Mike paced the living room of his parent's suburban home. His eyes were glued to the clock hanging by the door. It was ten past eleven. Briana's curfew was 11 pm. What the hell was she doing out this late?

Mike knew the answer but he refused to believe it. Briana was a sweet, innocent angel. She would never let some boy coax her into sex on the third date. As the minutes ticked by, Mike became more doubtful of his conviction.

How could she? Mike thought. How could his perfect little sister let that sleaze touch her? Mike had hated Scott from the beginning. It was more than just jealousy; Scott was an asshole.

When fifteen-year-old Briana had told her parent's she wanted to date a high school boy they nearly had simultaneous heart attacks. When she explained that Scott was only a year older they calmed down a little. They eventually agreed to let Briana invite him over for dinner as a kind of interview.

Scott had been a perfect gentleman throughout the entire ordeal. He charmed Briana's mother and won the approval of her father. By the end of the night they were practically throwing Briana into Scott's arms.

Mike, however, had seen through the bullshit. Whenever Mike and Briana's parents had been distracted Scott would take the opportunity to subtly grope Briana's chest or legs. Everything he said was so sugar sweet and sycophantic that Mike knew he was hiding his true self. When Mike heard his parent's give Scott permission to date his sister he felt like someone had kicked him in the gut.

Mike hated the idea of Briana dating. He couldn't stand the thought of some pig putting his hands on her angelic body or having her sensual lips pressed against some boy's. The fact was Mike was the one who wanted to kiss Briana, to feel her naked body beneath his hands and ram his cock into her virginal pussy. Yes, Mike was in love with his sister.

It had started when Briana hit puberty. Mike, then a horny fourteen-year-old, watched his eleven-year-old sister change from a spindly little girl into curvaceous woman. He began sneaking peeks at Briana's nude body and even attempted to take a picture of her once. He fantasized about her day and night. By the time he was sixteen Mike knew that no one would ever take Briana's place in his dreams.

That's why Mike hid in his room every time Scott came to pick Briana up. That's why when Mike saw Scott in the hallways at school he had to fight the urge to punch him in the face. That's why, at 11:15 on a Friday night, Mike was pacing the floor praying for Briana to come home.

Mike and Briana's parents had left that morning to spend the weekend at a Bed and Breakfast in Vermont. Briana had been forbidden to date while they were gone. Mike had attempted to enforce this rule, but when Briana gave him her doe-eyed stare and pleaded with him to please, please let her have some fun his resolve melted. He had extracted a promise of punctuality and sobriety from Briana before letting her go. She was obviously breaking that promise.

It was now 11:20 and Mike was prepared to jump in his car and scour the city for his wayward sister. Just as he was about to grab his coat, Briana burst through the front door in tears. Mike caught a glimpse of her as she dashed up the stairs to her bedroom. He heard the screeching of tires and assumed it was Scott beating a hasty retreat.

Concerned for his sister, Mike followed her. He could hear her sobbing through the door to her room. He gently rapped on her door.

"Bree," he called, "can I come in?"

"Go away Michael!" she yelled through the door.

Mike waited two breaths and entered Briana's room. He found her lying face down on the bed. Her body was convulsing with each muted sob. Mike sat down on the bed and put his hand on Briana's shoulder. Briana turned toward her brother and wound her arms around him. She cried into his chest as he gently stroked her hair.

Mike waited until she calmed down a little and then asked, "Tell me what happened Bree."

"Oh Mike, it was so horrible," Briana began, "Scott took me to this party with all these kids from high school. He tried to get me to drink, but I told him I promised you. He said that was stupid and he kept telling me to, but I wouldn't. He got mad and walked away and started hanging out. I tried to talk to him but he kept ignoring me so I went outside.

"He came out and said he was sorry and he wanted to show me something special. I followed him and he took me to this bedroom. I looked around and said 'What's so special' and he said... he said 'this' and I turned around and, and he had, he had his dick out! I told him 'That's not funny' and he said 'It's not supposed to be' and he grabbed me and... and... oh God!"

Fresh tears welled up from Briana's eyes and she began sobbing again. Mike held her tight and rocked her back and forth. All that kept going through his mind was please don't tell me he raped you, please don't tell me he raped you.

After a while Briana calmed down again. She wiped her tears on Mike's already soaked shirt and began again:

"He grabbed me by the shoulders and he started kissing me and rubbing his, his... thing on my leg. I told him to stop but he kept doing it so I tried to push him. He got really mad and grabbed my arms and called me a bitch. He started dragging me to the bed and I got scared. I told him to let me go or I'll scream but he didn't so I started screaming. He threw me on the bed and told me to shut up and I kicked him and kept screaming. He grabbed my legs and tried to pull them apart but this girl came in and told him to get the fuck out of her house.

"I ran out and I was crying and then Scott came out. This guy asked what was going on and Scott said 'Nothing, she's just a cocktease'. Then I got mad and told him to take me home or I'll call the cops. He said fine and we went to his car.

"I got in the backseat and he started driving. He kept calling me names like bitch and whore and slut and I started crying again. He said it didn't matter that I didn't fuck him 'cause he's gonna tell everyone that I did. He said when I got to high school everyone would know I'm a slut and the only guys that would date me we're ones looking for an easy piece of ass."

Briana gulped down air to regain her breath, "Oh Mike, I can't believe Scott is such an asshole! I thought he really liked me. I didn't know he was just trying to get in my pants." She dropped her head as fresh tears ran down her face.

Mike kissed Briana's forehead and rubbed her back in an attempt to soothe her. So many emotions were playing in his heart. Anger at Scott and himself for allowing the date, sorrow over Briana's plight, fear that Scott's plan to destroy her reputation would succeed, but most of all Mike felt a deep and passionate love for his sister.

"It's okay Briana," he cooed sympathetically, "He won't hurt you any more. That piece of shit is going to get his ass kicked in so many ways. I promise I won't let him start rumors about you. He won't be able to with his jaw wired shut."

For the first time that night, Briana smiled, "Thank you Mike. You're the most wonderful brother in the whole world. I love you so much."

Mike looked down at Briana's face and was awestruck. Even with messy hair and burning red cheeks caked in rivulets of mascara she was the most beautiful girl Mike had ever laid eyes on. Before he realized what he was doing, Mike leaned over and kissed Briana full on the lips. This was not the innocent peck shared between family members, but the passionate kiss of lovers that is full of sexual heat.

Briana pulled away from her brother. Her arms went limp at her sides. Her face was a mask of pure astonishment and she stared at Mike with vacant eyes.

Mike was mortified beyond belief. His heart was in his throat as he rose from the bed and backed away from Briana. His breath was coming in deep rasps as he attempted to speak:

"I- I- I'm- s-sorry," he managed to squeak out before he bolted from the room. He ran straight to his own bedroom across the hall. Shutting the door behind him, Mike collapsed in a heap on the floor.

What the hell had he just done? He couldn't believe the absolute stupidity of the act he had committed. Not only had he revealed his twisted infatuation to Briana, he had tried to take advantage of her fragile emotional state.

Her boyfriend had almost raped her. She was scared, sad and in desperate need of a loving protector to keep her safe. Instead the brother who was supposed to make the hurt go away had tried to put the moves on her. Briana must have felt doubly betrayed.

Time passed as Mike lay on the floor contemplating his sin. Eventually Mike got up. He stripped of his clothes and held the shirt that was still moist from Briana's tears. He dropped the shirt, turned out the lights, climbed into bed and sought the oblivion of sleep. He prayed Briana would not invade his dreams as she had so many nights before.

After awhile he heard water running. He realized that Briana must have been drawing a bath. He allowed the subdued noise to lull him to sleep. As Mike fell into unconsciousness the image of his beautiful sister played in his head.

An unidentified disturbance woke Mike from his slumber. He looked up with sleep filled eyes and almost jumped out of bed when he saw Briana. She was sitting at the foot of his bed. Her hair flowed down and around her neck and shoulders like a golden nimbus. She wore a sheer white nightgown that exposed her milky breasts and pink nipples. Moonlight flooded the room giving her a ghostly surreal beauty. Mike had an eerie feeling that this must be a dream.

For a long time Briana just stared at Mike. Her face held no trace of emotion. Mike was afraid to speak or move. The tension mounted until Mike thought he would scream.

Finally Briana spoke, "Mike, do you love me?"

"Of course... of course I do Bree," Mike stammered a response.

"Do you love me as more than your sister?" she asked.

Mike wasn't sure how to answer that. Briana might have been baiting him in order to accuse him of molesting her. She might have also simply wanted the truth.

Looking into her misty blue eyes, Mike felt compelled to be honest, "Yes Briana. I do love you as more than my sister."

Briana looked away for a moment. She returned her gaze to Mike and smiled. "You know Mike," she said, "you're the only man I'll ever believe truly loves me. I can't trust other men, not after what Scott did, but I can trust you."

She began crawling toward her brother. It was cat-like and seductive. She sat back and straddled his thighs through the sheets. "When you kissed me," Briana said, "I was startled. I felt something, here," she pointed to her chest, "and... lower."

"Briana," Mike started, "I don't know why I kissed you, but..." She hushed him by putting her finger on his lips, "Kiss me again Mike. Kiss me like before."

It was all the encouragement Mike needed. He sat up and took Briana in his arms. He kissed her deeply, pouring all the love and lust he felt for her into it. As the two siblings drew out their lip lock, Mike felt his cock grow hard. He gently coaxed Briana's mouth open with his tongue. Their tongues gently wrestled with each other for what seemed like hours. Finally they came up for air and Briana looked down at the tent that had formed between her legs.

"Mike," Briana said as she gazed into his eyes, "I want you to be my first."

Mike was shocked, "Briana! Are you... are you absolutely sure?"

She nodded, "Yes Mike. I don't want to be some man's conquest. I don't want to give it up to some guy who sees me as nothing more than a good time. I want the person who takes my virginity to love me unconditionally. That's you Mike."

"But Bree, it's wrong. We're brother and sister. It's incest, not to mention statutory rape."

"I don't care. I'm not going to tell anyone. Besides, you being my brother is why I want you. You'll always love me and I'll always love you," she stroked his chest and shoulders, "Please Mike, I know you want to."

The last bit of Mike's resistance melted away. He kissed Briana again as he hiked her gown around her waist. His hands caressed her thighs and buttocks while his lips trailed down her neck. At last he lifted the nightgown off of her body and tossed it to the floor.

He took a moment to admire the gorgeous body that had inspired so many dreams and fantasies before this. His eyes followed his hands as they slowly moved from her knees and up her thighs to hold her tight round butt cheeks. They then traced her hips to her tapering waist and along her smooth, flat stomach to finally stop at her perfect breasts.

Mike gently massaged his sister's globes and teased her nipples with his thumbs. Briana leaned into her brother's grasp. She began pulling away the covers that concealed Mike's magnificent cock. Once exposed to air, his shaft seemed to grow even bigger and began leaking pre-cum.

Briana touched it out of curiosity and Mike shuttered. She slowly stroked his penis and played with his balls. Mike dropped his hands, unable to continue administering to Briana's breasts. "Oh Bree," he whispered, "that feels so good."

Briana's eyes widened as she felt Mike's rod quiver in her hand. "Mike," she said, "do you want me to give you a... a blow job?"

"Only if you want to, Bree."

"I do, but I've never... never done one before."

"It's not hard. Just watch your teeth and only take what you can handle."

"Okay. Tell me when you're ready to, um, to blow," she said with a smirk.

Briana leaned down and held Mike's cock in both hands. She swallowed and moved her mouth over the hot shaft. Just watching his sister's tiny mouth and sensuous lips stretch over his cockhead caused Mike to almost lose it. He braced his arms behind his back and closed his eyes, enjoying the sensations Briana was causing.

Briana's head bobbed slowly up and down her brother's pulsating member. With each motion she took in a little more of Mike's rod. He groaned in ecstasy and Briana became more confident. She increased her tempo. Mike began to hump his sister's face.

Now Briana began to gently suck on the upstroke and tease his hole with her tongue. Mike was now moaning and calling her name, "Bree, Bree, Oh my God Bree, It feels... so good," he felt his balls tightening, "Oh God I'm gonna shoot!"

Briana released him just in time to catch a blast of jiz in the face. She sat up and watched four hot white geysers explode from her brother's penis. Mike's cock went flaccid and he lay back on the bed.

"Eww Mike, that was messy," she said as she wiped her face of with the bedspread, "I thought that stuff just leaked out. I didn't know you could shoot it straight up in the air."

"Well what do you expect?" he retorted as he sat up, "You just gave me the greatest orgasm of my life!" He embraced her and kissed her lips. He added some tongue action and tasted his pre-cum in her mouth.

Mike bent Briana backwards and kissed his way toward her breasts. He used his tongue to trace the edges of her aureoles. As her breath quickened, he took an erect nipple in his mouth and suckled. Briana grasped the back of his head and pressed him closer, "I like that," she whispered.

Mike spent several minutes ministering to her nipple then quickly moved to the other. As he sucked he teased each nipple with his tongue. When he switched he lightly tweaked them with his teeth.

He slowly lowered Briana unto her back. Now that his hands were free, he used one to knead her breast while he suckled the opposite one. Briana's heart was beating faster and she was whimpering from the pleasure.

Eventually Mike released her breasts and began kissing his way down her torso. When he reached her crotch, he propped her legs on his shoulders. He took a deep whiff of her moist pussy and began kissing her outer lips. She only had a soft down of pubic hair that tickled his nose.

Briana wriggled her hips and tried to push Mike's face into her labia. Mike responded by licking her slit. The unexpected pleasure shocked Briana into stillness. Mike thrust his tongue inside his little sister's cunt and swirled it around. "Oh Jesus!" Briana screamed, "Don't stop! Don't stop!"

Mike obediently continued. As he licked the inner folds of her vagina, he found her clit with his thumb. He gently stroked it and Briana lifted her hips, trying to bury Mike's face in her cunt.

The pleasurable feelings built up and spread throughout Briana's body. She was moaning loudly and digging her fingers into Mike's hair. Without warning, a sudden wave of unadulterated ecstasy jolted through Briana. She let out a shriek that threatened to shatter the windows as her pussy muscles clenched involuntarily. As the wonderful feeling subsided, Briana lay their panting like an animal.

"Damn Briana, I'm glad Mom and Dad aren't home, " Mike said with a wide grin on his face.

"Michael, do you realize that that was my first orgasm?" Briana looked at her brother with an expression of awe and gratitude.

"Really Bree?" he asked as he sat up, "are you sure?"

"Hell yeah I'm sure! I would've remembered something like that." Briana jumped up and grabbed Mike. She covered his face and chest with kisses. "Thank you... thank you... thank you," she said between each kiss, "You made me feel so good."

She stopped to catch her breath. Mike's cock was once again hard and it was pressed between the siblings' stomachs. Briana reached down and took hold of Mike's penis. "Now Michael," she whispered, "I want you now."

Without a word Mike grabbed Briana's buttocks and lifted her above his cockhead. As he lowered her, Briana positioned the rod at her entrance. As Mike slipped inside both let out a gasp. Gravity took over and inch-by-inch Mike's cock made it's way inside Briana's love tunnel.

Briana gave a little yelp as her hymen tore away without resistance. Mike was now buried to the hilt inside his sister. He looked into her eyes and held her close, "Does it hurt?"

"A little bit, but it feels good too."

He kissed her and began thrusting upwards. After a moment, Briana began rolling her hips to meet her brother's thrusts. They soon found a steady rhythm and were fucking like old lovers. As they fucked, Mike kissed Briana all over her face, neck and breasts.

Mike was in heaven. The sensations Briana was causing in his cock were beyond anything he had words to describe. This was a moment of perfect bliss and Mike planned to enjoy every millisecond of it.

They're humping grew fiercer. Briana was moaning now. The tiny pain of her lost maidenhead was completely forgotten. The delightful friction inside her pussy was the only thing in existence. Soon the pleasant feelings were building inside her again. She began squeezing Mike's cock in anticipation.

It was too much for Mike. He grabbed Briana's hips and pushed his cock up against her cervix. Rope after rope of thick semen spurted from his loins. The sensation put Briana over the edge. She squealed as her pussy convulsed, milking Mike's penis for every last drop of precious sperm.

As they came down from their mutual climax, they collapsed on the bed. Mike slipped his shrinking cock out of Briana's pussy. They cuddled for a while, basking in the afterglow.

Finally, Briana kissed Mike and whispered in his ear, "I love you, big brother."

"I love you, baby sis," he replied. Then Mike closed his eyes and fell asleep.

When Mike woke up, he expected to find Briana lying next to him. Groggily he felt around for her. He sat up when he realized she was absent. Sunlight poured through his window. The sheets were bunched up at the foot of the bed and he could see cum stains on the mattress.

As he rubbed the sleep from his eyes it finally dawned on him. It was all a dream. It had been so vivid and intense that Mike had actually believed it happened. In retrospect, the entire situation was absurd. In what reality would a fifteen-year-old girl walk into her brother's room and ask him to take her virginity? It couldn't have happened, but it seemed so real.

Mike didn't know how he was going to face Briana. After the kiss he gave her, he would be lucky if she ever spoke to him again. He decided to just get up and face the music.

He got out of bed and started searching for his clothes. When he turned back toward the bed, he froze in wonderment. There in the center of the mattress was a spot of dried blood.



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