Officer Missy Decks was a bright new addition to the Gotham City Police department. The bright-eyed bushy tailed Twenty two year old was fresh out of the academy and enthusiastic about cleaning up the streets of the big city. Her first series of assignments to park patrol on foot and some bicycle patrols in the downtown area resulted several arrests of gangbangers and muggers. These criminals much to their dismay often underestimated her. Her favorite group to arrest were the Bahama Boyz posse.

The Boyz, controlling all the turf west of the park for 10 blocks were a medium sized gang on the verge of being a much larger problem. They were currently kept in check by the park, widely acknowledged a free zone, the Columbian Kings to the north and the Iron Triangle gangs in the south. To the west of the Boyz were a series of smaller gangs Jamaican, Puerto Rican and Irish/Italian in origin, with none of the extra national support of the others.

The Boyz were solidly into drugs and prostitution with a kind of white slavery as a sideline. The Boyz were wholesalers of whores up all over town due to the train and bus stations being within their turf. Both the train and bus stations supplied a steady stream of vulnerable runaways and poor single mothers for stock.

Missy hated the Jo Jo the pimp, she had been watching him for weeks, unable to catch him in the act of selling his whores to the johns or otherwise abusing them. She had busted several of the girls, many of them underage, selling themselves to the cruising johns and she knew she was slowing down the business in this area but really wanted to nail the Jo Jo.

She finally got the opportunity to confront the pimp when she came upon him harassing a young woman just outside the bus station. She rode up to him on her bicycle, noting for the first time that he was not particularly tall, about 5 '10" and thin and dressed in a loud yellow suit and red shirt.

Turning away from his prospective victim he said, "Oh look it's the bike police! What you want bicycle bitch?"

"I want you off my streets Jo Jo," she replied.

"You do huh? Gonna run my Caddy off the road with your little bicycle?"

"No I am going to use my badge and this night stick if I get the chance."

"That little night stick? I got a nice stick instead, I can use it on you officer, matter of fact I would be off the street while I used it... we both get what we want how's bout a it." By now the pimp was inches from Missy and she could smell his cologne and see the look of lust in his eyes.

At about 190 pounds Jo-Jo menace was all in his eyes, and to hear his whores talk, in his pants. He was dangerous enough to stay on top of a lethal profession and Missy knew to be careful with him. Rumor had it that he had once raped a parole officer for trying to send one of his more productive whores back to prison.

Missy could not imagine what it would be like to have this wiry looking man force her to fuck him. She felt a thrill of revulsion as the vision of his cock leapt unbidden to her mind; his cock thrusting into her as it had so many other helpless women was enough to spark her anger. She brought her nightstick forward into the pimp's solar plexus eliciting a grunt of surprise and pain from Jo Jo. "You'd better watch your self Jo Jo or I might just break your little stick with my big one."

Jo Jo stepped back and sized up the little blond officer. He was imagining for a moment her expression as he slid ten inches of his "nice stick" into her, the resulting lustful smile thrilled and frightened Missy and once again brought thoughts of penetration to her mind and heat to her pussy.

"Well honey, you poked me with yours and I'm still smiling. I bet you'll smile plenty if I poke you with mine."

Missy blushed as thought to herself, how freaky, he's flirting with me and it's getting me hot. I need to get control of this or he's going to be hard to deal with. I hate calling for backup, it's like I can't handle the job myself.

Missy then noticed the aforementioned Caddy by the curb and looked through the windows for anything to divert the conversation from it's decidedly sexual bent. She stepped closer to the car, and away from the horny pimp.

Meanwhile Jo Jo and expert at the female psychology noted the blush and the indecision. Slut he thought, just like every other slut, wants a hard fucking, she needs to be put in her place. He stepped up to his car, placing one hand on the roof and blocking Missy's view of the vehicle while placing the other hand on her shoulder and pulling her near. He whispered loudly, "You wanna ride with me baby? That can be arranged. you getting a ride... or getting ridden."

His hip pressed against hers and the thrill of anger was followed by a mental image of the pimp mounting her from behind and riding her pussy. The anger vanished in a flash and was replaced with the thrill of fear and sexual excitement. Heat filled her pussy and her nipples hardened painfully under her vest.

"Jesus! She thought, if I don't do something soon he's gonna fuck me right in his car... ooohhh I hate him." As she looked into the car in desperation her sight fell onto a shiny object on the seat, a roach clip!

Missy looked over at the pimp and said, "Looks like the party is over and you might not have a ride for me or on me Mr. Nice Stick."

The pimp looked at the obviously horny officer and then grunted in surprise again as she stuck her cuffs on the hand he was using to hold her shoulder. Jo-Jo shoved her against the car and grabbed her hot pussy with his uncuffed hand.

"Right bitch that pussy is mine like the dollar in my pocket," her bike shorts were no protection against his surprisingly strong and distressingly long fingers. He spread her nether lips and rubbed her hot little nub right through her spandex bike shorts. "That hot little camel toe of yours gonna get some good stretching right now."

Missy grunted in surprise as the powerful hand massaged her all to willing cunt. "Nasty bastard stop that... Ooooohh, uuuuggghhh, ooh..." she moaned softly as her pussy, squeezed and rubbed by the slender pimp spasmed while sending a message to her body. "Time to Fuck."

Missy shocked at the pimp's aggression had a flash of rage. Her right hand held the cuff to his left wrist while his right hand was molesting her. She then struck the pimp across his throat with her nightstick, which she had in her left hand. This combined with a well- placed foot behind his right leg drove him to the ground. The stunned Pimp lay on the ground for a moment, one moment to long.

She quickly pounced on him and in a smooth motion rolled him onto his belly and cuffed his hands. She lay on top of him for a moment and then whispered in his ear. "How do you like being the one who's getting fucked for once? You're pretty easy you know."

She looked at him, then called for a radio car to haul him off. During the wait for the radio car she sat on his back, with his face on the concrete one leg to either side. Jo-Jo used this opportunity to continue to grab at her pussy seeking to humiliate and excite her, in which he was quite successful. Anyone observing the pretty officer would have been able to tell she was deliberately leaving her pussy in range of Jo-Jo's cuffed hands and thrusting fingers.

Jo-Jo, partially enraged at this humiliation and partly intrigued by the horny cop played it cool. He thought to himself, "You wait bitch, you fucked with me and now I am gonna fuck with you, but good! That pussy is MINE!"

Missy watched them load Jo Jo into the radio car smiling with a mixture of pride and lust. The bastard even blew her a kiss as the radio car took him away. She declined to share with the transporting officer or her Sergeant that the pimp had been molesting her. She booked him for drug paraphernalia. A couple of days in jail should suit him just fine and then she had his Caddy towed as well.

As her shift closed out she returned to the station, still horny and angry with the pimps fondling of her. The desk sergeant Jones, called out to her. Hey I got some news on your buddy Jo Jo. Really she asked? Is he enjoying his cell? Well... no not really we had to cut him loose, it appears while you and he were rolling around the roach clip disappeared. 'Shit!' She thought, 'I thought I could at least get him off the street tonight.' She went to her locker, showered and headed out of the station.

Missy was incredibly horny after her run in with Jo-Jo and needed to calm down. As luck would have it she had a date with that night with Miguel and was looking forward to inflicting a little pain on him. Miguel met her at an arrest scene. It was a stormy relationship in which Miguel had at first accused her of racist behavior when she arrested a couple of Mexicans on her beat.

She had clashed with him at the site of the arrest and again when she returned to pick up some evidence. He cornered her and a stated that she only arrested the Mexicans and not whites because she was a bigot. She flatly denied the accusation and he asked if she had ever dated a Mexican. She stated she had not and he as much as dared her to be seen in public with him. She took up the gauntlet and they went to dinner two nights later.

She cock teased him mercilessly and left him blue balled. He had called and asked her out again, she thought he had learned his lesson but looked forward to putting him in his place again. What she had not taken into consideration was the impact Jo Jo had on her frame of mind.

Early in the date frustration took over and she drank 3 long island iced teas. They hit her like a brick and in her intoxicated state Miguel found her easier to get along with. Missy was drunk enough to forget her earlier plan to humiliate and use Miguel and even consented to some light petting.

They were necking in the bar parking lot; she was really enjoying his kissing style when he began to rub her pussy through her panties. It felt really nice after Jo-Jo's rougher treatment. A flash through her mind, "Jo-Jo, that bastard!" and the vision of his long black fingers probing and grabbing. She gasped and her pussy flared with heat and sweet juices.

Missy's inattention and subsequent moan of pleasure led Miguel to go for broke. He pushed aside her damp panties and fingered her pussy, first gently rubbing her clit and then more insistently thrusting two fingers in and out of her cunt. He quickly found a sweet spot on the inside wall of her now soaking wet pussy. "Oh no" Missy thought. He's fingering me in his car right in the bar parking lot!

Missy knew she was in trouble, She was too drunk to drive and had to allow him to driver her back home. But instead of driving her to her apartment he took her to his apartment. Once she arrived there she sobered up a bit and tried to slow things down. Miguel continued to kiss her, biting her lips while rubbing her nipples through the sheer material of her dress. She felt so hot and flashes of Jo-Jo's lust filled eyes filled her mind and added to her heat.

"What happened to my panties?" she asked him as he spread her legs. Miguel laughed, "I think they're on the floor of my car." Miguel began rubbing her pussy again leaving her panting, weak and wet.

Between his kisses and insistent fingering Miguel brought her off twice before insisting on a blow job. She resisted half-heartedly and after just a few moments she found herself kneeling before him while he sat on the couch. She was gagging on his cock, a thickly veined, 8 inch long tube that she found hard to swallow.

Miguel was not a patient man and soon was soon grabbing her hair and forcing his cock into her throat. As her behavior became more and more subservient Miguel became more aggressive. "Ha, the little bitch is going to put out on the second date, what a slut!"

Missy felt the wetness in her pussy spiraling out of control as Miguel fucked her mouth. She got hornier and hornier even as she found herself struggling to breathe around his swollen tool.

After about ten minutes of gagging and struggling for breath Miguel established a rhythm, filling her throat with meat, holding her nose into his pubic hairs for a long moment and then pulling out of her throat slowly. Missy's pussy flared with passion at each thrust as she swallowed his meat over and over again. "I can't believe how slutty I am tonight," she thought, "His cock tastes incredible. I have to do something soon or he'll be fucking me silly."

Missies then began massaging his sack, hoping he would cum and spare her the humiliation of giving up her cunt. "He's such an arrogant pig, he'd tell everyone in the neighborhood. I could never live down being boned by him."

Miguel then shifted his position, pulling the little police officer onto the couch so she was squatting over his face with her mouth still on his cock. This position forced her to spread her legs. He then began thrusting his fat fingers into her sopping wet pussy over and over again.

"Guh... Guh... Oooh!" She tried to protest but the throat fuck prevented anything but obedience.

Miguel then licked at her clit while searching again for her hot spot with his fingers. Missy gave a soft moan of desperation as his fat finger rubbed her G- spot, tapping it as he sucked and licked her clit. She felt her legs spreading wider and her hips thrusting downwards to allow Miguel full access to her box.

She closed her eyes and was shocked to find herself envisioning Jo-Jo's long black fingers spearing her cunt while his big lips massager her swollen clit. This vision, in concert with Miguel's cock thrusting into her throat and his demanding fingers and tongue sent her over the edge into an another orgasm.

"That's it, my little Puta! Come with your Daddy's cock in your mouth!"

She yelped around the fat dick in her mouth as the pleasure spread from her hot twat through her body, leaving her nipples hard and tingling. She was lost in a haze of lust and when he turned her over on the couch and demanded that she spread her legs for him so he could mount her she could not even resist. Moments later his demanding mouth found her cock bruised lips while her pussy enjoyed his fat Puerto Rican cock.

Miguel rammed himself into her, eliciting a short yelp and a then a soft low moan. He filled her pussy up so well she could hardly stand it. "You like my sausage Missy?" Miguel asked as he pushed himself a little deeper into her already stretched box. She groaned in response as he began thrusting in and out of her.

He whispered in her ear as he fucked her. "Your such a hot little slut Missy. You like my big cock? Are you my slut?" Missy felt a rush of anger at him. Bastard! She thought I'm not some whore, like those other tramps he fucks.

He began sucking and biting her nipples; the pleasure was so intense she closed her eyes, "big mistake" she thought as Jo-Jo once again flashed before her eyes. A vision of him mounting her pussy, thrusting into it while he licked her nipples brought her right to the edge of another orgasm. She thrust her hips up to meet his cock as her pussy clamped down on Miguel's throbbing dick.

Miguel sensing he was going to push her over the edge again stopped. He withdrew his cock to the head and said, "I asked you a question. SLUT!" then he thrust his fat stalk into her quivering pussy as if to punctuate his statement.

Missy gave a scream of pleasure and began to buck her hips against his dick trying to attain her climax. Miguel grabbed her by the hair and roughly pulled her lips to his while pulling his cock out again. "Kiss me slut, kiss your fuck daddy."

She looked into his eyes, eyes filled with lust and distain. "Nnnuhh, nunnuh... nooo..." she moaned. "Don't make me... Don't keep taking it out like that. I'm so close."

Miguel sank his cockhead back into the mouth of her pussy. "Then kiss me and tell me whose slut you are."

She felt his fat cock head in her and tried to buck her pussy upwards on to the hot meat. In desperation she kissed him deeply hoping he would be satisfied with her need for him. Anger flashed in his eyes at her defiance.

"Ok slut we do it my favorite way!" He thrust his meat into her cunt, she moaned gratefully, and then he stopped. "You need to know whose boss here and Miguel will show you." With that he began a slow rocking motion punctuating each downward movement with a hard slap on her tit.

She gave a short scream, first of pleasure then pain. Missy cried out.


"Fucking Bastard! Oh shit! Ouch!"

Then thrust.

"Oh yeah."



Then thrust.

"Oh yes so good."


"Ouch! Stop it!" She covered her breast protectively unable to stop Miguel's torture of her without giving up the pleasure of his cock.

"Whose slut are you bitch? Do you love the cock?" He pulled her left hand away from her tit, she covered it with her right and gave her a resounding smack on the uncovered right breast while thrusting as hard as he could.

"OH FUUUCK IT!" Missy screamed dazed with the fire in her titty and the heat in her pussy. She covered both breasts, resisting his attempt to punish her.

A sharp slap across the face accompanied the next deep fuck thrust. The sharp blow, more humiliating than painful, stunned Missy as did the huge orgasm she felt coming from her sopping wet cunt. She could feel her will slipping away with each punishing slap and thrust. Another thrust and another slap brought her first ever encounter with Jo-Jo back into her mind. It was so vivid she gasped, Jo-Jo was slapping one of his whores in an alley, holding her cum covered panties in one hand and making her admit she was his bitch.

Now Miguel was doing the same to her! Another thrust and she felt the sharp slap followed by a voice she did not recognize. It was high pitched, whining and pleading, "Oh fuck it's so good! I'm your slut! I'M YOUR SLUT!! Please fuck my pussy! I love it! PLEEEEZE!!"

Miguel began banging at her cunt driving her orgasm higher and higher. Missy's pleasure mixed with shame she realized she was begging the Puerto Rican for his dick while announcing she was his slut.

"That's it bitch, you're my slut now!" Miguel then turned her over and fucked her pussy from behind. He grabbed an pinched her nipples while reaming her cunt like a dog. She felt humiliated and horny; his cock was so good! She came again and again answering his demands.

"You my ho?"

"Oh yes, YES! I am your whore! Fuck your whore!"

Then he said, "I'm ready bitch, time for your dessert." He spun her limp form around and thrust his wet slippery tool back into her mouth. She sucked and licked it knowing he would come soon and end her humiliation.

She wasn't shocked when he held her head forcing her to take his load in her mouth. "Swallow your daddy's load bitch, drink it down." A quick slap at her titty combined with a well-timed thrust insured that she took the cum in her mouth and throat.

Salty and thick she found that the taste was not unpleasant. Another flash of Jo-Jo's leering gaze and she wonder what his come tasted like. This thought revolting though it was gave her another sharp climax leaving her to weak to move. She swallowed weakly, licking the cock in her mouth clean.

"Finally she thought, "It's over... I just never have to see him again. I can't believe I gave this pig my pussy."

But Miguel had other ideas. He pushed her onto her back and grabbed her ankles. "Oh my God it's still hard!" He pushed his slick cock back into her welcoming cunt. "I can't believe it's still wet, I am such a slut" A few stroke later he placed her legs behind her head and pushed the fat cock-head up against her tight pink anus.

"No way! That's disgusting. Stop it!" she yelled. Missy saw stars for a moment from the slap to her cheek and then gave a shrill scream, "It's to big!! Ooh stop! It hurts! Stop it, OOOOOHHHHFFFFF!"

Missy felt his cock head pressing against her tight inner ring while his fingers pinched her clit. She could not stop her hips from bucking upwards with each pinch. Suddenly her anus surrendered to the fat organ, she felt him slide deep into her ass. The sense of pain changed slowly over then next few minutes to one of incredible fullness.

While Miguel waited for her tightly stretched ass to adjust to his member he ruthlessly fingered her excited twat, rubbing urgently at her swollen clitoris. Soon he sensed she was ready to be ass fucked.

Over the next hour and a half the other apartment dwellers were treated to the sounds of Missy alternately screaming in pain or begging her fuck daddy to, "Just leave it there! Oh my god, it's in my ass! Stop! PLEEEZE daddy, PLEEZE!!"

She completely lost control when he flipped her over on to her hands and knees and mounted her ass from behind, her anus was well stretched by this point and she spent the next half hour screaming for him to fuck her harder and eventually begging for his cum. He took her ass, pussy and mouth throughout the next three hours and sent her home at 4 am in cab.

When she arrived at her apartment building she discovered she had no money, why take money when you're planning on cock teasing your date and having them foot the bill? At 4 am the cabbie, who was no fool, refused to let her run into her house to get her money. "Either pay up or we call the cops whore."

"Whore?" she thought as a blaze of heat emanated from her well-used pussy. She then realized in her sexy outfit, at this time of night combined with her reddened cheeks and bowlegged walk he thought she was a whore returning from a trick. He cunt throbbed again at this thought.

To avoid having a squad dispatched to her house and the embarrassment of being caught looking so thoroughly fucked she played along asking the cabbie what she could do to avoid having the cops involved. He agreed to a blow job for fare.

She undid his pants and pulled forth his bloated black tool and was rewarded with another flash of Jo-Jo smiling eyes. Her pussy was now fully wet. She sucked the fat cabbies cock hard, playing with his balls and was quickly rewarded with his load which to her surprise she swallowed like a pro. "Damn ho your pretty good, we might have to hook up again. You one of Jo- Jo's bitches?" the cabbie asked. "No fucking way" she replied.. thinking to herself.. well not yet.

"Well I will remember the address in case I wanna throw some business your way.

"Great! She thought, I just got a part time job as this cabbies whore," her pussy throbbed again. "Uh... I don't do business out of the house. but I'll stay in touch," she said thinking quickly.

"Ok baby, I am sure I will see you around."

Missy turned towards the car door to get out and the cabbie spoke again, "You forgot something."

A flash of fear as Missy turned to him again and then saw what he meant. His cock, still slimy from his sperm and her saliva was resting on his pants. "Gotta finish the job, clean me up and put me away."

She knew better than to ask if he had tissues and suckled and licked his dick clean, distressed by both the fact that it began to harden again and that her pussy was now dripping wet. She began the struggle to put the semi hard tube back in his pants when he spoke again. "I got fifty right here baby, how's about I ride that cunt and get a little sample to talk about to the boyz?"

She gasped as the thought of actually whoring for money even more frightened of the idea of this cabbie finding out who she really was.

"I've acted like a whore with Miguel, I might as well finish it here" she thought. "Come on baby, I'll even tip you ten on the side that your pimp don't have to know nuthin bout," the cabbie said.

"Ok," she thought, at least I'm wet." As she faced the back of the cab presenting her pussy to her latest lover. The cab rocked for 30 minutes while the cabbie worked through his second nut. Missy found herself groaning an stifling moans and screams as the black tool stretched and rubbed her sensitive cuntflesh.

She gave a small scream as the orgasms hit, one after the other while the cabbie urged her on. "Damn slut! You're into it!"

Missy's spasming cunt and her eagerness to fuck him soon overcame the cabbies resistance and he pumped his cum into her limp form. Missy, dripping with his sperm exited the cab nearly in tears with her fifty dollars in hand and her self-respect destroyed. She had cum for him and didn't even know his name.

Missy awoke a few hours later feeling slightly dizzy and hung over. It was not until she got out of bed and felt the lingering soreness in her pussy and the deep ache in her anus that she felt a stab of dismay and revulsion. She had acted like a complete whore with Miguel! After a few seconds she remembered the cabbie as well. "Oh My God! I blew him for a fare and sold him my pussy! He knows where I live. He thinks I'm a whore. Well as long as I don't call for a cab I won't see him again."

As she climbed into the shower she remembered the taste of his cock and how thick and salty the cum had been. How nasty she thought. She soaped up trying to wash the smell of Miguel off her body and as she did flashes of his demanding lips and fingers ran through her mind. She could she his veiny tool spreading her lips and filling her mouth. She was startled to realize she was rubbing her tender pussy and which was quite wet.

Meanwhile across town Tommy "Two Ton" Brown was having an after shift beer at Ragtops and sharing his blowjob and fuck story with a few associates. "That ho sucked the color right off ma dick!" he chuckled, preparing to describe the doggy-style boning he administered to the tender little white whore.

A white ho working in the west side? Came a voice from behind him. "Yeah that's what I said" he replied without turning around. "Her name was Daisy right?" came the voice again. Annoyed at being interrupted again he turned and began to speak "Who's telling the story nigga?" Then he saw who was asking, it was Jo-Jo, the Boyz Pimp for the west side.

Jo Jo took his turf and his bitches seriously, serious enough to stab a man for not respecting him. Tony managed to stop at "Who's" and thinking quickly he finished "'gonna ask some horny honkey ho what her damn name is? I just fucked her."

Jo Jo was already angry because he'd gotten frisked, smacked and fucked around all afternoon at the local station house because of that bitch cop. It cost him a cool grand for the roach clip to disappear and he also knew damn well that Daisy was in jail all night after getting busted while fucking a john in the park. "Stupid Bitch, screwing outdoors, shoulda found a goddamn restroom," he thought.

Now Jo-Jo was royally pissed, someone was moving sluts into his turf and there was gonna be a bill to be settled right quick. He said to Tony, "Well now I know you don't ask for names dumbass!" Where was she workin?"

Tony was only to happy to answer the questions and get back to his beer. I picked her up on 120th, by those new apartments, the Haciendas. She'd just pulled a trick and was getting a ride.

"So she offered to blow you for a ride instead of paying five bucks? What the fuck kinda whore is that? Givin away product? No way!" Jo-Jo replied.

Tony raised his hand and said "Nah, you got it wrong, she didn't have any cash when she got back to her crib, tried to play it off like she was gonna run up to her apartment and get some. "Bullshit on that, I says and told her I was gonna call the cops if she didn't pay up. She must hava warrant or priors or sumptin cause she decided to settle up right then. I think her old man musta took all her cash, she looked pretty fucked over too!" Tony stopped to take a sip of his beer and Jo-Jo asked "Whaddya mean.. fucked over?"

Tony closed his eyes for a moment, smiling while recalling the red cheeks, tousled hair and the rumpled dress on the cute little whore. "Ya know... walkin funny... messed up hair and looking like she'd had about a mile of cock in her." He went on. "I think she came up short so he musta done a little work on her and sent her ass out the door."

"You say her pimp is over at the Haciendas?" Jo-Jo asked. "That's where I picked her up." Tony replied. "They keep records at the shop on who called. If it's worth your while you can find out who called by asking them." Jo-Jo walked over to Tony, and leaned in close to him. "It's worth your while to find out who called and let me know... by tonight." Jo-Jo then places a something in Tony's pocket. Tony stammered... well uh... yeah... I'll ask... Oh. Oh. Ok..."



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