Julia was fourteen and a half years old and was wealthy, or at least her daddy was. Her mom had run off to Europe 2 years ago with a young tennis coach only 10 years older than Julia. Good riddance Julia had thought at the time (and still did), as her mom was a selfish shallow material bitch. Since then she had lived with her father, David, and her older brother and sister who were at university. Because her siblings were so involved with their uni-studies and her daddy was involved long hours in his businesses.

Her daddy had put her into boarding at a very exclusive private school in the centre of the city from Monday night till Thursday nights. Julia would be at home Friday night to Sunday night. That suited Julia just fine as she had lots of girlfriends at school and would rather be there than at home during the week. Daddy also gave her a very generous expense account, probably out of guilt, to use as she liked. And this is how Julia came to experience what she did...and like it a lot.

One afternoon in the dormitory Julia heard some of the older girls talking and giggling and from the way they were giggling Julia knew it must be something not meant for teachers or others to hear. It was 4 girls in the senior class, all aged in the 17-18 range. These four girls were all very attractive and sporty, sort of the equivalent of the "jocks" of a boy's school. Julia crept up to the edge of their cubicle and listened in on their conversation and was both shocked and entranced. They spoke of a high class exclusive brothel that had recently opened up just 2 blocks from the school.

One of the girls, Angela, a very busty 17 year old, had somehow found out that the madam of the brothel was looking for young fresh girls to provide a special new service for her exclusive clientele. Angela and one of the other girls Susan, had gone along one night last week and had been paid $500 a time just to wear their school uniforms and give wealthy businessmen hand- relief. They were offered $1,000 a time to give blow- jobs but they had declined.

Both Angela and Susan had wanked-off 4 guys each during a 6 hour shift and had come away with $2,000 of tax free money for about 2 hours work. They thought it was money for jam and so the girls were debating whether they should turn up this coming Thursday night and do another shift. Julia stayed long enough to hear them all agree that it was far too risky as they feared they might be recognised by one of the girl's fathers, as they suspected some of the dads played up a bit. Julia had no such concern, probably because of her youth and innocence.

Julia had entered puberty full on at the age of 11, when she got her first period. She had by now blossomed into a very voluptuous young woman and was the envy of many of the senior girls.

Julia stood 5 ft 7 inches tall and was athletically built with strong shapely legs, a tight muscley arse like an ice skater and full firm DD cup breasts, peaked by overly large thick nipples which seemed to be in perpetual arousal. She was a size 10-12. Her hair was usually tied back in plats or a bun but when let it out it fell in a glorious waterfall of thick lustrous wavy dark brown hair to half way down her back. Her eyebrows were thick and her eyelashes long, which complemented her thick full ruby lips. She had the look of an Egyptian princess or one of those wild Irish lasses. She had been well aware of the looks she often got from the other girls dads and many men (and women) on the street.

Julia was now at a time when her frequent (several times a day) furtive masturbation was not enough for her. Recently she got a very brief glimpse of her father's huge fully erect cock when she hopped into his bed one Sunday morning for her Sunday "in-bed hug" from daddy. His cock had obviously slipped out of the fly of his pyjamas due to his "morning glory" (or he had been having a little play himself before she surprised him).

Nevertheless this had been the first time she had seen her daddy's cock since she was about 6 or 7 years old and Julia hadn't seen it again since that Sunday morning about 8 weeks ago. But it had started something in her that she could not stop, a yearning to see a fully erect man's cock (not a boys cock like those tragic high school boys who sometimes flashed their pathetic little boy dicks to her). Julia wanted to see a nice big fat man's cock.

She wanted to touch one and masturbate it and watch it spurt its creamy seed, but she was afraid of being raped and so did not dare follow up on the many occasions when she had received unmistakable signals from men which she knew she could develop in that direction.

But now Julia had found a way, a fantastic safe way, where she could indulge her desire in safety and get paid for it handsomely to boot. What a joyful solution to her forbidden desires she thought. She had heard the girls describe where the brothel was and the very next day she determined she would go there. That night in her bed in the dorm Julia had a wonderful time frigging her pussy to orgasm and fantasising about holding a nice big warm dick in her hand while watching it spurt a fountain of spunk. She sighed and drifted off to an exhausted contented sleep.

The following day was a Thursday, Julia's last night at the school dorm before sleeping at home for 3 nights. It was also a day when she had little homework and no late lessons or coaching. At 3.45 pm she stood outside an elegant 3 storey terrace that gave the appearance of being professional offices. This was the brothel, but only if you knew it was. It had a high edge, flowering and sweet scented, that completely hid the front yard and front door from curious gaze.

Julia looked about and saw no one in the street so she quickly slipped in the front gate and up to the stylish varnished oak door. The door was answered by a woman in her mid thirties, dressed in a conservative smart suit. Julia was still wearing her school uniform, consisting of a pleated tartan skirt and a white semi-see through blouse.

The woman seemed to be a bit taken aback at first but then her gaze shifted to Julia's voluptuous breasts and she stepped aside and invited Julia in. She was then invited to wait inside a well furnished reception room off the wide hallway, the receptionist saying nothing other than, "Wait here," before disappearing and closing the door.

Within 2 minutes the door opened and "Madam" entered. She was a very attractive woman, in her late 40s, who looked more like a social worker or kindly school principal than what Julia thought a "Madam" should look like. She introduced herself as Veronica. Veronica had no idea who Julia was and certainly no idea that Julia was coming, so she very subtly and with considerable circumspection, extracted from Julia just why she was here. Veronica was most pleased when she was finally convinced of Julia's purpose, realising that she had a new "young worker", one who was most desirable indeed.

But Veronica also liked to keep within the law. She asked Julia how old she was and what class she was in at school. Julia had been expecting this and replied, "I'm 16 almost 17 and I'm in my fifth year of high school."

Veronica raised an eyebrow and said, "What proof can you give me?"

Julia responded by undoing her blouse and taking out her ripe full left breast. "This," Julia said. Before Veronica could say anything Julia lifted her tartan skirt to her waist and pulled her panties to the side, revealing her glorious thick thatch.

"Mmmm very impressive dear," Veronica said with a smile. "Now follow me and I'll show you what is expected of you and where you will have to 'work', if you decide to go ahead with this."

Julia straightened her clothing, pleased with the successful lie about her age and eagerly followed Veronica.

They entered a very large tastefully furnished room, impeccably clean and complete with a large vase of fresh flowers. Off this room was an annex hidden by a thick velvet curtain that Veronica slid aside. At the facing wall in the annex was a comfortable padded kneeler and two large brass handles located at about arm height if you were kneeling. Between the brass handles was another small velvet curtain, measuring about 2 feet x 2 feet.

"Very strange," Julia thought. Veronica invited Julia to kneel on the soft padded kneeler and grip the two large brass handles. Julia did so intrigued.

Veronica slid the small curtain aside to reveal a gap in the wall about the same size that looked into another very small room about the size of a walk in wardrobe, with a door behind obviously exiting somewhere else in the house. The 2 x 2 foot hole had 2 bars about 9 inches apart which would allow people on each side to reach through and fondle each other, but stopped the man (or woman) client from unrestrained access to the working girl, in this Julia if she decided to go ahead with it.

Julia asked what this arrangement was all for. Veronica explained that Julia would have full choice about whom she took as a client and would not be forced to take anyone she did not like. The process of choice and service would operate as follows.

When a man came into the brothel he would be shown into one of the two client reception rooms. Julia would then enter that reception room wearing her school uniform, but her face would be hidden by a thick veil, so that the man could not identify her. She would twirl around, flash her panties and perhaps give the man a brief flash of her breast if she so chose and leave the room.

If the man desired her he would be ushered into the small annex on the other side of her securely barred bedroom annex via another entry. Julia would come into the large bedroom, which would always be her allocated room when "working". She would then enter the small annex and draw the large curtain behind her so that she was basically kneeling in the dark.

On the other side the man would be standing close to the gap in the wall with his pants at his ankles and his cock fully exposed. Julia would then open the small curtain to find herself just inches from the loins and genitalia of her client. If she liked what she saw she could elect to give him hand relief, or if she was particularly attracted, elect to give him oral sex. It was up to her. All the men would have paid upfront and would be refunded if she gave no service or just hand relief.

If she so chose, she could have full sex with the man. If this happened there was a little illuminated green button on her side of the annex. She would press this and the receptionist or Madame would come and retrieve the client and escort him to her room once he paid another $1,000 (making $2,000 for full sex). Julia's cut was 70%.

Julia loved the arrangement and agreed to come back in 3 hours for her first 6 hour shift. She felt wet in her pants almost immediately but resisted the temptation to masturbate when she went back to the dormitory to shower. Immediately after dinner she left the school grounds without anyone noticing and arrived at the brothel at 6.30pm.

Veronica introduced her to the 3 women working this shift and they were all very nice, not at all what Julia had expected. They all appeared to be well educated stylish professional women who were doing this as a short term measure for quick financial reasons. They all seem to believe that Julia was truly 17 years old, not the 14 she really was.

The first client to arrive wanting the expensive "Special Schoolgirl Service" came at 7.00pm. Julia entered the reception room and did her little flirt routine. The client appeared to be a handsome sophisticated man in his early 50's, obviously a senior executive, business owner or successful professional man. Julia got a god vibe from him and he seemed very clean and unthreatening. She told Veronica it was a "yes" from her and she excitedly went off to her room and into her little sex annex eager to see, touch and experience her first hard ejaculating cock.

The man came in very quickly so he was keen. Julia had the curtain only partly drawn to make sure he did not see her face as he entered the room. After hanging up his coat he took off his shoes and dropped and stepped out of his trousers completely. His legs were tanned and well toned so he obviously kept fit. Julia could tell he must have been a very handsome young man as he was still handsome in that mature way. It excited her to think of this powerful influential man who was about to expose himself to her and be controlled by her.

He walked over and took off his underpants. His cock was semi erect. It was an average sized 6 inch circumcised cock, perhaps a bit fatter than most and not as big as her daddy's, but to her it was wonderful and huge all the same. She reached out and grabbed her first feel of cock and he groaned softly. Within a minute his cock had expanded to its full hardness.

Julia marvelled at the contradictory feeling of hardness and smooth softness at the same time. She decided then and there that she was definitely a cock lover. Soon she was cupping his big ball sack, sliding her fingers through his thick pubic bush and running her soft hands up and down his throbbing appendage. The rule was that clients could talk softly but the girls did not have to. "Oh please, please, wank me off little girl, wank me off. Make me cum... I need to cum now," he gasped in a laboured whisper.

Julia knew how to do it in theory as she had seen a few porno films with the older girls. Now here was the real thing. And she proved to be a natural. Her soft little right hand grabbed his cock firmly just below the head and she commenced her rhythm, quickly sensing what was good and what didn't work for him.

Copious pre-cum oozed out of the eye of his cock and she was tempted to suck him, but resisted the urge. She sensed his critical state as his cock swelled out another quarter inch and the throbbing became more pronounced, "Ugh, I'm cumming... cumming... I'm cumming!" he groaned and out it shot.

The first spurt was half pre-cum and semi clear, then surged out a long thick rope of white creamy spunk, Julia's first view of potent male seed searching to fertilise. She gasped and thought it a beautiful sight. Her left hand was in her panties and she was frigging her cunny furiously as he let go another 4 spurts before reducing to thick oozings that flowed out generously for the next minute or so.

Then he was done. Before she could cum herself and while she was still enjoying playing with his genitals, he withdrew, thanked her profusely and left. Julia was excited, pleased and yet disappointed. She had wanted it to go on longer and she wanted to be able to cum too. It left her on the edge in a state of frustrated tension. She went to the bathroom, looked at her spunk covered right hand and smelt it. "Man, that's what it is," she thought, "that's the smell of man, and I love it!"

She washed her hands and returned to the room where Veronica and the girls hung out. They smiled knowingly but did not pry. Julia felt a little embarrassed but as Veronica and the 2 girls not "engaged" were so casual about it she quickly relaxed and could hardly wait.

About an hour later the next "special service" customer arrived. Julia was taken aback to find it was a black man, very stylishly dressed, handsome again, but young, perhaps 25 or 26. She waited expectantly in the annex. He came in and did not bother removing his trousers like her first client. He walked straight to the gap in the wall and dropped his trousers quickly showing that he had no underwear on. His cock was a big juicy black uncircumcised 7-incher in half arousal.

Julia loved the way it bowed out in a full arc towards her, like a swan's neck wanting to be patted. Julia had no hesitation and grabbed it firmly. Already she was beginning to feel like an "old hand" at this, to excuse a pun. His youth evidenced itself as his cock hardened within 20 seconds and stood hard and erect, a full thick young black cock, just a tad short of 8 inches.

His pre-cum oozing was even more lush than her first customer and soon her fingers were covered by trickles of clear honey like seminal fluid which made his cock glisten bright in the subdued lighting. She could not resist this one and without further concern opened her mouth widened swallowed his huge cock head and the first 4 inches of his thick sperm hose.

"Oh God, it tastes divine," she said to herself. Soon there was a thick lather of foam in her mouth and oozing down his shaft made up of her saliva and his pre-cum. He was fucking her face and groaning and she was wanking his massive black sperm sword with a frenzy. Then she sensed it, his cock seemed to expand and his groaning became more urgent, he was about to cum. She desperately wanted to taste sperm, his hands were now on her head holding her to him. Julia let go her caution and gave way to foolish desire.

She increased her frenzied slobbering of his huge black shaft and heard him grunt and then groan, her mouth was then flooded with his hot cream. The volume of his ejaculation matched the size of his huge black balls. He tasted like caramel yoghurt and she loved it.

She squeezed his big ball sack in a milking motion to extract all of his beautiful fertile seed while he just groaned and said over and over, "Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby..."

Julia knew she had done well this time. But, like her previous suave cock consort, this young black man also exited all too quickly once he had emptied his loins and again she was left hanging, her pussy wet but not satisfied.

Julia returned to Veronica to find that now all 4 of the other girls were "engaged". Veronica smiled at her and came over to Julia, kissed her softly on the cheek and then turned her head and stuck her tongue deep into Julia's mouth. Despite the surprise of it Julia found herself returning the kiss, which went on for a languid sexually stimulating 2 or 3 minutes.

Veronica pulled away from Julia and smiled broadly as she said, "Well, he did taste nice didn't he dear." Veronica had tasted the black man's semen in Julia's mouth.

Julia blushed.

"It's okay darlin, he told me you gave him a lovely head job and he even tipped you another $500. Julia smiled broadly and veronica gave her a genuine hug of affection. "Getting to like this aren't we sweetie," Veronica quipped as Julia blushed again, knowing it was true.

There was a long wait until the next client, who came in at 10pm. Julia would finish at 12 midnight. Once again Julia entered the client reception room with trepidation and excitement. She almost gasped aloud. It was her father, her daddy!

Thank God she had the veil on and could not recognize her! She quickly recovered herself and twirled around to flash her by now wet panties at her own father. Then, she stood stock still and slowly opened her blouse and pulled out her right breast, cupped it underneath and offered it to him standing just 2 feet in front of him. Her nipple was in maximum arousal and poking out over half an inch aching to be touched and sucked.

Then, in flash she pulled her tit back in and rushed out of the room back to veronica. "So, what do you think sweetie, do you want this one too?" she quizzed.

"Oh yes, he seems nice too," Julia responded as she darted off to her sex annex.

"You like these older men, don't you gorgeous?" Veronica called out after her.

Julia was kneeling on her stool in her legs were shaking and there were butterflies in her stomach. She had not been surprised that her daddy was here because he had not had a girlfriend since her mother ran out on him over 2 years ago. But, this was her daddy. Her very own daddy. What was she doing?

Then she remembered her fleeting vision of his cock 8 weeks ago and how that had set off a train of yearning and a sexual hunger, which had brought her to this place. Julia had no desire to fight her lust. She had to have her daddy's cock. After all, she thought, he wont know its me, so where is the harm?

David had not been surprised to see a young girl in the uniform of his daughter Julia's school. After all, they were a huge Catholic girl's school with almost 2,000 high school girls in the age range 12 to 18. David had been using Veronica's services discreetly about once every 3 months over the past 2 years.

He had met her at the bar area of an expensive restaurant initially a few months after his wife left him. They had got talking, one thing led to another and when she found out his situation she had revealed her status as a "Madam" and had suggested she use her services. He had rejected the suggestion at the time but she had given him a business card and he had phoned her a fortnight later when feeling particularly randy one week night.

David had decided not to complicate his children's lives with a another woman or "stepmother"; until Julia had left high school, thus he kept his sexual activity for Mondays to Thursday as far as he could. Veronica had moved her brothel to better premises just 2 blocks from Julia's school a month ago. At the time she had advised David she was introducing a "special service" at the new place, but she had been coy about the detail.

When he arrived here tonight he had enquired and Veronica told him she could now provide "very young girls" but they would only hand jobs and blow jobs. David had asked was there any chance of "a bit extra" and Veronica had told him that was up to the girl and that it would cost another $1,000. He had been blown away by the sight of Julia (not recognizing her of course) and found it hard to believe she was over 16 (as Veronica had said the minimum age was).

David entered the client annex with a full erection. He closed the door behind him and found the room bathed in a sift light. Against the far wall of this very small room was a square section cut in the wall about 2ft x 2ft with widely spaced bars. He realised this was for the young girls' protection in case any crazy men decided to force themselves on the "young girl".

He could see an outline of the girl's face in the shadows behind the bars. David found this scenario very erotic. He hurriedly approached the large "glory hole" and had great difficulty getting his trousers and underpants off over his raging hard cock in full erection. Finally he did and dropped his pants, stood close to the wall, grabbed the two support bars and looked down waiting for the little soft hands of the schoolgirl to emerge, grab his manhood and do their magic, He could see his cock leaking pre-cum.

Julia gasped aloud this time. Her daddy had just dropped his pants and now his cock and balls were on full display just inches from her face. Her first client tonight had been very well equipped with a fat cock just over 6 inches, her last client had a lovely fat 7 black cock but... her daddy was huge. Veronica had placed a cloth measuring in the room as she said the men found it erotic to have a girl measuring them. Julia had not thought to use it before, now she did.

She grabbed her daddy's lovely big cock and almost swooned with the feeling of it then and there. She pulled him in hard against the "glory hole" so that his cock was now poking fully through the bars and he had no chance of seeing who she was. She measured him. He was a gloriously thick 3 inches across and his cock had a circumference of just over 9 inches. She measured his length - a lovely 7 and a half inches. Just half an inch longer than the black man, but that half-inch seemed like an inch.

She tossed the tape aside and commenced to fondle him, to stoke her father's pre-cum leaking cock, to slide her fingers through his massive pubic thatch and to cup his giant ball-sack. He had a ball-sack like a wild boar. "My God" Julia thought, what a display of manhood, "my daddy's like a stallion". She could hear his groans and little noises of rapture as she lovingly stroked and fondled the genitals that were part of her source of life.

She grabbed him firmly just under the head and looked as the eye of his cock opened and a big drop of pre-cum oozed forth, then another and another to form a thick trickle of cock nectar swinging off the end of his cock. She opened her mouth wide and captured that golden nectar on her tongue before enclosing her lips around the massive head of her daddy's cock.

She swallowed his pre-cum and tasted him for the first time. His pre-cum tasted like honeyed ginger, it was gorgeous. She slid her daddy's cock as far into her welcoming daughter mouth as she could, until his the head touched her tonsils. She kept all 4 inches in her mouth and felt him throbbing against her tongue and the roof of her mouth, whilst lovingly cupping his balls and squeezing them gently to maximize his sperm production.

David thought he would faint with pleasure. Never before in his life had he experienced a woman who had so completely evoked such love and hot lust in her worshipping of his cock and balls. This little school girl was giving him the best oral treat of his life. He was perilously close to cumming, even though he wanted it to last all night.

Julia was tempted to swallow him. She wanted to taste her daddy's spermy spunk so bad, but she wanted something else even more. She needed to cum herself and she needed that big daddy cock plunging into her daughter cunt. She pressed the green light. This made a green light illuminate in Veronica's room to tell her that a "full service" was going to happen. It also illuminated a green light in the annex where her daddy was to signal to him that he could "have her" if he wanted.

He saw the green light and knew what it signalled. David groaned and gasped out, "Oh yes! Yes, I want to fuck you so bad little girl. I'll be gentle. I'll fuck you full of my cock!"

Veronica ushered David into Julia's room taking the extra $1,000 off him on the way and closed the door behind him as he entered. David had on just a silk robe. He let it slip to the floor as he approached the bed upon which Julia was sitting. The room was dark, being lit by only a dim shade in one corner. Julia still had her veil on, pinned securely to her thick wavy hair.

She watched her powerfully built father approach her, his thighs rippling and his massive manhood proudly jutting out in front at a 70 degree angle upward, ready to thrust into his daughter (unbeknown to him). Julia pulled her skirt back to bunch it at her waist.

David could see a dark shadow showing her thick thatch through the lace of her white panties, panties way too sexy for a little schoolgirl. She unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall open. Her huge full firm DD cup breasts were bulging out of her 12DD bra.

Again the white lace of her bra could not hide a view of her large pink areola and one of her nipples had forced its way through a gap in the lace. She reached around and undid the bra letting it fall free. Her lovely suckable DD tits were on full display for her daddy now.

Julia edged herself back up the bed and lay her head back on the pillow, her blouse open, her tits slightly flattened and demanding lips and hands to ravish them.

David moved onto the bottom of the bed kneeling and gazing at this little schoolgirl in uncontrolled lust. She now reached to her panties and removed them. He was treated to the sight of Julia's glorious massive thatch. She parted her forest covering her jewel cave and let him look at her glistening wet canal of pleasure. Her labs were fully swollen and her large clit was poking out of its hood like a small boys cock. (She inherited the large clit gene from her mother and for a brief moment this reminded David of her, before his focus and lust seized back upon the tartan skirted schoolgirl laying with legs and arms spread.

David lunged with a cry of "Oh God!" and placed his mouth on the lips of Julia's cunt and began to feast upon her sweet tasting sex like a man having his first meal for days. Julia's eyes rolled to the back of her head as she grabbed her daddy's head and tried to pull him inside of her cunt. She was thrusting her cunt into his mouth with a strength David found astounding, but this is the power existing in women's loins that allows them to give birth. It's a strength of the loins men will never match.

Julia screamed out, "OH God! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!!" then gushed a cup of her cunt nectar into her father's mouth as she orgasmed again and again.

He swallowed all of her sweet juice savouring every drop of her young girl cum. David stayed nuzzling her big wet hairy box with gentle kisses, licks and sucking for the next 3 or 4 minutes until her sensitive period had subsided.

Julia's arousal returned as she lay in her semi-swoon state relishing the adoring lustful attention of her daddy's mouth on her sex as he lay between her open thighs. But now her second orgasm was beginning its journey to her cunt and it was her daddy's big cock she wanted now.

As if he had read her thoughts David extracted himself from her wet bush of desire and raised himself above Julia. He rested on his arms as his massive cock pulsed and throbbed at the lips of the young school girl. He looked down at her and once again found it had to believe she was over 16, she looked much younger judging by the perfect tone of her skin and her body frame, but her cunt and tits were certainly those of a woman.

Julia looked down to see her father's massive thick pre-sum oozing cock now resting its weight in her swollen slit and caressing her clit with each strong pulse. "Fuck me," she whispered hoping her daddy did not recognize her voice. He didn't.

He grunted and entered her virgin portal of lust and pleasure with one powerful thrust. "Oh God! Oh fuck!" he cried.

Julia could not emit a sound at first, she was voiceless with the powerful waves of pleasure cascading out of her cunt and consuming her loins and her lower torso as her daddy's thick hard cock made its way inch by inch into her. "Oh yes!" she silently screamed to herself. "He's in me! H-he's into me. My daddy's into me... my daddy's cock is in my cunt. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! It's so nice, so very nice."

For the next few minutes no word was said. Father and daughter (not that David was aware of that fact) just fucked each other like two animals. All that could be heard was the wet squelching sounds of sex as cock and cunt thrust at each other, cock entering and cock withdrawing, cunt juices squelching out around his cock and wetting both their large pubic thatches.

Both were breathing hard, sighing, groaning as trying vainly to get more co his fat 8 inch cock into that accepting cunt. Their sex was wanton, knowing no bounds as if each had a stored up unquenchable hunger. David was fondling Julia's tits, marvelling at their size, the size of her nipples.

He was sucking first one and then the other, fondling, grabbing. Sucking while Julia had reached down between them and had grabbed her father's ball sack which she was squeezing hard, trying vainly to pump his sperm into her.

He felt his orgasm was not far off and Julia sensed it too. She had been holding back her second orgasm so she could cum with him. "I'm gonna cum baby... I'm gonna cum!" he gasped.

"Then cum, cum, cum, cum!" was all Julia said.

David was too far gone in his lust frenzy to recognize his daughters voice. "Ooooohhhhh, arrrrrr, fuuuuuck! Yessss!! Yesss!! CUNT!! CUNT!! MY CUMS IN YOUR CUNT!! MY CUMS IN YOUR CUNT!!" her daddy cried out in the crudeness of his sexual frenzy.

Julia responded in a soft whisper - [more to herself than to her daddy, who could not properly hear her anyway as his senses were almost completely consumed by the waves of pleasure erupting from his cock in the best fuck he had had in years] - "YES! Daddy you're in my cunt! Your cum is in my cunt! It's the only cum I am ever going to let into my cunt, you're mine now daddy, mine, mine, forever and ever, to fuck for ever!"

"What's that sweetie," David said a bit later, "what were saying before?"

Julie just wiggled her head from side to side and put her finger to her lips to indicate that it did not matter and "no talking".

David lay there for another 15 minutes with his cock in his 14 year old daughter (while his fertile sperm soaked her fertile womb). His cock then came back to life.

Julia smiled the smile of pure lustful contentment and lay back and rested as her rampantly lustful father plunged his huge sperm shaft in and out, in and out. With a grunt and a cry he unloaded another massive quantity of his incestuous daddy cream into the hungry fertile receptacle of his 14 year old daughter. Julia wrapped her legs around her father's thighs and put her hands on his powerful firm buttocks, pulling him into her as far as she could, hoping he had successfully planted his seed.

If not, it didn't matter. She would be here to receive him (and only him) for as long as it took to impregnate her. Then she knew she her daddy would be truly hers.



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