My name is Jennie and this is a story about how I started at a very young age seducing boys and men.

When I was only 14 years old, my body developed into a figure any woman would have been proud of. I was 5'7" tall, 115 pounds, and had long, tan legs My measurements were 34B-18-33. I noticed that all of the boys, and some men, started "checking me out."

To show off, I began wearing sexier clothes than was typical for my age because I loved the attention. One day, as I was getting dressed, I noticed even my dad was watching me. I swear he had a hard on. That really got me going and I knew, then, that I wanted to tease boys and men.

One day I was wearing a mini skirt and sexy little top; walking home from school I saw and an older man sitting at a stop sign in his car. He was staring at me. As I walked in front of his car I smiled at him. He asked me if I needed a lift so I walked over to his car and said that I shouldn't because I didn't know him.

He was very handsome and his smile got me a little excited. As I leaned closer to his window I could see his huge, hard cock through his pants. He tried to hide it, and I laughed, letting him know I saw it and liked it. I loved having so much power over males.

When I leaned over, I knew he could see the top of my young breasts. I had worn a very thin bra and as my nipples hardened and they could be seen sticking out through the material. The man started at them and commented that it looked like we both liked what we saw.

I smiled and said, "I guess it would be okay if you gave me a ride home." I got into the passenger seat and as I slid across the seat I let my skirt hike up to just below my pussy. He looked, and looked again, and then looked into my eyes and said, "You are a very sexy, young girl". I smiled and said "Thank you, you look pretty hot yourself."

He slid his hand onto my thigh and I spread my legs a little. He touched my thigh, just below my pussy, and then moved up until he was slipping his fingers over my cotton panties and felt my pussy lips. He then said that he wished his tongue were where his fingers were. I squeezed his hard cock and said I loved "69". That's all it took! Off we went into the country and parked.

We did a great 69 for at least a half hour when he asked if he could fuck me. I told him I was still a virgin and I didn't want to change that yet, but I would suck him till he came. I enjoyed sucking the cum out of him and even came myself.

He dropped me off a block from my house, and I have never seen him since. But that afternoon introduced me big time to the feeling of power my body had over males. I knew I wanted to do more of this. Much more!


About one week later, I was visited a friend at the hospital and I noticed the man in the next bed was checking out my legs and butt. Originally, I wore the short skirt to flirt and tease my friend, but liked the attention the other man was giving me too.

My friend said that I was causing him to get hard. I laughed and reached under the cover to stroke his cock. He was very hard and I asked him if I had really caused that. He said "Hell, yes", as he touched my breast through my top (I was, of course, braless). We kissed a sloppy wet kiss while we played.

The man in the next bed looked like he was going crazy watching. As I stroked my friend, I looked at the older man and said, "I wish I had a bigger cock to stroke." At that, my friend moaned and came in my hand.

I took my hand out from under the covers, and licked my fingers so the man could see me. My skirt was up very high and the man motioned for me to come closer to him. I did and he pulled his cover off to reveal a huge, hard cock. He asked, "Is this big enough for you?" I said, "It's fantastic," and grabbed hold of the giant cock

As I jacked him off, he slid his hand into my top and then said he wanted to fuck my little pussy. I was very wet, but told him no. I then leaned down and sucked him till he came. I just finished him when the nurse came in. I know she had to know something was going on because the whole room smelled of sex.

She said calling hours were over and I had to leave. She walked out and I kissed my friend and the man and told them I'd visit again tomorrow. They both said to hurry back. I was really hot as I left

Outside in the hall I ran into my doctor whom I haven't seen for over a year. I said, "Hi," and he said, "Hi," but I could tell he didn't recognize me. I had grown up so much in the last year. I introduced myself and he laughed and said that I had changed so much and that I had become a very beautiful young woman. It was then that I saw him "checking" my body out.

Now, this was the man who had already seen my body lots of times when I was younger, but now I had developed into a sexy little package. I was still hot from visiting my friend and his roommate and it excited me even more that my doctor was interested. He was leaving the hospital and asked me if I needed a ride. I said, "For sure!"

As I slid into his car, I purposely let my skirt hike to just below my pussy. He was looking at my legs, and I smiled at him, in my little sexy smile, and licked my lips. I saw him adjust himself and he looked very big and very hard. I asked him "Did I caused that?" reaching over to run my finger along his cock's length. He grabbed my hand and held it there and I started stroking.

He told me that I had always made him very hot, even when I was just a young girl. He said that when he examined me he had sexy thoughts about me and now that I had developed so nicely, he was about to break out of his pants.

I knew that he had already seen my pussy as my doctor, but now it was all wet thinking about him as a man. I stroked and told him I was really wet. I slid my skirt up and he didn't need an invitation to touch me. He had such a gentle touch and I came all over his fingers. He licked them clean and asked if I wanted to go to his house. I said, "Yes," without even thinking

When we got there, he told me he wanted to fuck me and I told him I was a virgin and wanted to save myself, but that I would do anything else he wanted. We stripped and started playing with each other and then he laid me on my back and started to rub his big cock against my pussy lips. It was more that I could stand.

He asked if he could just put his cockhead in a little and I moaned, "Okay," because it felt so good. I felt it go in a bit and it hurt a little, and then he shoved it all the way in. It really hurt and I screamed, but then it felt good. I was being fucked by a 34 year old man with a huge cock and I loved it. I wished I had not waited so long to fuck.

Now I fuck whenever I get the chance I still like to tease, but now I finish off the boys and men. I've become a real slut. I want cock all of the time, especially big ones. I am 19 now and am thinking about taking care of my dad's nice looking cock. I'm going to start really teasing him when mom is gone and see if he wants his slutty daughter's cock-hungry pussy.

I'll let you know what happens...



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