That event occurred over forty years ago, but it is etched permanently into my memory. No matter how sweet and pleasurable my later experiences have been, that first one -- the time when innocence was lost--still stands out. The following is the story of that time.


Rose and I were both fifteen and in the ninth grade. She was new in school, having recently moved to town, and was very pretty. Unlike many of the other junior high school girls, she had started her physical development early and was well on her way to acquiring all the endowments of a woman's body. She had the largest breasts of any of the girls in our class and her hips were well rounded, filling out even the loosely-fitting full skirts that were then fashionable.

To top it off, she seemed proud of her development and flaunted it. She had an exaggerated swing to her hips and often "accidentally" brushed her breasts against a boy's arm. She was also a natural-born flirt, and when she saw I was attracted to her, she reciprocated my attentions. In hardly any time, we were head-over-heels "in love" with each other.

Forty years ago, boys and girls didn't do much real dating in the ninth grade. They would hold hands walking home from school, go as part of a group to parties, and maybe on special occasions, go to a movie as a separate couple. Movies were highlight events because it was possible to do a little necking in the dark, with the boy putting his arm around the girl's shoulder and her leaning her head against him.

If the girl were really daring, she might even allow the boy one or two kisses during the movie. Except for a good night kiss when a boy took the girl home, that was about the limit of physical contact allowed by the well understood code of teenage conduct that existed then. If a girl went beyond that, she was, according to generally accepted parental definition, a "bad girl."

Had her parents or mine known about her behavior, they would have certainly marked Rose down in their books as a "bad girl." The first time we were at a party together, she danced so close that she pressed her groin against the erection I invariably got when close to a girl. She didn't give any indication that she knew what it was, so I believed she just thought that I had something in my pocket that was six inches long and hard.


Several weeks later, we went to our first movie together, just the two of us alone, without parents or any of our crowd around. I was thrilled about our date, happy for the chance to maybe do a little cuddling and lots of sweaty hand-holding.

As soon as I put my arm around her, she moved over close and put her head on my shoulder. My hand, usually restricted to just rubbing or massaging a shoulder, draped over her shoulder and down her front, leaving my fingers just above the top of her low-cut sun dress. I could tell from the cushiony feel that my hand was on the exposed upper swell of her breast. Realizing that I was getting a feel of at least a little bit of a girl's breast filled my blood with fire. My prick hardened and extended down the leg of my trousers in full erection.


My other hand was in Rose's lap, tightly gripping hers. She loosened my grip just a little and then used her finger tips to lightly scratch my palm. I was both startled and stunned by the action. I knew from talk with other boys that if a girl scratched a boy in the palm it meant that she wanted him to fuck her.

Even in my wildest imaginings, I couldn't picture Rose, or any other girl for that matter, wanting me to fuck her. Only "bad girls" did that, and even though Rose had done some things that were pretty forward, I believed they just showed that she was a flirt, not a "bad girl." Because of that, I decided that Rose was too innocent to realize the significance of what she had done, that it was just friendly teasing on her part.

Rose put her other hand up to the one across her shoulder and held that hand also. With almost imperceptible movements she managed to maneuver my hand down to where it was right on top of her breast. She disengaged her fingers from mine and then put her hand on top of mine, pushing it down into the firm globe of her breast. Pressing her fingers together, she forced my hand to squeeze her mound.

She kept squeezing and relaxing her hand and my hand kept right on massaging her firm hillock. She then took my hand and moved it back up on her front, to where my fingers were just above the opening to her dress. Then she pulled my wrist down, moving my hand under her dress and right on top of her bra. By then I needed no more demonstration or coaching -- I used my own initiative and rubbed and massaged her firm little melon.

Becoming bolder, I pushed a couple of fingers under her bra and rubbed them across her nipple, causing it to become stiff and hard. I was in heaven, utterly entranced by being able to have my hand on her in such an intimate way, and throughout the rest of the movie I just enjoyed the contact of my fingers and hand on Rose's full breast. Not wanting to take a chance on losing the advantage already gained, I didn't even try to kiss her.

I was thankful that our hand-holding was in her lap, not mine, because it would have taken only a light touch on my throbbing prick to cause it to go off and make a mess in my pants. After the movie, my parents picked us up and took us to Rose's house. I was thankful that my hard-on had gone down. It would have been embarrassing if it hadn't.

Although I wanted to very badly, with my parents watching, I couldn't give her a good night kiss. Instead, I shook her hand. She gave me a bold smile when I did, and while saying, "Good night, Joey, I enjoyed the movie. I hope you ask me again," she scratched my palm just like she had done in the movie. I went back and got into the car, almost in a daze. I knew that her scratching my palm this time wasn't an accident.

The look in her eyes told me different.

Mom said, "Rose seems like a nice, sweet girl. I'm glad the two of you are friends."

I was glad Mom had not seen us in the movie, because I wanted her to continue to think well of Rose. I wanted us to be able to continue going together. Not only "go together," but maybe do other things together--things that "bad girls" did with boys.


The next Monday I walked Rose home after school. We held hands and talked kid talk all the way. As we approached her house, she looked at the area across the street, an undeveloped, heavily wooded area, and asked me what was out in those woods. I told her that it was a large vacant piece of land with a creek running down its middle. I also told her that the creek had a real nice swimming hole where I often went swimming during the summer.

She got an interested expression on her face and said, "Oh, I love swimming. Will you take me to the swimming hole sometimes and show it to me?"

The thought of getting her off in the woods alone excited me, and I said, "Sure. You want to go now?"

"I'd love to, but my Mom's expecting me home, so I'd better not. How about tomorrow, on the way home from school? Mom and Dad aren't going to be home until late and my brothers are out of town for a couple of days, so it would be a perfect time."

"Yeah, we'll plan on it for tomorrow," I said, excitement running through me.

Just before we got to her house, Rose asked, "Joey, what do you wear when you go swimming at the swimming hole?"

I couldn't help but blush and stammer when I answered, "Well, uh, since it's just me, I, uh, well, I don't wear anything."

Rose smiled real big and gave me the same sort of look she had given me at her door just two days before. "Ooooh, skinny-dipping," she said. "That sounds like a lot of fun."

After Rose went into her house, I was so excited that I almost skipped all the way home. Just the thought of being alone with her down by the creek was exciting enough by itself, but the prospect of my maybe being able to kiss her and even feel her up like I had done in the movie caused me to feel hot all over. "Hot damn," I thought, "I'm going to take a girl to the bushes. For the very first time in my life I'm really going to take a girl out to the bushes."

The next day in school seemed like an eternity. I couldn't concentrate on school work in class and one time got embarrassed by a teacher asking a question that my day dreaming kept me from hearing. I had several classes with Rose that day and in both of them we could hardly keep our eyes off each other.

During the second class, she gave me the same sort of look she had given me when she scratched my palm, and I got a hard-on right in class. Rose saw it because she looked right down at my crotch and smiled, her eyes sparkling with interest. The day finally ended and Rose and I met outside school. She had not only her books but a small satchel.

When I asked her what was in the satchel, she said it was her gym outfit that she was taking home to wash. I took her books and carried them and she carried the satchel. Joining hands, we walked the mile and a half to her house. As we got within several blocks of her home, she said, "Joey, don't forget that you promised to show me the creek and the swimming hole."

I grinned and said, "I haven't forgotten. The path into the woods is just a little ways further." Crossing over to the other side of the street, I found the path and we walked into the woods.

After about a quarter mile, we came to the creek and followed it for about another quarter mile until we came to the place that I used for swimming. It was a wide place in the stream that had limestone banks and a gravel bottom. The water was crystal clear and about three feet deep. One creek bank had a large oak tree with a natural lawn of short green grass under it. It was really a beautiful spot for swimming, picnicking, and, I was daring to hope, other activities.

When Rose saw the place, she said, "Oh, Joey, this is really nice. Just think, this was just a little ways from my house and I didn't know about it."

We walked down to the creek and looked at the water. It was a warm May day, plenty warm enough for swimming, and if I had been alone, I would have been tempted to take a dip in the stream.

Rose asked, "Is this where you go swimming?"

"Yeah, right here," I answered. "With limestone banks, the water doesn't get muddy and it's perfect for swimming."

Rose gave my hand a squeeze and said, "I want to go swimming.

Joey, let's go swimming right now."

I was completely dumbfounded. In my wildest imaginations I hadn't even thought about our going swimming. Then I realized why she had her gym bag--she had been planning to swim all along and had brought her bathing suit in her bag. But I didn't have a suit and would just have to watch her swim instead of our doing it together. I finally managed to stammer, "But I don't have a suit."

Rose grinned, that twinkle back in her eyes, and said, "Neither do I. From what you tell me, bathing suits aren't needed here. We'll just go skinny-dipping like you said you do." She dropped her satchel and rubbing her hand across my chest, she whispered, "I won't tell if you won't."

I was practically inarticulate with excitement. I had thought I might sneak a feel and get a few kisses while we were here at the creek, but now she was telling me that she wanted to go skinny-dipping -- to take all her clothes off and get naked right in front of me. I had never seen a naked girl, and I felt hot and trembly all over at the thought that I was finally going to get the chance.

"I won't tell a soul," I finally managed to respond.

She smiled, her dimples showing prettily, and said, "Oh, goody! I just love skinny-dipping." She picked up her satchel and pulled two towels from it. "Look, I brought us towels to dry off. Then we can lay on them and sun tan a while." She reached for the top button of her blouse and undid it. "Last one in is a stinky skunk," she said, continuing with her buttons.

My hands were trembling so hard that I had difficulty with my buttons. Finally, though, I got my shirt off and sat down and took off my shoes. Standing up, I started to undo my trousers. When I did, my hands went into slow motion, just fumbling with the buttons of my fly.

Rose was standing there in front of me in just her bra and panties and she was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. Seeing her like that made me so excited that I could hardly breathe. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra and then shrugged it off into her hands, baring her breasts completely. She put her hands under them and cupped them, raising them in presentation to me. "Do you like?" she said.

"Yeah!" I managed to say in a strangled voice.

"Then you'll probably like this even more," she said, putting her hands on the top of her panties and pushing them down over her hips. As she pushed them down, her pubic hair came into sight and then the vee of her crotch, its little crease showing through the blonde hairs covering it. After she stepped out of her panties and put them on her towel, she moved a hand down to the top of her pubic hair and said, "How about this? You like this, too?"

"Yes!" I said, my voice strained with lust.

She looked down to where my prick was swelling out the front of my trousers and said, "Yeah, I can see you do." She stepped toward me and took hold of the top of my pants and started undoing the buttons. "Come on, slowpoke. I'm naked and you have to get that way, too."

After she had the waistband loosened, she pushed my trousers down around my feet. "Now for your shorts," she said, and pushed them down on top of my trousers. My prick stuck out in front of me, more rigid and hard than any other time I could remember. "Ummnn, nice," she said, looking right at my throbbing prick. "When I felt you when we dancing, I just knew you would be nice and big." She turned toward the water and said, "Come on, Joey. Let's swim for a little while."

With her back turned to me that way, I had an unobstructed view of her ass. Even though Rose's ass was the very first one I ever saw, to this day it still rates a ten on my scale. It was firm and tight and soft and squirmy all at the same time. Seeing Rose's young teenage ass like that turned me into an ass man forever.

I quickly got my feet out of my trousers and joined Rose in the water. She splashed water on me and I made a grab for her. Wrapping my arms around her, I pulled her in close, so close that her nipples brushed across my chest and my prick bumped up against her stomach. She wrapped her arms around my neck and we simply stood there, looking at each other silently. Her lips were so pretty and inviting that I had to taste them, had to get my first real kiss from a girl.

As I moved my face down to hers, she turned hers up to mine, both of us seeking the same goal. As our mouths came together, she opened hers and darted her tongue between my lips. When she probed her tongue in deeper and made contact with mine, it was almost like an electric shock that caused my prick to jerk against her. Holding me tight around the neck, she lifted herself up and put her legs around my waist, riding me like a horse.

As she moved up, I felt my prick move into the cleft of her ass and rub the smooth skin of that furrow. The kiss, the feel of her breasts crushed against my chest, and the sensation of my prick touching her bare flesh was overpowering my senses. I had been plain horny before, but now I was inflamed with lust, inflamed to touch, caress, fondle, and do everything to the woman- child I had in my arms.

Rose pulled her mouth from mine and said, "Why don't we go sunbathe now."

Without waiting for a response, she took my hand and led us up to where we had our towels spread out. She stretched out, facing up to me, and patted the towel next to her. That was more than enough invitation, and I lay down next to her. When I did, she turned to me and pressed her mouth against mine, renewing the kiss we had begun in the water.

I ached to touch that body so close to me, to touch her in the places that were now naked before me. I hardly knew where to start, so I decided to start at the top and move down. I moved a hand up and put it on her breast, rubbing and massaging it very gently.

She must have liked it, because she swirled her tongue around in my mouth and murmured, "Ooooh, yes."

Thus far I had been able to look at Rose's nude body only when she was moving and I hungered to see her lying still as she was, to just examine her in detail and note every feature of her revealed femininity. Keeping my hand on her breast, I broke our kiss and sat up next to her and silently feasted my eyes on the glory of her nudity.

Seeing my first naked girl was exciting in and of itself, but being able to do so with a girl as pretty as Rose made it so much better. I saw how her calves went into her knees and then flared out into full thighs that rounded out and then dipped into the small circumference of her waist. Her breasts were full and they were topped with round circles of slightly darker skin. In the center of each circle, her little nipples rose, stiff and erect.

I had looked forward to the day I might have a girl's breast in my mouth, and I was at last having a chance to satisfy that desire. Almost in slow motion, I lowered my mouth to her nipple and suckled on it. I rubbed my tongue over it and nibbled on it with my lips. Then, spreading my mouth as wide as it would go, I took in all the top of the soft white flesh and laved it with my tongue, running it in circles around and around the hard little nipple.

Rose put her hand on my head and arched her back up to me, pressing even more of her soft mound into my mouth. "Yes, like that...just like that," she whispered.

While I was giving her breasts my oral attention, I moved a hand down to her thigh and stroked up and down its front, moving from her knee to where my hand brushed against her tuft of pubic hair. As I did so, I felt her move, spreading her legs apart and giving me room to move my hand between her thighs. It was an open invitation to explore that area, and I accepted it immediately, moving my hand down and tracing my finger tips over the soft skin of her inner thigh.

I felt little goose bumps come on her and she quivered from the light caresses. When I reached her knee, I reversed my motion, moving my fingers upward toward the vee of her legs. She shifted around again and opened herself up even more, making the area between her legs completely accessible to my seeking hand.

I continued to move my fingers up until they came to the soft down of her pubic hair. I knew that my fingers would soon find their goal, the cleft I had seen nestled in among the curly tresses. Extending my fingers, I probed into the swatch of her hair, feeling for the furrow of her pussy.

My hand trembled in nervousness and excitement and my breath was held in anticipation of finally realizing my dream of having my hand between a girl's legs and delving into the feminine charms hidden away there. I let my breath out slowly as my finger reached its goal and entered between the lips of her vagina. Warmth and wet slipperiness met my finger as it moved into the channel between her labial lips.

She gasped into my mouth at the contact and hunched her hips up toward my hand. I was breathing fast and she was doing the same, undulating her hips against me and moving them in little gyrations. I realized that my desire to touch a girl was well founded -- it was one of the most exciting things I had ever done in my life. The only thing I wanted beyond that was to replace my finger with my prick, to feel the pleasure of her warmth and wetness on my prick instead of my finger.

As I ran my fingers up and down her slippery channel, I came to a little bump, right at the top of the crease. She murmured, "Ummnnnn, yes, right there," as I stroked it, and I knew I had found what the sex manuals described as a girl's most erogenous spot--her clitoris.

I stroked it with my fingers, tracing little circles on the little bump, and she thrust her hips up to my hand, pushing herself into closer contact. Feeling was not enough--I wanted to see my hand inside her slit, see my finger as it probed between the lips and into the folds of her pussy. Not taking my hand from her pussy, I sat up and moved to where I could look down and see my hand as it explored the area between her legs.

From that vantage point, I could see the full length of open furrow and all the moist flesh inside. As my finger moved over her little bump, I could see it, looking like a little marble right between the lips of the top portion of her slit.

I knew, though, that somewhere within those folds, down between those lips, was the entrance to her tunnel of delight, the hole leading into her pussy. I pushed my finger down into the crease, moving down into the area deep between her thighs, seeking that entrance. I wanted to put my finger into it -- to finger-fuck her, as boys called it. Even if nothing more came from this experience, I would at least have gotten my finger inside a girl's pussy.

Finally, down near the bottom of her furrow, my finger found an indentation. I pushed into it and my finger went inside what felt like a warm, tight tube. It pressed on my finger on all sides and clasped it like it was inside a fist. I pushed in even more and soon had my finger buried to the knuckle. I pulled it out and then pushed it back in.

Rose murmured, "Oooh, Joey, that's so nice." She put her hand on my thigh, just below my prick, and rubbed me softly. In an almost plaintive voice, she said, "Joey, I want you to do something real special for me. Will you do it for me?"

Though she didn't know it, I would have jumped off the Empire State Building for a chance to continue what we were doing. I was hoping the special something she was going to ask me to do was to fuck her. After all, she had scratched my palm and that was what it was supposed to mean. She had for all practical purposes told me that she wanted me to fuck her, and I was hoping that right now was that time.

"What do you want me to do?" I answered, my heart in my throat from excitement.

"I want you to kiss me -- kiss me right there where you have your hand, right between my legs. I want you to use your tongue and lick me all between my legs. If you do that for me, I'll do the same thing for you." She wrapped her hand around my prick and continued, "I'll put this in my mouth and suck on it 'til you come in my mouth."

"Hot damn!" I thought, "she's going to give me a blow job. I'm finally going to get a blow job." In my mind, getting a blow job ranked right up there with fucking a girl. I had heard boys talk about "eating a girl's pussy," but had figured it was just something straight out of their imaginations. Now I was finding that there might really be something to it.

At any rate, I figured that kissing Rose's pussy would be a small price to pay for her giving me my first blow job. "I've never done that before," I said, "but if you want me to, I'll be glad to do it. You may have to tell me what to do, though, if I'm not doing it right."

Rose smiled and said, "I imagine you'll do it just right. All you have to do is give me lots of tongue."

Eager to get a blow job, I didn't want to waste any more time on talk and put my mouth down to Rose's pussy. Sticking out my tongue, I stroked it between her lips, tentatively at first and then with more force. I was surprised to find that she didn't taste bad. Boys had talked and joked about how a girl's pussy smelled "fishy," but Rose's didn't, and it sure didn't taste that way. In fact, I liked the way she tasted--fresh, with just a hint of musky perfume.

Even more surprising was to find out how pleasurable it was to me to lick up and down her channel and stroke her labial lips with my lips and tongue. It was almost like the way we had French kissed--wet, warm, and very exciting. My prick throbbed and pulsated from the excitement that licking Rose's pussy produced.

As my tongue stroked across her little bump, Rose murmured, "Yes, right there. Keeping licking me right there, on that spot." She lifted her legs up and wrapped them around my neck, almost smothering me in her wetness. She thrust her hips up and down and cooed, "Oh, yes...right there...lick me... easy...softly...."

I kept my tongue going on her little bump and soon she was turning her hips in circles and making soft little mewling sounds. I felt her stomach muscles tighten up under my chest and little shudders run up and down her thighs where they clasped me about the ears.

Suddenly, her body stiffened all over and she moaned, "YES... OH YESSS!"

After a few seconds, the muscles in her thighs relaxed and she unwrapped her legs from my neck and let them stretch out. I lifted my head and turning toward her asked, "Did you come?"

She looked up at me with half-closed eyes and with breath still ragged from excitement whispered, "Yes... I came... I came hard. You did it just right... just the way I needed it. Give me a minute to catch my breath and then I'll do the same thing to you."

I lay down beside Rose and she turned toward me. "I just knew you'd do it to me good." She smiled and said, "Oh, boy, was it good." She reached a hand down to my stomach and rubbed me there, moving her hand down closer to my stiff staff with each motion. I caught my breath as her hand made contact with my prick, and moaned as she wrapped her fingers around it and stroked it up and down.

"Oh, Rose!" I muttered, jerking my hips up and down in reaction to her touch. Her touch coupled with the excitement of seeing my first nude girl, of finger- fucking her, and licking her pussy had me so aroused that I was just seconds away from shooting my teenage sperm into the air. Rose sat up besides me, and looking down at my prick in her hand, said, "Poor baby--so hard, so excited. Just lay back and let little Rosie take care of you."

Rose lowered her head and sticking her tongue way out, licked it across the wet, swollen head of my shaft. The sensation of her wet tongue stroking across the sensitive head of my prick was so sensuous, so pleasurable, that I jerked my hips and gasped at the contact. Lowered her mouth even further, she licked across my balls, just lightly touching the soft, wrinkled bag with the tip of her tongue.

My prick jerked in her hand, sending out a little dribble of pre-come, and all I could do was moan in pleasure. From the way she knew just where to touch me to bring the utmost in pleasure, I knew that she was no novice. Somewhere along the way she had learned how to make a boy writhe in ecstasy, how to use her mouth to build him up to the very peak of rapture.

Rosie lifted her head up and smiled at me. "Like that?" she said. All I could do was moan in response and thrust my hips up toward her. "I thought you would," she said, grinning. Then, without any other words, she lowered her head and took my shaft inside her mouth, taking more than half of it into its wetness and warmth. She swirled her tongue over and around the knob of my shaft, sending wave after wave of unbelievable pleasure through me. At the same time, she put her hand on the base of my shaft and started jacking me up and down, moving my prick in and out of her mouth in long strokes.

When Rose put her tongue on the underside of my shaft and caressed my glans with little, fluttery strokes, it was too much for me -- I just started jerking and spewing come in huge spurts, squirting shot after shot into her mouth. She clamped her lips around my prick and started gulping, trying to swallow the flow of come spurting out of me like a geyser. She almost succeeded in getting it all, only a few dribbles escaped her lips and ran down my shaft onto her hand. By this time I had my hips lifted completely off the towel, thrusting my phallus up to her pleasure-giving mouth, trying to give her every drop of my come.

When my senses returned, I realized that the soft, moaning sound I heard was coming from me. I gradually relaxed, my tensed muscles softening as the after-glow of my orgasm came over me. When I lowered my hips back down to the towel, Rose released my prick from her mouth and licked the dribbles of come that were on them.

Even though I had shot come for what seemed like minutes and jerked and writhed in ecstasy, my prick was still hard, still standing up straight out from my body. "Oh, God, Rose..." I whispered.

Rose wiped the come that was on her hand on my stomach and rubbed it all over, a slick caress that brought me continuing pleasure. "Your first blow job?" she asked. All I could do was nod my head in affirmation. She smiled softly and said, "I'm glad I was the one to give it to you. I'm glad you liked it so much."

"It wasn't your first time, though, was it?" I asked.

Rose shook her head and said, "No, it wasn't my first time."

"When was your first time?" I asked, curious about how she had gotten so skilled in giving pleasure.

"Two years ago, with my brother."

"Which one?" I asked, knowing she had two brothers.

"Both of them." She got an angry expression on her face and continued, "But now they don't have anything to do with me. They are both going with hot-to-trot older girls who fuck their brains out and now they don't care anything about taking care of me." She reached out and took hold of my still-hard prick and said, "But you'll take care of me, won't you, Joey? You'll give me what I need, won't you?"

My imagination went into overdrive as I considered what it was she might be needing, and I could only say, "I'll give you anything you want Rosie."

She grinned, and said, "Good. Right now what I need is to be fucked." She squeezed my shaft and said, "This looks like it can do what I want -- fuck me long and hard." She reached into her satchel and pulled out a little, foil-wrapped package.

I knew without even reading the words printed on it that was a condom. "Here, put this on," she said, handing it to me. So far as I knew, the only place where a teenager could buy condoms was in the dispensers in service station rest rooms.

"Where did you get this?" I asked, taking it from her.

She gave me that wide beautiful grin again and said, "I swiped it from my brother's supply. He won't miss one. From now on, though, you'll need to furnish your own. If too many of his rubbers show up missing, he'll know I took them."

With shaking hands, I managed to unwrap the condom and roll in down on my prick. Rose reached out and wrapped her hand around it and jacked it up and down. "Come on, Joey. Let's do it right now. I need it so bad that I can't wait."

Rosie laid down on her back with knees drawn up and far apart. In that position, her whole pussy was open and exposed, thrust up awaiting me. Getting on my knees, I moved up between her legs with my prick pointed right at her gaping pussy. She said, "Put some spit on it so that it'll go in easier. Put lots of spit on it and make it nice and slippery."

I spit on my fingers and spread saliva over the length of my rubber-clad shaft. Repeating the action several times, I soon had my prick practically dripping with moisture.

"That's good," Rose said, "now come stick it in me. Stick it in deep, all the way to the bottom of my snatch."

I had never heard a girl talk like that before--she was using words that boys used out in the back of school. The words didn't particularly shock me, but hearing them come from her raised my lust up to an even higher notch and made me that much more eager to plunge my shaft into the wet gash just in front of it. Responding to that desire, I thrust forward, burying the head of my prick in Rose's hot furrow.

She reached down and took hold of my shaft, and after rubbing it up and down her furrow, positioned it in just the right spot. Holding my prick steady, she hunched her hips up and I felt it enter a little ways inside her. Eager to get my shaft all the way into her hot tunnel, I thrust my hips forward, seeking to push myself further into her.

In perfect timing, Rose met my thrust with one of her own. As a result of our actions, I felt my prick slide into her depths, pushing all the way in until my prick was buried completely inside her. Squirming her hips in pleasure, Rose sighed, "Ooooohhh, yesssss, nice and big."

"Nice" could hardly describe it. It was far more than that -- it pleasure, joy, and rapture all in one. Her mouth had felt good on my prick, but it didn't compare with the feeling of having my entire prick immersed in heat and wetness. From its head all the way to its base, Rose's hot flesh pressed in on the sensitive flesh of my prick, and it was a sensation far beyond any I had ever had before.

I just stayed in the position, motionless, and savored the marvelous sensation that the union of my prick and Rose's pussy produced. Finally, I muttered, "Oh, God Rose, this is so good."

Rose put her hands up to her breasts and massaged them, tweaking the nipples between her fingers. Hunching her hips up to me, she said, "Yeah, really good. But it would be better if you moved that big old prick of yours in and out of my little pussy."

It was obvious that Rose was a person who knew what she wanted, and right now what she wanted was for me quit fooling around and start fucking her in earnest. It wasn't necessary for her to give me any more reminders -- I just let nature have its way and started stroking my prick in and out of her hot hole. "Yeah, like that," she said. "Give it to me deep and hard."

Rose closed her eyes and continued with fondling her breasts. While she did that, I stretched out my legs and lay right on top of her, belly to belly, and hammered my prick in and out as hard as I could go. She met each of my thrusts with her own and squirmed her hips in circles under me, keeping perfect timing with our thrusts. Taking her hands away from her breasts, she put them behind my head, pulling my mouth down to hers for a kiss.

"Ooooh, Joey, this is so good," she said just as our lips and tongues blended together. Rose explored all my mouth with her tongue, probing into all parts of it.

I started sucking on her tongue, drawing it into my mouth as far I could. I felt her breathing speed up, until she was almost panting into my mouth. I knew from that that she was getting as aroused as I was, getting closer and closer to exploding into ecstasy.

She started bucking her hips up to me with even more force, seemingly trying to get all of me into her tight little pussy. Not settling for that, she lifted her legs up and wrapped them around my waist, pulling herself off the towel, and started pistoning her pelvis against mine in frantic movements.

I pushed Rose's pelvis back down to the towel and reaching under her I grabbed her ass and pulled her pussy hard against my prick. Then I just started pounding in and out, using the full length of my shaft, pulling out until just the head was in and this hammering back in, pressing the base of my prick into the softness of her wet furrow. Her tongue was a wild thing in my mouth, and she was now panting and gasping.

I felt shudders in her stomach muscles and she pulled her mouth away from mine and softly cried, "Oh, getting there, getting there. Keep fucking, harder... harder... harder." She stopped her frantic movements and pushed up hard against me. "Oh, I'm there. Got there... finally got there."

The inside of Rose's pussy was spasming against my prick, sending little muscle movements up and down its length. That action was too much, pushing me over the edge, and I joined Rose in orgasm. "Me too... me too," I whispered, come spurting out of prick and filling the rubber that covered it. I collapsed down on her and we lay like that, each of us breathing hard and shuddering and trembling as pleasure waves washed over our bodies.

Our pleasure gradually lessened and I rolled off Rose on the towel next to us. She turned on her side and smiled at me, saying, "Oh, thank you, Joey. That was just what I needed."

"I had a little bit of a need, too," I said.

"Yeah, I noticed," she said with a grin. Then, sitting up, she said, "Let's get rid of this rubber. You sure don't want to go around with this on -- makes it hard to pee-pee." She pulled the rubber off and then put her mouth on my prick in its place. Using her tongue, she cleaned off the residue of come that coated its surface. Lifting her head, she said, "There, nice and clean. That way you won't get any come on the towel that my Mom might find and wonder about."

Rose sat up next to me, still fondling my softened prick and said, "That was good, Joey. I don't know how often I can get away from the house without raising suspicion, but I want to do this as often as we can."

"Me, too," I said, in an understatement.


Rose and I managed to go to the creek at least once a week through the end of school and after summer started we were able to make it two or three times a week. We still dated at other times so as to allay our parent's suspicions. Mom continued to think Rose was a "nice sweet girl" and Rose's parents thought I was a "really fine, clean-cut young man." Almost all my allowance went for buying rubbers.

At the end of the summer, Rose and her family moved to another city. It seemed her father was some kind of construction engineer and got transferred real often. We managed to get in one final screwing session before she left. Rose told me she felt sorry for me since I wouldn't have anybody after she left.

She said that in her case it wasn't going to be so bad because now that her brothers were leaving their girlfriends they would, for at least a while, have to use her again to relieve their horniness. She was all smiles when she told me this, so I knew she was really looking forward to renewing fuck and suck sessions with her brothers.

As for me, I went almost three months before I found another "bad girl." She's a year older than I, but she says she likes me better than older boys. She says I know so much more about making her feel good than the older high school boys she meets. Thanks, Rosie, wherever you are -- you were a good teacher.



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