He had balls like a couple of tangerines. I could see them under the tight crotch of his cutoff jeans, two big plump testicles like the balls of a horse.

He would bend over to pick up a box, or a piece of furniture, and the cutoffs would stretch taut over his delicious firm ass, and when he stood up his balls were outlined under the snug-fitting denim.

I had picked him up at my garage sale. I needed a couple of guys to help me move, and he was a big, strong hunk of a boy. I was wearing jeans and a man's shirt, with my hair tied back in a ponytail, and I leaned way over right in front of him so he could see down my shirt and see my big black bra and my tits spilling out of it.

I hooked him, easy. He started talking to me and I asked him if he'd be available to help me move, and I offered to pay him, and he agreed.

Well, that was one less thing to worry about. I got another guy and they came over and helped me load the truck -- fortunately, I travel light and I didn't have all that much stuff to move -- and they unloaded the truck for me. The other boy had to leave and left me alone with Will, the boy I had recruited by flashing my cleavage.

There was still work to be done. We had to screw together the bed frame and assemble my bed, and so on. Otherwise I'd be sleeping with my mattress on the floor.

Will was moving things around as I directed him, and he was sneaking little peeks at me, checking me out, at the same time I was studying his studly form. Will was 18, a high school senior, just about to graduate. He had sandy, tousled hair and an ingratiating smile. It was nice of him to volunteer to help an old woman in her thirties.

It was a hot summer day, and Will's t-shirt was plastered to his chest. I could see his nipples and his hard pecs through the damp cotton. The way his muscles rippled when he lifted something heavy was delightful to see. I made him pick up a few things that didn't even need to be moved, just to watch him.

I don't remember ever enjoying watching boys this much when I was a girl.

I knew that Will would expect to get another look down my shirt when he came over to work for me and I had dressed so I could give him his reward. A tight, ribbed tank top, cut low with a neckline that scooped down to there, and a big flannel work shirt over it that I could open up and take off as the day got hotter.

Sweat was pouring down all of us by the time we had the truck loaded, and I served a pitcher of lemonade (not beer? these were high school seniors, I didn't think their parents would approve). It was nice feeling the breeze through the open windows of the truck as we drove across town. The other boy drove and Will and I crammed into the front seat, squeezed tight next to each other, so I could feel his hot, sweaty body jammed against mine.

I let my hand lay on his thigh as we jolted across town. We were pressed tightly together and I had to put it somewhere. My fingertips brushed his leg very gently, so casually he couldn't have thought for a moment it was deliberate.

Man, those tight cutoffs. He had a nice bulge between his thighs, so that he could hardly put his legs together. When I spotted those balls bulging in his jeans I thought for a moment he had brought along a couple of tennis balls or something. Oh...those are his testicles, I realized. Well, if he gets fresh with me I know where to hit him -- what a fat target!

Not that I would have minded him getting a little fresh with me. He was a young guy, and he was working for me, and when you're the boss lady it can be a little intimidating to a young male. I didn't think he was going to get fresh with me at all, more's the pity.

"Nice house," Will commented, as we pulled into the driveway of my new home.

"Isn't it? It's a duplex, but the people who live on the other side aren't around much. This is their second home, and they come out on weekends and in the summer."

There -- smooth move, Jenny. You've just told a couple of irresponsible teenage boys where they can break in and rob the liquor cabinet because the owner's never around. Idiot!

"Man, this is nice with the woods and all in the back yard."

"Those woods extend for half a mile over to the highway. I saw a quail in there, not 100 yards from the house, and they have deer," I told him.

And if you crossed the highway and climbed up the ravine and went about half a mile uphill, into the rocks, there was a lovely, crystal pool perfect for skinny-dipping.

Will continued to enthuse about what a great place it was as I gave them a quick tour of the apartment and showed them where I wanted the furniture to go. I was pretty enthusiastic about it myself. Hardwood floors, high ceilings, a working fireplace...hmm, I was going to need someone to keep me supplied with wood for the fire. There was a rick in the back, and once cold weather started coming on, maybe one of the boys...? I had their phone numbers and maybe after the leaves fell I'd give one of them a call. Except they were going off to college in the fall, so they wouldn't be around. Too bad.

"Let's get the sectional sofa in here first. Can you get it through that door?" We went to work getting stuff in, and it was hours before we had everything off the truck. I wanted to get it back to the rental place before they closed so I paid the other boy and he drove it back.

I had been sweating like a pig in that hot flannel shirt all afternoon.

Now that the other boy was gone I felt free to take it off.

"Aren't you hot?" I said, peeling the sopping wet shirt off. "You can take your shirt off if you like."

Underneath the shirt my t-shirt was plastered to my body. You could count every stitch in my bra, and I had cleavage spilling out of the low neckline. This was Will's reward: he liked looking down my shirt, and I was going to let him look all he wanted, as a little extra bonus for all the hard work he was doing.

Will peeled out of his t-shirt as soon as I suggested it and there we were, chest to chest, he with his young muscular brawn and me with my 36D Grade A sweater meat.

I looked down at myself and saw dewy beads of perspiration running into the cleft between my soft creamy jugs. I remembered asking my mother once why I was growing these big things on my chest, and her telling me "It's nature's way of saying "Calling All Boys!""

Will was looking at them, too. I looked up at his eyes and he was looking at my set.

It was four in the afternoon on a summer day, and sweat was rolling in little rivulets down his bare torso, and sliding under the waist of his cutoffs, much as my soft, exploring hand would like to. He had smooth skin, and the droplets pouring down his chest reminded me of a nice cold Coke bottle on a hot day.

"Would you like a Coke?" I asked, since he had put me in mind of it.

"Boy, a nice cold drink would be great. I'm sweltering."

I went to the kitchen and got a couple of bottles out of the freezer where I had put them to cool quickly. I tugged the t-shirt away from my body, once I was out of the room, so it wouldn't be so obscenely, transparently plastered to my body. I didn't want him to be able to see my nipples. At least, not that visibly. There's a difference between a nice little tease and making a pornographic display of your self, as my mother used to point out to me at really inopportune times. (As in: "You're wearing THAT to the prom?" as I was heading out the door with my date. It wasn't cut that low...)

Will, of course, not being a girl, was oblivious to the fact that he was making a pornographic display of himself. He was sitting on my couch, a towel spread under him to protect the upholstery from his perspiration. He was leaning back with his legs spread. And even though I had just seen him take his shirt off at my invitation, I was stunned, on reentering the room, to see a nearly naked man wearing nothing but a tight pair of cutoffs. And my lord, you could see up the leg of his cutoffs and that white cotton flash must be his underwear. (At least he was wearing underwear).

For a moment I forgot where I was. I hadn't expected to see a nearly naked man sprawled on my couch, and it took me a moment to recall that he had taken his shirt off at my invitation.

"Here's your Coke," I gargled in a slightly choked voice.

"Thank you, ma'am." (Ma'am? I'm not that old!) He tilted it back and poured it down his throat, his adam's apple bobbing as he swallowed. The sunlight coming in through the big picture window (where were those drapes, anyway?) caught the highlights of his bronzed skin. His muscular torso gleamed.

He was sure a good looking boy. I had to remind myself that he was there to work, and he was supposed to be staring lustfully at me. Wasn't that on the agenda for this afternoon's morale booster? I almost regretted that I had pulled my t-shirt away from my skin, but since it was still hot it was starting to replaster itself.

"Hmm, what's this?" I asked rhetorically as an excuse to lean way over in front of him and dig around in the box at his feet. My tits spilled forward nicely and swayed in front of him, right at eye level. He could hardly fail to notice my big udders hanging down right in his face.

"Are you enjoying the view?" I asked, puckishly. He was sitting right in front of the picture window, after all.

He shot me a guilt-stricken glance. "Ah, no, er, I mean, I wasn't really paying much attention, but the view here is great -- you can see the woods and all. I bet you can see deer here in the morning sometimes. They'll probably come to raid your garbage can if you don't keep it locked."

Silly boy, I was letting him look. A man would have known to come right back at me with a double-entendre of his own, like "Why, yes, I didn't know you could see the mountains from here." But they hardly ever do, of course. I've been waiting all my life to meet a man who could come back at me like that, like Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall in "To Have and Have Not". I would have given any man my cherry in a second if he had talked to me that way, when I still had it.

I straightened up after letting him look down my neckline for about 30 seconds, which is about as long as I can go without getting muscle spasms with those big heavy things pulling me off balance.

After I stood up I noticed gratifyingly that next to those big heavy balls there was a nice stiff erection starting to sprout, tenting out his shorts a little. If you didn't know you'd think he had stuck the handle of his tennis racket in next to those two fuzzy tennis balls he was carrying in his pockets.

"You must be glad you're almost done with school, Will. It's quite hard, isn't it? -- being a high school senior, I mean. How old did you say you were?"

"Eighteen." Just checking. They have laws in this state.

"It's very hot in here. Would you help me open these windows?"

We already had most of the other windows open. For some reason I was starting to feel warmer.

"Man, that breeze feels good," Will said. It did, too. A nice fresh breeze bringing in all the scents of the summer woods.

"At-choo!" Will's sneeze blasted like a crack of thunder. I think he got a few little specks of snot on my t-shirt.

"Oh dear, are you allergic? There's probably a lot of pollen in the air."

"I'll be fine. Just getting a nice cool blast like that when you're overheated makes me sneeze sometimes."

I drank my Coke, and enjoyed the view up his shorts from my seat across the room. I cooled off and started to get my strength back. By this time I was extremely bushed, although Will was still going strong.

"I think," I said musingly, "we should get some of this stuff up into the attic, while I still have you here."

"You have an attic?"

"Uh-huh, and it's a pretty decent size, although I don't think you could stand up straight in it. I can stand up in it, but I'm about 6 inches shorter than you."

"That much? You look taller than that."

"Come stand here next to me and I'll show you."

We stood back to back while we compared heights, which allowed his firm ass to rub against mine. Oh, my. Delightful.

"I can't see how much taller you are this way. Turn around." This was unnecessary but it allowed me to stand toe to toe with him. My t-shirt, with its two big hemispherical outthrusts, was pressed into his chest.

"You're only about 4 inches smaller than me. Maybe I can stand up in the attic too," he said, as my damp t- shirt pushed against him. I could feel the warmth of his chest and my chest getting warmer in response.

I was looking up into his eyes and breathing hard. I could feel my nipples stiffening and poking into his chest.

"No, I still don't think you can. I should probably go up there and you can bring stuff up to me."

"It's going to be as hot as blazes up there."

"I know."

I showed him where the attic entrance was and we pulled the ladder down and climbed up to have a look.

"It's like a freakin' oven up here!"

"Isn't it? I'm burning up," I said.

"You must be hotter than I am, in that shirt."

"I sure am. I can't stand this. Would you mind if I take my t-shirt off? You won't be offended, will you?"

"Uh, no." Of course not. My only reason for going up there at all was to have an excuse for shedding some more clothes. I had started thinking about the fact that he was 18, so he wasn't jailbait, and he was going away to college soon anyway, so I wouldn't have any trouble getting rid of him. He sure looked mouth- wateringly good in his near naked state, the sweat running down his firm muscular body. His masculine scent was driving me crazy.

So I decided to up the ante a little, and see if he just liked admiring the view down my shirt or if he really meant business.

"You won't tell anyone, will you? This is kind of embarrassing, but it is just so hot. This is like a sauna up here."

"No, I wouldn't tell anyone. But why wouldn't you want me to tell them?"

"Cause I'm a schoolteacher, and you're just a boy, and...well, you know.

People might think things."

"I won't embarrass you, Miz Wanshel. Pinkie swear."

"Pinkie swear." We made the sign, and I turned my back on him and peeled my t-shirt off.

"Now don't look."

I didn't care if he looked or not but a girl must always say "Don't look" on these occasions.

I picked up a box and held it in front of my chest and turned around.

I was probably blushing beet red.

"Okay," I said. I clutched the box to my chest to cover my breasts up.

He couldn't see anything but my bra straps over the top of the box.

"Now go get those three book boxes marked "School" and bring them up.

You can just hand them up to me."

I felt flustered seeing the bright look in his eyes. My taking my t-shirt off had hit him like a shot of amphetamine.

"You can just hand it up to me," I said when he came back with the box. I hung back from the edge of the ladder so he couldn't see me as he pushed the box up.

He got another box and pushed it up the same way, unable to see me in my semi-nude state. I was wearing nothing but a bra and cutoffs.

"Damn," he blurted sharply as he descended the ladder with a thud.

"Did you hurt yourself?" I went to the edge and leaned over, and as he looked up at me I knew he could see me in nothing but my bra as I looked down at him, although I must have been somewhat shadowy blocking the light from the attic as I was.

"Uh, no, I'm okay. I just slipped there, but nothing wrong."

"You sure? I could come down and take a look at it."

"No, that's all right."

He went away and came back with another box, and now that we had broken the ice and I had let him see me in my bra, I let him bring the box all the way up and join me in the attic.

He couldn't stand up straight under the low rafters and had to stoop over.

I stood next to him and pretended to be having difficulty deciding what my next move was, while he sneaked peeks at my full bra. My tits were spilling over the tops of my lacy, low-cut cups. It wasn't the most comfortable bra for this kind of work and I seriously considered taking it off. If I had been alone I would have.

"Do you think that old love-seat would fit over there where the roof slopes down?"

"If we move some of that stuff, yeah." My landlords left a lot of their own stuff up there in the attic and it was somewhat crowded.

"Okay, why don't we move it over there, and make room. I'll get in there and hand stuff to you."

This took a while, and involved a great deal of me bending over and leaning forward so he could see down my cleavage and into my bra, and see my swaying chest hanging down as I bent over.

Every time he crouched down to take something from me he stretched the crotch of his cutoffs taut, and I could see the big round contours his balls made under his cutoffs. I sure wanted to get a feel of those round things if I could. He had an erection most of the time. At first he pretended he wasn't really looking me in the chest and then I gave him a little half smile to kind of say "I don't mind", and he started looking more boldly and frankly staring. My nips were hard like little pebbles.

I could see his underwear peeking out now and then. Briefs, not boxers. Nice and tight. His dick must have been uncomfortably hard because he had to surreptitiously adjust its position a couple of times, to make more room for it.

"Jesus, this is hot up here. I don't think I can take much more of this." That was me talking. I was sweating so hard -- it must have been over 120 degrees in that attic, maybe more -- that my bra was soaked through. My soaked cups were semi-transparent and he could see the dark circles around my nipples, and my hard, swollen areolae standing out. I looked like I need to be milked.

"I don't mind if you want to work some more." Indefatigable youth.

"I've had it. Let's go down and get out of this furnace."

He went down first, and I took my time coming down the ladder so he could check out my legs as I descended. My cutoff briefs were pasted against my skin. They looked sprayed on, and I do have nice legs.

I stood next to him in the hallway and looked gently into his big soft eyes.

"Wouldn't you like to take a nice cold shower after that? I'm drenched."

"Uh, yeah, I could sure use it."

"We'll take turns. I'll go first, I'll be just a minute."

I ran into the bathroom, stripped out of my soggy clothes, and then leaned out of the bathroom door, standing naked behind the door, and called Will.

"Would you throw these in the washing machine for me? You don't have to turn it on, just toss them in for me." I handed him my damp bra, panties, and cutoffs. He looked mildly surprised to have a grown woman handing him her underwear.

I turned on the shower and quickly rinsed off, and man, it was heavenly to stand under those cold jets and soap up and get all squeaky clean. I made as quick a job of it as I could.

"Your turn," I called. I came out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around my middle, barely covering my tits and ass.

"That was quick," Will commented as he squeezed by me in the hall.

"I don't take as long as most women." Will's eyes travelled up and down my form appreciatively, enjoying the view of pink skin just out of the shower.

Will went in the bathroom and a minute later I heard the shower start. I opened the bathroom door a crack, leaned in, and said "Will, I'm going to take your clothes and toss them in the wash with mine. They must be filthy."

"What?" He couldn't hear me with the water running.



I opened the door and went in and got his clothes. They were grimy and soaked with sweat. They smelled like a locker room, but I mean that in a nice way.

I turned on the cold water in the sink and then flushed the toilet. Will shrieked as the cold water ran out and the shower suddenly turned hot.

Well, naturally feeling concerned for his safety I forgot myself for a moment and peeked in the shower to make sure he was okay. Wouldn't you?

He was too busy fumbling the faucets to turn the hot water down and the cold up, to see me peeking in at the other end of the shower.

My, what a nice, manly ass. His buns were perfectly ripe. It was like seeing two full moons (now I know where that expression comes from).

I closed the shower curtain and left the room, humming a little tune to myself. On the way to the pantry I had a look at his briefs. 34 inch waist, no cup size. Too bad. When will Calvin Klein realize how much amusement this would give the women who do men's laundry? I don't think men would buy ill-fitting underwear just to boast a bigger cup size any more than women do with bras, once they got used to the idea.

I tossed our clothes in the wash and then went to the kitchen to rustle us up a little snack. It wasn't really popcorn weather but it was all I had, so I made popcorn. I had used up most of my groceries in order to make the move easier.

Outside, the sun was just starting to go down. You could see a perfectly lovely view of the sunset from the picture window, too.

"Will, come see the sunset!" I called.

"I don't have any clothes!"

"Well, just wrap a towel around yourself. Here --" I rummaged in a box I hadn't opened yet, found a towel just barely big enough to cover him, and passed it through the bathroom door. I tried to see the reflection of his nude body in the bathroom mirror, through the crack in the door, but the mirror was all steamed up.

He came out of the bathroom bashfully, clumsily trying to keep the towel from slipping off, and I took him into the living room and showed him the sunset.

"Isn't that a beautiful view?" I said proudly.

"Man, it's gorgeous. That is one freakin' beeyootiful sunset."

You get a lot of shit in the air out that way, from the chemical plants, so the sunsets here are gorgeous -- purple and red and gold with colorful streamers. And in the leaf season, when the trees are all blazing, it's even better. Sometimes you have to pinch yourself to make sure you're not on drugs.

I took the liberty of putting my arm around his waist.

"I just love my new home. Isn't this great, Will?"

"Yeah. You are really lucky to have this place. I'd like to have a place like this when I get set up."

Oh, a conversation! Goodie. "When you get out of college, you mean?"


"What are you planning to do when you get out?" Experimentally, I rubbed the side of my breast against his arm, very gently. Dunno if he could feel anything through the thick terry cloth.

"Shit, I don't know. I don't even know what I'm going to major in."

With that cute face and that big rangy body I had a feeling he was going to be majoring in girls, or maybe girls would be majoring in him.

"Do you have a girlfriend, Will?"

"Nah. I had one, we broke up. That was a while back."

"Well, that makes it a lot easier. Going off to college, I mean, if you don't have to break up or try to maintain a long distance romance. You can just make a fresh start at your new school."

"Yeah. I hope I meet someone at school. I've been kinda lonely since I broke up with Tess."

"What's Tess like?"

"Oh, she's really bright. She had like a 3.8 grade- point. She's going to be a pre-med at Stanford."

"That's wonderful. But you should stay away from medical students, they won't have any time for relationships."

"Yeah, I guess. Tess was really, really neurotic and she was so wound up all the time, so there was no way it could last."


"Oh, she's gorgeous."

"I can just see her. A perky little blonde, with big tits."

"Nah. She's a redhead, and they're not all that big."

"Oh....? I thought you were a real chest man, from the way you were..."

"Ah, gee, I wasn't-- I didn't mean to offend you." He had a mortified expression on his face.

"Oh, you didn't." I smiled at him gently. "I wouldn't have let you see me like that if it was a big deal. I figured, what the hell, if you can take your shirt off, why can't I? Besides, I had my bra on so you couldn't really see much."

"No, I couldn't," he lied.

"Not any more than you could see at the beach," I said.

He bit his lower lip and looked at me.

"Oh, I forgot all about the popcorn!" I dashed into the kitchen and got it and we munched for a while and sipped our sodas. I sat next to him on the couch.

We talked about college, and about movies, and this and that, and I slipped my arm around his shoulders and he didn't move away.

"Will," I said tremblingly, with a quaver in my voice, "I'd like you to do something for me."


"My back is really throbbing from all that lifting. Could you rub some Ben-Gay in for me?"

"Well, sure."

I went to the box with my medicine cabinet stuff in it and pretended to rummage around. I didn't want to put any of that stuff on my back, really, it smells.

"Well, I can't find it. Could you just rub my back for me please?"

I went in the bedroom and lay down on the bed, after hastily throwing on some sheets, and then I carefully unwrapped the towel and lowered it until it just barely covered my ass.

"Just rub hard," I said. "Take your time, no rush."

He rubbed my back very nicely, which was a pleasant surprise, and it felt really good. After a time I felt his hands wandering cautiously lower down my back, closer and closer to my ass.

"You can go lower, if you want," I said in a quavering voice. "That feels good."

His hands probed just barely onto the edge of my bottom.

"Oh yes, that feels really good. You can go lower."

His hand slid right down onto my gluteus maximus and stroked me gently. Then his other hand came down and did my other buttock. He was copping a feel. I have a nice big ass, if you like big asses. It embarrasses me most of the time.

"That feels nice, Will. You have good hands."

"Thank you," he said in a tense, eager voice. "You have a nice body, Miz Wanshel." I looked at him and I could see that he had a big hardon under his towel.

"Why, Will, thank you. What do you like about it?"

"Well, um, so--, so, you know, well-shaped, I mean....." He was fumbling awkwardly. He couldn't even think up a decent compliment, after an opening like that.

I rolled over and looked at him. Because this exposed my breasts I brought my arm down and folded it across my breasts to cover them.

"Dammit Will, are you going to fuck me or not!"

He looked dumbfounded. He was frozen with shock.

"Will, I watched you waving that big erection in my face all afternoon as you ogled my tits. Well, here they are. If you like them, tell me I have nice breasts. Just say it, that's all you have to do."

"You have...n-n-nice breasts. Miz Wanshel." He was blushing furiously and stammering.

"Please call me Jenny. What's nice about them?"

"Well, they're so big, and round..."

"And what do you want to do when you see a big pair of breasts?"

"I want to touch them."

"What else?"

"And...suck on them." His voice was practically a whisper.

"Speak up, Will."

"Suck on them."

"Would you like to suck on mine?"


"Well, then ask me."

"Uh, um, I guess...Miz Wanshel, can I...suck on your breasts?"

"May I, Will. Say may I, it's better grammar. I know you can, since you have a mouth. Whether you may is up to me."

"May I suck on your breasts, please?"


"Why, because, I... oh the hell with it!"

He lunged across the bed, grabbed me, and forced me down. He flung the towel off me and wrestled me down and pulled my arms off my chest, exposing my breasts, and then his head came down and he took one big hard nipple in his mouth and started sucking it, hard.

Wow! Having him lunge on me like that like a hungry barracuda was a thrill. I was swept away. He was so much bigger and stronger than I was. And he was in a frenzy.

"Oh, god, Will, yes. Are you hard?" I pulled away the towel that was wrapped around him and snaked my hand down there and felt him, and he was like six inches of rock.

Then I slid my hand lower and felt his balls. They felt big and smooth and round, tucked in tight under his cock. They felt like they were just bursting with semen and testosterone.

"Oh god, yes. I'm wet, Will. I've been wet for the last half hour. Just put it in and do me."

Will was chewing my breasts so hard it hurt, and I wiggled my ass around until my pussy was right under his dick and started guiding him in.

I was wide open down there, but it was so rigid I couldn't bend it and I had to force him into a better position before it started to go in. And in it went.

"Ow, ow ow! Jesus, that hurts. Stop biting my tits so hard!"

He finally noticed that I had his cock in me and he started to move, hard. I wasn't wet and open enough inside and it hurt, so I had to try to push him off. He was trying to rape me, pretty much. He was going to put it in with or without my cooperation, and I was trying to cooperate.

His hard penis continued driving into me like it was a railroad spike and he was John Henry, the Steel-Drivin' Man.

"Will, please! Take your time, slow down, you're hurting me. Will, please."

He stopped chewing on my breasts and said "Do you want me to screw you, Miz Wanshel? Is this what you want?"

"Yes, Will, I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me good. I want you to fuck my ass off, like the horny young stallion you are, and I want you to make me come. I'll let you screw me, Will. I just want you to slow down and let my pussy get lubricated before you tear something down there. Please just back out and then put it in slow. Please?"

"I can't help myself. I've just got to screw you or I'll go crazy."

"I know, Will. I've been teasing you all afternoon."

"God, Jenny, I want you so badly. Your tits are so fucking tremendous.

I wanted you the first minute I saw you."

"When I was bending over in that low cut shirt, you mean, at the garage sale? I knew you wanted me, Will, when I saw you looking at them. I was showing them to you on purpose. That's why I wore that lacy black bra, and that's why I picked you to bend over in front of. I wanted you and I got you. So now I'm all yours. Fuck me, you son of a bitch. Just be gentle.

"And I want you to use a condom."

"Ah, shit."

"Please, Will."

"It's already in."

"That doesn't matter. I've got condoms in my purse over there. Just go get one and put it on, and then I won't have to worry and I can relax and enjoy myself."

"Ah, okay," he grumbled. He went on put one on and his erection did not diminish one iota while he was fumbling with the package and getting it on.

I spread my legs invitingly.

"You could lick me down there a little, if you want to. That would help me get wetter."

He looked dubious.

"Did you ever do this with your girlfriend?" I had already forgotten her name.


"Here, it's easy. Each woman is different so you should try to get each one to show you how she likes it. Here, just stick your tongue up my hole, and try to keep my pubic hairs from getting stuck in your teeth."

He put his face against my pussy and I felt his hot breath on my crotch and then his tongue wiggled into my hole.

"That's very good. Now slide it out of my hole and slide it up about two inches until you find my clit. No, that's my urethra, keep going. You feel that little bump -- yes, right there, that's it -- sticking out about half an inch like a little tiny penis? It's erect now, and don't bash it so hard the erection goes down. It's very tender and sensitive and wilts if you abuse it.

"You want to lick it oh so gently, like an ice cream cone, and keep the erection hard. As long as there's blood in it making it stiff you're doing the right thing. Make it harder, like you want it to burst, but you have to lick it gently with just the tip of your tongue....oh, like THAT, yes. Lick me just like that. Are you okay down there? Can you breathe? I want you to just keep doing that, that's the right pace, don't speed it up...oh, yes, yes, yes..."

He was pretty good at it, actually. It wasn't the first time he had done it; a girl had taught him to eat her pussy in the 9th grade. (I remembered her, too. Who would have thought prim little Melinda Olcott, straight-A student, with her tight blonde braids and Peter Pan collars, was teaching boys cunnilingus?)

He got my cunt boiling hot, licking me like that, and when I felt sure I was as slippery as an eel inside I told him he could try to put his dick in again.

"It would have gone in easier the first time if it wasn't so thick," I said. "And so hard! You could hurt a girl with that thing." I thought he could use a little flattery. And he done such a nice job of sucking my clit.

It slid in a lot easier this time. I felt his bigness spreading my vaginal muscles wide, like opening an oyster. I could smell the inside of my cunt; my secretions were pungent and slick.

Slowly he pushed himself into me. His dick was sliding in and in and in. And my flower opened up to receive him.

"Will, have you ever fucked a teacher before -- umf! That feels good, yeah."

"No, never."

"Did you ever want to?"

"Oh sure, lots of times."

"Oh GOD! I felt that in my teeth! Have you got another inch of that thing you can slide up me, sailor? If you do I think I'll die."

"I think there's another inch there, yeah. How's this - -"

And he slid the last inch up me and bang, our groins were locked together tight. It had been a while since I had felt anything that nice inside of me.

"Oh, god, yes, Will. Do you think you can slide about 5 and a half inches out now, and just tease the vestibule with that big knob on the head of your dick? Yeah, oh yeah, like that..."

"How's this?" he said, sawing away.

"Good, good. So Will, since you never got to screw a teacher before -- this is your graduation present. Tonight you get to screw the teacher."

"Yeah, I've wanted to screw you for years. This is like --"


"I had a crush on you for years, all the time I was at Andrew Jackson..."

"Oh. My. God. Are you an ex-student of mine?"

"No. I went to Andrew Jackson but I never had you in a class. But I would see you in the hall, and in the cafeteria and so on, and I really had a crush on you. I must have jacked off fantasizing about you a hundred times."

(Only a hundred?)

"My God, I didn't realize. I didn't recognize you."

"Well, you wouldn't, I never had a class with you. But all the boys in the school knew who you were."

"Are you one of those boys who wrote things about "Watermelons Wanshel" on the bathroom wall?"

Will laughed. "No, were you sensitive about that? I heard about that, I'm sorry. They shouldn't call you things like that."

He was screwing me harder and deeper now, and my hips were pounding into the bedsprings.

"No, they shouldn't. But I'm used to it. Boys have been making fun of them ever since these melons were little cherries."

"They are gorgeous." My boobs like it when you worship them. I could feel them swelling up and getting harder and more sensitive.

"So. Will...would you like to suck on my...watermelons, while you screw me? Good. Roll over and I'll get on top of you."

Will rolled over and I mounted myself on his dick. I lay on top of him and lowered my breasts toward his mouth so he could suck me while we fucked.

"Oh, god, suck them Will. Can you suck both at once?" He could. He got both of my engorged nipples into his mouth and gave them a brisk, sloppy tongue whipping, while we continued to fuck hard, my crotch slobbering down onto his as he humped up at me.

I looked down at my tits and they had swollen up as big as they ever get, a half-inch or so bigger than normal. Sometimes they get like that, if I've put on a little weight or I'm retaining water, and then I can barely get my bra on and still breathe. One day I'll get pregnant and they'll stay like that, and I'll be Jenny Double-D Cup.

"What do you think all the boys back at Andrew Jackson would say, if they knew you finally got to suck Miss Wanshel's watermelons?"

"I think they'd kill me. I think if they had ever thought some kid had gotten a piece of you they'd have waited for him after school and killed him."

"Men. Is killing your answer to everything?"

"I think you're going to kill me if you keep fucking me like this.

My dick feels huge."

"Yeah? Do you feel like you're going to explode if I keep this up?"


"Well, good. I am going to make you come now, Will, you know why? Because the sooner you blow this load in me...the sooner you will get hard and we will do this again!"

"Oh God, Jenny....Miz Wanshel..."

I bounced up and down on his dick, hard and fast, fucking him like he was a dildo. His sucking was driving my nipples wild. I was breathing hard and sweating, my ponytail whipping me in the face, as I plunged down onto him again and again. My secretions coated his dick and the rich musky scent of our rutting perfumed the air.

My breath was coming in short panting gasps.

"So you like my breasts, Will? Call me Miss Watermelons, like you boys used to in the 9th grade."

"Oh god, Miss Watermelons, thank you. I've been wanting to see what you had under your sweater for so long. I wanted to put my hands on them and feel them. I knew you would have the most beautiful breasts I've ever seen. They are so, so fine! You're huge...you're stacked like a brick shithouse. That's what all the boys think. Your nipples taste so sweet. You've got the biggest, hardest, sexiest nipples I've ever sucked! They're as thick as one of my fingers. They taste so good. Thank you for letting me suck them. Oh, please Miss Watermelons, don't make me come yet, please, I'm going to come, stop...ahhh! Oh God!"

"I can feel you coming inside me Will, right through the condom."

I could. I could feel his dick spewing and spraying like a fire hose inside me, and I prayed the condom could hold it. I kinda felt like Myrtle, the Fertile Turtle, that night, and it would only take one drop of this stud's sperm finding its way to my uterus...

We clung together for a little while and then we pulled apart. His condom had held, but I could see the stuff dripping down onto the root of his penis and running into his pubic hair. I had to get a wash cloth to clean him off.

"Good fucking, Will."

"Thank you."

"Miss Wanshel awards you a gold star for exemplary performance."

I kissed my fingertip and traced a little star on his forehead.

"Now, you must have worked up an appetite with all that huffing and puffing, yes? I could make us some more popcorn...and we could hook up the TV."

"I'd like that."

I made some more popcorn while Will hooked up the TV set next to the bed. There was no cable hookup yet, but I had a videocassette of "Emmanuelle" that I keep for special occasions like this.

We munched popcorn and watched the movie. I went to the bathroom to brush the popcorn hulls out of my teeth and when I came back he was fondling himself under the covers. Jerking off while he watched the lovely Mademoiselle Emmanuelle give some guy a blowjob.

I pulled back the covers to watch him pulling his meat. He looked embarrassed.

"I feel like jerking off too," I said. "Leave the covers off so I can watch you. I haven't seen a guy do that in years. It's neat."

I spread my legs and started stroking Miss Pussy softly while I watched Will beat off, and Will watched Emmanuelle. After a while Will's head swiveled away from the TV and he watched me as I made myself wetter and wetter down there. Will had done a good job on my clitoris before but I can do myself better than any man can do me. I got the little man in the boat very hard and started trilling him with my fingertips.

"Can I do that?"

"With a few years of practice, maybe. I can do this part better than you can. But you can finish me."

Emmanuelle was moaning hard on the TV and we went back to watching her and after a while we were both breathing hard. I was nearly there, on the brink. I looked across at Will, and he was rock hard, shaking it stiff. When the big end pokes out of the boy's fist he's about ready to go.

"Will...." I said.


"I'm really wet now. Are you hard enough to put it in?"

"Yes, I think so. I'll put another condom on."

"Thank you."

He rolled it on and I got my legs spread wide and scooted down where he wouldn't bang my head into the headboard.

"You want to get on top, Will?"

"I sure liked what we were doing before."

"I did too, but I want you on top of me now."

He kneeled between my legs with his dick poised at my entrance.

"I don't need any foreplay now, just kiss my breasts a little and I'm ready to go. Can you put it in?"

I was as hot as a stove and as damp as a summer in Seattle. He nuzzled my warm, sensitive breasts, and he started sliding it in slowly. It went in easily this time. I felt my pussy spread wide to receive him and he went in.

"Oh god, slide it right up me, Will. Oh god!"

It felt good. It only took him about a minute to get me all the way open.

"You can screw me now, Will."

He pulled back and moved his hands to my hips. I felt him enter me deeply, and then we began to fuck. He fucked me gently at first, and then harder, him pounding me and me lifting my hips for more.

My ass was bouncing up and down on the mattress as he rode me.

I pulled my knees back and put them over his shoulders, so he could really thrust in. He continued fucking me and it went in deeper than before, and he really began screwing me. I was eager to get it down there. Every thrust was a head-pounding thrill. My pussy lips were totally engorged, clamped wetly around his dick, as he thrust into me.

He got into a steady rhythm, and was stroking my pussy like an oarsman on the river. I was already hot when he started on me and I didn't take me long to get back to the edge.

"Oh yeah, Will, Will....I'm almost there. Can you fuck me a little faster please?"

He really thrust home hard then and banged me down into the bedsprings, and I fought the feeling as long as I could until I couldn't take anymore and I let the explosion come on.

"Oh god...yeah, that's it, just like that, not quite so hard Will, oh god, slide it in just like that, oh yeah...oh god, I'm on fire...do you think you can put out the fire with your big hose, mister fireman? oh yeah, that's the spot, right in there...screw me...oh dear god, I'm almost there, keep doing that, I'm almost there Will...."

"OH! Lord, YES! Omigod, omigod...WILL, YEAH, THAT'S IT, THAT'S IT, OHHHHHH!" I didn't have any near neighbors to wake up and I allowed myself a good loud earsplitting barnyard yell.

Naturally, Emmanuelle was still on. My ecstasy was right in time with hers -- she was having a screaming orgasm too.

It was a good come, a solid, honest to god non-fake orgasm. My body quaked. It curled my toes.

"Oh god, thank you Will. Thank you. Oh god. You fucked me to orgasm, you really did. You are so good. Thank you." I was babbling. It had been a long, long day and when that orgasm came my body collapsed into something like a bowl of runny jello. I felt like I couldn't move.

I cuddled up against Will and held him tight. His dick was still hard.

"Do you need to finish, Will? Put it back in me and finish. I'll fuck you." I couldn't fuck a fly. I was all fucked out.

He put it back in me and I lay on my back and he pumped me hard for couple of minutes. Just as I was starting to get a little sore down there he came, and I felt it throb inside me just as vividly as the first time.

He rolled off me, exhausted. It had been a long day for him too. I wondered if his family was expecting him home.

I peeled his sloppy, runny condom off him and held his limp, quivering dick softly in my hands.

"Thank you," I said. "You really know how to polish the teacher's apple, big boy."

I cuddled up against him and leaned my head on his shoulder.

"You were great," he said. "I feel like a 1000 pound lead weight just fell on me, but you were great."

"You must be exhausted, poor man. Want to spend the night?"

"I can't...you know, like my parents and all..."

"I understand. Will...you know, you're going to be around all summer... if you wanted to come over again next Friday night...?"

And he did.


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