I'm a Junior at a large Midwest university. Since my roommate wasn't due for 2 days after I moved into our dorm, I went out on the town alone Saturday night. The Rail- the nearby strip of bars- is always busy, and I went from one to another saying hello to friends I hadn't seen over the summer.

Since school was still a week away, everyone was partying hard. Several people invited me to a big private party at one of the frats. A friend said most people were leaving the bars about 10 to enjoy the 'end of summer' parties at the various frats, sororities, and apartments, not to mention the dorms. Things slowed down so much several of the bars had posted signs that they were closing early.

Anxious to enjoy a last fling before classes, I hurried back to my room to get ready. I changed into a sleeveless sweatshirt with the school mascot on the front, a pair of bikini bottoms, and running shorts. After a quick check of my make-up, I headed back to the bars. It was after 12:15 when I got back to the last bar I'd visited. The door wasn't locked, but inside I was surprised to find that the only occupants were the bartender, bouncer, and two of their friends.

I went on inside and checked to see if my friends were still in the back room, where I'd met them. Returning to the bar, I was aware of the men staring at me as I headed for the door. When I grasped the handle, it was locked. Turning, I asked if they would open it. The bartender chuckled as he came around the bar, removing his apron. As he withdrew the keyring, one of the others spoke.

"Ya' know, miss, you have to buy a drink if you come in." Not wanting an argument, I shrugged and moved away from the door, asking for a beer. As the bartender got it, one of the others asked what dorm I was in, and what year. I tried to pay for the drink, but one of the men laughed that he'd taken care of it. I thought about leaving, but as if he read my mind, he shook his head.

"You've got it, you might as well drink it" I grabbed the mug, intent on finishing it so I could leave; I figured chugging it would impress the guys.

After choking down half of it, I realized it was more whiskey than beer. My throat burned and my eyes watered as more slid down before I could stop. Setting the mug down, I gasped a request for beer as the men laughed. Moments later, a 2nd mug was set down. I chugged at the second mug, anxious to put out the fire in my throat and stomach. The men laughed as I choked again; it was straight bourbon.

I'd already had too much beer before I'd left, I hadn't had any dinner, and I've never been able to handle strong liqueur, much less mixing alcohol, so before I really felt the more mellow warmth of the second drink, I was getting dizzy. I swayed, sagging onto a barstool, and from there almost to the floor. A moment later I felt two or three people lift my arms, helping me off of the stool and leading me away from the bar.

In my semi-conscious state I had no idea how long I was half-led, half-carried. I thought they'd led me back to the dorm as they paused, doing something with the a light. Then I was laid back on a hard flat surface. The cool table top felt nice and I rested a cheek on it, wondering why it felt soft and hard at the same time. I had no idea where I was.

The lights were on but dim, and glancing drunkenly about the room, I couldn't make anything out, though I could see four shadows moving around. Then I felt hands gently begin to remove my clothes. Still thinking I was in my dorm room, I didn't protest. First they removed my shorts, taking them right over my heels. Someone helped me to sit up and my sweatshirt came off next, exposing my 36B chest to the cold room air.

The shock made my nipples tighten, sending a wave of pleasure through my body. Two large hands began to caress my rising mounds as my bottoms were easily pulled right under my rump and off. Before they'd cleared my feet, another hand was exploring my bush, pressing deeper and deeper between my spread legs, teasing my labia apart. I writhed as pleasure radiated from my breasts and pussy. But I also realized I wasn't in my dorm. My voice was slurred as I asked where I was. A harsh male voice answered.

"Baby, you're on the pool table ready to pocket the whole rack!" I tried to sit up as he spoke, but couldn't; the hands groping my tits had pushed me easily onto my back. I was dimly aware of someone grabbing my hands, and then they had tied my wrists to the corner pockets. A moment later my ankles had been bound to the side pockets, leaving my knees bent, my legs spread so that my pussy was open for all to see.

I cried out as they ran my bikini bottoms through my now swollen and running cunt, and they quickly stuffed them into my mouth, muffling my response. I could taste my own juices as they again began to fondle my pussy and breasts. Three of them worked on me, sparking several small orgasms while the fourth stripped off his clothes. They rotated then, taking turns until everyone was naked.

They began to rub their rock-hard dicks over my body- I could feel them running across my breasts, down my stomach, teasing through my bush and over my pussy before moving down my thighs. One of them ran his cock over was my neck and face. I could smell him as it teased over my gagged mouth, and I realized I was moaning in desire- I was dying to be taken. I was so hot that I didn't notice when one of them stepped back and climbed onto the table with me.

The heavy slate didn't shift in warning, so the first I was aware of him was his cock slamming into my aching pussy. I screamed against the gag as an instantaneous orgasm rocked my body and his cock penetrated deeper than I'd ever been fucked before. He held himself still, buried in my twitching box, and let me recover before he began to fuck me, setting an excruciatingly slow rhythm.

I quickly built to another orgasm, and was concentrating on how great it felt being fucked like that when my bottoms were suddenly pulled from my mouth. Before I could manage a word or even a groan, they'd been replaced by a second thick, throbbing cock. I sucked at it greedily as I came and came again. My orgasms poured through my body as I surrendered myself to whatever they wanted to do. The second man came in my throat at the same time the guy between my legs shot off. I felt the warm, thick syrup running down my throat while steaming jets of come spurted into my pussy.

Coming down from my own orgasms, I noticed a painful tingling in my nipples; the other two had been chewing on them as I was being fucked. My mind had cleared a bit, and I was weary from the frantic fucking. I noticed one of the men who hadn't come climbing onto the table and begged for him to wait, saying I needed to rest. He just laughed as he lunged into me.

The new cock didn't go as deep, but felt twice as thick as the first cock I'd taken between my legs that night. My cunt was stretched wide as he began to saw in and out of my protesting cunt. I felt numb, but after a moment the friction and repeated pressure against my clit had another series of orgasms coursing through my body. My entire focus narrowed to the sensation of the strange cock rutting into my pussy.

After a few minutes he came, pulling out as he did so and spraying my stomach and pubic hair. Before I could say anything, he moved to one side and the fourth stranger was between my legs. As he entered my loose pussy, his belly pressed against my cum-smeared bush. "Todd, you asshole!" he cursed but didn't pull out and didn't slow in pumping eagerly into me. His cock pistoned into me longer than the other two combined before he finally came.

As he climbed off of me, I lay there panting. I'd never felt so entirely spent. I lay on the sweat and cum slimed felt, not caring that I was naked and bound as I drifted to sleep.

I was still on the table when I woke. My pussy felt so full I was sure cum would puddle on the table and floor if I stood up. When I opened my eyes, I was startled to see the sun was shining in through a skylight in the room. I looked around and found the bartender, who was sitting against the wall. My voice was a croak as I asked the time. He checked his watch and told me it was 9AM, adding that I needn't worry, since 'no one else would arrive until two or three.'

As he talked, the others untied me and 'helped' me into a kneeling position. I protested weakly as they again tied me to the pockets, but the job was done before I fully realized their intent. Ignoring my protest, they stuffed my panties into my mouth again, then used something else I didn't see as a blindfold, after which I was fondled until I was again flowing, which took no time at all.

I felt one of the men slide under me, one hand kneading my left breast while the other casually began to finger fuck my slit. As I arched my back in pleasure, I felt a second man slide his cock along my crack. It teased across my pussy, dipping in a few inches when his friend removed his finger. I was starting to rock back, welcoming his touch, when he pulled out completely and pushed the tip of his cock against my virgin asshole.

I screamed into the gag as he began to push through my protesting sphincter. The guy below me shifted, easily sliding his cock into my dripping cunt while he continued fondling my breasts. For a moment that didn't matter as the cock assaulting my ass seemed to set my crotch on fire. But then the pain slowly eased, becoming an incredible warmth. The glow spread to my cunt, and then throughout my body. I didn't realize it, but after a minute or two I was pushing back, welcoming both thrusting cocks.


When they were sure I'd relaxed, someone removed the gag and I whorishly accepted a third cock in my mouth, taking it into my throat without protest. I heard a click and buzz every few seconds, but didn't stop to think about it as my pleasure built. A moment later I was cumming. That seemed to spur the other on, and to my relief the guy fucking my ass came a moment later.

I was left straining against my bonds, as everyone pulled out and they switched, the fourth guy filling my mouth, the man who'd been in my mouth easing into my pussy, and the cock that'd been filling my cunt plumbing my ass. He was thicker than the first had been, so there was another moment of real pain when they began to fuck into me in unison again.

After a minute the guy in my cunt stopped pumping, saying he wanted to 'fill my ass' too. When I felt the second guy spasm against me, I knew they'd switch again. The third cock caused no pain as it slid into my ass, and when I didn't struggle at all, they removed the blindfold. I was shocked to see the man not fucking me was busily taking pictures, but there wasn't really anything I could do about it, and as the other three went to work I felt an orgasm cresting. A moment later I was giving the photographer plenty of action as I shivered and cried out in release.

They switched a final time. The cock in my pussy had already dumped a load in my ass, so both guys humped into me until they came where they were. Finished, they started to dress while I recovered. Then they untied me, taking more pictures as I lay naked on the pool table, first sprawled on my tummy, then rolling to lie spread-eagled as I caught my breath.

I was unsteady as I got up and tried to collect my things. Before I could dress, though, they led me to the loading dock at the back of the bar. Leering at me, they insisted I 'hop in' to a Trans Am that was parked outside by the wall. Praying no one would see me, I did as they said, horrified to realize as they piled in as well that they were actually going to drive around with me in the car completely naked.

As they drove through the campus and surrounding residential areas, they returned my clothes a piece at a time, starting with the heels. The bartender explained that they'd decided to keep my panties and top, offering me instead a worn T-shirt with the bar's logo on it. The thin fabric did nothing to hide my still swollen nipples.

At the dorm, I jumped out and ran to my room, stiff from the extended fucking session, and hoping no one noticed my arrival. I finished cleaning up just in time to greet my roommate. As we unpacked, I told her the gang bang, but she refused to believe it until the package arrived the next week with the pictures they'd taken.

Needless to say she was shocked. But as she looked at my expression - I was clearly getting off in several shots- she murmured that she was suitably jealous, too. And eyeing all the things they'd done had me so hot I had to get myself off right in front of her. So this weekend we're going back to see if the boys want to have another night of fun...



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    Bloody excellent
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    My pussy is so wet right now!!
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    Definitely a wet aching pussy right now
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    WOW I wanna visit that bar and do them all in a heart beat
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    I want so badly
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    i would love to get fucked tht way..alrdt fingered myself twice.
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    I swear I'm surprised I'm not drooling right now
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    W. O. W.