Nick was a big boy, a dark haired, good-looking boy, if a little thin. He was tall with nice muscles that girls and a not a few women liked to glance at. But Nick was not a high school "stud." Nick lacked the self confidence, the aggressiveness, that hint of a sexual predator that could make a nubile cheerleader drop her pants or a married teacher flash him her bare pussy in an effort to get his hard teen cock into her. Nick was just too nice to awaken that kind of female lust.

No, Nick at almost 18 and a senior, was still a virgin. While his classmates had been screwing girls and some of their more adventurous teachers since Junior high, Nick did not even know that such things were done. Everyone else in school, for example, knew that the English teacher, Miss Prentice had to resign, not because of her father's heart attack, but rather because of the REASON for the heart attack: finding out that his 25 year old daughter with an MA in Modern Literature let herself get knocked up with the bastard of the seventeen-year old black linebacker for the Millwood High football team.

Nick was not so much dumb as just na�ve. His teachers often said that Nick was distracted or dreamy. He had reason to be. In many ways Nick was a normal teenage boy with the normal conflicts between wanting to remain a protected child and the desire to be more independent. He could even be gloomy and sullen with his Dad, but never with his Mom. Mom, "Mommy" as she still liked him to call her, was his light. Her frown could make him cry; her smile could fill him with joy. And Nick loved doing things to make Mommy smile.

And Nick knew that, although Mommy let his little sisters boss him around, he was still special to her. Mommy showed him -- often. Every time Mommy was pregnant with his next little sister - six so far -- Mommy let Nick crawl up into bed with her, snuggle up against her round pregnant belly and suckle from her large, soft, milk-filled titties.

Little Nick had loved nursing from Mommy's breasts and was always rewarded with little spurts of sweet, rich milk. Mommy seemed to like it, too, because when he got going, she would moan for him to suck her, to "Suck me good, Baby; suck Mommy's titties." As he did, she put her hand between her legs before screaming in pleasure and clasping Nick's head hard to her breast. Then when Mommy's excitement had passed, she would draw him to her breast again and let him nurse again while she talked to him softly.

Nursing at Mommy's wonderful breasts, drinking her milk and listening to her soft words always put Nick to sleep as if drugged. He never remember what she said, but when he woke up, he knew that he loved his Mommy more than ever and that he must always be a good boy and obey her and try to make her happy. Since Mommy was pregnant or nursing or both during most of his childhood, Nick had plenty of opportunities for Mommy to "help him be a good boy" by bringing him to her bed and letting him fall asleep nursing from her.

That had been until he was about 12. Since then, Mommy had not had another baby, but she had found another way, an even more wonderful way, to show Nick how much she loved him. He still remembered the first time. She had led him to her bed and let him start sucking her tits as usual. As he became drowsier and drowsier, she had told him that soon she would not be making any more milk for him, as it was almost time to wean little Jennifer. Nick was sad but continued to listen. Mommy said she still loved him and that she would keep "helping you be a good boy." As he sucked, he felt Mommy's hand go between his legs and take hold of his "thingy."

Mommy told him to relax and let her make him feel good as she gently squeezed and stroked his "thingy." Soon he felt warm and then an intense pleasure flowed over him and he realized his "thingy" had spurted out lots of white stuff that made a mess in Mommy's hand. Nick was afraid Mommy would be mad, but she smiled at him and told him she was glad that he was now a big good boy. Then she began to stroke him again and told him that he was very sleepy. Although he tried to stay awake to enjoy what Mommy was doing to his "thingy," Mommy kept speaking softly and stroking him until the pleasure cam again and he knew nothing more.

Nick didn't say so, but he liked this way for Mommy to "help him be a good boy" even better than suckling her milk. And sometimes, when she said Nick had been a really good boy, Mommy, instead of taking his "thingy" in her hand, would take it in her mouth. That was even better; it felt wonderful and didn't make a mess, as Mommy swallowed all the white stuff than came out.

Recently, though things had changed. Mommy still came every night to make him sleep with her hand or her mouth, but she had started to bring him a large glass of warm, sweet milk for him to drink first. He wondered if it was supposed to remind him of the milk he used to drink from Mommy's big titties, but it tasted a little funny, too. And other things were getting weird. Nick's body began to change -- again. His shoulders became broader and stronger. His abs flattened and hardened. His butt grew firm and tight and his voice dropped from tenor to baritone. Girls at school, even his oldest little sister Samantha, looked at him strangely and giggled behind his back.

All that was embarrassing enough, but even worse was a new tension, an antsy-ness. Nick used to feel that way only at night before Mommy came to put him to sleep. Now that was not enough. Notwithstanding her warnings not to "play with himself," he just HAD to. He was amazed at how much his "thingy" had grown, how hard it got when he stroked it, and how much white stuff shot all over the shower that first time he experimented. Once he had discovered that his hand with some soap or lotion felt almost a good as Mommy's hand (thought never as good as Mommy mouth), Nick could not stop. Now he realized why his pretty Mommy looked so satisfied and Daddy looked so dazed in the morning and the sight sent him racing to the shower for relief. Seeing his teachers in their short tight skirts got him so worked up he had to go the restroom several times a day to fill wads of toilet paper.

Overcome with shame at what he was doing, one night when Mommy came to his bed, Nick confessed everything. Rather than being mad, Mommy just kissed him and said she knew what he was doing. "That means its working," she smiled. Nick asked and Mommy explained that she was giving him some "special vitamins and things" to help him grow up faster because soon it would be time for him to leave home. Nick was sad and said he knew; he'd be going away to college next year.

Mommy looked at him gently and said, no, she did not think he should go to college. At college there were too many bad women who could take advantage of a nice boy like Nick who had no Mommy or sweetheart to protect him. Nick wanted to protest, but Mommy was fondling his "thingy" so nicely that all he could do was close his eyes and listen. As she talked and rubbed his "thingy," it began to make more sense. Mommy said he did not really need to go to college to learn how to make some lucky girl a good husband one day. He could keep her happy by cooking, washing, cleaning her house and, Mommy grinned, "making and taking care of lots of grandbabies."

Nick was confused and pointed out that Daddy had gone to college and even used to have a business. Mommy said, yes, but that was before she had found Daddy and helped him see his place was in the home taking care of Nick and all his little sisters, while she took over Daddy's firm. "Being a good daddy is all he wants to do," she said adding with a grim, "that and make me happy."

Then Mommy said something even more surprising: that before Nick left home, there was one more thing he needed to learn about how to make a woman happy. "You know how much Mommy likes it when you suck her titties?" Nick nodded, happily. "Well, Mommy's going to show you how to suck something women enjoy even more."

Nick was still confused, but Mommy just opened her nightgown and drew Nick to her breasts. Nick complied by starting to lick and suck Mommy's titties the way he knew she liked. As always, Mommy started to whimper with pleasure, as his tongue played with her hardening nipples, but after a few minutes, instead of running her own hand between her legs, she began to push Nick's head downward. "That's it Baby. Kiss me there! Keep kissing Mommy's tummy," she gasped as Nick's soft, flicking tongue found her navel. Mommy's soft tummy did not get hard like Mommy's titties did when Nick kissed them, but Mommy kept moaning and pushing his head down, so she must like what he was doing. Nick was happy.

But something must be wrong. Although Mommy was letting out little chirps of happiness, Nick was getting close to the black furry place between Mommy's legs. Its aroma was ... like Mommy's fingers when she pulled them out from down there when he sucked her titties. Surely Mommy did not want him to kiss her THERE! "Oh, yes, Baby. You kiss Mommy so good! Mommy wants your tongue there, in her pussy!" Nick didn't have much time to think how funny it was that Mommy called the furry patch between her legs her "pussy." She wanted his mouth there and Nick was a good, obedient boy.

The hair tickled Nick's nose, but he wanted to do whatever Mommy said to make her happy; so he began to probe the underbrush with his tongue. As soon as he touched something warm and wet, Mommy squealed and thrashed with pleasure and Nick's mouth was full of salty wetness. Nick could tell he had just made Mommy very happy and he continued licking and sucking in earnest.

When Mommy's breathing had returned to normal she told Nick he was a good boy, a very good boy and that he was eating Mommy's pussy very well. Then she started talking to Nick in her "special way." Nick recognized it as the voice she used when she wanted him to do something special for her, a voice he always obeyed. "That's it, Nicky. Keep eating Mommy's pussy like a good boy. Let my pleasure guide you, sweetheart. You love to lick and eat pussy. You love the smell of a warm wet pussy. You love to pleasure pussies with your mouth. Pussy juice is yummy and you like to suck and lick it. This is what you love to do, worship and serve a woman's pus .... Agggg!"

Mommy's instructions were interrupted by another spasm of happiness and another mouthful of her yummy woman juice. Nick loved making Mommy happy this way, loved "eating" her "pussy" as she called it. Mommy began to convulse with pleasure again and Nick continued to use his mouth and tongue to make Mommy happy again. She had not told him to stop.

Mommy dimly realized her dilemma. Nick's precocious mouth was bringing her to one crashing orgasm after another and her gasps and moans only encouraged him to continue. He was tongue-fucking her out of her mind and all she could do was blubber incoherently, "Yes! God! Nooo! Arrrrggg!"

To better understand what is going on in Mommy's increasingly sex-addled mind, we have to look inside. There we might metaphorically see two women who both look like Mommy. One is dressed normally -- for a sexy forty-plus business woman: power suit cut high on her thigh, transparent stockings with four-inch heels, short jacket with a deep "v" to show off her spectacular cleavage. The other woman, wearing only a bustier, red panties, dark fishnet stockings held up by garters and red strap-on high heel sandals, was smirking.

"My God! What he's doing to my pussy. Its so ... Aggg! Another one. Shit! I can't think," said the first woman.

"Great, isn't he?' Imp-Mommy said as her distraught companion shook with the climax. "Who wants to think, when we've got a hunky boy with his tongue in your twat, you biddy?

"But I'm so turned on. I ... I want...

"To fuck him?"

"God, yes! But I can't. He's my son ... It's ... so ..." Ego-Mommy groped for a word.

"If you are waiting for HER to tell you that it's 'wrong,' don't hold your breath," Imp-Mommy smirked.


"Yeah. Our Conscience. Over there." Ego-Mommy looked over to see another replica of herself in a long white dress with high collar, a picture of innocence, as she lay unconscious with a silly little grin on her face. "She passed out after the first orgasm, the hypocritical little slut."

"What can I do?" wailed Ego Mommy.

"Do what you WANT to do, Sweetie! Having this gorgeous boy eat your pussy makes you as horny as a herd of reindeer. You want a big, thick, all-male cock plugged into that hungry pussy of yours."

Ego Mommy shuddered.

"Do it!" Imp hissed as she sidled up to Ego Mommy and ran a finger into her cunt. "God, you're wet! I'm surprised the poor boy doesn't drown in there. Don't you WANT your son's big hard prick in you? Don't you NEED to fuck your big-dicked little boy?" Imp's fingers coincided with an especially nice lick from Nick and an umpteenth orgasm crashed over the helpless woman.

"Yes, Yes, Nick baby! Mommy wants you; Mommy needs her baby boy!"

Nick supposed Mommy wanted him in her mouth and dutifully withdrew from her steaming cunt. He was totally unprepared for the fury of Mommy's assault as she pushed him back on the bed and ripped off his pajamas. "Oh, baby! You're so big! I've got to have it!" she exclaimed as she squeezed her son's prick into full erection.

"THAT's why you want it so bad," explained Imp.

"Uh, Uhh, Uhhhh," Mommy grunted as she cautiously lowered her cunt over her boys large, up-thrust cock.

"Chicken!" taunted Imp, and goosed her distracted companion.

"Arrrrghh!" yelped Mommy as her full weight suddenly fell on Nick, driving his cock into her depths. With eyes closed, Mommy luxuriated in the overstuffed fullness of Nick's oh-so-satisfying cock up in her.

"No rest for the wicked," hissed Imp. "Fuck him, you horny bitch!"

Mommy's eyes were closed, savoring the delicious friction of Nick's cock in and out of her pussy as she rode him faster and faster.

"That's the way; long and hard, fuck the shit out of him!" Imp encouraged. "That's what you've been needing, you skanky slut, your teenage son's prick in your horny twat, fucking your brains out, making you come, filling your womb with his potent young jizz!"

"His what?" Ego Mommy was jarred from her pre-orgasmic bliss. Her eyes flew open. "His semen! Oh my God! I'm not on birth control! And ... and this is the middle of my period. Oh, shit! I could get ..."

"Of course you can," gloated Imp. "My job is get you pregnant. You are far too sexy to stop making babies so young."

"But my figure! My career!" Ego Mommy whined.

"Horse feathers!" scoffed Imp. "What can be sexier than a middle age woman with a nice "oops!" belly peaking from under a maternity dress? And those idiot men you hypnotize on the Internet will go ape to be enslaved by a knocked-up Domme. You're about to get a baby in your belly and there's nothing you can do about it," the tarty Imp Mommy gloated.

"No! Noo! I'll make him stop!"

"I'd like to see you try," taunted Imp, noting that Mommy had continued to fuck Nick without respite.

"Nick, Baby! No! Honey! We've got to stop!"

This unexpected outburst was puzzling to the boy, who after all was doing nothing but lying on his back enjoying the way his sexy Mommy rode his prick like there was no tomorrow."

"Stop, Mommy?"

"Yes, stop!" Mommy declared without, however, diminishing in the least her frenetic bouncing up and down on Nick's cock.

"You don't like it Mommy?" Nick was concerned that he was doing enough to make Mommy happy.

"OH, yes, Baby, I love it!"

"So why do you want to stop?"

"But I DON'T want to stop, baby. Any Mommy would kill for a boy cock like yours to fuck! But you can't come in me!"

"What's, 'come,' Mommy?" Nick asked anxiously, not wanting to do anything that Mommy didn't want.

"'Come' is when you shoot your white stuff into Mommy. The stuff that can give Mommy a baby!" she whined.

"You don't want a baby, Mommy? You don't want to fuck me?"

"Yes I want to fuck you, but I ...I ..."

"Stop pretending, you hypocritical slut!" whispered Imp. "You KNOW you want his boy come in your hot little box. You KNOW you want him to knock you up. You KNOW you want to waddle around with a big belly with everyone seeing you're pregnant with your own son's incestuous baby!"

"But she can't! It's wrong. It would be incest. It's against all the laws of God and nature!" Conscience had revived.

"Stay out of this, you prude!" snapped Imp Mommy. "I'm getting her pregnant and there is nothing you are going to do to interfere! You made her stop just minutes before I had her pregnant with that black stud's bastard last month. You won't foil me again, bitch! THIS should shut you up!" Mommy's hand went to her clit just as Nick thrust back at his manic Mommy's lunge. Another orgasm crashed over Mommy and Conscience wavered and fell back in a heap.

"Now, tell him what you want, slut," Imp goaded.

"Oh, Yes, Nick, Baby! I want to fuck you. I want you to come in me. Fill me with your boy spunk and make me pregnant, Baby! Fuck me ... Fuck me ... Fuck me a babeeeeeeee!"

As if to remove any doubt about her sincerity, Mommy's cunt muscles clamped down on Nick's cock and he exploded into her. Gallons of Nick' hot scum shot into his Mommy's fertile pussy. Transported to another realm of post orgasmic bliss, Mommy collapsed onto Nick's chest. He had make Mommy happy, Nick thought, as he drifted off to sleep.


After that first night with Mommy, Nick's training in how to please women preceded apace, if in a somewhat different tack than Mommy first planned. It was so intense, requiring Mommy's full attention all night every night, that for the first time since they married, Daddy had to be put to sleep with a quick hand job instead of with his spent prick dozing happily in his wife's warm pussy. But at least he had some wonderful wet dreams and still got to eat Mommy juicy pussy every morning, not knowing what the strange new taste was.

Because of Nick's instinctive cunni-linguistic talents, Mommy had little to teach him about rug munching except to curb his enthusiasm to move in on the clit too quickly. Once Nick learned that teasing Mommy's pussy lips with long languid licks combined with furtive tongue-flicks on the clit made the periodic climax that much more shattering, he could keep Mommy in ecstasy for hours.

Nick did, however, learn many other things from Mommy. She taught him that "fucking" did not mean just having Mommy riding fast and furiously and down on top of him, although that remained his favorite. Indeed, Mommy showed Nick many ways to make her happy, especially one she called "doggie style," in which Mommy put her head down on a pillow, her ass up in the air so Nick could play with her tits while he pounded her pussy from behind. After a few weeks, Mommy brought out a dog- eared book with lots of new positions to try, many of which she said Daddy had never been able to master.

Oddly, or perhaps not, Mommy never said anything to Nick about using a condom (not that Nick knew what they were, anyway). Was that just forgetfulness on Mommy's part, abetted by Imp Mommy, perhaps? Or had Mommy gotten turned on by the thought of letting "little Nicky" make her pregnant with his incestuous baby. Or perhaps Mommy just wanted Nicky to grow up as an old fashioned guy who understood that decisions about when, if, how often, and how many babies were to be made was a woman's prerogative. Whatever the explanation, in the next two weeks Nick put enough hot thick boy spunk into Mommy's unprotected pussy to make babies in every horny mother in the state.

Soon enough Mommy called the family together for the inevitable announcement. Everyone was happy that Mommy was pregnant again, but Nick's sisters were less so. With the exception of little Jennifer, they had all experienced having a baby sister and one more among six girls was no big deal.

Daddy was happier than the girls. Although he knew he would have to do all the changing and burping and diaper washing, he knew, too, how horny Mommy got while she had a baby in her and he was looking forward to many happy nights making his sexy wife come again and again on his spewing cock AND without the damned condoms' she'd been making him use the last few years. Although he would have preferred that this were HIS baby making his sexy wife's tummy bulge, this would be like a first grandchild for him. He had no complaints.

Mommy, of course was over the moon! She was already thinking about the indecently short, indecently revealing maternity dresses she would wear to show the world that she was still a young, fatally fertile, perilously pregnable, 100% female who could still make babies at the drop of a hat. Her friends would turn seven shades of green and some would make their husbands give them new babies, too, she guessed.

But no one was happier than Nick. Mommy, his beautiful, sexy Mommy, had used him, his "thingy" and his white stuff, to make a baby in her. Soon her tummy would develop that wonderful round bulge he had always loved and her titties would swell even larger, because HIS baby was growing inside her. He was already looking forward to going to the mall with his pretty pregnant Mommy, his hand resting lightly on her marvelous rump, as she strutted and showed off her sexy curves to everyone. He could already feel the burning jealousy, the cold hatred for him in the eyes of the men who would realized that he, Nick, had made this gorgeous woman waddle like a duck.

Delightful as it was, Mommy's still invisible pregnancy did not deflect her from her plans for Nick. Indeed, she needed to accelerate them. She knew her friend Carol Brown was looking for a boy for Amy, her fourteen-year old. Carol would flip when she saw the new Nick. She made a call.

***** "I can't believe what I heard you talking to Carol Brown about," her husband said.

"Yes, and she's interested. Isn't it wonderful, Tom? Amy will be perfect for our Nick, don't you think?

"What do you mean, perfect? This will ruin his life. What about his independence, letting him grow up before tying him down?

"This isn't for life. Amy's not going to marry him; she's just a school girl," his wife explained. "Carol just wants Amy to have a boy for a few years until she's old enough to take a man on her own. When she goes off to college, she'll pass him onto someone else nice. Besides, I'll bet Nick will like the way little Amy will keep him 'tied down.' If they get enough sex, men don't miss their independence, do they Sweetheart?" Barbara winked.

"But this means he won't be able to go to college!"

"Oh, darling, I can't believe how old fashioned you are," Barbara laughed. "Boys don't need to go to college nowadays. Women are quite capable of making enough money to keep a man at home taking care of the important things - like I do you.

"Yes but that's because you keep having ."

"So many babies, you don't have time to leave the house?" Barbara chuckled. "But you're the one who kept making me pregnant!"

"Well, you DID keep having accidents ."

"For men, making babies is an accident, but for a woman, there is nothing accidental about going without protection and spending lots of time on my back making sure you emptied your balls into my pussy on the right "wrong" days. And don't tell me you didn't like seeing me pregnant, my big belly sticking out? My titties bloated with milk? Constantly horny for your cock in me?"

"Well, sure."

"And you remember every time, I told you when I was fertile and that if we made love at that time I could get pregnant again."

"But that was when you always wanted to do it the most. You ran around the house in skimpy clothes and showed me your tits and got me so horny I couldn't keep away from you."

"But of course, honey. Knowing I was fertile and that just a few good shots of your delicious fuck juice in my pussy would make me swell up with another baby, made me horny as hell. I wanted you so bad; I just had to fuck you! But when I felt you starting to come I always warned you to pull out if you didn't want to knock me up with another baby, but you never did."

"How could I? You were always on top of me and fucking me so good, I couldn't!"

"So you see; I was only doing what you wanted. I planned every one of my pregnancies, except Nick. It took me just a little longer that first time to get you to fuck me than I thought; that's why he was a boy."

"But Nick IS a boy and I think ."

"That's just your problem, Sweetheart," Barbara cooed. "You're thinking too much. When a man starts thinking, it's a sure sign his woman hasn't been giving him enough sex. Is my Snookums horny? Does he need a nice long roll in the hay?"

"Barbara, this is serious! We need to talk."

"You don't want to talk right now, do you Sweetie?" Barbara smiled, slinking toward him and opening her blouse to expose her bra-less tits.

"Barbara!" Tom almost pleaded but without being able to take his eyes off her bouncers.

"I think my Tommy needs to stop worrying and have a nice long fuck," Barbara cooed, pressing herself against him and pulling him into her arms. "Ooooh! What's this I feel pressing into Barbie's honey pot? Is talking about making babies getting you horny, Sweetheart? You haven't had this big old thing in me since last night. <giggle> I think you need your sexy wife to take you to bed and let you drain all of your come and frustration into my nice warm pussy," she continued, massaging his cock. "So hard . so horny for me . I'm going to put you to bed so you can relax and let me make love to you. You'll forget about our Nick and everything else except putting your big hard dick into my soft wet pussy. Relax, Sweetheart, just relax. I'll take good care of you ." Helplessly aroused, Tom let his wife take him by the hand and lead him to their bedroom.


So it was that on Saturday afternoon, Carol and Mommy were sitting in Carol's living room making small talk as the two teenagers eyed each other silently. Nick was intensely embarrassed. How could Mommy give be sending him to live in the house of this GIRL? Amy was pretty enough, but her hips had hardly begun to flare and compared to Mommy's or even Mrs. Brown's, Amy's lemon- tits were highly inadequate. Nor did he like the cool superior appraisal she was giving him. Her eyes kept returning to his crotch and she was leering.

"Shall we cut to the chase, Barbara?" You suggested this meeting" Carol Brown said at last.

"Yes, I did, Carol. I heard that you are interested in a boy for Amy. I thought I might help. What exactly are you looking for?"

"Oh, the usual," Carol replied. "I'd like Amy to have a buddy, an older brother/protector at school. She needs someone she can start learning how to boss around, someone to carry her books, fetch things for her, follow her around like a puppy dog. It'll be good for her self esteem. With time he could help her bathe and dress, lay out sexy outfits for her - you know, the boy-in-waiting role." Barbara was nodding agreement. "And, frankly, although my Dan is a dear, I took him too late to train him to iron worth a damn. I'd expect Amy's boy to be a bit of au pair for us. Of course, she'd use him to practice sex with when she didn't have anyone better."

"Well, I think she'll be very happy with Nick."

"Do you really think they are a match, Barbara" Carol replied cattily. "MY Amy has tested out of college Calculus, Russian, and Biochemistry. Let's face it; Nick is not the brightest light on the Christmas tree."

"Nick knows everything he needs to know, Carol," Barbara replied coolly. "And besides, he has certain ... er ... compensating endowments."

Carol raised an eyebrow. Any grinned. Nick wanted to crawl in a hole and die.

"'Compensating endowments?'" Carol asked with undisguised interest.

"Definitely. Nick sweetheart, would you go show Mrs. Brown your 'thingy?'"

"Mommy?" whined Nick.

"Yes!" exclaimed Amy, clenching her fist in enthusiasm.

"Come here, Nick, Honey," Carol addressed the boy, holding out her hand. "Let's see what you've got."

Nick just stared at the beautiful older woman. He was a little afraid of the smile on her face.

"Mrs. Brown just asked you to do something, Sweetheart," Mommy said. "You know you are always supposed to follow a woman's orders. Now be a good boy." Mommy was pushing him toward Amy's mother.

"I see what you mean, Barbara," Carol remarked, eying the bulge in Nick's pants. "And he's adorably shy," she added.

"Nick, Sweetie, would you drop your pants for me?"

Nick looked back at Mommy who was nodding to him. Reluctantly, he complied.

"The shorts, too, Nicky," Carol instructed. "We want to see what you have in there for us." Any leaned forward with interest.

Slowly Nick pealed down his under shorts.

"My God in Heaven!" exclaimed Carol. "He's enormous!"

"I knew you'd like him," Barbara grinned.

"So long . so thick ..." Carol muttered to no one in particular.

"You haven't even seen it erect," Barbara smirked. "Go ahead, feel him up. Get him hard. You won't be disappointed."

Carol did not seem to hear as she stared, transfixed by the delectable slab of boy-meat dangling before her.

"OK, you do it, Nicky. Play with your 'thingy' and make it nice and big for Mrs. Brown."

Almost paralyzed by shame, but unable to disobey his Mommy, Nick began stroking and fondling his cock, which quickly sprang to life, pointing itself threateningly at Mrs. Brown.

Carol was silent as she stared in awe at Nick's cock. "It's ... it's ..."

"'Magnificent,' isn't it?" Barbara said, completing the thought of her enthralled friend.

"Mom," protested Amy. "It's ... like ... too BIG! It won't -- you know -- fit."

"Not fit?" Carol seemed to snap out of her trance. "Like Hell it won't fit! HOW it's gonna fit!" she exclaimed, returning her gaze to Nick cock whose eye regarded her.

"And he's very talented," Carol added with a wink.

"Tal ... talented?" Barbara asked, still staring at Nick's rigid member.

"With his tongue," Barbara explained. Hike your dress and let him show you."

Almost robotically, Carol pulled her skirt up above her waist.

"The panties, Carol," Barbara continued as if to a dull schoolgirl.

Unable to remove her gaze from Nick's prick, Carol hooked her thumbs and drew the panties down to her ankles.

"Show Mrs. Brown how you can make a woman happy, Nick darling" Mommy ordered.

Obediently, Nick dropped to his knees, pushed open Mrs. Brown's thighs, and began to rub and massage her inner thighs up and down her outer lips. Barbara watched Carol sigh and relax visibly. From Carol's expression, Barbara guessed that Nick was licking his way down those same paths on her inner thighs, giving her little mini nibbles along the way. Even from her chair Barbara noted the aroma of Carol's aroused pussy; Nick would be in heaven from the smell. As he licked up and down the older woman's inner thighs, Mommy saw him slide his two middle fingers into her vagina, s l o w l y but firmly. Carol wiggled deliciously when Nick "munched" on her mons, chewing it very softly. Barbara pressed her thighs together remembering Nick's mouth on her own fur patch.

Carol was in another universe of pleasure as Nick drew his tongue from her pussy up to the clit area, twirling his tongue while gently holding her outer lips apart. Carol began to moan and writhe but Barbara was proud to see that Nick kept going, putting his fingers near the clit's hood. From first-pussy experience, Barbara knew what was coming next. A helpless sigh told her Nick was licking her friend's clit in small circles, gently sucking on it and running his tongue around it as he sucked. Then he was sliding his middle finger back into her vagina, instinctively aiming for the woman's G spot without stopping the tongue movements on her clit that were driving her crazy.

Just as the beautiful older woman was about to explode, Nick backed off from her clit to return his attention to her inner and outer lips, licking them, nibbling very softly on each of them. Barbara could hear the squishy sounds of the woman's flowing sex. Then a muffled squeal told Barbara that Nick was back at Carol's clit, this time with downward movements, sucking and burying his tongue as far as he could into the pleasure pot of the delirious woman. Twirling and screwing her with it, at the same time Nick reached up and tenderly played with her rock-hard nipples, causing her to moan with mindless pleasure.

Taking each of her hands Nick intertwined his fingers with hers and brought them to each of her trembling tits, pleasuring her as he kept his mouth glued to her clit area. Consumed by pleasure Carol tried to hump Nick's mouth, her orgasm moments away. Making her hold her own tits, Nick returned his fingers to her soupy hole and frigged her rapidly, his mouth still worshiping at her temple.

Barbara saw it happen. Instinctively, Carol's legs closed hard around Nick head, locking him tight to her sex. Her friend screamed like a banshee when her orgasm hit and Nick gladly drank from her fountain, riding out the come with her, not moving his mouth from her, tonguing her quickly and again playing with her tits.

"Ui! Ui! Ui!" Little squeaks were coming out of Carol as Nick continued tonguing her. "Ohmygod," she gasped, " He's . He's ."

"Good, isn't he?" Barbara asked?

Oh,. oh shit! I've been working on Dan for years and he still doesn't eat pussy like this! Uoooo! I'm gonna . againnnnnn!"

Barbara waited several minutes for her friend's second orgasm to subside. "If his tongue is that good, imagine how his cock would be," she suggested.

"His . cock?" Barbara clearly was not able to process much with Nick's busy mouth working the horny woman's pussy towards yet another climax.

"Of course, his cock! Don't you want to feel it in you? Don't you want him to fuck you?"

"Fuck . me .?" Barbara muttered, still in a daze.

"You heard her, Nick," Mommy said. "Mrs. Brown said to fuck her."

Since Nick was, as has been pointed out many times, a "good boy," he obediently withdrew his mouth from Mrs. Brown's pussy. "How would you like to be fucked, Mrs. Brown?" Nick asked politely. "Seventeen? Twenty Nine? Eleven? Thirty Four?" he inquired, mentioning some of Mommy's favorites.

"She doesn't know the book that well, Sweetie," Mommy explained. "Just give her a god hard seventeen."

Obediently, Nick lifted the incoherent woman's legs to his shoulders and inserted his prick in her dripping pussy.

"Mom! You're letting him ." exclaimed Amy.

"Uh Aiuuui" Barbara gasped as Nick's prick drove deep into the horny woman.

Barbara watched proudly as her son pounded away, giving the older woman the fucking of her life. "That's it, Nick, fuck her! Fuck her good, Baby!"

"OK, Mommy, but . but when I shoot?" Nick gasped, "Does Mrs. Brown want a baby?"

"Better ask her," Barbara smiled.

"A baby?" Carol cried the almost incoherent housewife. "Ohmygod! No! I'm fertile and he's not wearing a condom!"

"Sorry, Carol. The only kind of birth control Nick knows about is abstinence. Do you want him to stop fucking you?"

"Stop? Fucking me? No, Fuck, no! He's wonderful in me. He's making me co ..Aggggggg. But he'll .. Have to pull out . before it's too . too . late."

"You'll have to unlock your legs from his neck first, Carol." Barbara pointed out, dryly.

"Oh Mrs. Brown, here it comes. Do you want a babyyyyyyy?" Nick roared.

"Baby? Oh, hell! Yes, Baby! Come in me, you big fucker. Give me a baby; knock me up with your baby juice. Just fuck meeeeeeeieieie!" The lusty mother's and the horny teen's voices rose together in orgasmic bliss. "A baby . a baby ." the woman whimpered as she slipped into unconsciousness.

"Keep your 'thingy' in Mrs. Brown so none of the white stuff will leak out," Mommy instructed. "Let's make sure she gets what she wants."

"OK, Mommy." Nick smiled as he felt Mrs. Brown's cunt muscles squeezing all the baby-making sperm possible from his half wilted thingy. He had made Mommy's friend happy, he thought as he held her later, his prick still plugged deep in the contented woman.


Naturally, Carol accepted Barbara's offer of Nick, though not before being introduced to Twenty Three, Forty One, and the infamous Sixty Six that very afternoon. So it wasn't until near evening that Mommy talked to Nick in that special way that made him feel warm and weak and sleepy. Together Mommy and Carol got drowsy boy into Carol's bed. Carol played with his cock until it was hard again and lowered her self onto it with a satisfying squish. As Mrs. Brown slowly moved up and down on Nick's thingy, Mommy told him that Mrs. Brown was going to be like a new Mommy to him, that he would love her and obey her just as he had Mommy. And he would always want to make Mrs. Brown happy by doing anything she told him to do.

Nick didn't want a new Mommy, but he did like what Mrs. Brown's "pussy" was doing to his "thingy" and knew that he would enjoy making her happy the way he did Mommy. Then as she slowly rode up and down on him, Mrs. Brown began to talk to him in the same special way that Mommy did, telling him he was going to be her new "big boy" and that she would make sure he enjoyed living in his new family. Then she said she knew he had worked hard making her happy that afternoon and that he must be very tired and sleepy. He could hardly keep his eyes open, poor baby and she would help him go to sleep. He must give her his come and sleep . come and sleep . come. Nick exploded inside her and blissful darkness fell over him.

To Amy's annoyance her mother decided that she should keep Nick with her that night to "reinforce his obedience." It took quite a bit of reinforcement, from the sound of her Mom's delighted nocturnal cries. The frustrated teen girl had to use her own damned vibrator to get to sleep. And the next morning Carol's bedroom door remained firmly closed as Amy listened to Nick's obedience was noisily reinforced again and again. Only around noon did one harried teenage boy and one thoroughly satisfied middle age woman emerge.

Thus it was Sunday afternoon before a very sleepy Nick was properly introduced to his "little mistress" and told he must love and obey her, too. Only then did Amy at last get her tit-lets nibbled, her peach fur-lined slit licked to several delightful orgasms before her tight little pussy was at last filled by a cock that even she had to admit was "awesome!"

If Carol had left Amy alone to enjoy her new boy toy as a good mother should, things might have been different, but the horny woman insisted that she needed to continue to "work on" Nick. Amy only got to fuck him after school ("after you do all your homework."). Her mother, on the other hand, took Nick to her bed every night for the next several weeks. Until she announced that she had missed her period.

Amy accompanied her mother to the gynecologist for her first pre-natal checkup. When Carol came out beaming with confirmation that she was indeed going to have another baby, Amy casually suggested maybe she should be checked too. "But I've had you on the Pill since Jr. High," her mother squawked.

"Pills don't work unless you take them," her smiling daughter pointed out. "And don't lecture me, Mother. You didn't have an 'accident' that first weekend with Nick. You had a period after that; I saw the tampons. You kept fucking him unprotected until he made you pregnant because you wanted to, because he has a monster cock and because is a hell of a good fuck. Well, I'm about a month behind you."

Carol wanted to be mad, but she couldn't blame a horny girl for letting a hunk like Nick pump his virile young spunk into her unprotected teen pussy. "He IS a good fuck, isn't he," Carol laughed.

"And a proficient baby maker," added Amy, playfully bumping her Mom's tummy with her own.


Thus reconciled, mother and daughter worked out a more equitable time-share of Nick's cock. To minimize staying up late on school nights, it was decided that Amy would have Nick on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights. Carol got Nick on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. On Saturday nights, mother and daughter enjoyed "Nick sandwiches," taking turns, one riding his cock while the other straddled his mouth having her pussy eaten. Amy thought this was OK, since she still got fucked after school (and could occasionally get in a quickie between classes, too). Even Dan was as happy as a man can be, whose wife and daughter are both knocked up by their live-in boy toy. At least he was getting sex three nights a week from his insatiable wife.


A few months later Nick's graduation rolled around. After the speeches were made and before the diplomas were handed out, various special awards were presented. Many family groups made complete fools of themselves cheering loudly for their daughters who had won scholarships or academic prizes. But nothing compared to the enthusiasm of one teenage girl and two middle aged women, each with adorable bulges at three different stages beneath her indecently short maternity dress, standing on their seats and applauding wildly as the just barely showing principal handed Nick a special award for "Homemaking."


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