Chapter 1


Susan sat at her desk; her gaze fixed and steady. Her class probably thought she was lost in thought, waiting for them to finish their pop quiz. In reality her stare was directed at the large bulge in the tight jeans of, the Russian boy sitting slouched, at his desk with his legs spread wide. Susan's right hand was under her hiked up dress, rubbing her pussy through the silk thong that she wore. She wasn't even aware of her action until her fingers felt the dampness of her cunt through the sheer panties.

She felt her whole body flush red with embarrassment, when she realized what she had been doing. She was very thankful that the huge desk had, hidden her activity from the class. "What would my husband think, if he knew about this? He would love it, the fucking pervert." She thought, just as the bell signaling the end of class rang. "All right ladies and gentlemen place your test, on my desk on your way out." She said, as the teens began to file out, then on impulse and without knowing why she added, "Vanya I would like to see you after school."

Susan's next period was free and, she spent it trying to figure out a reason to, give the Russian teen for having him see her after hours. She also tried to understand why she found him so appealing. There where other boys just as cute and, she had never salivated over them. "Is it that accent or, that big package that bulges through those tight jeans?" She wondered, as she opened up her laptop to look at Vanya's record for, an excuse to have him come in after school and, get a little closer to him. It took almost the entire period but, she managed to formulate a plan.

A few minutes after the final bell rang, the door to Susan's classroom opened and, Vanya stepped in. "You wished to see me?" He asked, in his heavy Russian accent as, he moved over to her desk.

"Yes Vanya, I've been going over your records and, I see your doing very well in most of your classes but, you seem to be having trouble in science and, American history. I think with a little tutoring you could bring those grades up enough to, receive a scholarship to one of the better collages." Susan said, her twat twitching a the mere closeness of the young man.

"This would be very nice but, I'm on the wrestling team and, work part time at night so, there is little time for such a thing." He stated, wondering why the teacher had taken such an interest in his other classes.

"Well maybe you could come by my house on Saturday morning and, I could help you then." Susan suggested. She knew her husband would be playing golf or, have something else planned to, avoid doing Honey Do's. He always did.

"This would be good. I don't work on Saturday so, I could be there whenever you want." The clueless boy replied.

"Good I'll see you Saturday morning about ten o'clock, here's my address and phone number." Susan said, jotting down the information and, handing it to the boy.

"Thank you. I'll see you Saturday." He replied, before turning to leave.

Saturday morning after her husband left to play to rounds of golf, then have drinks in the club hose with friends, Susan began to get ready for her visitor. After taking a nice candlelit bubble bath, she selected her wardrobe for the day, stopping to examine herself in the mirror. She was really proud of her 32-24-34 figure and, the fact that her A cup tangerine size breast were still as firm as, they were in high school with, virtually no sag at all. She was also proud of her taunt little heart shaped ass and, the fact it wasn't covered with cellulite like a lot of other women her age.

In fact her entire completion is nearly flawless. Next she slid into a light green thong and, a matching push- up bra to, give the impression of cleavage. Then she slipped into a light green low cut summer dress and, a pair of white sandals with four inch heels to, give her already toned calves, even more definition. Last but not least she gave her short blonde hair a good brushing then, tussled it a bit to, give it that un- brushed look.

Then while taking one last look in the mirror, the doorbell rang. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach and, doubts about the scheme filled her head "It'll just be a little harmless flirting." She told herself, moving slowly toward the living room and, the front door.

Susan's doubts melted and, her pussy began to tingle instantly upon seeing Vanya, standing at the door clad in a pair of old gym shorts and, mesh muscle shirt. His body even more athletic and muscular, than his daily school wear. She suddenly felt a twinge of regret over all the hot studs she had refused her charms in high school and collage. Then seeing the history and science books under his arm, she remembered why he was there.

"I'm glad to see you could make it Vanya, won't you come into the dining room and, we can get started." She said, motioning the boy inside, hoping he didn't notice the nervousness in her voice.

For the next ninety minutes they reviewed the work he was doing in the classes and, during that time she had caught the boy sneaking peeks down her blouse. How could he not, when she was making such an effort to lean over in a fashion, that practically presented her tits to him. Finally she decided it was time for to, take a break

"I know you're on the wrestling team but, do you like any other sports?" She asked, closing the book they had been studying from. "Oh yes I like your American baseball and, I play tennis very nice." He answered, with more interest than he had shown studying.

"Oh really I play tennis too. Maybe we could have a game sometime." She offered, happy to have found some common ground.

"I think maybe I would maybe lick your ass at tennis." Vanya replied, in an almost arrogant tone.

"Well you know we don't have to play tennis for, you to lick my ass." She shot back teasingly, then doing something that even surprised her. She bent over the table where they had been studying and, hoisted the summer dress up past her waist to, reveal her near naked ass.

"This is more than innocent flirting! What in the world does he think of me acting this way?" She thought to herself, waving her ass in the air like a flag. She had her answer soon enough, when he quickly bent over and, ran his tongue across he left ass cheek.

Susan jumped like she had been touched by a live wire but, didn't try to move away but, instead pushed her ass out even more. Vanya accepted the invitation by pulling the thong aside and, pressing his tongue to her asshole. "No wait! If you want to like something like this!" She exclaimed, turning quickly around and, ripping her thong completely off and, hoisting herself onto the table.

Vanya stared at the well trimmed muff for a moment then dove in face first. "OH MY GOD!!" She moaned, as the boys tongue probed her moist channel and, teased her sensitive clit. The boy brought her to, two body shuddering orgasm's in less than five minutes, leaving her very light headed and, had her trying to push his head away out of fear she might pass out.

Susan lay back on the tabletop resting on her elbows, trying to regain her composure and, while Vanya may have been only sixteen, he recognized the right moment when he saw it. He quickly stood erect and, pulled down the front of his gym shorts so, he could fish out a very impressive uncircumcised nine inch cock. It reminded Susan of a missile and, she spread her legs wide to give it a nice big target. A second later the young man's cock slid smoothly into her sopping wet cunt balls deep. He started with long slow stokes, so, he could work the top of the little sundress and, push- up bra down to hr waist. He used his thumb and index finger to tease the rubbery eraser size nipple tips as, he leaned over and placed his mouth to hers.

"MMMMMM" Susan moaned as, the boy kissed her more passionately than she had been kissed in years. Kissing had always been one of her biggest turn-on's; something her husband see med to have forgotten over the years. It didn't take much of this attention to have Susan in a frenzy. "OH God fuck me harder!!" She begged, pushing the boy back upright so he would have better leverage.

Vanya was only too happy to comply with her request and, began to slam the meat to her hard and fast. Susan pushed against him to meet every stroke as, orgasm after orgasm rocked her petite body. The boy used his thumb to rub her delicate clit and, her juices were soon spraying the through the air as, she seemed to squirt buckets.

"OH YES GOD FUCK ME!!" She screamed, as the young boy pounded away at her hungry cunt. Then without warning the table gave way sending them both to the floor and, still the boy slammed the cock to her.

Finally Susan felt her young lover's body go stiff and, his sperm begin to flood her cunt. She locked her legs around him and, tried to pull him even deeper inside her body. To her astonishment once Vanya had pumped her full of his cum, his cock stayed hard as rock and, he went right back to work pounding away at her pussy. She had forgotten how much stamina young men had, it had been years since her husband had been able to , manage a feat like this. "Thank god for young cock." She though, as yet another orgasm rocked her body.

After his second climax the lovers moved to guest bedroom, where a good old fashioned blow-job brought his softened cock back to life. This wasn't just any blow-jab however, at least not for Susan. She was bound and determined to get the boys entire shaft down her throat and, it had been quite a struggle. It had taken numerous tries to get past her gag reflex, she thought sure she would puke before it was over but, she finally got it all the way down. Then with the boy's cock well past her tonsils, there was the little problem of breathing. The poor woman damn near strangled before she got the knack of that but, she finally got the hang of it and, was soon taking a throat fucking like a seasoned pro.

"This is very splendid!" Vanya exclaimed, over and over as he held her by the ears and, rammed his cock into her mouth. Susan wanted desperately to taste the boy's cum but, she wanted more of that hard dick in her even more so, she stopped short of, allowing the boy to cum in her mouth. If Vanya was disappointed he didn't let it show, when she took his cock from her mouth and, moved into the doggie position for a good mounting.

Over the course of the next few hours, they fucked in almost every room of the house except her own bedroom. She wouldn't fuck the boy in that room until her husband was there to watch and, she wasn't ready for that yet. She wanted to have him to herself awhile longer without an audience. She would have to tell her husband soon but, not to soon.

By the time it came for her to seen Vanya on his way, he had fucked her six times and, she had became a skilled throat fuck but, all good things must come to an end and, her husband would be home soon. Once he had gone she set about tidying up the house and, trying to come up with a good story about how the table got broke.

She decided she would say she had simply set something on it and it had collapsed so, she would exactly be lying. She also thought about how to tell her husband about Vanya and, still have the boy to herself just awhile longer. She had mentioned one that she found the boy attractive and, the man pestered her for weeks to try and seduce him so, he could watch. Besides she didn't want to scare Vanya off. "I know. I'll just drop little hints and, let him figure out on his own." she thought.

That night as she lay in bed listening to her husband snore, her thoughts were with Vanya. She didn't want to wait a whole week before seeing him again. She felt like a silly little schoolgirl with a crush Besides she knew once her husband figured out the little hints she would be giving, he would want in as well. The next day was hard for her to resist calling the boy just to talk. She must have picked up the phone at least a dozen times but, was afraid of getting caught. The next day at school was even worse.

Seeing the boy in class and, in the halls and, not being able to touch him was madding. The next day at school it was all she could do not to drag the boy into cloak room and rape him or, have him come to her class for her free period so he could bend her over the desk. Then at the end of the school day fate took a hand. A water main had burst and, it would take a day to fix so, there would be no school the next day.

That evening she called Vanya at home and, arranged to see him the next morning. To keep herself from going crazy, while waiting to see the boy, she passed the time teasing her husband with little hints like, "That Russian boy Vanya is sure cute." and "He sure has a big package. I wonder if it's real?" Her poor husband was practically salivating at, the thought he might actually get to see get stuffed by, another cock and, maybe even maneuver her into swinging, the ultimate goal.

The following morning she stopped by the local no tell motel and, rented a room, then she went and picked Vanya up. This time around the boy was more sure of himself and, pounded her cunt like it had never been pounded. She denied the boy nothing . Nothing that is except her virgin asshole, which she explained was, NO Man's land." Vanya wasn't to disappointed as, her was more than happy with what she did offer. They stayed I the room well past the six o'clock deadline Susan had set and, she realized that she would have to come clean with her husband that night. The man had been ecstatic at the news and, Susan had promised to let him be present for her next tutoring session with her student.

Thursday morning at school Susan was stunned, to find a note in her message box that read, "You are here by requested, o attend a meeting tonight in room 103 at seven o'clock, where you will be asked, to respond to allegations of moral turpitude."

The note was signed Dale Higgins Principle. Susan knew these kind of meetings usually meant the end of, a person's teaching career She was thankful they were being discreet and, holding the meeting in the evening. She had seen times when such charges were made in front of the whole faculty. She knew full well what the charges were about and, she certainly didn't want the whole school briefed. She spent the day wondering how they found out, she was sure it wasn't Vanya as, he seem truly hurt when she avoided him. None of the other teachers she was friendly with acted any differently tan normal and no one seemed to look at her strange so, she had no idea who had the goods on her. All she could do was sit and wait and, that made for a long day.

That evening Susan entered the school at just before seven and, made her way to the teachers lounge located in room 103 on legs, that seemed to be made of rubber. Her husband had wanted to come along for support but, she was certain it would be against protocol. Once outside the door she, took a moment to brush the wrinkles out of, her conservative gray three piece suit and, then with a shaking hand opened the door.

"Come in and take a seat Susan." Principal Higgins instructed, as she stepped into the room.

As she made her way to one of the sofas Susan, took note of the others present. There was Vice Principal Dan Jones, an attractive forty something man, with a great build but, slightly balding. Ben Carter the fifty-ish and, distinguished looking school consular. The head of her math department Jamul Smith was also there. He's a very large black man, that the female teachers call Tree Trunk behind his back, because of his huge root.

Then there was Phil Adams An attractive man in his forties, that was despised by most of the female teaches, for being a womanizer who boasted of, his extra marital affairs and, had hit on every pretty teacher in the school, including Susan. "He must be my accuser." She thought, as she took a seat on the large over stuffed sofa. Last but certainly not least was Principal Dale Higgins a distinguished looking, slightly balding, well built man of about forty-five. It's rumored he has been having an affair with the school secretary Betty Brown for years.

"Ahem. Before we start Ms. Brown sends her regrets but, family matters kept her from attending tonight." Higgins said. Susan couldn't help but notice the disappointed look in the men's faces at, the news the school secretary wasn't there. "Probably disappointed they won't get to ogle those great big tits of hers." She thought, before Higgins began to speak again.

"Well Susan I think you know why you're here tonight don't you?" the principal asked, then paused and, waited for her to respond.

"No sir only what I'm being accused of." She replied, not wanting to say to much and, give them any ammunition, that might be used against her.

"Well in that case I'll explain. As you may or may not know, Mr. Adams here has recently separated from his wife and, has been staying at the Sweet Home Motel. Yesterday he shot a video I think you might find of interest." Higgins said, using the remote to turn on the T.V. and, start the tape.

Susan took on a deer in the headlight look as, she watched the video complete with time and date, of her and Vanya entering their motel room. The tape showed her kissing the boy deeply and, him rubbing her breast through her blouse. It then skipped to several hours later with them leaving the room and, Vanya still pulling on his cloths as he stepped out of the door.

"Would you like to respond to what we have just seen?" Higgins asked, then waited for a reply.

"There's nothing I can say." Susan answered, choking back tears as she spoke.

"You understand this should end your teaching career and, could result in criminal charges. Unless of course you can suggest a way that we could handle this internally." Higgins continued, then waited to see her reaction. Susan hadn't even considered criminal charges.

Her mind raced trying to think of a solution the men might accept. Then she saw the lecherous look in the men's eyes and, realized what the alternate solution would have to be. Without so much as word, she rose from her seat and, began to slowly unbutton the jacket of her suit, then sexily let it slide from her shoulders and, fall to the floor.

She could see the look of approval in the men's eyes, as she eased the zipper of her skirt down and, began to gradually work it down her hips. Once off she kicked it to the side and, began to unbutton the conservative white blouse and, when it fell free of her body she tossed it atop her skirt. Her whole body blushed crimson as, the men look appreciatively at her nearly nude body. Her audience broke their silence with chant of, "TAKE IT OFF!" As she teased them with her bra by, letting them see a little but, without letting them see anything.

Finally she turned her back to them and, slipped it off completely and, dropped it to the floor, then turned around with her arms folded over her chest. Then with a certain amount of drama she threw her arms open wide and, gave them what they wanted. This left her in nothing but heels, pantyhose and, thong. Try as she might she couldn't think of a sexy way to peel off a pair of pantyhose but, she did have one idea. Two sexy little kicks sent her shoes to a near-by corner and, then she stepped up onto the coffee table, in front of the sofa where Dale Higgins was seated.

"Give a girl a hand." She cooed, pulling at the elastic waistline. Higgins was more than happy to peel the black pantyhose down to, reveal her flawless legs. Susan gave a couple of sexy turns like a runway model, then simply ripped her thong off. Her cunt was nearly bald, only a small tuft of pubic hair about the size of a silver dollar and, cut in the shape o a heart. Vanya had given her the trim between fucks, the day before. "Looks like somebody done skinned that beaver." Tree Trunk laughed, as the other men hoisted Susan up and, placed her face down, on the near-by large over stuffed ottoman, that Susan had always felt was out of place in the lounge.

Phil Adams was the first to press his cock to her lips, while Higgins decided to take a taste of her cunt, before fucking it. Susan had to admit for an asshole Phil had a really nice seven inch dick but, in her mind Higgins tongue was even better. He certainly knew his way around a cunt, he had her juices flowing in seconds and, in no time at all she could feel a climax building. Meanwhile the other men were stripping out of their clothes and, out of the corner of her eye Susan got her first look at Tree Trunk's monstrous fifteen inch cock.

"Where in the world am I going to put all that meat?" She wondered, almost giddy at the prospect of finding out. "This solution might be better than I imagined." She thought, as Higgins slid his thick six-incher into her sopping wet cunt. The two men had a good rhythm together and, Susan was having the time of her life as, they worked her back and forth like a handsaw.

Higgins had good stamina and, by the time he hit his stride, Susan had already climaxed three more times. After about four minutes of rally hard pounding the man pulled her ass hard against him and pumped her full of his cum and, at the same time Phil gave her tonsils the first of many whitewashes they would receive that night.

Ben Carter took Phil's place and, Tree Trunk replace Higgins. "No rest for the wicked." Susan said with a giggle, as she took Ben's cock into he mouth.

"I ain't taking no sloppy seconds, from no white boy." Tree trunk roared, applying a handful of spit to the head of his cock. The other men burst out in laughter but Susan didn't get the joke. At least not until she felt the head of the huge cock pressed against her virgin anus. She tried raise up in protest but, Tree Trunk placed a big beefy hand between her shoulder blades and, Ben held her head in place with, his cock lodged in her throat.

One mighty shove and, the bulbous head broke thru her tightly clenched asshole. Susan could feel the tissues of her rectum tear as the massive cock plowed it's way thru her most private orifice. "Man you guy's got to try some of this. It is really tight." Trunk bellowed, as he pulled almost all the way out, then hammered it back in.

"Not anymore it isn't." Dan Jones, shot back, laughing heartily. Susan's arm flailed wildly as, Trunk's rectum wrecker continued to hammer away.

"Man she looks like a chicken after it's heads been cut off." Phil remarked, laughing so hard he could barely get the words out. Susan however was finding no humor in her situation. She felt as though the huge cock was trying to punch a hole thru her stomach.

"Man Trunk, I think I can feel the head of you're cock bumping against mine !" Ben exclaimed, high fiving the huge black man.

"Yeah you right; I pushed past this bitches bowels about four stores ago." Trunk shot back, as he stepped up the tempo. and, slapping the impaled woman's ass, with his ham sized hand.

Susan finally settled down a bit and, stopped flapping her arms but, taking a grip on the sides of the big ottoman. Her grip was so tight her knuckles were white and, it looked as if she were trying to rip the fabric off. Trunk was now battering her asshole hard and fast and, in just a few seconds flooded her bowels with more cum, than Susan even thought possible. Carter had already cum but had kept hic limp cock in her mouth so, as not to created a distraction.

As soon as he released the back of her head, she spit his cock out. "Get your cock out of my asshole, you black mother fucker!" She screamed, as Trunk pumped the last drops of semen into the gaping hole. "Best be nice, if you want us to keep you out of trouble." Trunk retorted, a nasty treating tone in his voice.

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry." Susan whined, all the time thinking how much she would like to kill the large black man.

Susan had been right about no rest for the wicked, as Higgins quickly took over for Ben by, stuffing her face with his cock, while Phil Adams tried to fill the void left by Trunk. Susan didn't even flinch as, Phil slid into her by then well lubed asshole. In fact she was surprised to find it actually felt pretty good. She began to rub her cunt while the two men used her body in a much less brutal fashion than Trunk and Carter. She soon found herself getting very turned on and, then something that had never happened before.

"Oh my God, I'm squirting. This can't be getting me that hot!" She thought, as her body shuddered in a most unbelievable orgasm. She had heard other women talk about squirting but, had never experienced it herself but, no doubt about it she liked it. When Higgins pulled out of her mouth and, had her sit on his cock while Phil fucked her ass, she felt like she was in heaven. It was her first DP and, she hoped there would be many more.

The four men used Susan's body until they just couldn't rise to the task anymore but, by the time it was done she had been ass fucked by all of them. For the most part she had loved it but, one thing she learned for sure is there's no good way to fuck Tree Trunk. That big cock hurts no matter what hole he fucks or, how many times he fucks it. With cum dripping from all her holes, Susan looked more like a worn out old Rag doll, than a sexy vibrant woman but, she was the most satisfied than she had ever been. She was glad it was over however or was it.

After being allowed to freshen up and dress, Susan found herself once again facing the Panel of four men. If she thought she was out of the woods, she was about to find out how wrong she was, as Principal Higgins spoke again. "Well Susan you certainly seem sincere about working something out and, we believe this matter can indeed be handled in-house. However you will have to agree to certain terms." He said, pausing to await her answer.

"What would the terms be?" Susan asked, fairly certain she already knew.

"Well for one thing you will have to attend a teachers meeting like this once a month for the rest of your tenure here at the school. You will also have to make yourself available to each of us on demand. Whatever reason you give your husband is your problem. To ensure you learn your lesson, you will be summoned to my office every Friday for the reminder of the school year, to receive some Corporal Punishment." He responded, not at all sure she was going to accept, judging from the look on her face so he added, "If you refuse this lifeline, I will turn the tape over to the school board and, we will deny this meeting ever took place.

Susan thought it over for a couple of minutes although she knew she didn't really have a choice. She knew he husband wouldn't be a problem. Hell the pervert would probably get off on it and, want to come to the meetings and watch. However she didn't care to much about being a sex slave to four men and, give up the cock that she really wanted.

"I'll take your offer provided there's no anal sex, unless I want it and, I get to keep seeing Vanya." She finally answered, rolling her eyes as she spoke.

"You're in no position to make demands, you will do what we want when we want. However you can keep your little boyfriend as, the damage has already been done there but, you will notify me at once if, you broaden your horizons." Higgins replied, a bit of an edge to his normally calm voice.

Susan nodded her head and said, "I accept your generous offer."

When she got home that night her husband was already in bed but, still awake waiting for her. She related the events of the evening to him and, he tried to show sympathy for her plight. It was hard to take his concern as genuine however, with him jacking off so hard she was afraid he was going to hurt himself. She did take pity on him however and, gave him a good deep throat blow-job and, even though she didn't really feel like she needed another ass fucking she allowed him to pack, her already well packed fudge. For the first time in their marriage.

Afterward she made him sleep in the living room after, he made the comment that, "I really thought it would be tighter." After tossing him out with a blanket and pillow, she turned and headed back to bed , then yelled through the closed door, "Have Tree Trunk shove fifteen inches of nigger dick up your ass and, see how tight it is afterward."

Susan arrived at school an hour early the next morning like always, to prepare for the day ahead. Her body ached all over and, she had a peculiar step to her gait but, she was in unusually good spirits. She felt more relaxed and, stress free, than she had since the beginning of the school year. Her first stop was the mail room to get her messages, where she ran into Tree Trunk. Her little asshole puckered, at the mere sight of the man.

"Good morning Susan, ready to go another round?" He asked, giving her butt, a little pat.

"Anytime you are." She responded, as she turned to scurry to the safety of her classroom, Goosebumps covering her body, from the man's touch. Once in her room she began to outline the day's lesson, on the blackboard. The chalk had no sooner touched the board when the door opened and, Vanya walked in looking very sheepish.

"You are mad with me. Yes?" He asked, unable to look her in the Eye as, he pushed the door closed and, walked toward her.

"No Sweetie I'm not mad at you, I just had a lot on my mind yesterday. Everything is fine now and, I'm really looking forward to tomorrow." She replied, taking his chin in her hand and, lifting his face so, that he could see her sincerity.

"You are sure?" the boy asked, still not certain all was right.

"Would I do this if I were angry?" She responded, trailing her hand down his chest and stomach, until she reached his zipper and, pulled it open. She then fished his cock out and, slid to her knees.

Vanya was all smiles as, she swallowed his man sized cock. It took only a few bobs of her pretty head and, the teen's cum was flowing down her throat like lava to the sea. Once she had swallowed the last drop, she couldn't help but giggle at the fact his cock was still rock hard, just as it had been after their first encounter. "Well you're just going to have to, put that thing away for now Mister. I have to get ready for class but, I'll finish when you come for your lesson tomorrow." She promised, just before she kissed the head of his cock and, sent him on his way.

The first three periods went well and, most of her soreness seemed to have eased and, Susan was in high sprits. Then a few minutes before the lunch bell rang a young T.A. Named Tin Andrews entered the room with a note telling Susan to report to the office and, that Tina would handle her classes until her return. Susan knew full well what she was being called in for and, somehow felt the young T.A. did as well.

"They're all yours." She said, handing the younger woman her pointer and text book. Then taking a deep breath headed for the office "Good luck." Tina called after her, in a voice that sounded teasing to Susan, making her even more suspicious that the woman knew what was up.



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