Party Time! What else would you say when you are 15 and your parents are leaving town. My parents were very wealthy and had quite a large house. My father worked out of the country regularly and was overseas and besides they were divorced.

My mother had received word that her sister had died. She had to drive about 200 miles to her sister's house and would be spending the weekend there. That left me home alone in our very large house. I invited a few friends and had a few kegs ready. This was going to be the best weekend ever.

Friday came and when I came home from school and met mom before she left. For once people wished a parent would be at the party. My mom was Latina. She was 5'4" and in excellent shape. She taught an aerobics class at a local gym. I am not an idiot. I knew that all my friends dreamt about fucking her. She had a nice firm body with B cup boobs. She had long flowing dark curls to match her dark brown eyes.

My friends called her Jay-low for two reasons. Her stunning face and her astonishingly shapely ass. Despite a small frame she had what she called a, "ghetto booty." She told me that our neighbor, Mr. Walters, would be watching me and call her if any problems arose he would call her on her cell phone.

Finally, my mom was packed and off as the first guests arrived. We were all drinking and partying until more guests arrived. I had only invited around 25 but soon my house was full of people I didn't know. I figured it was ok as long as no trouble occurred. Half an hour after the party began it grew out of control. Who were these people I didn't invite them? Some were from neighboring towns and the party was getting rowdy and loud.

The phone rang and I ordered the party to be quiet while I answered it. The party was not quiet and I struggled to listen. "Hello?" I said.

"This is Mr. Walters. What is going on?" he queried.

"Just a little get together sir," I tried to reassure him.

"Little?" he shot back. "There are 22 cars there. Some cars are parked on my lawn," he said angrily.

"Sir, I will..." I tried to respond until a partygoer passed and pulled the phone from my hand. "Fuck you." he yelled into it and hung it up.

I didn't know who he was but I punched his chest hard. I had to get this under control now.

"Get out!" I screamed. "Get out now!"

People just laughed and no one left. I tried to throw a few people out but they were too strong. What was I to do? My cell phone rang. I saw it was mom calling and went outside to answer.

"What the hell is going on? Mr. Walters is threatening to call the police. He says people are going wild," Mom yelled with her Latin temper exploding.

I tried to explain but it was no use.

"I'm only 25 miles away. Stay there I am coming home now!" she screeched as she hung up the phone.

She would be home in half hour! I had to clear the house. I went in and the party was getting out of control. People were breaking things and the music was insanely loud.

I went upstairs and found people smoking weed in my room and some dude was getting blown on my parent's bed! I tried to get people to leave but they wouldn't. Some dude even pulled a knife on me. I wondered if I should call the police but I thought I would only get into more trouble.

Then, my mom pulled in.

I tried to explain the situation but she wasn't listening. "I'll take care of this right now!" she yelled as she marched into the house. "Get out! Get out!" she yelled hitting people with her purse. She turned off the loud music and started pushing people to the door.

Some left until a tall blonde man grabbed her. "Hey, don't you know it's rude to push bitch," he spat.

Mom slapped his face.

He grabbed her arm and twisted it causing her to yell in pain.

"Get the fuck off her. It's her house," I yelled moving towards the kid. I was stopped short by two of his friends. When I fought with them I was met with a mighty kick to the testicles. I went down in a heap.

"She is hot. Let's have some fun with this bitch," the blonde man called as he and two of his friends carried mom upstairs. "Take him to. So he doesn't call anyone," he said pointing to me.

Three guys I didn't know carried me upstairs and the next thing I knew I was in my mom's bedroom being held down by them while my mom struggled on the bed as three other teenage guys lifted her skirt and began to undress her.

I tried fighting again but it was no use. The three holding me down were to strong. Mom stopped struggling when the big blonde leader pulled a knife and put it to her throat. "Tell you what," he growled. "Me and my pals are going to put our cocks into every hole you've got. If you try and fight us, bad things might happen to you or to your son!"

As the ringleader spoke those words one of the three holding me put a switchblade to my throat. "Understand bitch?" He added.

My mom, fearing for our lives, nodded in agreement.

"Good," he said as he began to undress. He reached over to my mother's dresser and removed a framed picture of her and passed it to one of his friends. "Show this around the party. Tell people if they want to fuck this hot Latina it'll cost them $20. Or $10 for a blowjob."

The kid with the picture left to share with the party.

"Well, we're going to have a good old fashioned gangbang," He said as he dropped his underwear.

I tried to look away but the kid with the knife at my neck forced me to watch. Blondie had about a 5 inch dick which was totally rigid. His friends had my mom on her knees on the bed facing away from the blonde kid as they kneaded her breasts. Her underwear was cut off by one of the other knife wielding kids and her dress was pushed up over her back.

They forced her to spread her legs while Blondie moved in. He didn't waste any time. He plunged his cock into my mother. She let out a scream which caused him to go faster.

"Take it all, slut. On all fours like every whore should be," he yelled as he bucked violently and pulled my moms waist closer. After about 30 seconds or so he pulled her tightly to him and groaned loudly. "Mmmmm, you have a sweet cunt baby. I'm honored to be the first tonight," he laughed.

One of his friends popped up and switched places with him. I knew the next kid, his name was Johnny and he was 14 years old. He was a short kid and I could see his cock was about 4 inches long at the most and very thin. Johnny was quite a reject and a nerd. This was undoubtedly the first pussy he'd ever seen. He grabbed the head of his cock and thrust it into her cunt abruptly.

After about five good hard strokes he ejaculated into her pussy with a groan. The next guy was going to step up until the door opened and teens started pouring in wanting a piece of the action. The oldest one was 16 and most were virgins.

I remembered my best friend and neighbor Ben used to tell me how hot my mother was. Now I watched as Ben took his 15 year old, 6 inch cock and stood over my mother and tried to shove it in her ass. "I've wanted to do this for 3 years," Ben stated. "Every time you come out in your tight jeans and bend over to do the gardening, I masturbate while I watch you out my bedroom window. Now its mine!" he snarled.

Ben was handed a container of Vaseline which he promptly applied to his cock and my mother's tight anus. "Just bend over and pretend you are gardening." Ben laughed as he guided his cock into my mom's anus. He began thrusting and pulling her tight as his pole went in deeper. "Just as tight as I dreamed it would be." Ben said as I listened to the sound of his greased cock shoving in and out of my mother.

Tim, a fat kid from school lay down in front of my mom and released his 3 inch dick. "Blow him. If he feels teeth than you and your son will feel steel. Get it!" the jerk holding the knife said.

Mom nodded that she understood and took Tim into her hand and stroked his small penis. She took him into her mouth while he pulled her hair down and buried her face into his fat rolls. Jerry, the 6 foot tall center on our basketball team lay under my kneeling mother and put his 6 inches in mom's already dripping pussy.

I looked on in awe as my mother took on 3 cocks. One in her shapely ass, one in her hot mouth, and one in her warm cunt. Tim soon ejaculated in her mouth and pulled her hair tight to his fat waist. "Swallow my cum bitch." The fat kid roared.

Mom, afraid for our lives complied willingly slurping up every last drop. Then someone brought in Richard. Richard was a boy my mom used to watch. He was 14 and mentally retarded. I had now idea what he was doing at the party. He was escorted to the top of the bed and his pants pulled down to show his soft cock.

At first mom protested until the dude with the knife yelled.

"Either you go down on this retard and swallow his load or I am gonna cut your ass up."

Mom complied again. She took Richard into her hand and gently rubbed him as the knife guy demanded. She stroked him as she licked up one side and down the other of his now rock solid, 4 inch cock. Richard bucked violently and moaned loudly throughout the whole session.

Within 30 seconds the virginal Richard blew his wad down her throat. A couple of guys held her head down to make her gag on his huge load. I recognized Barry in the mix also. Barry is class vice-president and only 4 feet tall. He was standing behind my mother removing his boxers.

"Damn, I have been wanting this chick. I had my first wet dream about her," he said as he slid his 6 inch pole into her already lubricated asshole. His cock looked bigger on his small frame. He held on to her shoulders while he pounded her asshole mercilessly with a violent slapping noise. He lasted more than a few seconds.

"We finish here." he said pulling his cock out of her ass and sliding it into her juicy snatch. "Just the way I dreamed it." Barry added. He gave a few more violent strokes and yelled as he came into her wide open pussy.

Suddenly everyone stepped back. Who was entering the room? It was Mel. Mel was captain of the football team. He was 6 foot 1 and about 200 pounds of muscle. He used to brag to everyone that would listen that he was, "The greatest black lover ever," he said his cock was 12 inches long.

I knew we were going to find out. He lay in front of her after he rubbed her ass and squeezed her boobs. Slowly, Mel unsheathed his cock. He was soft and about 7 to 7.5 inches. I knew he must be around 9 inches hard! Mom was petite and couldn't handle that. Mel made a deal. He said that if mom could please him he would make all the others leave the house. She had no choice but to agree or continue to be raped and sodomized.

"First, you have to take it all in your mouth." Mel demanded. She started playing with his huge cock and it began to grow. She slowly licked the head and tried to please him so he would be the last. He laid back and moaned as her head went up and down quickly on his thick, black pole. "Take it all," he insisted.

She tried as hard as she could but she only could get about 7 inches in. "Let me help." Mel demanded pulling her head down until she gagged again. "Oh, baby you have a sweet mouth. However, I want more," he said standing up. He positioned himself behind her and inserted his huge head into her ass. He shoved it in and she gave a yell.

With every long stroke of his fat, ebony staff mom moaned loudly. He was going deeper into her than anyone ever had! Her hands were pulling at the sheets as Mel ripped through her. After a few strokes he pulled his shaft out. "Now the main course," he joked.

Mel put his cock into her pussy.

"Oh my God," she yelled as Mel took her doggy style.

"I'm bottoming out on this bitch. I feel her cervix," Mel said.

I knew mom's pussy couldn't take much more as her small frame slapped against the waist of this big, black muscleman. He then lifted her off the bed and laid himself down on his back. He forced her to sit on his dark kielbasa. She moaned again loudly as Mel reentered her. "Baby, if you gyrate a little this will be over quick. I know you can do it. I have seen you Latinas dance. You babes know how to move you're hips," Mel promised.

Mom started gyrating wildly and rotating on his thick stick. Mel couldn't take it. "I'm going to cum!" Mel yelled as he pulled her tight and put every inch in her. As he blew his wad he groaned "Yesssss. Babe you're the best I have ever had."

True to his word and emptied the house. I don't know what happened when Mel went back upstairs to see my mom after everyone was kicked out, but when I woke up in the morning mom was gone and a cleaning service was cleaning the house.

She went to the original funeral as planned and never spoke a word about the incident. Shortly thereafter we left to stay with my dad and didn't return when school resumed the next year so I didn't have see any of the guys that had been at the party again. To this day mom and I have never spoken of the incident to each other.

However mom does have a new boyfriend. His name is Mel.


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