday."

Trying not to make a scene, Marta playfully tried to push him away. Rather than taking the hint and letting her go, he moved his hands to her behind and quickly, but brazenly squeezed her ass under the short denim skirt she was wearing. Marta was humiliated at what Ken was doing, but powerless to stop him.

Tom and Mark had been friends for a long time and often went to clubs together. Often times they scored as they were both nice looking and charming. Although they knew that Marta was a complete fox, they also knew that she was very Old World in the way that she thought. Much more conservative than most of the girls they picked up on.

When they had first met Marta in class, they immediately hit on her, (on different days of course) but she kindly, but firmly rebuked them. She said she was very much into her studies and not ready for any type of relationship. Since then they had developed a nice plutonic friendship, although by their nature the boys would flirt with her on occasion, re-testing the waters, but their antics elicited no response from Marta.

Seeing Marta laid bare and vulnerable had an intoxicating affect on both Mark and Tom. They silently looked at each other and then back at Marta. Seeing her so flustered was a facet of her that they had never seen before. Mark let his gaze fall on Marta in a more open way. 'Fuck that chick has a pair of tits on her' He thought to himself; not just her tits, but everything else is as tasty.' Glancing over at Tom, he could see that he too was thinking the same types of thoughts.

Sophia was a pretty girl. Her father was from Saudi Arabia and her mother was from Guadalajara, Mexico and she had the best features from both of her parents; dark skin, full lips, and a petite, compact body. Sophia was majoring in literature and needed to pass this class as part of the pre-requisites for entrance into the program. Although Sophia's parents were very proud of her, they were still in denial about what had transpired over the summer, refusing to believe that their daughter was a lesbian.

Sofia dated lots of guys, but never had a boyfriend. She never seemed to ever meet a guy that she really liked. In anything, she always had something negative to say; they were dumb, didn't have manners, drove too fast, something. She always had some type of excuse.

Sophia knew that what she felt about the guys she dated, was the exact opposite of the crushes she developed on some of the girls in school. In P.E. during shower time she would be talking about the dates she had lined up for the weekend, while at the same time she was taking quick glances at the naked girls around her. A smorgasbord of female flesh she could never touch. She was living a lie and became more and more depressed.

Soon after another "boyfriend" she decided she'd had enough of hiding what she really felt from her parents. It was time to do what she should have done years before; sit down and tell them the truth. Sophia had a meeting and announced that she was gay. It didn't go over really well.

Her mother told her that it was "just a phase" and that she would grow out of it. Her father, always a stoic man, said nothing, but the displeasure at her announcement was written all over his face. Since that day it had never been brought up again, although she was very open about her sexuality with everyone, including all the members in her study group.

Sophia had always thought Marta was beautiful physically, and had a kind word for everyone. She had a great body. That was obvious. No matter what she wore, nothing could hide her sexy curves. One day, early in the semester when it was still hot, they had gone together to the beach.

Although Marta was very conservative, her reaction was very nonchalant when Sophia told her that she was lesbian, telling her that people were people, unique individuals, and the best way to get along with others was to accept them the way they were. It made Sophia happy to hear that and was happy that Marta was so open-minded.

They were at the beach the two of them, and Sophia spent the entire time, a good solid afternoon, furtively scanning Martha's body whenever she wasn't looking, or when she was sunning herself. Her eyes wandering lustfully, over Marta's luscious breasts that were barely held in by the swimming suit she was wearing, the sun causing droplets of sweat to form between them. She had to physically pinch herself from reaching over and licking the drops off of Marta's chest. Just thinking about what Marta looked laying there made her clit itch with need. Sophia was brought out of her fantasy by Ken's voice.

"So introduce me to your friends, baby," Ken said, motioning Marta to sit with him on the grass. Marta could barely speak. She felt like her insides were coiled up in a ball, she was so anxious. Marta was completely distraught over the situation, but knew she had to deal with it. 'I have to keep calm and stay in control.' She thought to herself. She sat down heavily, tucking her slim legs under her.

Marta quickly introduced Tom, Mark and Sofia to Ken.

"How long have you guys been together?" Mark asked Ken

"Well, we have been off and on for a couple of months now." Looking over at Marta he rolled his eyes and said with exaggerated reproach, "You didn't tell them about us? How could you?"

Ken leaned over and put his arm around Marta. In front of her classmates he boldly hooked his hand around her breast and gently pinched her nipple, causing Marta to utter a barely suppressed moan deep in her throat. Marta turned deep red, embarrassed and humiliated at what Ken was doing to her in front of her friends.

The guys were gentleman, She was sure they would say something. She shifted her lets to the opposite side. With a growing unease she realized that the tone of the group seemed to have changed. Rather than being indignant, her friends seemed to be... staring at her... looking at her as if she was a stranger... as if seeing her for the first time.

Marta began to breath deeper, aware that she was the focus of the attention and it wasn't the type of attention she wanted. Her mind drifted quickly to what had transpired the day before, being held down, spanked over and over again, the pain of the blows raining on her firm ass, punctuated on a different level by the spikes of pleasure that needled her insides making her vagina moist and aroused.

She forcefully redirected herself to her present circumstance, distressed that her vagina was secreting ever-copious amounts of juice. She shifted again, trying to relieve herself, trying to fit herself back in a place where she was comfortable with herself and control of her emotions.

Sophia, Mark, and Tom looked at her in wonderment. All of them thinking the same thing. They all knew that Marta was not the most assertive person in the world. In fact she was probably the most naive and least worldly of all of them, but what she was letting this guy do to her in front of them was wrong. Yet, they also could see that she didn't' seem to care. She was just sitting there like a statuette, letting the guy treat her like a nobody. The only sign that she was uncomfortable was the shifting around that seemed to be increasing, and the flush that was creeping over her face and neck.

Sophia was aware that she was, for some reason becoming aroused. She wasn't being stimulated physically, but something about seeing Marta being treated in such a way was for some weird reason turning her on. She was uncomfortable for her friend and what she was feeling, but her passiveness touched a nerve in her.

Tom and Mark were experiencing the same feelings. Nothing overt was going on, but in the space between the dialogue, something unsaid was changing the dynamic of the group.

Ken could see that he had set the tone for what he was hoping would transpire. In order to direct the action up where he wanted it to go, he had to bring the rest of the group completely onto his side. Based on what he was seeing, he didn't expect it to be much of a problem.

He glanced over at Sophia who was sitting kitty corner from him. What an attractive girl. Perfect face, perfect figure. Shorter stature than Marta, but with the same nice sized tits. He could see Sophia's nipples pressing against the light blue blouse she was wearing as if they were eyes trying to peek out of her top. Her whole demeanor was languid, and she was looking, no staring would be a better word, dreamily at Marta. Her lidded eyes traveling lazily over Marta's chest and legs.

Ken glanced over to the two young men sitting across from him and could see too, that the events unfolding were having a similar effect on their feelings and emotions. They both were sitting the same way, cross- legged, but moving around like they had ants in their jeans. Ken was sure they both were sporting hard-ons.

Ken asked Sophia, "So, what are you studying?"

Marta looked down at the grass, trying to focus on the green blades, not sure what to do. Wishing Ken would just disappear, wishing that a meteor would hit the earth and kill them all. Anything to relive the tension that was settling in her body; the maddening throbbing of her vagina that seemed to be expanding and contracting every two seconds. She shuddered as she realized that her panties had to be soaked.

Sophia looked away from Marta, "Um.... mainly the test is going to mainly be about conditioning"

"You mean, conditioning behavior."

Sophia nodded in the affirmative "Yes, how stimuli is used to get people to perform certain types of behavior."

This was the in. Ken continued, "Does that also mean sexual behavior?" He stated the question matter-of- factly, wanting to broach the subject in such a way that it seemed a natural extension of the conversation.

Mark and Tom leaned forward, listening to the conversation intently.

Sophia was nonplussed. "Sure, I guess, we didn't discuss it in class," she laughed a bit self consciously, "but sexual behavior could easily fall into the realm of conditioning." She was intrigued at the line of questioning, "Is there something in particular that you are talking about?" She sat back resting her body weight on her hands, cocking her head at Ken waiting for his answer.

Marta knew where Ken was going, but did not know how to redirect the line of questions into a territory that she could control. She felt stuck, as if she was in a pit of cold molasses. She was aware that her breasts felt tight and confined. Her nipples felt like smoldering cylindrical pieces of coal, ready to combust at any moment. A fine sheen of sweat was accumulating on her body, the result of her shame, humiliation and arousal at where the conversation was going.

Mark shifted, kicking his legs forward. He was so hard, his cock pointing into his pants like a Scud missile. He was wondering where this direction was going to lead. He glanced over at Marta who sat, stiff, and uncomfortable. He swallowed hard, his eyes resting on her breasts that even though covered by her sweatshirt, easily showed the largeness, fullness and roundness of her breasts. He knew they must be firm. He swallowed hard again, imagining what her nipples looked like.

Marta looked up at her friends. Tom looked at her strangely, his eyes betraying the sexual feelings that were rising in his aroused loins. Marta knew the look. It was the look of a man with the scent of sex in his nose; the fuel for his libido. She glanced down as if looking at the grass, unable to continue eye contact, the act suddenly seeming too intimate.

She desperately wanted to leave and go home but didn't know how. Another part of her wanted to thrust her hand into her panties, into the soaked hole of her vagina. Just plunge it in repeatedly until she came. She felt pushed and pulled into two different directions. It was infuriating what she was feeling. She was being town in two!

After a slight pause Ken replied, "Well, and I hope Marta doesn't mind me saying so..." Ken paused a second before continuing. Mark, Tom, and Sophia leaned forward, listening intently, as if perched on a ledge. "But... Marta has been conditioned to act out sexually when she is being embarrassed or humiliated."

For a second Marta friends did not register the gravity of what Ken had told them. It was too shocking to believe.

Marta sat on the ground stupidly, now know what to do or say to defend herself. Anything she would say would just come out retarded. She felt like a pretzel, all twisted up inside. The only thing real to her was the rush of heat that was coursing through her, leaving her faint; sexually thirsty. She had to stop this somehow!

Sophia and the guys looked at each other now sure what to do. They could see that Marta was humiliated and shamed beyond recognition. She looked like a little rag doll. She was breathing heavy and looked winded. Was she getting excited? Was what Ken said true? Was it possible?

The entire groups perception of Marta changed in a fraction of a second. Marta was no longer part of the group, but more like an outsider, a strange visitor. Mark looked at Marta almost accusingly, "Do you like to be humiliated Marta?"

Marta tried to look up at him, but it was no use. She felt detached and unsure of herself. Finally she blurted out to nobody in particular, "No, no, I don't.... I just want to go home." Marta forced herself to her knees, plainly understanding now that everyone knew what was going on inside her. She had to get away from them. This situation could become dangerous for her.

Sophia thoughts went back to the time she went to the beach with Marta, remembering the sweat beading on Martha magnificent chest. She couldn't let this opportunity escape her now, "Wait Marta," she said quickly, before the girl could get on her feet. She reflected a split second and then asked the question she had wanted to ask Marta so many times before.

"Before you go, could you just do one thing for me?

Marta looked at her, unsure, but glad that she had friends like Sophia. Friends that loved and cared about her. "What do you want?" Marta thought Sophia was going to ask if she could loan her money for dinner, give her a ride home, something that a friend would do for a friend. The question she got knocked the wind from her lungs, making her almost stumble to the ground.

"Before you go, could you just please... take off your sweatshirt and let me see your breasts?" Sophia looked at her expectantly. Ken, Mark, and Top looked at Marta intently staring at her chest. Already imagining what her breasts would look like. Even in the tight confines of her bra.

Marta could feel her heart begin to hammer rapidly in her chest. "What do you mean, Sofia?" she said with forced lightness. She could feel her legs trembling.

Sofia bit the inside of her lip softly. "Just pull off your top and let me...us.....see your breasts that's all."

Tom and Mark unconsciously held their breath.

Sophia stared hard into Marta's eyes. Martha broke eye contact and looked away, ashamed at her weakness. What she was being made to endure She could feel her tear ducts filling with tears.

Like a marionette, she slowly pulled her top over her head, leaving her with just her bra. Her breasts looked incredible; hard, but soft. Nestled tightly in the confines of the lacy bra. They were big. God they were big. They had to be a least a 36 C, about the same size as her breasts. They strained against the bra as if seeking freedom from the tight enclosure of the support.

Tom and Ken stared hard at the pair of tits before them. Their internal fantasies seeing the light of reality.

Ken stood back, away from the rest of the group. His job relatively finished.

Sophia began to breath heavier; the sight of Marta's breasts...so close to her...visually stimulating her arousal. She unconsciously rubbed her thighs together.

Marta tried to assert herself. Indignant, she said, "Nice friend you turned out to be, are you satisfied?" Marta stood up to leave.

"Stop," Mark interrupted.

Marta looked up at him. She was trembling with fear and excitement.

"Look" he explained, "Ken shouldn't have told us what he did. It was wrong. But...I mean we're friends...right? He took another step forward towards Marta, who cowered back, the veneer of control she was trying to establish shattering.

"I mean.... it's not like we've never seen a girl's breasts before." He looked to his friend for approval, "Right Tom?

"Yeah, yeah, right Mark. You're just so pretty that's all Marta, so pretty... Just show us your breasts O.K.?" His voice was jittery with animal lust, "That's it, O.K.?" He held his hands out trying to communicate what a logical request they were asking.

"I did" Marta said plaintively, feeling her nipples boring into the bra cups.

Staring directly at her chest Mark said, more forcefully, "No, take off your bra...it's not the same.... really show us.... what they look like naked. He tried another tactic, "You should be proud of your body. It's incredible."

Marta stood stiffly, rooted to the ground. She felt disoriented. Her limbs felt wooden and heavy. She tried to argue with him the wrongness of what they were asking, but couldn't find the words to articulate her feelings. Her eyes filled with tears, as she reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra.

Sofia looked at Marta feverishly, not believing what they were getting her to do.

Mark felt guilty, but not guilty enough to stop pressing Marta to give them more and more of her self- respect and dignity.

As she deftly unhooked the metal clasp, her breasts seemed to topple out of the tight confines of the bra cups. Naked they were magnificent. Utterly full, firm and round. No trace of sagging. The light brown areolas peaked and swollen making her nipples pointing outward that much more prominent. Marta self-consciously wrapped her arms around herself, trying to hide her breasts from the eyes of her traitorous friends, humiliated and embarrassed at what she was being pushed to do.

"Put your arms down" Tom said, the request came out more like a command.

Marta flinched and put her hands down. Afraid of getting them angry.

Sofia could feel her clitoris throbbing. The sight of Marta in front of them topless, leaving her almost faint with wanting. She balled up her hand and pressed it into her crotch, hungrily. Pressing her fist into her clit and dragging it over her Venus mound; a heat searing through her.

"I'm going to touch you, o.k. Marta," Sophia said as she stood behind her.

"No Sofia, I mean it.... stay away. It's bad enough what I did, but I'm not going to do any more." Marta backed away fearfully.

"It's O.K.," Sofia said soothingly, "You're my friend, all I want to do is touch your breasts. I promise that we won't ask you to do anymore all right? I give you my word," she said solemnly. As she was speaking she managed to work her way closer to Marta, one step at a time as if she was trying to relax a feral cat she wanted to catch.

They were only an arm length away from each other.

Marta could feel the heat of Sophia's lust. It enveloped her like a cloud. She did nothing as Sophia got closer to her, murmuring softly.

"I've always wanted to do this. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've lain in bed touching myself, wishing this...." Sofia reached Martha, got behind her and quickly moved her hands around her before Marta could react.

Marta groaned in shame and Sophia eagerly palmed and hefted her hard breasts, savoring the feel, the heaviness of her full mounds. She bent her head forward to kill Marta on her soft neck.

Marta feebly tied to protest, as she slowly moved her own hand into her panties, seeking her clit.

The moral part of her will raised its objection, "No Sophia, I don't feel the same way you do. I don'-" She was cut off in mid sentence by Sofia who unexpectedly grasped her nipples with her thumb and index finger and pinched them, making Marta writhe in pain and pleasure.

Marta pulled her hand away from herself and tried to grab at the hands, at the fingers that were rolling, pinching and pulling her nipples making her frantic with fear and lust.

Mark and Tom quickly jumped in to the action. They looked around. Being a Saturday, the university was deserted. There was nobody around. Nobody that could do anything to help her.

Mark grabbed Marta's arms so that she couldn't reach Sofia's probing fingers that were insistently pulling and pushing the stuff nubs, completely elongated with arousal. The areola around them puffed up and super sensitized at the unwanted stimulation.

"Oh god, stop it! Stop it!!" Marta cried, struggling against the tormentors who were leveraging her internal weakness against her. 'This can't be happening again' she thought to herself as the young men half dragged half carried Marta to the wool blanket they had been using to study on.

Sophia was panting heavily, her own breasts feeling heavy and constricted in the confines of her own bra. She bore down hard on Marta's breasts pulling her nipples to gain some leverage on Marta whose struggles were getting difficult to control.

Ken looked on, smiling, eyes bright, at the struggling girl.

Mark and Tom's lust was at a boiling point. Their cocks fully engorged, stiff as rebar, protruding painfully against their pants. They wrestled Marta to the ground. Mark managed to grab Martha's hands bring them up and over her head. "Tom, hold her wrists."

Marta began to struggle in earnest, terrified at what they were going to do with her. She tried to reason, "Let me go, and I won't tell anybody this. I swear, I promise... just let me go! Please let me go!"

Her words fell on deaf ears. Now that Tom had Marta's arms locked over her head, and Sofia's fingers were locked around Martha's stiff nipples, he could go to work on another area.

Marta felt Mark's hands grip the sides of her denim skirt. She twisted her torso as best she could, knowing she had to stop him from getting to her vagina, but she just wasn't strong enough.

Sofia's hands made matters worse. They were dancing all over her hard nipples, leaving her weaker and wetter. But there was still time to stop this madness.

"Mark, No! Leave me alone!"

Mark slowly but insistently pulled the soft denim. "Arch your back, Martha so I can get them off."

"No, I won't you can't make me. I won't!" She jerked again, trapped by her tormentors.

Tom bent down and kissed Marta fully. Marta was not expecting this and opened her mouth in surprise. Tom kissed her deeply, probing her wet mouth with his tongue. Unable to move, Marta kissed him back. Their tongues dancing, twisting around each other like two serpents. Tom began exploring the inside of Marta's lips, doing his utmost to quiet her fear, to relax, and let nature take its course.

As Tom kissed her, Marta slowly arched her back, helpless to stop the conveyer belt of feelings that were whizzing through her body at break net speak. Mark, pulled the skirt effortlessly down Marta's gorgeous legs that were shaking with fear.

She was almost naked now.

Tom continued to explore Marta's mouth deeply, effectively preventing her from yelling. Her protests muted and barely audible over the heavy breathing and excited exhalations of her classmates.

Mark slowly began to pull down Marta's panties that were soaked with her juice. Her vagina came into view, making Marks cock ache with wanting. It was becoming unbearable.

Marta was now completely naked. Her body shimmering with sweat. She was still thrashing, but less then before. It was just a matter of time.

Tom disengaged himself from Marta as Mark signaled him and Sofia to reposition her in a way that all of them could get their pleasure from her.

The three of them frantically began to take off their clothes, anxious to fully feel, fully taste, and fully partake of the sexual feast offered them.

Marta saw an opportunity to get up, but was brought down by Sophia who had completely stripped, who hungrily pressed her naked breasts into Marta's own. Marta moaned anew as Sophia shifted up replacing her warm breasts with her skillful fingers, which began to manipulate the stiff nipples of the prone, helpless girl below her.

Sofia flicked her back and then bent down to kiss Martha, hungrily sucking her lips into her own mouth and then plunging her hot tongue into Martha's own mouth; her moaning wafting over the hard panting around her. Sophia was shorter than Marta so that she was able to not only pinch and pull Marta's over extended and stimulated nipples, but also able to braid her leg along Marta's effectively bringing their vaginas together.

Marta moaned as Sophia ground her matted triangle into her pussy, their juices mingling together. Sophia groaned as her clit ground into Marta's labia, red, puffed up and swollen with sexual arousal. She felt like she was in a trance. Oblivious to anything except assimilating herself sexually, as much as humanly possible, into the struggling/willing girl beneath her.

The men watched lustfully, momentarily waiting while Sophia had her way with Marta. Breaking down the girl with every sexual trick she could think off. Marta could not think straight. Completely overwhelmed by the girl on top of her, who refused to let up the ministrations on her aching breasts. Whose wet tongue speared deeply into her waiting mouth seeking her own tongue.

Marta cried out in pleasure as Sophia rubbed her pussy feverishly against Marta's clit, which buzzed like an angry bee. She was powerless. If this continued it would just lead to more problems. Problems she couldn't let happen again. She couldn't just fall down in defeat every time a sexual situation arose. She had to behave in a manner that was befitting a woman of her upbringing.

Mark and Tom could see that Marta was having second thoughts and quickly came over to the two women withering on the blanket. Sophia touching, squeezing, hefting Marta's breasts, feverishly enjoying every minute of Marta's body, the body that previously had been denied her.

Mark's cock was stiff as was humanly possible. His member protruding outwards like a lead pipe. He had to get his cock into the girl. He had to. He couldn't fucking take it any longer. He tried to move Sophia but she was too engrossed in Marta to take him any heed. Her lust making her oblivious to what was going on around her. Her only focus Marta below her.

Tom didn't know what to do either. He couldn't use Marta's mouth because Sophia was frenching her deeply. He couldn't get to her pussy because Sophia was on top of Marta and grinding her taut belly and pussy into Marta's snatch and firm stomach. Dammit, he couldn't even get to her ass!

Tom's cock was aching, his balls heavy with need. He grew desperate.

Mark was in similar straights, his hard dick swaying from one side to another as he tried to figure out what to do. His hard dick stabbing into the air, seeking a home to plant itself. A sheaf for sexual relief and gratification.

Mark, again tried to move Sophia to the side, his hands gripping her ass, trying to get her to move, so he could get to Marta's drenched cunt. He could see how wet Martha was, her pink pleasure button extended provocatively from its protective hood. So close, so fucking close, yet he couldn't get to it. It might as well be hidden in a Chinese lock box.

Ken continued to watch, waiting to see what would happen as Mark and Tom tried to position themselves to they could get to the trapped girl, who lay disoriented and confused under her oppressor.

Mark couldn't stand it anymore. His eyes focused on Sofia's tight round ass that was grinding into Marta's pussy, making her squirm and moan. Quickly, he got behind Sophia, before she realized what he was up to, and wrapped his arms around her thin waist startling her.

"What are you doing!?" she cried, angry at being interrupted, "Get the hell off of me!"

Before she could react further, Mark grasped his cock and quickly guided it to Sophia's sopping wet cunt. Her labia splayed open like a welcoming door. It slid in effortlessly. Fully submerged in Sophia's wet hole.

She wasn't into guys, he couldn't do this!

Mark was only able to get part of himself into Sofia's hole before she moved off of Marta to gain some leverage. As she shifted, her knees made contact with the blanket effectively lowering her about two inches. Just enough room for Mark to take advantage of the situation. He pushed forward desperately, his hard member fully entering Sophia who had not had a cock in her, ever. It was gross. She couldn't stand it.

"Get out of me!" She screamed. Mark grabbed Sophia by the hair to control her. There was no way the bitch was going to keep him from his pleasure. No fucking way."

Sophia was no match for Mark, a 190-pound man, in peak physical condition. He felt her maidenhead, paused and hammered into her, pulverizing the thin membrane.

"Ugh!" Sophia moaned as Mark's cock began to saw into her wet hole.

Free of Sophia's weight Marta attempted to get up and run. She had taken two steps when she was brought down by Tom, who dragged her by her arm, back to the blanket. Determined to find resolution to his own sexual needs.

Ken looked on lustfully, his hand fisting himself as he watched Tom complete Marta's degradation.

"No, No," Marta cried. She jerked back and forth as Tom tried to accommodate himself. Thinking that he was going to try to get into the missionary position she shifted to her side. She realized the folly of her mistake immediately as Tom drew her into the classic spoon position and began to thrust forward blindly, seeking Marta's pussy, slippery with her secreting fluids and Sophia's cunt juice.

Marta tried to straighten herself, but it was no use. Frustrated, Tom stabbed up again, and was rewarded with Marta's wet cunt, which held part of him in its grasp. He pushed up again making Marta cry out as he lodged himself completely into her, his balls solidly landing against her perfect round ass.

Ken watched as Mark and his friend began to fuck the two young college students. Watching the other cunt getting her due was an added bonus. One he wasn't expecting, but relishing never the less. The strokes on his own cock increased in tandem to the college boys. A groan escaped his lips.

Mark was close. Damn, it felt good fucking this chick. And she was a fucking dyke for god's sake. A fucking clam eater. And he was fucking her. Sophia form laid lifeless on her tummy, shocked at what had happened as Mark's cock continued it's non-consensual assault on her lubed cunt hole. First she was with Martha, enjoying her body, finally fulfilling a life long fantasy and now she was being.... fucked.... by a man; a male. A thought suddenly hit her.

A man.... with sperm.


Martha was powerless to stop what was being done to her. What should she do? If she asked him to pull out, he probably wouldn't. That's what she was learning men did. They did the opposite of what you asked. She would just be quiet and not say anything. He wasn't stupid, he was in college. He would do the right thing. She was sure that when he began to cum, he would be a gentleman and unleash his hot spunk onto her back. He always had seemed to her a practical person, not an impulsive person who makes mistakes and then makes excuses for them.

From Marta's angle she could see the scene in front of her. The bitch Sophia getting what she deserved. Marks torso moved back forth purposely, his cut abs contracting as he pistoned himself into Sofia, his only focus, his only concern to unleash the pressure built up inside him. A wall of sexual feeling that had been building up for the last hour.

"Don't you dare do it inside Mark, I'm gay, and would lose all credibility...if something happened." Desperately she stated, "I can imagine what your feeling, but please don't take the chance.... It's not worth it Mark." Sophia had a strong personality but was reduced to imploring, knowing that in a purely physical vein she didn't have a chance.

Sophia's words disappeared in the air. Thud, thud, thud, thud....

"Did you hear what I said, you FUCKER!" Sophia said, frantically trying to break free, furious at herself for being sucked into this disaster.

Mark wrapped his arms around Sophia's sweet tummy and her his arms tight, as he began to cum. It felt so good it was almost painful. Quick bursts of sperm that shot into Sophia's pussy like a machine gun. He thru his head back like a warrior as his seed sought refuge in Sophia's unprotected womb.

"GODAMMIT Mark, NO!" Sophia cried as Mark came. The pleasure making him jerk up dipping his cock that much deeper into Sophia's tight pussy.

Tom was almost there. He could feel his balls tightening up. Part of him didn't want to cum. He wanted to keep this feeling forever. He felt like the time he had that great steak in Lake Tahoe on his 23rd birthday. A steak so incredibly delicious that he didn't want to swallow it. He just wanted to savor it as long as possible.

However, what he wanted and what his body wanted were two different things. His pragmatic, logical side knew that to avoid problems he probably should pull out and let the torrent of sperm accumulated in his testicle sack shoot out harmlessly on Martha's tight, firm, ass and back. It still would feel pretty good, not exactly the same as just letting his cock stay inside her and spray her, as her pussy milked him dry, but good nevertheless.

He grunted. The volley was coming.

He continued pumping into Marta, helplessly pinned, who was trying desperately not to cry. Praying that Tom would maintain control as he reached his orgasm.

As his thrusting became more intense, another thought entered his mind. 'But then again, Martha had to be on the pill. She had a boyfriend didn't she? The pill and a boyfriend came hand in hand, didn't they?'

It was the last remaining justification he thought before he went over-the-top.

The first ejaculation shot out of his pulsating rod into Marta's steaming pussy. "Fu- Fu- Fuck" he groaned as he discharged into her. Up to this point, Marta had remained quite, desperately hoping that Tom would use some common sense. He had to be aware how conservative she was, her moral standards. He couldn't be that dumb and irresponsible.

She felt the first tell tale jet of sperm as it discharged out of his pulsating prick.

Whimpering she cried, "Tom, I'm not on the pill. What are you doing? You could get me pregnant!"

Tom heard the anguish in Martha's voice but was unable to stop himself. He was in the middle of an orgasm. He couldn't pull out now, he reasoned to himself as his cock continued to convulse. Anyway, one jet of his sperm already went inside her. If she got pregnant, she got pregnant. No sense worrying about now, and ruining his cum.

He held himself deep into her, not moving, his stiff cock contracting repeatedly, recoiling like an AK-47. "G-god, no Tom, no," Marta groaned helplessly, feebly moving her ass to dislodge the cock softening in her vagina, sighing helplessly, knowing that the damage was already done.

Ken's cock began to jerk as he came, the dialogue he heard between Tom and Martha, pushing him into his own orgasm. He fell to his knees gasping as he continued to cum, long ropes of jism shooting into the green grass.

Marta's life after this episode began to unravel. She no longer felt in control of herself. The people around her were not to be trusted, none of them. Yet, there was no escape. There was nowhere she could go. Nowhere to go for help. Every social situation was a potential land mine waiting to be stepped on.

Soon after the incident with her study group Marta had gone to the library to study and a boy approached her. Why? She had no reason. He wouldn't stop bothering her. He kept asking her questions. Stupid questions. Did she like Wham, what was her favorite book by Falkner, her favorite pizza topping, but, no matter what she answered, she couldn't get rid of him.

At the point he started asking questions with his eyes transfixed on her breasts, she was lost to his power. He sensed what she was. He read her like an open menu. She had taken him behind the reference section and sucked his cock until he came inside her mouth the noise from his moaning bringing the librarian who called her a hussy and threatened to call the police if she didn't leave immediately.

The week after that, she was in the grocery store buying some produce; just minding her own business. A man approached her as she was checking out some cucumbers to make a cucumber salad. He casually asked her how she could tell if the cucumber was ripe. She didn't know what to say.

She looked up at him to suggest that he contact the produce manager and she saw that familiar look in his eye; the look of sex. She had faltered and turned away, but the man had gently, but firmly grabbed her elbow. As it turned out, he had a vegetable kink. She had spent the next hour in his Camry as he masturbated her with different sized cucumbers until she came. Her juice sluicing over his hand as she feverishly let the man pound the vegetable into her sopping vagina.

Desperate, with nowhere to turn, she went to a meeting of Sex Addicts Anonymous. To not attract attention she wore the most drab, boring, baggy clothing she could find. What she didn't realize was that the scent she gave off, the vibe people picked up on, had nothing to do with how she dressed, it was deeper than that. It was what she was.

She had enjoyed the meeting. Knowing there were others there who shared similar problems helped her believe she could change. Finally she had a place of refuge, a place to regroup and get her life in order. She had met a very nice man, an older gentleman who had admitted to being addicted to downloading pornography. The problem had gotten so bad that he had spent his life savings joining hundreds and hundreds of porn sites. He was almost crying. Trying to be motherly she gently touched his arm to reassure him that he wasn't alone. Marta had felt sorry for him. He was grateful for her kindness and shyly asked if he could by her a cup of coffee after the meeting. She readily agreed. There was no harm in that. They both had a problem. She could use a new friend. A friend she could trust. A solid relationship where they could support each other.

They were having a nice conversation when he mentioned his ex wife. Apparently she had gotten most of their savings and half his pension leaving him both broke and bitter. "I'm glad I'm rid of that cunt," he had stated, crushing his fingers into his palms in anger at the memory.

At the sound of the word, Marta felt a flood of arousal roll through her that made her dizzy. She had unconsciously licked her lips, which had suddenly become bone dry. She wanted to hear more. It was like crack. The more she heard, the more she wanted. The man had noticed her reaction. Even with all the heavy, baggy clothes, he could see her nipples, which had suddenly popped outwards like overheated popcorn.

From that point Marta was under his complete control. He had asked her if she enjoyed dirty words. She wanted to say no, but couldn't. He asked her if she wanted to rub her cunt. Her clit started buzzing in its hood. She couldn't swallow. She reached down between her legs and started to rub her pussy. She felt lost and disoriented. She wanted to leave but couldn't.

Luckily, she was able to end the torment and got away with just giving the man a hand job in the men's bathroom. Something he had cajoled her to do. She heard some catcalls from a group of drunken men who were drinking coffee, as she left the restroom. She had hurried out of the parking lot, knowing that if any of the men were to follow her out and try to talk to her, she would wind up getting herself in further trouble.

Things were just getting worse and worse. Marta felt lost. What was she going to do? Who was left to turn to?


Marta woke up the next Saturday knowing she couldn't go on like this. Every night she had masturbating. Bringing herself off. Her diddling fingers pinching her hard nipples and filling her wet hole. Her thoughts filled with dirty words, Ken, the Asian boy fucking her eagerly with no thought of her pleasure, Tom cumming in her without protection, Sophia grinding her pussy into her clit, and how she has jerked around on the blanket like an epileptic having a seizure. She couldn't trust any man. They wanted the same thing, just the opportunity to fill her with their warm sperm. Her mind wandered again.... to Sophia's diddling fingers and the surge of pleasure that cascaded through her at her touch. The orgasm that ripped through her like a flash fire.

The boy in the library, his adolescents cock exploding into her wet mouth. Just thinking about it caused her vagina to start secreting fluids and caused the bottom to drop out of her stomach. She wasn't sleeping well. At times she would even wake up in the middle of the night and find herself desperately rubbing her clit. A sexual prisoner of herself. Chained to her lust and the need to be used and humiliated. She knew that she needed help. That she needed to talk to somebody about what was going on inside of her. But who? Who could she confide in? Who could she trust? It couldn't be anyone from school.

She knew what they were capable of. What she shared would be used against her. It always was. It had to be someone that had her best interests in mind, who loved her and cared about her no matter what happened. She suddenly realized she was looking for help in all the wrong places. Help was just a few steps away in the bedroom across the hall. Marta would talk to her father. He would know what to do.

In the morning, Marta got up and turned the water on in the shower. After the water reached a temperature she was comfortable with, she got into the stall and let the warm water cascade over her. She grabbed a bar of soup and began to thoroughly wash herself. Vigorously, rubbing the soap over her body as if trying to not only clean her skin, but to clean the dirt of lust that she had let creep into her. She felt uptight and restless. She tried to keep her mind clear, to enjoy the warm warmer that cascaded over her body, but it seemed that her wandered off on it's own into territory. A territory where she was a willing victim, a .... fuck toy for the rest of the world.

She shook her head quickly back and forth and clenched the bar of soup tighter in her hand. She could feel the lips of her vagina beginning to moisten and smolder with anticipation and push outwards framing her cunt hole and causing the hood of her clit to creep up exposing the stuff pink button. Anxiously, her heart fluttering with nervousness and a quiet desperation, Marta furtively looked around the stall and found a bottle of shampoo.

She slowly reached down her arm, trembling with anguish and need, and grabbed the bottle. Moaning she spread her lean legs apart and leaned into the wall with one hand while the other began to work the slick bottle into the hot hole of her vagina, her firm thighs tensing as she worked the slick plastic bottle inside of her. She began to move the bottle quickly in and out of herself with no sense of foreplay just the need to be filled.... to be filled with something...anything to relieve the tightness in her body.

She began to feel an orgasm building and as it hit she pushed her hard tits into the wall forcibly, the wet, cold tile sending a jolt through her as they made contact with her excited, extended nipples. As the pleasure peaked, ebbed and flowed out of her she found herself on the floor of the shower stall sobbing, her wet hair hanging in her face, the water hitting her back, raining on her, mingling with the tears coursing down her face.

"Dad, can I talk to you please?" Marta said nervously. After her shower Marta knew that she had to talk to her father as soon as possible. It just couldn't wait any longer. Preoccupied with her degenerating will, petrified with shame, she quickly dried herself off and threw on a short, thick terry cloth robe, not bothering to dry her hair or put on undergarments.

She walked down the stairs heavily. Marta's father was sitting on the sofa in the living room reading the morning paper.. He put down the paper and looked at his young daughter with concern. She looked like she just had gotten out of the shower. Her hair was wet. He couldn't help thinking how stunning she looked. The white robe against her light olive skin.

It was short and he could see most of her legs up to about six or seven inches of her firm thighs. His eyes darted quickly at her firm legs that peaked invitingly from the short robe, then to her eyes. Marta didn't seem to notice the barely concealed lust in them.

Marta's father was concerned. Marta looked so distraught. His heart reached out to his daughter thru the veil of lust that was beginning to swirl through his mind. He thought to himself that she must have been going through something really distressing for her to get like this.

"Sweetheart, please sit down. What's wrong? I have noticed that you haven't been yourself lately, but didn't want to pressure you."

Marta looked away, not knowing how to start. God this was so hard! While waiting for his daughter to gather her thoughts he let his gaze wander over her supple body. Marta had sat down in a lotus position, which caused her robe to ride up higher on her legs exposing more of her thighs that still glistened with moisture from her recent shower.

From his angle he could see just a hint of pubic hair. My God she wasn't wearing panties! He swallowed hard. Even through the thick material of the robe, he could see the slope of her heavy breasts. The firm round contours filling out her robe like two large hills. God, was she stacked. He could feel his loins stirring. His maleness hardening. He forcefully made himself look at her eyes again. Irritated at himself for his lack of control. This was no time to be fantasizing. Especially about his child. His only child. Marta, his daughter, needed his help.

"Dad this is really hard for me to say," She said distraughtly. She looked down at the ground. It looked like she was ready to start crying. "Sweetheart, just say what's on your mind. You know I've always been here for you before," he said soothingly. Marta looked up at her father, her eyes brimming with tears. He wanted to hug her, but felt it was best until she said what she needed to say.

Haltingly she said, "Dad.... I don't know what's wrong with me. Over the last few weeks, I seem to have lost control of myself...of my feelings.... I just don't.... don't...." Marta began crying. The heavy sobs racking her body. Marta reached over and hugged her father. Her salty tears wetting his cheek.

He could feel her large breasts pressed against his chest and shoulder and could feel a glob of desire beginning to form in his throat. He gently took her by her arms and sat her up straight. Not wanting to feel her body so close to his. He could feel his cock straining against his jeans and didn't want her to notice his reaction.

What was wrong with him? He felt nervous seeing his daughter in such a vulnerable emotional state. Nervous and for some reason, aroused. She looked.... she looked so fucking helpless.

With a voice just slightly strained and impatient he said, "Marta, just say it. Holding it in isn't good for you." Marta took some deep breaths to regain her composure but still spoke haltingly. "Your...your right papa.... the problem.. the problem I'm having is that I get.... ex-excited.... when someone talks.... talks dirty to me, or.... or.... commands me to do something. I don't... don't want to.... but, but it seems like I can't.... control myself. I hate it. But... but I enjoy it at the same time..."

Marta's dad was stunned. As if he was just smashed in the head with a baseball bat. He couldn't believe what he just heard. Unable to truly grasp what she just said. He thought she was going to talk to him about a bad grade or where she was going to get money for tuition for the Fall semester. Not that she got turned on by dirty words and being controlled and humiliated. His daughter's words left him appalled yet strangely the thought of his daughter being controlled and victimized and not able to maintain personal control, not able to set limits with others, made him feel giddy. His gut rolled crazily like the feeling one gets on the downturn of a roller coaster.

With a rush another thought entered his mind. It kind of felt like what his daughter just told him was like finding a wallet full of credit cards with a little note that said, "All Yours" or being given a key to a vault that was full of money. Money to use and spend, as he wanted. All he had to do was open the vault and the money was his. The excitement he was feeling, but trying not to show, was almost unbearable. He could feel his cock strain against his pants. Hot, hard and restless. Pulsating and alive. He was as hard as forged iron. He felt light headed and giddy, like being on a raft that would soon would be hitting some rapids.

Part of him thought it would be best to steer it to shore and rest a bit, think things thru, but the other part, the part, that seemed to be growing stronger as his logical reasoning decreased fogged in by the total sexual excitement, thought it best to get back into the rapids and paddle as fast as possible. As the conversation continued, his thoughts clamored for him to take the rapids at full speed. His daughter was hot. Unbelievably built. She had no business being so hot. So fucking, physically perfect. A Goddess. They were together. Just the two of them. Wasn't that a sign? Wasn't that a sign that he was supposed to just steer right into the rapids and let it take him wherever it led, even though it could and probably would lead to utter ruin? Possibly destroy him? Them both?

Did he really want this situation to get out of hand? His daughter just disclosed something very personal and that was obviously extremely hard for her to say. She was sobbing. Her body racked with the despair and anguish that was manifesting itself through her hot tears. As a father he was supposed to be supportive. He was supposed to be trusted. He was the father. His eyes darted back to her breasts. He gulped hard before saying, "Mija, I'm not sure I understand completely what you mean. Can you elaborate a little bit? I-I want to understand what your are going through, what you are feeling."

Marta looked up at her father. His face was flushed, but she was so troubled that she didn't see it. "Dad, you know.... bad words.... dirty words.... the kind you taught me never to say." She clenched her little hands tightly in her lap.

He could feel the noise of the upcoming rapids roaring in his ears. He dropped his head and said quietly. "You mean like the word.... cunt?"

At the sound of the word, Marta felt like she had been punched in the stomach and doused with a barrel of cold water at the same time. She took two big gulps of air. She could feel a sliver of foreboding. A hot chill ripped thru her and her nipples began to stiffen. Hesitantly she said, "Papa, you don't have to use that word. I can explain what I'm going through without having to use, without having to use dirty words."

"I want to understand what your feelings, that's all." her father replied noting her reaction. He shifted himself. His cock protruding into his pants like a red- hot poker. He could see Marta was nervous and trembling. He leaned back slowly into the couch, crossed his hands behind his head and gazed at his daughter openly. His body buzzing with excitement. The current of overheated lust running under his skin making the hair on his body stand on end.

She looked at her father and turned quickly away. She had seen men look at her like that before. She recognized the look. It was the look of pure, unadulterated desire. She had seen this reflected in the eyes of just about every man she had met since she had come to this country. She hated that look and usually could avoid it, and the aftermath of problems, by not maintaining eye contact. She was safe as long as she kept her eyes averted. But she lived here for god's sake! They shared the same house together! She expected this type of reaction from men because they were like dogs. Constantly in heat. Constantly on the lookout for a place to put their cocks. But this was her father. She would never expect him to look at her like that. Not her father. Not him.

Marta could feel bile forming in her stomach making her nauseas. He continued, unable to stop himself his words seeming to come from somewhere else. "You mean when I say cunt and other words like cock, cum, balls, pussy, and fucking you get excited? Tell me honey. Tell me. "He looked at her knowingly. His thick cock protruding upwards. Making the denim covering his crotch bulge out obscenely.

She looked down and saw his manhood and made herself look away. Her breath caught in her throat. He could see that she was fighting not to get aroused. He could see a slight flush work it's way down her chest. Each word her father said made Marta shudder. He was taking advantage of her. He knew how to work her now. How to get to her. She trusted him. He was her father. And now he was doing it too. Damn him! Just like Ken. Just like that Asian kid. Like all the men she had ever known since setting foot in this damn country. She couldn't trust anyone.

At first she was shocked, extremely hurt and then angry, but now....all she felt was that maddening fear coupled with the hot torch of desire coursing thru her. She started to feel warm all over. Pin prices of heat dancing through her body. Making her breasts tingle and her nipples ache.. She had to stay in control. She had to.

"Dad.... I'm sorry.... sorry for bothering you, I can deal with this," Marta said stammering. She got up unsteady, unsure of herself.

As she started to slowly turn away, her father said, "Marta, would you like to see my cock?" She stopped. She tried to continue walking, but she couldn't. She felt like her feet had grown roots to keep her from leaving. She turned around to look at him. Tears welled up in her eyes. She couldn't go through this again. She couldn't.

"Please papa, don't. Don't do this to me. I'm your daughter."

Marta's father stared into her eyes. She couldn't maintain eye contact. She looked down scared and afraid. Scared at what could happen. Scared at what she was feeling. She could feel her pussy watering and her breasts felt hard and confined although she was only wearing a robe. She could feel her juice bubbling, outward, coating her labia. She felt warm. He began to slowly unbuckle his belt as she watched his daughter tremble in front of him. She stood there watching him. Unable to move.

"Come here Marta," he said in a hard, thick voice. "Take off my pants for me." She took a faltering step towards him while her mind screamed at her to turn around and go back upstairs to the safety of her room. "You want to see my cock, don't you?"

Marta took another step towards him "Papa, this is so wrong," she said plaintively.

"Tug off my pants Marta. I want to show you how hard I am," he said with authority, while kicking off his black snakeskin boots.

Marta hesitated.

"Now Marta. Now!" his voice rising.

Unable to suppress her need and her father's commanding voice, she knelt before her father and began to slowly pull down his pants. Her hands trembling as she tugged down on the material. Working them down his strong legs. He reached out and began to caress her face with his hands. He gently flicked away the tears that were welling up in her eyes. "I don't want to do this papa...." Marta said her voice warbled. He slowly lifted his ass so she could work his pants down his legs.

Marta looked at her father's cock. It stood up hard and proud. The bulbous head bobbing like a snake. She realized that she was looking at. The cock that had helped create her. That fertilized the egg that eventually became her. It throbbed. Throbbed with desire and the thumping of her own rapid heartbeat that pounded in her chest like a giant bass drum. "Do you like what you see my little slut?"

"Don't call me names Papa, please...." Marta said plaintively.

"Do you want to suck it? Do you want to suck my cock, you little cunt?" her father said with a growing edge and growing impatience.

"I don't want to... No, I don't want to do this." Marta said savagely striving to maintain a shred of dignity. She put her hands on either side of the sofa and tried to pull herself up. Fighting to maintain control and her self-respect. Her father grasped her head firmly and pulled it slowly and insistently towards his towering member.

Purposely digging his fingers into Marta's scalp to let her know she wasn't going anywhere. Wasn't moving anywhere. That she was his plaything. His toy. His personal slut. His daughter told him what got her off, what made her excited, and there was no way, no fucking way in the world that he was going to stop now. His lust and need eclipsed his common sense. The sin of incest. His perspective of right and wrong.

He was deep into the rapids and couldn't turn back. Not now. Marta mewed with fear as her father brought her head closer to his cock. It loomed closer. He was big. Marta didn't have a lot of experience, but she knew that compared to other penises she had seen and endured over the last few weeks, her father was hung. She tried not to stare at the hard cylinder as her father moved it closer and closer to her mouth. Unconsciously Marta's nipples popped up with arousal. The hard tips aching with raw passion.

"Open your mouth my little slut."

Marta kept her lips closed and shook her head vigorously. He kept one of his big hands cradled behind her head forcing it forward and used the other to rub his swollen cock head back and forth on Marta's full lips, undeniably. With no will of her own, she slowly opened her lips and began to take her fathers hard cock into her mouth. She was surprised how warm the taut skin was. She began to moan. The smoldering embers of repressed desire coursing through her like hot lava.

"That's it you little cunt," her father said hungrily. "Suck it. Suck it hard."

Marta used her arms on either side of her father to piston her head back and forth in a rhythmic manner. Unable to control herself. Her mind confused. Her emotions torn and conflicted. She kept her full lips tight against the taut skin of her father's manhood that slid in and out of her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head as she lifted up causing her father to groan loudly. He kept his hand on Marta's head but once he saw that she was sucking his cock on her own, he dropped both his hands to her neck and slowly pushed her robe away from her soft shoulders.

He just had to see her tits. He just had to. As Marta continued to suck him, her father pushed more and more of the robe down her shoulders until finally her tits came into view. Shit they were big. And firm. He could tell just by looking at them, but that wasn't enough. Not now at this stage of the game. He wanted to feel them, heft them, pinch and pull his daughters nipples until she cried out in pain and pleasure. The sight of his daughter's breasts as the robe flowed off of her soft shoulders almost made him ejaculate.

He could feel his seed percolating in his balls. Bubbling like boiling water. He needed to slow her down. He didn't want to cum yet. He moved his hands back to her head and physically slowed Marta down. He could her hearing moaning. The sound muffled by the cock in her outstretched mouth. Was it a moan of sexual frustration? Was his slut of a daughter getting frustrated?

He reached down to Marta's breasts and grasped a nipple with each hand. She moaned loudly as he pinched them and slowly pulled them away from her chest by the stiff nipples causing the swollen areola to cone outwards. Marta felt a heat sear thru her like a flash fire. Her stomach did flip flops like a drunken sailor on a row boat, as her father pulled the hard nubs, held them each for a couple of seconds and then rolled them roughly between his fingers, making sparks of pain intermingled with pleasure ricochet through her body. Making Marta mew like an animal.

She began to bob her head in earnest, her hair flying, on each up stroke sucking the red helmet hard deep into her mouth while simultaneously running her tongue under the hood of the hard cock that was battering her mouth. She could feel the hard head as it bludgeoned the roof of her mouth like a battering ram. Marta's father began to feel his jism reaching a boiling point. He began to knead Marta's breasts roughly and then gently causing Marta to mew and moan uncontrollably. Her vagina was contracting. Seeking release. She couldn't stand it. She couldn't stand what she was feeling. Her clitoris was fully extended out of its little protective hood. She could feel it almost twitching with lustful madness She had to end this. She had to get him off.

She reached down with one of her small hands and gently squeezed her fathers hard sack, simultaneously twitched her tongue under the hard helmet of his cock, vibrating her tongue quickly while sucking softly at the blood engorged, purple helmet. He ejaculated immediately. "Shi.... shi... shit!!" he cried out. He arched his back, his hands digging into Marta thick hair. He threw his head back as he came.

The hard jets of cum shooting into Marta's mouth which continued to bob up and down milking all the sperm from her father's hard prick, the salty residue sliding down her throat. Her jaw moved quickly to swallow as he filled her mouth with his cum. She repeatedly swallowed her father's sperm as the contractions of his orgasm continued, the warm liquid flooding her mouth.

Marta's father sat back hard groaning loudly, his softening member plopping out of his daughter's hot mouth.

Marta was still aroused, but she couldn't let him see that she was. She got up from her knees quickly, beginning to feel the guilt building up. The ball of anxiety that rolled around in her gut like a merry-go- round. She pulled the robe back up around her shoulders covering herself.

Ashamed and humiliated at what had just transpired. Her father looked spent, but she could see that his penis was still in a semi-hard state. Somewhat stooped, but still engorged. Why couldn't she just say no? Why couldn't she control herself? Disgusted with herself she began to walk towards the staircase. "Marta!"

She continued to walk.

"Marta, dammit I'm talking to you!"

She continued to walk. Proud of herself for showing restraint for displaying will power. She was almost at the staircase. 'I'll show him," she thought. 'I'll show him and everyone else that I have a mind of my own.

"Marta, come here now because I want to fuck your cunt!"

At his words she froze. Fuck your cunt. That's what she heard. My father wants to fuck me. Marta could feel herself slipping. As if she was falling headfirst down an elevator shaft. A panic enveloped her. Without realizing it she had turned around and looked at her father who was holding his hardening cock in his hand.

"Sweetheart, I couldn't cum and not get you off. That wouldn't be right would it? You do want me to fill you up right? To fuck you?" Her father's words had the desired effect.

She began to meow and whimper. "Papa please.... plea...please don't do this...."

He cut her off. "You don't have anything under that robe right? Just your tight cunt, right and those big tits of yours right?" Marta's father knew he had her. Her respiration was speeding up. He could see her chest heaving. Her breathing quick and shallow. Her eyes reflected her fear and a sick excitement. She had to still be worked up from sucking him off. The quick intake and exhaling of her breath gave the impression that she was winded. He sat back against the sofa watching his daughter's tits heaving with every shallow breath she took.

Even after shooting his load into his daughter's hot mouth, he still felt the urge. The urge to again feel the fulfillment, the crescendo of orgasm. The relief of a completely empty ball sack of cum.

"Honey are you on the pill, using a diaphragm, using spermicidal jelly, anything like that?" he asked easily. Tilting his head slightly. His cock hardened in his hand as he fondled himself. Of course she wasn't. She wasn't even sexually active until just a few weeks ago. Why would she be asking her that? She suddenly felt afraid. Something was not right. Something definitely was not right. She took a subconscious step back.

She felt a cold panic encircle her stomach and felt like a clamp was slowly being tightened around her heart. She could feel the anxiety rolling along faster, spiraling into her gut leaving her faint. Her father could read her fear. He knew what she was thinking. He could sense her confusion. And it made him excited. It made him so incredibly excited that his balls began to ache again from the sexual tension. With glee he thought to himself that he had all afternoon to have some fun. This was worth it. This was worth every second of whatever consequences would be in store for him later on down the line.

"Well, are you?" he pressed as he slipped further up the sofa, his ass on the edge. His hard cock bobbing up and down like a cobra. The air in the room seemed moist and thick like a Louisiana swamp. The strain, the tension in the room, was insupportable. "No," she blurted, crossing her arms defiantly across her chest "I want you to mount me" her father said in a commanding tone. "I want you to sit on my lap with your legs spread as much as possible, face me, and stick my cock inside you. Inside your hole" Her father's words make Marta feel like she had just had the air sucked out of her lungs by some invisible tube. She felt dizzy and disoriented.

"I can't," Marta said nervously, crossing her arms tighter across her chest. "I won't." She tried not to glance at her father's cock, which had reached maximum hardness, straining into the air. You're not using anything. And, and, and anyway that's not the point... it's wrong! It's wrong to want to have sex with me. Not that I'd let you!" She said quickly, taking another small step back. "I'm your flesh and blood. Your own daughter. That's incest. It's illegal and a sin!"

As if talking to a small child he said, "Sweetheart, I'm not going to cum inside you, if that's what your worried about. I wouldn't want to get you pregnant."

Marta was afraid but strangely aroused by her father's statement. Emotions so interlocked they could not be seen as a separate entity. He looked at her. He had planted the seed in her mind. She shifted from one foot to another. Not knowing what to do.

"You want me to fuck you don't you?"

Marta looked down at the ground, which seemed to be miles away.

"You want me inside you right? Inside of your pussy, right mija?" Those words again. Those dirty words. Damn him. She felt torn. It's wrong what he wanted. Blowing him was bad enough, but having sex? Having him.... inside her.... fucking her.

She was aware that she was wet. Not wet soaked. Her pussy felt like a warm, piece of melon; it's nectar leaking the confines of its core. She couldn't be seriously considering it. She shook her head vigorously. She had to get out of the house, but there was nowhere else to go. This was her last refuge. This was her father, and he was enslaving her. She took another step back, like an animal trying to flee from a hunter. Her father watched her wallowing in sexual torment. Torn.

Unable to quite pull herself from the quagmire she was in. She probably needed some help in making a decision. "Look at my cock Marta and picture it pounding into you. Can you imagine it, moving in and out of you?" Marta tried to look away but couldn't help but stare at it.

"You're going to be on top Marta so if you're worried about me.... soaking your womb, you can pull off. You're the one that's going to be in control not me. Isn't that what you want to regain control?" Each slick sentence brought her one step closer to being pulled into a territory that she wouldn't, couldn't let happen.

"How about this sweetheart? You put it inside yourself and if you feel uncomfortable we'll stop? How about that?" her father said slyly. He held his cock out to her, holding the swollen base with his index finger and thumb. He bobbed his cock the purple head quivering.

Marta could feel her heart hammering in her chest. The coil of uncertainty that pushed and pulled her. She could feel her will faltering. Her father reached up slowly and signaled her to walk towards him. As if being guided by a puppeteer Marta robotically took two steps towards her father. He gently took her arm bringing her closer to him. Marta looked down at him fearfully. She took a quick intake of breath to clear the dizziness in her mind. God, his cock was so hard, so....so...fucking hard.

"Go ahead sweetheart. Straddle me. Spread your legs and I'll stick my cock inside your cunt. You'd like that wouldn't you honey. It's going to feel good, to be filled up. Just imagine it as it enters you, o.k.?" he said smoothly as held his cock at the base with his hand, the blood engorged helmet sticking straight up into the air like a Patriot missile.

Marta feebly protested the wrongness of their coupling while at the same time she spread her firm legs wide putting her knees on either side of her fathers lap, letting them sink into the softness of the couch. Her position bringing her vagina just inches from her father's manhood that stood up proudly, pulsing with sexual energy. She put her small hands on his shoulders tentatively. Her large breasts just a few short inches from his mouth under her robe. His hard member slapped against her warm thighs as she accommodated herself.

"Papa," she said, her voice trembling, "I'm scared. You're no-not using a condom. I think you should put one on."

Her father looked at her and said smoothly "It's O.K. honey. I already came once, and I probably won't be able to cum again for a while. I'm doing this for you baby. I want you to feel good too. O.K.?"

Aroused, but apprehensive, Marta sat down passively, not sure what to do. Her father knew that at least for the time being a little prompting might be necessary. "I promised you sweetheart that you would be the one in control, so you go ahead and put my hard cock into your wet cunt, O.K." Marta hesitated. Her mind doing flip- flops. "Come on," he pressed, "do it. Stick it inside your cunt. C'mon, stick in."

Moaning in agony at what her father was doing to her and her own lack of will, Marta grasped her fathers cock with her hand and began to guide it towards and then slowly work it inside of her wet hole. As the firm hardness entered deliciously she gasped, "If.... if.... I'm.... I'm not comfortable I can.... can.... leave right? I can go up to my room O.K.?" she stammered as she felt the hardness entering the deeper recesses of her cunt.

The wet slickness pushed and spread by the pulsing invader. Marta looked down and watched the last inch of her father cock enter her. His pubic bone grinding into her stiff clit. "Y-you swear, right? I don't have to do this right?"

"Sure honey," her father said sagely knowing she would be unable to unmount him even if she wanted to. He groaned deep in his chest as more and more of his cock entered his daughter's wet pussy. She fell forward slightly, breathing heavily, her small hands grasping the broad shoulders of her father, She stuffed his stiff cock between her bowed legs making her tremble with desire and fear.

Her father's cock felt good, filling, but the pleasure she was feeling was overshadowed by the fact that her father was inside of her and he wasn't using protection. They were skin to skin. It made her nervous. It was dangerous. She had felt her father's precum when she had initially grasped his cock. Even after ejaculating earlier he probably still had plenty left. But she was on top. And he said he probably couldn't come again, at least not so soon. She had to trust him. He wouldn't be able to shoot off. There was no way.

She felt apprehensive still, but even he could come again so fast, she'd be fine as long as she pulled off in time. Letting her father's sperm shoot harmlessly onto her firm tummy as he ejaculated. That was the key. Making sure her father wasn't able to unload himself, cum, into her unprotected vagina. Marta could feel her fathers cock as it buried itself, tried not to think of the heavy balls still full of warm cum dangling over the lip of the sofa. She felt her fathers hard sack lightly hit her soft thighs as he clenched his ass and stuffed the rest of himself inside of her. Stretching her. Filling her.

She instinctively reached down and hefted the warm balls in her hand. They felt heavy. She shuddered. She knew what that meant. There was probably quite of bit of sperm left inside the hard sack. A nervous spasm wracked through her making her arch her back. Her heavy breasts lifted, the stiff nipples pressing into her fathers face. She moaned as he bent down and worked one of them into his mouth sucking in deep the entire areola his tongue rapidly dancing back and forth across her nipple.

Without realizing it, she began to slowly move. The twin blades of self-disgust and lust made her hot and restless. Marta's father knew that once his daughter was filled with him there would be little she could do. She was a slut. A victim of her need. She'd start to move on her own accord. He was right. The feel of her fathers cock was too much for her and Marta began to move up and down slightly faster, but still slow, fearful of the hot shaft buried between her legs.

She moved with short jerks, afraid of letting his cock in too deep for too long a period of a time. She knew that even his pre-come get impregnate her. She learned that in high school. She couldn't let that happen. She had to be careful. It was hard to let herself totally go knowing that her father now knew her weak spot and how to work her. How to manipulate her. He held the key now. She thought to herself 'he can control me now' the thought made her tremble. It was really dangerous. Especially letting him manipulate her into screwing him without a condom, even though she felt for the most part safe because she wasn't letting him stay inside of her too long or enter her to deep. She just had to maintain control. What she was doing which was insane, wrong, but so...right at the same time. God....

Marta's father took his hands and untied his daughters robe and then pulled it off her leaving her completely naked. Her big tits bobbing up and down as she continued the short jerking motion on his cock. He stopped sucking her tit, and began to softly knead both his daughters hard breasts, every few seconds taking her stiff nipples and the surrounding areola in his fingers and pulling them outwards. He wanted to get her as excited as possible. The more excited the better. Marta gasped.

Her father's knowing fingers further exciting her. He said thickly, "You like this don't you, you slut. You like me fucking you" Marta moaned and unconsciously shivered in response. Her father hefted the large mounds and pulled and rolled the stiff nipples while at the same time arching his body, maintaining as much deep penetration as possible. Pressing himself into her button.

The sexual heat from the cock stabbing into her radiating throughout Marta's body turning her on more and more torturing her body into a macabre dance of lust! Making her squirm with physical pleasure and emotional agony. "D-don't do that!" Marta stammered as her father continued his assault on her soft firm tits.

The fact that her father was inside her without protection didn't seem to bother her as much. As she became more worked up, more excited, she began to move with more urgency. Her strokes on her fathers hard shaft no longer short and jerky, but long and full. The cock inside her pushing into her fully on each down stroke as she flexed her ass and brought herself forward and then almost coming out of her as she flexed the opposite direction. Back and forth. Her firm legs undulating back and forth pistoning her hot box around the rock hard cock of her father, which was throbbing with pent up tension.

Marta began to feel her orgasm building. Her fathers pounding cock and the ministrations on her sensitive nipples and breasts leaving her breathless. God it felt so good. She could feel her orgasm beginning to build.... she continued to bob up and down on her fathers cock, almost sobbing at the pleasure she was feeling. Martha could feel a slow release begin to form inside of her.... she was almost there.... almost, almost - three small cums raced through her body, making her shudder and moan in pleasure. God it was going to feel so good to totally explode.... to feel the ecstasy of a complete cum.... cum.... She was starting to convulse when she suddenly felt her fathers hardness suddenly exit her sopping wetness.

"O.K, stop," Her father commanded Marta. "Stop!"

Marta groaned in frustration as her father suddenly shifted his body causing his hard cock to slip out of Marta's hot hole leaving her empty. Her suppressed orgasm seconds away from imploding and exploding outward.

He knew she was ready to cum. He could sense his daughter's entire body growing taut. Her muscles were rigid. Her eyes were lidded and glazed over. She probably would have gotten off in another few seconds. He had pulled out of her just in time. Marta felt barren. She couldn't stand the deprivation, the emptiness. On one level she probably knew it was for the best. At least now she could think straight, but she still felt so hot, so frustrated. She groaned in yearning again.

Marta's father looked at her straight in the eye. "I'll get you off, but you have to do something for me." Marta looked at him, her mouth dry. She licked her lips trying not to let him know how bad she needed to cum. She could feel the sexual tension inside of her screaming for some kind of release. "What" she breathed quietly. Marta's father reached up again and rolled his daughters hard nipples between his fingers making her moan. "I want to cum inside you."

She looked at him in disbelief and shock. She pushed herself away from his chest and with as much muster as she could said, "No way, that's crazy," she said shaking her head defiantly.

He continued to pull, roll and pinch his daughters nipples causing Marta to arch her back and make soft whining sounds. The hard, rubbery nubs which were diamond hard and throbbing sticking out of her jutting chest as her father pulled them outwards and sideways stretching her nipples with an almost unbearable amount of lustful bliss.

"You like the idea don't you Marta? Me juicing your womb. Isn't there a part of you that wants that? To feel me pump my sperm into you?"

Marta could feel herself being brought to the sacrificial alter of her lust. "You're crazy papa.... I can't! And I won't let you do it. I could get pregnant if you did. I'm in the middle of my cycle."

"Look down at my cock Marta," he said forcibly.

She looked down at it. She could feel herself her arousal go up a notch. Damn him.

"Slip it in yourself my little slut."

"No I won't, you can't make me," she said resistively, trying to push away from him further, but unable to release herself from her fathers arms that were encircling her slim waist, drawing her towards him. She felt closed in and stuck. She began to panic. "I'm ovulating papa," she said desperately.

She had to maintain some control. He looked up at his daughter, knowing that it wouldn't take long. He just had to verbalize the right sequence of words. Everything else would take care of itself. "Marta, before you make a decision, just picture it. Just picture my cock exploding inside you and soaking your womb with my hot cum. Flooding you as you cum on my cock. Think about it honey, wouldn't it feel good?"

His words had the desired effect. Her tense muscles relaxed and she began to pant from both her fear and the picture of depravity. She tried not to. She tried desperately to think of something else. But it was no use. She visualized her fathers cock inside her, as it postponed in and out of her soaked pussy, the slight slowing of his earnest thrusting, the last seconds as it began to tremble and quake, and the explosion of sperm.

She could see it in her mind. His cock jerking spasmodically as threads of his warm cum shot out of his discharging prick. His sperm as it soaked her insides. The little baby making tadpoles swimming eagerly towards her egg.

Unable to stop the incredible surge of need that stripped away her common sense, she reached down eagerly to her father's hard cock, like a junkie reaching for a fix, and quickly worked the hard shaft inside of her wet hole. Her father smiled at her as she began to slowly move up and down his cock again. Her fear was stronger than her arousal and her strokes were short and jerky. But as her father began to pinch and pull her nipples and tell her what a slut she was, what a cunt she was, she began to ride him hard again. Marta knew she was out of control. That she was taking a huge chance. God, she had to pull off in time. She had to! Yet it felt so good.

Marta tried to ignore her father's fingers that wouldn't rest; that were dancing all over her hard tits and over extended nipples. The awful names. The dirty names he was calling her. She knew his intension. To make sure that she was so worked up, so ready to cum that she would ride him to the end. Ride him until he ejaculated. She could feel her pussy squish wetly on her down stoke. Her firm, round, ass glazed with a sheen of perspiration. She heard her father begin to groan loader.

She looked at him. He was ready to come. In desperation she stared at him. Trying to gauge the right time to pull off. Trying not to think of his thick, hard cock, contracting, his eager sperm working its way to her egg. As her fathers moaning increased she could feel a subtle change in his cock. It seemed stiffer somehow; as if it was somehow taking a deep breath and ready for a huge exhale. It could only mean one thing. In a few seconds, her father was going to shoot his load. A big load of sperm into her unprotected pussy.

With everything she had she tried to will herself to slow down. To keep him from cumming. It was her only hope. Marta's father was close to shooting his load. He also could feel the subtle expansion and the tightening in his scrotum. Marta continued to bear down on him and then retreat upward, urging him on, yet disgusted with herself for doing so. Just a few more strokes and he was going to fill his daughter. It was going to feel so good, so good to unload himself into her wet hole.

What? He felt her slow down a bit. He knew what she was trying to do. She was trying to keep him from cumming. She still was able to keep herself just enough in control to prolong what he already knew was the inevitable. Marta's father reached down quickly to Marta's backside not wanting her to see his intensions. Marta felt a surge of relief at being able to keep her father at bay until she could sort things out in her mind. She felt so confused. She jerked up in surprise as her father worked his middle finger quickly up her ass and began to piston it in and out quickly.

"Come on you cunt," he breathed. "Cum for daddy and milk his prick baby."

The stimulation was too much. Marta could feel her orgasm starting to build. It was too late. She had to. She just had to cum now! Marta began to ride her father hard, with long, deep strokes. She saw his face and knew that in seconds he was going to fill her and probably get her pregnant. She mustn't let that happen. As she started to peak from her orgasm she tried to slow herself down again, suddenly filled with fear and terror, but it was too late. "No papa, wait! Wait!" she cried.

Her father pumped his finger deep into her ass up to the second knuckle and held it there, while at the same time squeezing one of her breasts and pulling the nipple outwards making her moan in pain and pleasure. She looked at him in disbelief, her eyes glazed, herself in the throes of an orgasm that fulfilled her and sickened her, as he arched his back and buried his cock to the hilt in his daughters hot box.

Marta could feel her father's prick as it buried itself and the rush of sperm that shot out of him like a cannon. She made a feeble attempt to pull off as her orgasm began to subside, but she was literally impaled. Wordlessly she moaned, "No.... no.... no...." as her father emptied his cargo of sperm. Each discharge like a nail being pounded into her coffin.


The news reported that the local police could not ID the girl found in the abandoned house near Kensington Way, a seedy area deep in the heart of the Red Light district. A homeless man who stated he was looking for a place to sleep when he stumbled upon the body. (What he didn't say was how he found her, laying on her back with her legs spread open obscenely, sprawled on a dirty mattress, her hand in her panties; fingers hooked into her vagina.)

The body had been dead for less than a day. The police were only able to give a brief physical description; a woman, attractive, light olive skin, 5' 9" 120 lbs, mid to late 20's, wearing a black mini skirt, maroon halter top and fishnet stockings. Neighbors interviewed stated that the woman kept a low profile and her social interactions were minimum.

Samuel Kenneson, a bar owner down the street from where the body was found stated that didn't know the woman's name, but that he had seen her infrequently around the area. He added that she always seemed scared and nervous; always seemed to have her eyes focused on the ground.

He told investigators, "She looked like a scared mouse, and she was such a pretty young thing. To be honest, she never really fit in. She seemed out of place here. Lost somehow. I always pictured her somewhere else, like in college or something. She didn't belong here. She was too good for this life"

The preliminary investigation indicated the woman worked as a prostitute and used the house as a place to bring clients. Mike Hunt, a trucker who worked for the port authority and lived close by stated to investigators, "There was always people, men and women, coming and going at all hours of the day and night. I always thought it was a crack house."

Police report there was no sign of forced entry or signs of foul play. Police found a syringe and hypodermic needles at the scene. The woman's arms were bruised. Toxology tests are pending.

Police ask that if anybody can help identify the girl to please call Sgt. Stadango at 555-1289



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    Wow. Amazing. Unbelievable ending. What happened to Ken and her father? Was she ever actually pregnant?
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    That was intense AF.
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    Every sex story turns me on!