Seattle sometime in spring 2000.

Lord Byron - Don Juan - Canto III.3 In her first passion woman loves her lover, In all the others all she loves is love, Which grows a habit she can ne'er get over And fits her loosely like an easy glove, As you may find whene'er you like to prove her. One man alone at first her heart can move; She then prefers him in the plural number, Not finding the additions much encumber.


Okay, on a brighter note! :) Richard walked up to me with a dozen roses and a sweet, shy smile. "Lisa, ummm...Will you? I mean...Would you?"

Poor dear!

"I mean do you think you could.... Uh, maybe I should get on my knees..."

I knew what he wanted and I knew this was just the way he was, so cute and harmless and full of desire to please me. I watched as he carefully knelt on my living room carpet. He patted his breast pockets and his pants and his coat. Richard hamded me the flowers with a frown and I took them with a little smirk. He used both hands to search and his face was so animated as he looked for whatever it was he'd lost, I couldn't help but laugh.

Finally his face lit up with a smile and I think we both let out a big sigh of relief! He showed me the small blue box, opened it carefully to reveal a beautiful diamond solitaire ring. He held it out with his eyes cast down, looking at my feet.... The feet he loved to worship so dutifully.

"Lisa, will...." his voice was small, weak, but he cleared his throat and started over. This time he looked deeply into my eyes, his voice was strong, confident, "Lisa, will you marry me?"

I was melting inside and if i had any doubts they were completely forgotten. I smiled and nodded and started to hold my hand out but changed my mind and knelt instead, wrapping my arms around Richard and kissing him deeply, urgently. I didn't need flowers (I dropped them) or a ring (he dropped it) I only needed to have him hold me, kiss me, love me.

His tongue in my mouth was electric and my nipples hardened in my bra. Richards arms were around me and my hands were on his neck, in his hair, holding his lips against mine. I felt him crushing my breasts against his muscular chest and his cock was erect, straining for release. I felt his hands moving down, cupping my ass and pulling my pubis against his hard bulge. We dry fucked for several long minutes, kissing and grinding against each other. I'd never felt so hot with anyone before I wanted him, inside me, deep and hard!

I reached for his belt and started undoing his trousers, I was working to free his cock while I kissed and nibbled at his lips, ears, and neck. But Richard surprised me, he took my wrists in his strong hands and stopped me.

"Lisa," he said, "I want to give you something else. Something that I hope will prove my love and devotion to you."

I looked at Richard and sighed, "You don't have to give me anything else. I know you love me. You've made me the happiest girl in the world tonight!"

Richard smiled and kissed me lightly. He took my hand and pulled it into his boxers so I could feel his hot cock and beneath that his heavy balls. He wrapped my hand around his testicles. "These, Lisa, I want to give you my manhood, my balls.' As he said the last words his eyes lowered and he didn't look quite so confident.

"Are you sure, Richard?" I asked in a soft voice, "I love you enough with what we have. I don't need you to do this."

"But you want me to."

"Yes." I admitted as much to myself as him. "I want it."

We'd never done this before. I'd fallen in love with him for so many other reasons, his lack of desire to be busted or indulge my fetish for CBT didn't matter in the least. Of course he knew of it, we'd discussed it but only enough to determine that he would not enjoy it. I didn't know if he'd really changed his mind or was only doing this to please me and with these doubts I wasn't even sure if I could bust him!

I looked at him and squeezed his balls gently. Richards cock twitched and I could feel his precum leaking from the tip onto my wrist. I asked him if he was sure, if he knew what he was offering me. I squeezed his balls harder to serve the point, he winced but his eyes didn't waver from mine. "I want you to kick me, to...to bust my balls. I want to remember this night for the rest of my life and never forget that I am only your husband, not your master. And I offer myself totally so you'll always remember that I am your lover and not your slave."

I had never heard words so beautiful before in my life. I felt tears well up in my eyes and sudenly we were kissing again. I held his balls in my hand and felt his cock pulse with every beat of his precious heart. God! How I loved him!

As our kiss broke he asked me what to do, "I, uh, know the basic principle involved...But, ah, how do we...?" I looked at him and smiled, he was so cute! My heart was beating faster as the realization that one of my dreams was going to come true! I was going to bust the man I loved! The man I was going to marry!

"Well, we can do it with my bare foot...or my knee. Or I can do it with my hand." I wanted to feel him, crush him with my body. Not a shoe or, some other 'thing' I wanted it to be me. he looked confused and of course he wouldn't be able to decide. I kissed him. "I'll do it with my knee, okay? Don't worry, I'll be very gentle, I love you. I want to have your children!" he smiled at that and I kisse him again. "Now stand up, let me show you how we do this."

Richard stood and I undressed him. I took off his shirt, kissing the light hair on his chest. Biting and licking his nipples and moving my mouth down his flat stomach. I pulled his pants and shorts off completely. He stepped out of them and i kissed his thighs, his muscular legs, the back of his knees. I kissed his feet and moved behind him while he stood silently, so strong and beautiful, a statue of love. I kissed the back of his legs and his ass, biting playfully at the taut firmness of his buttocks. I paused long enough to undress myself completely and i rubbed my hard nipples along his but and up his back as I stood behind him. I pressed my body to his back and reached around to grasp his swollen cock with both hands, stroking him, masturbating him while I bit and sucked his neck and shoulders.

Richard's hands were behind him, moving down along my ribs, the smooth skin of my hips, back to my ass. He stroked and pinched me while I rubbed his cock. I moved around, pressing against him as i slide around to face him. The tip of his cock was wet with his precum and it pressed against my tummy as we kissed. I knelt before him and kissed all around his penis. I licked it from base to tip and back. I collected his clear juice on my tongue and it tasted so sweet.

I licked his hairy balls, taking them one at a time into my mouth and sucking them, wshing them with my tongue. I pressed a finger against his tight anus, twisting it gently inside his ass while I licked his balls. Richard's hands were in my hair and i knew he wanted me to mouth his cock. I took the head between my lips and looked up at him with my big brown eyes. I slide half of him into my mouth and backed off. he was so smooth, like satin sliding across my lips. I took him again, pulling his ass toward me. I made as if to swallow and my throat opened for his long cock. he filled me to the base of his cock and I felt my throat muscles fluttering and I pushed my tongue underneath the shaft. Richard moaned and I took him for several minutes like that, long, slow, deep strokes. Deepthroating him and swallowing his juices.

I wanted to drink his cum, but it would have to wait. I was just giving him a treat, getting him as hot as possible before I busted him. I hated pulling my mouth off his cock and from the soft groan Richard made I think he did too. He was so close. I stroked him slowly, and his cock pulsed in my hand. he was moving his hips, trying to fuck my hand and he held my head in his hands. I sucked his thumb into my mouth like a little penis and looked up at him. he was begging me for release with his eyes and I tightened my grip on his cock. But I couldn't, he needed to feel the heat, the desire. I let go and stood up.

I kissed him deeply so that he could taste himself on my tongue. "Are you ready, Richard?" I had my arms around him, underneath his. His hard cock pressed between us, i could feel his wetness spreading against our hot bodies. He nodded and I moved back a little, gaining some room for what was coming.

"You're so strong for me Richard. I love you," I said with my head against his chest, listening to the wild hammering of his heart.

"I love you Lisa," was all he said.

I lifted my head and looked up at him. he was smiling at me when I brought my knee up very hard into his groin. I knew I wouldn't be able to do it full force and so I made myself do it before he was truly ready.


It was a short, dull sound and Richard made a loud "Uuuuuggghhh," sound. I was ready to catch him in case he started to drop, but he was so strong! I let him go and backed away, my pussy was so wet I stood with my legs spread, rubbing my clit with one hand and pinching my nipple with the other.

Richard put his hands on his slightly bent knees. he made sounds like he was clearing his throat and I could see his eyes were shut like he was concentrating very hard on something. He took a short, shallow breath and let it out slowly. Again and again he did this, shaking his head every now and then. I sat down, leaning against the sofa and frigging myself like mad. I was cumming and I moaned loudly my hips lifting off the floor, gyrating wildly.

Poor Richard, he looked up and I saw him wince and take another sharp breath. He reached down to touch his balls but thought better of it. This only made me cum so much harder and when I opened my eyes again I saw Richard had worked himself into laying in a semi-fetal position on the floor. It looked like it was more comfortable for him like that. I crawled over to be next to him, spooning against his back. I know he was hurting, but I was impressed with how well he'd taken it. I kissed him softly and told him on our honeymoon I would kick him really hard! He shuddered and I think he tried to tell me how much he was looking forward to it! But all that came out was a long, low groan.

Ummm.... That's the end!


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