First off, let me introduce myself, my name's Ryan and I have to explain something. My whole life I have always been drawn towards younger girls, much younger girls. I don't know what it is about them. Maybe it's just because they're so unspoiled and innocent. I figure that the older the girls are, the more likely they are to cheat on you and tire of you faster.

I also think it's because I like cute girls. Not girls that are necessarily beautiful in terms of being mature, but cute. At the time the "incident" happened I was working at a local retail store. I worked on the sales floor which gave me the opportunity to hang around with friends and meet really beautiful girls on the job.

The girls would always come back to my department and flirt with me but there was never anything serious, until one day. A woman who must have been in her 40's needed me to help her with something on a high shelf. Seeing as how I'm 6 foot, and she was only about 5 foot 4, she asked if I would be able to reach a lamp on a high shelf for her. I grabbed the lamp for her and spun back around to hand it to her.

By this time her daughter and her daughter's friend were there too. I pretended not to notice, but as the mom spoke to her daughter, her daughter and her daughter's friend kept eyeing me up. I figured this was understandable. I was 18 at the time, weighed 180 pounds and had killer pecs and biceps. I had blonde hair and from what most girls said, a cute smile.

From listening in on them I figured out her daughter's name was Jenni and her friend was Chelsea. Jenni was probably about 14 years old but had a body and face that didn't fit her age. Her face was beautiful and she had a developed body with good sized, perfectly round tits to match. She was somewhere near 5' 4" like her mom with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. Her friend Chelsea was the absolute opposite.

She was probably around 5 foot 6 with long brunette hair, hazel brown eyes, a slender body and about the same size breasts as Jenni. When you were in their presence you couldn't help but smile when they did, their smiles were absolutely stunning. They must have been in 8th or 9th grade because they were both wearing the new "in" thing, the MINI mini skirt. The skirts were so short that you could almost see ass cheeks on both of them.

To worsen matters, they had on the kind of tight revealing shirts that left nearly a half foot of midriff exposed. I tried not to keep looking at them but they knew that I was and kept smiling because they knew about the power they had over boys. They were just too damn cute.

I felt sick at being attracted I was to these girls. The society I was raised in taught me that this sort of thing wasn't right. The woman thanked me for my assistance and walked off to the next aisle. I couldn't let those two get away that easily though. I needed at least one more look at their hot little bodies. I peeked around into the next aisle, careful not to be seen by them. I could hear the woman commenting on how I was really handsome for someone my age. The girls just giggled and agreed. Jenni moved down the aisle to pick up something that her mom had asked her to get, Chelsea followed.

As both of the girls reached for lower shelf I got a good look at their small, firm asses and cute, sexy underwear. Their underwear weren't exactly like thongs, but they were damn near close. Right in the middle of the store there were two gorgeous little girls exposing their asses for me to see.

I don't know where girls like this were when I was 14, but I was shocked. It made me so hot. Girls that young wearing clothes and underwear like that!? Their clothes were so tight and revealing and their panties barely covered anything! There must have been more to it. Maybe they were an exception, maybe they were the school sluts.

I wasn't big on sluts because you have to realize, fooling around with a slut is like fooling around with every guy she's ever been with. I continued to follow the girls all the way to the front of the store, pretending to straighten things up and work as I went. They were so full of life, so vibrant. They practically skipped through the whole store, laughing and joking on the way, not caring who heard them. They weren't serious like the girls my age, they had fun. I was immediately in love.

I worked my way to the front counters, making sure that they saw me one last time. As they walked out the doors I gave them a half smile and a little nod. The game was set. I didn't know at the time, but what I had started was a long and exciting journey. Over the next few days I saw a lot of cute girls, but none that piqued my interest like Jenni and Chelsea. I figured that they were just passing through at the time and that I'd never see them again. After a while they completely left my mind.

That was until the day I heard the familiar laughter a few aisles down from where I was talking with a friend. I told my friend that I had to get something and that I'd be right back. I hurried after the sweet sound until I found them goofing around by the ladies clothing department. I hid behind two racks of clothes, being careful not to get caught by the girls or my managers. The ladies fitting rooms in the middle of the department were almost never used.

I watched as they each took a few pairs of panties from the racks and rushed into the fitting rooms accompanied by their secretive giggling. I was amazed when neither of them made the move to close the doors! I moved a few racks closer until I was within 20 feet of Jenni and Chelsea. Right before my eyes Jenni yanked the tight pants she was wearing down to her ankles.

I thought I was dreaming at first but I was actually there! I was standing no more than a stone throw away from the cute little girls of my dreams as they undressed! After the shock wore off I tried to remain as hidden as possible while still getting a good look at the two naughty little exhibitionists. Chelsea followed suit and slipped out of her jeans.

As they stood there in their skin tight shirts and panties I had to convince myself again that I wasn't dreaming. I had never seen anything like it in my life! The way they bounded around showcased their firm, yet developed asses and breasts. Jenni slipped behind one of the partitions and when she reappeared a few seconds later she had a new pair of panties on. She spun around and modeled them for Chelsea, striking different poses as she went.

She received a small round of applause before disappearing again and coming back out in what must have been a bikini bottom. I was a sucker for bikini bottoms. She motioned as if she were serving volleyball and then threw her hands up as if she had scored. Her succulent breasts bounced around in her shirt as she did her victory dance Then Chelsea went to change.

I was interested to see what Chelsea's style was. She seemed to be the more conservative of the two. She slipped back out in what appeared to be an extra short pair of baby blue bicycle shorts with lace edging. She stood in front of Jenni and bent over, showing off her goddess-like ass. Jenni laughed her sweet, innocent laugh as she pushed Chelsea back behind the partition.

This time Chelsea came out in a matching pair of bikini bottoms. The pair that Jenni was wearing had a tropical floral pattern on them while the pair that Chelsea had on were a revealing solid white. As Chelsea admired herself in the full length mirror I could make out the small bumps that were her maturing Labia. The thought of coming so close to seeing those two stunningly cute angels in the nude had me thanking God that I was alive.

The funny thing is I didn't view them as objects of desire like I did with most girls. In my eyes they were these precious, beautiful sculptures that far surpassed anything I had ever seen before. Whoever said that the human body is the most natural art form was right. Both of the girls disappeared behind the changing partitions again and came back out with their original panties on.

They squeezed back into their jeans and placed the panties they had just been trying on in the "return" pile. Jenni led the way as they flitted back onto the sales floor, leaving my sight, chasing each other and joking as they went. I got up from where I had been hiding and made my way towards the changing rooms.

When I got there I was face to face with the panties that had, no longer than a few seconds ago, been touching the bare crotches of the two most attractive girls in the world. Since there was almost never anyone in the changing rooms I slinked inside with the panties and closed the door. I held them up and inspected them while dreaming of the two still being in them, right there in front of me. I held them close and inhaled. There wasn't much of an odor, but the fact that the same pairs of panties that had just been on their bare bodies were now in my hands turned me on.

I knew I had to have them, I had to make them want me somehow. I went home that night and worked up a plan to make them mine. I asked a few friends about their flirting techniques and it came up time and time again. Pretend you had no interest in them and if you happened to talk to them, criticize them, for some reason it made girls hot.

I was pretty confused. I had been a nice guy my whole life and had never thought that insulting a girl would make her like me. It sounded like reverse logic, but I had to try everything in the arsenal. I had the whole thing all worked out in my head, it was just a matter of waiting. Days went by and then weeks. I was losing hope when finally, about a month later, I saw Jenni in the parking lot as I came in for my shift.

By this time it was officially summer and everyone was in their skimpiest outfits seeing as how it gets in the 90's regularly where I'm from. Seeing Jenni again gave me butterflies in my stomach. It was like I was a kid again and I had waited so patiently, so long for a special treat. Chelsea was tagging along behind like always.

They both had T-shirts on that were tied up at the waist, revealing their tan, perfectly formed mid sections. They also had white silk basketball shorts on which allowed me to watch their asses shift from side to side as they walked and damn did they have hot little asses! I followed them into the store and quickly punched in so I would be able to find them again.

I spotted them in the toy department talking so I walked towards them and didn't even glance at them as I passed. I could hear them behind me as I continued walking to my department. I talked to a few friends and straightened up the shelves a bit until Jenni got up the nerve to come and talk to me. "Hi," she said. "Could you help me over in toys?"

I agreed but pretended to show no interest in them. They led me to the bike rack where they had me take down a mountain bike. "Do you work out?" Chelsea said as I effortlessly pulled the bike down from overhead.

"A little," I replied, keeping conversation at a minimum. Jenni sat on top of the center bar and asked if it was the right size for her.

As she straddled the bike she leaned forward which made the nose of the seat rest almost inside of her. She moved the bike back and forth as if testing the grip, repeatedly stroking herself between the legs as she did. I told her it looked about right and started to walk away.

They called me back and asked some more questions about the bike, trying to draw attention to themselves the entire time. I answered the best I could and got out of there. I realized that I had gained the upper hand. I had them under my control, they couldn't stand the fact that someone had ignored their advances. I was working my way out to the greenhouse to water the plants when I spotted the two out of the corner of my eye following me. They were trying to remain inconspicuous as they chased after me.

I grabbed the hose, slipped in amongst the plants and started watering when Jenni came in followed by Chelsea. They browsed through the plants as I did my work. Jenni occasionally glanced upwards to see if I was looking. That's when things started to get interesting, very interesting. I kept taking quick looks too see what the two were doing.

Jenni was now whispering in Chelsea's ear as Chelsea listened intently with a smile on her face. I was looking half at the plants, half at the girls, when all of a sudden Jenni positioned herself behind Chelsea. She reached around and slowly slid her hand up Chelsea's shirt and stopped when her hand was directly over Chelsea's right tit. Chelsea's shirt moved as the hand underneath massaged her breast lightly.

The sight of two 14 yr old girls fondling each other turned me on more than I could ever explain. Jenni moved her hand from Jenni's perfectly round globe down to her tight, tanned stomach. She moved her hand around sensually, fully appreciating Chelsea's perfect body. Her hand once again moved out of sight, this time down the front of Chelsea's shorts.

From my vantage point I couldn't see what was happening, but I knew that Chelsea was enjoying it. Jenni removed her hand from Chelsea's shorts and went back to looking at the plants as if nothing had happened. She looked in my direction, but I was already busy watering the plants again as if I hadn't seen the sexy, lewd act that had just occurred before me. Chelsea was slightly discouraged, but determined to get my attention yet.

Jenni bent over to reach for a flower and Chelsea reached between Jenni's legs and started rubbing her silk covered mound. They stood there doing it for what must have been a minute. I shook the excitement off and peered back at the show. By this time Chelsea had her hand completely up Jenni's shorts and from what I could tell, she was fingering Jenni!

Jenni moaned slightly as she inspected the flower in her hands. Chelsea took her hand out from underneath Jenni's shorts and motioned Jenni to close the greenhouse door. Jenni quietly dead-bolted the door and came back as Chelsea took hold of her shorts. She pulled Jenni's shorts down until they were in the middle of her thighs revealing her perfect ass.

Chelsea bit Jenni's multicolored panties right on her pussy and pulled them down to Jenni's thighs with her teeth. It was clear that things were about to get a whole lot crazier. By now I couldn't help it, I was standing there with the hose still on, staring at the half naked girl in front of me. Jenni bent over again and Chelsea reinserted her fingers into her friend's dripping twat and continued to pump her for all she was worth. After about a minute into their little show, Chelsea stopped and looked at me. "Like what you see?" she said.

I managed to remain calm as I stammered, "I've seen better." Now that I was outed I decided to relax and enjoy. Chelsea set back to work getting Jenni off with her cute little fingers. She started off with her middle finger but as things started to progress she pushed two fingers in while her other hand started to twirl her clit.

Chelsea was really into it, she slammed her fingers up to her knuckles into Jenni with every stroke. After what seemed like an eternity, Jenni buckled at the knees and shot stream after stream of her sweet little pussy fluid all over her shorts and panties. Jenni sat, panting, trying to catch her breath.

"You did alright, but not great," I said, finally breaking the silence.

"What would you have done differently?" Chelsea asked.

"You gotta use your mouth too, otherwise it's just another mediocre fingerbang."

"Show me how it's done," she said.

"I don't think so," I said pretending to be uninterested, "I have work to do."

"C'mon! Please!?" she begged.

"It better not take long, I have to get back to work," I said in a monotone voice. I bent her over much like Jenni had been. "Are you sure you want to do this?" I questioned.

"YES!" was all she said.

I slid her shorts down to her ankles and rubbed her panties where her tiny lips were. She shook with anticipation, she had obviously never been with a guy before. I knew my suspicion had to be right. They probably practiced on each other all the time, fantasizing about boys, but had never actually been touched by one. It made me so much hotter knowing I was the first to do ANYTHING with them.

My fingers were now only a millimeter away from her 14 year old pussy. Only in my wildest dreams had I dreamt of this moment. I took my time, taking in the complete experience. I took one finger in the front of her and one in the back and grabbed onto the edge of her panties with them. As I pulled them downward I made sure that my fingers stroked her delicate, perfect skin, giving her goosebumps.

Her panties slowly fell from around her sweet girlish waist, revealing her tasty hole as my fingers met between her legs. I studied her slit from 6 inches away as if it were a specimen under close scrutiny. I slowly lifted my hand up to her ass and extended my middle finger, letting it gently glide over her budding lips. They were like the many flowers all around me, breathtaking masterpieces that only nature is able to produce, yet mine for the taking.

I teased her, rubbing my finger around her opening, but not inside. I leaned in closer to smell her, it was a musky, intoxicating scent that drove me crazy. I put my lips on the lower portion of her ass cheek and started to kiss lower until I reached the rear of her waiting, barely teenage pussy. She spread her legs further which allowed me to lightly kiss the entire length of her cunt from back to front.

I wanted her to be able to get the maximum pleasure from the experience so I swept her off her feet and held her in my arms like a child before placing her on an empty plant shelf. I slowly lowered her onto her back being as gentle as possible. I went down to her ankles and pulled her shorts and panties completely off with my teeth. I resumed kissing her again, starting at her ankles and working my way up to her calves, then her knees.

From her knees I kissed my way to her inner thighs and finally up to her hot crevice. She was obviously wet at this point, but I decided that I'd add some extra lubrication. I let a big glob of saliva drip from my mouth and onto her clit. It slowly rolled down the channel between her slightly parted lips. I ran my tongue up her vagina, reclaiming my spit, causing Chelsea to shudder in the process. I licked back down and up her wet slit once more. I positioned my middle finger towards her cunt as I sucked her clit. I inserted my finger into her as I nibbled her love bud.

My finger was able to fit inside her to the hilt. There I was, at work, my mouth on a pussy and my entire finger in a gorgeous teen girl as her friend watched on. I swirled my finger around as I ate her out. If poon tang pie was a food, I was a glutton. I licked and sucked and prodded and stroked for what must have been 5 minutes. Just as my tongue was getting tired Chelsea started to tremor as if something were building inside her.

Jenni got up and stuffed Chelsea's panties into her mouth to keep her quiet. Then the moaning started. At first I could barely hear it, but then it turned almost into a scream. As I felt Chelsea nearing the edge I pulled out and jammed 2 fingers in her tight hole. It was a tight fit, but it was worth it. After only a few more strokes she was bucking wildly and spraying her girl juice all over my hand and face. Not only did I get wet, but Jenni did too.

Chelsea finally stopped writhing around, she laid there with her eyes closed, panting like Jenni had been. "You really know how to get a girl off!" Jenni exclaimed.

"I do my best," I responded smoothly.

Jenni looked at the bulge that had formed in my pants. "Looks like you were liking it too," she said.

"I guess," I said trying to remain cool.

Without another word, Jenni went down to my pants and unzippered them. She fumbled with the button on the boxer, trying to release my cock. Finally, she gave up and pulled my pants completely off, revealing my thick, 7 inch dick. She stared in wide eyed amazement as it bobbed up and down before her.

"Haven't you ever seen a penis before?" I asked. But what was I saying? She was only 14, of course she had never seen a penis before!

"Well, once or twice," she stammered, obviously lying to impress me. By this time Chelsea was watching too. They both looked as if they had just seen a ghost, it was a completely new experience for both of them. They sat there, staring, inexperienced, nervous, unsure of what to do next.

I explained, "One thing that girls like to do is put it in their mouth." This was met with bewildered glances from the two and at each other.

Jenni got on her knees a few feet in front of me. I took my pants and boxers off and threw them to the side. As I approached her, I took my shirt off and then grabbed the bottom of hers. It came off, over her head, revealing the most luscious pair of b cups I had seen in my life. She gasped slightly as the warm air hit her completely naked body.

She looked up at me with her angelic eyes as if questioning what to do next. I told her to open her mouth as wide as it would go and explained to her that I would slowly glide it into her mouth and that she could back out whenever she wanted. Being extra careful, I worked my way forward until my cock head was at her lips. Her mouth was so small compared to all of the other girls I had been with, I wondered how it would possibly fit. My hand made its way to the back of her head.

I lightly started to push Jenni's head towards me, sinking bit after bit of my cock into her virgin mouth. After I had gone in nearly 3 inches she started to gag. I pulled out as fast as I could and examined her reaction. Jenni regained control of herself and looked back up at me with acceptance.

I neared her mouth again and pressed inside her waiting lips. This time Jenni was able to hold her gag reflex. I pulled out and plunged in again, her mouth was so hot and wet. I went slow, trying to get her used to my girth. After a few more strokes Jenni pulled back and called Chelsea over. "It's really easy! Come here and try it!"

Chelsea got off the counter and kneeled next to Jenni. She opened her mouth and moved towards my waiting penis. I grabbed the back of her head and slowly thrust into her mouth as I had done with Jenni. She had a bigger mouth as I was able to get into her further. I pulled out and repeated the process. I pumped in and out of her mouth a few more times before withdrawing my penis. "You're both decent for beginners," I said. "But we need to get you both naked."

Jenni sat down and took her shorts and panties completely off. I assumed my position in front of the girls once again. I yanked Chelsea's shirt off over her head. Her tits were slightly smaller and less round than Jenni's. I took a tit in each hand, one from each girl, and played with them. I aimed my cock at Jenni's head and began fucking her mouth again. I pulled out a few seconds later and put it in Chelsea's mouth. The cycle continued as my cock swapped the girls saliva from mouth to mouth, every stroke becoming increasingly juicier and slipperier.

This type of thing happened only in pornos as far as I was concerned. I felt so hot taking advantage of their innocence for my pleasure. But I also felt as though it were an education in their sexuality. These girls were old enough to know what they were doing and yet they continued doing it. After the girls had both gotten used to sucking cock I decided to change the routine a little. "Are both of you virgins?" I asked.

Jenni spoke up quickly, "Well, yeah, but..." she said trying to redeem herself, "Both of our cherries have already been popped."

"How did that happen?" I asked inquisitively.

"Well... me and Chelsea were home alone a while back," Jenni started to explain, "My mom had gone out shopping and since my parents are divorced, I don't have a dad at the house. Well, me and Chelsea got to goofing around and one thing led to another and before you know it we were fingering each other like usual.

"I wanted to feel what it was like to be fucked so I had Chelsea hold my mom's dildo in front of her as she banged me. With the first stroke she popped my cherry. I was technically no longer a "virgin". Chelsea decided that she wanted hers popped too so I took the dildo and slammed it into her, taking her virginity."

Jenni's story got me hotter than ever. The two little girls that I had come to love had taken each others virginity! Plus, they had been each others only lovers. "Do you want to know what a real cock feels like?" I said.

"I don't know..." Chelsea spoke, "You're a lot bigger than anything we've ever used before." She had a concerned and slightly scared look on her face as she looked to Jenni for support.

"It's just a matter of lubrication," I told her, "Plenty of lube means no pain for you." I explained trying my hardest to coax them into fucking me. The fear slowly left Chelsea's eyes and the two now looked at each other with wild excitement. "Stand next to each other again," I told them.

They did as they were told and lined up in front of me. "Now bend over and grab the plant rack for support." I instructed soothingly. They spread their legs and leaned forward, clinging onto the rack so hard that their knuckles turned white. They were jittery now, hopped up on adrenaline, the excitement was too much for them. I stood back and delighted in seeing 2 bald pussies peering back at me.

This was THE sexiest thing I ever had, and thought I ever would do. Getting the opportunity to fuck an illegally young 14 year old girl didn't come around everyday, but two 14 year old girls!? I knew that I had to make this count as it would probably be the only opportunity I ever got. I kneeled behind Jenni and started to slowly eat her out, taking extra care in pumping her full of my saliva. Her hips started gyrating as she ground her pussy into my face. After Jenni was properly primed, I moved onto Chelsea, filling her with my hot, slimy spit too. I stood up again and asked, "Who wants to be first?"

"I guess I do," Jenni said quietly, in a sexy voice. In typical fashion Jenni was leading the way.

Jenni watched as I approached and took hold of my cock. I placed my thumb on top of the head and touched my thumb to Jenni's pussy. The head poked into her lubed slit as I slowly removed my hand. Being aware that Jenni was very tight, I moved extra slow. Her hot opening accepted the tip of my penis with little resistance.

The deeper I penetrated the tighter it became. About half the way in Jenni told me it was hurting quite a bit and by the look of her stretched lips it probably did. I pulled out and worked my way in again, this time getting a little deeper. With each successive pump my cock sank millimeters deeper until finally I hit the back of her pussy. I sat still with nearly 6 inches of my dick inside of Jenni.

I savored the feeling of her warm, pink velvet wrapped around my cock. She breathed a sigh of relief and said, "You're so big, but it feels so good. I wish you could stay inside of me forever." I had made a woman out of her. She now knew the fantastic sensation of having a man deep inside her most private area.

I stayed inside her for a few minutes to let her pussy adjust to my girth, gently massaging her tits to keep myself hard, before pulling out. Now it was Chelsea's turn to receive my gift. My hands weren't even needed to guide my cock, she was the perfect height. I rested my hands on my hips and placed the head of my penis at her pussy lips before gently sliding the tip in. I knew from fingering Chelsea that her pussy was slightly wider.

I pushed an inch of cock into her, then two, then three. Before I knew it, I was in to the hilt, testicle deep in Chelsea's slippery, illegal pussy. Her muscles spasmed as I stood still, letting her take in the feeling. After a minute or two I pulled out and immediately slammed back into her, my balls making a slapping sound as they smashed into her wet cunt lips. Her grip on the plant rack tightened as I slowly and rhythmically pumped her from behind.

I didn't want Jenni tightening up on me again so I pulled out and penetrated her again. Being used to Chelsea's more accommodating pussy, I pushed all the way into her until I was ball deep. Jenni winced and screamed quietly as she reached underneath herself to feel the testicles that were now resting directly on her cunt. I bent over and kissed the small of her back apologetically and continued fucking her gently. My cock went from one pussy to the other, mixing their juices and my saliva into a potion of ecstasy.

The girls had been corrupted, I had turned them from innocent little bi-curious girls into cock loving sluts, my cock loving sluts. As time went on and I became weaker I remained still as the girls did all the work, thrusting onto my cock. The only time I moved was to get from one cunt to the next. It was Jenni's turn fucking me when out of nowhere she wet rigid and shot wave after wave of sweet girl juice all over my shaft and balls.

The combination of my tight fit inside her and the force of her orgasm almost propelled her off my cock like a rocket. I took my cue as I pulled out of her and slid between Chelsea's legs. The fucking resumed as I gripped Chelsea's hips and pounded her like a mad man.

Before I knew it she was screaming and gushing girl juice all over my pelvis, just as Jenni had done a few minutes ago. They both laid there on the ground, limp as rag dolls as my pubic hair glistened with their natural lube. I waited for what seemed like a long time before I asked, "Do you wanna do it again or are you finished?"

Jenni turned her head and looked up at me, "Fuck me right now!" she said, almost commanding me. "I want you to cum inside of me, no matter what happens! I saw porn once and the girl wanted the guy to cum in her so bad that she screamed for it."

"But what happens if you get pregnant?" I asked.

"I've never had a period before," she informed me. Before I could say anything else she got on all fours and said, "Fuck me for all I'm worth and don't stop until my pussy is flooded with cum."

I kneeled behind her and took one last deep breath before aiming my cock and plunging deep into Jenni's cunt. I reached around and held onto her tits like they were reigns on a horse and began my furious doggy-style fuck.

I fucked Jenni so fast and hard that I lost track of time, I even forgot that I was still at work. The only thing in my world now was Jenni's tight body underneath me. I didn't keep track of the multiple orgasms that tore through her tiny frame, but it must have been at least 3 more. Each one more intense with Jenni arching her back, becoming stiff and shooting her juices all over the place.

After a long hard orgasm she slinked to the floor, lying there motionless on her stomach, panting. I remembered her words as I sank down and slid my cock into her still throbbing cunt. This turned out to be a lot of fun. I got to lay on top of her and the cushion that her ass cheeks provided proved to be comfortable as I pounded into her juvenile pussy. I humped harder and faster until finally I could feel it building up inside of me. I knew this feeling well, it was a precursor to what I was working towards.

My exhaustion wasn't able to stop me then. The end was in sight as I fucked more savagely than I had ever fucked before. I had no regard for the body under me anymore, all I could think about was getting myself off. I pulled out of Jenni and stroked myself furiously for a few seconds before re-entering her bald pussy as I erupted. I plunged into her as deep as possible and collapsed on top of her.

My body took over and unleashed shot after shot of hot cream into Jenni's virgin pussy as I lay there in ecstasy, having spent all my energy. My tight seal inside of Jenni was broken as a torrent of white fluid spewed from the sides of her cunt. She was now clearly responsive again as she reached back and pulled her ass cheeks further apart, allowing me to sink into her even deeper. Even after the first initial shots of cum I kept going, filling her to the brim. It was the strongest orgasm I had ever experienced.

The pleasure finally subsided as I laid motionless on top of Jenni. She reached one hand behind herself and stroked the only visible section of my shaft. As we lay there in the afterglow Jenni looked back and asked, "Can you eat that stuff?"

"I guess," I said.

She rubbed her pussy with one hand and took a quick taste of it. "Mmm," she said, "It tastes pretty good. Come here and try some Chelsea."

Chelsea came over and licked the length of Jenni's pussy, giving my cock a once over too as it rested inside Jenni. "I like it," she said, "I want more."

This was hot, never before had I known a girl that actually loved the taste of jizz. I slowly pulled out of Jenni and let Chelsea dive face first into her. Chelsea licked Jenni clean, sticking her tongue into her as far as it would go. She made sure that every last drop of cum was cleaned up. There was still some cum on my cock so I grabbed Chelsea's head and shoved myself in. Her head moved with my hands like she was a vacuum cleaner, cleaning me completely.

I stood back and inspected the damage I had caused. There were two exhausted, no longer virgin, fourteen year old girls strewn on the floor in front of me stark naked. Their clothes were all over the place and were soaked from the moist plants. I collected their clothes and gave them back to them. Jenni got up and tongue kissed me for a while before smiling and getting dressed. "That was amazing!" Jenni exclaimed, "I wish I could do that every day!"

"Yeah, it was pretty good." I reassured her. As I threw my clothes back on I thought of how nice it would be to have Jenni as a girlfriend. Chelsea was decent but I had something real with Jenni. We made our way back to the doors but before we could make it there Jenni decided that I needed one last sucking. She pulled my dick out of my pants and worked it for a few minutes as Chelsea stared on and smiled.

I ended up blasting another load in her, this time in her mouth. She enjoyed it quite a bit but not as much as I did. Chelsea didn't want to be left out of her favorite treat so she leaned in and took a big mouthful from Jenni. We all had a good laugh about it as we walked outside.

Jenni's mom spotted us and came over. "Where the hell have you guys been!?" she inquired.

"In the greenhouse," Jenni replied.

"Why are your clothes all wet?" Jenni's mom asked.

"Our friend Ryan here sprayed us with the hose," she calmly stated.

Jenni's mom smiled a little and laughed, "I guess boys will be boys."

"Yeah," Jenni said approvingly as she turned and gave me a sexy look, "boys will be boys."

I was about to walk back inside of the store when Jenni blurted out, "Mom, can Ryan come over for dinner tonight?!"

"Sure," her mom said, "If it's alright with his parents."

I told her that it would be no problem. Jenni handed me her phone number and address and reminded me that dinner started at six. It was a terrific start to a terrific relationship. After a few weeks of getting to know Jenni and her mom I came to be her boyfriend. Her mom had no problem with this seeing as how her favorite boyfriend she had as a teen was 10 years older than she was. She completely understood how me and Jenni felt towards each other.

This wasn't the usual relationship though, we had already gotten the first time awkward sex out of the way. Whenever her mom left the house for more than an hour we would run naked around the house chasing each other, playing games and fucking like the hardcore animals that we were.

We fucked everywhere possible, even in her pool. We even had a three way with Chelsea again a few other times. Jenni's mom came home early one time and caught us fucking on the living room carpet as she walked in the front door. She had a talk with me and I was surprised to find out that before I had came along, Jenni and she had regularly fingered each other to keep from feeling lonely without a man in the house.

I became a sort of defacto dad, fixing things around the house and taking care of the two. Me and Jenni eventually became comfortable with her mom watching us fuck. It was a normal occurrence for her mom to walk through the room as we were fucking with little more than glancing at us and smiling. I eventually took over as husband too. Jenni's mom had huge tits and a beautiful shaved pussy. I found this out one night when I was sleeping over and accidentally saw her fingering herself.

I took advantage of the situation and walked in to "assist" her.

Without saying a word I stripped down, climbed into bed with her and fucked her like I was her lover. The natural progression of things led to me and Jenni having sex with her mom and then eventually with Chelsea too. I loved every minute of it. I had three horny little women that loved me as a husband, a parent, a friend and a partner.

I look back at everything that's happened to me and I have no regrets. If it weren't for that first, crazy sexual encounter in the greenhouse, I wouldn't have the wonderful life that I do today.



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