I needed an excuse to enter. I wanted a sane purpose to reason me back. Instead, it was my insane heart that opened its fingers to smother and twist the door knob despite the warning sign that read, "Back away from here and never look back."

The threshold to the great white hall stood like a vacuum before me. My conscience pressed against the vacuum, however. Yet, its defying annoyance would only last moments as it usually only did. I spent these moments studying the great white hall as if it was the real reason I wanted in. All but the open door and the curtains of the place were white. Those curtains were black. I walked through the rows of desks that seemed to stitch column by column down the hall.

There was a white little nymphet of about eleven summers old clothe in a black silk cape sitting upon a dust covered desk. It was her beauty, her black glow, and her alone that cut away my conscience about trespassing.

Her eyes were a soft balance of the room's atmosphere. Neither black or white, her eyes colored gray and softly. Each globe of beautiful eye stalked me as I moved closer. The closer I got to her the more I knew I would be able to remember this breathing little enchantment. And how I wanted to remember her forever!

Closer to the silent and still angel I walked. What had led me to this great hall and to this little form of pale beauty could only be destiny's fruit.

"What is your name, love"? I asked her. The space between us was sufficient enough that she could hear my breathless whisper. The fire in my loins had consumed much of what breath I had left. That was the nymphet's ability upon my body. "Summer," she lisped to me. "I am the child guard of the great white hall. Anointed by my father to protect it against any who prevailed through its thresh."

She spoke so solemn and with the dignity that the awesome task asked. As she said this her pale darling thighs parted and some of her cape fell sideways to reveal two darling knees and two white cream thighs. Each little girl leg seemed to craw into my soul, their knees knocking on my bones and the thigh flesh against my heart.

Through the unlocked doors of the great white hall, I seemed trapped. And the trap closed tighter around me as Summer's silk cloth drifted off her hips. Each hip was tiny and uncurved. They were strong and served as Summer's pretty little gates to her surely tight little pussy. However, that budding cleft lay hidden between her tightly clinched legs and I resolved to explore the rest of her instead, for the moment.

As she shook off the remaining of her cloak I asked my self, what dream is this? Where has this sudden luck been born? All my life, all forty years of my sad existence leading to this, the greatest fantasy that I never had the luck to dream of, much less truly be is! I had entered this great hall expecting it to be as empty as my life but instead, finding this prepubescent nymphet unclothing herself. The hall became full of more treasure than I could ever wish upon myself. A little girl I could fuck.

Using all my soul's strength to lift my eyes from her baby belly and tiny halos of breast flesh that clung tightly to her chest I looked upon the angel face. Her mouth was small. There was a delicate roll of teeth. Each was tiny and square peering between her low and plump lips. My Summer's nose was slightly pugged between two cheeks of baby fat cheeks.

And there were her eyes. God, there was her eyes. Two chocolate pies. Just as rich with sugar and just as fresh, straight from the hot oven of the nymphet's soul. Bright as that soul oven's fire, the little Summer's hair fell down the back of her white hot neck like fire. Yes, her hair was red. As she opened her legs, so were the few wisps of pubes above her clit. Indeed, she opened them for me. I then opened my shirt and my pants and my clothing fell to the dust of the great hall.

As if she had waited centuries while in her short life, Summer eagerly asked, "Touch me and let me take you!" This naked author alone with this child guard need not have been asked twice. She with red hair and a pale pussy and pale face was upon me, in control of me. Yes! Engulfed with the fire of her soul and her hair and her darling baby breasts, I let my man hands straddle each white ball of her shoulders, lowering myself. Loosing myself.

My conciseness jumped, "Will your father be here soon?" Dear Summer only lifted her eyes beyond my questioning expression toward the ceiling. "Oh, father may be here in spirit, but what can Daddy's spirit do to stop you? He died while on his last adventure." She looked at me again and at my seven inch penis. She smiled wil an old soul smile showing her little girl teeth.

"Dance?" She asked more with her saucer eyes than with her mouth as she stood up. Four feet and five inches, not more than ninety pounds she pressed to me. In tiny steps to a silent waltz, I reached my palms far down her back to the top of her magnolia cream ass. Her little fingers slipped into my ass crack, pulling my body tightly against hers. Around each desk, over each mound of dust, and into a tango of temptation. Summer and I danced.

My fingers knitted against the hot slopes into her crack and the deeper they dug into the musty place, the slower the dance roamed. Like two drunks stumbling to hold each other up, we let our fingers explore each others nakedness. My penis began to grind into her belly as my hands clamped each velvet globe of her ass. "Sweet, sweet, sweet baby Summer," I moaned as I lifted her, (yes, ninety pounds indeed).

Her eyes widened in surprise or was it anticipation? Our two gasps collided as I impaled her weight onto my dick. The great hall seemed to turn red and explode in fire bombs of pleasure as my meat into her virgin pussy.

"Ohhhhhh," I yelled as her tight pussy choked around my manhood. Little Summer's eyes clinched shut and tears burst from under the squinted eyes.

"Owww, owww!" She cried as I thrust her further down onto me. Drops of virgin blood and dribbles of nymphet cum drooled from her thighs.

The dance had ended and my Summer was on the floor with me on top of her pressing my dick into her with all my might. How difficult it was! But my desire, my bloody lust kept my loins from faltering in their thrusts until I was all the way into her, sliding on virgin fluids. My brave little nymphet gripped my lower back and pulled me further in, though the poor darling cried so. I could feel her ankles bobbing upon my ass. Her breasts, too tight against her bones to wobble, met my kisses. Each kiss of my lips onto the little girl's flesh lessened her tears.

When my lips and serpent tongue met hers there became a kiss as wild as the kisses of my dick and her pussy. Kissing my mouth was two little lips and a little girl's virgin tongue. I grunted music into her mouth. Her hymen diseased and so did the blood. But my little Summer's cum was coming to life and each drop that fell, parted the dust of the great hall. So did to her back. Oh, how I pressed that back of hers across the floor. Each mad trust pushing her further along between the rows of desks. How I wanted to cum into this little girl's belly.

"Father!" she cried as my dick opened the fat pale lips of her pussy even further with each slamming jab. "Yes, I'm your Daddy now. A Daddy who will fuck you forever!" I cried into her ear with vibrant madness. It would have been more right if I had been more tender to the tender flesh of this little one. But, flooded with pleasure, nothing seemed right or seemed anything but madness and want. My dick jabbed against her cervix making her body spasm like a little white fish.

"Oh God!" My little girl screamed and flipped her self over despite my forty year old weight. Her little arms flung out under a desk. My dick slid out and bumped against Summer's ass. "Yes, here," I smiled under my sweat and let my dick spring against her brown ass hole. As my hardness left her pussy liquid strings of her pussy juice dabbled from my cock head.

Suddenly, with more power than I have ever mustered before, I launched my dick into her unsuspecting ass hole. Her ass hole clinched tightly in defense of the invasion but it was too late. "Mmmm, you little baby cunt, I am fucking your tight stinky little ass. Your hole is so tight and warm. I want to fuck the shit in your ass hole!" I rambled on and on as she shivered in pain reaching her arms out. Reaching, reaching. Her face was filled with pain and pleasure against the floor.

My balls pumped harshly against her pussy as I rammed my dick against her bowls. Like a volcano lifting the roof off the great hall, I came. Monster loads of cum unloaded into her pinched ass hole. As the climax climbed I pulled her from the floor and trust my meat dagger into her for one last screaming second. It was my last second indeed. With a cock in her ass and cum pressing between my dick and her meat, her stretching hands had found what they were looking for. The knife hit my skull as hard as my dick had hit her tight pussy and ass.

I lay dead. Summer, who was anointed by her father to be the guard child of the great hall, stood over me with the dripping knife. My cum still dripped from her ass. Putting back on her black cloak and watching the hall's threshold for any other trespassers, Summer thought to her self that she loved her duty as guard. And now she also loved sex. Alone again in the great hall, Summer started touching her pussy.



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