She was known for reading too much. At least, that's what the other kids at school said. She was the class nerd, always delving whole-heartedly into biology class while the others talked about the homecoming game and flipped bits of dissected frog up into the light fixtures. Naturally, she was not well-liked, but she didn't seem to notice too much -- her world was on paper.

Her favorite books were science fiction, and she must have gone through two or three a week. "Gina," said her mother, "you need to socialize... to have fun and go on dates at your age." But Gina wasn't interested. A late bloomer, everyone said.

One night, after falling asleep reading her latest book on aliens, she was awakened by a noise in her room. The light was already on, so she blinked sleepily toward where the noise had come from, but saw nothing. She shrugged, thinking it was probably the cat or a bad dream (she had them sometimes after a particularly intense chapter), and turned off the light to go back to sleep.

Her fingers wandered then, and in the darkness she began sleepily exploring her newfound sexuality for the fun of it. It was only a few weeks ago that she had begun masturbating in earnest, experimenting with various things around the room that could please her more than her own wan fingers. Once she had even snuck a carrot into her room, but she became worried that it would be discovered and got rid of it the next morning.

Now, however, she sat up and mentally searched her room for something to fill her vagina, settling on a small bottle of lotion. She stifled a groan as she pushed it in with her left hand and rhythmically massaged her clit with her right, finally gaping silently into the night as her back arched and she spasmodically shoved the bottle as far inside as it would go, her tight pussy muscles working themselves against the cool plastic.

She relaxed, and slowly withdrew the bottle as she jolted a few more times. Ah, the perfect conclusion to my climax, thought the bookworm as she smiled to herself. In bliss, she rolled over to one side, kicked the covers off, and fell peacefully to sleep. But she was not alone in the room.

Only a short time later, she jerked awake, feeling something touch her leg. Gina looked around, and not seeing anything, rolled over again to go back to sleep. Again she felt the soft touch, cool and fleeting, and this time caught a glimpse of a dark shape retreat over the side of her bed when she jumped reflexively.

Turning on the light, she saw the form dart under the bed, but when she turned it off again, she was able to make out something moving (slithering?) up the side of the mattress. Pulling her knees up to her chest, she watched carefully to see what it could be, thinking it might be a snake. She was curious rather than frightened, and examined the moving shape as best she could in the dim moonlight coming from her window.

But it was not a snake. It was shiny, almost like an eel, and left a slight trail behind it as it moved toward her. A giant slug? Her mind worked as it inched toward her, again touching her flesh. But it wasn't slimy to the touch, and as it approached, she could see that its head was quite different than a slug's. At the front of its two-foot-long body was nothing but a sucker, something like the mouth of an algae-eating fish. There were no teeth in it, and as it explored her right foot, it almost felt pleasant as it tasted and sucked.

She moved out her hand to touch it and it shrank back, but this time it didn't dive back off the bed. She slowly touched its back, and it approached her again. She relaxed, sitting cross-legged on the bed, and let the thing work its way up her leg like a pet. She continued stroking it, and it began to vibrate slightly as if purring, but it made no noise. The shiny beast inched closer to her body, occasionally lifting its sucker into the air as if smelling for something, then returning it to her skin to taste its way along.

Gina began to enjoy the sensation of it on her thigh, and also began to notice that it was consistently "sniffing" toward her freshly pleasured crotch. With a tingle, she wondered what the creature could be, and at the same time realized that it was nearly 2 inches thick, slick with moisture, and seemed very interested in her pussy.

She stopped the creature and picked it up, but it only throbbed and vibrated complacently. The mesmerized young woman held the buzzing beast in her hands, then kicked the covers aside and laid down on her back. Replacing it on her thigh, she propped her head up with a pillow, deciding to see what it would do.

The creature took a moment to figure out where it was, then crept toward Gina's crotch once again, sniffing and tasting. When it arrived at her pussy lips and latched onto her clit for a moment, she gasped at the new sucking sensation.

She had never felt anything like it! She spread her legs, and the beast happily sucked its way around her pink, exposed cunt. The inexperienced teen came immediately, and to her amazement, the creature eagerly suckled up her juices as fast as she could produce them. She laid there in bliss for a moment, then felt a new sensation.

The creature, having exhausted its supply of cum food, began working its way inside her cunt. She could feel its mouth working and pulling just on the inside of her pussy lips, and she groaned with pleasure. This new supply of juices seemed to stimulate the beast, which began wriggling inside her more quickly and began thrumming with pleasure. Naturally, this drove Gina wild, and it was all she could do to stop herself from cumming as she watched the strange, alien creature work its way up inside her, vibrating the entire time.

Finally, she couldn't stand it any more and had a massive orgasm, shivering and straining hard to stay silent. As she relaxed, she reached down to withdraw her new friend. The creature had worked almost a full foot of its length up into her cunt, and when she pulled on the exposed portion, she found that it was stuck fast. In fact, the more she tried to remove the thing, the more it retracted its slippery body up into her, making it harder and harder to grasp. She could feel the sucker mouth firmly grip the back of her tunnel as she pulled, and she finally gave up for fear of injuring herself.

She sat up and felt the creature shift inside her, then she stood up and went to the full-length mirror on her closet door. She could see the very end of the beast trailing out of her tunnel, about four inches worth, and she began to examine her predicament. She crouched down, spreading her legs to look at her pussy better, and tried pulling it out again. No luck, and again, the creature responded to the tugging by attempting to retract itself further up out of harm's way.

The wriggling, worm-like beast up inside her only served to make her tingle, however, and it soon dawned on her that she could have pleasure whenever she liked if she treated the beast right. She stood and watched herself in the mirror as she started stroking its cool flesh (making sure to hit her own clit in the process), and began to feel it vibrate with pleasure. This made her feel even more pleasure, and she soon began to feel it moving the sucking mouth around on her vaginal walls, eating up every drop of lubricating juice she was producing.

The combination of vibration and the wild sucking inside her cunt made her cum again quite quickly, and again when she tried to remove the animal from her fuck-tunnel, found it was very firmly latched onto her pussy flesh by its powerful mouth. Not quite knowing what to do, but very happy at the same time, the tired teen went back to bed, feeling the cool tail end of the creature moving between her legs as she fell asleep under the sheets.

By morning, Gina discovered, the beast had somehow worked more of its huge, dark body up inside her, and seeing that it didn't show when she put on her clothes, decided to leave it there until she could discover a way to remove it. But did she really want to? Where had it come from? And why was it so perfectly suited to both please her and seemingly live off only her pussy juices?

As she went through that Sunday, she avoided everyone as much as possible. She told her mother that she was working on a school project, and virtually locked herself in her bedroom, only opening the door for meals. As day turned to evening, she again tried to remove the creature, but found it just as stuffed into her pussy as ever. As soon as she began tugging and handling it, it began to throb and vibrate again, so she resigned herself to her bed for the next few hours until finally falling asleep in a fulfilled haze.

She was jolted awake by another noise in her room... or was it a noise? She had heard it in her head, but sleepily wondered if she had actually heard anything at all. Had she dreamed it, or was it another nighttime visit from another creature? She sat up, felt her worm- like companion roll and shift deliciously inside her hole, and watched as the tip of its "tail" came out of her about four inches to tickle her anus.

Before she could enjoy this latest sensation, she heard another noise and looked up to see a small humanoid- shaped creature standing at the foot of her bed. It was glowing slightly, and before she could notice that the beast in her cunt was glowing as well, everything went black.

Gina awoke in a large room with smooth, dark grey walls. She had been strapped to a table spread-eagled, but not so firmly that she couldn't raise up on her elbows and look around easily. She saw that her worm- like companion was still in place, and that she was totally naked. She shivered, only half from the cool temperature of the room, and laid her head back down to wonder what would happen to her next.

A short time later, a humanoid creature like the one she had seen in her room came and stared at her, then left and returned with two others. She could hear their communications, although they did not open their slit- like mouths, and with a shock she realized they must be communicating telepathically. Soon one of the creatures faced her, and began speaking to the young woman in her own language.

"The experiment has been a success -- you are but one of many breeders that we have selected. The creature that you allowed to enter your breeding tube is your mate now, and is genetically engineered to both pleasure you and synthesize your pleasure juices as food. You will help your mate produce offspring, and it will cause you no displeasure. Do you agree?"

What was she to say? Here she was, on what must be some kind of alien ship, restrained in the most revealing position possible, with her cunt full of some kind of strange, sucking worm. She was probably dreaming anyway. What else could happen?


"Good. We will keep you fed and happy for your cooperation. What do you require?"

Not stopping to think about what the result would have been if she had said no, Gina replied, "I'm a little cold. I think my body temperature is higher than yours," she said, remembering the feeling of the cool beast as it slipped deep within her pussy. "And do I have to stay like this?" She tugged at he restraints for emphasis.

"Excellent. We will provide you with your own domicile and some body coverings. Come with us."

The small beings surrounded her, and the one that had "spoken" to her began walking down a corridor. She got up from the table, and felt the worm try to contract up inside her in response as she began walking. She could feel the tail end of the fleshy creature rub between her legs and finally curl around to touch her ass hole, forcing her to waddle somewhat as she followed the other creatures to her new home.

Soon she was reclining in a medium-sized room. It contained a bed much like her own had been, a cabinet with what looked to be some sort of clothing inside, the usual toilet amenities, some devices that she could not decipher, and a comfortable chair with a small table attached. She found that all the clothing turned out to be variations on a sort of shapeless dress, and that one of the devices was some sort of food provider.

One of the aliens returned (they all looked identical to her). "Be comfortable. Your job is only beginning, and you will be staying here a very long time. You are to stimulate the creature inside you so that you obtain pleasure and feed it. We will do what we can to keep you pleased, since we have found that your kind requires happiness and the lack of fear to feed our creatures. We will bring you some of the bound paper items you had so many of back on your planet to keep you entertained. You have nothing to fear from us. We will care for you until you cease, even when you are no longer mobile."

Before she could ask what it had meant by that last statement, the door of her room slid shut with a hiss and the being was gone. She shrugged to herself, and after a time of pacing around the room decided to fulfill her mission to these creatures. Laying down on the bed, she began to stroke and even talk to the creature that had invaded her hole so completely.

In only a short time it had throbbed and thrummed its way to her orgasm, enhanced once again by the incredible suckling of the mouth far up in the back of her cunt. It was actually more exciting, knowing a bit more of what it was doing and what was happening to her. But the alien's last sentence still puzzled her and disturbed her a bit.

Gina brought herself pleasure with the worm as often as she liked, and the beings seemed pleased with her vigorous efforts. She kept asking what was meant by "when I'm no longer mobile," but was never given an answer. However, judging from the way the worm inside her was growing, she began to suspect what might be happening.

Once she had used her nimble fingers to explore her crammed pussy, expecting to be able to run them around the edges of the worm, but she found that an odd change had taken place. She only penetrated about an inch before finding that a strong network of fibers had grown from the creature into the very walls of her vagina, connecting them together. She supposed that it could be removed surgically, but suspected that the aliens weren't about to do that.

Over the next week or so (she had lost count of the days), further explorations found that the worm had neatly fused to her cunt lining, and she came to the realization that it would most likely be inside her for life. She had also noticed that the worm was still growing, and now trailed out of her by a good 18" at all times.

She was grateful for the flowing dresses now, as any kind of pants were out of the question. And still she fulfilled her promise while fulfilling herself, knowing that every time she came, the beast inside her would feed and continue to grow.

Several weeks passed, and she was beginning to understand what the alien had meant by "no longer mobile." The gigantic worm was now fully four feet long and four inches in thickness, and she had difficulty getting up from the bed due to its extra weight, let alone walk around. She began to feel something new as well -- a small pushing against her cervix that grew with each day. Finally, she was sure she could feel some kind of extension from the worm penetrating her uterus, which only served to excite her as she felt the new vibrations.

Another week, and she was sure the creature had been extending into her womb, and even began noticing small nudges from within, visible as she stared at her naked belly one day. She watched the bumps move across her, just under her navel, and was only excited further.

The worm, which was now at least six feet long from the tip of its tail to where it was connected to her cunt, bulged to six inches in thickness just outside of her former entrance (now an exit), and had developed a habit of wriggling its tail around the room as if exploring by touch. Once it had even raised her up by her pussy, almost as if she were standing impaled upright on some sort of great snake, but it seemed to sense her fear and put her back on the bed again.

Still the worm continued to grow. And it began to emit a small amount of pinkish slime from its tail end. The pair was moved to a larger room, one with more space for the worm to thrash about, and the aliens seemed excited by the pinkish slime.

"You have done very well," was all they would say. They certainly kept her happy enough, and they had kept their word that she would "receive no displeasure" -- all she had known for weeks was almost constant pleasure from the muscular beast inside her body. She could feel more and more of it filling her, and began to see that her belly was enlarging.

She giggled a bit at the thought of being "pregnant with an alien baby," and while that was not really the case, it did add a new dimension to her pleasures as she reached orgasm and felt the marvelous thrumming all the way up inside her swollen womb.

She soon discovered that she no longer had to stroke the great worm when she wanted to be pleased -- it seemed to know what she wanted and when. So she began experimenting with a new possibility. After a few days Gina was able to command the beast to lift her up gently by her pussy, thus gaining the ability to move around at will once again. She simply wrapped her legs around its thick, cool body and willed it to wriggle in the direction she wanted to go. The aliens marveled at her advanced progress.

"Excellent! But do not stress your creature at this time. It is almost ready to breed."

"I thought it was breeding with me now," said its confused female host.

"No, you are merely feeding it."

As was their habit, the aliens left quickly after speaking to and examining her, and as usual she was left staring after them, unable to formulate a question that fast. Soon afterward, to Gina's amazement, another young woman in the same circumstances as herself was brought into her room. They stared at each other for a short time, but soon their cunt-filling creatures had sensed each other and the great moist tails began creeping towards each other. They began to exude more of the pinkish liquid and vibrate, giving both the girls quite a thrill.

But at the same time, the excited worms began to squirm and thrash, forcing both the humans to cling to each other to avoid being injured. Soon, the worms wrapped around each other and started exuding a thicker pink mucus, coating the two writhing forms where they met. The vibration continued, and one after the other, the two girls came to climax while holding on to each other.

Somehow, in the haze of what was happening to them, Gina and the other girl began holding each other very closely, even wrapping their legs around each other instead of the worms that were now holding them both upright. They had long since found clothing inconvenient once the temperatures of their rooms had been adjusted to their liking, so the two hosts clung together naked as their beasts vibrated, writhed, and continued mating. At some point Gina was struck by how similar it looked to the way earthworms mated, being both sexes in one.

The mating continued for an hour, for two hours, for days... who knew? And the female hosts, under the constant, unrelenting stimulation, began to gently touch and caress each other. Gina closed her eyes as the other girl suckled her hardened nipples, and in return Gina pressed the other teen's head closer while grasping a handful of her exposed ass and tracing the outline of her enlarged pussy lips, so like Gina's own. She had long since abandoned any ideas about sexual propriety, and this encounter seemed to be the most natural thing in the world to the both of them by the time it finally ended.

The worms finally disengaged from each other, having fulfilled their fertilization, and their hosts grudgingly let go of each other as well. In typical fashion, the other girl was removed from Gina's room before they could even exchange names, and she was left alone again with her constant companion.

A few more weeks passed, and the worm seemed to be getting bigger, but only below the point where its massive body was joined to hers. One evening (or was it afternoon?), Gina discovered a new thrill from her cunt-filling friend. As the beast's body continued to grow and bulge outward, she thought she saw what looked like another small worm growing from the side of it, just under her clit.

Her suspicions were confirmed one evening (or was it afternoon?) as she began to masturbate -- the smaller worm now looked and acted just like the little one that had first suckled its way inside her virgin cunt all that time ago. She felt a familiar suckling mouth touch her fingers, and with a pleased sigh, Gina simply flopped backward as the little mouth went to work on her clitoris. She came again and again, and all without the need to use her hands even once.

What she hadn't noticed was the small worm that was beginning to form behind her. But soon enough, during one of her many pleasure sessions with the huge beast inside her, she felt a tentative suckling at her ass hole. She was startled at first, but it felt so good that she quickly warmed up to the new source of excitement, rewarding her worm with a good meal of cum. The worm, sensing her pleasure and encouragement, kept vibrating and exploring, until soon the sucking mouth began to enter her ass as well.

She was in too much ecstasy to protest or think about what was happening. She felt the gentle, tentative explorations of her ass, then came quickly as she felt the worm invade her second entrance with more vigor. It was suckling and pushing ever upward, vibrating to pleasure her the whole way. The cool, black extension slowly, gently writhed and pulsed its way several inches up into her asshole, then stopped, never to leave again.

This new source of pleasure drove Gina wild over the next few days, and she kept her worm very well fed. The other new sucking mouth had attached itself to her clitoris, so all she had to do was lay back and imagine what would please her most, and her beast did the rest. Between the perfect suckling of her clit, the now familiar stretching of her pussy walls, and the vibratory exploration of her asshole, she was in an almost constant state of pleasure as she felt the creature's cool body cradle her entire erogenous zone from front to back like an enormous hand.

She began to wonder what had happened to her processes of elimination, but when several days had gone by and there seemed no danger of anything "backing up," she began to realize that the creature must have widened its diet. The marvelous new finger of coolness continued its upward travels inside her, until she was no longer certain whether the erotic writhings she felt were in her womb or elsewhere. And, true to form, the small worm began to grow thicker, stretching her anus ever so gently and deliciously. Gina felt so full, and so wonderful!

Finally, after a few more weeks, the worm began to emit a mucus and the aliens were in her room almost immediately with large containers. In amazement, she saw (and felt with a thrill) the worm's muscular body push masses of small globes about an inch in diameter out of a previously unnoticed orifice near its tail end. The aliens again seemed quite pleased as they collected them, and Gina deduced that they must be eggs. Again, the aliens were gone with their precious cargo as quickly as they had come, answering no questions.

Month after month, Gina and the worm kept each other company. The huge black beast began to cradle her more and more, slowly covering her ass and creeping up her pubic hair. She began to discover that if she stroked the creature just below their union, she could actually feel the touch, and surmised that her bonded pussy nerves must be extending into the worm itself.

Still it continued to grow, and the woman had long since given up on sleeping in a bed, preferring instead the cool, soft comfort provided by the immense body of the creature connected to her by the tentacles inside her cunt and ass hole. As the black flesh continued to explore her, it eventually joined above her hips, forming cool, soft, permanent "panties." Of course, not using her legs caused them to become weak, so she had no objection when she noticed the beast begin to envelop them as well.

Soon her legs were inside the beast, and after a few weeks she could not feel them at all. But then a new sensation crept into her consciousness. Just as the nerves from her cunt had begun to merge with the flesh of the creature inside her, the nerves that had served her legs were doing the same. She soon discovered that she could feel every movement made by the immense worm, and was even able to control its movements herself. She had become part of the beast, just as it had become part of her, and for all practical purposes, they were now one creature.

Her belly and holes were continuously stretched to their limits by the incessant pushing of the worm inside her, yet she was not unhappy. The huge creature thrummed as it always had to bring her pleasure, only now she was laying on an entire vibrating bed of dark alien flesh instead of it just being limited to her pussy.

The monotony was broken up often by other worms and their hosts mating with her and the great beast, many of them smaller in size, most of them the age she had been when her worm had mated for the first time. She became an experienced hand for these younger girls, in more ways than one, and was able to both calm and excite even the most apprehensive ones.

She knew many of them were stunned by the massive size of her creature, the fact that her legs had disappeared, and by her hugely swollen belly. This stretching never caused her pain, only pleasure, since the psychic bond between her and her worm let the beast know when it was pushing too fast. So over the years it had enlarged her willing flesh and invaded her body to previously unknown dimensions.

She could not be sure, but she guessed that it had penetrated every non-vital opening available, and was probably now happily growing past her open-ended fallopian tubes, up into her intestines, and perhaps even other openings covered by the glossy black body. But she didn't care -- she felt only pleasure, just as the aliens had promised.

In fact, the idea that her body was slowly being taken over by this massive alien creature actually caused her more pleasure. It was sort of like the science fiction books she used to read, and the thrill of becoming a new life form (especially such a sexual one) gave her pleasure in many ways.

Within a few years, the constant stimulation had caused her breasts to begin producing small amounts of milk. The creature, searching out this new source of food, crept upward and covered her belly, two new tiny worms forming from its flesh and attaching themselves to her sensitive nipples. With the added stimulation, her breasts grew heavy with milk and both animals (or were they one by now?) were greatly satisfied. The dark, cool flesh now completely enveloped her body from her breasts down to... wherever she ended and the worm began.

She never did determine where that was, especially since she had become skilled at moving about. They looked like a great black snake with a human head and torso, and she could feel everything -- the cool floor underneath her, her hair as it brushed the end of her tail. And she considered it her tail, just as she considered the eggs the aliens collected to be hers. After all, she could now feel the whole process happen within her new body.

Gina knew that someday she would no longer be able to feed her beast and they both would die together, but the happy woman didn't think of that very often. She had other, more stimulating business to take care of. And the door to her room slid open once again.



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