She had heard the news several months earlier but didn't believe a word of it.

"Some newly discovered planet is going to hurtle down and mess up the earth. Right. What a bunch of bullshit!"

Carmen was soon proven to be quite wrong, however. NASA scientists did indeed announce to the world that following summer that a new planet, or asteroid, or collection of space debris, or comet, or something was coming quite close to earth and could cause all sorts of problems, from reversing the magnetic poles to the earth tearing itself to shreds from the gravitational pull. What happened in the end was somewhere in between.


Carmen and Amanda were on lunch break, and, as usual, were making their way up Park Street to the little place they always ate. They were trying to bring some normalcy back, some security blanket to help them get through the knowledge that their world could forever change. The sky had a perpetual yellowish cast these days, and the sunsets were blood red. The news was reporting NASA accounts of pre-contact debris in the atmosphere, the foreshadowing of the impending contact with TF109, the asteroid on everyone's mind.

The tabloids all screamed about an alien invasion in the wake of the space debris or whatever it was, and although Carmen laughed at them in the supermarket check-out line, she and everyone around her was secretly frightened out of their wits. No one could really be sure what would happen when the asteroid passed by Earth, and the entire event was so crazy that aliens seemed just as likely as anything else that had been happening within the past couple of months.

Strange storm clouds, earthquakes, the slight wobble in the previously perfect orbit of the moon - it was all anyone could do to try and keep a grip on their lives.

So Carmen and Amanda, like the others who still went to work every day, were playing a game - a game of "let's pretend life is just the way it always was." The thin veneer of sanity was getting thinner, however, as the skies darkened and the news grew more dire.

The women had almost made it to the restaurant, the place where they could turn away from the sky and pretend everything was normal.

As soon as they heard the humming sound coming from above them, they couldn't help but look up. And then they heard the screaming from everywhere around them as other people in the busy downtown district heard the humming and looked up as well. Silver ships were in the skies. Silver ovals that hummed and sat still in the sky like some kind of perverted hummingbird. But it wasn't nectar they wanted.

Suddenly, on the street before them and in seemingly random places around them, creatures appeared within a golden haze. They were like huge insects, their multiple jointed limbs glistening metallic in the weakened sunlight, their faceted eyes taking in the slightest movement on the city streets around them, their scaly bodies and winged backs looking much like psychedelic praying mantises.

At some point Carmen snapped out of her stunned observation and realized that she should probably run away. She took a step backward, and the head of the nearest creature swiveled around quickly to focus on her.

The thing lunged toward the two women and before she could think, Carmen saw Amanda grabbed and hoisted aloft by four great segmented arms. She stood there gaping and before she could recover, Carmen was snatched away as well by one of the huge insects.


Carmen hadn't remembered fainting, but the next thing she knew, she came to herself in the arms of one of the insect-like aliens. The air was hot, much hotter than she had remembered it, and, her head still swimming and threatening to go black again on her, Carmen looked around. They were in the middle of nowhere - no, not nowhere exactly. They were in the desert. The reddish- tan sands shimmered in a mirage, and she could just make out mountains in the distance, past the scraggly sage brush and sparse rock outcroppings.

But that was the last of the outside world that Carmen would ever see.

Still held in the creature's arms, they entered a large cave, with other creatures before and behind them, each one carrying a human. She was reminded of a trail of ants carrying food back to the nest, then she began to panic. Struggling and crying out, she soon realized that the tight grip of the alien was far too strong for her to ever escape. Then her eyes became accustomed to the darkness and she looked at her surroundings.

The hive was enormous, and looked much like a series of lava tube tunnels. She could hear chitonous bodies rub together in the darkness ahead of her, and, deeper in the tunnels, the screams and moans of human beings. She was being taken deeper.

The air grew cooler as they traveled, and it wasn't long before the "ant trail" ended at an immense underground chamber. The creature quickly and neatly sliced off all Carmen's clothing, which was immediately discarded, then carried her over to one of the walls where a honeycomb-like structure was being constructed to accommodate the human bodies. She was deposited inside one of the cells and, before she could react, was sealed inside by one of the aliens. Rather than a solid wall, like inside a wax beehive, all the walls were transparent, almost like glass.

Carmen was mortified to find herself trapped behind completely transparent walls without clothing, then she noted that all the other humans were just as naked as she was. She squinted in the dim light, trying to find a way out of her prison, but soon found that the clear walls were just as slick as glass, too.

Looking out into the central chamber, Carmen tried to make heads or tails of what was happening. The darkness was alleviated by a few thin ventilation shafts in the ceiling, and to her amazement, Carmen could just make out her friend Amanda in the next section, sealed into her own transparent cell just as she was.

After what seemed like hours, a medium-sized insect came skittering down the passage and stopped at Amanda's cell. The alien creature sliced the door open with its sharp mandibles and Amanda screamed, tears rolling down her pale cheeks.

The great creature grasped her gently, however. It considered her with its compound eyes, and stroked Amanda's head with one of its legs while thrumming deeply as if to calm her. It actually worked - she simply looked up at her captor with fear instead of terror. The insect gingerly removed her from her cell and brought Amanda into the center of the room under a shaft of sunlight.

It continued stroking and caressing the young woman and it looked to Carmen like she had stopped trembling and was starting to actually enjoy the gentle attention the monster was giving her. Carmen also noticed that the end of the insect's body had been lengthening slightly as it stroked Amanda, and it began to curve around toward the woman. She wracked her brain frantically - where had she seen something like this before?

Amanda was now happily cuddling inside the tender embrace of the huge alien, her eyes closed. Suddenly Carmen remembered.

"Amanda!! Oh my god!" She pounded on the transparent door of her cell but the girl didn't seem to hear her. "Amanda!!!"

The insect had somehow mollified her friend and laid her on her stomach, still holding her naked body gently with two of its legs. Its front two legs steadied its stance, and the final two legs closest to the curved abdomen were parting Amanda's legs, revealing her moist, ready opening.


Amanda, however, could not hear Carmen and appeared quite happy with the situation. The creature's abdomen slowly, gently, tenderly touched to Amanda's waiting slit. She jumped and gasped, but it was not in pain or horror - Amanda was obviously loving it. She pushed backward to meet the huge curving abdomen, groaning with ecstasy.

The insect pushed further into her, opening her pussy quite wide as it did, with Amanda beginning to moan louder, adding an occasional "Yes!" or "Oh God, fuck me!". She pumped back into the creature's parts and the thing obliged until the girl shuddered and screamed with pleasure, her neck bent back, her breasts on the floor, and her stretched cunt as high in the air as she could get it.

All Carmen could do was watch in a mixture of horror and fascination. Could Amanda actually be making love with this thing? Just after Amanda's obvious orgasm, Carmen noticed that her friend's belly began to gradually swell up as if she were a water balloon being filled with a hose until she looked about five months pregnant, the insect vibrating above her and making a pleasant thrumming noise.

She barely had time to think about what had happened before her view was blocked by one of the alien creatures. It sliced open the door of her cell neatly as the other one had done to Amanda's door but it did not attack her. To the contrary, she heard the thing make a very quiet thrumming as it very tenderly grasped her naked body.

Carmen realized in an instant what was about to happen and she screamed. The insect, however, was unfazed and simply continued to thrum and stroke her gently. The thrumming noise was almost more of a feeling than a sound, and Carmen found herself relaxing despite her fear. She looked up at her captor and found that it was somewhat iridescent, like a butterfly's wing or a tropical beetle. It was green, her favorite color, and she suddenly began to feel a fondness for this strange creature three times her size.

It continued to thrum and vibrate, stroking her hair and body lovingly. She almost didn't notice that she'd been carried out into the shaft of sunlight and turned onto her stomach.

The thrumming sensation increased as she began to feel stimulated, the pair of legs on the insides of her thighs adding to the vibrating pleasure. She was transfixed and soothed by the creature, and when a cool breath of air from the shaft above brushed her pussy, she twitched with pleasure.

Carmen spasmed at the moment she felt the cool abdomen of the insect touch her slit, and shuddered with pleasure as it gently pushed inside her. She felt herself being stretched open, wide open, wider than she had ever been opened up before, and it felt incredible. She felt the creature's cool body parts working their way deeper inside her cunt, and she pushed back to meet her lover, forcing herself wider still.

She was on the edge of orgasm when she felt a smaller, somewhat cold organ slip out from the tip of the abdomen inside her, the new sensation causing a brief pause in her blind lust. She felt it exploring her completely, writhing inside her pussy like a mad snake, the alien coolness of the thing turning her on even more.

Carmen gave in and began to orgasm, her muscles contracting on whatever was inside her - she didn't care what it was any longer, only that it was giving her the best sex of her life. She kept spasming, unknowingly in the same position that Amanda had attained at her moment of release, her body slamming into the insect's curved projection as hard as possible. She began to subside slightly, but a new sensation brought her to a second climax.

Her belly began to enlarge and become heavy, a cool sensation filling her and becoming her existence as she screamed for more. Her swollen body began to scrape the earthen floor of the hive as she rocked back and forth, milking everything the creature could give. Tears rolled down her cheeks as the organs slid out of her and the insect returned her to her cell - she wanted to do it forever with her new lover. Carmen was sealed back inside with the transparent material and left to watch as another young woman screamed her way out of her cell .

She could see Amanda across the chamber in her cell, rubbing her full belly and fingering her clit. Carmen looked down at her own swollen body, wondering what had just happened. Was it insect cum? Why was there so much? Why did it make her swell up? Why didn't it just run out of her pussy?

She stuck three of her fingers up inside her stretched pussy, causing a shudder of pleasure, and found that her cervix had been sealed over so that it was now smooth and formless. The creature had impregnated her. Or was the second organ an ovipositor? Was she full of alien creature eggs or was it trapped sperm that would fertilize her own eggs? With a strange sensation of pleasure, she curled up and rubbed her pregnant belly until she fell asleep with a smile on her face.

Carmen awoke because she was uncomfortable. She was accustomed to sleeping on her belly, but it would not oblige her. Jerking awake as she felt the pressure of her swollen womb and remembering what had happened earlier, she began to tremble. She looked down at herself, her mind rebelling against the situation, and vomited. Immediately, one of the tremendous insect-like creatures was there, cutting open the door to her cell, and cleaned up the mess, replacing it with a sweet- smelling substance.

Another creature appeared behind the first, this one smaller in size and somewhat duller in color than her lover had been. She began to back away in horror, but Carmen soon relaxed as the insect began to thrum and caress her. She was taken outside of the cell once again, cradled and stroked until she began to rub her belly lovingly and smile. She also felt a warmth from within, almost drug-like, and the woman began to become aroused once again.

This creature placed her on her stomach as before, and she whimpered and reached toward it in anticipation, her wet pussy red and open. The smaller alien beast curved its body around as the other one had, and gently entered her slit. Slowly Carmen felt the cool tip of the abdomen enter her tunnel, and shivered with the pleasure of it. She felt the smaller organs curve and work inside her, and just before she came, she sensed that the seal had been removed from her cervix.

She exploded into orgasm again, and the insect thrust itself into her eagerly. The moaning woman could feel a new coolness inside her as she rocked hard against the alien's rough, sectioned abdomen, searching for more. Her womb swelled to greater proportions, the internal pressures of her strange new shape stimulating her to a second small orgasm.

She could feel something cool and thick and muscular writhing and churning within her, some sort of tentacle that she could sometimes feel just underneath the surface of her belly. After several minutes of vibrating pleasure and exploration, the beast withdrew despite her protests, a few drops of iridescent silver fluid dripping from her cunt. Her lover carried her back to her cell as she was unable to walk, and she fell asleep instantly with a smile on her face, no longer caring about the screams around her.

When next Carmen awoke, no light came from the shafts in the roof, but around her the softly bioluminescent cells glowed. She could see how huge her belly had become, like that of a woman at least seven months pregnant, and she rubbed it with her hands lovingly as if her own child was within.

She felt as if she had just been making love, a warm, sleepy, happy feeling washing through her. Her pregnant womb was quite warm and tingled, and she guessed that the alien's sperm had some sort of endorphin- stimulating drug in it. She felt up inside herself again, shivered with the delightful sensation, and found the cervical cap in place again.

Over the next few weeks she slept often, her belly slowly getting even larger. She sometimes felt movement from inside herself, the fertilized eggs growing and starting to wriggle with foreign life, giving her pleasure. Eventually, she could barely sit up and couldn't stand from the weight, the movement of the young larvae inside her now constant and intensely pleasurable, and she sometimes orgasmed spontaneously from their delicious writhing motions inside her.

One day when she was wondering how much larger she could possibly become, the cap came loose and the moist, writhing larval eggs began to slide forth. She pushed them out as her birth muscles gently contracted, and one of the alien creatures appeared at her side. It took the white, glistening forms gently in its jaws one at a time as they were born, each roughly cylindrical form measuring about two inches in diameter and about eight inches in length.

She soon missed the moving, shifting fullness that had brought her so much satisfaction and pleasure. But she didn't have too long to wait - only a few days later the same green insect creature came to her cell and began to thrum, reaching out for Amanda. She went with it gladly, relaxing completely in the hard jointed arms, feeling the thrumming waves of pleasure come over her as she was turned onto her stomach.

Again the alien's cool ovipositor gently touched her wet, waiting slit. She trembled with anticipation as she felt its scaly protrusion enter her and go deeper, deeper, and deeper still. This time, even through her incredible climax, she could clearly feel the smooth tube push through her cervix and enter her ready womb, more and more of the white eggs filling her until she thought she would burst.

She cradled her pregnant belly and fell fast asleep after the creature was done with her, waiting for what would happen the next day. And like clockwork, the smaller male beast took her up in its arms the next morning. It thrummed as it carried her out into the room, and through the pleasant haze of pleasure she felt, Carmen looked around her at the other cells.

Some had women in various stages of swollen pregnancy, others were empty, some had what must be new women that screamed and pounded on their transparent doors, and some had men in them. She felt herself being turned onto her stomach, her distended belly just touching the ground, and smiled reassuringly at the women who looked the most afraid. They looked back at her as if she were insane, but she wasn't surprised by this. She determined to give them and everyone else who could see a good show.

Carmen just felt the cool tip of the creature's organ touch her cunt, and she moaned loudly as she pushed back into it, rocking back and forth, in and out. The insect-like alien seemed pleased by this, and rocked in and out as well, thrumming even more. She cried out with pleasure, then began to scream, "Oh fuck me! Yes! Pump your fucking bug sperm into me! Make the larvae grow inside my belly!!" The somewhat surprised creature responded with even more vigorous pumping, extending its tip deeper and deeper into the woman.

She felt the inner extension working at the plug on her cervix and came violently, then felt the cool liquid filling her belly as the tube found its way inside and the alien shuddered with release. As before, she felt it writhing muscularly inside her womb, completely mixing the sperm with the eggs, and felt the heavy tentacle snake along the front of her belly from the inside. After several minutes, the organ was withdrawn, spilling a little of the beautiful semen onto the ground.

She wondered what her eventual fate would be - a warm womb for these creatures to plant their seeds in forever? Carmen's question was answered the next morning. Several men were brought in to the center area, each naked and held by thrumming gold-colored aliens. They looked quite happy to be cradled there, some with their eyes closed and some occasionally giving little moans of pleasure.

She then noticed that each of them was grasped gently by the balls, a special structure unique to the gold beasts extending to each man's scrotum. She could see what looked like scaly ovipositors surrounding their sacks, thrumming and vibrating pleasantly. One of the other women was brought out and stimulated as usual, but she was placed on her back instead and the man was carried over to her by his golden creature.

He was suspended over her and they were brought together as a botanist might use tools to pollinate a flower. The two instant lovers were brought to orgasm quickly, the man twitching, shuddering, and moaning as the alien thing worked his sack gently. This happened several more times during the day, then Carmen didn't see the human men return for several months.

In the next nine months, the women who had been inseminated by the enslaved men all bore female children, and Carmen then understood what had happened - the aliens somehow were able to generate only female sperm from the men with that special organ only the gold creatures possessed.

She guessed correctly that they were breeding more females to take on her role and increase the brood. Once the girls reached an age where they could be stimulated to orgasm and penetrated without harm, they too would be filled up with hundreds of the white, writhing eggs of the insect beasts.

Carmen smiled. What in the world had she been afraid of? That damn asteroid was the best thing that had ever happened to her, she thought to herself as she lovingly caressed her belly and fingered her cunt, waiting for the male to come and fertilize the huge batch of strange alien eggs shoved into her womb. She could hardly stand the wait!



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