Let me begin by giving a brief description of myself. I'm 31 and living alone in the suburbs. I have dark brown/black hair, medium height/build and probably fair to say southern European characteristics.

Now, I must clarify that the reason I live alone is not because I'm a loser that's never had a girlfriend (promise), as I've had several over the years, however my supremely self obsessed personality usually ends up with them gradually becoming disillusioned and losing interest.

My next-door neighbour is a divorced mum named Fiona, who lives with her two daughters, Kirstie (16 years old) and Vanessa (13 years old). Now while Fiona wasn't really my type (a bit too old and a bit chunky for my taste), her two daughters would undoubtedly grow into a couple of white-hot bitches! Being only 11 years old, Vanessa didn't have much to speak of aside from the beginnings of breasts, nice legs and an angelic face.

Kirstie however, at 16 was quite a different story. Light brown hair, green eyes, full lips and tits that must have been a D-cup at least. An 'hourglass' figure, not at all fat, but very voluptuous. If not for her tender age I definitely would have hit on her by now.

Occasionally I see Kirstie, with her best friend, Kate (also 16. blonde hair, blue eyes, slightly shorter and leaner than Kirstie) pass by my place on their way home from school in their tight, short school dress's and my cock can't help but to stiffen to attention. Now although I would like nothing more than to force either girl to the floor, grab a fist full of her hair, rip off her little panties and force my rock hard cock all the way to the hilt up her tight, virgin cunt, she is a bit too young.

But I couldn't bring myself to do it and possibly scar the poor girl for life or become known as a paedophile. Aside from seeing her walking home from school every now and then, Fiona sometimes has me baby-sit whenever she is out or just wants the night off and I don't need any more incentive than the opportunity to perve on her two cute little cunts... oops I mean girls! Tonight was to be one of those nights.

I sent Vanessa off to bed at 10.00pm and Kirstie, a little before midnight. She protested for about a half hour saying she was old enough now to stay up late if she wanted, but finally relented. At about 2:30am I went into each of the girl's rooms to check if they'd fallen asleep and everything was okay as well as to see if Kirstie left anything out on show. It was mid-Summer and this night was typically warm.

Kirstie had only a thin cotton sheet covering her hot little body, no t-shirt. The top of the sheet just covered her fat tits. Within no more than 30 seconds my cock was hard enough to hammer nails in with! She seemed to be sleeping deeply and I thought I'd risk pulling the sheet down ever so slowly so as to she her tits uncovered in all their glory.

I knew it was wrong, but by now my cock had a will of its own and literally forced me to do it... I swear! I managed to pull it down just above her bellybutton without rousing her revealing a pair that lived up to all my expectations. I then took my cock out of my pants and played with myself while thinking how much I'd love to blow all over the sluts face while she's in her tight little school dress. While observing the young girl I noticed what appeared to be a small notebook on her bedside dresser. Quietly I picked it up and went back to the living room where I could have a better look.

The inside cover confirmed my theory; it was Kirstie's very own private diary! I wanted a copy of this to peruse at my leisure, so I utilised Fiona's P.C., scanned all the pages, then copied the information onto a floppy. Deciding to save my newly acquired light reading for the following day, I then went back into Kirstie's room and played with my cock some more while I watched the horny little cunt sleep.

The next day I remembered the diary and sat myself down to have a bit of a read. Now, rest assured I was hoping for something juicy but wasn't expecting much from such a young girl. Man, was I pleasantly surprised! The more I read the more I realised what a nasty little slut in the making young Kirstie and Kate were. Let me give you some truncated highlights: -

# Kirstie plays with herself most every night, as does Kate.

# Both were dying to know what a big hard cock felt like stuffed into their tiny pussies.

# They Sometimes let the older boys feel their tits in return for ciggs, alcohol and sometimes grass.

# Kate's older brother, Darren, has an extensive porn collection that they get into at every possible opportunity. The collection includes colour magazines depicting uncensored fucking, erotic literature and an array of XXX videos.

# They'd watched a video depicting forced, rough sex between a man and an innocent schoolgirl, concluding that while shocking at first, their little cunts had never been wetter than after having viewed it. So taken by it were they that Kate suggested they imagine her older brother raping and roughing up Kirstie while they played with their cunts. Both young sluts agreeing it was the biggest orgasm either had ever had.

# 11 year old Vanessa telling her older sister of an incident at he local under 18's dance night about six weeks ago. Apparently she was picked up by some 17 year old boy (telling him she was 19). He persuaded her to leave the venue and go with him to a park across and up the street a little. Once there they started to kiss and the boy put his hand under her skirt.

Vanessa tried to clamp her legs shut and insisted he stop, but he continued and managed to manoeuvre his hand up into her panties. With his hand on her bare pussy he soon realised she had no pubic hair and the implication that there was no way this girl was 16. When asking her real age was met with silence, he gave her a slap across the cheek and again asked, "How old are you?"

Vanessa responded meekly, "11." That answer brought a sinister smile to the boys face and he told her she was a dumb slut for lying to him and deserved everything she got and with that forced his middle finger up the little girl's cunt causing her to squeal.

He then told her to kneel in front of him and open her mouth wide saying to her, "Either you let me jerk off and blow on your face or I call my four mates and we all take turns deflowering your virgin 11 year old pussy." Needless to say she took the first option. After the boy came on her, he then smeared it all over her face, called her a slut, put his cock away and left.

# Both girls, inspired by a lesbian scene they'd witnessed in a XXX video, agreed to lick the others pussy. Both enjoying it thoroughly and agreeing to eat each other as often as possible. Kirstie also noting that Kate spent quite some time pushing her tongue into Kirstie's little arsehole and how hot it felt.

# I was included in a list with approx. 10 other guys with the title "GUYS KIRSTIE and KATE WOULD FUCK."

Now these little titbits of information provided me with ample to ponder as I'm sure you will agree, however I must confess to immediately losing all sympathy derived from my rather misguided perception of innocence. And in case you were wondering, I was now a hard young man and very much looking forward to my next baby-sitting request.


The following Friday afternoon saw Fiona on my doorstep, smiling sweetly as she asked whether I would mind looking after the girls for her this evening. Apparently she was going to a party and a guy she really wanted to fuck was going to be there. Fighting the urge to do a dance of joy I replied, "Sure, no problem." I invited her in for a coffee and a chat.

I let her do most all the talking while my mind went through some of the things I might do to one, or both, of her pretty young daughters that night. As she was leaving she added a final, tantalising piece of information, "Oh, almost forgot. Kate asked whether she could sleep over in Kirstie's room tonight and if it's okay with you I'll call her mum and let her know."

"Of course," came my reply, "Two, three... what's the difference." Wishing her a great night and closing my front door behind her I couldn't help but to think that there really was a Santa Claus and tonight was Christmas. Joy!

I decided to get some things together that may prove useful. For example; Polaroid camera, gag, blindfold, a soft whip, a roll of nylon rope, a dildo, lubricant, some Vodka and just in case - half a packet of Rohypinols that were sitting in my medicine cabinet.

I arrived next door at around 6.30pm. Fiona had just gotten out of the shower and the girls were in their rooms doing homework. Fiona told me to go make myself comfy, help myself to food if hungry and watch whatever I like on T.V., and then excused herself so she could continue to get ready.

At about 7:15pm the doorbell rang. Fiona was in her room, so I opened the door to see pretty young Kate standing there. She was wearing a white t-shirt, and a short red skirt. I also noticed she had on some make- up, a little red lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara. I greeted Kate with a smile and cheery "Hello."

"Hi" she replied then asked if Kirstie was in her room.

"Sure is," I answered and watched her walked down the hall to Kirstie's room.

Fiona emerged from her room all dressed up and looking ready to leave. "Now before I go the girls have been asking if their bed-times can be re-assessed now they're getting older. So send Vanessa to bed at around 11:30pm - 12:00am. Kirstie and Kate can stay up as late as they like, provided they're well behaved for you. If they give you a hard time send them off with Vanessa."

Little did she know that a hard time is what I wanted!

"Have a good night and call me if there's any problems, otherwise I'll see you when I'm back at around midday tomorrow. See ya," she said as she left through the front door. I then settled down into the sofa and watched some T.V.

Vanessa was first to leave her room and come out to the lounge. "Hi Mr. Cruz," she said with a smile as she sat down in a leather recliner.

"Hi there Sweetheart," I responded. Kirstie and Kate emerged some 45mins later.

"Hi Mr. Cruz, how are you?" said Kirstie.

"Excellent, and you?" I responded.

"Fine thanks," she replied.

Kirstie and Kate then threw some cushions on the floor in front of the T.V. and plonked themselves down in front of the sofa I was lying on. Kirstie was still in her school uniform, the short hemline giving me a view of her blue panties. I decided it would be best to wait for Vanessa to crash out before I tried anything, but it was still early, so I dissolved half a Rowie in a cup of warm milk and gave it to the youngest girl. Some twenty minutes later I looked over toward Vanessa and saw her struggling to keep her eyes open. "You look really tired Vanessa, maybe you should go to bed." She nodded in agreement and wished us "Goodnight" as she trundled off to her room.

It was now 10:30pm and we'd watched the video we rented and there was nothing but shit on T.V. "I wish we'd grabbed another video," said Kate.

"Darren (Kate's older brother) has some good videos," said Kirstie with a cheeky look on her face. Kate started to blush and grinned embarrassingly.

"What's he got?" I asked.

Neither girl answered, but just looked at one another and started giggling.

"Well... are you going to tell me or not?" I asked again.

In between giggles Kirstie managed to say, "Darren's got a collection of porn videos."

"Oh really? I hope neither of you two have watched any. It's against the law and I'm sure your Mother would not approve," I said.

"No, but we've just looked at the covers," Kate replied. Kirstie then stated how much she would love to watch one just to see what all the fuss was about as Kate nodded in agreement. Little did they realise that I already knew they'd watched at least some, courtesy of young Kirstie's diary.

"I don't think so. Your mum would kill me if she knew I'd allowed you to watch something like that at your age," I said.

To which Kirstie coyly replied, "We won't tell if you don't!"

As if pondering their request I slowly answered, "Ahhh, I don't think so."

"Please, please, please!!" both girls begged in unison.

"Nope," I replied.

"How about if we toss a coin to decide. If we win we'll watch the videos and if you win we play cards or scrabble or something," offered Kirstie.

"Pleeeease can we?" chimed in Kate.

I looked at them silently for a moment pretending to contemplate their offer, finally saying, "Well, it's against my better judgment, but okay"

Throwing the coin into the air I asked, "Heads or tails?"

"Tails!" both answered.

I caught the coin and covering it over with my hand, peeked a look. It was heads. "Tails it is," I lied.

"YEAH!!" shrieked the two girls. Kate then informed us no one was home at her place right now so I would be easy to grab some and then come back here to watch them. Kate lived on the same street as us about ten houses down, so off we went.

I waited outside while the girls went inside to select some videos. When they emerged Kate was carrying her schoolbag that I assume she was using to transport the videos. As they approached me I looked to them saying, "Now, you both promise that this will be our little secret. Your parents would crucify me if they ever found out." To which they replied, "We promise!"

Once back at Fiona's I looked in the bag to see what they'd chosen. Titles that caught my eye included "NASTY ANAL SLUTS Vol.4", "ROCCO'S SUPERSTARS OF PORN", "SODOMANIA 13" and "JUVINILLE DELINQUENT". The last one mentioned had a cover depicting a girl in school uniform, gagged and bound to a chair with her tits hanging out of her dress.

I recognized this to be the one Kirstie had mentioned in one of her diary entries, the one that made them both so wet!

"Alright, choose one girls."

Kirstie grabbed one titled "GANGBANG BITCHES No.11" and handed it to me. As I looked over the cover I said, "I don't know about this girls."

"Come on. You promised we could if we won the coin toss," whined Kate.

"Yeah!" insisted Kirstie "You promised!"

Time to see just how nasty these young girls were, I thought to myself. "Alright, we'll watch it on one condition."

"Cool! What condition?" Kirstie asked.

"I want both of you to uncover yourselves and give me a look at your tits."

The girls looked at each other momentarily, then looked at me and said excitedly, "O.K!"

Kirstie then added, "We can watch the whole video with our tits out if you like."

"Sounds like a plan to me," I said grinning.

"Now start playing the video and we'll take our tops off so you can have a good look at our tits," said Kirstie.

Kate pulled her tight crop top over her head and unclipped her bra letting it fall to the floor exposing her pert young breasts, then said, "Is that okay Mr. Cruz?"

"A whole lot better than OKAY!" came my reply.

"My turn now," said Kirstie enthusiastically, then she started to slowly unbutton her school dress beginning with the top button. When all the buttons above her waist were unfastened, she reached behind her back to unclip her bra pulling it out through a sleeve.

The only thing between those tits and me was a light cotton dress that just covered each of her huge lobes. "Is that enough, or would you like me to keep going?" teased Kirstie

"Keep going you little slut!" I answered firmly.

"Alright then Mr. Cruz, whatever you say." Kirstie slowly slipped one side off her shoulder then the other. With that her school dress bunched around her waist revealing the hottest pair of tits I've ever laid eyes on! "Do you like our young tits Mr. Cruz?"

"Like? Love you mean! They are the horniest, sexiest set of tits I've ever seen," I said.

"Do you truly think they're sexy?" asked Kate.

"Well if you need proof, look at this," I said and I rose from the sofa to reveal the bulge in my pants.

"Can we see it for real Mr. Cruz?" asked Kirstie.

"Oh yes. Please, please show it to us. We showed you our tits!" Begged Kate.

"Perhaps a bit later, after this video maybe."

The first video we watched was "SODOMANIA 13". It featured some interesting story lines, my favourite involving a priest first spanking then molesting a pretty young girl who'd come to confess her sins. At the end of the scene Kirstie said, "Kate needs a spanking like that Mr. Cruz, you should give her one."

Kate turned bright red with embarrassment and told her friend to "Shut up!"

No sooner had the video finished when Kirstie turned to me, cupping her tits with her hands and lifting them up coyly as she asked, "Can we see your cock now please?"

"Why not," I said. "As long as I can grope your tits first. After all that's only fair, isn't it?"

"Okay," said Kate as she move toward me. "Me first."

My cock was throbbing so hard as the she walked to me I thought it would explode! Here I was watching porn with two hot and horny 13 year old sluts while I fondled their tits. "Why don't both of you sit down on each side of me so I can play with both your tits at the same time," I said.

"Cool," said Kirstie and both took a seat either side of me. I sucked and kissed one then the other. While doing this I noticed both girls looking at the bulge in my pants and smiling. After about fifteen minutes Kirstie said, "We wanna see your dick now Mr. Cruz."

"Yeeees!!" chimed in Kate.

I gave no reply instead telling the girls to stand up. Once they were standing, I got up from the sofa and slowly unzipped my pants. Both girls looked on transfixed. With the zipper down, I reached in with my hand and pulled out my rock solid cock for the girls to see.

"Wicked!" said Kate.

"Wow! It's so beautiful... and so big," added Kirstie.

"Can we touch it?" asked Kate.

"Sure," I replied. "Lets put on another video and you can take turns stroking it.

The next video was "JUVINILLE DELINQUENT". The Story told of a pretty young student caught smoking at school and as punishment is kept back after class. Once alone the male teacher grabs the girl by the hair, drags her to his desk and pushes her face against the tabletop. "Naughty little Bitch!" he says as he brings an open hand down on her arse.

The girl begs him to stop saying it hurts and she is sorry. But there was no mercy shown by the teacher as he kept striking her arse and saying intermittently, "Take it you naughty little slut." After 20 or 30 smacks her arse was bright red and there was a tear running down her cheek. He sent her back to her seat, then went to the door and locked it.

As he walked back towards the girl she asked if she could go home now. "Shut up bitch!" he barked then administered a backhanded slap to the pretty little girls face. The teacher then tied her to the chair and molested her tits and pussy.

After a while the teacher goes to his desk and takes a cat o' nine tails out of one of the draws using it to whip her naked tits with, stopping occasionally to choke her by forcing his hard cock down her throat or to push a finger or two into her bald cunt. The video concludes with another teacher joining in. Both teachers take turns deflowering her pussy and arsehole while the other holds her down. Ending with both teachers unloading on her pretty face, telling her to be a good girl from now on and sending her home.

After the video had finished Kate announced she had to go pee and headed to the bathroom. As soon as Kate was out of earshot, Kirstie came up to me and whispered into my ear, "Lets play out some of the scenes from the last video, Kate can be the schoolgirl."

"Do you think she would like that?" I responded.

"Probably, but we won't bother to ask her permission," answered Kirstie with a giggle, "We'll just force her to play."

Although it was impossible, it seemed like my cock grew another inch as Kirstie made her suggestion.

When Kate returned, Kirstie suggested she go to her room and put on one of her old school dresses so that they would match.

"Cool, okay. I'll be back soon," she said as she again left the room. While Kate was changing Kirstie told me, when her friend came back into the room that I should grab hold of Kate's wrists and hold them together behind her back, at which time Kirstie would bind her friend's wrists together. Then she added that once Kate was secure, we could do whatever we wanted to do to her.

Kate returned to the living room looking very sexy in Kirstie's old school uniform "Mmmm, that's much better," said Kirstie upon seeing her friend, "You look so hot! Don't you think so Mr. Crews?"

Kate turned to me, for my opinion. "Come here so I can look more closely," I said. She started toward me and as soon as she was within reach I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to me.

"Ouch! Hey! W-what are you doing?" Kate pleaded.

I slapped her across her face and responded, "Whatever we feel like doing to you, you little bitch!" Then I pulled both her arms behind her back, crossing them at the wrists.

Once I had her in position, Kirstie began to bind Kate's wrists with some silver duct tape. When Kirstie had finished, she pulled Kate's wrists up as high as she could, getting me to hold them there as she tied a length of rope from her wrists, anchoring it up around her neck, wrapping it around a couple of times, then back down and around her wrists again. This all meant that Kate couldn't relax and drop her arms without choking herself in the process.

"Please tell me what you're doing!!" begged Kate.

I didn't answer her, instead I grabbed her panties and tore them off in a single motion, stuffing them into her mouth so she couldn't talk.

"Why don't you bend her over and give her a good spanking?" suggested Kirstie, looking at her friend with a mischievous smile.

"Fabulous idea," I said as I bent her over. "I think I'll spank her arse till it's nice and red!"

With each slap Kate yelped, albeit muted due to the panties stuffed in her mouth. Intermittently Kirstie would say, "Slap the bitch harder!" or "Take it you naughty girl."

Continuing the spanking I ordered Kirstie to kneel in front of me and grab my cock, which she did immediately. "Oooo, it feels nice," she cooed as she grabbed hold of it.

"Now open your mouth and suck me while I keep on spanking your bitch girlfriend," I demanded.

"I've never sucked one before but I'll give it a try," said Kirstie.

"I'm sure you'll catch on quickly, just open your mouth as wide as you can, and watch your teeth," I said.

Once her mouth was open nice wide I cupped the back of her head and eased my swollen cock into the 16 year old mouth. It didn't take her long to get the hang of it and she was soon sucking and licking my cock like crazy.

"Do you like to suck it bitch?" I asked.

Kristie responded with a muffled, "Aah ha!" without taking her mouth off my cock.

I started to grope Kate's bare red arse, while Kirstie sucked me. I ordered Kate to spread her ankles as far apart as she could while keeping her bent over. That gave me a beautiful view of smooth little virgin cunt. She was cooperating now because she could see that her friend was enjoying my treatment of her.

I reached up between Kate's legs placing my hand flat on her pussy, noting immediately how very wet she was. The little bitch had lubrication quite literally dripping down the insides of her legs! I rubbed my hand up and down Kate's cunt till my hand was drenched with her lubrication. Then I pulled my cock from between Kirstie's lips and replaced it with my cum soaked hand, which Kirstie licked clean dutifully. Once I was satisfied she had done a good job, I removed my hand and shoved my cock back into her mouth. Enjoying the sensation of Kristie's sweet mouth on my cock, I rubbed Kate's cunt again till my hand was slippery with lube again then I pushed my thumb up the young girl's arse.

She started to squirm as I entered her incredibly tight butt pushing it in all the way to my knuckle. It felt so tight I thought it was going to sever my thumb from my hand!

Kirstie watched me intently as she continued sucking my meat. She took her mouth off occasionally to say things like, "Finger the slut's arsehole." With my free fingers I aimed for her cunt and forcefully shoved in two, then three fingers, stretching her young pussy wider than it had ever been before.

Kate was by now moaning in pleasure through the panties that were still stuffed in her mouth and she was actually bucking her young body against my hand.

After a while, I told Kirstie to go to her room, tie her hair in pigtails and to put on some bright red glossy lipstick. Kirstie smiled, nodded and jumped up to do my bidding.

Once Kirstie was gone I untied Kate. I told her it was Kirstie's turn to be bound and abused for our pleasure. "What do you think?" I asked Kate as I removed the panties from her mouth.

"Yeah! Tie her up and slap her around good," was her answer.

"So you'd like to watch me tie up and then molest your friend?"

To which she replied, "YES! I'd like that very much."

"And will you get on your knees and suck me while I abuse her, like Kristie did?"

"Oh yes, please!"

"Okay then, you make sure you're ready to help me by wrapping this rope around her wrists while I hold her arms behind her back," I instructed.

Kirstie returned sporting bright glossy red lipstick, some eye shadow, mascara, her hair in pigtails, and her huge tits still hanging out the front of her unbuttoned school dress. She looked like a cross between an innocent school girl and an experienced prostitute.

Kristie stopped when she noticed Kate and asked why I'd untied her.

"Because it's your turn my little bitch," I informed her.

"Yer turn bitch," added Kate.

I lunged toward Kirstie roughly grabbing hold of her left tit, using it to pull her to me, making her wince in pain. With Kirstie and I face to face, I grabbed her arms, holding them behind her back while Kate began wrapping rope tightly around Kirstie's wrists.

Once her wrists were bound, I looped another length of rope around her wrists, draping an end over each shoulder and crossing them at her breastbone. I then pulled each piece tightly running them under each of her massive tits, pulling tightly so as to lift her tits up and out a little. Bringing them together at her back, crossing them between her shoulder blades and back around again and under her arms, then wrapping it around a few times across the top half of her breasts, thus forcing her tits out even further.

With Kirstie now firmly secured, I instructed Kate to go next-door to my place and bring back the carry bag I'd prepared earlier which she could find in my in the back of my car.

While Kate was gone I tore off Kirstie's panties and stuffed them into her mouth, just as I had done to her friend earlier. She looked so mother-fucking hot! A better sight than this sexy young girl, wearing her school uniform, all trussed up with rope, and her mouth stuffed with her own panties I cannot think of... except maybe two sexy young schoolgirls tied up and awaiting my attention.

I passed the time waiting for Kate to return by giving the little slut's tits a good groping, squeezing them hard and twisting her erect nipples.

Kate returned with the bag after a few minutes and brought it over to me. I stopped molesting Kirstie's tits and pulled the blindfold out, wrapping tightly around her eyes and tying it off behind her head.

Continuing the preparation I placed a leather collar around Kirstie's neck and attached a length of rope to it. I threw the end of the rope over a support beam that ran the length of living room and pulled on it so that she had to stay on her tiptoes or start she would start to choke herself.

Again I reached into my bag this time pulling out a cat o' nine tails made from soft leather, which just stung a little rather than inflict immense pain. Turning to Kate I asked whether she'd like to watch while I whipped her girlfriend's bound tits and cute little arse.

Kate said nothing, instead nodding her head in approval with her hand rubbing between her legs and sporting a mischievous grin. I then asked her if she would like to suck my cock while I did, to which she also nodded affirmatively.

"Get down on your knees then bitch," I commanded.

"Yes Mr. Cruz," she responded.

As soon as my cock was in Kate's mouth I began to lash Kirstie's tits. After every fifth blow I would stop to ask Kate if she'd had enough or not. I asked four times and each time Kate had answered, "No!" I think she would have encourage me to keep whipping until her friend was unconscious. After asking Kate a fifth time Kate suggested we take some pictures. "Take some of me sucking your cock too so I can see what it looks like."

Kate grabbed the camera from the bag handed it to me then kneeled back down in front of me and continued sucking. I took several snaps like this all the while leaving Kirstie to wait until we were ready for her.

"Okay let's take some of Kirstie and you," I said.

I took off Kirstie's blindfold and pushed to fingers up her simultaneously at the same time causing her to jump a little. Her little pussy was sopping and although tight, my fingers slid up her easily. Her young box told how hot what we'd done had made her. I pulled my fingers out of her and sucked off her juice while she watched.

Grabbing the camera I told Kate to go whip Kirstie's tits while I took some shots to which Kate obliged and began whipping her girlfriend's bare tits. After a few shots like this I instructed her to suck her tits a finger her. Kate did as I said and fingered her friend vigorously. Kirstie began grinding her young hips into Kate's hand in time with her thrusts.

"Now let's take some of you eating her pussy," I told Kate. She only hesitated for a moment before she put her mouth to her friend's teenage pussy. I took some great shots of her licking and sucking her classmate's bald wet cunt.

After a few minutes Kate took her mouth from Kirstie's pussy and said to me, "I'd really like to take some of you fucking her. She's a virgin you know. Wouldn't you like to fuck a virgin Mr. Cruz Kristie?" she asked.

I couldn't wait any longer so I handed Kate the camera, walked up to Kirstie holding the base of my throbbing dick, and took aim. I shoved my cock up into the young girl, all the way up her super tight, virgin cunt. It was one of the most wonderful feeling, sinking into that tight teenage cunt.

I squeezed and sucked her tits as I pounded into her. As I humped the girl, I looked into eyes and said with a smile, "Not a virgin any more!" still fucking her, I pulled the panties from her mouth and asked, "How's it feel to lose you cherry?" giving her a little slap.

"Oh Mr. Cruz," she managed to get out between squeals.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked.

"No! No! Fuck me harder PLEEEEZE Mr. Cruz."

As I started deep-thrusts into the girl, I told Kate to put down the camera and kneel down beside Kirstie and open her mouth wide. Once she was position as I'd requested I pulled out of Kirstie and sank it into Kate mouth, causing her to gag a little.

"Take it bitch, suck your girlfriend's cunt juice off my cock. Do you like the taste bitch?" I asked.

A muffled, "Mmmmm, hhhhm!" came from the girl's cock- filled mouth as my grip in her hair jammed her pretty face into my body.

I kept alternating between Kate's mouth and Kirstie's tight cunt until I couldn't hold back anymore. As I felt my load rising I yelled at Kate, "I'm going to blow in your mouth bitch, how would you like that!?"

"Yes please, Mr. Cruz. Cum in my mouth, I'll be the first girl in our group to actually taste cum!"

I pulled out of Kirstie, grabbed Kate by the hair and pushed my erupting cock to the back of her throat. Although she was gagging and her arms were flailing in the air, I kept fucking her face and unloading my cum down her throat as I said, "Oh yeah! Swallow it my pretty little slut!" Then I pulled out and blew the rest of my cum on her upturned face, rubbing it in with my cock.

Untying the rope that was hoisting Kirstie by the neck, I pushed her to her knees and told her to open her mouth and suck off my cum off making sure I pushed it in far enough to make her gag too.

Spent, I slumped to the coach to catch my breath.

As I recovered, I watched as Kirstie crawled up next to Kate and began licking my cum from her friend's face and around her mouth. It wasn't long before the two were kissing passionately and frigging each other's young cunt. What a show!

I grabbed the camera and started taking snaps. It wasn't long before my cock was hard again. And noticing my new erection Kirstie said, "Looks like you're ready to fuck another virgin Mr. Cruz!" looking at her friend with mischief in her sparkling eyes.

Kate looked at me and leaned onto her elbows with her legs parted said, "Wanna fuck my virgin cunt Mr. Cruz?"

"Do you want me to?" I asked.

She nodded as Kirstie said, "Fuck her hard Mr. Cruz, she'll like it, I know it."

I told Kate to lie on her back and Kirstie to sit on her face and hold her legs open. Once positioned with her legs in the air I knelt between Kate's legs and pushed my cock up her, taking her virginity in one smooth motion.

I fucked Kate's little cunt whilst kissing Kirstie and squeezing her breasts.

"Does her cunt feel nice Mr. Cruz?" asked Kirstie.

I gave no answer but pounded her girlfriend harder and pulled back on Kirstie's hair and plunged my tongue down her mouth.

Every know and then I stood up, still holding Kate's legs in the air and grabbed the back of Kirstie's head and plunge my cream covered cock down her throat. I loved hearing the little slut gag as I shoved my cock home.

Then while I was back at fucking Kate, Kirstie reached around so she could feel my cock going in and out of her friend. After her hand had been there a while and was nice and slippery I told her to put a finger in Kate's arsehole.

I felt Kate squirm as her friend's slippery finger entered her arse. I could feel Kirstie's finger wiggling inside her friend's cunt with my thrusting cock. Then Kirstie pushed her cunt hard down onto Kate's face, holding her head down as I pinned her by the shoulders rocking over her outstretched legs.

"Put two fingers up the bitch," I gasped loud enough for Kate to hear. Kate tried to resist but had no chance with both of us holding her down.

"I can feel your cock fucking her Mr. Cruz," said Kirstie. Kirstie then started massaging my cock through the thin wall separating Kate's holes.

Still fucking the girl roundly I reach reached out and grabbed my bag and pulled out the KY telling Kirstie to lube up Kate's arse. While Kirstie did this she looked at me and said, "Lets hold her down while you stick your cock in her arse."

That's exactly what I had in mind. Making sure she was pinned down I told Kirstie to grab a pair of panties, I didn't care whose and as Kate's mouth become free of her friend's cunt she started saying she didn't think my cock would fit in her back end. This protest was cut off when I stuffed the panties into her mouth then wrapped the blindfold around it so she couldn't take it out.

Kate started to resist but Kirstie grabbed her and held her head. I couldn't resist giving her a slap or two before continuing to fasten the blindfold around her face and mouth.

Every now and then Kirstie would taunt Kate by saying, "Mr. Cruz is gonna screw your tiny little arsehole Kate, while I hold you down," and "You're gonna love it in your asre bitch."

Instructing Kirstie to sit on Kate's chest facing me and kept fucking her and kissing Kirstie using one hand to hold down Kate and the other to finger Kirstie.

Then as I took my cock from Kate's pussy and placed the head at the entrance of her virgin arsehole, I removed my well-lubed finger from Kirstie's pussy and pushed it into her arse first, which she took with a gasp.

"I'm gonna fuck her arse now."

"Yeah! Fuck her tight little arse!" yelled Kirstie in agreement.

I began to push into the young girl's arse. I pushed harder and harder until the head of my cock popped in her tight arse, closing around it. I kept still for a few moments, allowing the slut to get used to this new invasion of her body. Then gradually I pushed in more and more until my cock was all the way up the 16 year old schoolgirl's arse. I was in heaven as I fingered her girlfriend's asre and fucked hers.

Slowly I drew my cock out then plunged it back up again and again, while I said things like, "Mmmm, baby! I'm fucking your girlfriend's arsehole, while I'm finger yours, you're both such little sluts!" or "I'm gonna fuck this arse and blow all over your face you little bitch!" and the like.

Feeling my cum begin to rise from my balls again, I grabbed Kirstie by the hair and pulled out of Kate and stood up quickly. "Open your mouth and eat this bitch!!" I ordered. And I shoved my cock down her throat, fucking her face, thrusting my shit covered cock two or three times before blowing.

At first Kristie tried to fight me, but soon she stopped and began to swallow my load. Even though I'd cum less than twenty minutes ago I was pumping so much spunk into the girl's mouth that some ran down her chin.

When I was done cumming in the girl's face I pulled out and slapped her across the face with my cock as the last waves of pleasure faded and I slumped back on the couch again. I sat there and watched Kate lick cum from Kirstie's face and mouth while they frigged each other to one more mutual orgasm.

Before sending the girls to bed I told them to go clean up. I supervised of course and it wasn't long before I was hard again watching them in the bathtub together. I jerked off while the girls bathed, telling me how they could hardly wait till the next time I babysat them.

As I blew again I couldn't help but to agree!



  • Anonymous said:
    2 years ago
    Bro how much time did you have?
  • Anonymous said:
    2 years ago
    I remember when I got a blow job from a summer camp I was at. She was 19 and I was 14. I fucking loved it. She swallowed every drop of my cum
  • Anonymous said:
    3 years ago
    Well-written and highly erotic! Thanks for sharing with us!
  • Anonymous said:
    3 years ago
    my cousin once sucked me off in a closet we both were 11 at the time, i loved playing with her hard nipples as she did it.
  • Anonymous said:
    3 years ago
    Dammmmnnnnn brrruuuuhhhh
  • Anonymous said:
    3 years ago
    Very hot