There I was sitting in the emergency room, still in shock and wondering what would happen to me. Only hours before my worst problem was that I'd been feeling old and a neglected.

But then all at once everything changed.

Ever since my wife hit menopause at 52 I hadn't been getting any sex. And for sure over the past year I'd begun to gain weight and generally feel lousy. But tonight sitting in the busy emergency room I couldn't even remember what my prior complaints had been. Now all I wanted to do was live!

It all started just after 7 pm that very night. It seemed like a lifetime ago, but had only been 4 hours or so. My wife Carole and I were watching TV when the front door to our house was kicked in. I couldn't understand what was happening at first, but when Carole jumped up and screamed in fright I realized that we were having our home invaded by a gang of criminals.

I'd never really given something like that any thought before. Things like that didn't happen in our neighborhood, we had block watch and even a neighborhood committee. Young families occupied many of the homes in our neighborhood and the area seemed nice enough, so how could this be happening to us?

Then they were on top of me forcing me to the floor. I didn't have a chance to fight back and in reality even if I had they were younger and much more fit than I.

I realized right then that they were of Mexican decent and that there were three men and one woman in their gang. I struggled until finally one of the men hit me a glancing blow to the side of my head, which stunned me into inactivity. After that all I could hear were my wife's sobs and some of the intruders rummaging through the house.

Then I heard the woman say in very accented English, "Say Manuel, don't forget about me man." Then she stepped over to me and said, "Get up mister!" It was a command, and when I didn't move one of the tough young men came over and grabbed me by the hair.

"Hey, fucker! When Consuela says get up, you better get the fuck up!" I was dragged up into a sitting position then hauled onto my feet. As they shoved me out of the room I heard my wife pleading with me, "Please John don't go, I'm afraid, please."

It wasn't like I could do anything about it. I knew that she was in danger but I didn't think they'd try anything sexual with her. After all she was 52 years old and none of the guys in the gang could have been more than 25.

But I could still hear her sobs as the door to our bedroom closed behind me and the girl pushed me forward into the room. I said, "Look don't hurt us we didn't do anything to you. All of the money in the house is in my wallet or in the third draw from the right in my home office at the back of the house."

"Juan, you go get the money while I entertain this asshole." She pulled out a mean looking little gun and pointed it at my head, "Lie down on the bed mister and I won't shoot you right now!"

I did as I was told feeling a fear like nothing I'd ever felt before. What did she mean, 'right now' and why had they separated me from my wife?

Then my fear rose like vomit as she began to pull rope out of her coat and grabbed my arm.

"What the?" I mumbled in fright.

She pulled my arm and swore at me in Spanish all the while waving that nasty looking little gun around. Then finally she reverted to English saying, "Mister you better stop fighting me or I'll fucking kill you."

I hadn't been around guns for thirty years, ever since I got out of the Army in the early Seventies. She was scaring the hell out of me the way she was handling that weapon. So I lay back and let her tie both of my arms. I figured the sooner they had me secure the sooner they'd be done and out of our lives.

Once both of my arms were securely tied to the headboard of the bed she went to the dresser and pulled out a pair of silk panties from my wife's side. I watched as the little Mexican girl sniffed them then she looked over at me and smiled. I didn't know what she had in mind until she was jamming them in my mouth and tying a piece of cloth to secure it.

I thought they would leave me there and finish with their burglary, but I was wrong. The next thing that happened was that this small female climbed up on the bed with me and started to undo my pants. All I could do was gawk at her in surprise.

Then she was pulling on my pant-legs tugging them off. I watched in shock and embarrassment as she came back up beside me and did the same with my underwear.

There I was, this middle age slightly potbellied white guy lying on my bed naked from the waist down with my arms tight above my head. I was totally humiliated as she stood back to inspect my nakedness. But there was nothing I could do about it.

Then she was tying my feet with a rope to the footboard of the bed. What was she going to do? I hoped that I wasn't going to make the newspapers in the morning. I could imagine the headline, "Middle aged man found mutilated in own bed." Sharon Tate came to mind briefly.

Then my heart almost stopped when I felt a hot moist softness surround my flaccid dick. I struggled to see what was happening, and sure enough the little Mexican girl was licked and sucking away at me, trying to get me up.

I hadn't had proper sex with my wife for almost two years, and she hadn't given me head in at least that long. I lay there feeling this young woman's body over mine and her lips surrounding my hardening dick and wondered why an attractive girl like her would want to do something like this to an old fart like me. I couldn't figure it out, and after a short time I didn't care any more.

When she had me fully hard she knelt on the bed beside me and tugged her t-shirt off over her head and then rolled over and kicked off her pants. She wasn't wearing any underwear at all. Kids these days, it made you wonder.

Then as I watched, anticipating what I thought was about to happen, she looked into my eyes and climbed on top of me. All I could think about was that tight young brown body straddling me, and how it would feel to fuck again.

Then I almost jumped up (and would have if I hadn't been tied down with a 100lb girl on top of me) as the bedroom door burst open. Fuck what now I wondered, my arousal turning to fear again.

Then the guy she'd called Manuel said, "At it again huh Consuela?"

"Fuck you Manuel and get out." She turned back to me and smiled down at me. All I could do was look back at her with my eyes wide as my dick began to grow back to full hardness. I didn't care if the guy watched us, all I wanted then was a warm moist place to hide my sausage and I didn't even care that they'd robbed me of all my valuables.

Then I heard, "Hey! Gringo, you know ol' Consuela their as HIV. And the only way she can get any is to force her victims. She's a fucking slut who's screwed half the dirty bums downtown for pocket change. Have fun fucker!"

Consuela turned on top of me and began to scream at him in Spanish. I couldn't tell what she was yelling, but I knew that every other word must be an obscenity.

I felt her smooth brown thighs as they straddling my pudgy white belly and I saw her strong muscled stomach ripple as she yelled at Manuel. She looked as good as she had only moments before, but now I could feel myself going limp. I didn't want to catch a disease.

I started squirming, now all I wanted was to get away. My squirming caught the girl's attention and she looked back at me. She could tell instantly that I no longer wanted to screw her. She looked pleadingly at me and said, "That fucker is lying I don't have no disease, honest mister. C'mon man you want it I know you do."

But I didn't.

Apparently I had no choice in the matter though. After pleading with me for a while the girl finally smiled at me and said, "Okay, mister, we'll see what you really want huh?" and she scooted her naked body down to rest on my legs and began to lick at my cock -- Long cat-like strokes.

I could feel her tongue on the sensitive underside of my shaft and there was nothing I could do about it. I tried to think about when we'd had our first baby and the after birth material that was splattered all over the birthing table after my wife had spent 6 hours pushing, or dogs shitting big piles of crap with flies flitting around their hind ends.

But it was no good. Consuela's mouth was rhythmically working my stiffing cock up into hardness and there was nothing I could do to stop myself. When I heard her laugh in triumph I knew I'd lost out.

Still jacking my stiff bone for all she was worth the little Mexican climbed my while mountain and straddled me. Then I heard a groan as she lowered herself over my cock taking me in all the way.

I was horrified! This was terrible, but vaguely I realized that it felt so good; she was giving me feelings that I only dimly remembered after more than two years without. As the little brown Mexican girl began to ride me for her pleasure I could feel that wonderful friction that only fucking a female cunt can give a man.

It didn't take long before I was there. My body jerked at its restraints as I came intensely, my come exploding from me like a volcano. I felt like I was shooting my whole insides into the girl, a searing painful pleasure shot right out through my dick as gobs of my come filled her.

Then she was grunting and thrusting on top of me and I knew from her closed eyes and the tortured grimace on her pretty brown face that she was coming on my shaft. She'd reached wherever she was trying to get.

I even felt a crazy sort of pride; just for a moment that I'd been able to get her off just from her riding my cock.

Then she was gasping and slumped over onto my chest breathing hard. I could feel her sweaty young brown body heaving on top of my old white one and it made my cock jerk inside her from the pleasure the thought gave me.

Consuela looked up at me then, and smiled. "Not so bad after all, huh mister?"

What could I say? (Nothing since I was trust up and gagged and had just been raped by a female possibly with HIV.)


They left the house after ransacking it. I remember that one of the men came in and finally pulled Consuela off me, but not until she'd come again and made me come for a second time too.

I think it was her desperate need that kept me hard and ready even though I was so out of practice.

After they left my wife came into the room, still crying and saw me tied up and naked. I knew that she could tell by the slimy mess all over my crotch and the sheets that I'd just been fucking. But I hoped she could tell by the gag and ropes binding me that it hadn't been my fault.

Apparently she had because she was still sitting next to me in the emergency room when the doctor took samples of the girl's fluids to test for HIV. He told me that I would have to wait at least three months before an AIDs test would tell me anything, maybe six months. No one was absolutely sure how long it took for the infection to show up.

He also said that there was a small possibility that I wouldn't get it. But that my wife and I should abstain from having sex for the next six months until we were sure I wasn't infected.

Well, at least that was no problem since we didn't have sex anymore anyway.

But I have had a few fantasies about meeting Consuela again. She was one hot fuck, even if she did have a disease or two.


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